‘Justice League’ Movie Getting New Script; DC Shared Universe on the Way?

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Justice League Movie Writer Will Beall Justice League Movie Getting New Script; DC Shared Universe on the Way?

While it may seem like news to some, anybody who has been tracking the progress of Marvel’s The Avengers has already likely to deduced that new life would not-so-coincidentally get breathed into DC and Warner Bros. perennially-stalled Justice League movie. And that’s just what happened.

Not only does the Justice League movie have a new writer, he’s actually been at work on the script (in secret) for a little while. And, as has been speculated by superhero movie fans everywhere, there are growing signs that DC Comics’ movies will start to emulate Marvel’s shared universe approach.

Will Beall is the writer that DC/WB has currently at work on the Justice League script. Beall is a quickly-rising talent who has found a good nest over at Warner Bros: he is penning several big-budget films for the studio, including this fall’s Gangster Squad, the Logan’s Run remake (which Ryan Gosling is slated to star in) and the announced Lethal Weapon reboot. Those upcoming projects will mark Beall’s first feature-film credits; clearly WB knows something the rest of us have yet to discover.

Justice League Movie Logo Justice League Movie Getting New Script; DC Shared Universe on the Way?

The Variety report describes further example of clairvoyant vision from the studio: Beall was reportedly set to work on Justice League before Avengers became a billion-dollar box office smash. The money is clearly on the table when it comes to these next-level superhero team-up films – question is, how will DC/WB go about getting theirs?

The Dark Knight Rises is coming out in a few weeks – but don’t expect things to kick off there. Chris Nolan has long and famously maintained his trilogy’s autonomy, wishing it to be free from any sort of shared universe; ironically enough, he was later approached by the studio to “godfather” their cinematic universe, starting with the story for the Superman reboot, Man of Steel and possibly extending to directing the Justice League movie. After Batman is done, there is no telling at this point if Nolan will hang around or move on to other work… bet safe bet is on the latter.

Speaking of Man of Steel: Zack Snyder’s new vision of Superman arrives next summer – and with it, many savvy fans have expected to see the first few threads of the DC Movie Universe (DCMU) take shape. We here at Screen Rant have seconded that notion – and offered the further prediction that – should he prove successful at relaunching Superman – DC will likely position Zack Snyder as a DCMU architect.

First Image of Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel Justice League Movie Getting New Script; DC Shared Universe on the Way?

Of course, Man of Steel still has a lot of people to win over, and the DCMU already took a blow with the underperformance of Green Lantern in 2011. The question of whether Green Lantern 2 is still in the cards – or whether the property should get a fresh start – remains unanswered for now. The G.I. Joe franchise attempted to make a sequel that was also a reboot – so hey, pretty much anything goes, these days.

Director George Miller is finally set to get to work on his long-delayed Mad Max 4 film, but he also suffered many starts and stops when he was set to direct the Justice League movie in the late 2000s. We wouldn’t count on Miller coming back, necessarily – especially if DC/WB does form a small circle with guys like Nolan and Snyder. For what it’s worth, I think small circle is the best way to steer this kind of ship.

DC Comics and Warner Bros. formed DC Entertainment back in 2009, in order to help expand the stable of DC superheroes owned by WB into a brand that could be as lucrative as the Harry Potter franchise had been. This game plan resulted in the DC Comics “New 52″ reboot of their comic book properties, with changes to core characters in the Justice League presumably to make them more modern and multi-media friendly.

The Dark Knight Rises casting update Justice League Movie Getting New Script; DC Shared Universe on the Way?

Will Batman be Rebooted?

Man of Steel clearly has New 52 influences all over it, and it’s likely that after Nolan, Batman will also get a movie reboot (probably in the vein of his New 52 counterpart) to establish a shared movie universe version of the character. Just don’t hold your breath for Christian Bale to hang around.

As noted in the Variety piece, here are some currently in-development DC/WB films we’ve reported on, which could all conceivably be orchestrated to fit within a DC movie Universe:

We’ll keep you updated about the status of the Justice League movie as more news comes to light.

Source: Variety

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  1. WB will make a Batman movie guest starring the Justice League. It will be called The Dark Knight and Friends.

    • i’d pay to see that lol

    • No but they could have clark kent or lex luthor show up in cameos.

    • They could have clark kent or lex luthor show up in cameos.

    • They could have clark kent or lex luthor show up in cameo appearance in a batman film.

  2. Great news.
    IMO, DC should just do a Justice league movie. They don’t need to introduce all their characters in separate, solo movies.

