Underworld 4: Kate Beckinsale Back in Selene Costume

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Kate Beckinsale Selene Costume Underworld 4 Underworld 4: Kate Beckinsale Back in Selene Costume

With the Resident Evil series pushing forward with yet another sequel after the success of their recent 3D outing, and Tomb Raider about to be rebooted, there’s one thing missing from the female-led action genre: Vampires.

While Underworld franchise fan-favorite Kate Beckinsale wasn’t written into the trilogy conclusion/prequel, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, her story is far from over and she’s making a return to her most popular role to date. In Underworld 4: New Dawn however, Selene (Beckinsale) is jumping over a decade into the future (and into the third dimen$ion) for the start of an entirely new trilogy.

While filming has begun and some casting additions are still to be made (Michael Ealy just signed on), we don’t yet know if Scott Speedman’s character, the Lycan hybrid, will return for Underworld 4. The franchise to date has done a remarkable job of keeping to its continuity and characters so I wouldn’t expect writer John Hlavin to write him off completely without a legitimate explanation and/or some flashbacks.

Earlier this week, a few photos from the Vancouver set of Underworld 4 hit the net, depicting Kate Beckinsale’s stunt double jumping out of a building in her traditional Underworld duds, but today the first image of the franchise star in costume as Selene has released as well.

Click to enlarge:

Kate Beckinsale Costume Underworld 4 280x385 Underworld 4: Kate Beckinsale Back in Selene Costume

The black latex/leather is the same traditional costume sported by Beckinsale in the first two Underworld films, but in this particular scene, she’s also rocking a lighter colored trench coat. What’s more notable is that she hasn’t aged a bit in the last 8 years since the franchise began. If Underworld is to continue, it’s at least going the right direction with it’s most important character. And with most of the key Underworld characters dead from the trilogy, the franchise can start anew.

Swedish directors Mans Marlind and Bjorn Stein are directing Beckinsale in her franchise return. The film is to release in 3D and the studio’s hope is that it’ll kickstart a new franchise. The Underworld 4: New Dawn synopsis explains how the franchise can continue even further with the addition of one new character close to Selene:

After being held in a coma-like state for fifteen years, vampire Selene learns that she has a fourteen-year-old vampire/Lycan hybrid daughter, Nissa, and when she finds her they must stop BioCom from creating super Lycans that will kill them all.

If Resident Evil can keep doing do it with a bad-ass female lead, why can’t Underworld?

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Underworld 4: New Dawn hits theaters January 20, 2012.

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  1. I still say she would have made a great Wonder Woman….but daaamn

  2. Love Kate, but isn’t the whole leather-bound goth vampire thing kind of well… done. I really miss the old school vampire movies like Christopher Lee’s Dracula. We need more Transylvania and gypsies.

    I’m still waiting on a faithful film adapt. of THE VAMPIRE LESTAT.

    • You’re right, thanks for your opinion. I’m going to write a novel in that direction, where modern interpretation would coexist with the classical vampire-thriller atmosphere. What do you think about it?

      • modern + classic = twilight

        that’s seems like the problem these days. Why not try dating your novel? Have it take place back in the 1700-1800′s or even earlier. There something about vampires that doesn’t seem to fit with the modern world, even Anne Rice had a mythology that stretched back to ancient Egypt.

        Then again, maybe you’ll find the proper angle, I don’t know, I’m a playwright not a novelist, my medium calls for more Dramatic metaphor and I need to get the whole story out in under 2 hours. A novel allows for an expansive back story.

        Good luck with it.

  3. what about micheal? and howd she get into a coma…. she was not even vampire in evolution she became somthing eles after drinking the elder dudes blood.

  4. I have to say they need the hybrid back micheals character was awesome too

    • Yeah, he’d better be in it

    • I agree, looks a lot is being left out!! And yes we want Michael back!! They were both great.. That us what I been waiting for to see what she became and if her and Michael would be stronger than ever together..

  5. dayum she is smokin cant wait till this comes out

  6. They just finished filming several days (well, nights) at the university where I teach. Sets looked really good. Atmospheric.

    Sadly, no sightings. :(

  7. I’m actually pleased with the synopsis, I’m pretty sure we all were like “Holy crap they had sex! Yeah…she’s pregnant!” Haha! I’m pretty sure her coma stems from having that elders blood in her, it may have been way too powerful and took it’s toll on her. I’m sure that when she awakes she will be ridiculously powerful. Also they have to have Scott Speedman back! He may be a hybrid but he still had such a human quality about him that still need to play off of. Oh and it has to be FILMED in 3D!!!! Looking forward to this one.

  8. Ok, I’m SEEING this movie for Kate alone. The woman is HOT! To this day I refuse to watch Rise of The Lycans since she’s not in the movie.

    • Agreed!!

    • Its a good movie you are missing out by not wathcing it, they did a good job of tying up all the lose story threads.

  9. I really hope Speedman is in this movie but what’s with the coma? I hope there is a very good explanation of that. I wonder who raised her kid and what kind of influence that person or persons had on the kid?

    Also…is Beckinsale a real life vampire? :) She doesn’t look like she’s aged at all.

    • Lol @ “real life vampire”.

    • I know hot right lol

  10. Oh. My. God. Yes!

  11. I loved the first Underworld but Evolution was awful. Even the prequel was better!
    Shame they killed off Bill Nighy’s character as he was the best thing in it. Hopefully they can bring him back.

    • Sam, I agree with you there! The first time i watched the prequel I didn’t much care for it, but I was convinced by a friend of mine to watch it again, and I will admit i liked it better the second time around. They just should have left it all alone as a stand alone film, that would have been fine with me.

