WB Head Teases ‘Justice League’ Release Date; More DC News Soon

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justice league movie release date1 WB Head Teases Justice League Release Date; More DC News Soon

We (and many others) expected Warner Bros. to make a big announcement concerning its DC Cinematic Universe at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con. The studio surprised us, however, by instead waiting until this week to set release dates for nine future DC movies, in addition to the currently-filming Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (now slated to arrive in March 2016). We’ll learn more about what lies ahead in the DC-verse soon, according to Dan Fellman, WB’s president of domestic distribution.

Director Zack Snyder, whose Superman movie reboot Man of Steel marks the beginning of the DC Shared Universe, is set to serve as the helmsman on both Batman V Superman and Justice League thereafter. The longtime rumor has been that the latter will be arriving in 2017, though WB’s newly-unveiled DC release schedule also includes an unclaimed August 2016 date. In theory, that launch pad could go to either Justice League or some other team-up film involving classic JL characters (like the rumored Green Lantern/Flash movie).

Fellman, during a talk with EW about the DC movie release slate, indicated that moviegoers won’t have to endure the typical two to three year wait between Batman V Superman and its sequel (either Justice League or a related project) – having told EW that although the latter movie (whatever it is) hasn’t been officially announced yet, “I think it’s a pretty good bet.”

Shazam Movie Actor Dwayne Johnson Confirmed WB Head Teases Justice League Release Date; More DC News Soon

Another strong possibility for the second DC movie in 2016 is the Shazam film – a project that Dwayne Johnson hasn’t been so much teasing as he’s been all-but promising of late (READ: 5 Reasons Why Shazam Could Be DC’s Next Big Superhero Movie). Many of our readers have pointed out in recent days that the box office success of Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy has, if nothing else, proven one thing: a relatively obscure superhero/comic book movie adaptation can become a hit with the right mix of talent and brand marketing. And a superhero movie featuring The Rock already reads as a bankable prospect.

Dwayne Johnson’s comic book project and Justice League are the most likely DC films to follow right after Batman V Superman, which means that one of them (if not both) ought to be starting production well within the first half of 2015. Thus, an official green light, along with casting news and other crew member hiring announcements (director, writer, etc.), will be coming sooner than later.

Batman V Superman and Wonder Woman Banner 570x273 WB Head Teases Justice League Release Date; More DC News Soon

Future members of the Justice League (CLICK image to enlarge)

There are other DC projects that are actively developing – including The Sandman comic book film adaptation that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is overseeing – that could likewise be officially announced by WB in the near future. Fellman told EW that there will be announcements for some (not all, obviously) of the untitled DC movies with release dates, later this month.

Right now, the most likely scenario is that Shazam will take the August 5th, 2016 release date, with Justice League arriving on June 23rd, 2017. That would mean that Snyder’s big DC superhero teamup blockbuster wound up happening four years after the director’s Man of Steel premiered in theaters. That, as it were, was also the amount of time that passed between the beginning of Marvel Studios’ Shared Universe (with Iron Man in 2008) and its first Avengers teamup movie (in 2012).

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice arrives on March 25th, 2016. We’ll let you know when other upcoming DC movies have been announced for the release dates reserved by WB.

Source: EW

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  1. I just want a Shazam movie. I want all of the others too, but I always thought the story of Shazam was unique. I don’t think the film would be as “campy” as everyone says it will be. I mean Black Adam (Shazam’s villain) killed almost the entire world in the WW3 comics. I can see why people would think it could be more kid oriented but I view it as a movie that pretty much anyone can enjoy. Like Star Wars in terms of universal and age demographics, there isn’t just one particular stereotype their going after like with Guardians of the Galaxy or Batman vs Superman.

    • I think you’re right. And I want a Shazam movie too, not only cuz he’s a damn unique superhero but because his story is so incredibly cool that it awes me how many ppl seem turned off by him.