    • Yep, trying to go the individual route and build up to a group movie would take too long to do correctly and DC needs to act now to take advantage of the general superhero hype.

      So they should do the opposite of what Marvel is doing (if anything else, just to prove they aren’t just copying Marvel), do the JL movie and THEN do possible individual projects with possible crossover cameos to keep the shared universe feeling alive.

      • I agree that now is the time to act if they want to cash in on the hype but one of the reasons the avengers was so good was because we already established character back stories. there was no need for character development in the movie and so we had a lot of time for action. if WB does a league movie first, they wouldn’t have that advantage. so we’d either be bogged down by character development for all the members or just mindless action.

        • Or we they could find a solid mix of both I can see why they chose him other than being a favorite in the studio Gangster Squad is a team up movie in its own right. Wonder woman has a writer too so Im guessing they will have their own character movies just it wont take as long this time. This needs to be on the same level as Watchmen.

        • Ha, yeah, who wants silly things like ‘character developement’ in a movie anyways;)

    • Except that Marvel did it and it’s the only way it can be done. Not!

      The characters are all recognizable and well known. Flash is a guy who runs fast. GL has a “magic ring” (and a movie).

      This reminds me of a Walter Hill quote where he says, I’m not interested in where the characters come from or where they’re going. I’m interested in what they are doing in the movie. That’s a paraphrase.

      Then I was watching a documentary with TV directors. They were all talking about the superiority of TV over movies for developing characters and plots. Then David Chase (Soprano’s) is saying, No, there’s plenty of great movies where everything you need to know is right there in two hours or less. There’s not a Casablanca 1, 2, 3.

      The only reason more movies are needed is to explain the extraordinary nature of the characters. People understand the origins of DC characters enough to get moving. They can tinker and expand later. Thor needed a movie probably more than anyone, and Marvel was building hype. But I am now questioning the need for solo movies for every charater. Like Black Panther for instance.

      • You know, it’s really hard to get a read the message you’re bringing across… the tone of your comment sounds as if you’re disagreeing with me, but the content of your comment (mainly about how DC characters are well known: Flash being the fast guy, GL has his ring, Wonder Woman is the warrior, etc.) is pretty much exactly what I’ve been saying for months lol.

        So… just to make it clear: you agree with me when I say they can just do a Justice League movie? There is no need for DC to do solo movies on each of their characters?

        • Yes. I agree with that. My first statement threw you, but it’s just sarcasm. Everyone is thinking DC has to do things like Marvel. I’ve never agreed, even back when Marvel started the Avengers project. And I’m a Marvel fan. I know I’ve discussed this many times before on this site and I’m pretty sure you’ve been a part of the ensuing arguments.

          Yes, we agree on this.

      • With all due respect Nostelg, I don’t know what you are talking about. What “people” no the origins of second-tier heroes like Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and Flash? They were on the same level of general populace knowledge as pre-movie Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man – and as you even admitted, most of them needed to be reintroduced.

        In any event, while it is possible that you can try a Justice League and spin out solo films from there, it would be much harder. Look at something like Expendables – they just can’t get all the characters the screen time they need to make you care about them (heck, who even cares about Hawkeye in the Avengers? He definitely drew the short straw of character development). Avengers proved that you don’t need to solo everyone (i.e. Nick Fury, Black Widow, Hawkeye), the ones that don’t get the solo treatment are the ones who suffer most.

        • People don’t need to know every single origin. People know Superman and his origin. People know Batman and his origin. That’s two huge characters that need no explanation. Additionally people know Wonder Woman. She’s an icon. Do they know every single detail about her? No. Neither do I. But if a dark haired woman in a similar (enough) costume with a magic lasso and bullet proof bracelets shows up, people will know that is Wonder Woman.

          Let me compare that to Marvel pre-Iron Man 2008. People wouldn’t know who Iron Man was, much less Thor. Much much much less. Hulk is recognizable but from the TV show, not the long-jumping super strong one. But there at least was the Ang Lee movie at that point. Captain America was semi-recognizable but he kind of needed explanation, his WWII character and his shield almost more than his powers. These guys weren’t one/fifth as recognizable as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Aquaman was more well known. Flash would have given them a run (pun) for their money.

          Now back to JLA. You have “the trinity” already; Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. A hardcore comic fan might WANT more detail about Wonder Woman, but it’s not needed for the audience. That is a pretty strong line-up there. I’m saying with that strong of a core, they can add several more characters and general audiences heads won’t explode (I won’t promise the same for fanboy’s heads). So if Flash is there with a little explanation, people will be okay and accept that this guy runs really fast. Same with Green Lantern. A little explanation and he’s basically a guy with a magic ring. I believe they could even add Hawk-girl.

