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If someone had asked me which movie I thought was going to stir the most controversy this year, I would have guessed that if a new Michael Moore, Oliver Stone or Ben Stein movie was being made, those would be the top contenders. Heck! I was thinking Legion might even draw the ire of the religious sector for pitting angels and man against God using man-made technology.

However, I was WAY off. If our comment boards are any indication, the movie that will draw the most fire is going to be the Karate Kid remake.

Starring Jaden Smith (Pursuit of Happyness) in the titular role as Dre Parker, the Karate Kid story follows Dre as he and his mom move to China from America in hopes of starting a new life. Dre finds himself completely out of his comfort zone, not knowing the people, the country or the language, and soon finds himself on the receiving end of the local school bully’s kung-fu grip. Enter Jackie Chan as Mr. Han, the friendly protective handy man that helps Dre realize the full martial arts potential he needs to stand up to the bullies.

As far as the story goes, it’s pretty much a direct act-for-act copy of the original 1984 version of The Karate Kid. Mom and kid move to a new city, kid flirts with girl, bully beats him up, handy man comes to kid’s rescue, handy man teaches kid self-defense, kid becomes good at martial arts, kid fights whole school of bullies in martial arts competition, credits role. There’s nothing really new here (other than the location where the story takes place), and the kids involved seem to be about 5 years younger than Danielson was.

If you watched the first trailer a couple of weeks ago, then you won’t see too much new in this version other than some title screens and few new images but enjoy nonetheless:

Just like the first trailer, I really like this one and my opinion has not been swayed by all of the seething hate that seems to be focused at this film. In fact, my wife, who has completely different movie tastes than me, said “I got goose bumps near the end [of the trailer].” I’ve read everyone’s complaints ranging from the choice of titles all the way to the claims that Jaden Smith can’t act. I just honestly don’t understand what everyone is nitpicking. Screen Rant has covered dozens of martial art films in the past few years and never has anyone complained that the title didn’t match up with the location.

OK, so Karate IS a martial arts form that began in Japan (as a way to defend oneself after weapons were banned) and not in China. We all know that because Dre is in China, the basic fighting style he is learning is Kung Fu, but is that really a reason to blast the film? Sure Kung Fu Kid would have been a better title, but Hollywood is in the business of making money and brand name recognition is part of the game.

Also, let’s get off Jaden Smith’s back and cut the kid some slack. If you watch the trailer closely, he seems to really be trying to make his character look like he knows what he is doing with the martial arts. The tennis ball scene, in particular, looks great to me and I hope the rest of his training turns out the same way. I’ve said this before, but is anyone REALLY surprised that Jaden ended up in the movie business with Will and Jada Pinkett Smith as his parents?

I know I’m about to be blasted with all sorts of negative comments for going against the grain herem but I’m looking forward to seeing The Karate Kid.

What are your thoughts on the international trailer and the film as a whole? (be gentle, I’ve got feelings).

The Karate Kid high kicks into theaters everywhere June 11, 2010.

Source: Cinema Blend

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  1. Nope. Does nothing for me. Jaden Smith comes off as annoying prat. The music is grating. You could almost smell Jackie Chan’s shame through the monitor, like inside his head, he’s going, “well, at least the paycheck is bigger than the one I got for ‘The Spy Next Door’ sighWhy didn’t Shyamalan return my phone call for that ‘Airbender’ gig…?”

    You know what made the original awesome? An Asian guy teaching a kid REAL martial arts so he can win a contest against kids who were being taught watered-down Americanized McKarate. Mall Karate. You know what makes this new version stupid? The same exact premise, except the kids this new little wiener has to beat have been learning the real thing since they were zygotes. They’ve lived, breathed, ate and crapped Kung Fu, REAL Kung Fu, since before they could stand. A weekender with Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Sammo Hung, Yimou Zhang, and Mr. Miagi himself couldn’t prepare Jaden Smith for the a$$-whupping he was walking into. In any version of reality, they’d still beat him down so fast his face would forget to bleed.

  2. Well, I think this remake is totally unnecessary. That said – Jaden is adorable and I’ll see it.

    When it comes to DVD.

  3. I’m inclined to agree with hamlet3k on the second paragraph, particularly “In any version of reality, they’d still beat him down so fast his face would forget to bleed.” That just made me smile. Thinking about it, I know this is Hollywood being Hollywood, but doing a more modern take doesn’t make it suddenly more believable. My suspension of disbelief would have to be far greater for this than in believing the N’avi are really THERE in Avatar.