      Yet, I get it. So far, the character has been treated for kids only, for the most part. And it’s a good example of how a specific treatment of a character can come to define him in ways that are vastly inappropriate. Don’t get me wrong, there have been some wonderful interpretations, notably the Jerry Ordway-led Shazam run back in the mid-90’s.
      My favorite is the most recent; the Shazam origin story at the back of Justice League a few years back. It was a departure as Billy Batson is very different. He isn’t the sweet orphan kid many have know through incarnations of past stories. Instead he’s a hard***s kid who doesn’t suffer fools gladly, shuns genuine human contact, although once he does have some halfway connection he will defend them at any cost & with an impressive will & even more impressive array of tools at his disposal. As well, the tone used for the story is not so much more mature so much as it is more honest, character-wise. And it doesn’t shy away from the eerie supernatural aspect of the story, which works great.

      My favorite aspect of Shazam is the magical, mystical nature of the story & the world it opens up & explores. Shazam works best when the story embraces that nature & has fun with it rather than ignore it. If the last half century of superhero movies has taught us is that a character is as flexible, rich, dynamic & compelling as the story & direction allow it to be.

      With Shazam as your starting point you have an orphan kid surviving like a superhero on the streets (without powers…), & somehow someway the kid (Billy Batson) arrives at some dead-end subway station/stop. Following cryptic signs, he’s transported to some mysterious, secret, magical cave in the middle of a subway ride, where he is met by a very strange, kinda scary white wizard with a long beard. Long mystical story short, The Wizard chooses him as his Champion. And this is where it gets as insane as it is incredibly cool. Many have talked about the Wish Fulfillment of Shazam. And they’re right. The only simile in fiction for this is “Aladdin”, but instead of a Magic Lantern you get a Magic Word that turns you into Superman. Not bad, not bad at all. There is equal opportunity for everything from a kids’ show to a Supernatural superhero action drama with a bit of horror on the side (especially if you have Black Adam).

      As Shazam, our hero can have the consciousness of the kid, or the polar opposite & he’s The Champion with the wisdom of Solomon; he knows he’s Batson but it’s like waking up from a dream, for both Shazam & Billy Batson. I like the idea that Gary Frank had, though I would have Shazam be like the equivalent of Billy as a 25 year old; he’s older, more mature yet wrestles both with his inner-demons along with the demonic-like threats he must face out in the world.

      As always, it’s in The Treatment. Shazam has truly magical potential & I for one absolutely believe that his world can be folded into the DC Shared Universe that WB/DC & Snyder are building. A world doesn’t work because all of its elements are more or less the same; it works precisely because its elements are different & varied. If you embrace that, your world will benefit from all the contrast created by how different the characters, settings & elements are from each other. Treat all of the differing elements with love & respect, & the world they inhabit will come together, often in surprising ways.

      If you remain unconvinced, read Miracleman & see what I’m talking about; the story is almost identical but its specific treatment is what makes it a brilliant classic. That Moore’s & Gaiman’s “Miracleman” comes from Mitch Anglo’s very early work (which was essentially the British Shazam; Anglo’s superhero was originally called “Marvelman” lol…) is the perfect example of how a character & his world can be completely reinvented & also retain everything that makes him/her special.
      One last word, then: Kimota!

  2. I am pretty excited for the DC Cinematic Universe. I do love marvel but the thing I like about DC is it is always darker. The Dark Knight Trilogy in my opinion beats the ENTIRE marvel cinematic universe.

    • Totally agree

    • Agreed… I do like the darker tone, even though the Dark Knight was actually appropriate for teens or pre-teens I enjoyed the aura it gave off. Even though the joker isn’t shown cutting peoples throats or blowing peoples heads off I liked that you still got the feeling that he did all of those horrible things. Plus it made Batman that much better.

