Ryan Reynolds Has ‘Very Little Interest’ in ‘Justice League’ Return

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David Goyer Comments Green Lantern Ryan Reynolds Has Very Little Interest in Justice League Return

The outlook on a Justice League movie continues to be cloudy, but if DC Comics and Warner Bros. are going to begin development this decade, then the question of bringing back previous actors to reprise roles is the first set of decisions that must be made. Henry Cavill playing Superman post-Man of Steel (2013) seems like a no-brainer, even if Christian Bale’s return is still a total mystery.

But lest we forget the ugly stepchild in DC’s family of superhero films – Green Lantern (2011) – the fate of Hal Jordan and the emerald ring must be addressed. Re-cast the role, bring in a new Lantern, or have Ryan Reynolds return? That decision may have become a lot easier, as Reynolds makes it clear that he’s in no hurry to return to the character.

In an interview with Empire while promoting his new film The Croods (2013), Reynolds was asked if he had been contacted by Warner Bros. to talk about reprising his role as Hal Jordan in a possible Justice League team-up. Reynolds’ comments certainly make rumors of DC and WB hatching a plan in secret seem even less likely – and may be less enthusiastic than fans hope:

“Not yet. I don’t know. If you’re gonna do comic book movies in that vein, you really have to get them right. I believe that Joss Whedon is the guy that just nails it and Christopher Nolan obviously nails it. So if they were gonna do it like that, it would be an interesting thing to do. It’s just that… working on Green Lantern, I saw how difficult it is make that concept palatable, and how confused it all can be when you don’t really know exactly where you’re going with it or you don’t really know how to access that world properly – that world comic book fans have been accessing for decades and falling in love with. So at this point I have very little interest in joining that kind of world. But, you know, a great script and a good director can always turn that around.”

Green Lantern Still Reynolds and Lively Ryan Reynolds Has Very Little Interest in Justice League Return

The troubles that director Martin Campbell and the rest of the creative team behind Green Lantern had adapting the story from page to screen are no secret – evident to anyone who saw the film – so it’s been assumed that the misstep may have soured Reynolds on any potential return. And while we maintain that Green Lantern 2 could still be saved, it’s hard not to side with Reynolds’ lukewarm interest in committing to DC’s next exploration of the character. That being said, it’s not out of the question.

As the only DC hero who was forced to go it alone, without the writing talents of David S. Goyer or Christopher Nolan, GL was taking bigger risks than either Batman or Superman were saddled with (and heavily following Marvel’s formula). The results speak for themselves, and even if Nolan is clear that Man of Steel is Zack Snyder’s film, his presence can’t help but increase a film’s odds of success. So what would the rumors of Nolan executive producing Justice League do for Reynolds’ enthusiasm?

Reynolds, like most blockbuster actors when asked about superhero films, is for now taking the “show me a good script, and I’ll be interested” stance. Given the number of projects that would kill to have Reynolds in a lead role, that’s not surprising. And if every fan is completely honest, would they even want to see a Justice League movie that Reynolds deemed unworthy of a return? Keep in mind that he’s not only a comic book fan, but actually tried to make Green Lantern work. However fans feel about Reynolds’ performance, the studio needs to make up their mind soon.

Justice League Team Photo Ryan Reynolds Has Very Little Interest in Justice League Return

There’s just no way of getting around it: a Justice League movie needs a Green Lantern. Every instance of DC’s super-team has one, and if Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy and Snyder’s Man of Steel represent the formula Warner Bros. intends to follow, then a majority of the characters on screen for Justice League will need origin stories. Getting by with introducing Wonder Woman or Flash in the team-up picture can be made to work, but if the Green Lantern on screen isn’t the one fans recognize as-played-by the ‘Sexiest Man Alive,’ they are in serious trouble.

So Warner Bros. and DC need to make up their minds (if there’s any hope of a defined direction for the overall movie emerging) on the future of the Green Lantern: either introduce a new hero in a separate movie, be it John Stewart to attract younger audiences or Guy Gardner for a different tone, or get a story for Justice League in place that convinces Reynolds that the same mistake won’t be made twice. Evidence suggests his standards aren’t incredibly high, so even if Nolan isn’t attached to direct or supply the script with Goyer (why wouldn’t they?) he might come around.

