‘Justice League’ Movie Getting New Script; DC Shared Universe on the Way?

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Justice League Movie Writer Will Beall Justice League Movie Getting New Script; DC Shared Universe on the Way?

While it may seem like news to some, anybody who has been tracking the progress of Marvel’s The Avengers has already likely to deduced that new life would not-so-coincidentally get breathed into DC and Warner Bros. perennially-stalled Justice League movie. And that’s just what happened.

Not only does the Justice League movie have a new writer, he’s actually been at work on the script (in secret) for a little while. And, as has been speculated by superhero movie fans everywhere, there are growing signs that DC Comics’ movies will start to emulate Marvel’s shared universe approach.

Will Beall is the writer that DC/WB has currently at work on the Justice League script. Beall is a quickly-rising talent who has found a good nest over at Warner Bros: he is penning several big-budget films for the studio, including this fall’s Gangster Squad, the Logan’s Run remake (which Ryan Gosling is slated to star in) and the announced Lethal Weapon reboot. Those upcoming projects will mark Beall’s first feature-film credits; clearly WB knows something the rest of us have yet to discover.

Justice League Movie Logo Justice League Movie Getting New Script; DC Shared Universe on the Way?

The Variety report describes further example of clairvoyant vision from the studio: Beall was reportedly set to work on Justice League before Avengers became a billion-dollar box office smash. The money is clearly on the table when it comes to these next-level superhero team-up films – question is, how will DC/WB go about getting theirs?

The Dark Knight Rises is coming out in a few weeks – but don’t expect things to kick off there. Chris Nolan has long and famously maintained his trilogy’s autonomy, wishing it to be free from any sort of shared universe; ironically enough, he was later approached by the studio to “godfather” their cinematic universe, starting with the story for the Superman reboot, Man of Steel and possibly extending to directing the Justice League movie. After Batman is done, there is no telling at this point if Nolan will hang around or move on to other work… bet safe bet is on the latter.

Speaking of Man of Steel: Zack Snyder’s new vision of Superman arrives next summer – and with it, many savvy fans have expected to see the first few threads of the DC Movie Universe (DCMU) take shape. We here at Screen Rant have seconded that notion – and offered the further prediction that – should he prove successful at relaunching Superman – DC will likely position Zack Snyder as a DCMU architect.

First Image of Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel Justice League Movie Getting New Script; DC Shared Universe on the Way?

Of course, Man of Steel still has a lot of people to win over, and the DCMU already took a blow with the underperformance of Green Lantern in 2011. The question of whether Green Lantern 2 is still in the cards – or whether the property should get a fresh start – remains unanswered for now. The G.I. Joe franchise attempted to make a sequel that was also a reboot – so hey, pretty much anything goes, these days.

Director George Miller is finally set to get to work on his long-delayed Mad Max 4 film, but he also suffered many starts and stops when he was set to direct the Justice League movie in the late 2000s. We wouldn’t count on Miller coming back, necessarily – especially if DC/WB does form a small circle with guys like Nolan and Snyder. For what it’s worth, I think small circle is the best way to steer this kind of ship.

DC Comics and Warner Bros. formed DC Entertainment back in 2009, in order to help expand the stable of DC superheroes owned by WB into a brand that could be as lucrative as the Harry Potter franchise had been. This game plan resulted in the DC Comics “New 52″ reboot of their comic book properties, with changes to core characters in the Justice League presumably to make them more modern and multi-media friendly.

The Dark Knight Rises casting update Justice League Movie Getting New Script; DC Shared Universe on the Way?

Will Batman be Rebooted?

Man of Steel clearly has New 52 influences all over it, and it’s likely that after Nolan, Batman will also get a movie reboot (probably in the vein of his New 52 counterpart) to establish a shared movie universe version of the character. Just don’t hold your breath for Christian Bale to hang around.

As noted in the Variety piece, here are some currently in-development DC/WB films we’ve reported on, which could all conceivably be orchestrated to fit within a DC movie Universe:

We’ll keep you updated about the status of the Justice League movie as more news comes to light.