    • While I have liked all of the Marvel movies thus far I never really FELT anything. I was never moved on an emotional level. The closest was in Cap 2. Probably my favorite of the Marvel slate. But the Dark Knight trilogy to me felt like actual movies with real characters. I was personally invested in their journeys. I’m getting the same vibe from the tone of the DCCU. It will be emotionally epic on the same scale as the action will be epic.

      • Actual movies? As opposed to what? 😉

    • Nope. Perhaps the dark knight, but nothing else.

      • The dark knight is better than all of Marvel’s movies, but everything else falls shot of Marvel’s best such as iron man 1, the avengers, captain america 2, iron man 3 and guardians of the galaxy.

    • I personally think the dark Knight trilogy sucked. But that’s just my opinion, I guess.

      • Each Nolan’s Batman films rating is over 8. BB 8.3. TDK 9. TDKR 8.6. Last two films cross billion. With out 3D. With out any team-up films influence. Second film consider best superhero film in superhero genre. Beyond the genre it is considered one of the great film ever made in cinema.

        If you think this trilogy suck,then it proves that your film sense is weak,in your language your film sense suck!

    • Exactly. Are you Austin Evans?

  3. Nice :)

  4. Still wouldn’t mind a plastic man film.

    • Make the costume modern but add the retro colors and then I’m in.

  5. it would be an … INJUSTICE… if the rock doesn’t play black adam

    • +1

  6. Of all the characters–both prominent and obscure–that I’ve been waiting eagerly to see, Shazam is not one of them.

  7. I’m not feeling a Shazaam movie. His powers are too aligned with Superman’s abilities. Now of they make his character seperate from the MOS DC Cinematic Universe, then maybe I can get onboard. His film should be kid friendly. Sort of like the Space Comedy recently released by Marvel :-)

    • Ummmm. No!!!!

    • Superman doesn’t use magic like Shazam.

  8. I so hope some of the DC movies include a Teen Titans and Outsiders movies. I think even a Static Shock or Black Lightning movie would work. A Hawkman/Adam Strange movie would be another great one. Booster Gold/Blue Beetle team up film. The Doom Patrol and even a New Genesis vs Apocolips movie would be awesome. Even a Green Lantern Corps movie with the Saint Walker from the Blue Lantern Corp would work. DC has so much potential for awesome films that it’s crazy to think how long it’s taken WB to find that out. I just hope the DC movies sell well so WB will keep making DC movies. Because someday I would like to see a Shadow Pact film and I don’t think I’ll see that movie until years from now. Also I can’t forget a Martian Manhunter movie would be great too. Getting to see the final days on Mars would be really nice. So I can’t wait to hear and see what WB has planned for DC.

    • Interesting hypothetical line-up.
      Not to bash the Marvel Approach (I’ve thoroughly enjoyed almost all of their movies, except Iron Man 2 and Thor TDW), but by fleshing out Darkseid with a New Genesis vs Apocolips film they’d steer clear of inserting the big bad in cameo and bit parts, which seems to be what Marvel is aiming for (no idea whether that’ll change over time, though).

  9. The thing about WB/DC is this, you can’t trust a single word they say.

    • Sure we can. After all, we aren’t…Dave.

      • @ Archaeon

        Grow up Archaeon, please, for everybody’s sake, just grow up.

        Stop trying to be the biggest a-hole on the site, you already have the title locked up for life.

        • Dave…

          Really? You have whined about DC on so MANY different threads and have remained negative in so many of your comments, but I’M the @$$??? Wow, you have some B@LL$ to say such an asinine thing.

          • @ Archaeon

            As soon a WB/DC gives me something to be positive about, I will be. Until then, I’m just going to call it the way I see it, whether you like it or not.

            It’s called AN OPINION, by the way. Believe it or not, others outside of your tiny little dark world have them. Just because they DON’T agree with you, doesn’t make them wrong, so GROW UP & maybe people on this site will stop hating on YOU.

