‘Justice League: War’ Clip: Batman and Green Lantern Team Up

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It’s currently unclear just when exactly comic book fans will get to see a big screen, big budget Justice League movie, with Zack Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman film taking the first tiptoe into the waters of a shared DC cinematic universe in 2015. For those who just can’t wait, however, the heroes of the DC universe will be united in 2D as DC Entertainment’s animated feature film Justice League: War gets ready for release next month.

Based on Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s 2012 graphic novel “Justice League: Origins,” Justice League: War focuses on the New 52 origins of the Justice League and tells the story of the heroes coming together for the first time to defend Earth from an alien armada led by Darkseid. The trailer for Justice League: War debuted last fall, and another clip has now been released, showing the tumultuous first meeting between Green Lantern and Batman.

The clip seems to be the same one that was shown during the Justice League: War panel at last year’s NYCC. One of the things the things that Screen Rant took away from the footage shown was that the voice acting was not exactly great, and some of that comes across in this clip. The film’s cast is largely made up of new talent rather than DC veterans, and while Justin Kirk does a decent job as Green Lantern, Jason O’Mara’s Batman voice sounds a little off.

Green Lantern fights a parademon in Justice League War Justice League: War Clip: Batman and Green Lantern Team Up

On a more positive note, both the writing and the action seem to be pretty strong and Justice League: War should be an exciting ride for DC fans who just want to see their favorite heroes banding together. Aquaman is unfortunately not in this particular outing, but DC Entertainment’s Gary Miereanu confirmed at NYCC that Aquaman will be getting his own animated feature film in the future.

Justice League: War was directed by Jay Oliva, who previously helmed DCE animated feature Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, and other voice talents in the film include Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings) as Shazam, Michelle Monaghan (Mission: Impossible III) as Wonder Woman and Alan Tudyk (Firefly) as Superman. Tell us in the comments if the trailer and clip have managed to sell you on this movie, or whether you plan to hold out for a live action Justice League blockbuster.


Justice League: War will be available on Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and digital download on February 4, 2014

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  1. The voice acting…….not great.

    • Made me cringe

  2. I’ll probably enjoy it for the most part, but it seems like some of the voice acting is going to drive me crazy. You hit the nail on the head when you say O’Mara’s Batman sounds a bit off. Also no Martian Manhunter. Boo!

    • I made a comment on another site that the guy who did the bat-voice for Arkham Origins was pretty good, and somebody responded ‘yeah, because he was trying to sound like Kevin Conroy’. And it’s true, he is the definitive Batman.

      Surely the technology exists to just give anyone the Conroy voice (including Ben Affleck).

      • Conroy will forever be Batman for sure, but there also have been other good voices. Bruce Greenwood for example was good in Under the Red Hood and Young Justice. I was also impressed with Anthony Ruivivar in Beware the Batman.

    • Because the voice of Batman should be Superman. That’s why it’s so weird to hear it coming from him.

  3. Forget Martian Manhunter, no Aquaman??? BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yeah. When they announced that Shazam is going to be in the movie and replace Aquaman, I was disappointed. Reading the Origin storyline and when Aquaman first appeared was badass. Though I’m quite excited that their making a solo animated movie of Aquaman. It’s about time that they make something other than Batman and the Justice League.

  4. kevin conroy should always do the voice

    • I’d agree that Kevin Conroy has the best bat voice, but I think we’ve also had great performances from other actors (especially Bruce Greenwood and Peter Weller). This guy on the other hand, not going to lie, sounds pretty bad.

  5. Forget Martian Manhunter. No Aquaman? BOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

    • He is getting his own solo movie though. :)

  6. I’m trying really hard to get excited for this movie, but I just can’t. The voice acting and animation just looks REALLY mediocre for a DC universe movie (especially after Flashpoint and The Dark Knight Returns, which I thought both were fantastic).

    • Well the animation doesn’t look that bad. Beats the animation in Superman: Unbound. The voice of Batman is a bit weird. I’m ok with the voice of Green Lantern. But I’m worried with the voice of Darkseid, it’s out of place and it’s unexpected of what Darkseid would sound like.