It’s certainly not an ideal position to be in, but Warner Bros. got themselves into this mess by introducing one of DC Comics’ keystone heroes in an arguably flawed movie. And if they can’t find themselves out of it, then the chances of a Justice League movie anytime soon are slim, since the studio already has two cash cows franchises to call on.

supbatmanpubenr1art1 Ryan Reynolds Has Very Little Interest in Justice League Return

What do you think of Reynolds’ comments? Are you on his side, and feel that the studio needs to prove they’ve realized their mistakes before he’ll return? Or would you prefer a completely fresh start with Justice League, whatever risks that might entail? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

We’ll keep you updated on Justice League when – and if – something official is announced.

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Source: Empire

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  1. Hate to break to you guys, but *if* the JL movie makes it to the big screen, it’s gonna blow chunks …

    • Doesn’t matter if it will blow chunks or not. Think about it: you have Superman and Batman in the same movie. The most popular superheroes, or what I think to be the Big 3 of comics, are Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man.

      Avengers has already crippled themselves without Spider-Man (and I know rights are involved, but people are begging for it to happen), at least Warner Bros. has the power to add 2 of the Big 3 onto the same screen together.

      Not to mention, and this is JUST OPINION, I’m not fond of The Avengers after watching it a second time. I find more cringe-worthy moments in it than most movies I’ve seen recently. It’s not bad, far from it in comparison to others. But it could’ve and should’ve been much better

      • Avengers crippled itself without Spider-Man? That’s absurd.

        • Yeah sorry, I agree with your idea of “the big three,” but Spider-Man was hardly necessary to make the Avengers a success. Futhermore Spider-Man has always been a solo character, only eventually joining the Avengers magazine sometime after 2000 as a money grab.

        • Keep in mind this is all opinion. The entire film felt insanely cheesy, I can’t watch it a second time without groaning constantly. That’s just me, I do not favor Marvel or DC above one another, but I felt it lacked someone along the lines of Spider-Man.

          I was already furious they made Captain America pretty much worthless (leader of The Avengers treated as a side character), Bruce Banner flicks on an internal light switch to become the Hulk (its no longer painful or suspenseful, he just grows whenever he feels like it), etc.

          I’m not nitpicking EVERYTHING, but I hate when so many things I don’t go looking for bug me.

          • I can understand your nitpicks but I feel you’re pinpointing blame on the wrong area. The movie’s problem is not the lack of Spider-Man but rather they come from the writing and director.

            Originally the movie was meant to be from Captain America’s perspective but his scenes were cut out (you can see this in the deleted scenes on the Blu-Ray).

            Bruce Banner was actually able to fully control the Hulk the whole time, but the movie figured the audience would be smart enough to figure this one out since he only uncontrollably Hulked out because of Loki’s staff (although Marvel Comics fans will instantly notice what the staff really was and figure it out near immediately).

            And onto the inclusion of Spider-Man: he’s unnecessary as there are PLENTY of characters like him in the Marvel Universe that are even arguably better, the only difference is that Spider-Man is already established for the movie audience. There is one character in the Avengers that could’ve really stolen Spider-Man’s role: Hawkeye. He’s just as witty, overconfident and funny but he ended up being really badly mischaracterised from his 616 counterpart.

      • I see what your saying. But I would rather see a Fantastic Four along side the Avengers against Thanos.

        Would love to see a Spiderman\Daredevil\Punisher movie also

      • No, you are not a Marvel fan if you didn’t like it after the second time. Spider-man was not an Avenger until recently. Read up your history!

      • What we have here is a fanboy. You could have a buncha street crackheads wear superhero outfits and they’d argue the movie was awesome.

    • Hate to break it to you
      secretmantra marvel fan boy but you will be proven WRONG !!!