            • Dave…

              Of course, people have different opinions, and they are obviously allowed to express them. In fact, I highly encourage that varying expression. You don’t like what WB/DC has come up with so far…no problem. However, when you come across as a whiny, old coot EVERY time you come onto these threads, CONSTANTLY complaining, I maintain that YOU are the one behaving like a donkey’s hindquarters, purely based on your attitude, NOT your opinion. There are many people who have expressed their concerns, dislikes, etc. THEY are able to do it in the spirit of discussion, a sharing of different ideas.

              Funny how I’m able to have NON-hateful back-and-forths with them. Instead of looking in a mirror to get your definition of MATURITY, you might try looking in a dictionary…it will give a somewhat different description.

              Just something to consider… 😉

              • I vote for Dave to be banned from this site. Who’s with me?

              • @ Archaeon

                Well pal, based on you CONSTANTLY defending ANYTHING & EVERYTHING WB/DC does, no matter how ridiculious, you come across as a blind apologist that’s drinking the Kool-aid with zero objectivity.

                My definition of maturity on this site comes from all of the wonderful contributors & commentors that act like adults & that don’t try to throw the last snarky comment in like some kind of child when somebody disagrees with them, which makes YOU look very immature. Unfortunately, that definition in NO WAY describes YOU. You act like a child, so you’re called a child. Simple. Act like a mature adult & I’ll treat you like one. Simple. The ONLY people on this site that you get along with are the ones that have your exact same view. That my friend is a true sign of immaturity. You and your act bring the maturity level of all the commentors down.

                By the way, nobody asked you read my comments, or to respond to them, that was your choice.

                Don’t like what I have to say Archaeon? Don’t read it.

                • …and yet, YOU continue to respond to me.


                  Don’t worry, though. I’ve made my point (actually, in this last rant of yours, YOU have made my point), so I’m done with you.

                  Toodles. 😀

                  • @ Archaeon

                    Nice try Archaeon, nice try. Too little, too late. You know nothing of the high road.

                    • #BanDave #MarvelFanboy

              • For some reason I crack up every time Archaeon says “Dave…” Hilarious. I bet you two would be the best of friends if you met!

                • You never know… 😉

                • Dave…

                    • Dave…

                      THAT is the best you could come up with? Really?

              • Then funny how you CONSTANTLY whine about iron man 3 literally on EVERT thread you have been related to it.

                • Ah, poor, misguided, silly elol…

                  Every time I’ve commented on IM3, I HAVE, indeed, said it was crap. That has been (after I actually saw the movie) relatively infrequently when someone else has brought their own absolutist opinion of its sheer greatness and brilliance. MOST of the time, I simply make other comments, usually about my confidence in, and hope for, the direction of the DCCU’s development. I am not constantly negative or whiny about my dislikes…are you?


                  My responses to Dave stand.

                  What a pathetic attempt to start a fight…poor, sad elol.

            • I agree with you Dave. They can barely land a Superman movie and they want to do Shazam… They are all talk, its almost embarrassing. They are like a little brother trying to figure out who they are. If your trying to figure out what you want to do that’s great, but don’t be so damn insecure about everything. One talk show host makes a joke about Aquaman and Good Ol Zach has to go on record defending him. People are going to see your movie, You could have Batman and Superman robbing Taco bells at gun point and it would be top at the box office. I understand your in a pissing contest with Marvel but realize people don’t want you to be Marvel. Do your own thing.

              • Under the previous management I’ll agree with you but the new execs have stepped up their game. They’ve said we’d be getting constant WB/DC news in these few months and we have. Also whats wrong with figuring out what to do and how does that make them insecure? People forget Marvel had a studio for the sole purpose of making CBM’s, WB makes both CBM’s and normal movies they’re now figuring out how to pump out more of the former. Also if Iron man, Thor or Cap had failed to make an impact back then it would have derailed or at least set them back. Also NONE of us I repeat NONE of us know what their plans so people should stop acting all pretentious. Of course they need to be careful with their CBM’s unless they want to end up in Batman and Robin/ GL territory.

