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If someone had asked me which movie I thought was going to stir the most controversy this year, I would have guessed that if a new Michael Moore, Oliver Stone or Ben Stein movie was being made, those would be the top contenders. Heck! I was thinking Legion might even draw the ire of the religious sector for pitting angels and man against God using man-made technology.

However, I was WAY off. If our comment boards are any indication, the movie that will draw the most fire is going to be the Karate Kid remake.

Starring Jaden Smith (Pursuit of Happyness) in the titular role as Dre Parker, the Karate Kid story follows Dre as he and his mom move to China from America in hopes of starting a new life. Dre finds himself completely out of his comfort zone, not knowing the people, the country or the language, and soon finds himself on the receiving end of the local school bully’s kung-fu grip. Enter Jackie Chan as Mr. Han, the friendly protective handy man that helps Dre realize the full martial arts potential he needs to stand up to the bullies.

As far as the story goes, it’s pretty much a direct act-for-act copy of the original 1984 version of The Karate Kid. Mom and kid move to a new city, kid flirts with girl, bully beats him up, handy man comes to kid’s rescue, handy man teaches kid self-defense, kid becomes good at martial arts, kid fights whole school of bullies in martial arts competition, credits role. There’s nothing really new here (other than the location where the story takes place), and the kids involved seem to be about 5 years younger than Danielson was.

If you watched the first trailer a couple of weeks ago, then you won’t see too much new in this version other than some title screens and few new images but enjoy nonetheless:

Just like the first trailer, I really like this one and my opinion has not been swayed by all of the seething hate that seems to be focused at this film. In fact, my wife, who has completely different movie tastes than me, said “I got goose bumps near the end [of the trailer].” I’ve read everyone’s complaints ranging from the choice of titles all the way to the claims that Jaden Smith can’t act. I just honestly don’t understand what everyone is nitpicking. Screen Rant has covered dozens of martial art films in the past few years and never has anyone complained that the title didn’t match up with the location.

OK, so Karate IS a martial arts form that began in Japan (as a way to defend oneself after weapons were banned) and not in China. We all know that because Dre is in China, the basic fighting style he is learning is Kung Fu, but is that really a reason to blast the film? Sure Kung Fu Kid would have been a better title, but Hollywood is in the business of making money and brand name recognition is part of the game.

Also, let’s get off Jaden Smith’s back and cut the kid some slack. If you watch the trailer closely, he seems to really be trying to make his character look like he knows what he is doing with the martial arts. The tennis ball scene, in particular, looks great to me and I hope the rest of his training turns out the same way. I’ve said this before, but is anyone REALLY surprised that Jaden ended up in the movie business with Will and Jada Pinkett Smith as his parents?

I know I’m about to be blasted with all sorts of negative comments for going against the grain herem but I’m looking forward to seeing The Karate Kid.

What are your thoughts on the international trailer and the film as a whole? (be gentle, I’ve got feelings).

The Karate Kid high kicks into theaters everywhere June 11, 2010.

Source: Cinema Blend

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  1. @ulik

    Funny that the ¨crappy urban hip-hop¨ that you refer to is performed by Mike Shinoda, leader of Linkin Park, and a Japanese American.

  2. @ Golden/August Linkin Park’s first album “Hybrid Theory” was awesome after that in my opinion it went down hill. And yes the music in the background sounds like generic hip hop music to me. While I respect Mike Shinoda and Linkin Park for their contributions in music, all of it is not good. I think that it’s sad that most(not all) black people automatically have to associate themselves with “hip hop” or an urbanism attitude in movies just because their black. I was raised on Hip Hop but I choose not to listen to it because most of it sounds like crap. If and when I do listen to hip hop,I listen to music of REAL hip hop artists like DJ Premier,Pete Rock,JDilla(RIP),Slum Village and Lupe Fiasco. I do give credit to Mike Shinoda and Linkin Park(foremost as Rock Artists) for their musicianship because most hip hop suffers from a lack of just that, musicianship. Everybody wants to rap or produce only. MOST 95%(not all) rappers refuse to discipline themselves and learn how to play guitar,piano etc. I know because I meet them all the time. How come there is yet to be a Jimmy Hedrix type rapper guitarist. Hell, most rappers don’t even study their own craft.

  3. Sorry, I will stick with the ORIGINAL Karate Kid. I have no intention of EVER seeing this movie, in fact I’d be more inclined to see Rob Zombie’s Halloween and Halloween 2 before this movie, and I despised BOTH of those movies.

  4. When the Kid said “You're kinda' like Yoda and I'm like a Jedi”, I think I threw up in my mouth just a little.

    Cobra Kai for the win, No Mercy for this steamer, as it surely deserves none.

  5. You have a point many of the so called rappers of today are not musicians and are barely Poets. The good artist are musicians and innovators. Rappers are a dime a dozen but Rap-Artists are rare. Below are some people that I consider to be rap-artists.

