Justin Lin: ‘Terminator 5′ Won’t Feature Original Cast Reunion

Published 4 years ago by , Updated August 13th, 2013 at 9:23 pm,

Word that multiple stars of the original Terminator movie, not just Arnold Schwarzenegger, were officially attached to Terminator 5 prompted speculation that the film would essentially amount to a partial reboot of the sci-fi franchise – a series that, due to its overuse of time-travel as a plot point, has technically already “rebooted” itself several times in the past.

Director Justin Lin has now dismissed the rumor that stars like Linda Hamilton are on-board to reunite with Schwarzenegger in the new Terminator flick; however, he hasn’t denied the possibility that the series continuity could be “rebooted” again in the (for now, still theoretical) fifth film.

Lin had the following to offer MTV, on the subject of Terminator 5 in its current state:

“Everything has just been between me and Arnold, you know? Just us going out and trying to find the right partners. I have certain elements, but it’s never been about, ‘Hey, let’s bring everybody back!’ I just don’t process that way.

To me, thematically, there are certain things that I want to see in a ‘Terminator’ movie. A lot of that does draw back to creating this timeline that is an extension, closer tonally to the first and second movies. But to me, it’s not as mathematical as, ‘Hey, let’s get everybody back together and we’ll shoot the movie.’”

The prospect of another Terminator movie is still not one I’m all that excited about, but at least the proposed “original cast reunion” idea is not in the cards. That rumored approach, which involved the Sarah Connor character still being alive in the year 2012, just read as too messy and confusing, even given the already-convoluted nature of the Terminator franchise timeline.

It is encouraging to hear Lin express a desire to return to the tone and structure of James Cameron’s first two Terminator movies – which are (pretty much) universally considered superior to the last two films but then again, wouldn’t it be more shocking if he didn’t say something along those lines?

terminator 5 arnold schwarzenegger Justin Lin: Terminator 5 Wont Feature Original Cast Reunion

That brings us to what Lin did say on the subject of maintaining the continuity of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and Terminator: Salvation in the fifth film:

“I always feel like what’s great about the ‘Terminator’ franchise is that there’s time-travel and there are different timelines to play with. There are also a lot of gaps from what we love about all of the ‘Terminator’ movies, so there’s a lot of things we can do and play with… ['Terminator'] does have that capability, finding fresh ways of going back without destroying other [movies], because you can tell your own stories.”

So, essentially, it sounds as though whatever Lin is cooking up for Terminator 5 will almost certainly involve more time-traveling and further rupture of the series continuity. The question now is whether or not the movie will also involve John Connor slowly being erased from existence after a Terminator prevents his mother and Kyle Reese from ever meeting and falling in love at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance (I kid, I kid).

On a more serious note: Terminator 5 is still not “a sure thing” just yet. Lin looks to have Fast and the Furious 6 on his plate in the future, and Schwarzenegger is already pressing ahead with several other projects. So for now we just have to wait and see if this new installment actually comes to fruition.

Source: MTV

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  1. Seems like he’s going to pull an Abrams with Star Trek and reboot the film, ignoring the 3rd and 4th films.

    • Sounds good how he wants to adhere to the first 2 films, while making some fresh ideas, but i think audiences will lose interest if they dont at least bring Christian Bale back as John Connor because it will feel like James Bond or the crappy Batman movies when Schumacher took over, which just should not be the case with the terminator movies.

      • Seems to me that the audience has already lost interest, otherwise McG would be well into preproduction on the second installment of his supposed Terminator Salvation trilogy.

        YES, for the sake of preventing further confusion and convolution I guess it would be a good idea to try and include Salvation cast members, but remember this also, people are not as stupid following stories as holloywood thinks they are, otherwise they would not be able to have such conversations as this…

  2. the 4th movie was really good

  3. Totally stupid to not take care about T3 and Terminator Salvation. We have to see the future war after Terminator Salvation. that’s the story, that’s what we are warned since T1 and T2. We want to see Kyle and the Terminators traveling through time. That’s it. No other way. And there isn’t other time lines. Only one. T1 presents this without any option. The future is the future. The T-800 which have been sent in 1984 is terminated in the Cyberdyne Systems factory (watch the deleted scene), and this is why Miles Benett Dyson worked on it, to recreate a CPU. That’s why Cyberdyne is destroyed in T2, and that’s why the Cyber Research Systems worked on Skynet after that. That’s why the Judgment Day happened, and so on…

    • I say they make a western, where Arnold goes back in time to the late 1800s to kill Sarah Conners great great great grandfather.

