‘Karate Kid 2′ Gets New Writers, Loses Director Breck Eisner

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karate kid 2 writers director Karate Kid 2 Gets New Writers, Loses Director Breck Eisner

Not all reboots/remakes are made equal, for sure, but 2010’s The Karate Kid was a contemporary re-imagining of a cherished 1980s property that resonated with a number of moviegoers, earning a respectable critical reception and over $359 million worldwide in theaters. Columbia Pictures began development on a followup shortly after the Karate Kid redux was released; fast forward four years to the present, and the project has yet to make a whole lot of progress forward – especially now that it’s previously set director has stepped away and the script is being rewritten (… again).

Karate Kid 2 is expected to reunite its predecessor’s costars Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan, on a new adventure. At this stage, the sequel (assuming it does, in fact, make it to the big screen) will have to Smith’s age into account, seeing how he turns 16 in a couple weeks and has undergone the customary teen growth spurt over the years since the first installment was released. (He also costarred opposite his dad in M. Night Shyamalan’s After Earth but hey, we all do things as teenagers that we eventually wind up regretting).

Smith’s obvious age change may be at least partly to blame for the Karate Kid sequel’s screenplay continuously getting rewritten, as more time passes. The project started with a script by Ethan Reiff and Cyrus Voris (Kung Fu Panda), then got a new draft from Zak Penn (The Incredible Hulk). THR is now reporting that Jeremiah Friedman and Nick Palmer have been brought aboard to work on the screenplay.

At this point, it’s feasible that Friedman and Palmer – a relative newcomer writing duo with a handful of scripts in the early stage of pre-production – are working to “age up” the story for Karate Kid 2. The end result of their efforts could end up being a Karate Kid sequel that unfolds closer to a young adult drama, as opposed to the adolescent coming of age narrative featured in the first installment. (Think the difference between the issues dealt with in the first and second How to Train Your Dragon movies.)

karate kid jaden smith jackie chan Karate Kid 2 Gets New Writers, Loses Director Breck Eisner

Breck Eisner (Sahara, The Crazies) was first reported to be attached to direct Karate Kid 2 just a couple months ago, but the latest update from THR reveals that Eisner has already dropped the project, due to a scheduling conflict. In truth, the previous installment featured what often amounted to perfunctory direction by Harald Zwart (The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones), albeit with the scenic backdrop of China to compensate; which is to say, the sequel doesn’t really have that high a bar to clear in the directorial arena, but one hopes a talented candidate is recruited all the same.

For that matter, an intriguing choice of helmsman might be essential at this stage; not just in terms of getting the project’s wheels to stop spinning in place, but also to provide reason for everyone to be interested in seeing another Jaden Smith Karate Kid movie at all. The young Smith could very well end up making a name for himself one day (remember folks, he’s only 15), but a number of people likely still need convincing that a Karate Kid sequel is going to help him accomplish that goal.


We’ll keep you updated on development for The Karate Kid 2.

Source: THR

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  1. A movie with “Karate” on its title but the martial art actually used in the movie is Kung Fu. False advertisement of the century…

    • cry me a river

    • @observer
      Yeah. The studio should’ve re-titled it ‘KungFu Kid’. Much more accurate

  2. Do we need a second one of this? I didn’t think the first one was needed…

    • shuddup dude… that remake was great in its own way… Zhenwei Wang the villain kid was amazing, some scenes were really good… ur a joke

  3. Didn’t see the 1st one, don’t wanna see the 2nd one neither.

    • then shut the hell up… why are you commenting on somethin u havent seen.. dumb

  4. Jayden doesn’t have franchise potential let’s be honest

  5. Ha Ha Hollywood. You suck all the muches.

  6. i wasnt a big fan of this movie either except the tournament at the end…but you have to put into consideration that it only cost 40 million to make the movie and it made 360 million in theatres…so theres still an audience there waiting to see thsk type of film

    • +1

  7. F**k everything about that abomination of a re-make and everything about this sequel too.

  8. “We’ll keep you updated on development for The Karate Kid 2.”

    Please don’t..

    • +10

  9. Wow you guys are seriously crying about Karate Kid 2?
    You all need to realize that every film made isn’t made with you in mind. Obviously you weren’t the target audience. You want Daniel-san and wax off, watch the originals. If you’re a parent or older sibling, this is for your kids, not you.

    • You are the reason they keep getting away with these cash grab remakes.

