Justin Lin Drops ‘Terminator 5′ For ‘Fast and Furious 6′

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For a while it looked like Justin Lin was about to become involved with multiple blockbuster franchises, seeing how he was set to helm not only Fast and Furious 6, but also Summit’s Highlander reboot and Terminator 5 – not to mention, he was among the filmmakers previously shortlisted as potentials to direct Die Hard 5.

Lin ultimately passed on the fifth Die Hard, left Highlander (which now has a new director), and is pressing ahead full force with the sixth installment in the Fast and the Furious series. However, that move has also forced him to abandon his Terminator duties… for the time being.

Deadline has learned that Annapurna Films head Megan Ellison – who secured the rights to the Terminator brand, earlier this year – and franchise stalwart Arnold Schwarzenegger are eying a late 2012 start date for production on the fifth installment in the man vs. machine/sci-fi series.

With Fast and Furious 6 locked for a Summer 2013 theatrical release, that means Lin will be in the midst of post-production on the film, during the fourth quarter of 2012 – and thus, he would be unavailable to helm the fifth Terminator movie.

However, Terminator 5 has only entered the preliminary stages of pre-production at this point. Seeing how Ellison has yet to either hire on a screenwriter for the project – or secure a financial partner – there’s no guarantee the film will be ready to begin principal photography before Lin wraps up his work on the next Fast and the Furious flick.

So – to use an appropriate pop cult reference – Lin may be back… and could end up helming the fifth Terminator flick, when all is said and done.

 Justin Lin Drops Terminator 5 For Fast and Furious 6

Speaking of “being back” – Schwarzenegger is clearly in a rush to get back to work and revive his action movie career, seeing how he has The Expendables 2, The Last Stand, and Terminator 5 – not to mention, possibly Captive – on his to-do schedule for the next year or so. It’s possible then that Ah-nuld may ultimately decide to not wait for Lin to finish his other filming commitments – and recruit another director to replace him on the new Terminator movie.

Earlier reports indicated that Schwarzenegger and Lin have by and large been the only ones creatively involved with the fifth Terminator picture so far. However, Deadline says that the franchise’s original creator, James Cameron, has been unofficially involved in “a brainstorming meeting or two” for the project. That should be welcome news to longtime Terminator fans who weren’t so impressed with the third and fourth entries in the franchise – neither of which involved Cameron in any significant capacity, creatively speaking – and are hoping that the fifth installment gets the series back on track.

Those who enjoyed Terminator: Salvation – and were hoping to see the post-Judgement Day storyline of the film further developed – may be disappointed, though, seeing how Terminator 5 looks to instead tear the timeline (re: change the continuity) of the series yet again.

Megan Ellison secures rights to Terminator 5 and Terminator 6 Justin Lin Drops Terminator 5 For Fast and Furious 6

The idea of just fully rebooting the Terminator franchise actually seems like an odd one – simply because the series has primarily been about characters (both human and machine) seeking to change/reboot the order of their world. Since it’s all but assured that there will be future installments – at least, until the rights to the Terminator franchise revert back to Cameron, in 2018 – one has to wonder what the better approach would be: Completely rebooting the Terminator continuity (beyond what even J.J. Abrams did with Star Trek) or attempting to actually progress the convoluted overarching storyline of the series, without resorting to further fractures as a result of the time travel plot device.


We will continue to keep you posted on the status of Terminator 5 as more information is released.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Why in the hell don’t they just make a sequal to Terminator Salvation and bring us the war we have always waited for!! I really enjoyed Terminator Salvation and really liked Christian Bale as John Connor!!!

    • Although I respect your opinion, I personally think Christian Bale is the worse thing that happened to “Terminator” and “Batman”.

    • salvation was terribel compared to T1 and T2, but T3 was okay so i think i would have preferd if they contiouned the storyline from there instead

  2. Why in the heck don’t they just make a sequal to Terminator Salvation and bring us the war we have always waited for!! I really enjoyed Terminator Salvation and really liked Christian Bale as John Connor!!!

  3. Thats a bold move on his part..I guess this also squashes the
    Paul Walker-John Conner rumor

  4. Reboot??? WTF just finish it already. Have the huge war, have Connor save the day, and have Connor die like he should.

    Why reboot something that was never finished? Especialy after the last one which leaves us with tons of unanswered questions


  5. I agree,plus they never really got into the whole time travel being developed thing,as 2 who actually developed time travel,how it is employed,skynet,etc.then 4 john connor 2 send kyle reese back in time 2 protect sarah connor. It would be nice 2 see the great war but in other facets give the entire story closure. I just hope that they do the franchise justice & make a banging movie.

  6. Not 2 mention,that in part 3,it was said that Kate & John connors kids are very important 2 the resistance,so it would be nice 2 see that interwoven into the story & it 2 make sense in some capacity.

  7. if they reboot, hey should just do it so that a terminator is actually succesful at killiny john conner when hes a kid. that would change everything a la star trek reboot. how would humanity survive etc was john conner rewlly necessary? tired of this john conner crap, this messianic type figure that never materialises into anything.

  8. sweet another fast and furious movie loved the last one

  9. More interested in fast 6 than terminator anyway,especially with this talk of reboot,it’s like the spider-man thing all over again,they reboot and i don’t watch(sorry toby is spider-man to me…the story was in progress and the films did not suck enough to warrent a reboot)

    Now,not sure if links are allowed here,but this explains who invented time travel…and is actually creative unlike hollwood… i’d watch this movie

  10. Justin Lin is Manderin for Bret Ratner

  11. Wait a second… Did I read this correctly? JAMES CAMERON will regain the rights to the Terminator franchise in 2018?

  12. justin lin is an asian hugh heffner

    • Lucky guy! :)

  13. Can we get John Hyams on the phone for this?

  14. I understand why Justin Lin doesn’t want to do Termiantor 5.

    Lin also turned down Die Hard 5 and the Highlander remake so I think he did a good job.

    Lin is returning for Fast and Furious 6 is a great news because Fast Five is one of my best movies of the year.

    And about Terminatior 5? I would agree with Dude that the studio should hire John Hyams for Terminator 5.

    John Hyam’s movie Universal Soldier: Regerenation was the best movie of 2010.

    The movie had lots of gunfights, lots of action, lots of amazing stunt works and the fight scenes were the best part of the movie.

    I was amazed by the whole because it didn’t expect lots of work on a straight to dvd movie.

    Let’s hope Dragon Eyes and Universal Soldier: A New Dimesion get threactial releases because John Hyams deserves to get work on big budget movies.

    US: R reminded me the old days of action, I am still 17 years old.

    If there is anyone beside James Cameron to direct Terminator 5, my first choices would be John Hyams or Ridley Scott.

    Let’s hope this idea for Terminator 5 works out well.

  15. I think MCG did a great job on Salvation. It was allot better than part 3, part 3 was pure cheese and needs a special edition to make it darker and take all the cheesy crap out and add some more footage of the terminators as well. It didn’t have that same dark feel like 1,2, and 4 it was more of a spoof than anything else. I think they can fix it and make it enjoyable if someone is willing to. I wouldn’t mind seeing MCG directing part 5. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with part 4,it was a good vision of the earlier part of the future war!