      • that so needs 2 b made lol

  4. bring back Edward Furlong!

  5. I suppose many franchises have their Schumacher era that people would rather forget about. That said, I do hope they find an intelligent script and a talented actor to portray John Connor again.

    Wouldn’t it mess with the minds of fans for years if they cast Michael Biehn as John Connor? :) (Kidding, of course.)

  6. It makes sense, ignore Terminator 3 and Terminator Salvation didn’t ‘t happen and maybe continue where Terminator 2.

    I hope Arine will be the main hero instead of doing a cameo.

    • It makes sense, ignore Terminator 3 and Terminator Salvation didn’t happen and maybe continue where Terminator 2 left off.

      I hope Arine will be the main hero in Terminator 5 instead of doing a cameo.

  7. I am completely over the time-traveling aspect, they’ve done it to death, and each time they do it, it becomes more contrived, convoluted and confusing. Whether you liked or hated Salvation, they should still continue any future movies during the future machine-human war, even if they recast and ignore Salvation.

  8. I am also hoping against a time-travel story. I would rather see the future war like Salvation attempted, but I definitely do agree that they should ignore 3 and 4 and do a movie showing the future war after the events of Terminator 2. Maybe we realize that Cyberdyne made some backups of Dyson’s research without him knowing, but without his brains, their development was slower. And I think it not being called Skynet would be a good idea, different people developing would logically mean different thought processes and most likely a different name. They can maybe draw a parallel to reality since a lot of the events as described by the T-800 in T2 is coming true with more automation in our military vehicles, they can actually say that Cyberdyne is actually behind those military contracts, but just under a different name or something. And show that progression leading to a new Judgment Day. Maybe the last half of the movie, or last third, will be the beginnings of the future war. Setting it up for the next movie to be all about the war with the machines.

  9. God I hate the idea of Lin Directing this. Are we really going to Ignore how awful his last three Fast movies were. PAUL WALKER AND VIN DIESEL DRIVING OFF A CLIFF AT 100 MILES AN HOUR, FALLING HUNDREDS OF FEET AND LANDING SAFELY IN SOME LAKE. DO YOU KNOW BASIC PHYSICS JUSTIN LIN DO YOU?????????????????????????????????????/

  10. Hahaha damn son. If that’s wat happens in FAST 5 I’m gonna call bs on that too

  11. Kahless I bet you a modified disrupter/cloak manipulator, that there’s a really long car chase in this Terminator rebootquel.

    Also, Did you know Yoshinoyo resturants are serving Gagh? Yep its called “Chicken Bowl”


    • And I’ll bet you a Lexx FTL drive that some hot chick will be driving one of those cars. :-D

  12. Let’s just bring some character element into this like T1 and T2 did. Say what you want about Cameron but he knows how disquise a sci fi film with an actual human story to it.

  13. “Let’s just bring some character element into this like T1 and T2 did.”
    Sully this is being directed/produced/written by the guy that did the “Fast & Furious” films. That’s like going from the guy that did some music videos and a Charlie’s Angels epic to a guy that spawned the “Fast & Furious” (sigh) franchise.

    Do you really think character development is a priority, cause I’m holding back the puke at this point.


  14. 1 terminator after 1 or 2 helpless targets with help that is not quite as strong as the enemy – thats where this movie needs to be – T1 had Sarah and Reese running from Arnie, T2 had Sarah, John and Arnie running from Metal shifting bloke.

    This needs to go back to its roots and have (maybe) John Connor and wife running from several terminators with a re-programmed Arnie helping them get away as the son of JC and wife is the new saviour and she is preggers?

    Or maybe Reese (in the future) is just about to go back in time to kick things off and Arnie gets in and messes things up and its all about getting Reese to the time machine?

