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Justice League Throne of Atlantist Aquaman Justice League: Throne of Atlantis Animated Movie Images

Comic book fans wanting to see a Justice League team-up on the big screen for the first time still have over a year to wait before the characters are even introduced in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. But while director Zack Snyder’s superhero film promises to bring Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg and maybe even Aquaman together at last, the fact is they’re already joining forces somewhere else.

One of DC’s most recent animated movies – Justice League: War – had Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Cyborg, Shazam and Wonder Woman working side-by-side to stop the Parademons and their leader Darkseid from invading Earth. A few months later, Son of Batman sort of followed up that story with Jason O’Mara reprising his role as Batman. But the movie’s real sequel, which will bring Aquaman into the fold, is scheduled to release next year.

Justice League: Throne of Atlantis will continue on where Justice League: War left off, with Atlantean villain Ocean Master declaring war on the surface after the death of his king following the alien invasion. The movie will focus on how young Arthur Curry discovers his aquatic heritage. Having been raised by his human father, when the movie begins, he won’ know that he is the heir to the throne of the watery kingdom of Atlantis.

Entertainment news site Idle Hands has posted a first look at the new DC Universe Animated movie. Just a warning, there may be SPOILERS in the stills below:


Justice League Throne of Atlantis Preview 10 570x318 Justice League: Throne of Atlantis Animated Movie Images

Justice League Throne of Atlantis Preview 01 570x306 Justice League: Throne of Atlantis Animated Movie Images

Justice League Throne of Atlantis Preview 08 570x317 Justice League: Throne of Atlantis Animated Movie Images

Justice League Throne of Atlantis Preview 06 570x317 Justice League: Throne of Atlantis Animated Movie Images

Justice League Throne of Atlantis Preview 04 570x317 Justice League: Throne of Atlantis Animated Movie Images

Justice League Throne of Atlantis Preview 07 570x306 Justice League: Throne of Atlantis Animated Movie Images

Justice League Throne of Atlantis Preview 02 570x317 Justice League: Throne of Atlantis Animated Movie Images

Justice League Throne of Atlantis Preview 03 570x305 Justice League: Throne of Atlantis Animated Movie Images

Go HERE for more images.

From the first movie, Jason O’Mara, Christopher Gorham, Shemar Moore and Sean Astin will return as Batman, The Flash, Cyborg and Shazam, respectively, while Rosario Dawson is taking over as Wonder Woman, Nathan Fillion as Green Lantern and Jerry O’Connell as Superman. Matt Lanter will star as Aquaman, and that red-haired woman in the stills above is Mera, played by Sumalee Montano.

The character of Mera often appears in various incarnations as Aquaman’s wife and the queen of Atlantis, but depending on her origin story, she actually gets her start trying to kill the Atlantean king. Usually from the penal colony Xebel, she seeks retaliation for the exile of her people before falling in love and helping Aquaman take control of his kingdom instead.

It’s unclear if the new movie will follow the same storyline. So far it seems the writers are combining a number of different sources to create Justice League: Throne of Atlantis. Regardless, if it’s anything like Justice League: War, it could still be great ride. And at the very least, it should tide fans over until Batman v Superman hits theaters.

What do you think, Screen Rant readers? Are you enjoying the new animated DC Universe? What would you like to see in Justice League: Throne of Atlantis?

Justice League: Throne of Atlantis releases on DVD in 2015.

Source: Idle Hands

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  1. wow… an animated movie focused on aqua man. unbelievable. its alway justice league, batman and superman. mind you we need to wait and see if its really aquamans movie. could turn out like flashpoint where they forgot its flash’s movie

    • It wasn’t really forgetting, it was more of a marketing tactic. The actual Justice League only showed up for a few minutes, and that was just to establish what characters were gonna be in the parallel earth Flash creates later.

    • I already love it!

  2. Well, the character designs aren’t as bad as before. They took those ugly looking yellow stripes off of Flash, Cyborg looks better without all the black and blue alien stuff on him, and it looks like everybody has a regular sized neck this time around (not pencil thin, like Flashpoint WW, and not a giant slab of beef like Superman and Aquaman had in the last animated features). The yellow-green stripes on GL still don’t look right on him.

    • I absolutely despised the braindead tool incarnation of Superman and the “Gimme a guy as strong or even stronger than me and Amazonian girlpower be damned” Wonder Woman. I’m not even sure they met the requirements of one-dimensional characters.

      What I dug about JL War, though, was the mutual dislike of GL and Bats, Shazam adulating Cyborg and Flash … being Flash, totally in awe and humbled when faced with the near-mythological items he came to revere.

