‘Justin Bieber: Never Say Never’ Review

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Justin Bieber Never Say Never 3D Movie Justin Bieber: Never Say Never Review

Screen Rant’s Mike Eisenberg reviews Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

Pop sensation Justin Bieber’s first single hit the radio waves on May 18th, 2009. 20 months later, a documentary of his 16-year-old life hit theaters in 3D under the title Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. While it succeeds as a concert film, it struggles to be the uplifting documentary that was promised.

A documentary is only as entertaining as its main subject – luckily for Never Say Never, the young performer has every bit of charisma and style a boy his age can possess. For this reason, Never Say Never is watchable, but still lacks any real value as a film other than a money-making machine for Paramount Pictures. This is simply Hollywood implementing every strategy in the books to make big bucks on a low cost product.

Justin Bieber’s story is inspiring enough in an age where anyone can become a star thanks to the power of the Internet. Unfortunately, it is only as interesting as a typical 60-minute VH1 Behind The Music episode. Justin Bieber is not a misunderstood superstar. He has avoided controversy and maintained a very positive public image. The film presents this and repeatedly shouts, “Pay attention to this kid!” There is not a single negative connotation with the name Justin Bieber. So far Bieber has managed to stay out of the negative limelight, and hopefully he doesn’t end up going down the same road as Lindsey Lohan, Britney Spears and other young music superstars.

However that is also where Never Say Never falls apart: It is perfectly acceptable as an early recap of Bieber’s rise to stardom, but his life story has nothing to offer dramatically to sustain a 105-minute documentary beyond his meteoric rise in popularity. Whenever he is on camera, young girls in the theater swoon and react, but eventually those reactions tapered off. By the halfway mark of the film, those same girls were only reacting to the concert footage – singing along to his catchy tunes and even dancing in the aisles. The actual documentation of Bieber’s life is plentiful – he’s been on camera since the moment he touched a drum set, but the documentary offered little to no drama via way of any conflict – and this is why there’s really not much point to this film at all.

Justin Bieber Jaden Smith Never Say Never 3D Justin Bieber: Never Say Never Review

The trailers promote a movie that will inspire others to go out and pursue their destiny, but the actual movie is a 3D love letter to fans of Justin Bieber. Never Say Never doesn’t try hard enough to send a positive message to the youth watching the movie. While at times it shows off a child who developed his own talents and inspired everyone around him to join him on the unlikely journey to fame, and it shows that positive influences and faith can drive anybody to success – at every opportunity it has to convince us he is more than what he seems, it cuts to a concert performance and the fans just start singing along again.

Over half of the movie is spent watching fans cry and overreact to Bieber. We get it – young girls love him. Why does the documentary care so much about showing the fans instead of actually telling us a story we don’t know? The film misses out on the true power of documentary storytelling. In fact, one could argue the movie made a joke out of Bieber’s fans by showing them as rabid sheep to their Little Bo Peep. Documentaries can be powerful, sending us to places we could never go on our own. While Never Say Never shows us a small part of the behind-the-scenes life of this superstar, it does not go any further than a short segment on VH1 or MTV could do in a quarter of the time.

Many have praised the cinematography of Never Say Never. While the images are slick and the shallow depth of field makes for nice imagery, the cinematography is another one of the film’s many hindrances. It makes no sense to call the imagery great when much of it includes either roving crowd cameras showing girls dancing and crying or standard definition home video footage. The only real utilization of 3D in the documentary was the concert footage, and that was arguably the best cinematography of the entire film.

Bieber had a blast playing with the 3D component, tossing his hat at the camera and reaching out to the audience and camera in the classic pop star dance move we’ve seen for decades. It’s hard to look back on the film and understand why it cost more than a regular ticket – roughly 25% of Never Say Never was actually in 3D. The most memorable moment of the entire film (which was shot in 3D) involves Bieber and friends pulling off Jackass-style stunts during a test session that probably was never even meant to be in the film in the first place.