  2. Henry Cavill – Superman (29yrs, 6’1″)
    Scott Adkins – Batman (36yrs, 5’11”)*
    Chris Pine – Green Lantern-Hal (32yrs, 6’1″)
    Scott Porter – Flash-Barry (33yrs, 6′)
    Ben Foster – Aquaman (32yrs, 5’9″)

    *I know, I know, maybe we need a better actor but it is very hard to find someone that could be Bruce Wayne (Wes Bentley, Jake Gyllenhaal, Matt Boomer) and Batman (Joe Manganiello) at the same time (and that its age proper). The perfect choice would be Fassbender but that is not going to happen. The second would be Bale but too risky with the plot of TDKR. JGL is definitely a bad choice.

    ** This is a complete puzzle for me. I do not like GC as WW, don’t have a real reason besides that I think that she doesn’t look the part. Yes GC can pull the action parts herself but there’s stunts and many other tricks that are used with the other superheros to make that work for another girl more fit to play Diana. The height is a problem but it is not only for GC, most of the good picks are not above 5’9″. My personal favorites would be J.Alexander, T.Cole or Odette Yutsman they look more according to the Diana I imagine but they would require some gym work, its a shame that Alexander is not interest on the role (maybe the proposals that they had made her had been bad).

    • You have pretty interesting ideas. I like Porter for Flash definitely, Foster is not as tall and I had thought previously on Liam Hemsworth but he is way too tall, still this is Aquaman so…Meh he doesn’t need to be that tall as Sups.

      You can put Jacqueline MacInnes Wood on the Mix of not enough tall Dianas look-alikes.

    • chis pine is flash

    • Who on earth is GC? Seriously, I can’t think of any actress that is known only as GC. If I started referring to Matt Damon as MD out of the blue, would people understand?

      • Gina carano

    • @Beto: I like your ideas thus far, I would sub out Aquaman for either Martian Manhunter or Hawkgirl. Aquaman is truly a waste. A cameo might be fine but nooooooo to Aquaman. And yes I know he was one of the originals but he really doesn’t work well with land or space focused stories.

      • Aquaman rules, better than flash or green lantern.

  3. Personally I think Ryan Reynolds has the capability of playing a good Hal Jordan. I also think one can actually see the order of which the Green Lantern film was made as there are scenes in which Ryan is giving himself entirely into the role (the beginning of production) and then there is a decline of enthusiasm and effort as production progressed and he became better aware of the quality the film will end up being.

    Ryan Reynolds can act serious and heroic, yet still have that swagger charm that is needed for Hal Jordan. The only issue is the actual film itself and the canon state of that film. I believe Ryan Reynolds and Mark Strong (Sinestro) should return to a much more relatable, serious take on the mythology. The film can be a new adventure/story in which the origins are told non-linearly within the story (dialogue, flashbacks, visions, etc) that replace what occurred in the first film. The origin sub-plot/back story pushes forward the new story.

    Think of Incredible Hulk in which the back story is told through the credits and dialogue- which replaces the events prior to the film- yet it pushes the current storyline further along- a storyline that is fresh and different yet sort of starts from where the last one ended but not really.

    I think another example could be G.I. Joe Retaliation in which the film functions as half-sequel/half-reboot with a great distinct tone and direction which continues the story but rebuilds itself.

    • I say have thw justice league movie be told from hal jordans perspective he should be responsible for the IDEA of the JL as he would have better understandings of the diffrent worlds (I.E,Krypton, the Amazon, martian manhunter) as well as earthly heroes such as Flash & Batman

  4. And honestly too Batman is also in a weird state. I think the new film or adaptation of the character should take cue from the comics. Have Batman Begins and perhaps The Dark Knight still take place (even if minimally) while going an alternate direction from the third.

    I say this for a variety reasons: DC has put themselves in quite a situation. Green Lantern as stated can be save in a half-sequel but mostly reboot film that while ground the story into an essence and provide a tone that is more relatable and serious maybe. Batman has just finished a trilogy of overall well accepted, successful films. Where do you go from there?

    Reboot (which is the more likely) will have to rebuild that connection and may have to repeat origins and forsake casting, etc. Continuing the series after The Dark Knight Rises will create a convoluted continuation to a story that, for better or worst, ended. My third options is similar to the resolution I proposed for Green Lantern: rebuild the character and the mythology, changing/adapting what is necessary, while not entirely alienating fans and forsaking the good parts.

