‘Justified’ Season 4, Episode 2 Review – The Truth About Waldo

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Nick Searcy Jacob Pitts and Timothy Olyphant in Justified Wheres Waldo Justified Season 4, Episode 2 Review – The Truth About Waldo

The season 4 premiere for Justified was a change of pace for the series, in that it was intent on setting up a mystery for Raylan to solve as opposed to giving him a villain or adversary to eventually face off against.

So far, this has worked to the show’s advantage, giving Justified a break from falling into too much of a rut. And considering the series is already jam-packed with regulars who’re more or less Raylan’s adversaries, e.g. Boyd Crowder (Walton Goggins) and Raylan’s father, Arlo (Raymond J. Barry), there’s no real reason to introduce another villain for Mr. Givens to contend with at this particular juncture.

And even though Arlo doesn’t actually make an appearance in the second episode of Justified, his presence still looms large. Sure, he’s just murdered a fellow inmate and member of the Dixie Mafia for asking too many questions about the diplomatic pouch Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) was recently seen with, so it’s only natural the old guy would be the topic of conversation. But aside from the homicide and his connection to the pouch, it’s the larger notion of familial bonds and, more importantly, legacy that keeps the old guy feeling present during much of ‘Where’s Waldo.’

There’s an overwhelming sense that season 4 is going to have, as part of the overall arc, a reminder of where Raylan has come from, now that he’s about to have a little Givens upon which he can impart his typical nuggets of wisdom. Of course, now that our hero is soon to be a father, there hangs over what is otherwise a reason to be excited, the fear that he’ll amount to nothing greater as a father to his child than Arlo did to him. And with Winona having already left him, Raylan’s inadvertently closed the gap on becoming like his old man before the child has even been born.

Joelle Carter and Walton Goggins in Justified Wheres Waldo Justified Season 4, Episode 2 Review – The Truth About Waldo

And there’s another reminder in regard to miserable fathers and the kind of offspring they produce, as Tim (Jacob Pitts) reads off the extra-long rap sheet of Waldo Truth’s eldest son Judd, before mentioning the rest of the Truth clan pretty much have criminal histories to match. As it turns out, the name on the ID that came along with the diplomatic pouch in Arlo’s wall has a connection to a richer history than anyone could’ve rightly imagined. So, with the help of his boss, Art (Nick Searcy) and Tim “The Ticking Time Bomb” Gutterson, Raylan runs off to answer the mystery of where’s Waldo, and winds up opening a whole can of worms about who Drew Thompson is and why he came to collect old Waldo some 30 years ago – and tell his put-upon wife that her husband would never be back.

While the pursuit of the real Waldo Truth takes up the majority of Raylan’s arc in ‘Where’s Waldo?,’ Boyd, on the other hand, has begun to take an interest in the new preacher running around, converting his drug dealers and his prostitutes. And while Ellen May (Abbie Miller) is quoting “palms” to Ava (Joelle Carter), Johnny (David Meunier) is making allegations of conspiracy against Billy St. Cyr (Joseph Mazzello) and his sister Cassie (Lindsay Pulsipher) – because, as Johnny sees it, losing Hiram and now Ellen May means Boyd Crowder’s business is being specifically targeted.

Jacob Pitts Timothy Olyphant and Nick Searcy in Justified Wheres Waldo Justified Season 4, Episode 2 Review – The Truth About Waldo

Anytime Justified can see fit to let Boyd quote some scripture is a good time indeed. There’s just something particularly excellent about Goggins’ cadence when speaking from the good book that says everything about why the character was spared from the bullet he had planted in his chest at the beginning of season 1. Here, his brief showdown with Billy appeared to have resulted in the preacher making Boyd look the fool for his materialistic ways, but while everyone was looking at the pulpit and listening to Billy refuse further donations, the crafty Mr. Crowder was watching Cassie, and in the process may have found who’s really pulling the strings at the Holy Ghost Revival Church.