With all its flaws, Never Say Never is not without entertainment value. As a concert movie, it is a rousing success. The coverage of his extensive tour leading up to the Madison Square Garden performance is worth watching, but it offers nothing as a narrative production. It has little value other than to show Bieber’s charisma and likability – and this is not enough to carry a theatrical documentary. This is why it’s important to let a star form in his or her entirety before reflecting on their existence – a la Michael Jackson’s This Is It.

If you enjoy Bieber’s music, or simply want to watch something light-hearted and fun, Never Say Never is probably worth your money. But if you want something that moves you or tells you a story truly worth telling, you won’t find it here. It is rare that a movie presents such an entertaining lead character and offers so little to the audience.

Sometimes we just have to accept a movie for what it is – an easy buck for the studio.

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Our Rating:

2 out of 5

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  1. I wanna smash his face with a claw hammer.

    • DSM,

      Seriously, that’s uncalled for. He’s just a kid, and from what I gather, not a bad one.


        • u r soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mean ANDY S what did he do to uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

        • u’re jealous of ‘lil kids luck…aren’t u my friend?

      • I hardly meant it! Delete the comment if you want.
        Also, from what I’ve heard, he’s a real dick.

        • DSM,

          Oh, I’m sure you didn’t – still we devalue words too much online. And honestly, I just barely learned how to pronounce his name correctly so I don’t know much about him personally. :-)


          • Kind of in that boat. I think I’ve heard one song of his and it just obviously wasn’t my style, but hey, whatever floats your boat (more of an old school punk kind of guy myself). Still trying to figure out why three of his friends drug my stepson to go see this (all boys). Guessing they just wanted to do something, anything, but man, seems a torturous price to pay to me.

    • Thats not nice at all!!! Justin Bieber rocks!…your probably just jealous of him! Jerks like you need to keep there mouth shut and wuit making rude comments where everyone can see!!!

      • Oh I’m jealous of his money. But that’s it.

        • He wont have his money in 10 years Sam

          • I don´t think he has this money now…

          • He’s a fad once he ages and little girls aren’t obsessed with his pansy features any more he won’t be famous any more because his music is the definition of trash.

    • I’m with you DSB I’m with you all the way.

  2. What the hell are you doin in this topic?!
    There is a picture of Charlize Theron in the previous one!!!

  3. I dont like his music, i dont like his fans…

    but as a person he’s pretty awesome. He’s undeniably talented and smart. plus he’s knows how to TAKE and MAKE a joke. He himself has called his fans crazy and over-hyped a few times. His bits on “SNL” and “Funny or Die” were pretty funny. I dont mind him as a person but i cant stand the fans

    its almost the same way i feel about Twilight and such

    • Sorry, I’m laughing too hard to actually comment.

    • Yeah, I love how he was able to be self-deprecating in that commercial where someone says “I thought he was a girl.”


      • There is no questioning Bieber’s talent. To suggest he can’t sing or entertain is ignorant. If the documentary proved one thing to somebody who has only heard his frustratingly pop-hit singles that offer little to the ears, he was born with talent and drive. He played drums and played them well by age 6 and guitar by 8. He has sick dance moves and frankly, we all need to grow up and acknowledge talent no matter how floppy their hair is or how girly he looks.

        • Frank Sinatra could sing. Elvis could sing. John Lennon could sing.
          Justin Bieber cannot sing. His voice is auto tuned to holy hell. Anyone who can’t see that is… Well, ignorant. He has no talent.

          • Have you ever watched a single video of his that is NOT a music video? His albums are made for the pop wold and girl fans, but his life of music leading up to his pop career that is still very young was loaded with footage of him naturally singing and doing it damn well. I guess I am the ignorant one.

            • If he is talented (I’ve never seen nor heard a single thing luckily) then I feel bad for him caused he has niched himself into a genre.

            • I’ve watched the home videos of him. They sound no different from any of 12-year old kid. He couldn’t sing or dance then, he can’t sing or dance now.

