‘Justified’ Season 3, Episode 6: ‘When The Guns Come Out’ Recap

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Natalie Zea and Timothy Olyphant Justified When the Guns Come Out Justified Season 3, Episode 6: When The Guns Come Out Recap

After two weeks of spreading the screen time amongst the growing ensemble, Justified focuses much of ‘When the Guns Come Out’ on Raylan’s perpetually fractured home life and the results leave his relationship with Winona in an unfortunate, but all-too-familiar place.

At the end of last week’s episode, ‘Thick as Mud,’ Winona (Natalie Zea) had disappeared, leaving what was apparently a very terse letter for Raylan. Naturally, as she’s carrying his child, and he has a history of not immediately catching on to her signals of disapproval and disappointment, Raylan thought everything was pretty much okay. Now that she’s gone, however, Raylan ironically looks to take some time off work to try and reconcile once more.

Unfortunately, those plans are put on hold after Boyd’s Oxy business is hit, which leaves three people dead, including Doc Stearn (Randolph Adams), the doctor in Boyd’s pocket. Given the face-to-face Boyd recently had with Quarles (Neal McDonough), it would be safe to assume the killings are the first salvo against the understaffed Crowder criminal empire. Something doesn’t sit right with Boyd, however, and rather than strike back with insufficient manpower, he decides to look at the matter more closely.

With the help of Ava (Joelle Carter) the investigation eventually leads to a bar-owning pimp by the name of Delroy, played by William Mapother of Lost, who has been using two of his girls Trixie (Valerie Brandy) and Ellen May (Abby Miller) to procure Oxy from the various clinics that have sprouted around Harlan recently. Upon learning that Ellen May is the sole survivor of the hit on his Oxy business, Boyd basically just has to wait for Raylan to get up to speed on the situation.

Since the house Boyd was using belonged to Raylan’s late aunt Helen, the situation more or less catches up to Raylan, and soon the U.S. Marshal is knocking on Ellen May’s trailer door.

Delroy, interrupts the questioning of Ellen May by brandishing a rather large knife, to which Raylan expresses regret that he’s only brought his badge and handgun – which he later uses to pistol whip Delory.

Through it all, Quarles – who may be the most flat-out villainous person we’ve seen on Justified so far – has decided that Raylan’s interest in him cannot go unpunished – especially after he busts up the mobile Oxy clinic Tanner (Brendan McCarthy) was stationing.

William Mapother as Delroy Justified When the Guns Come Out Justified Season 3, Episode 6: When The Guns Come Out Recap


Quarles’ apparent mania and need to hurt other people (especially that poor fellow locked away in the guest bedroom) distances him from other main villains (Boyd and Mags, particularly) in that they both operated with a strict code and sense of honor that Quarles evidently does not have. It will be interesting to watch where the writers take this potentially limitless villain.

‘When the Guns Come Out’ ends with Raylan and Winona coming to terms with the fact that she’s left him once more – seemingly for good – and, to add insult to a very serious injury, Art (Nick Searcy) confirms that she tried to bail on Raylan after he’d been shot at the end of season 2.

More importantly, however, it comes to light that an employee of Limehouse (Mykelti Williamson) had orchestrated the hit on Boyd’s Oxy business – in an attempt to force Quarles and Boyd into wiping each other out. Limehouse reprimands the young man, suggesting the move will bring unwanted and disastrous attention to Nobel’s Holler, but vows to finish what has been started.


Justified features Quarles’ move against Raylan in ‘The Man Behind the Curtain,’ which airs next Tuesday @10pm on FX.

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  1. I really love were this season is going. Three full time villains all jockying for position in harlan. It can only better as this plays out. I kinda hope Winona is gone for the season tho, she just slows things down. But it would be intresting to see the hell Raylan would unleash if Quarles got ahold of her.

    • Billbeck, I think Wannona creates a good balance in Rayland’s life. I will be very sad if she goes. I just wish she would grow up and committ to him. I am getting tired of the on again off again.

      • I thought she was going to when she told Raylan that she could never love anyone like she loves him. Then she leaves. I just think that the softer side of Raylan is well established and we sont need her pulling his strings to show it. If she was used better in the story I’d be ok but her stealing the money and hooked up with that jerk real estate guy have been weak stories.

        • I have to say you are right. She is weak and of poor character. I did not quite get the story line of her stealing the money and almost causing Rayland’s demise when he risked everything to help her to return it. I can’t blame her for marrying Gary though, she could not have known that he would have made such bad financial decisions and then tried to have her killed for the insurance money.

  2. I fully realize I’m complaining about one moment in what has been a truly amazing season so far but the revelation that a guy who works for Limehouse was behind the Oxy Clinic hit was the 1st mis-step this season.
    It was established in the premier episode that people who work for him don’t ever do something like this. So it felt like a forced way to keep Limehouse a central part of this seasons arc.
    But like I said I realize I’m nip picking at a small part of an otherwise great season. And I can’t wait to see how this all plays out.

    • Kevin I agree, but if that is what it takes to keep Mykelti Williamson relevant then I am ok with that. He is a very good actor.

  3. I need to watch the episode again but I thought the colleague of Limehouse’s who made the call was his son. That’s the impression I had, at least. I also liked that quietly awkward moment between Quarles and Wynn Duffy before Quarles went to torture his house guest. (It’s great seeing Jere Burns on TV again, too.) The ending with Charlie provided some humor for an otherwise dark episode. Likely not the last we’ll see of him?

    A moment that was nicely handled was the gradual breakdown Arlo is suffering without his wife around. Raymond J. Barry is one of the great character actors and this episode was no exception.

  4. What is with the guy locked in the room? Is he being tortured for fun, information?!

    • From what I have read we will find out what’s going on in an episode later on this season.
      It does seem like Quarles is just a complete psycho and has him there just for fun.

  5. I can’t say that I’m surprised that Winona’s gone I just wish they’d either leave her on or off the show. This season tends to be moving along at a very nice pace and I can’t wait until Raylan and the three antagonists come to a head. All in all it should make for the best season yet. I also loved how Charlie was the one who eventually stole the money

  6. what was the name of the song as the guy drove away at the end of the show?
    It started “Bless me father for I have sinned”….who sang it?

  7. The last song as the man in the Camaro drives away is “Beautiful City ‘Cross the River” by Dave Alvin. It’s a good one!