Source: Variety

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  1. They first should make wonder womans, flash , and aquaman movies telling their own stories in their own movies ,then putting together the jutice league …..

  2. Justice League just seems like a risky endeavor when they could just stick to making Batman movies for all eternity. I’ve been saying this for years now, just turn Batman into the next Bond.

    Nolan and Bale leave after TDKR? Fine. Hire a new director, cast a new lead actor, but keep the story in broad strokes continuity. Have a new actor play Bats every couple of years, and just like Bond, let the movies cycle in and out of “realistic” and “ridiculously over the top.”

    Right now The Avengers shows audience would accept a more comic-booky feel to Batman, so let Batman 4 feature a villain that would never fit in Nolan’s verse, like Poison Ivy or ManBat, that really tells the audience, okay, all bets are off.

    Batman doesn’t need a reboot. We don’t need to see his origin story again.

    • Hey, no offense, but Marvel’s The Avengers was a stellar film about a group of heroes saving the world, and for DC to do the same with the JL, that’s considered a risky endeavor? Instead of just sticking with the Batman films, I would welcome a movie with some DC character variety where we would see the Flash run on water/through walls or Aquaman battling to save Atlantis.

      And a Batman film with Manbat would be really cool! :D

      • Seconded.

    • I so agree with everything here except the over the top bit. Those movies were god awful. theres no reason a movie with Killer Croc, Poison Ivy, or Man-Bat couldnt retain the same general feel. Write them as the horror type characters they are and all should be fine.

  3. It’s better to reboot the Batman franchise completely than have another director & actor replace Nolan/Bale in Nolan’s version of films. Unless you want to risk history to repeat itself when Schumacher took over director duties aswell as Val Kilmer & George Clooney took over the role as Batman while WB chose to take the Batman franchise into the (Family-Friendly) direction. The next Batman reboot doesn’t need to show his origins, nor does Superman’s. Both could be in their prime all i can say.

  4. They need to do the reverse to what Marvel did. They need to have a Justice League movie first, then do individual movies.

    • I like that idea…

    • I agree. Lets start with JL, If its good and ppl like it, then break it down into the seperate movies. Then even they do well, go back and make a JL2. We all know the characters and origins of the JL group. Just make the movie.

  5. I have read numerous posts that DC should go the dark serious route; I totally do not agree with this. The reason why The Avengers was so successful was because of the comedy and action (rewatchability). If DC goes the dark route, kids will not be entertained and will not want to rewatch it. Batman should be serious but even he could crack a joke every once and a while.

    Also, they should only have at most 4 heroes in the JL because the more characters, the more expensive the movie would cost.

    • except the League is known as the Big 7. Only one of them being the dark and broody type.

    • Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern are the core. Yea theres a lot o Sub-JL members, but ppl will be happy with the main 4.

      • Have to correct myself….5 JL needed…it would not be the JL without The Flash. So the 5 core members of JL.

  6. Bring Ryan Gosling over from Gangster Squad and cast him as Barry Allen/the Flash already!

    • i had forgot martian the man hunter so 10 main characters and one more movie

  7. ” Bigger names + well made movie = BIG box office ” ^^

  8. Is it just me…but I just can’t see this movie happening, just articles on top of articles…pshh…

  9. The characters in the photo are ok……I would lose Cyborg and replace him with Hawkgirl. And John Stewart instead of Hal Jordan…..

    • you’d replace a legit black hero with a token c lister and a side kick?

      • Jon Stewart is an equal Lantern and “black”. Hawkgirl has her own comic series, and is also a sidekick in the Hawkman Series, but as we have seen, Hawkgirl “Shayera Hol” can definitely hold her own as we have seen in the recent Justice League including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, and Hawkgirl! She definately can be a sidekick, but her fierce attitude and strength shows her independence. BOOYA!

        • John Stewart isn’t an equal tiered character, despite what fans of a cartoon that ran at 10 pm on Fridays ten years ago want people to think.

    • I’d go for the Martian Man Hunter…

  10. Bruce Timm has been the GODFATHER of the DC characters for two decades now! Warner Bros. needs to give him the keys to the live action kingdom and quit wasting time looking elsewhere.