  12. I am a big fan of these films. I am just not that sure about the plot. I mean Biocom creating super lycans? It reminds too much of Resident Evil. It is becoming a lot less super natural and more sci-fi based. Other than that, I am excited that another Underworld film is being made.

  13. they’d better have michael in it. he’s HOT!!! hate the grey jacket. kate b. is a totally kick-ass chickie. why couldn’t the same writing team do catwoman and wonderwoman?

  14. I am crossing my fingers and toes that Scott Speedman returns as Michael. Can’t wait to see how this movie progresses.

    Thanks for the update.

  15. check out this leaked screnplay of underworld 4:

  16. Scott has to come back he is an important character in these movies because he is the first hybrid. They can’t just not bring him back..

  17. Bring Michael back. I LOVE Beckinsale’s character but Speeman is a must!

    • correction: Speedman

  18. I thought the third instalment of Under world was the best, in terms of story and character development. I must admit that, while Beckinsale looks fantastic in the part, I found Selene and many of the others in the first two films pretty hollow. For me, the test of whether a film in good or bad is – half way through the film – to think about whether you wouild care if, by some improbable twist in the plot, the lead charcters were suddenly killed off. Half way though the second Underworld film I realised it wouldn’t bother me if both Selene and the Scott Speedman character died suddently. I just didn’t care about them. But I’ll still watch the fourth film, just to find out where the story goes.

  19. actually they don’t need the 1st hybrid,they got the daughter character now remember?….plot sounds interesting and so what if it sounds like RE,most thing now are remakes or inspired by other things

    …and there is a need for good entertainment movies,cause some of us now,just want to have fun and not watch a movie that you could turn on the news and here about similar content.

  20. Although I LOVE the Underworld franchise & Sexy Ms. Beckinsale, I must say i am disappointed in the quick jump to the future thing, which will create an all new trilogy. I was actually looking forward to part 4 being more about the continuation of where part 3 left of at. I guess the relocation of the vampires and the ongoing battle with the lycans. Maybe show more of Marcus’s reign before he was turned into a hybrid in part 2. Maybe even depict more of the Marcus & his brother’s father & mother before he stepped out of their lives and watched them to war. I also thought that they would elaborate on how Victor killed Selene’s family long before they fast fowarded to the future with Selene. I don’t maybe I figured they would continue with the story plot from part 3 and eventually came full circle with the very first Underworld. *shruggs* But, Im sure i will still go and see what the do with this franchise.

  21. selene is a milf now

  22. They need to keep Micheal and remember that there was still one Vampire left in the cave other than Victor and Marcus. Are they going to just let him stay under there and never rise again? What about the others who were after Selene and Micheal? Too many unanswered questions… hope they are answered in the movie.

    • Actually….this is wrong….the other elder…(there were only three to begin with). And that was Amelia on the train…who got her throat ripped out….

  23. well the person in the third person in the coffin/cave is Ameilia, she’s the one that died on the train.

  24. well the third person in the coffin is amellia but how? Then again viktor got stabbed in the throat and he still lived, marcus was drowning in a pool of werewolves but he still lived. The way the story line is set up 4 this awesome vampire saga is great, they can be the next star wars of vampires. They can make another prequels telling about marcus and how he lived and show more in dept of how he got put 2 rest and how viktor came to power, even though we have the idea of how he did, i would still like to see it in dept, im sure any underworld fan would. Also they can keep going with the selene and michael story line, but i only see that going 1 more tym after amellia dies then its dead, unless the producers and what not has something else up their sleeve. I heard rumors saying that michael may not be in this next 1, all i no is if he’s not in it they will lose out on some fans. All and all great saga keep them coming plz and dont mess it up

    • Ya I hope they do keep both Selene and Michael, since they’ve been in all the movies.

      • They most likely will keep Michael. I would assume, he is the father of the 14 year old daughter Selene finds out she has.

  25. I think there is much confusion. Amelia dies in the train scene of Underworld Evolution, Alexander Corvinus sends a team to clean up the mess and bring back the bodies, one of which is Amelia’s. When Marcus Corvinus attacks his father with the intention of locating the key to his brother Williams tomb, Alenxander is left to pass on his bloodline to Selene. The scene ends with Alenxander blowing up the ship (Amelia’s body included)There is no elder Vampire left to come after Selene. All of the elders are dead, Viktor,Marcus,William,Amelia, and Alexander. I only hope that Scott Speedman signs up for Underworld 4. Most of your questions can be answered in the First movie, Evolution, and Rise of the Lycans.

    • Thank god….Someone got it right….

  26. Bringing back lucian and viktor an by havin alex corvinus’s blood resarect them wen markus stabbed him an his blood was seeking thru the cracks where lucians,amelias, and viktors bodys all were an they all got brought back by the blood seeping thru an escaped b4 the ship blew up an find themselves needing to team up as much as they hate eachother to stop these superlycans….. THATS HOW NEW DAWN SHOULD BE MADE

  27. Yeah! Underworld is one of my favorite series.. Kate is awesome, I really hope Scott Speedman will appear in Underworld 4, even if he’s not part of the main plot (How can he not, I assume he is the father of Selene’s daughter!)

  28. How can they even think of making a new underworld movie without scott speedman. The whole a first movie was about him, second was great to see him in action as the only true hybrid. Now they have a new movie with a daughter that just like daddy, but only have selene and not michael. Im not saying selene is a bad choice, I think the movie will be great. But one of the main eeasons I watched the series this far is the relationship between selene and michael, really humanised the movies and made them more interesting. They dont have michael in this new movie, I wont be seeing it in the theatre. It will be a wait for dvd veiwing for me unfortunatly.

  29. Why not have a boy too? The boy and girl can be brother and sister. The boy though is making super vampires tht looks like Marcus. I want to be in the movie as the twin brother as a super vampire.