  7. Great designs, crap voice-work.

  8. I don’t care about the voice acting in this instance, I’m just excited to see another justice league installment other than unlimited, and young justice! (They are both awesome, just rewatching and rewatching gets old you know!!! Lol)

  9. The Hal Jordon is spot on. The Batman? Not good at all. I know they can’t always get Kevin Conroy. But Bruce Greenwood was great in UNDER THE RED HOOD and YOUNG JUSTICE. And the voice actor from ARKHAM CITY: ORIGINS seem good, too.

  10. Batman sounds so wimpy , batman should always have a very strong voice !.

  11. they’re killing me with this no aquaman business….i understand he’s getting his own film but still we’re talking a core member

  12. I’ll give it a watch. Glad to see the Hal Jordan Green Lantern (my favorite) in there. Would like to see The Atom in one of these movies at some point. And how about a Justice Society movie one of these days (Doctor Fate, Hourman, Dr. Midnite, maybe the Justice Society versions of Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, etc.)?

  13. I’m disappointed there’s no Aquaman one of the best parts of the new 52 story is when Aquaman show up out of the water and Green lantern ask him what he could do in dismissive way and he has sharks jump out the water and tear some parademons to pieces. I was hoping to see that in this movie but oh well.

    I hope Martian Manhunter is at least in this. I will still watch it. Batman’s voice doesn’t seem like Batman though.I know its the new 52 version and they want to be different but at least be good and different.

  14. The GL voice doesn’t sound bad, but yeah the Batman voice just sounds…weird. Maybe I’ll get used to it, but I won’t let it bother me much because so far the rest of it looks really good.

  15. Peter Weller was monotonous pain as the voice of Batman in that terrible adaptation. This guy sounds better than many, no gravel chewing for sure. None of the clips are enough to tell though I am leaning your way on WW. Tudyk didn’t even sound like him in the five or six words uttered in the clip. GL sounds like a kid (or shudderingly like Ryan Reynolds).
    I’ll buy it, though, as this is the arena in which DC rules. Their live action films seem to miss the point, or try to be art. The CW has Arrow (which isn’t the Ollie from the comics) and soon the Flash (hopefully). But Andrea Romano has missed the mark as of late for sure.

  16. That voice acting…wow…when I first read Origins I pictured Batman sounding more like a badass and actually sounding menacing while “interrogating” that Parademon. I also don’t like how it opens with Green Lantern fighting. I liked it better when the Gotham City Police Department and SWAT team were chasing after him.

  17. They should just keep that same veteran and good voice actors for each DC animated movie. It would make the movies over all better and enjoyable but over course they do it to save money.
    They dont want to shell out the cash for good work.

  18. Its hard imagining Andy Botwin as Green Lantern but I think in Live-Action that could still honestly be a very viable option. I think he could make a great Hal Jordan, but we need to see more of Jon Stewart, not Hal. Also I agree with the above comments and SR that Batman’s voice is a little off but I don’t know yet, the animation seems nice, the new 52 design made a good transition, I just don’t think the casting was that sound. We’ll see.

  19. Why is Shazaam in this movie? Aquaman would have been a better fit , especially if this is suppose to be the first time these characters are teaming up in that canon universe. And Wonder Woman looks like a high school debutante in the first trailer.

  20. I personally think the animation look pretty good. Probably the same group that did YJ.

    I just WISH Marvel could even do this caliber of animation.

  21. Voice acting for The Batman is not at par with the standards set by Kevin Conroy. And although GLs voice is not bad I can’t help shake off Nathan Fillion’s take on the character. i remember reading the New 52 and thinking the chemistry between Batman and GL will be awesome on screen. It looks like I might be disappointed when the movie hit shelves. I’ll give it a try nonetheless…

  22. Hey, this is a must watch for me. February 4th can not get here any faster. I love the new 52 line up for DC.

  23. Batman’s voice isn’t all that bad.

  24. The actions are well.
    Though it was challenging work to make a JL origin movie without Martian Manhunter & Aquaman, it was handeled okayli .
    But the problems are clearly in vocal acting !

    First, Darkside voice wasn’t as the big monster needed !

    Second, Superman’s voice went to steve trevor ! Lol !

    Third, some comments showing arguing about batman’s voice as it was not so hard as the dark Knight needed !
    But Wonderwoman, flash & green hal’s voice were looked okay in my own opinion .