    • @ Xmasevebaby

      I agree with ya there that Bruce Timm should be considered as the GODFATHER of the DC characters. And ive said it once already that Bruce Timm & Co. should be the the first ones in line asked by Warner Bros. to be involved in the live-action DCMU. They shown what they can don in animation so without a doubt i bet they could do the same in live-action.

  11. which could all conceivably be orchestrated to fit within a DC movie Universe.

  12. They don’t need to do any rebooting except for mabe Bats(after the JLA movie). Just give us a JLA movie and then give us the individual films after to flesh out there stories more. Just make sure Martian the Manhunter is in there.

  13. ok,dc comics had lots of followers than dc comics but now the avengers got the attention to the non fans of them, audience want to watch avengers cause they satisfy what they expect in that movie!! plus the cast is the best talented cast they ever had plus their hotness put the sex appeal of those actors/ACTRESS…they had much better storyline, director and technique…bale is a established actor,he is good as batman but cavill he looks geh duh to me!! justice league will never be a movie…unless it was magic!!

  14. I just worry that however good a job is made of a Justice League movie, that it will look like a cheap Avengers knock-off, especially to the non-comic book fans.

    • I don’t think anything with Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman will have to worry about the knock off factor from the general public. These are iconic characters the world over, and have been for generations. Particularly to non readers.

      Most people had no idea who or what the Avengers were prior to Iron Man. That cant be said of the Justice League.

  15. I think DC is better and more known than Marvel justice league is also a better team than the avengers. Is they intend on continueing on making a justice league movie soon they should keep the same superman of course and they are already in process of making the flash and wonder woman movie and that shouldnt be to bad and makes it easier to come in on the justice league movie also if they decide to start it off with the martian manhunter which seems to me to be better because its just like the cartoon justice league and last time i checked, that cartoon was a big hit with people my age and i think should follow the cartoon because it makes it easier than just making up a random story if thats what they are planning they would already have superman,flash,green lantern,wonder woman in the movie easy and idk why people are hating on the green lantern movie i thought it was a good movie but then again i love all suoerhero movies no matter how bad they did i just enjoy them and the idea of the movie lol but they can just introduce martian manhunter like the cartoon and hawkgirl the big problem is batman since nolan and giving up on batman now so they either can continue the story somehow with a new batman introduce a new batman in the movie or just make a new batman before the justice league movie but if they are trying to do it soon they will rush the new batman and it could mess it up but those are my ideas i guess

    • Holy crap @vxsupermanfan, learn some punctuation!

    • Well, I must say sadly that Flash is not a for sure. For one Flash has had a “solid script” for a very long time. It has been canceled multiple times. Also wonder woman is just rumors so far. There is no confirmation. Restarting batman would be a terrible idea, someone needs to continue it with a new actor and director. Finally I agree green lantern was pretty good. I did not like the interpretation of paradox though. Just found it not very entertaining.

      • @shadowhawk and all other people who claim that Green Lantern “wasn’t bad” or was “pretty good.”

        This is an honest question. What standards do you have for movies (i.e., what do you expect to get out of a movie? Is storyline just wholly unimportant?). What movies do people like you think are “bad” movies (or would you just say, there are no bad movies?)?

        I am honestly curious to know. IMO, Green Lantern was easily one of the worst movies in the comic book genre, and failed in almost every category (compelling villain, great fx, good acting, strong script, minimal plot holes – Green Lantern did none of this). So, I am curious what your baseline is when y’all say you liked Green Lantern.

        • I simply enjoyed escaping reality for a few hours to an actual comic book universe.

          • @pawn65,

            I definitely understand that – nothing wrong with escaping reality to a comic book world, but shouldn’t it make you even more mad when the universe created is very flawed?

          • @ pawn65

            As do i. I think thats why i enjoyed Marvel Studio’s films more as they’re a unified universe. I wished DC would do the same & not go by Nolan’s take on his Batman films to lead by example is all.

        • I have extremely high standards in movies. Such as I hate how Nolan completely screwed up Batman’s story line. By saying I like the GL movie I should change it to more, I like the actor who played GL. The story line was meh along with the way the villain was shown. But I thought Hal was played very well.