          Look at “The Incredibles.” They’re weren’t ANY solo movies but there was a movie full of superheros with far-out powers saving the world from giant robots. It also was a touching family drama with a message about asserting your abilities. Now some dismiss that as a
          “cartoon” and not a “movie.” But I fail to see how that movie managed to have dozens of super-powered people who were all previously unknown, and yet there can’t be a movie with several characters, all of whom are somewhat known or extremely well-known.

          Finally, Nick Fury, Hawkeye, and Black Widow “suffered” because they aren’t as flashy and powerful, not only because they didn’t have solo movies. Also, Black Widow didn’t suffer. The audience liked her. I know I was completely turned around on her.

          I asked my 6 year old nephew who his favorite character was. He said “Captain America.” I asked him what he liked about him and he said, “his shield.” My eleven year old niece said, “Hawkeye and then Hulk.” She liked how he shot arrows without looking.

          In case you still don’t understand, I think folks have gone loco for solo movies. It worked for Marvel and was a marketing tool. Sure DC could do that, but if they do, it will take years and be a huge gamble. They’ll be greeted with skepticism as it looks like they are imitating Marvel. Each movie will be judged. Marvel was bare-knuckling it last year worried about CA and especially Thor. Does DC want to go through that with 5 or more movies? By contrast, JLA is a sure thing.

          • Nostelg

            Very good comparison to Incredibles (easily one of the greatest super hero films ever – up there with Dark Knight, Scott Pilgrim, Spider-Man 2, Iron Man and Avengers). I’m not saying it can’t be done, what I am saying is that it will be incredibly difficult and that heroes on the level of Flash and Wonder Woman are pretty much unknown to the general populace, i.e. the people buying tickets (films like Scott Pilgrim, Wanted and Kick Ass showed that movies dont thrive on geek appeal alone). They might know the general gist of them (my wife knows the Flash runs fast and Wonder Woman wears a sexy outfit), but without reason to care, why should people turn out in droves.

            While many kids may be totally open to just there being heroes, kids don’t buy movie tickets (at least, not below the age of 13). Part of the reason Avengers is so wildly successful was that non-geek adults became invested in one or more of these characters and, like the geeks, anticipated seeing them together.

            I agree, we don’t need to rehash Batman and Superman, they are completely within the pop culture. But, will people really go to see a movie involving an Amazon goddess meeting some dude who had chemicals dumped on him while hit by lightning to tap into the “speed force” (I think that is Flash’s origin?), I doubt it.

            I suppose the best way to do it would be to just open with the film with the world in power and the non Supes/Bat heroes immediately putting their powers on display. Then they can all meet through that experience and delve into their history, but as we saw in Iron Man 2 – mid-film exposition can really just kill a film.

            • “But, will people really go to see a movie involving an Amazon goddess meeting some dude who had chemicals dumped on him while hit by lightning to tap into the “speed force” (I think that is Flash’s origin?), I doubt it.”

              I was going to guess that he breathed chemicals, but lighting and speed force sound right too.

              Anyway, to answer that question: Why not? I mean it could be awful or great depending on writing, acting, and directing. Avengers could have been horrible. I think a scene like you mentioned could be handled in brief flashbacks. Commercials can tell pretty involved stories in thirty seconds, so a lot can be done in a few minutes. Have some character who can be incredulous and inject humor into the origins revealed. The audience will care if they like the characters and the writers can give them personalities as well as powers.

              Anyway, the question is moot. That movie won’t be made. Ask the same question by putting Batman and Superman in front of that.

              I’ll have to see Scott Pilgrim. I loved Kick Ass. What a great movie on a low budget. Other movies I liked are the Hellboy movies. I’ll grant they weren’t huge hits, but they were really well done on a modest budget. I don’t care what the objections are, I’ll be watching Hulk if Gillermo Del Toro indeed develops it. Anyway, the Hellboy movies are more movies full of unknown superheros.

              These movies are a crapshoot. I just think they’d be better off making a JL movie without solo movies, which could backfire. I believe that Joss Whedon probably doubled the money any other Avengers movie could have made. So I don’t expect JL to be that big of a hit. But it would be a hit. Flash? Wonder Woman? I don’t know.

              • Barry Allen was standing next to a batch of chemicals when lightning hit him and the chemicals giving him lightning speed. The Speed Force came afterwards and was generated by Barry Allen and is the center of the Speed Force. At least that’s what it was before the new 52.

