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karate kid one Karate Kid 2 In The Works

Jaden Smith demonstrated that his dad isn’t the only member of the family who can headline a hit movie; young Smith’s leading man boy debut, The Karate Kid, took the box office crown this past weekend – so, this being Hollywood, a sequel is already being developed.

Officials over at Sony’s Columbia Pictures are already holding meeting with screenwriters who will pitch fresh ideas about what a sequel to The Karate Kid might encompass.  There’s no word yet as to whether any of the main players from the first film – Smith, Jackie Chan, Taraji P. Henson – are signed on for another installment, but their involvement seems all but a given.

Whether Karate Kid screenwriter Christopher Murphey will return to pen the sequel is also uncertain at this point.  However, story creator Robert Mark Kamen has contributed directly to every Karate Kid film made – save for the woebegone Hiliary Swank sequel, The Next Karate Kid – so chances are good that he’ll be onboard for a second flick.

How about director Harald Zwart?  Well, here are his thoughts on the matter (via Coming Soon):

“Well, that’s always a tempting idea, and I think we all would love to go back and have an experience again.  Certainly, I remember just watching Jaden and Jackie on and off camera and thinking, “They’re such a good movie couple.”  They’re just a good two characters I think.  I definitely think we can take these two people somewhere else, but that’s all up to the success.  I’m open for anything.”

Will Sony look to the original Karate Kid series for inspiration?  The idea of Dre (Smith) and Mr. Han (Chan) going on a journey together – a la Daniel (Ralph Macchio) and Mr. Miyagi (“Pat” Morita) in The Karate Kid: Part II – isn’t that far-fetched, though it would involve a less drastic change of scenery.  An enlightening summer vacation could be in order, perhaps?

the karate kid review Karate Kid 2 In The Works

But do audiences really want another Karate Kid movie?  Even though the new martial arts flick has received a warmer-than-expected reception from moviegoers – with our Vic Holtreman giving it a thumbs up in his Karate Kid review – no one who caught it this weekend seems desperate for another one quite yet.

Then again, we are talking about a Hollywood movie that grossed more than its original production budget in its first weekend of release.  So a bigger, more expensive sequel that features Dre picking up some new, ridiculously elaborate Kung Fu moves and hooking up with a new love interest (he sure would get around a lot for a twelve-year old icon wink Karate Kid 2 In The Works ) could definitely be on the way.

What do you think?  Do you want to see a Karate Kid sequel?  Let us know in the comments section below.

The Karate Kid is currently playing in theaters.

Source: Deadline, Coming Soon

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  1. I just want to say thanks for everyone supporting this.

    We need more Jaden Smith and Karate Kid movies…

    Awe,,, some!

  2. Yes! Dre goes to Shaolin and while training in the 35 chambers ninjas attack lead by Ralph Macchio. Dre and some monks fend off the assault but Mr. Han is killed in the melee. Dre learns it was a Yakuza sanctioned attack and heads to Japan to get revenge. Reveal that Hilary Swank is the Yakuza boss responsible for Han’s death. Roll credits!

    We’ll deal with “Karate Kid 3″ later.

    • Perfect you should be the next screenplay writer! this was a good post, thanks for the laugh!

  3. I would like to see a sequal to the karate kid but I would like to stress that ONLY if they go off on a completely different path from the series. They should come up with something completely new. The original series got more and more retarded as things went along. And in Part 3 the original karate kid got chunky so it turned out really stupid. The same doesnt have to happen for this series. The whole beauty of the first film with jackie chan and jaden smith should be kept. And since Jaden Smith is still very young they should really take advantage of that.

    • Keep the gang together and let the orginal Karate Kid stay as it was. I agree that the current gang can have it’s own series of movies theme. I do think that young Jaden should have been nominated for an oscar for either leading actor or supporting actor in 2011 for this movie. Oscars are rigged and do not recognized decent movies with very excellent talent that Jaden Smith peformed throughout the movie.

    • Oh really now?? :)

  4. I just threw up a little in my mouth… no wait I just threw my guts up.

  5. Here’s an idea for a sequel. A crossover between Karate Kid and Undisputed, with Dre ending up in Juvie, and picking up lessons from a new mentor, Boyka. Anybody who has seen Undisputed 2 and 3 would probably love to see that… if you haven’t, look up Boyka on youtube and then tell me you wouldn’t want to see moves like that!

  6. A roadtrip would be cool…I think they should wait like 3-4 years before they do another one. make him go back to the states, forget what hes learned by that time he will have entered Hs…and then we can really call it a karate kid remake.

