‘Justice League: War’ Trailer: Epic Action, Questionable Characters

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In many versions of their origin tale, the Justice League came together to thwart an alien invasion, and thereafter pledged to work together to defend Earth. For the DC Comics “New 52″ reboot a few years back, that origin story was retooled for modern times, hinging on DC supervillain Darkseid’s attempted conquer of Earth, and the League rising up to send him packing.

That Justice League relaunch story – penned by DC Creative Chief Geoff Johns and drawn by legendary comic book artist Jim Lee – is now the subject of DC Universe’s latest animated feature, Justice League: War - but have some major changes to the storyline and voice cast doomed this film to mediocrity?

Besides the epic action and anime-style visuals by director Jay Oliva (Batman: Under the Red Hood), you may have noticed that the first big upset in this interpretation of the New 52 Justice League is a glaring lineup change: Aquaman is out, and has been replaced by Captain Marvel (now officially named Shazam, apparently). During the Justice League: War panel at New York Comic-Con it was revealed that Aquaman is currently being mined for his own animated feature-film, which is why Billy Batson/Shazam is now in the film.

While saving up Aquaman for something bigger is admirable – especially to fans of Geoff Johns’ modern overhaul of the character – Aquaman was definitely a standout of the Justice League relaunch, and not having him definitely feels like a missed opportunity to prove to a new crowd why this character (who is so often a punchline) actually belongs beside Superman and Batman – on the big screen as much as the small screen.

Justice League War Trailer 2013 Justice League: War Trailer: Epic Action, Questionable Characters

The second big upset this trailer’s overpowering techno-beat score tries to mask, is the questionable voice acting in the film. Voice casting guru Andrea Romano has long been the secret weapon behind the iconic voices of DC animated characters (like Kevin Conroy’s Batman), but here it seems she may have missed the mark. Eagle Eye star Michelle Monaghan doesn’t sell Wonder Woman all that well; and while we love Firefly‘s Alan Tudyk, we don’t necessarily love him as the voice of Superman. Irish actor Jason O’Mara (Life on Mars) as Batman? Weeds actor Justin Kirk as Hal Jordan? We could go on, but the actors’ delivery (what bit of it you can hear in that trailer) sounds as if they are as uncertain of themselves of we are of them. Not a good sign.

Still, the action looks epic, and for those who have not yet endeavored to discover the modern world’s Justice League (and were perhaps confused or put off by Man of Steel‘s representation of that), this is a pretty good way to get your feet wet in that pool – especially if it’s one that DC movies like Batman vs. Superman and TV series like The Flash will be drawing from.


Justice League: War will be on DVD/Blu-ray and Digital Streaming and Download sometime in first quarter 2014.

Source: IGN

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  1. I agree. Voice acting is sub-par

  2. the audio is terrible – the background music is so loud and the voices are so quiet

  3. I miss the Manhunter… :’(

    • I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t mind them switching Aquaman and Captain Marvel as much as I do Cyborg for MM. Worst part of the New 52 for me :(

  4. it’s because Aquaman sucks

    • Get out!

      • he’s Fabio surfing on a dolphin holding a fork

        • Even if that was Aquaman he could still beat the sh*t out of Daredevil.

          • hahahaa

            with his spork maybe

            • In all seriousness if you are one of the many misguided people that dislike Aquaman you should read some Brightest Day or New 52 especially to repent your ways.

              • i just find him cheesey it’s a personal prefrence, but as you mentioned i haven’t bothered with the newer relaunches i’m oldschool..

                is he still a fish out of water?

                • As in he lives on the surface world and can’t fit in with our civilization? Yes he is. He really is a great character and once upon a time, yes he was cheesy but so was every superhero ever created at one time.

                  • does he die out of water?

                    my personal preference is less fantasy for more realistic based comics, Iron Man, Punisher, Daredevil, Batman, etc…rather then Aquaman, Green Lantern, Thor… gods etc if that makes sense

                    • Then there’s always the gritty 90′s version with a hook for a hand.

  5. This is the Justice League movie I wanna see! All the characters are already established, and they just do it! No need for origin stories.

    Playing Injustice: Gods Among Us proved to me how unnecessary it is to show every character’s backstory in detail. A little exposition here and there, and it’ll be fine. It’s just as entertaining to watch them all just come together and fight evil.

  6. He’s called Shazam nowadays by the way.

  7. aquaman?!

    • I know right, with him itd be perfect.

  8. Aquaman is f*cking awesome and Captain Marvel is called Shazam as of the New 52.

  9. *facepalm* Why did you post video from IGN with bad audio when there is the one from official channel of DC that has the good one?

    • Thanks for this!