    DC needs recognition of their heroes and benefit if they did not have to sell newer versions of the character. Use Batman Begins as the template of the origin a la Batman: Year One, which establishes the tone of a grounded Batman yet hint at a larger body of work. The Dark Knight can be used to round off the first year of Batman in Gotham in which escalation is seen and felt and things “will never go back” for the caped crusader. Plus, the ending and its implication are ripe for different interpretations including an already tension between an alleged killing vigilante and the more honorable heroes that do not entirely trust him.

    The Dark Knight Rises should be treated as the ending of a particular take on the story but should not be the ends all be all ending of the character. The film’s story leaves little room for a good continuation and a reboot will just ignore this film either way. Plus some audience and critics feel the story was not on par as the first. The Dark Knight Returns is widely regarded as a great story but is not even in canon.

    James Bond continually always rebuild itself over the years, especially with the grounded Daniel Craig reboot Casino Royale. Certain stories are alluded to and developed but not necessarily as a direct continuation. One can either love them all, or choose those they enjoy while not as much others. Skyfall was able to be a spiritual successor of Casino Royale despite being distinct in story from either Casino Royale or Quantum of Solace. Skyfall continues further what Casino Royale achieved with the character and the mythology while paying implementing certain attributes and homages of the legacy of Bond.

    An alternative sequel to the Dark Knight that continues the tale yet implement the more “grounded fantasy” of its kin, functioning as both a loose continuation/reboot (Skyfall, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Incredible Hulk, Fast Five, X:Men: First Class) that allow for the return of cast members (imagine Liam Neeson as a truly immortal Ra’s Al Ghul, or a return of Anne Hathaway’s Selina Kyle) without baggage of all limitation of previous series, popular recognition and build up, yet a new distinct direction.

    This is my idea for both Batman and Green Lantern.

  5. Ryan would make a great Flash – he was miscast as Hal. Green Lantern should be there in -Justice League -it be interesting to see John Stewart in GL ii – someone like the Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would do the Marine GL justice and free Ryan to blitz The Flash. Dream team really.

  6. I was hoping Reynolds might come back as Hal. I just don’t think that interests him now,. I say bring in the John Stewart GL for the Justice League movie.

    • The Rapper/Actor Common was initially cast as john stewart in a diffrent JL movie. I think he was perfecrly cast ….i mean just his look alone fits the character

  7. Oh Ryan–what are you saying?! Is no one but me interested in making Green Lantern 2 or having RR in the JLA movie?! The heck with it…I’ll do it and play the part. And darned good at it I would be, too!!!

  8. I really would like to see Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern again…the movie was not that bad for a first attempt (sure, script was not much, humor needed to be scrapped along with bedroom scene), and such potential Warner Bros. and DC are throwing away by not doing Green Lantern 2…they are tossing out a huge franchise! Bring back Reynolds for GL #2, as well as JLA. Even if the role of GL is recast, the character MUST-MUST-MUST!!!! be Hal Jordan. The other GL characters are a bunch of “also-rans” and third-rate characters. Stick with what and who made Green Lantern famous! Also, he is arguably tied with Superman for the most powerful JLA member…don’t forget that!
    And just for the record, The Flash HAS to be Barry Allen!!

  9. This leads me to believe one of two things

    A. Warner Bros is a chronic procrastinating high school child not doing its home work on time. Because even HAL FREAKING JORDAN doesn’t know whether he’ll be in a JLA movie. If they don’t have casting done. Have they done anything that would lead us to believe a JLA movie can make a 2017 release date? Iron Man was released in 08 and we had Avengers in ’12. So they must have had solid casting down by 05 or 06.

    B. he gave the Internet the world’s biggest head fake and knows whether he’s involved or not but has been sworn to secrecy.

    I still hold out hope because as much as we hate WB they do a good job picking the right third parties and writing checks to them to handle there franchises for them for example Syncopy and Chris Nolan, Rocksteady Games, Netherworld’s game looks promising, WB animation is usually phenomenal. All WB has to do is contract out the right third party and take there hands off the wheel….