          • @Shadowhawk -

            Personally, I am very confused as to how you think Nolan “screwed up” Batman’s story. He essentially adapted the first half Frank Miller’s Year One story – which most people (including DC) regard as definitive. This is from the DC handbook:

            “Bruce put his utmost into his school work and upon graduation he left the US to travel the world learning from the brightest and the best in each field of speciality. He also travelled to remote schools on the Far East and studied for years under the masters of the various martial arts. Upon returning to the United States, he set out on a fact-finding mission into the depraved parts of Gotham’s seedier districts to see how the criminal element had evolved.”

            That’s pretty much what went down in Batman Begins. The person who totally messed up the Batman origin was Burton with his nonsense that the Joker killed the Waynes (while spouting inane poems) and that Batman then made the Joker (not saying that Burton’s decision was bad, just saying it is MUCH more off-base than Nolan).

            I am fine with you liking Reynolds’ take on Green Lantern (I myself thought he did about as well as he could with the material and hell, Christian Bale ranks only above Clooney imo as far as Batman performances), but one performance does not make a movie (ok, occassionally it does, but not this one). You may dislike Nolan’s take on Batman, but the fact is he created a sensical world where the things that occur make logical sense and minimizes plot holes. GL did not.

            • @ Evan

              I remember reading how Burton reason he had Joker killed Batman’s parents was because 1. he’d be the one villain perfect from Batman’s rogues gallary for it & 2. it’s why he came up with the name of Jack Napier as a alias before becoming the Joker while at the sametime have that feel it was Joe Chill in flashbacks. At the time when they decided to make Batman before Burton was set to direct, i think it was Jon Hamm or somebody who thought it was best not to start the franchise with a origin story. I think thats why they had flashback scenes with the Waynes leaving the theater with young Bruce after a movie which is accurate, not a opera as in Batman Begins.

              Batman did made the Joker what he became to be, Burton just didn’t give the whole story about Red Hood in being set up by his gang when breaking in for money & they left him to confront Batman alone while they escaped, He falls into the vat of chemicals but washes ashore to see what he now looks like & begins laughing. In the film, Grissom did set up Napier at Axis Chemical plant & was by himself with Batman. You know what follows after that.

              • Ha @WallyWest,

                You love your Burton. Anyways, I don’t know much about the Joker (I know for damn sure he didn’t kill Batman’s parents, though you are right they died after a movie, not the opera, though opera makes more sense in the Nolan-verse when you consider how tragic his stories are. For the record, TIm Burton’s Joker origin makes equally as much sense in the Burton-verse as Nolan’s Batman origin).

                Anyways, I looked it up and it turns out there is no “definitive” Joker series. You definitely cited the most popular one (written by Alan Moore – Im more of a Frank Miller/Mark Millar guy than a Moore/Grant Morrison guy, how bout you?). There are also versions where robbers who recruit Napier killed his wife (in front of the Riddler); One where Batman essentially f*cks Joker up and has him tortured by his cronies. Anyways, its funny since Nolan essentially recognized the lack of clarity by having Joker constantly change his origin throughout the film.

                  • @Wallywest, Let me clarify – you love the Burton Batman films. I remember we had plenty of discussions where I say they are goofy and campy and you said they were great and riveting. We obviously agree on the greatness of TAS and specifically, Hammill and Timm and Conroy’s great work with it.

                    In any event, I do love Nolan. I would go so far as to say his Bat-films are some of my least favorite work (Memento, however, is my all-time favorite film). That being said, I still say that TDK, though overrated (there are plenty of weak scenes, notably the boat scene – that was awful), is still easily the best serious live-action take on Batman.

                    • @ Evan

                      Let me be crystal clear on this, i do not love Burton as director. Only enjoyed some of his work, may not said that to you in other articles but said to others. Yes we had discussions regarding his films & Nolan’s but all that dicussion was about the two director’s films, not the directors directly. Im glad we agree on the greatness of TAS, with Hamill,Conroy,Bruce Timm’s great work on it still.