      I find it to be a curious development that WB seem to be bent on developing both a cinematic and an animated continuity at roughly the same time. Will the live action adaptions take cues or downright copy what has been presented in animation shortly afterwards, or are they drastically deviating from that?

      How many reasonable approaches to introducing Aquaman (1. presenting himself to the world as a reaction to the world enging, 2. choosing sides between JL and the Atlanteans) or, let’s say, Martian Manhunter (1. having been an undercover (quite literally) detective, 2. warning Earth of impending doom in the form of either Brainiac or the White Martians) etc. … this question goes out to the die-hard comic readers who have enjoyed several retcons/reimaginings of character origins, btw.

      • *Icons, not items

      • Dang it Screen Rant, my comment is not SPAM.

        • That non-reply (which is not your fault) has piqued my curiosity. I’d like to know what you were going to write – unless, of course, it’s too educational … can’t have that.

          • I was trying to reply to your comment with my theory as to what the movies might be like, but for some reason Screen Rant’s auto-filter mistook it for spam.

      • @Morgoroth

        I agree with some of your gripes. They were very one dimensional. But the trade-off was a wonder woman with power levels I had never seen before. She delivered the most powerful and deadliest blows to Darkseid of the entire team. And Superman seemed like less of a boyscott which was fine with me. I hope the second installment will add some complexity to these characters while maintaining their new personas.

  3. This is good, I have never understood why Aquaman gets past over to the degree he does. Also the animation division at WB always turns out good quality product, unlike DC’s live action efforts, oddly, its the other way around at Marvel Studios.

    • @SimonCowell
      That’s a little unfair. I’d say that DC have produced movies that are as good as Marvels’, if not, better. Man of Steel was just a good a movie as Thor, Iron Man 3, The Winter Soldier, The Dark World, better than Iron Man 2 and Captain America. Green Lantern was a 5/10 movie, just like Captain America and Iron Man 2. The Dark Knight Trilogy surpassed anything by Marvel. The Avengers is of a slightly better quality than The Dark Knight Rises, in my opinion. But, if DC have done anything, they must’ve provided Marvel with ideas from from DC movies, since they booted comic book movies way back in the 50’s. I’d argue Arrow is a more successful at structuring a comic book adaption into a TV show than Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D is.
      Conclusively, it’s great to have the popcorn fun and adventure Marvel provides, but if I want drama and depth, I’d go to the films DC has produced. I’d say only The Winter Solider has tapped that. Marvel are yet to prove they can maintain that level of drama and heart (perhaps Guardians of the Galaxy does, not yet seen it). DC and Marvel do very different things, and both have ups and downs. However, I personally find that whilst Marvel is consistently good, they don’t hit the levels DC films do, when they get it right.

  4. Completely agree to you simon cowell :) DC get your movie s*** together , green lantern/superman was horrible only batman was good and now you assholes are rebooting the character just after 4 years of the most critically acclaimed superhero trilogy of all time.

    • If you didn’t realize that the Batman from Christopher Nolan’s universe isn’t even capable of being in a joint-DC cinematic universe, I feel sorry for you. The Dark Knight trilogy works better as a separate storyline, anyway.

    • “DC get your movie s*** together”? How can they? They aren’t the ones making or in control of the movies, it’s all on WB.

      • I agree a 1000 % with you deathstroke if DC had its own studio we would have had more movies but the fact that it is under WB is not such a great thing because they can make money with other movies and propertis not DC related

  5. Looks awesome

  6. I’m glad they’re finally making this movie but I hate that it’s a sequel to Justice League: War, which is the worst DC animated adaptation in my opinion. First, they took out Aquaman and replaced him with Shazam, and then picked the worst choices for voice actors. Now, we’re getting an Aquaman origin story that takes place during the Throne of Atlantis storyline? Justice League vol. 1 took place 5 years ago and Throne of Atlantis takes place in more recent times. How about whoever created Justice League: War, fix their mistake first and then make this movie.

    • Well it’s not entirely following the comics. I like what their doing with Aquaman. At first I hated they replaced him for Shazam, but then Geoff Johns announced there will be an Aquaman animated movie.
      Also there are new voice actors for Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern. Nathan Fillion is back as Hal Jordan!!

      • Sorry to hear that they’re swapping G/Ls. Don’t get me wrong… I enjoy the heck out of Nathan Fillion, but I really liked the voice-work that the JL:War G/L did. Just a REAL a-hole to Batman 😀 Hope the writers keep that up.

  7. Happy that they include Aquaman with sideburns. I actually like Jim Lee’s desgin of Aquaman in the New 52

    • I prefer the Peter David-era look. You know, with the long hair, full beard and harpoon arm. He looks badass.