But no matter what, there are a lot of people pondering their place in what’s coming up next, and what, if anything will be left to those who are rounding the corner. As bad as Raylan has it, Art’s right there with him. The poor guy is looking at retirement, and he’s got two questionably stable marshals he can’t possibly hope will take over when he’s gone, and now Rachel (Erica Tazel) has become something for him to worry over as well. It seems no matter how much effort someone puts into preparing for the future, their past is always right there to make it as questionable as possible.

Jenn Lyon and Timothy Olyphant in Justified Wheres Waldo Justified Season 4, Episode 2 Review – The Truth About Waldo

Various other items:

  • Between Benny and Roz, and now the Truth family, Justified‘s proving it can write a character of any size and pretty much make you want to see more of them. Not many television shows out there that can do that.
  • It’s always a pleasure to see Wynn Duffy (Jere Burns) back on the series. After surviving his time with Robert Quarles last season, Duffy doesn’t seem to have lost a bit of his creepiness. The tête-à-tête between him and Boyd is an enjoyable bit of villainous one-upmanship.
  • The scene at the beginning of the episode, where Raylan has his first encounter with Lindsey Salazar’s (Jenn Lyon) husband, is a good indication of where Mr. Givens is this season. He was assertive without being the kind of guy we all know him to be, and he managed to avoid a fight with a pretty dangerous fellow when, in the past, Raylan may have been more than happy to show someone whether or not he could make them leave a bar.


Justified continues next week with ‘Truth and Consequences’ @10pm on FX. Check out a preview of the episode below:

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  2. Best show on T.V. I just hope they end it in the next 2 seasons. I want to see it go off on a good note still in its prime.

    Not dragging it along in an attempt to cash in.

    End it with Raylan (or his estranged wife) getting shot and near death. Raylan will realize he is being just like his father just on the other side of the law and go to Glencoe raising his family.

  3. just curious to know why don’t they credit lindsey’s husband. I’ve been scouring the web for some clue to who this person is (I know I’ve seen him before) then it hit me. I’ve seen this guy on Grey’s Anatomy, Robert Baker (II). Am I mistaken about this, imdb doesn’t even list justified under his filmography? Glad that’s out of my system.

  4. In all honesty if this episode was just Raylan, Art and Tim sitting in the car on the stakeout it would have been ok with me… The banter back and forth was great and IMO it’s what Justified does best.
    I may like Breaking Bad, Homeland or Boardealk Empire better because of their serialized stories but when it comes to a few people talking in a room or Boyd saying pretty much anything Justified is top of the heap.

  5. I like the pace of this season so far, how it’s building layers slowly and steadily. I agree with Kevin7′s comment on the banter between Raylan, Art and Tim. I will say, though, that Abbie Miller impressed me most in this episode. Her character has been put the ringer and I genuinely felt bad for her being caught in the middle of yet another bad situation. Sadly, Ava has become less likable since surviving her last gunshot wound. She was gutsy and alluring during the first two seasons, tough as nails even.

  6. I might have missed it but what was the leverage that Boyd had over Maggs last season? Was it just a land play to get a big payout from Black Pine?

    • It was the path to the mountain that Boyd held sway over. Meaning Maggs could have control of the mountain top but without deed to the properties that would allow the construction of roads to handle the traffic to get machinery and the such UP the mountain it would all be worthless to Black Pike and Maggs could not barter a deal without them.

      That is why Maggs would only accept triple what was offered from Black Pike.

      And from what I remember that path would go through Arlos and Crowders property so without their buy in (which Boyd figured out) Maggs was SOL.

      • @aknot:

        Ahh… thanks… I thought it was something like that. The only thing I remember is Boyd looking at the map and saying he figured it out. Was there an episode where he explained it? I saw where he had a meeting with Mags and Carol but isn’t that where the ep ended?

        So Maggs was planning to sell out to Black Pike the whole time? Seemed weird as she was against them at the beginning but I guess it was ruse to protect her family until the deal was finalized.

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  8. One of the best shows on TV right now for sure.

  9. I’m confused about Tim. When did he ever come across like a ticking time bomb? In fact he’s generally seemed like perhaps the most level headed of all the department other than perhaps Rachel. Did I miss something along the way or did that just seem to come out of left field for no reason?

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