          • Dr. Sam, It is pretty easy to write nasty things on the web, it is clear that the only exposure you have to is the three or four seconds of some of Bieber’s songs you have heard on the radio songs.

            I am not trying to be mean but instead of spending your saturday afternoon wishing physical harm to a 16 year old check out a couple of the videos on youtube that made him famous.

            The ones he posted himself from his computer when he was 14 years old, they are not auto tuned and his talent is clear.

            I am sorry that someone else being successful causes you so much grief.

            • I’d reply but I’m not sure you could hear me all the way up there on that high horse.

              • Ah thats funny as hell DSB

          • Are we actually discussing this? Did Screen Rant just change into a forum about the best music documentaries? And WHY is Screen Rant even doing a review on this?! I really have enjoyed Screen Rant because they have great forums about movies! In my opinion, it is looking like Screen Rant is getting paid some cash to not be Screen Rant anymore…

            Just my honest opinion…

            • Just because they reviewed this one film you don’t think its the same Screenrant? I mean I’m also wondering why they reviewed this film but they reviewed it like they would any other film, if they were being paid wouldn’t they give this film a much higher rating?

            • Yes, RwDokken, the studio paid us to give this movie a 2/5 star rating and a negative review.

              Your deductive skills are truly impressive.


              • BLAM!

                • Hahaha. Is it possible that a lover of movies that writes about movies on a site about movies simply saw a movie and wrote a review of that movie? In fact, we weren’t planning on writing this review until I thought, hmm, I wonder what this thing is like since it’s getting some positive reviews in major magazines/papers. Turns out they were lured into the cool factor of Bieber’s attitude and stopped watching it as a feature length film. Bizarre concept that I might actually just be intrigued by a movie.

              • Vic

                I KNEW IT


    • “He’s undeniably talented”

      Im denying it now. He has non talent at all what so ever. He can’t write music worth a damn and he doesn’t even have a good voice. His only talent is looking like a girl and treating his fans like crap.

  4. So this explains why there was a HUGE lineup of tweenage girls at the movie theatre at 8am on a schoolday. Id normally laugh at them but this would be coming from an 18year old male lining up for Taylor Swift tickets…

  5. I guess Mike Eisenberg lost a bet. I can´t imagine a grown man watching this voluntarily…

    • or he has a job to do. :)

      • Either way, I guess it was everything but fun for you… :D

        • Haha. Well, I love movies.

          • I’d love to have his job, get to review movies for a living.

            I’d take that over making pizzas anytime, even if i have to sit through the occasional bad movie

            • I´d take the pizza over that Bieber movie anytime… :D

              • what kind of pizza are we talking? Alfredo’s Pizza or Pizza by Alfredo?

                • Since I´m german and we have a lot of italian restaurants, I´d take one of those… They´re pretty different from the american pizza. It´s hard to explain the difference… :D

      • If I didn’t love Vic’s site so much, I’d suggest finding a new job. :-P

    • Scape I’d rather be paid to sit through a crappy film about some no talent teenager than work my actual job lol

      • Good point.

    • Do you really think that kid owns the publishing rights to his songs?!

      • a %…that is how it works. No credit, no “jake.”

  6. Damn Mike, did Vic threaten you or something LOL.

  7. Well I gotta give it to the kid, I watched some youtube videos of him drumming and I have to say he can play drums. He’s a one trick pop pony and every video was the same beat and drum fills, but I can’t deny he has rhythm and timing.

  8. I have a problem taking any kid celebrity seriously.
    He’s not writing songs he’s singing pre written candy targeted at teenage girls. He looks like dave from AI for sheeshsh sake.

    I’m 44 years old, I’d rather listen to a Rush tune or Steely Dan,,, :)

    • 790 well yeah of course you wont like it lol. It’s aimed at teenage girls. And he dies write most of his stuff though.

      • Yeah, and they all go “Baby, Baby, yeah”…

    • @ 790

      I would rather SCREENRANT cover mature musicians making an impact in the world of music with a couple of decades worth of music rather than the fickle world of pop celebrities.

