‘Step Up 3D’ Director To Helm Justin Bieber Movie

Published 5 years ago by , Updated July 11th, 2013 at 11:46 am,

Your favorite girl – er, I mean, androgynous pop music sensation Justin Bieber is getting his own 3D movie, which will feature Step Up 3D director Jon Chu at the helm.

Chu beat out over 20 other filmmakers Paramount Pictures considered for the job, including that of director Davis Guggenheim.  The filmmaker responsible for An Inconvenient Truth is apparently too busy promoting his education reform documentary Waiting for Superman to take on the far more important job of bringing Bieber’s personal story to the big screen [sarcasm alert!].

Bieber is just the latest successful teen musician to be featured as the star of a 3D movie – after the likes of Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers, no less.  His story is mildly unique in that the young lad not only came from a non-wealthy family, his career also benefited heavily from the Web.

Here is Chu’s official statement about why he took on the job – and I dare you to read it all the way through without emitting a single giggle:

“When I was approached about doing Justin [Bieber's] film, I jumped at the opportunity to tell a story with honesty and heart.  Most people don’t know that his is a true underdog story, and I hope to tell it in a compelling, genuine way, using all source materials available to convey his tale of becoming an icon for this digital age.  This is the story of a new voice continuing the tradition of musicians that defined their generation.”

No one can deny that Bieber is quite popular with the teenie-bopper crowd nowadays, and has attracted a massive number of fans and detractors alike.  Whether he is a musical talent that defines the current generation – much like The Beatles did for young people back in the 1960s – eh… not so much.  There is always the future though, right? icon razz Step Up 3D Director To Helm Justin Bieber Movie

Those who consider a professional film production about the life of Justin Bieber to be a harbinger of doom for humanity can relax as well.  Pop musicians always have a limited shelf life (just look at Britney Spears’ career) and I sincerely doubt that Bieber will be an exception to that rule.

The Untitled Justin Bieber Movie is tentatively scheduled to arrive in regular and 3D theaters in the U.S. on February 11th, 2011.

Source: Deadline

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  1. cant someone pck up the mat, and sweep this kid under it for good?

  2. If he was dead, the world would be a better place. Hung, drawn and quarter

    • LOL

  3. lol

  4. 2010 eh? =p

  5. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha WTF?

  6. Wow this director will have Step Up 3D AND Justin Beiber’s 3D biopic on his record? And whats the deal with that picture of Justin Beiber with his backwards hat and gang sign? He’s about as hard-ass as Dennis the Menace. Garbage, all of it.

  7. Justin fieber, possibly homo sexual

  8. His 15 minutes of fame is almost up but there’s always another kid who Tweens will go crazy for

    • I totally agree. first it was Hannah Montana, then Jonas Brothers, and now its Justin Bieber. who will be next?

      • Could be anyone but all i know is they will just be another corporate disney pawn…

  9. Is it a doc. or a movie? I heard it’s actually a movie with him starring as himself, which I think is stupid. He’s 16 years old! Aside from his sex change surgery, what in his life is worth being filmed? And in 3d?!?

  10. “Chu beat out over 20 other filmmakers Paramount Pictures considered for the job”

    Am I the only one disturbed by the idea that there were two dozen people who actually wanted to do this job?

    Now, THAT is a sign that the end is nigh.

  11. *Britney Spears

    Bieber’s OK, but i really don’t see the big deal bout him..

  12. The term Icon says it all,,,
    What’s with this generation, oh yeah there all growing up watching Nickelodien and Disney 3D garbage… Both glamorise this faux gang fashion bs.

    Note to self, send nephew some Rush and Van Halan albums asafp!!!

    • Great choice with RUSH. You can’t go wrong there and VAN HALEN pretty cool until they imploded.

      How about sending your nephew some PORCUPINE TREE and KING CRIMSON as well. :-)

  13. Rush and van halen…how bout meshuggah and tool.

  14. Sully311,,, I should start him off with the soft rock don’t you think?

  15. Yeah you’re probably right 790, his head might explode listening to meshuggah…wait that gives me an idea…

  16. By the way wasn’t this bieber a cast member on the L word…

    • dont know or care, im not a follower of his(eyebrow raise) :)

  17. Nice VH, selection Ant’s!!!
    Forget vaccines!. “Everybody Wants Some” and, “The Cradle will Rock” should be required listening for toddlers. Just keep the volume down,,, throw in some Zep.
    This way they can build up an immunity to the Jonas Brothers and Mily Cyrus viruses that plague the Earth.