    • Or warner bros is a girl and dumped hi ass and lookin for someone better.

  10. Why not just start the whole thing off after the MOS with worlds finest with batman played by armmie hammer its that simple

  11. It wasn’t a totally terrible movie. the story plot lines were mostly to blame. it was too big for an origin story. if they had planned out a 3 movie arc with the same story in manageable chunks where the first could stand alone the story could have been a little more down to earth.

    I think that the biggest problem is that it seemed that Hal didn’t want to be a superhero and was basically forced into it because of the circumstances. it felt like if he were given the choice he would have said no thanks, try someone else.

    I know a lot of superheroes don’t have a choice because either they are super powered alien or their DNA is changed and they have the abilities whether they want them or not, but Hal had the choice. in fact at one point I figured that the Corps would have taken the ring back and stripped him of being a GL as he came back to earth moping.

    I really don’t think that DC knows what to do with their heroes. even though the Nolan Batman’s were 10 times better than Tim Burtons, the ending of 2 and the entirety of 3 were uneven at best.

  12. Movie fan here, don’t know too much about comics. So tell me guys, how can a Justice League movie actually really work, what I mean is, why on earth would Superman (who’s basically a near all powerful god) ever feel the need to team up with say. The flash, a guy who can simply run fast???

    One of the main problems with bringing Superman to the big screen down the years was the fact that a big enough or evenly matched villain or opponent could never present a big enough challenge for the all too powerful Man of Steel. Superman has the power of basically every other super hero combined so I can’t see any possible situation were it would make sense for him to team up with a rich guy who dresses as a bat and has a fancy utility belt.

    I’m sure it works in the comics but I can’t see it happenin or makin sense in a realistic style Nolan movie world. And this is before you bring the likes of Green Lantern into the mix. This guy flys through-out the Universe protecting planets and can basically generate up ANYTHING from his imagination, why would he join a team consisting of Wonder Woman and Aquaman?

    • And yes I know people will point to The Avengers and say, well they had an actual God in their gang and he teamed up and worked alongside Scarlet Johansson and a guy who just had a bow n arrow. However, Thor in the movie basically just has extra strength and a powerful hammer. Anyway, the Marvel on screen universe doesn’t take itself too seriously, its not set in a realistic style world so it can get away with over the top comic book themes and plots.

      • You make a very good point. I hope the writers of these WB movies realize in order to make these Nolanized versions work on film they will definitely have to tone down Supermans powers from the comic book and tweek the other members powers to balance out.

    • If they’re fighting an out of world foe with an army like Mongol or Darkseid or even Sinestro, hell even Ares or Circe would work, then it’s not too far fetched. The real problem they’ll have is having Batman if WB use Nolan’s Batman. Batman’s suppose to be the greatest detective and strategist, that’s why he’s fighting next to Superman and Wonder Woman. As much as I love Nolan and Bale’s Batman, he wasn’t those things.

      Oh and Flash can create tornadoes and go through walls.

  13. I still remember Comic Con and how the WB booth treated the fans like garbage. They wouldn’t let anyone near Abin Sur body on display. Crammed all the fans like sardines along the outside leaving it empty in the center. WB has no regard for the fans, neither did the filmmakers for Green Lantern. I voted with my ticket purchasing power by NOT seeing it. The movie was a well deserved flop. It ruined their momentum for their JL film. Good! F’ WB for how they treated us at Comic Con.

    • Yes, yesssss my Son. *rubs hands* Marvel would never do these things. now join us. *Muahahahahaha

  14. you seem to have gotten John Stewart and Guy Gardner mixed up.

  15. I really didn’t like green lantern at all so take no offense for those who are fans of the character and actually liked the movie but if Reynolds doesnt come back or a sequel is not made or heis to in the justice league I will be quietly pleased.

  16. Barry M, that has always been my concern with a JL movie. The disparity of strength. I agree with your allusion to Avengers having similar paradoxes, however as much as the movie, like you said, doesn’t take itself too seriously, Black Widow and Hawkeye were introduced as Shield agents (spies) and not exactly superheroes equipped for that kind of situation.