                      I do like Nolan as a director but so far i only liked his Batman films. Ive seen Inception, & Insomina but they didn’t impress me. I agree that TDK was overrated as James Cameron’s Avatar film was. Not only did it have weak scenes but you have to admit it had campiness to it aswell, just not asmuch. Remember Burton’s Batman film was taken as the first serious CBM for be dark back then. The film proved CBM based on a dark comic book character like Batman could be done so they didn’t have to reply on a hero as light-hearted as Superman. Know what i mean? It was the first Batman film to win a award till TDK won two.

                      But anyways, I do Not love Burton as you claim. He’d be behind other directors in line i find better. Imo i find James Cameron amongst the best,Steven Spielberg,etc. I doubt id he’d make it to my top 5 best director’s list if i had one right now because im debating if i should see his new movie despite co-workers of mine said they seen it & said it was good. Can’t remember the last Tim Burton film i saw.

              • Meant say Jon Peters above.

  16. @Evan,

    Not really as I don’t know a lot about GL besides what this movie had in it and the animated series. And besides knowing there was five of them from earth and John Stewart was Hal Jordan’s alternate. I was always a Superman, Batman and Flash fan more.

  17. Well if there’s ever a Batman reboot, I’d suggest that they use different villains, such as deadshot, psimon, klarion the witchboy, ect,. Mainstream villains have stood in the spotlight for way too damn long.

  18. Not only use more new villains but do a proper job of exploring the Bat-Family aswell would be great.

  19. Batman doesnt have to die because the only character who can be as realistic as Bale’s Batman in Cyborg, and i think they should do a Batman Cyborg catwoman movie with a continuation of the Dark Knight Trillogy, batman having more powerfull gadgets, awesome half metalic body with cool guns for cyborg against a very large number of villans but the movie should be as realistic as the dark Knight. i would definitely watch it!!!

  20. Alright, why is Cyborg from the Teen Titans on here? I’m 50/50 with Aquaman, it’s really in the “i don’t care if he’s in it or not” category. What happened to Hawkman or Hawkgirl, Hawkman wasn’t Hawkman in the original Justice League of America?

  21. before they make a justice league movie they should make a wonder woman movie a flash movie another superman a cyborg movie and aquaman

  22. Green lantern has to be John stewart. This is what the kids know. That is first and foremost. Second, you need Hawkgirl, and lastly you need a villian who can hold his own. or a group of villians. I would suggest brainaic who implants himself inside Lex Luthor, Vandal Savage, or Gorrila Grood.

    • first think they should do is ignore anything that had anything to do with that lame ass cartoon.

      • That is what makes people hate comic books movies. You see the Hulk and all the avengers characters stayed close to what we know about them in the comics.


  23. Flash gets the big finish. Flash speed force vs Lex and Brainic. In this flash shows he can run on air above the speed of thought without sucking the air out of the atmosphere. and avoids busting window panes.

  24. There seems to be so much hate for adding John Stewart to this script.

  25. Because Superman is trapped on a planet with a fake Red Sun, his age is advanced in 9 months to approx 129 earth years old. One the League reforms and rescues Superman. green lantern who carries the powers of the Blue, Indigo, Green and Yellow rings inside his body (no longer does John Stewart wear a ring) He Blast Superman with a huge dose of Yellow Kryptonite which returns Superman back the his earth age as they travel back to earth make their plans to defeat the Legion of Doom.

    In battle Superman discovers the Yello blast has evloved his powers, to where in battle he can now teleport himself over short distances (battle field distances).

  26. sorry English not my 1st language.

    you guys already talking about JLM but forgetting that man of steel coming soon, and nolan write it.
    its seem that everything will be so disconnected if they make JL directly, what about previous movie? batman begins, dark knight/rises, green lantern. they are so different that if you try to mix them into one its not going to work.

    avenger success not only because its funny and have many action, its the build up from all those hero movie that make them success. it is what you call by planning.

    lets follow some of your idea, make JLM first with a new story on each character, new enemy, new actor and lets see if this is work and become a hit and make each hero movie…haha what a way to destroy a franchise huh, betting.

    i will watch it of course, im a fan, i like heroes, i like action, i like science fiction, and so is my boy and others kid all over the world. but will i satisfy? after the successful dark knight, after the story that already so engrave to my very bone? and if this man of steel a success in what part he will fit in the JL up coming movie?