      Who remembers the Bay City Rollers, David Cassidy, Leif Garret, Bucks Fizz? I remember the names but not the music.

      It would be great if SCREENRANT stayed away from the Hollywood gossip pop celebrities and covered documentaries like:

      “Beyond The Lighted Stage” – RUSH
      “Insurgentes” – STEVEN WILSON
      “Heima” – SIGUR ROS

      • Magnetic Eye,

        SCREENRANT (whatever that capitalization is supposed to mean) is covering a popular MOVIE that is opening this weekend. Go search our site and see how much coverage we gave this – one post on its own and inclusion in a Weekend Wrap-Up. I received a TON of press releases on this thing but tossed them all.

        So cut us a a break, eh?



        • Vic

          The capitalization doesn’t mean anything, in fact it’s written in capitalization in other places on the website, so I don’t know why that was even brought up.

          All I did was question why SCREENRANT would cover a teenage pop celebrity when there are other worthwhile music documentaries out there.

          I didn’t attack JB
          I didn’t attack you or the website
          I didn’t attack Mike Eisenberg or his review

          It seems to me other posters said a lot worse than I did but I’m the one that needs to give you all a break for merely making a suggestion. :-)

          • Magnetic Eye,

            There’s a difference between capitalization in a logo and using it in a comment. In a comment it usually means one of these things:

            - Yelling
            - Emphasis
            - Sarcasm

            But I’ll take you at your word.

            As to why we reviewed this – we cover what’s popular and what people (not necessarily you, personally) are interested in. We work constantly on growing the site and its readership. This movie will be the #1 or #2 movie this weekend, so we’re reviewing it.

            I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. NO one is under any obligation to read every article/review on this site. 8)

            Best regards,


            • Yay Vic! ^_^

            • No worries Vic :-)

              I was in fact using capitalization for emphasis. I’ll try not to read everything or at least make a comment on things I’m not interested in.

      • It is the popular movie of the week, even if it’s not popular amungst movie fans.

        and just so you know, bad music influences music in general anyhow. Beatles and Michael Jackson did alot but so did Disco, showtunes, and Britney Spears.

        I’m not comparing Justin Beiber to any of them at all, but he is on the track to set a trend among future musicians (and i use that word in the loosest terms.) Good or Bad, he is very popular and could be here for a while, so it is something to take notice at.

      • Magnetic Eye, we do share the same taste in music, but IMO Steve Wilson is totally overrated and arrogant. I´ve met him two times, so I can say that…

    • Wow…that’s all I have to say. I like that they took the time to autotune his vocal tracks but made the beat off a childs casio keyboard lol.

    • Kill it before it spreads…

  9. Mike,
    If you’re not into his music, then I feel for you having to watch this. From the interviews I’ve heard him do, he’s a good kid. Funny thing is, my daughter is 8 and at her school only being in the 3rd grade,s he describes a division amongst her friends that like and don’t like Bieber — she doesn’t like (probably her 16 year old brother’s influence).

    Lidsey Lohan a music superstar?? Guess we have different definitions there… LOL.

  10. Saw the best interview with him on youtube It went a little like this…

    Interviewer: did you know I think beiber means basketball in geman justin?

    Justin b: err in german??

    Interviewer: yeah

    Justin b: (long pause) in german? I dunno What that means errrrr

    (Interviewer looks stumped for words )

    Justin (after a few awkward moments of silence) well Umm I like basketball

    Classic. What a roll model

    • Bieber means Basketball in german?! I am german and I´m pretty sure that Basketball means Basketball in german.