    • HAHAHAHAH…my personal fav. VH tune is “Dirty Movies”

  18. Fav. Rush song is Red Barchetta by the way

  19. This Justin Bieber Movie post has diverted into a Van Halan thread.

    Anything is possible people!!!!!!
    Dirty Movies, what album is that on Ants?

    • Fair Warning…thier absolute best album

  20. That’s one album I need to re purchase Ant’s!!!

    Concerning RUSH, I couldn’t pick a fav song. Practically every song is a classic. One song that really deserves some radio airplay is, “Countdown” from the Signals album. If your a space shuttle fan that song will blow you away!

    There’s a new RUSH film/documentary that just came out a few days ago… It looks pretty good I haven’t watched it yet,,,

    • I got my copy of “RUSH-Beyond The Lighted Stage” a couple of weeks ago. It’s very good with some great comments by:

      Kirk Hammett
      Les Claypool
      Mick Box
      Gene Simmons
      Trent Raznor
      Danny Carey
      Jack Black
      Mike Portnoy
      Zack Wylde
      Sebastian Bach
      Billy Corgan
      Jimmy Chamberlin
      Vinnie Paul

  21. Lol, Antman, I also own over 1000 cds.

    RUSH, is my overall fav band Ants. I have all their albums.

    Ants be sure to check out Geddy Lee’s solo album, “My Favorite Headache”. It really kicked ass.
    Justin Bieber vs RUSH, I mean come on its so unfair. They would defile and violate him with a drum solo,,,

    • lol…how we allow this thread to grow…i’ll never know

  22. I honestly don’t have a problem with Justin Bieber. He’s not too bad and he’s not hurting anyone. Just let the little girls have their Bieber Fever. Also I think they made a good pick for directing. I haven’t seen Step Up 3D yet, but I take it that this movie will be somewhat similar, so Jon Chu is a good choice, especially since he’s a dancer himself.

  23. Is it good MagEye, I’m going to pick Beyond the Lighted Stage very soon.

    Have you seen the Neil Peart documentary, “Anatomy of a Drummer” that’s also very good.

    PORCUPINE TREE and KING CRIMSON,,, haven’t heard much frm those groups.

    • Peart is a true drum machine

    • @ 790

      Yes it’s really well done. I love this documentary. It’s very entertaining. I wish it covered more ground but you get a good history of the band from their early days right through to the present day.

      It shows a real insight to the normality and integrity of the guys and of course the immense influence they’ve had on many bands.

      RUSH remain my favorite band to this very day but in the last ten years PORCUPINE TREE have come to be my second favorite. I could rave on about these guys as much as I can RUSH. Check out Amazon for album reviews.

      To start with I would recommend these CDs:

      “In Absentia” 2002 (engineered by Paul Northfield who has engineered a number of RUSH albums)
      “Deadwing” 2005
      “Fear Of A Blank Planet” 2007 (Alex Lifeson plays 1st lead guitar solo on third track Anesthetize)

      For DVD check out:

      Porcupine Tree – Arriving Somewhere. Live concert filmed at the Park West, Chicago, USA 11th-12th October 2005. Brilliant!

      I’ve just purchased another live concert DVD/BR Porcupine Tree – Anesthetize. Filmed in Tilburg, The Netherlands 15th-16th October 2008. Awesome!

      • I forgot to mention yes I have seen the Neil Peart documentary, “Anatomy of a Drummer” at a friends place but have yet to buy it. :-)

  24. best thing about Rush is their shows. no opening acts, and they play for a LONGG time

  25. Can we PLEASE stay on topic and talk about Justin Beiber and all he’s been through and how the movie is going to have so many of his life events to cover?

    And I can’t wait to hear more of his amazing MUSIC and think about his lyrics about love. Because there are no better experts on love than 16 year olds, right?

    • no lol :P

  26. Haahhaaa yes, ogb139. Very sharp!
    I hope we see the scenes where (what’s this kids name again?) He signs a 10 year low paying contract with some greasy Nickelodien suit behind the Pep Boys in Burbank.

    • or a scene where instead of a bottle of water is thrown at him, its something else instead