Ryan Reynolds Has ‘Very Little Interest’ in ‘Justice League’ Return

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David Goyer Comments Green Lantern Ryan Reynolds Has Very Little Interest in Justice League Return

The outlook on a Justice League movie continues to be cloudy, but if DC Comics and Warner Bros. are going to begin development this decade, then the question of bringing back previous actors to reprise roles is the first set of decisions that must be made. Henry Cavill playing Superman post-Man of Steel (2013) seems like a no-brainer, even if Christian Bale’s return is still a total mystery.

But lest we forget the ugly stepchild in DC’s family of superhero films – Green Lantern (2011) – the fate of Hal Jordan and the emerald ring must be addressed. Re-cast the role, bring in a new Lantern, or have Ryan Reynolds return? That decision may have become a lot easier, as Reynolds makes it clear that he’s in no hurry to return to the character.

In an interview with Empire while promoting his new film The Croods (2013), Reynolds was asked if he had been contacted by Warner Bros. to talk about reprising his role as Hal Jordan in a possible Justice League team-up. Reynolds’ comments certainly make rumors of DC and WB hatching a plan in secret seem even less likely – and may be less enthusiastic than fans hope:

“Not yet. I don’t know. If you’re gonna do comic book movies in that vein, you really have to get them right. I believe that Joss Whedon is the guy that just nails it and Christopher Nolan obviously nails it. So if they were gonna do it like that, it would be an interesting thing to do. It’s just that… working on Green Lantern, I saw how difficult it is make that concept palatable, and how confused it all can be when you don’t really know exactly where you’re going with it or you don’t really know how to access that world properly – that world comic book fans have been accessing for decades and falling in love with. So at this point I have very little interest in joining that kind of world. But, you know, a great script and a good director can always turn that around.”

Green Lantern Still Reynolds and Lively Ryan Reynolds Has Very Little Interest in Justice League Return

The troubles that director Martin Campbell and the rest of the creative team behind Green Lantern had adapting the story from page to screen are no secret - evident to anyone who saw the film – so it’s been assumed that the misstep may have soured Reynolds on any potential return. And while we maintain that Green Lantern 2 could still be saved, it’s hard not to side with Reynolds’ lukewarm interest in committing to DC’s next exploration of the character. That being said, it’s not out of the question.

As the only DC hero who was forced to go it alone, without the writing talents of David S. Goyer or Christopher Nolan, GL was taking bigger risks than either Batman or Superman were saddled with (and heavily following Marvel’s formula). The results speak for themselves, and even if Nolan is clear that Man of Steel is Zack Snyder’s film, his presence can’t help but increase a film’s odds of success. So what would the rumors of Nolan executive producing Justice League do for Reynolds’ enthusiasm?

Reynolds, like most blockbuster actors when asked about superhero films, is for now taking the “show me a good script, and I’ll be interested” stance. Given the number of projects that would kill to have Reynolds in a lead role, that’s not surprising. And if every fan is completely honest, would they even want to see a Justice League movie that Reynolds deemed unworthy of a return? Keep in mind that he’s not only a comic book fan, but actually tried to make Green Lantern work. However fans feel about Reynolds’ performance, the studio needs to make up their mind soon.

Justice League Team Photo Ryan Reynolds Has Very Little Interest in Justice League Return

There’s just no way of getting around it: a Justice League movie needs a Green Lantern. Every instance of DC’s super-team has one, and if Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy and Snyder’s Man of Steel represent the formula Warner Bros. intends to follow, then a majority of the characters on screen for Justice League will need origin stories. Getting by with introducing Wonder Woman or Flash in the team-up picture can be made to work, but if the Green Lantern on screen isn’t the one fans recognize as-played-by the ‘Sexiest Man Alive,’ they are in serious trouble.

So Warner Bros. and DC need to make up their minds (if there’s any hope of a defined direction for the overall movie emerging) on the future of the Green Lantern: either introduce a new hero in a separate movie, be it John Stewart to attract younger audiences or Guy Gardner for a different tone, or get a story for Justice League in place that convinces Reynolds that the same mistake won’t be made twice. Evidence suggests his standards aren’t incredibly high, so even if Nolan isn’t attached to direct or supply the script with Goyer (why wouldn’t they?) he might come around.

It’s certainly not an ideal position to be in, but Warner Bros. got themselves into this mess by introducing one of DC Comics’ keystone heroes in an arguably flawed movie. And if they can’t find themselves out of it, then the chances of a Justice League movie anytime soon are slim, since the studio already has two cash cows franchises to call on.

supbatmanpubenr1art1 Ryan Reynolds Has Very Little Interest in Justice League Return

What do you think of Reynolds’ comments? Are you on his side, and feel that the studio needs to prove they’ve realized their mistakes before he’ll return? Or would you prefer a completely fresh start with Justice League, whatever risks that might entail? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

We’ll keep you updated on Justice League when – and if – something official is announced.


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Source: Empire

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  1. Then bring Chis Pine…

    • I think he would be better as the flash. I actually would like to see the john Stewart lantern for the JLA film.