  27. As an Avengers fan, I believe that the JLA will need to be more than brilliant to challenge The Avengers or even be greater. To be above satisfactory, I believe that the WB will have to create it a little bit like the avengers. by this I mean having a little bid of humor. Otherwise it will being dissapointing. However, I think that the idea of the JLA is pretty good, but they will have to have the key superheroes such as: Superman, Batman, Flash and the green lantern.

  28. Let’s be honest here. It will be a minor miracle if DC manages to pull this off well. Marvel took years mapping out the course they wanted to take, taking risks on the characters, mining talent, and developing a development plan. WB is slapping this thing together with very little thought or consideration. They don’t have any group of architects like Marvel does whose sole purpose is to develop a multi-tiered film structure, putting the script in a hand of rookies despite the fact they almost surely could have brought in the likes of Bruce Timm or Grant Morrisson to oversee the process (or hell, even Geoff Johns). I am not saying JLA will fail, but Marvel really thought (and cared) about its properties and now Fox is joining the game (I wish Sony cared as much about Spidey). WB/DC is obviously capable of greatness (their animated features still dominate anything Marvel has done), but this seems like a total rush job.

    • Ok. Let’s be honest. The animated movie Justice Leauge: New Frontier is one of the best superhero team up movies in years and gave proper character development and screen time to all seven characters. The comic it self was an Eisner Award winner. You don’t need lead in movies to create a successful superhero ensemble film.

      • @ Ignur Rant – I find New Frontier to be easily amongst the worst of DC’s animated films (up there with the awful Green Lantern films and the good but lackluster All-Star Superman. Wonder Woman is also awful but in a “so bad its good” way). Nonetheless, I get yor point that you don’t need a “lead” per se (although if Man of Steel is successful, you better believe that Supes will be the de facto lead – even if Ryan Reynolds returns) and agree with it. Everyone but Hawkeye and Maria Hill really had a nice juicy chunk of time in Avengers, and there is no reason to believe JL couldn’t do that as well.

        • That’s surprising as it one of the best reviewed animations and comic books. And Wonder Woman was also well received by most so that’s even more surprising. As for Superman All Star I wasn’t a fan, mostly because it felt rush due to them cutting out significant chunks of the story to fit the run time.

          • @ Ignur Rant – I know many people love New Frontier, it just wasn’t that interesting to me. As I said, I love the Wonder Woman movie, but it is awful. This is a movie that should be about a strong heroine. Instead, Steve Trevor peeps at her and her fellow Amazonians bathing nude, the villain his female amazonian prison guard, she drinks him under the table, and he then still gets the girl. None of this is “strong female character development.” As I recall, it was hilariously over-the-top in its gore-quotient too. It has been a few years, but I know there was much more goofiness than what I just listed. It is certainly a fun movie… but not a “good” movie or even one that does much justice to the character (similar to how Fast Five and Evil Dead 2 are fun movies, but not by any means good movies).

            • I think you should re-watch it. The movie plays both sides of the argument. It present the positives and downsides of being an overtly strong feminist and gender roles associated with men and women. Steve Trevor has to go through a process to earn WW affection. He is rejected when he is forward and when he is overly chivalrous. WW herself has to learn the world is not black and grey. The movie does a great job at highlighting the “grey” area of feminsim. You don’t want a man that’s sexually forward but at the dame time an overly chivalrous man is also rejected by the the strong independent female. IMO the direcot Lauren Montgomery did a solid job.

              • I could be wrong, but I don’t remember Steve doing anything particularly chivalrous the entire film, I remember him being a bit of a doofus from start to finish. As I said, I like it, but more because it is ridiculously over the top (as I recall, it even ends with Cheetah slaightering two police officers while WW just looks on). I would say the classics are easily Year One, Crisis on Two Earths, and Under the Red Hood (haven’t seen the recent two with Truth, Justice, or DKR part 1).