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the karate kid jackie chan jaden smith Four Images from Karate Kid Remake

Sony has released the first official images of The Karate Kid remake (formerly known as The Kung-Fu Kid). The images, which come to us courtesy of /Film, show Jaden Smith’s character, Dre, training with Jackie Chan’s character, Mr. Han; splashing around with his Chinese girlfriend; and showing off some pretty impressive flexibility.

To be honest, none of these four pictures are particularly exciting to me. I guess I’m still having a hard time wrapping my head around why there is a remake of The Karate Kid in the first place. I’m not being ironic or nostalgic when I say that the original Karate Kid is one of my favorite movies to watch. I enjoy the story, the acting is solid, and I like how the movie has a message without pandering to the audience. Plus, you know, it has that Joe Esposito song, “You’re the Best Around.”

At least when it was called “The Kung Fu Kid” you could make the argument that it was less of a remake and more of a reinterpretation. Now, the title is just sort of illogical. After all, karate is traditionally associated with Japan, not China. But I digress.

Check out the pictures below:

karate kid one Four Images from Karate Kid Remake

karate kid two Four Images from Karate Kid Remake

karate kid three Four Images from Karate Kid Remake

karate kid four Four Images from Karate Kid Remake

There is definite potential for this movie. I know there are a lot of people who don’t care much for Jaden Smith and assume he only gets parts because his dad is Will Smith, but I actually think he is fairly talented for his age. I think the real important thing is that the dynamic between Smith and Chan mirrors that of Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita from the original Karate Kid. I’m a sucker for an underdog story, and if those two can get me to believe that they actually trust and respect each other, I might be okay with the film.

What do you think? Do these pictures make your more or less excited about The Karate Kid?

The Karate Kid comes to theaters June 11, 2010.

Source: /Film

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  1. You could nail my @$$ to the theater floor and staple my eyelids to my forhead and zap me with a taser everytime my eyes diverted away from the screen and I still would not watch this crap..Jaden SMith DOES get these roles because of who his dad is..nothing wrong with that because in Hollywood it is who you know…but his “acting” is atrocious..annoyed the crap out of me in TDTESS and was barely believable in TPOH…

  2. i like jackie chan.. but his film looks to be horrible.. karate kid is too young, its probably for 10 year olds anyway.ah well:\

  3. Another remake. Thrilling!

  4. It doesn’t look terrible, but I’m not really expecting anything from it. I never saw the original to be honest, and yes Jaden Smith only gets into movies because his dad is The Fresh Prince.

  5. He looks far too young, which is one of the main reasons I may have problems with this film.

  6. Jackie’s starting to show his age.

  7. This movie is gonna be an abomination of epic proportions.

  8. This looks terrible. I like Chan a lot but little Smith being the Karate kid is a bad idea, a 16 year old at least would have been a lot more appeasing. How bad could you get hurt in a karate tournament at that age anyway? Maybe in the end little smith learns to change his own diaper.

  9. Because if you want to be a master of Karate (or Kung Fu or whatever he’s learning) you must do it atop the Great Wall of China. No other wall will do.

  10. It’s like Hollywood is trying to ruin my childhood by remaking my favorite movies.

    I’m a diehard (early) Jackie fan but he lost most credibility in the last 5/10 years with the crap he’s put out (along with his controversial personal life).

    So, Karate is Japanese…Jackie is Chinese…hmmm

  11. im as excited for this as i am for herpes

  12. So it’s not “Kung-Fu Kid” any more? It’s back to the incensitive misnomer of “Karate Kid”? There goes my optimism.

  13. THIS MOVIE WILL BE EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!


  15. Jackie Chan should not have facial hair.

  16. That last picture of jackie chan with the stick reminds me of when i was a kid and i sometimes “ran into” a stick repeatedly that either my mom or grandma was holding… Ah good times!!!

  17. Lol, GK333, I was going to say this could be the last film on Earth and I would care,,, 😉

  18. Lol, GK333, I was going to say this could be the last film on Earth and I wouldn’t
    care,,, 😉

    Aarggh wouldn’t care!!!

  19. that looks sad…

  20. I’m old enough to fondly remember seeing the first two Karate Kid films in theaters. I remember being introduced to Hilary Swank for the first time during one of those 7 a.m. showings of The Next Karate Kid on HBO. That film didn’t need to happen, but it was forgivable. Not sure what to make of this one. Jackie Chan has the same likability of Pat Morita, I suppose. But isn’t body fat sort of important in the growth of children? The ‘kid’ is too ripped. If that look catches on, I’ll be scared to say no when the Girl Scouts do their cookie drive. :\

  21. Hmm…they’ve actually “re-titled” it to “Karate Kid?” And the “sensei” is Chinese (Jackie Chan)? I think this would work better if they stuck with “Kung-Fu Kid” title. At least, that training session scene in the Great Wall of China would have made sense.

    Of course, I don’t know how this will all end up but, seeing this the way it is now, it bothers me when Hollywood seem to jumble things together without a care for cultural accuracy (eg. Karate=Japan; Kung-fu=China, etc.). Okay, maybe I’m being nit-picking here, but I can really understand where Rob Frappier is coming from when it comes to matters like this.

    But, I might still watch this because I’m a big Jackie Chan fan. Hehe, miss those old films like Drunken Master and the Project A movies. Classics!!!

  22. I liked his Operation Condor films.

  23. Utter Crap!

  24. What are you guys talking about, next you will say G.I. Joe was crap and that Twilight was not awesome or that Lady Gaga isnt a man or that Jim Belucci as Lion-O is a bad idea, you guys are nuts, lol. Seriously though, this movie is retarded if any movie should be remade its Weird Science at least they cant mess up the Hot girl on that one cause girls are always hot unless your Heidi. Who would be a good girl for that part?

  25. Looks good.

  26. My favorite 80’s movie is now tainted with this annoying little pr*ck and this terrible idea. The fact is that he does get parts because of his overhyped dad. What’s the deal with people thinking that Will Smith and his stupid son are good actors? I don’t get it… I don’t.

  27. Honestly,is there no talent left in this generation or what? I mean how many old freakin movies are they going to try and ruin with remakes? Uggh! That just sucks! Who cares who gets what parts! Leave the classics alone! That is why they are a classic! uggh

  28. Leave the classics alone! Get some creative talen already and make something new!

  29. i cant believe people would attack a lil boy. if u have issues wit the remake fine but dat have nothing 2 do with jaden he did not rewrite it. just actin an making a name 4 himself. nothing wrong if he has a famous dad(who can really act if i sat to watch wild wild west)who can give him a little push. it was stated though that will’s kids have to audition like every one else.