    • That would work. Also, Reynolds is set to play Deadpool (if it ever goes to production) so I doubt he’ll play to superheroes at the same time. Or… If script is great and a big name like Nolan signes as directir. Because, obviously, even Reynolds sees how bad Green Lantern was.

      • *two and *director

    • That’s a pretty fine pick. I personally don’t like him as Flash, the perfect Flash was Reynolds but they screwed that up. Get Scott Porter for Flash (Or maybe Ben Foster).

  2. just bring in jon stewart and forget all about the first green-lantern movie.

    • Yup. Let flash be the wise cracking character.

  3. I don’t think this movie is actually getting made in the next five years. It took over a decade to go from X-men to Avengers, there is no way that DC/WB is going to pull this one out. And from the sound of it they have to go straight back to the drawing board

    • Actually Avengers started with Iron Man and Edward Nortons Hulk. Those were the first (phase one) films. If you want to throw in random movies you can say JL film has been in the works since 1989 w/ Michael Keaton’s Batman. The first X men had nothing to do with the Avengers.

  4. Nathan Fillion. Nuff said.

  5. Reynolds was wrong for the role, anyway. I’m glad he doesn’t want anything to do with JL. Recast the role and pretend that first turd of a movie never even happened. Maybe even go with the John Stewart Green Lantern to further erase the stench of the Green Lantern film.

  6. For the 3000th time, a Justice League film isn’t happening. Your welcome!!!!

    • 1) *you’re

      2) Yes, it is.

    • Wasn’t there a story online that JLA was scratched because of some superhero issues along the lines of casting or something like that? I could have sworn that I read it somewhere and there was a huge uproar about it. Could have been something else

  7. I agree chris pine is a good choice …

    • I think I am.

  8. I actually liked Reynolds as lantern but for te sale of tone of a justice league film that I think there gonna go for then I’m gonna say reboot it and recast it. They tried to make a lantern film learn from your mistakes.

  9. Yes! Now we need to kill him before he ruins deadpool.

    • Why would you want to kill someone?

      • I didnt say I need to kill him.

  10. I think that Ryan Reynolds wants to say what a lot of people think…by throwing out the reference to Whedon and Nolan he is casually saying that they took the material seriously and brought their characters into a more reasonable story.

    I remember watching Green Lantern as he was lecturing the Guardians that they should not give in to fear…Hal Jordan was maybe 35 years old…the Guardians are supposedly over 1,000,000,000 years old. To put that in perspective, they have lived at least 28,571,428.6 time as long as Hal Jordon. Is that reasonable?

    Or the fact that after having the ring on for about …a week…he was able to kill the most deadly enemy of Lanterns, who had just easily killed nine lanterns at once, and is a former Guardian at that. Is that reasonable?

    I don’t blame Reynolds one bit!

    • i find your comment reasonable

      • I concur

    • but he read the script, accepted the role, I blame him.

        • That would mean hes been directed to do subpar acting in every movie by every director and that every bad movie he been in(which is every movie hes been in, coincidence?) looked better on paper.

          • I don’t think you need to be an academy award nominee to pull of the part. Just give a decent performance that accurately reflects the reactions of someone placed in that position. I can see how Reynolds could be just following directions. There was a lot going on in the script. Not only was it his origin story but he had to fight not one but two villains AND explore a love interest. It is difficult to act well and provide sufficient time to connect with your audience on an emotional level when you are under pressure to move the story along.

  11. I agree pine for flash but how about josh durmal as Hal Jordan. I think he’d e good.
    With Liam hemsworth as aquaman. Olivia Wilde or lyndsy fonseca as Wonder Woman cavil as supes
    Ian somerholder as batman and call it a cast.

    • josh dumal would be cool.
      Wildes too skinney for wonder woman.
      Fonseca too young.

      • Not that young if you are considering the movie to be released in a couple of years, and besides young is good if you want her in a long run for WW and JL movies

        • Based on that Josh Dumal is too old for Hal.

        • shes still too young looking and tiny

  12. poor guy… he gets so much unescessary heat. he was good in the movie and i like him as an actor. he just doesnt get the roles he should… what i mean is he didnt get the proper deadpool character in x men o and he didnt get a good script for the green lantern.

    i do think he will one day get a comic movie that everyone will love and he will get a great reception… they just need to make that deadpool movie. ryan does have star power so i think the only thing keeping that down is the fact deadpool wears a mask.

    • I like Reynolds-I have since his “Two Guys a Girl and Pizza Place” days, but he was miscast as Hal Jordan. He’d be great as Deadpool or even The Flash, but he was not good as Hal.

  13. What about Jake Gylenhal(sp?) or someone similar for Kyle Rayner? His origin would probably have to be a little different, but I’ve always liked him. As far as Reynolds is concerned, I don’t care if he’s a comic book fan or not. His performance, along with most of the cast, was less than great.

  14. nathan fillion all the way. perfect hal jordan. yes he does alot voice overs for gl, but i think he kinda looks like him too. anyone else?

    • I used to be on the Nathan Filion bandwagon for Green Lantern, but in the end decided he should just do the VO work. I just find it hard to truly see him in the role, especially any crazy action sequences.