                Also, Larry Fong his cinematographer put up a tweet saying someone impersonated Zack and the number came from a cell phone in the LA area.

      • Hah!

    • If that Robinov guy was still running things I would believe you but since Tsujihara took over we’ve been getting constant DC news.

    • *us*

    • You keep trying to be funny…WHY?

      You simply are not good at it.

      • Agreed.

        • Oh and both companies rip each other off.

          A Marvel editor told Starling to just “rip off Darkseid” when Thanos was being created.

          Marvel’s higher ups specifically wanted to copy the Green Arrow/Black Canary dynamic and created Mockingbird as Hawkeye’s latest love interest.

          Deadpool/Wade Wilson.

          Not saying it’s bad because the copies can be more interesting than the originals and vice versa.

            • Oop, turns out others think Archeaon was being very rude to me.
              Ok, maybe I can have forgiveness.

              But I’m still not coming back for a long time!

              • Luis…

                Stay or go. That is your business, not mine. I simply wondered why you come up with these corny jokes, instead of making SOME kind of contribution to the discussion(s). Goldilocks, for example, has a bent similar to you, BUT he will offer an opinion and/or a critique (CRITIQUE, not CUT-DOWN) at least SOMEtimes. Maybe, I simply missed yours? THAT, by the way, is precisely why someone on another thread (not me) implied you are a troll.

                That was my only point.

                • I thought about it for a while and I had an realization: WTH WAS I ON! THOSE
                  LAST 2 JOKES DIDN’T WORK! WHAT HAVE I DONE! You are 100% right, Archeaon. Which is why I am asking for forgiveness, because I have been acting very childish these past few days. From now on, I’m just going to write serious comments during a discussion while that joker only gets to come out whenever it is called for. I hope we can patch things up and start over.
                  I’m still nothing like that rolan guy though

                  • Luis…

                    You certainly owe me no apology…You didn’t do anything BAD and nothing to me, personally. Also, I don’t think funny needs to wait or be held back in such a forum. I simply want to hear your opinions, your ideas, so that you can join the discussions MOST of us are able to have (looks intently further up on this thread 😐 ). I wasn’t mad at you.

                    Hopefully, we’re straight. :)

      • Haha, I laughed more at your comment Archaeon and I don’t think you were trying to be funny.

        • :)

      • Hah hahh!

      • Wow, reading through this thread, you are a total a$$. Did this comment further the conversation?

        • Thawn…

          Luis P and I got past any issues we may have had. You, of course, knew this since you’ve read “through this thread”… right? As for contributing to the discussion, true, THAT particular comment did NOT, but I had given my opinions earlier (and, admittedly, I was curious to read more from Luis than the jokes he had been giving on different threads up to that point).

          Hmmm, that’s odd…I can’t seem to find YOUR contribution in this discussion. I DO, however, clearly see your mini-diatribe against me. I guess, by your definition, YOU are the a$$.

          Think about that… 😉

  10. I can’t wait.

    Honestly, I’m more excited for BVS than anything else and JL on top of that plus more on the way is the icing on the cake.

  11. I’ll get excited when I see BVS. MOS wasn’t a great starting point for me, so I’m not exactly too optimistic.

  12. No Shazam
    Not in this rebooted universe
    Any involvement from the rock should be as
    “The Main Man” which would suit him well
    I’m still hoping WBDC will up BvS release
    To 2015 with JL dropping in 2016
    A year is toolong to wait

    As for JL I was just watching immortals (with cavill ironically)
    &i think Mickey Rourke would be the perfect Uxas

    (As a sidenote josh brolin should play Thomas Wayne in The Batman)

  13. My concern with Shazam is that he has very similar power to Superman. If you’re DC, how will you make a 2 hr film about a super hero who has similar power to one of your tent-pole characters?

    Also, his arch-nemesis is Black Adam (essentially an evil Shazam). That translates on screen to a situation that is very similar to the Green Lantern/Sinestro dynamic.