      But the main problem with these kid stars like him, that annoying Cyrus kid and all the others is: their parents are pushing them into the spotlight, milking them as long as possible before having them checked in to rehab. Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, hell, even that kid from the Munsters TV show are the perfect example.
      What happens to Bieber when he´s in vocal break? He will sound completely different and all his girly fans will say “That´s not my Justin Bieber”.
      And I agree with Sully. He might be able to play guitar and sing along a bit (they showed a backstage video on TV a couple of days ago), but it sounds nothing like the studio version of his songs. His voice is thin like tin foil. And the “In german? Err, I don´t know what that means” proofs that he should go back to school instead of playing in front of thousands of screaming girls. I wonder what he will be like in two or three years, when his ego is as big as his (parents) bank account.

      • I agree with what you said, but my cynicism was shot down a bit when the movie showed me that his family didn’t push him. His family is at his mercy, but his managers are the real life terrorists, taking his childhood away and forcing him to live life like the walking business plan he is now. But he has grounded parents, so let’s not judge too harshly. Still, I hood serious reservations about him. This is all brand new for Bieberl once he gets comfortable in the spotlight in two years, a lot will change.

          • Scape,

            First, those pics are creepy as HELL.

            Second, I really have a hard time with people calling this kid names and slamming him when he hasn’t done anything to deserve it. You want to bash Lohan and Spears? Have at it – but this kid has done nothing (AFAIK) to earn anyone’s ire.


            • Vic, I don´t bash at these kids. I don´t call them names whatsoever. IMO the parents are in charge of their kids. And it appears to me that all of the parents (and I mean ALL) should be aware of the fact that pushing them to the limits do harm them. They may not notice by now, but in a couple of years their kids will be burnt out, having depressions and whatnot.
              I agree with Mike that the managers of the kids are pushing them as well. IMO that´s no excuse. If I had a child that´s in the show business, I would take care of him/her. And if I´d see a manager pushing my child to the limits, I would interfere for the sake of my child.

              • Scape,

                “That stupid Bieber kid”


                • I said stupid because he obviously is. “In german? Errr… I don´t know what that means.” That was an excerpt from an interview of a german TV channel, and that wasn´t the only stupid thing he said.
                  It appeared like he didn´t even know what “german” is. I didn´t say he´s stupid to insult him. But it appeared to me (and many, many others) that he´s everything but intelligent.

                  And that proves my point: he should take care of his education instead of blaming himself in foreign TV. And when I say “he”, I mean his parents. Which also proves my point about pushing a child into spotlight.

                  “My child is stupid, but who cares? He bought our new house, our cars and he pays our maid.”

                  • I made a mistake in my previous post. The interview Mercuryman was referring to was from an asian (?) channel…
                    But I saw an interview of a german channel in which they asked him about that. And it appeared that he wasn´t aware of the fact that he was in Germany. He still didn´t know what “german” means. Even after the explanation of the interviewer, he sat there and made a face like someone kicked his knee…

                    • @ Scapegoat

                      I’m posting this here because it’s not posting at the intended reply button. :-)

                      Steven Wilson may indeed be arrogant but to me he is far from overrated.

                      I love the multi faceted sounds of PORCUPINE TREE and most of Wilson’s other musical side projects. He is quite a diversified musician/vocalist.

                      He is a skilled recording engineer and successful record producer having worked for several artists, the most famous being OPETH.

                      He is also a 5:1 Surround Sound specialist. Why else would Robert Fripp hire him to remix / remaster the entire KING CRIMSON catalogue in 24bit/96Khz?

                    • He was told that someone thought that Beiber means basketball in German, he responded that he didn’t know what Beiber means in German. I would have been confused too if someone had told me that.

                      He probably isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but then by my standard about 80% of the worlds population are pretty dim.

          • Yeesh. Those girls look like an All-You-Can-Eat Chinese Buffet for pedophiles.

  11. I love JB

  12. It was a very good movie. Me and my daughter loved it!

  13. Well, this is something I wouldn’t expect Screenrant to cover.

  14. What’s this kid singing about? Love and relationships?

    Lol,,, he’s 14?

    • hahahahaha

    • 17, actually! Lol!!!!! Not sparking an argument tho. Lol!!!!