  15. If they were REALLY interested in keeping with the continuity of T1-2 they would STOP with more time travel BS. We know from T1 that Skynet was smashed and the time displacement device was captured. If it were not so the Resistance would not have been able to send anyone back in time. Now it was a bit of a stretch to say that for T2, Skynet managed to squeak a prototype into the time device just before it lost but, yeah ok.

    The fact of the matter is, the 2 terminators failed, Skynet lost and mankind WON. No and ifs or buts, period, end of story. So there should be no more Skynet to send anything back, the time device will have most likely been destroyed and mankind should now get back to the business of recovering. Also ALL of the Terminator parts / advanced tech were destroyed, wrapping up any possible loose ends.

    If they can find some way of working a movie into those parameters then GREAT, otherwise……leave it the HELL alone.

  16. The thing this whole story lacks in my opinion is the other side of the equation. The first two movies focus on getting at the good guys but what about Skynet guiding and manipulating humans into creating itself in the first place? Sure research is trending in that direction but in order to get the drop on the good guys, it seems logical to me that by speeding up development of itself Skynet can accomplish the same thing because it’s able to move up the timetable. Either affecting its time of emergence or what happens during the war. It would be like Germany developing some advanced weapons systems they had in development in 1937 but were not pushed into usability until 1942-44. If they had been usable in 1939 before or shortly after invading Poland the war might have went totally differently or even worse if Jewish hatred had been nonexistent Germany developing an A-bomb by say 1942. So Skynet does something seemingly simple like changes the philosophy of military thinking slightly. Increases American anxiety over world security by a factor of 10 at some point. Then the story sort of reverses and someone has to discover that and go on the offensive to stop it from occurring.

  17. Terminator Salvation kicked-ass until the final half hour of the film. The last 30 minutes were retarded, and completely ruined the entire movie. What a disappointment. If they do decide to go forward with another installment, they would be wise to act like the 4th movie never existed.

  18. I think its a bad idea if they ignore T3 & Terminator Salvation. They should move forward with the 5th film. Having another time-travel film w/ possibly two terminators or human/terminator could end to be a crappy film still. Abd if they don’t plan to have anyone else besides Arnold from the original films, i see no point of sending anyone or anything back to the past unless naysayers like to see a repeat of T3. Imo i find more interesting for the franchise to move forward & see things like the laser weapons, time-displacement eqimpment get developed for use by both the machines & resistance.

    • I agree. Even if a talented director were to make a reboot, like Nolan or Aronofsky, it still wouldn’t be the same thing as T1 and T2. Terminator Salvation was alright, and someone should definitely continue from that story. Epic post-apocalyptic battles, TechCom warriors storming the wire of the camps and smashing those metal mother******* into junk, Kyle Reese (played by Anton Yelchin who was excellent in TS) stepping into the “time displacement equipment”… Even if it would be half-crappy, it would still be much more interesting than a tired rehearsal of T1 and T2… If anything – Terminator 3 and The Sarah Connor Chronicles taught us that.

      • @ pondababa

        Thank you. Glad someone else has common sense besides me. I agree with what you said in your post. Especially if someone like Nolan or Aronofsky rebooted, it would never feel the same, imo not even this semi-reboot would be the same- just a repeat of T3. I actually liked Salvation little bit more than T3 & with Arnold involved feel that the 5th film & possibly a 6th & final film could be done better if they move forward. If it was me, id save the time-traveling equipment developement for the final film whether its the 5th film or a 6th as originally intended.

  19. I think 1,2,and 3 were fine but Salvation was horrible they should reboot that piece of crap. Make a better movie with John Conner battling Skynet and show the evolution process of the Terminators like the flash back in T1. Maybe show skynet making the time device, and John stealing it to send his own soldier back in time completing the circle, or even have John give the ultimate sacrifice, erasing his own existence and winning the war by stopping skynet from sending Terminators at all this time around seeing that he knows the future… JMHO :)

  20. The minute the Terminator goes back in the original film time is altered and a new timeline is created. At the end of the film he is destroyed but the arm and chip is left behind which is then used by Miles Dyson to accelerate study and tech, again this is part of the new timeline. So when Kyle Reese talks about the time machine being destroyed and ‘we’ won he is talking about his former timeline and not the new one that has been created…so who is to say that the time displacement machine isn’t still operational? So what am I trying to say? Time travel is part of the Terminator movies and there is no getting around it…
    What about a story like Star Trek First Contact? In the new timeline Skynet has realized that going after Conner was too short sighted and they decide to go farther back and alter time at a much earlier stage in human history…thus instead of Terminators chasing the humans, Conner has to go back in time to stop the Terminators?

