‘Justice League: War’ NYCC Panel; Aquaman Animated Feature Announced

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Justice League War Panel NYCC 2013 Justice League: War NYCC Panel; Aquaman Animated Feature Announced

DC Entertainment is known for their animated feature films covering the DC Universe – but they have yet to really push into the recent “New 52″ reboot of the DCU – but that all changes with the next feature, Justice League: WarThe Filmmakers at DCE came to New York Comic Con 2013 in order to unveil a first look at the new film!

Taken right from Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s initial run on the New 52 Justice League comic book, JL:W re-imagines the coming together of the Justice League for the modern age, as clashing personalities must relax and mesh before the alien forces of Darkseid conquer earth. The voice cast includes a string of DCE newcomers (read: not the iconic DC voice actors) – including Michelle Monaghan (Eagle Eye), Alan Tudyk (Serenity), Sean Astin (LOTR), Shemar Moore (Criminal Minds), Justin Kirk (Weeds) and Jason O’Mara (Terra Nova) as Batman.


  • Moderated by DCE’s Gary Miereanu, in attendance were filmmakers like Jay Olivia (Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox), voice director Andrea Romano, producer James Tucker – and the voice of New 52 Batman, Jason O’Mara (Life on Mars). 
  • A new CLIP detailed New 52 Green Lantern’s first meeting with Batman – lifted directly out of Geoff Johns’ Justice League #1 from the New 52 launch.
  • O’Mara made jokes about the challenge of voicing Batman – and how he has been worried fans would reject him and scream for Kevin Conroy. He joked that he met Conroy – who promptly choked him out Trading Places style.
  • Tucker explains that the movie covers the New 52 universe because WB/DC wants fans to have films featuring the versions of characters they’re reading NOW. (Also helping sell New 52 comics and the brand doesn’t hurt either I’m sure. icon wink Justice League: War NYCC Panel; Aquaman Animated Feature Announced
  • Romano name-dropped some big voice names involved with DCE (and a pretty crazy pregnancy story).
  • Miereanu revealed that while Aquaman is NOT featured in JL:W, he is getting his OWN animated feature film in the future!
  • A second CLIP featured Wonder Woman on the hunt for ice cream in Washington DC. The voice acting was… not the best.
  • A third CLIP from the film featured Batman and Green Lantern in battle with Darkseid’s demon forces. Again, the voice actins was… not great.


  • One girl asked about the shift in the voice acting industry – actors are getting all that work now.
  • Another asked if the DCE features are now following continuity – since Flashpoint and JL:W follow each other in both comic book continuity AND film continuity. The makers confirm that there IS indeed continuity.
  • The same question asker also proposed a movie following ALL of the Robins through the ages, and examining how their partnership with Batman always seems to adversely affect their lives. Both the crowd and the filmmakers were surprised and VERY intrigued by that idea.
  • Miereanu reminded the crowd that those Son of Batman and Arkham Asylum animated features are coming.
  • One fan questioned the voice casting of the film (Alan Tudyk Superman?) and challenged his own skills against Green Lantern voice actor Nathon Fillion. As if.
  • The DCE fimmakers kept stressing that there are limits why they can’t make EVERYTHING in DC cannon – like “Sinestro Corps War” or “Kingdom Come”. Fans still aren’t accepting that.


Justice League: War will hit DVD/Blu-ray in early 2014.

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  1. Yaaay…more animated goodness!

  2. Eventhough I’m a Marvel man I have to admit a good percentage of DC’s animated stuff has been pretty good.

    • Gotta give DC credit, they definitely make better animated movies.

  3. WHY NO AQUAMAN??? He had the most badass moment in that story arc when he stabbed Darkseid with his trident. How do you remove something like that?

    • I never though that moment was badass. The one when he summoned shark was.

      • I always show that panel to anyone who claims Aquaman is a stupid character. I’ve probably enjoyed reading Geoff John’s run on the New 52 Aquaman than any other New 52 publication. Though I really enjoyed Batwing, until they just said #@#% it and basically killed him off. Still haven’t read the issues after that, but I probably should before I completely dismiss the series.

        • While I liked David as Batwing, I am very much enjoying Luke Fox as his replacement. The dynamic of having the son of one of Batman’s strongest and most necessary allies running around behind his father’s back has made for some interesting minor drama…in fact, this set-up reminds me of the “Batman Beyond” premise…the relationship between Bruce and Terry AND the relationship(s) between Terry and everyone else around him. I like it.

        • Would you mind posting a link to that panel?

  4. I guess this is where I get off the ride. Just don’t care about “new 52″.

  5. Jeez! Pecs ahoy!!!

  6. No Aquaman?
    Suddenly lost interest.

    Please dont tell me cyborg is in this and not aquaman.
    First of all, cyborg should not be in the original Jl
    second of all, he just doesnt fit, Blue Beetle would be way better.

    • Or they should just bring back Martian Manhunter.

  7. Really? No Aquaman? Why the heck is Shazam in this. He’s one of my favorites but it’s a little redundant next to Supes and Wonder Woman. If the whole point of this New 52 adaptation is introducing these characters to new audiences, why did you leave out one of the more underrated superheroes of all time? Aquaman was one of the highlights of the first arc of New 52 Justice League.