  7. Of course a sequel should be made. If they at least keep the opening of KK2 we’d get to see Jackie Chan and Rongguang Yu go at it, Drunken Master vs. Iron Monkey, awesome. In any case Smith showed a lot of discipline working hard to learn martial arts, of course having Jackie Chan as a teacher helps, but the kid made it happen. His delivery as far as dialogue goes could use some work but I loved the first film.

    I still find it laughable that people are doggin this movie and I can guess that 9 out of 10 of them haven’t even seen it. Zhenwei Wang’s awesome performance as Smith’s nemesis in the film is worth it alone. They made that kid to awesome lol. Chan does an awesome job as well. So stop bitching and go see it before you knock it.

  8. Hollywood finally invented something new. A sequel to a remake. Someone send a letter to Hollywood we want a Trilogy!

    To be honest, I have not seen the new film. But Daniël is the one and only Karate Kid for me!

  9. we need to see more of jaden smith! he is so talented and it’ll b great if he is n a karate kid 2!!! along with taraji nd jackie!

  10. deffinatly want another i watched the first like 5 times shud start it exactly has it ended and set bigger tasks out for dre and mr hun

  11. they should make a 100,000,000 sequel. THE MOVIE IS BEATUIFUL!!!! yes yes plz make a sequel!!!

  12. I really think they should do a sequal. I love this film and I think jaden has so much potential. Jackie chan would definatley have to be in it too. I think its a great idea to make a sequal but make sure its good otherwise it might kill the whole thing. I love this and if they dont make another one i think they will make a big mistake. x

  13. sure, more smith and chan.

  14. I bought this movie two days ago on DVD withouth having first seen it on the “big Screen”. I was hesitant but alot of friends said it was a really good movie so I took the chance. I was a big fan of the original series and really didn’t want to see a remake. I can honestly say that even though it had some simularities to the orginal it was really fresh with ideas and I loved it. It was very heartfelt and inspiring, and it would be a shame not to make another using the same main charactors, ie..Chan, Smith etc. Their chemistry was every bit as good as those in the orignal. I do think that from this point on it needs to head in it’s own direction and not follow the original series. I feel it has established itself in it’s own right and can safely stand own it’s own merits. I think by moving in new directions it can have not only new fans but carry with it some of us older fans of the original series. If you haven’t seen it, do so. If you haven’t bought it, get it today!

  15. I would Love for it to be a Karate Kid 2 starring Jadan and Jackie

  16. I love the karate kid movie!!!!!!!!!!!! I think you should make a sequel. If you don’t I will poop

  17. yes i agree that they should have a sequel to the karate kid because it was nothing but awesome. Their were no dull moments whom ever the screen writers, directors , producers keep them they are talented.
    the cast was also fantastic i love jackie chan and jaden smith in this movie the chemistry between them both while shooting the movie was on point so if you do decide to make a sequel please keep the cast. Am from the bahamas and when the movie hit theaters it was jam pack with people of all ages. am definately going to add this flick to my dvd collection. It deserves more than 5 stars.

  18. I love Love this movie and I hope they make a second then a third movie because it so awesome :):):):) I really hope you guys make another one but with the same characters!!!! PLEASE

  19. yes i would be lookin to see a sequel

  20. Absolutely. That young man has talent. Let the world see it. I know I wish I could be on the set watching it. I myself would love to act. But I cant. I will be upset if there is no sequel

  21. I wanna see a new k kid but with NO NEW love interest please 

  22. Ya and defintley with a new love intrest since he’s moving from China

  23. Have dre parker speak more chinese and have mr han teach dre more chinese!


  25. I think that they should make a new one but still have all the same characters and maybe a girl should come and try to win the tournament and maybe Dre and mr Han could train her for it. Because in china girls are not allowed to do things like that and maybe she could prove them wrong?? But if we do that then Cheng should still be the same person and he should maybe go against her and say that a girl cannot win or beat him. And in the end she has to fight Dre and Cheng. I think that would make a good ending it would be like a feel good movie girls and thats what hollywood needs right now

  26. Make sure zhenwei wang is in the next one :P

  27. Love the idea of a sequal, just make sure to keep the opening scene the same as the original, I want I see master lee get pwned

  28. i would really love to see another karate kid with jaden smith and jackie chan as i thought it was a lot better than the originals, in this fantastic remake the kung fu moves are better the contact is more realistic there is a lot more you can do with the films as science and technology has advanced in the 20+ yrs since the originals im keeping my ear to the ground far news on a sequel.

  29. Yes i would love to see a sequel, but sonething that is different but still as amazing as the original, something that we dont already know the story of, also some new characters, but definitely keep the first movie’s characters also, because i think people would like to see familiar faces, i know i would! Thanks for reading!