    • 17, actually! Lol. Not sparking an argument tho. Lol

  15. People assume that because his career sky rocketed as much as it has in two years, that he didn’t have to work for anything. BUT, like the movie states nobody would take him because he didn’t have a platform. Because he wasn’t from Disney or Nickelodeon he wasn’t worth anyone’s time. Bieber’s manager explains that they went from city to city having Justin play for radio stations and at water parks and county fairs. And with the help of Social Media, people started to listen. He’s hard worked for everything he has. And the talent is all real. Home videos of Justin playing drums and guitar at a very young age are hardcore proof of that. You’d have to be blind, deaf and dumb to not realize the talent’s there. The only thing I wouldn’t agree with about Bieber is the way they market him. Justin has the talents and voice to be well respected by a much broader audience, yet he’s put in the studio, given a bit of auto tune and marketed to teenage girls. I’d like to see something from him in the future that showcases his natural abilities. Overall the movie was great, and contrary to this sites review of the movie, it’s message was clear as day. Never give up on your dreams.

    • Never give up on your dreams? When somebody says that, I wouldn’t connect that to somebody who had to spend a whopping 2 years getting the music world to believe in his ability. Never giving up on your dreams, to me, suggests you were told you weren’t good enough for more than 1-2 years. You really think anybody doubted his career’s success rate when they sent him to malls to sing and then used social media to promote him instead of letting Disney systematically launch his career?

      Look, nobody here is questioning his work ethic, but the whole thing was so overblown in regards to his troubles becoming famous. It took him less than two years once the label picked him up.

      • “It took him less than two years once the label picked him up.” And it will take less than a day for the record label to throw him away like a hot potato when they realize they won´t sell any of his records anymore…

  16. Its a bad weekend for cinema this week MagEye.

    • 790, I love movies but for the last few weeks, I hadn’t seen a single theatrical release because nothing seemed interesting. I might see “I am Number Four” this weekend, if my daughter-in-law goes back to work.

  17. NEVER! There…I said it.

    end of rant.

  18. I think everyone needs to chill out have a beer and listen to some PIL or Killing Joke.

    I need to…

    • I prefer Guns N´ Roses, but I do get your point. Cheers.

      • I’m putting on Lynard Skynard now

    • It’s going to be The Misfits for me.

    • How about some Barry Manilow?

      (crickets chirping)

      Barbra Streisand?




      • Did I hear a request for Manilow?

        (With apologies to Mr. Manilow for fouling the song Copacabana)

        His name is Bieber, a Canuck teen-dream
        With a squeaky little voice and a fanbase makin’ noise
        Was found by Scooter, out on the YouTube
        And soon with Usher he did meet; got a contract with L.A. Reid
        Once a teenage nerd/With hair blown for-ward
        He’s got fame and a million groupies
        What’s a boy to do?

        We should just leave it…leave it to Bieber
        The hottest young nerd with a fever
        We should just leave it…leave it to Bieber
        Music and all this; has his own nail polish
        Because he’s Bieber-r-r…soon he’ll be gone!

  19. All I have to say is your all being childish(and im 14!!) I mean seriously most of you are adults so why does it matter what you think of his music. Don’t listen to it if you don’t like it, don’t talk about him if you don’t like him. please grow up.

    • The Bieber fans are here too?

      EricDouglace, is this you?

    • The crazed Justin bieber fantatics are here too?

      EricDouglace, is that you?

    • I can understand what you’re saying about most of us being adults and thus our thoughts on Bieber being entirely irrelevant. But I don’t think it’s childish. It’s what people do. They discuss, consider, and debate. For example, I don’t enjoy Bieber’s music, but I think he has a decent sense of humor, as demonstrated on SNL and the currently famous Best Buy commercial with him and Ozzy.

      It’s childish of you, actually, to proclaim a simple discussion and contemplation of Bieber and his film (on a website dedicated to films) childish. You’re 14. I am 19- that’s only 5 years difference. A short five years and I realize how silly arguments like this are. Because trust me, I made the exact same arguments for my favorite musicians. I don’t even listen to half of them anymore. My tastes changed and evolved.