    • Too old, he could be a very good Martin Jordan though.

  15. Reynolds was fine as Hal. I would welcome him back. Only the script and story were terrible, which is actually the easiest thing to fix. I agree that even a GL 2 is salvageable with a better writing team. Mark strong was effing brilliant as Sinestro and I really want to see that storyline play out.

  16. It wasn’t his fault, the problem was the script itself. It’s not a 100% actor’s fault if a movie is bad. He can only bring what’s asked from the script and the director. Give Green Lantern another chance to prove itself. GL is in the same situation with Ang Lee’s “Hulk” and they made it work 5 years later with “The Incredible Hulk”.

  17. i dont think he was a good hal, kyle rayner gl maybe. he was a good deadpool and for that reason i dont really think he can grasp the serious emerald knight that hal really is.

    • Kyle’s my favorite Lantern…And I also think his origin wold be the most dramatically compelling (I love the whole “Last Lantern” thing). Using Kyle would also mean that Hal could be a villain in a Justice League movie. The only problem is that you need a lot of build up. You need to introduce Hal, make him a hero that the audience cares about, and then make his fall both believable and gut-wrenching – then you have to sell the audience on Kyle. It would take several intricately planned, overwhelmingly successful, well executed movies to get right. I don’t think it will happen.

  18. wouldn’t mind seeing rr back as green lantern he was pretty good

  19. Yay now we can get Deadpool! But really whether or not its Reynolds in the role, we need Hal Jordan for Justice League. I love John and Kyle, like Guy and even Baz but it needs to be Hal Jordan. Same reason it needs to be Bruce Wayne Batman and Barry Allen Flash. Hal Jordan IS Green Lantern. If they make another Justice related film, like International or something then throw a different character in.

  20. Good! And we have zero interest in RR as Green Lantern.

    So, bring on Idris Elba as JON STEWART Green Lantern.

    • Rather see RR back!

  21. I liked Reynolds as GL. I’m not gonna be upset if he doesn’t play GL in Justice League, but it would have been cool if he did it anyway.

  22. I just hope he stays away from DC. He may be a talented actor but let Marvel have him.

    • talented?

      • That is why I want Marvel to have him. (I am a DC fan) Sshh…

        • Of course he’s talented, have you not seen any of his movies or TV shows?

          I’d guess not with the unnecessary hatred you have for him.

          Next you’ll be telling me that Sir Ian McKellen is a bad actor too….

          • Van Wilder, sucked in that
            Blade Tinity, sucked in that
            Waiting.., sucked in that
            Definetly Maybe, sucked in that
            The Proposal, sucked in that
            X-Men Origins: Wolverine, sucked in that
            Buried, sucked in that
            The Change-Up, sucked in that

            Placing him next to Mckellen would insult Mckellans career, why you even bring up such a good actor while talking about ryan reynolds is insanity.

            • I totally agree please leave RR out of conversations relating good an talented actors such as sir Ian McKellen, PS Hoffman, Chritian Bale, Fassbender, Nicolas Cage or Pattrick Stewart.

            • a really stupid comment,those movies bad because of their script,not because reynold’s acting

  23. Of course he said that. He probably thinks he won’t be asked so he doesn’t want to look like a dbag if they recast Hus part and there’s a quote saying “yes I want to play that part again”. He said if the script is right. That means yes he wants to do it.

  24. Figured this would happen. For some reason, I don’t think anyone cares if he comes back as Hal Jordan or not. I’m just waiting for him to stop the bs about Deadpool being sent into production. It’s not coming anytime soon

  25. I think it could go either way. I would preferably like to see the John Stewart character in a ‘Justice League’ but wonder if the first League movie couldn’t bow Reynolds out? I know that seems radical but why not get some serious tone into it? I suspect though that WB won’t put a ‘Justice League’ film out for at least another cycle of movies. Just my opinion based on what’s happened so far…

  26. Overall feeling: over-reaction. If Ryan Reynolds won’t reprise his role, it’s not the end of the world. In fact, I see this as a huge opportunity to just reboot that crap movie, and create a Green Lantern the fans deserve.

  27. “if there’s any hope of a defined direction for the overall movie emerging….”

    That quote says it all. This is just ANOTHER blow to any hope we have of get any kind of JL movie in our life time.

    WB really doesn’t have a clue do they? Now even the actors are getting iffy on wanting to reprise their rolls. I like DC, but WB is nothing more than a rudderless ship with no clue about what they are doing.

    In order of ACTUALLY happening:

    1. Cubs win the World Series
    2. The Detroit Lions win a SuperBowl
    3. Cubs repeat as World series champs.
    4. Lions win repeat as Super Bowl champs
    5. Crappy Justice League movie.

    WB may make other good movies, but when it comes to their DC properties, they have no clue. I just wish DC would start their own studio like Marvel, then we would finally get decent quality CBM with DC characters.

    • I’m nor so sure that’s true. They don’t have to respond to the market the way people imagine they should. They can respond to the market in other ways and still make plenty of money and that’s probably going to be proven with ‘Man of Steel.’