    Common is a social commentator and poet, Mos Def is a gifted painist and plays bass guitar, Nas plays keyboards and piano, Eric B of Eric B & Rakim plays the Trumpet and Drums, Rakim plays keyboards. Timbaland plays Guitar, Bass Guitar, Key Boards, Mandolin, & Drums. Tupac played piano and studied Jazz, Ballet , and Shakespearian Acting at the Baltimoe School of Performing Arts

    Linkin Park is more Rock-Hop than Hip-Hop

    My point is dismissing rap music as mindless is not a fair assessment IMO. Yes some of the individuals that are popping up today like Mims or Solja Boy are ridding a catchy hook but are not poets and their work is devoid of very much social commentary.

  6. @ Taz G, Greatly put my friend!!! Most rappers and “hip-hop” producers out there are just “Business Men” they are NOT artists. Like you mentioned there are rappers out there who actually study music and play musical instruments BUT don't publicly get credit for it or not publicly known for it. Part of that is because of session work. They may play instruments in the studio for recording purposes BUT they don't publicly perform with them at concerts and such. I'm a singer/song-writer/musician and I meet rappers all the time who want to so-called collaborated(use me) and I question they're knowledge of hip-hop culture with trivia questions about the foundations of hip-hop and Literary Arts(Mostly Poetry). I rarely run into any who is able to stand up to my simple and basic questions on subject matter that they are SUPPOSED TO KNOW if they consider themselves “Artists”. It's like asking a jazz artist who was “Oscar Peterson” ,a classical musician who was “Debussy” or a Poet “what is a stanza” and they don't know! It's sad, so I ask them those questions so I don't waste my time with someone uneducated in their own craft. Most of it is laziness and watching too many videos. Hopefully one day there will be a generation of hip hop that take it to a level that it can be respected and be as educated & articulate as jazz or classical music but still be cool.

  7. supposedly its still called the kung fu kid overseas. change the soundtrack and it could be interesting. how many movies have used that SAME bad song?

  8. Soundtrack is fine. Changing it to something will still carry ont he how many bad movies will use the same alternate soundtrack feel

  9. people cant stand that theres gonna b a black karate kid thats why their mad. seriously who cares about the title of the movie. hollywood comes out with knockoffs and remakes every year that r nothing like the originals ala the overused freddy,myers, and jason sagas. i dont understand how people can attack a young kid claiming hes not a good enough actor to play the karate kid. sorry to break it to you but most action movies dont require oscar worthy peformances especially when the main characters not even in his teens yet. lets not forget that he did play along side his father the most succesful actor in the bizz in a movie considerd to b one of wills best dramatic performances.

  10. Actually certain forms of Karate have Chinese background. Okinawan Goju-ryu is karate and may seem like chinese martial arts. the film is a film just enjoy it or hate it based on the actors performance and the directors direction. I hope it does well but i also hope it doesn't destroy what we all found enjoyable about the original.

  11. I could care less about this movie, I will stick to the original Karate Kid thank you very much, and I am refering to the first 3 movies and not the Hilary Swank one.

  12. No he Looks like Riley, Huey has the Afro, RIley Has corn rows.

  13. The movie was actually originally named “Kung Fu Kid,” but I guess the execs got greedy and changed it. they started on the right path and then messed it up

  14. They actually could have started a whole new franchise with a very “Fresh” approach without people thinking of “The Karate Kid”. I think the majority of people would have been more open and given this movie a chance with a more correct and “Unused” title and not being associated with “The Karate Kid” movies. Trying to ride the coattail of the previous movies was'nt a good idea this time. I don't think we'll see any epic stance like that “crane” style or any “classic” songs off of the soundtrack. I still hope Jaden does well though.

  15. Ok this is how it should have went, Daniel played by ralph macchio is living in the house that was left to him after his teacher mr. miagi dies, he lives here with his son that he looks after because him and his wife are divorced the son even go's to the same school as daniel did.
    His son is pickd on at school and is challged to fight and daniel teaches him the way he was tought by Mr. miagi

  16. I'll go see “Riley Freeman” in his debut movie. LOL!!!

  17. hell im not even going to waste bandwidth downloading this crap when it comes out on the internet.

    **You could almost smell Jackie Chan's shame through the monitor, like inside his head, he's going, “well, at least the paycheck is bigger than the one I got for 'The Spy Next Door' sighWhy didn't Shyamalan return my phone call for that 'Airbender' gig…?”**

    to funny dude but so true

  18. Hate to say it, but it's going to BOMB, TANK and HUGE ! Sorry – they should have left this one alone.. altogether.. a classic film from the 80's I still watch from time to time..

  19. Hate to say it, but it's going to BOMB, TANK and HUGE ! Sorry – they should have left this one alone.. altogether.. a classic film from the 80's I still watch from time to time..

  20. Hello ! Please tell me the name of the last song, I love this music

  21. I just saw the movie yesterday, and I’ve got to say I’m a bit disapointed. Jayden did a great job playing his part, and of course Jackie Chan is the MAN, but somehow, the movie didn’t have the same great feeling that I got from the original Karate Kid movie.

    It’s too bad, maybe if they didn’t try to ‘remake’ but instead build a new story or brand, it would have appealed more to me because I wouldn’t be comparing it to the original…

    All in all, still a good movie.