‘Battlestar Galactica’ Star Katee Sackhoff Boards All-Women ‘Expendables’ Movie

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Katee Sackhoff in Riddick 570x294 Battlestar Galactica Star Katee Sackhoff Boards All Women Expendables Movie

A ‘ladies version’ of The Expendables is something we proposed over two years ago, with a lineup featuring appropriate female counterparts for the men in Sly Stallone’s film (Sigourney Weaver, Cynthia Rothrock, Pam Grier, etc.).

However, as the SR Underground crew discussed during their Expendables 2 podcast, the all-women Expendables riff being developed by producer Adi Shankar (Dredd 3D), could feature an ensemble of female action stars appropriate for a gritty action title (see: Salt), rather than a cast befitting a campy throwback flick in the vein of the Expendables sequel.

Shankar seems to be thinking along those same lines, seeing how ex-MMA fighter Gina Carano (Haywire) was the first cast member to be announced. The second addition, Katee Sackhoff, likewise reinforces the idea that this project isn’t going to just ripoff the Expendables casting blueprint, in order to put together a celebration of estrogen-fueled badassery and ‘grrl power.’

Sackhoff is a fan-favorite actor for playing gruff, but skilled, space-fighter Kara ‘Starbuck’ Thrace on Battlestar Galactica; however, her resume also includes stints on the short-lived Bionic Woman and eighth season of 24, while her next big screen role will be a bounty hunter in the Riddick threequel. Shankar released the following statement on her casting (via Variety):

“If you spend five minutes with Katee it becomes blatantly obvious that she would pwn (sic) most male action stars.”

Longtime SR readers might recall our conversation with Sackhoff back at Comic-Con 2011, where she expressed an unrelenting desire to play Typhoid Mary in the Daredevil reboot (which Fox will no longer be involved with). She’s a perfect fit for that outlandish character – thus, also making her an excellent choice to portray a deadly warrior gal (mercenary? secret agent?) in Shankar’s project.

katee sackhoff battlestar galactica Battlestar Galactica Star Katee Sackhoff Boards All Women Expendables Movie

Katee Sackhoff as ‘Starbuck’

On that note: the sooner Shankar’s female Expendables riff has an actual title, the better. The film, as mentioned before, isn’t shaping up as a literal ‘ladies version’ of Stallone’s trip down nostalgia lane. Instead, it appears to be taking on the form of a serious action/thriller – boasting a lineup of genuine tough chicks – with a female empowerment angle similar to that featured in Shankar’s Judge Dredd reboot (as opposed to the pseudo-femme power of a film like Charlie’s Angels).

That is to say, the project (based on a screenplay from Dutch Southern, whose name made the 2010 Hollywood Black List for writers behind the best un-produced scripts) is misleading with its Expendables association. Once that marketing ploy is dropped, though, we can all adjust our expectations accordingly, in terms of who should (and shouldn’t) be cast in this film.


Source: Variety

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  1. hell ya

    • Cynthia Rothrock…OH HELL YEAH!!!! I can dig this!

  2. I don’t know any of these broads. I’ll still watch it when it comes out, but here’s hoping they s#x it up a little bit..

  3. Very good news! I love Katee Sackhoff…………as an actress :)

    I would definitely like to see more of her work in the immediate future.

  4. Thumbs up. My favourite episode of BG was in season two when they beat the crap into each other in the boxing ring. She, as she did throughout the entire series, looked the part.

  5. Yeah, she definitely is one of those women that leaves no doubt that she could kick someone’s ass if she wanted to.

  6. This idea for a female version sounds outrageous, who would even think of seeing this film other than the most perverse men. I even have a few gay friends who agrees with me on this one, the male expendables worked because of the level of power and level of dedication towards the project. This one will easily fall apart. Charlie’s Angels worked because it was complex and small. Multiply that by 1000 and you have a project that will surely get out of control in minutes.

    • “Charlies Angels, complex”??

      ROFL (>_<)

      • In what Universe did the Charlie’s Angels movies “work”?

        • In the same Universe where William Shatner gets his 13th Best Male Vocalist Grammy Award…Hasselhoff the Best Actor Oscar…and Howard The Duck was done so spectacularly well that it led to 17 sequels, all starring Bruce Willis as Howard.

  7. Hope they’ll be able 2 bring Michelle Rodriguez (sexy a$$) on board, but I read somewhere that she wouldn’t be interested in doing a all female expendables flick. Oh well, hope they can at least bring in sigourney Weaver and Linda Hamilton.

  8. Um, ok, so she was in a tv show that some sci-fi fans watched… What about the ones that played a bad-ass role in movies with more wide appeal?? Where’s Sigourney Weaver, Linda Hamilton, Milla Jovovich, Anne Parillaud (Of La Femme Nikita fame), Jamie Lee Curtis, and I wouldn’t mind seeing Rooney Mara or Summer Glau, lol.

    • Excellent point, Kenneth. Sackhoff is wildly popular
      with Battlestar fans which actually is a small universe.
      I do like Katie however she is largely an unknown to most.