    Avatar was a product of James Cameron, but with this . . . there ARE tangible points of reference to gauge reality. All the exposure during the Beijing Olympics should have driven home by now that athletic training in the PRC is a machine beginning at a very, very early age that can’t be replicated in the couple of months that will likely span the training of Smith’s character in the movie. Making him the victor of the competition just isn’t good storytelling here.

    UNLESS, however, they do a more honest take where Smith goes to the contest, and then gets beaten in the first round. Maybe puts forth a good effort, earns the respect of the challenger and onlookers, but still loses. Any lesson learned then might make it worthwhile, and hopefully not unintentionally comedic. If they take the “Rocky Balboa” approach then I can accept that, but I still doubt I’ll watch this.

  4. I think it’s totally stupid to keep the title with the location being where it is.Chinese don’t take kindly to their form being confused with “karate”. Hollywood needs to remember that we want to see good films, not recycled B.S.
    It’s like they know that in Spiderman 4, Kraven an Lizard are the villains they should have, but all they are thinking about is which characters will sell more toys, not putting out a good story. Pathetic.

  5. Naming it Karate Kid is just a marketing gimmick. The studio is obviously not confident the movie could stand without the name and legacy of the original Karate Kid.

  6. @hamlet

    Very good point – his opponents will be kids who have lived and breathed martial arts since they were able to walk.


    Exactly. The ONLY reason for the title, even if it is inaccurate for other reasons, is that it matches the original and that’s the point – to get people who know the original into theaters.


  7. Yeah, seriously, on the naming thing: I’ve heard the argument that “Karate Kid” is branding, but it’s still an insult to Chinese Martial Arts. I can just imagine the boardroom meeting on that one:

    “All right, all RIGHT, fine; TECHNICALLY, Karate is Japanese, but what are we talking about? You’re just comparing apples to other apples that scream different sh*t when they punch you with their foot, right? We have a brand name to uphold. People KNOW the name Karate Kid. Those jerks in Minnissippi aren’t going to watch anything with the words “Kung Fu” in it! “Kung Fu” sounds like something you order at P.F. Changs! Is anyone hungry? I could go for some P.F. Changs. Sheila, get in here; we’re order lunch from P.F. Changs. OH! BRAIN THOUGHT IDEA! We’ll get Will Smith’s kid to star in this turd, start writing the direct-to-blu-ray sequel this afternoon and order our solid gold castles in the marshmallow valley tomorrow because we. Are. Going. To. Be motherf%@king kings!!!”

    And even in a universe where John McClane can knock bullets out of the air with his junk while punching a guy with an aircraft carrier and blowing up a city block with unicorn farts, even in a reality that encompasses a dude keeping himself alive by electrocuting his tongue… that little cornrowed rat with his Rent-A-Center, white-guy-scripted “blackitude” is gonna stand up to Chinese martial arts students at a competition in their own backyard… and get walloped harder and faster than a turkey in a turkey-wallopping factory.

  8. @Hamlet

    LOL! Classic. Hey Vic, Hamlet’s post gave me an idea, how about a way to nominate posts for like a post of the year type thing.Screenrant could accumulate the top 50 or so posts of the year in a countdown type thing. Just a thought because although it is early in 2010 Hamlet’s, so far, gets my nod.

    I know, I know, Vic says, “Quit making my job freakin’ harder, I’ve got enough to do!” :)

  9. Post of the year, are you serious???
    Great, now everyone can go out an hire a writer.

  10. ^^^ I meant his second post. Although your posts makes no sense to me.

  11. @ Jism

    I get it now. BTW maybe you should learn to have some fun. Geesh.

  12. @Hamlet – Dude it’s JUST A MOVIE! Calm down brother and dial it back it; you’re gonna blow a gasket. Here take this paper bag and breathe nice and slow.

    Have any of you guys actually WATCHED Karate Kid recently? I did and good gravy I wished I hadn’t. Talk about ruining a good memory.

  13. If Jake Sully can become the greatest Na’vi warrior who has ever lived on an alien planet in a span of 3 months then I think we can forgive Jaden for becoming a Kung Fu kid in a ridiculously short amount of time. I just think the kids are too young to take seriously and don’t see the necessity for this remake. It feels contrived and forced to me. I hope I’m proven wrong.