    If JL movie is to happen, my concern is that Batman -being an iconic hero- will not be seen to take a lesser (and more logical) role in the scheme of things being the only ordinary human in the team against a major villain. He will be pushed to the forefront of battle as if he was at par with the rest. Acceptable in cartoons but a bit dubious in real life movies unless they do not take themselves to seriously as well. Hence, Chris Nolan’s wish not to have TDKR involved

    • Claude
      Good answer, thanks for the reply. I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see. We’ll know more were the JL movie stands once we all see Man of Steel in a couple of months time.

    • @ Claude

      I agree about what you said about Batman in live-action Justice League film in a gritty realistic way as Nolan’s take. I don’t see how they could make Batman work right outside the comics,animated shows & movies because he faced freaks,monsters, & aliens even. Even in a reboot, how we expect him to take on the likes of Killer Croc or Clayface? They’re differently not up Nolan’s take on things. Nolan mentioned Penguin was hard to do. All he is little deformed with a nose, big deal. Burton took up a notch & i liked his take on the character more, appearance wise. As did the creators from Batman:TAS. Anyways i agree with your statement & sorry for rabbling on.

  17. I almost don’t wanna bother reading any news regarding Justice League film because it seem WB/DC still don’t seem to have a plan for a film. Frankly I don’t see Nolan pulling a film for every DC character in a shared universe, even with Snyder or Goyer himself. WB needs to learn theres others directors besides Nolan,Snyder to direct movies in the shared universe,even be consultants such Bruce Timm,Paul Dini,Co from Batman:TAS-JLU since they know the characters & done great work on those shows with great stories,etc. Guess We’re be stuck with Batman/Superman films little longer.

  18. I think WB would like to make everyone believe they have a plan, since they are desperate to have an “Avengers” style success. This is why the JLA movie was green lit so soon after the Avengers came out. The truth is though, they have their head up their butt. WB is not Marvel. Marvel has to make one thing, Marvel movies. Disney has given them enough room to do it, and it has payed off dividends. No such organization exists over at the WB. There is no Kevin Feige over at WB, just a lot of cooks in the kitchen all trying to make it happen. WB wants to succeed they need to do what Disney has done, give the entire property to one person, and then get out of the way.

    • Time-Warner has owned these properties for almost 25 years now, if they were going to do something it would have been done by now. They just did not want to be the ones to try and fail and now anything they do is going to look they are playing catch-up. Aside from Batman and Superman I doubt they will ever be willing to gamble big like they did on Green Lantern again.

      And the one weakness that can be seen that Marvel has right now is still a plus in a way. With other studios producing and either making money or losing it with Marvel properties there will always be a greater volume of Marvel based movies out at this point.

  19. I found the headline for the article and taken a bit out of context to generate interest (which it typical).

    It’s not that he has little interest in the role…..he has little interest in returning to play a character in a movie where the producers/directors/writers KNOW what the hell they are doing.

    Can’t blame him for not wanting to star in another lackluster movie. DC/WB just need to find a good and credible director to make JL and then they need to keep their grubby mitts OUT of the process.

    • Wow, I really want an edit button……this is how the above should really read:

      I found the headline for the article taken a bit out of context to generate interest (which is typical).

      It’s not that he has little interest in the role…..he has little interest in returning to play a character where the producers/directors/writers don’t KNOW what the hell they are doing.

      Can’t blame him for not wanting to star in another lackluster movie. DC/WB just need to find a good and credible director to make JL and then need to keep their grubby mitts OUT of the process.

  20. Here’s what I say. Who gives a rip what RR wants or says. RR was only part of t
    he problem with GL The bigger issue was the crappy story. WB can reboot GL in his own movie or a JL movie. They need a good story/script, good filmmakers/director,producer, and good actors. That’s all. And on the subject of good directors, besides Nolan and Whedon didn’t Sam Raimi, Jon Favreau, Joe Johnston, and Louis Letterrier all make good/great comic book movies?

  21. I’d rather see Reynolds in a Deadpool movie anyway