  9. So far all the names considered are half the age
    of the average for an actor in The Expendables.

    These gals are not exactly expendable.
    They should call this The Renewables.

    • The Extendibles. They’ve caused a lot guys to have extensions in the trouser area.

  10. There really aren’t that many female action stars. Maybe Lucy Lawless Michelle Yeoh and I read Cynthia Rothrock was wanting to do some more movies.

    • Are you kidding Thandrale? There are NUMEROUS female action stars…

    • Yes! Michelle Yeoh is the very first person that came to my mind. That woman is something else in action roles.

  11. Nan Yu certainly held her own in The Expendables 2.
    Having her could link to the Expendable film series
    and who knows what combination in later films.

  12. I think there might be a olive branch to any of the following:

    Summer Glau
    Trish Status (?)
    Felicia Day (?)
    Jamie Alexander (0 hey, why not a Sif? As soon as Thor 2 wraps…)

    • Felicia Day? That scrawny timid little redhead on the Guild web series?


  14. they should totally cast maggie q from nikita if u seen her fight in that show wow she is stunning and so kick ass just awesome.

  15. Eliza Dushku is a must

  16. UGH! The all male version was bad enough
    Stallone ought to call it a day and just live his life out in Miami
    catching a few rays…….


    • @ Lt. Dan

      Absolutely she wuld.

  18. So this is going to be as much the female version of the Expendables as Bridesmaids was the female version of the Hangover. Marketing a film in that vein is a bad idea in my opinion. When I heard female version of the Hangover, I said that I’ll pass. After I finally did watch it later on DVD after numerous people told me to, I laughed my ass off. The only thing common about those movies was that they were set around a wedding. Same thing is happening here, I hear female version of the Expendables, and I’m thinking I’ll pass. But so far, the casting seems pretty decent and it’s not sounding like it’ll resemble the Expendable’s archetype at all.

  19. I am surprised SR did not mention Sackhoff’s kick butt character in the A&E series Longmire.

    That is where I first came across her.

    Nice addition to the cast.

    • Logmire is Katee’s best role and she shows she can act.
      I would not characterize her character as kick ass —
      tough cop is as far as I would go if I had to.

  20. They are right that this shouldn’t be called female Expandables if these two are top headliners. I am in no way knocking their acting abilities or lack thereof, having seen neither Haywire nor Battlestar, but the only worthwhile thing about the Expandables is dream fanboy casting of iconic names in the genre. For example, that dude in the Raid: Redemption was awesome, but he would never make sense in Expendables because he isn’t an icon/legend of action film. Most of the men in Expendables aren’t great actors, but just seeing them assembled together gets your blood pumping and/or nostalgia flowing.

    I would hardly think Carano makes the list of all-time great female action vets (especially given her lack of credits) and Sackhoff, regardless of talent, certainly does not (she is akin to Eric Roberts’ casting in the first Expendables). If this is supposed to be like Expendables, they have basically signed the Crewes and Couture of the team.

    Look, sign up Weaver, Grier, Hamilton, Jolie, Diaz, Thurman, Beckinsale, Jovovich, Ziyi, Yeoh, or hell, even newer kick-ass female action stars like Zoe Saldana, Chloe Moretz or Michelle Rodriguez and I would say its a female Expendables, even if they suck at acting. The cast so far is like marketing Expendables with Tony Jaa and Kiefer Sutherland headlining (and like these women, both of these aforementioned guys have shown talent, but not anywhere near the top of the action-film hierarchy).

    Otherwise, stop ridiculous comparisons and just market it as an original female-based actioner. But seriously, if Carano and Sackhoff are the biggest names you can get, then try to stop passing it off as something its not.

    • Evan- It’s “ExPENdables”, not “ExPANdables”…

      “Expandables” makes me think of 2 possibilities:

      1. A group of women with an elasticity to their bodies that gives green-eyed envy to Plastic Man, Elongated Man, & Reed Richards.

      2. A military operation peopled by severely obese women looking for a KFC in the wilds of Hanoi.

  21. Really if it was a female Expendables it would be a bunch of old women. Old guys can still draw an audience but could old women? It’s kind of a double standard. Women still think some old guys are hot but men tend to lose interest when female stars get old. We’re a fickle bunch of douches sometimes.

  22. Please – Sarandon is an ancient 66-year, Curtis is a grey-haired 54-year old, Rothrock is 55.

    Even the stunningly beautiful Milla Jovovich is getting a little on at 37-ears old, and Tricia Helfer (another BSG babe, and Katee Sackhoff’s fellow bikie) is 38.

    No, if you are going to do an ensemble action movie featuring a group of female actresses, you either need young, award-winning actresses (Sackhoff and Glau alternated getting nominations and wins of the Saturn award) who can do action, or martial arts champs (like Carano) who are half-way decent actresses. You DO NOT want women (like Sarandon or Grier) that were action stars 30 years ago!