  8. Why is it everytime I see Aquaman photo , I keep seeing Jason Momoa’s face ?

    • You’re clearly infatuated. And who could blame you? (btw: this is a straight dude responding)

  9. Looks good, hope it’s good since it’s introducing the character to the animated film world.

    Also, I noticed this on Vin Diesel’s Facebook page today:

    “I get the strange feeling that Marvel thinks I’m Inhuman… Haha.”

    That sly dog. Black Bolt is go!

  10. I’m interested, but dubious. the last few DCU movies have been terribly acted and completely lacking the soul that the games and even the TV shows had. if the voice acting and the writing is better, maybe the movie will be a successful story. The new movies are only going to be able to coast on the DCU name for so long without actually delivering some quality material.

  11. It may have already benn mentioned but wasnt aquaman the character who was with diana at the whitehouse in the last movie? Or someone related? I know it wasnt aquaman exactly but wasnt the character like a nod to him?

    • You thinking Steve Trevor. Wonder Woman’s love interest.

      • Oh sorry my bad. Yea thats the guy i was thinking of. Need to brush up on my DC history

  12. I am GROOT!

  13. I hope Supes is just passing some gum to WW in that pic. DC is missing their chance to use SM/WW as the way to show why bringing your squeeze to a, “to the death” confrontation gets everybody killed.

    • That is dumb just like sm/ww relationship

  14. I cannot wait for this!

  15. I don’t care what others say. The character designs look great to me. Way better than the Flashpoint movie.

  16. Am I he only one who liked Flashpoint Paradox and JL: War equally? I thought both were impeccable in animation and story, especially Flashpoint Paradox. It’s Aquamn/Wonder Woman story is so far from anything I could’ve imagined it totally blew me away. Just a gues, isn’t each animation team different on each movie? Why is it that some commentators on this site choose to criticize them for something they can’t help?

    DC’s animated movies are more fun and interesting than anything any movie studio can come out with and I for one await every iteration.

  17. Kinda random but while we’re on the topic of DC one actor I’d personally like to see appear in one of the films is micky roarick. I feel like he was wasted in iron man 2. He started the film off really strong and then as it went on he seemed to get less and less intriguing and his final showdown was underwhelming. I’m not sure what villain I’d like to see him play in DC but I’d definitely love to see him nonetheless. Any suggestions on who anyone thinks he might be a good fit for? Or any other actors that might make a good villain that you would like to see?

    • Depending on the movie, I’d love to see Cate Blanchett as Circe. As well as Daniel Craig as a DC villain. My personal favourite for him would be Ares/Mars for a WW film.

      As for Roark, I can imagine him as Parasite.

      • Ares and cersi would indeed be awesome villains. And Daniel definitely has that smug type of look to pull of Ares. Perhaps they could pull a page from the justice league cartoon and build a movie around the amazon island being taken over by Ares and eventually having other members of the league have to come help her, thus breaking the rules of no men and forcing her to be banished

  18. “I am your mother.”

    “Damn it, NO!!!”

  19. If Aquaman isn’t riding a seahorse I’m not watching! I’m sure it will be great if anything like JL War!

  20. Another attempt to try something different…with art, animation, characters, story, background. I say go all out teen titans on the whole group. Better yet, go teen and then apply Power Puff girls style on them. Yes!

  21. Definitely looking forward to this.

    Should be one hell of a ride.

    Enjoyed both JL:War & Flashpoint Paradox; the latter a little more than the former simply cuz the story was richer. But I liked War’s animation a littler more.

    I’m confident TOA will kill it, in & out of the water :-)

  22. I am really looking forward to the Aquaman Throne cartoon. I really wish they would use HAWKMAN again!!!! He is a very underrated character that the fans love, but never gets used anymore. Why??? Also would like to see the ATOM and the SPECTRE, two other characters that are rarely, if ever, used. Also RED TORNADO, GREEN AAROW, and, BLACK CANARY. DC, wake up, start using your other characters some more please!!

    • I agree, I would also like to add Booster Gold, Hawkgirl, Blue Beetle, Mr Terrific, Wildcat, Powergirl, Captain Atom, Firestorm, Dr Fate and Shazam to that list. I really like those characters and would like to see them in an animated series.

  23. I hope this film is hit like under the the redhood.They should make a separate universe for Aquaman and the others.

  24. Why are they not using Martian Manhunter, Shazam or Hawkman/Hawkgirl in the new Justice League series?

    • I Really think DC shhld start a whole brand new justice league so that we can see different characters in action

  25. What?! Aquaman replaces Shazam in…in JL:War! They could just add Shazam as extra-character, a popping-character seen anywhere while Aquaman do the work. It could be tidal if they just throw Shazam away.