  10. I just don’t understand why they would lose Kevin Conroy and Nathan Fillion.

    • Kevin Conroy isn’t the only guy who can voice Batman (Peter Weller and Bruce Greenwood were also great). And after watching this trailer… I really with Kevin Conroy was back.

      • Peter Weller was perfect for the older Bruce/Batman. Bruce Greenwood was servicable.

        Kevin Conroy will always be the best Batman/Bruce.

  11. Not crazy about the voices at all here… But the “So what can you do?” line by Supes was AWESOME!

    • IKR!!!!!!!!

  12. +1 for the Fantastic Four symbol at 00:13
    GreenLanten: “Your not just a man in a bat suit are you?”
    Batman: (Smiles) (thinks inside head, “He got me!”) xD

  13. Also not to mention more Aliens…SuperHeroes are not good just fighting aliens…that’s what all of them unite for now is to ward off aliens…can’t these comic studios get a solid plot down? Once is enough.

    • New 52 beginning was before Avengers in the movies. I like pre-52 “gathering the team” thing though but beginning doesn’t make much difference in the long run anyway.

      • Never said the worlds were linked, never said it was before Avengers, and avengers never united to fight aliens, they united to fight Loki but encountered aliens…get it right man.

        • Loki is an alien

      • Loki is an alien in the Marvel universe. Marvel’s Asgardians are basically a race of extraordinarily long-living aliens, who apparently are also technologically advanced, but , for some unexplained reason, choose to fight with swords and shields, even though they have force shields and projectile weapons (totally lame !).

  14. I am more excited to see the fight between Superman and other JL members(Batman,flash and GL).

  15. That looks like the best DC animated feature, but sounds like the worst…

    • Wonder Woman looks great, I’m really happy with her new costume there.

      • I was about to say how much I hate this WW costume. What’s with the turtle neck and sleeves? I do like the New 52 costume, but this one annoys me.

      • I actually like this one too, I guess we’re in the minority!

  16. “Let Justice Begin”


  17. Poi! Poi! This looks epic. The techno vibe in the background was too loud and distracting. I can’t judge the quality of voice acting just yet, but I hope it’s good.

  18. Overall the music was an absolutely poor choice they should have used something from Two Steps From Hell and made sure that the background music did not overshadow the voices of the characters. The voices themselves would have been fine if we wanted a teenage Justice League movie. I cannot really say that I am disappointed in the voice work because I could barely hear them at all. I would like to have the trailer redone so the audible voices so I can truly hear whether or not they are bad choices for the characters. I just hope that maybe they were thinking that this League was younger than the iterations that I am sure most of us know.

  19. Cant wait to buy this movie Even though i will be dossapointed they wont have Aquaman in it. The part in the original new 52 comics where he has the Sharks eat those aliens and slays 2 or 3 with the trident was great I would have loved to see that in this movie but oh well

  20. I rather liked the casting of Shemar Moore, he has a great voice, as does Jason O’Mara. I had difficulty hearing any of the dialog though.

  21. Use to read DC Comics once upon a time back before they felt the bizarre need to Bastardize their traditional cast of characters with this “New 52″ reboot Bull$hit. What little follow up news of that development I saw reported on afterwards here & there only seemed to reassert the opinion the compulsion behind the “New 52″ stunt was retarded. Seeing this confirms it.

  22. The last couple of DC animated movies – Justice League Paradox * Dark Knight Returns pt 1 were both very good to excellent. Hope the trend continues with Justice League War.

    Just wish Justice League Unlimited would be brought back for one more season.

  23. I love most of the DC universe movies, but this one looks pretty dissapointing. Even the animation just looks, average (the character designs don’t really help either).

  24. Anyone else feel the art style and character designs for these DC animated movies are getting a little too anime-like? Not that I dislike the anime style but I’ve always felt there should be a distinction between that and DC / Marvel style art.

  25. This is why you get REAL voice actors. You don’t need a recognizable name, you need talent.

  26. Sorry but darksied sounds horrible

  27. Wow. Wonder Woman’s voice sounds is horifying. Why couldn’t they have kept Kari Wuherer or the original JLA Wonder Woman? Another example of bad casting and why I’m not a big fan of the New 52, except for JLD. Nathan Filon should be the go to guy for Green Lantern.

  28. I think it looks pretty awesome. I mostly like the character designs, with the possible exception of Superman, who looks a little thuggish in my opinion. Plus, I think he looks a little too old if they’re going for the new 52. As for the voices…won’t judge too harshly until I see the film, but for the most part I’m okay with them. Wonder Woman’s sounds the most off from the trailer, though.

  29. Whatever happened to Martian Manhunter, he’s far more interesting than Cyborg.