  14. umm technically he never did real “karate” in the 1st one, the crane stance from the end is taken from 5 form kung fu (jackie chan’s fighting style) so i dont know what you guys are crying about.

    i showed my 10 yr old brother the 1st trailer and he seemed to like it (he hasnt seen the original ones), so this is meant for al of us that have seen/grow up with the old KK but for a new modern generation.

    i bet this will make around 5 digits worth of money if not more (like father like son – stupid and weird movies that only make money due to the cast)

  15. What’s funny is that I’m not hyperventilating, screaming, red-faced, or out of my mind with fury. I just happen to enjoy hyperbole. It amuses people. Telling someone who’s having a gas making people laugh is like explaining the joke — you’re wrecking it. :)

    And saying “it’s only a movie”, “it’ll make its money back” and/or “the kids will love it” excuses a lot of cinematic tripe. “It’s only a movie” is the reason Uwe Boll can still claim “Film Maker” on his goofy German tax forms. “Don’t get all hot and bothered, man, Blood Rayne is only a movie.” And “it’ll make its money back” is why we now have TWO Transformers movies… and a third on the way. And George Lucas uses “the kids will love it” to foist the Prequel trilogy on us. Yeah, my kids ADORE endless scenes depicting hot senator on senator debating action. Interplanetary political disputes. Embargoes on taxation of trade routes blockading the — zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

    So The Karate Kid won’t be the worst movie ever made. It probably won’t even be the worst film of 2010. It probably won’t even be the worst film released in June. The original Karate Kid is awesome for its eighties-ness. It’s got a stone cold goofy soundtrack filled with mad rock ballads over ridiculous montages. It’s meandering, silly pap. But I like Ralph Macchio’s earnestness. And I like that white dude getting his face smacked off.

    BUT I think it’s all right to call “no way” on new movies we think are going to be middling dreck. AND the site’s called screenrant. So…


  17. You know, I like the banter on this posting. this is exactly what it’s all about. Look, whether we like it oe not, it’s coming, and all I have to say is “bring the pain!”… ;)

  18. What would have been so hard for them to put the setting in Japan? It would have been cooler and made more sense. Like hamlet3k said at least the original had some good 80′s rock ballads,like Peter Catera’s “I am the man,who will fight for your honor, I am the hero… Awesome! But this movies got some cheesy generic hip hop crap in the background, why, just because the actor is black it has to be “all urban and hip hop”?!

  19. @INK

    We get about 300 comments a DAY here. No thanks. :)


  20. Awwww, guess that means no fun INK.
    Did I win???

  21. you know, i think the movie looks good :)

  22. @ patrick

    i agree it looks good, think to many people go on about the old karate kid to much and lets face if you watch the old one back now it looks dated and the fighing init looks to scripted. also i think jackie chan only took the role to help jaden smith out who also is not that bad at acting.

  23. @ jwalka

    There are forms of Karate that have animal stances and moves, the crane technique is not limited to only Kung Fu. And even still its argued that karate has its roots from kung fu/Tang Soo Do. Jackie Chan also does hapkido and various other martial arts as well as WU-SHU, he only learned other forms of kung fu for his movie roles.

  24. Like the others here, I too have a problem with the title selection and all, but I may still end-up watching it simply because I’m a big Jackie Chan fan! It would be interesting to see him being the teacher and giving his students “hell” in training…which is the opposite of the roles he used to play in his early movies like Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow, Drunken Master(the first one), Spiritual Kung Fu, etc. Classics! :)

  25. Why couldn’t thwy call it Kung Fu kid if the kid learns Kung Fu and not Karate? James Cameron didn’t call Avatar Titantic II just to remind people he knows how to do epic movies.
    Sure. I get it that Hollywood wants to make money but having titles that have nothing to do with the movie is still a stupid idea.
    I’m definitely not gonna watch it.

  26. @ Ulik

    Huey, Or Riley?

  27. Oh I might be incorrect because I havent watched it in a long time. Which ever kid that wears the cornrows that thinks he’s badass that calls everything gay. That might be Riley, my bad if I got it wrong.

  28. Hey Kofi thanks for checking me on that. Yeah it’s “Riley Freeman” from “The Boondocks” He looks just like that kid. Oh NO!! Somebody might get some ideas in there head, o boy i probably shouldn’t have said that.

  29. It’s not that bad! I mean, it cannot be worse than the Karate Kid they did starring Hilary Swank. Yeah, the movie was good when it first came out…A couple of years ago, I had my 12 year old sister watch the Karate Kid..She walked out on it. It’s a kid movie and this generation will probably enjoy it…so…whatever. I had MY karate kid back in the day. lol