      • Naw bro, I never paid to see this. And you’re favorite movie John, spoiler alert, that was made as a cash grab too.
        “Getting away with”? Haha too funny.

        • Oh so you just like to voice an opposite opinion just for the sake of doing it. Even though you have no knowledge what so ever about the movie we are talking about.

          Oh and spoiler alert, the original movie was original content. It was and still is widely considered one of the best films of all time.

          • John, John, John. Naw I’ve seen the movie, I just never paid for it. So I know what you’re talking about. And look at it this way. For the 5 6 7 8 9 10 year olds of today, who don’t know who Jackie Chan is, who Pat Morita is, who Jaden Smith or Ralph Macchio are, and who probably won’t sit in front of a grainy 80’s movie for more than 10 secinds… This Karate Kid franchise is for THEM. Not us, they couldn’t care less if this is considered ‘one of the best films of all time’ by John & friends.
            And no bro, I don’t voice opposite opinions for the sake of it. I just educate fools who get all butt-hurt when Transformers or Ninja Turtles or whatever gets a reboot.

            • +100

              Way to represent the new D!

    • I agree, however its not the movie that bothers me. Its Jaden Smith. He can’t act period, sure it made money but what did the viewers and critics say? Look on Rotten Tomatoes the reviews aren’t pretty and you won’t find it getting much love anywhere else for that matter. Thats just a verifiable fact. After Earth his second effort, well I dare you to try and defend that film on any level. No the problem is that Will Smith keeps trying to buy his untalented kids way into show business and people find it a turn off. Have you heard his daughter’s “album” spoiler alert its no more well done as a musical collection than After Earth was a film. Its not the film or franchise its the fact that Will Smith is trying to force his kids on us. If you don’t see the problem with that then thats your problem not ours.

      • Man Scary, that’s a whole ‘nother conversation.
        I read an article about just how weird the Smith clan is. The article was saying apparently he’s not only pushing his kids on us through entertainment, (as untalented as they are) he’s ‘turning Jaden into a girl’ (look up the kid’s fashion choices) and his daughter into a boy, (she dresses pretty boyish i guess) and Jada Pinkett is actually lesbian.
        Illuminati conspiracy theories are just theories. But I will say, the father/son act was cute and charming in Pursuit of Happyness, but now, all I can think is, why am I watching Fresh Prince’s kids?

        • I remember laughing when Jada’s rock band played at a metal festival once a decade ago and people booed and threw bottles of urine to show their displeasure, despite her yelling “Rap sucks!” into the microphone and bringing a singer from a more popular band on stage to sing with them.

          To be honest though, I like Will and Jada and don’t know much about the daughter to have an opinion on her but having seen Jaden in The Day The Earth Stood Still and in The Karate Kid and finding him extremely cocky, arrogant and annoying in both films, I just can’t stand him and avoid anything he appears in.

      • Oh yeah and After Earth? Yea I skipped through the 1st 20 minutes maybe and just couldn’t do it. Three careers died during that film. Will Smith’s, M.Night’s and the kid’s. Damn.

  10. *spills a tea* there was the first one?

  11. I only want to see this movie if Jaden dies at the end.

  12. No one wants to watch your untalented kids Will Smith just deal with it already.

  13. Seriously?! Jayden Smith is a spoiled little prick. There was never any need for the first one and Jackie Chan is the ONLY shining point in the stupid remake. These films will never capture the heart and soul that Miyagi and Daniel san had in the originals. They should be left alone.

  14. You all sound like a bunch of haters, if you feel like he did such a bad job why don’t you do better.

    • My dad’s not a movie star so I don’t think I can get a meeting with the studio. Plus, I read the script and it sucks.

      • All I hear is you saying “I can’t do it!” If you can’t do a better job go sit down!

        • I don’t think anyone would pay to see a 50 year man beat the crap out of a little kid.

          • LMAO good point

            • Jayden Fan Boi, I guess I’m older than the usual Screen Rant fan. In fact, I had to Google what LMAO meant. I don’t know, but there are a lot of other young actors out there that you could follow and use as a screen name than Jayden Smith. Didn’t you see “After Earth.”

          • ????? what!

  15. No problem! The original Karate Kid didn’t do his first movie until age 22 and almost 30 the last sequel. They have plenty of time here!

  16. Jayden was completely unappealing in his character, even cocky and smug, comparable to his real life persona. I have no interest in seeing this, unless a new child is introduced as the Karate Kid.