    I don’t think adding Shazam as a prominent character in the DC movie universe would work.

    • The difference is that Superman is an alien (Kryptonian).
      Billy Batson is an ordinary human, until he was chosen by the great Wizard to be the next Mortal champion Shazam.
      Power level-wise, Superman is stronger than Shazam. But Superman has 2 weakness : Kryptonite and magical-based weapons. Shazam’s weakness however is his human form is very vulnerable.

      Note : back in the day he was named “Captain Marvel” . But since the new 52 reboot (also obvious copyright reason from Marvel Comic) , his name was changed to Shazam. Just FYI.

  14. D. Johnson could play either Shazam or Black Adam imo.

    The question is what story to tell if he plays Shazam. The origin obviously, but then whom will Shazam be facing off against? Black Adam seems obvious but then who do you get to play Black Adam? Johnson is huge and whomever plays Black Adam will also need to be pretty darn big or it won’t make for a good fight matchup.

    Alternatively, if Johnson were to play Black Adam then who will play Shazam?

    The tone used in a Shazam movie is also extremely important. Billy Batson is an orphan facing serious problems, Shazam is wish fulfillment. Bringing Shazam into a more realistic context will require some tweaking of the character.

    • Personally, I’d be fine if he played either of the two roles. I just want him to INVEST in the character. I think he’s more than capable. I can SEE him more as Black Adam, however.

      • Why did you use caps?

        • …merely emphasizing that I want Johnson to take his part seriously (not necessarily be grim and gritty, though for Black Adam, that would be appropriate, of course). I want him to treat the role with care and not simply regard it as a paycheck or as just a comic book movie. I want him to act to the best of his abilities.

          That’s all I meant.

          • What role of his exemplifies him acting to the best of his abilities to you? Which role does not?

            • Offhand, I can’t think of a role where he HASN’T given his all…he seems to enjoy his time in front of the camera. I brought it up merely because his acting ability is a criticism some have thrown out as a reason to be concerned about a role in the DCCU. I maintain that it’s a non-issue as long as he’s not given a role beyond his grasp and continues to engage with as much gusto as he has in the past. I believe he can easily pull off Shazam or Black Adam.

              • Kinda a non-answer. What is your favorite performance by him and your least favorite? Why?

                • I’m not sure why you seem vaguely as if you’re interrogating me, since I agreed with you.

                  Anyway, I have no problem answering the question. I most enjoyed him in “Escape from Witch Mountain”, where he played the almost-given-up-on-himself loser “with the heart of gold” quite well. The movie was cute and was enjoyable as much because I liked his character and wanted him to succeed as because of anything or anyone else in the movie. The role I liked him in the least was “The Scorpion King” not so much because he did a BAD job…more because he was fairly new to movie acting and was more like an in-motion standee than an actual character.

                  What about you? Why do YOU think he could pull off Shazam or Black Adam?

                  • Hmm… Interrogating? Just asking follow-up questions. I thought you might enjoy giving a reply.

                    As for me, meh. No opinion really. But, I can see him doing a better job as Shazam than Black Adam. He did a good job playing the heel while he was wrestling, but since then he has been more successful playing the hero. From a marketing standpoint selling him as Captain Marvel would be easier with audiences imo.

                    • Fair enough.

                  • If Dwayne does play Captain Marvel then I predict Billy Batson will be hispanic or mixed race. Seems obvious, but it will also make him the first hispanic superhero on film that I can think of.

                    • He’s actually not hispanic, though he might look like he is, but half black and half samoan.

                      But he’d still be the first superhero of that heritage too 😉

                    • Shoveler, what a surprise.

                      Did you read what I wrote? I said the actor playing Billy Batson would be hispanic or mixed racially. Not that Johnson was hispanic. Everyone knows about Johnson’s heritage.