    • You mean the Terminators are sent back to a time before humans became sentient? That would be interesting, seeing a Terminator take out a T-Rex. :-)

      They can’t go back to far because they could screw up their own continuity. Also, taking out Connor doesn’t necessarily mean they will win; another human could take over and be an even better leader.

      • I meant that they could go back and insert their advanced tech at some point…what came to mind of course was WWII era…Nazi Terminators! I don’t know…I just think its something that could be explored…

  21. But doesn’t all the criticism of the time lines here ignore the possibility that time zero might have included all time incursions, because current particle theory suggests that nothing can go back in time that violates time zeros’ events?? In other words time is self consistent and nothing happens that isn’t suppose to have happened already; Or to be clearer what I mean is, if we were able to observe all events in a given time span and that would represent the past it couldn’t be changed by any further incursions say further in the future…

    • Yes that would be the logical approach to time but we are talking about Hollywood afterall…

  22. There’s only one way I can get excited about this and that’s if they turn the wheel the other way and make the humans the hunters, meaning that they are the ones that go back and try to stop what happened in T3. It wouldn’t mess with anything since people knows what they would try to prevent, having seen T3 and T4. Have Arnold come back as a combination of his character in the first two movies, meaning a total emotionless machine fighting for the humans, killing of Connor and any Skynet-like company, altering the timeline and ending the franchise. Thus, making it look like what happened in T3 and T4 was Kyle’s realization of the future in T1 into what they actually prevented in T2. In that way all previous movies would be relevant, even the new one.

  23. The just need to make a very realistic CGI Arnold T2 style and mimic the real Arnold’s facial gestures and a little of his body movements mixed with the CGI robotic special effects to keep T2 looking like a 30′s something years old t2 letting him voice his on character sort of how they did Avatar

  24. T3 had to many unnecessary attempts at making the movie humor especially giving it a pg-13 rating this is not barney this is the Terminator and Arnold had to many badly scripted dialog. The Terminator himself is natural funny because he is not human he is a man made machine trying to mimic the emotions of a human (This concept worked all through T2 because it is a great concept) T3′s Terminator had too many excuses and spent too much focus on badly screened fight scenes it was like watching a cartoon because when a guy gets hit, and drug through a cement concrete ground with a bulldozer truck the audience should know it believe it and the visual effects (damage) should be there and visible on the Terminators human tissues , on the leather jacket and pants. However within 5 minutes of that particular fight scene the robot looked undamaged unlike that of its T2′s terminator and the T2′s scene

  25. T3 had to many unnecessary attempts at making the movie humorous especially giving it a pg-13 rating. This is not “barney & Friends” this is the Terminator and Arnold had to much poorly scripted dialog. The Terminator himself is natural funny because he is emotionless, not human he is a man made machine trying to mimic the emotions of a human (This concept worked all through T2 because it is a great concept) T3′s Terminator had too many excuses and spent too much focus on badly screened fight scenes it was like watching a cartoon because when a guy gets hit, and drug through a cement concrete ground with a bulldozer truck the audience should know it, believe it and the visual effects (damage) should be there and visible on the Terminator’s human tissues , on the leather jacket and pants. However within 5 minutes of that particular fight scene the robot looked undamaged an within minutes that scene was forgotten making it irrelevant unlike that of its T2′s terminator and the T2′s scene where Arnold’s face was badly fractured an visible for all to see, believe and remember.

  26. Hey guy, why not one of those “scary movie/hero movie/disaster movie” make a Back to the Future crossover with Terminator movie. Yes, like someone said, bring terminator back to 1800s to kind the Connors’ Great Great Great Grandpa, at the same time, bump into McFly and Doc….that should be something. HaHa