      The point I’m trying to make is, do not come in here and complain about our discussing of what is apparently your idol when, really, we’ve done nothing to deserve such complaint. It just renders any arguments you may make in the future invalid until such time as you, yourself, have grown up.

  20. Can you die of bieber fever ?

    • I wish..

    • Wow who knew people could be so catty over a review, I think that the review was great because it shows older or different audiences think! I mean I had bieber fever right after I watched it, even though I didn’t like him before the movie. Maybe you’ll like never say never! Don’t let reviews make up your opinion:) I’m eighteen and It appealed to me just as much as it did my forty eight year old mom:) so here’s to inspiration!
      Peace & love

  21. I watched this at an employee showing at my theatre so it was luckily filled with six of us and only one die-hard Bieber fan (not me). I’m in agreement with your review. The concert scenes were the most entertaining. I like the kid but not his music. Especially after I saw him on the opening of “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” (not in the film). The “drama” was superficial at best.

    I loved how when they were introducing the audience to the people who surround him, it was all ‘She’s like his big sister. We have an uncle/nephew relationship. He’s like my little cousin.’ Just so the people who control his life appear to be more like family.

    His vocal coach especially was a real b****. Guilt-tripping him into not shouting on his days off… when he’s with his friends. ‘Is this what you want to do with your life? If not you can go right back to Toronto.’ I did not like her at all. Plus the dad who left him at 10 months old and has just recently come back into his life.

    The movie showed Bieber having fun when on stage and being pushed around when off. I didn’t know about his life or how he became famous. This was the first time I’d heard any of his songs. It just didn’t use the potential it had. Your review was just right Mike.

    • I only got 33.

      • I got 22 Justin Biebers

    • I got 26.

  22. Why does this article lump in Lindsay Lohan with Britney Spears? It’s been almost three years since Britney turned her life around, regained custody of her children, came out with three #1 singles, a #1 album, a sold-out world tour, has stayed completely free of trouble — Lindsay Lohan is still a wreck.

    How many years is it going to take until the public realizes that Britney is better?

    • Well first: She didn´t regain custody of her children. As a matter of fact, her father has still custody of HER.
      Second: Her world tour was everything but sold out.
      Third: Just because every other newspaper doesn´t report about her doing drugs and whatnot doesn´t mean she´s out of trouble.
      Fourth: I agree. Lindsay Lohan is still a train wreck. But at least she doesn´t pretend like she´s everybody´s darling…
      Fifth: You can´t compare a musician to an actress. Yes, I do know that LL has put out some songs, but so has Viggo Mortensen. This doesn´t make her a musician…

  23. you have to be a little nuts in the head to hate on a kid who is basically music for your daughter to listen too. smh

    • Well, I don’t have a daughter. So your statement holds no weight for me.

      • Yeah, that makes sense. Nothing like arguing for argument’s sake.


  24. Ive never heard of Beiber till now funnily enough…

    • Odd Ricky I would of thought you’d be his number one fan


      • As you can see, Dan. He´s still # 1 Fever Pitch fan. Although that band doesn´t exist anymore.

        • Oh, he was talking about a band? I thought he was referencing that terrible Jimmy Falon movie.

          • Hell, no! That was a horrible movie.

  25. Not exactly true when you say there has been no negative press on him. There are several reports of him being an absolute jerk to his fans. In fact just read one yesterday of a little girl on her birthday. The mom and the 5 year old girl ran in to Justin and the mom begged for an autograph for her daughter on her birthday (the report confirmed it was the girls birthday ) the little girl was in love with Justin. Justin said and I quote “It’s my day off” he then rode off on a dirt bike leaving the mother and daughter in his dust. He wasn’t being hounded by a ton of fans just one little girl.

    This is only a recent story there are more than a dozen though of him being absolutely rude to his fans.

    Oh and his music sucks

  26. Kill it with fire.