                    • Could Johnson pass as hispanic? Yup. So, if they cast a young hispanic boy as Billy Batson then Johnson could play Captain Marvel. BTW, many hispanics are mixed racially, not that it matters. I think hispanic really refers to spanish speakers by definition. Though, not sure.

                    • Since Dwayne is playing the superhero part I assumed you refered to his ethnicity. I’ll be happy to eat my words now that I know you only talked about his alter ego, Billy Batson 😉

                      Hispanic refers to a spanish relation i.e. language, culture etc., so you are right, they can be mixed.

                      Dwayne doesn’t fit that definition, but we agree that he could portray a hispanic based on looks alone.

  15. I’d love to see a GOOD Teen Titans movie. NOT connected to the teen titans Go garbage thats on now. The team dynamic could work well like guardians did and it could appeal to a wide demographic just like the original show did. I think WB would have a wasted opportunity if they didn’t at least consider Teen Titans. If Cyborg ends up working out in BvS he could draw an audience to a TT movie and maybe it could even lead to a Young Justice movie. Who knows this could be a terrible idea. Right now I’m just excited about the possibilities on where the DCCU could go.

    • Teen titans movie with deathstroke would be awesome and family friendly. But I really want a batman beyond trilogy

  16. I’m just happy I get to see Superman and Batman together on the same screen, and get a justice League movie with Darkseid.

    Now all i need is a Superman Batman Public Enemies movie to be made

  17. Justice League is gonna own Avengers.

    Avengers wasn’t even that good. I hope DC can show Marvel how to make a real movie.

    • Joel The Troll…

      Has a nice ring to it…

      Or maybe just “Joel Troll” or “Troll Joel”

    • Go joke somewhere else.

  18. Can’t wait for the Rock to kick Supes’ butt in Justice League. Shazam !!

  19. This probably has a lot to do with BVS being moved back. If they are releasing JL earlier as well. I would be very happy with a BVS in March of 2016 followed by a Christmas release of JL that same year!

  20. Patrick Warburton looks like Captain Marvel instead of Dwayne Johnson playing him. It is confuzing.

    • PW does kinda look like Shazam, but he is too old now to be playing him. He could totally do his voice over cartoon stuff though

  21. Jim Caviezel does look like Captain Marvel, and he should play him

    • Too old. He could have been a good choice for older Batman, but that has been cast.

  22. Still don’t see the point in a shazam movie. The juvenile unrealistic tone that comes with the movie has no place in the dc universe. Plus finding a good child actor that would eventually have to be in the same movie has acting heavyweights like ben affleck, gal gadot and henry cavill. The movie would be more of a disaster than ant-man.

    • Did you actually call Galdot an acting heavyweight? Affleck and Cavill are decent actors, with Affleck being a better director than actor, but neither of them would be considered a heavyweight either.

    • Maybe the lighter tone is the point, you can only go so far with the dark tone with Flash, and what better way to introduce the light hearted and the fantastical side of the universe.

  23. How the Hell does Shazam deserve a movie before Aquaman?! That sucks.. Shazam is my least favourite from DC, he’s pretty lame sorry..

    • Agree !

  24. whatever comes of this, I’m pretty interested in seeing which villains are brought into the picture. I’d love to see movies dealing with the likes of the light. just a terrible grouping of people. real s**t bags for the DCU.

    BvS, can’t wait ( in bart scott fashion ).

  25. They shouldn’t introduce Shazam just because.
    It should absolutely make sense continuitywise, i.e. the appearance of Black Adam should set up the Legion of Doom (should he not get killed off similar to the animated outing; yeah, I’m well aware there’s a lot of ‘should’ in there, so don’t call me out on it … just not Feeling like hitting the Thesaurus today).

  26. anyone else notice the UK release is still a month later than the US? that seems a bit much.

  27. The will make a great Black Adam. He would not work in the role of Shazam aka Captain Marvel. For the role of Shazam I am not sure who could pull off the role. As for his alter identity little Billy Baston. The kid from Iron Man 3 Ty Simpkins could pull off him.