    I’ll still watch it but not without complaining in my head. lol

    • I have to agree, Aquaman is such a badass in the Justice League origin story. Disappointed that he’s replace by Shazam, though I love Shazam but I hope it’s worth it for the purpose of the story. At least we’re getting something different in the future, we’ve got animated movies from Batman, Superman, Green lantern, Wonder Woman, Flash (Flashpoint Paradox is a Flash film), now anytime soon we’re getting Aquaman. I do hope they expand more animated movies that focus other characters in the future.

  8. It pisses me off to no end that Aquaman is not in this BUT, they do have Shazam in this movie, and I’m glad Aquaman is getting his own film that will hopefully be about the Throne of Atlantis story arc.

  9. I’m wondering why so many are complaining about the lack of Aquaman in THIS film (granted, I WOULD love to see him in it)…HE’S GETTING HIS OWN ANIMATED FILM! Shouldn’t we be celebrating THAT fact?

    • I can’t wait for an Aquaman animated flick but I have a feeling it won’t translate to “big sales” compared to Batman and Superman films, introducing him in the Justice League as a founding member will make people take note and anticipate a solo film… Plus he was a badass against Darkseid.

      Hopefully his solo movie will be The Others or Throne of Atlantis.

      • Here’s why I CAN support this way of revealing his “badassery” to the viewing public: You’re correct that a JLA appearance would place him in some sort of solid DCU context; HOWEVER, if he shows that presence in his OWN film (the two stories you mention above would definitely make for excellent choices), think of how much MORE powerful that presence would (at least, COULD) be…

        • Possibly have JL:W elude to the surface conflict affecting the oceans, which could lead to The Others arc for Aquaman.

          I think that made sense…

    • +1
      lmao my same thought!

    • I know, but the fact that he won’t be a founding member just poops on my parade lol

  10. I see why Bruce Timm Left this project, this sounds like the worst DC Animated film yet. When Bruce Timm was involved, we got the greats ” The Dark Knight Returns, Batman: Year One, Batman : Under The Red Hood.” I’m sad, DC rocks the best Animated films, well used too.

  11. Really happy they’re making a continuity between the films, very excited for that. If the continuity does indeed continue, I’m sure after the solo Aquaman film, we’ll start to see him teaming up with the rest of the Justice League in future films.

    • Yeah. I’ll still be watching because WB/DC excels in animation. But man even if follow the comics here and there you’d have to admit that removing Aquaman from the JL origin story is a disservice to both. I mean Aquaman is the dude that made “God” bleed ya feel me?

  12. I don’t understand why they changed the design and features of the comics book caracters before doing an animated version of a story arc. I would like to see an animated film of the new 52 that stays 100% faithfull to the comic design similar to what japanese do with manga.

    • I totaly agree with with this. Art in JL was good, now they present something strange looking.

      Also i don’t understand why do some people complain about Aquaman removal. DC always changes some things for animated movies, always.

  13. Bring on Arkham Asylum!

  14. I hate the the New 52 Aquaman’s not in this movie because he is truly bada$$. But at least he gets his own movie. I would have rather had him in Justice League War kicking some major a$$ so he can stop being the brunt of a lot of jokes.

  15. It kind of irks me when actors from TV and such are cast for these kind of projects. In order to get a “name” the studio sacrifices skill and talent. Saying the voice acting in the clips was “not great” and “not the best” concerns me. Sure, certain stars do a great job voice acting, but there are so many amazing voice actors out there who don’t have recognizable names. I don’t know, it just makes me sad.

    • Have to agree with that because it’s tough enough to get into voice acting and get paid regularly for it without known (or semi-known in the case of Nathan Fillion…I think only Whedon geeks know who he is) taking the jobs.

      Though I hope Tara Strong reprises her role as Harley Quinn if they add her to the Animated movies. I didn’t think anyone could replace Arleen Sorkin but Tara managed to put me at ease with her talents.

  16. If Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) and Flash (Barry Allen) are in this, I’ll give it a watch.

  17. More JL, yes!

  18. Just give me a cg animated KINGDOM COME using the alex ross character models and designs and the JLA original voice actors directed by timm and ross and i will die a happy man :) !

  19. Animation looks great, but god I hate those New 52 costumes…

  20. the aquaman getting his own feature so we should accept his exclusion from jl war doesn’t fly with me. some of the other jl’ers have multiple solo projects in the coming and are not excluded. in addition shazam seems like a duplicate, whereas with characters like cyborg and aquaman there is variation in power sets.

  21. I know this has been said before, but it’s sad Aquaman is not being added. Aquaman in “The Trench”, “The Others”, and Justice League series is cool. He’s not a boy scout like Superman, not obsessed with his past like Batman, and he’s not perfect. People in the comic don’t respect him and he has done bad things. Yet, he goes past all of it to be a hero.

    I hope they put as much work in his animated movie as they have for both Batman and Superman.

    • Exactly, Its not like Shazam needs the screen time either because he was in Flashpoint and practically had a move “Return of Black Adam”

      • Aquaman’s DCAU Track Record: 3 films, only one major role as an alternate history bad guy in flashpoint. The other two gave him a screen timeof what? Like 5 minutes total if that?

        Shazam’s DCAU Track Recoord: 5 Appearances, including this one, one of which was his own short and the others he played rather major parts in from flashpoint to Public Enemies.

        Soooo….who needs more exposure?