              • Barry Allen was standing next to a batch of chemicals when lightning hit him and the chemicals giving him lightning speed. The Speed Force came afterwards and was generated by Barry Allen who is the center of the Speed Force. At least that’s what it was before the new 52.

        • Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and the Green Lantern have all either had a live action movie or tv show based off them. Just saying!

    • i agree

    • I agree. I think overall DC’s characters in the form of the Justice League are better known than Marvel’s Avengers and each one needed an introductory movie. DC’s characters don’t because they’ve had their introductions in the form of JL animation going back to the days of Super Friends. Also, wasn’t JL created before the Avengers?

      Just start with a Justice League movie and not worry about solo movies for the time being. They could do solo movies afterwards.

      • @Rafter, what in the world are you talking about. Marvel hero animation also had roots back to the 60s and most people didn’t know them. Marvel has been dominating the comic sales charts for years, so you have zero basis to claim DC heroes are more well-known.

        JLA was created before the Avengers – but until the recent film, both groups have about the same lack of relevance in non-geek culture. DC would be making a huge mistake thinking that people inherently “know” DC characters better than Marvel ones (especially when you are talking about heroes like Cyborg of Martian Manhunter).

        • Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman have been a staple of pop culture for decades. I’m pretty sure if a trailer showed those three in it, the general population would go.

          • @B-List

            You are right, people will always go, but not in the droves that would if they do it right. Knowing does NOT always = seeing (hell, lots of people know Scooby Doo, GI Joe, and the A-Team. Noone went to see the films though).

            Fox essentially banked on the fact that people would go to see the Fantastic Four because they have a long-standing pop culture presence. That is why Fantastic Four died after 2 movies. Fox kind of used the same strategy with the X-Men trilogy and killed (and X-Men/Wolverine have almost always had bigger pop culture awareness than Wonder Woman, Flash, or Green Lantern). As popular as Wolverine has become, his solo movie couldn’t put enough butts in the seats.

            But, once Fox made a decent film again with virtually unknown mutants in First Class, people came out for it.

            You also have to remember how expensive a JLA movie would/will be. Why act so cavalier with the film when overwhelming success will make you more billions (I am willing to bet the Captain America and Thor sequels will surge thanks to Avengers). DC can’t afford to take the laissez-faire attitude you suggest and assume success simply because people “know of” 3-4 of the leads

            • Fantastic 4 fizzled due to story writing. That was not Dr. Doom. And people would go in droves to any movie if it has a good story. Remember Titanic? Everyone who knows history knew the ending, but it told a love story that forced every woman in the world to drag their man to it. And us men got our payback with the Avengers. I’m not saying rush the JLA movie and write a terrible script. I’m saying tell us a great JLA story without a bunch of origin films because how many times do the people need to hear about Krypton, Thomas Wayne, or the Green Lantern. The answer is once…but we got more than one origin for Bats already and another for Supes on the way. The JLA universe is established enough to create a great movie as long as it has an outstanding script and director.

            • Wolverine may be more popular in comic fandom, but Wonder Woman has more name recognition than he does to the “common man.” Just sayin’.

        • Evan,

          I am speaking to the non-geek culture and not speaking to comic sales. JL has been more mainstream in my opinion since Super Friends and is seen with the popular Young Justice series.

          My basis is based on my observation in my community. JL is more well known and next Star Wars very popular among the kids. If, before the Avengers movie, you asked who Batman or Wonder Woman were and who Captain America and Thor were you’d most likely see that people know the former better than the latter.

          In the non-geek culture JL characters are more well known because they’ve been around longer and in more media than those in the Avengers. Marvel needed to do individual movies for people to understand the team up. Thanks to Justice League animated series and other Batman animated series, Superman animated series, and the more recent Young Justice animated series, JL is better known culturally so they wouldn’t need to have a WW movie or a Flash movie. Even characters like Martian Manhunter and Cyborg (if he was included) could be introduced in the beginning of the movie something the New 52 did a great job of.

          Marvel’s hero animation has only until this point consisted of X-Men and Spider-Man (and friends) and Fantastic Four and Hulk but recently have had animation related solely to the Avengers. JL has been consistent in being a part of the culture outside of comics in the form of the top 3 versus Avengers top 3.

          • Actually Marvel has also had animated Iron Man and Silver Surfer series, plus Spidey and X Men toons way way back to the 60s (plus the seminal Hulk TV show and the less seminal live-action Spider-Man TV show).

            Also, being around longer is a faulty premise. Captain America was around since the 40s, and also based on your premise, Sub Mariner should be WAY more popular than Aquaman given his much longer premise.

            Let’s be honest, there are only three comic book characters that, to this day, have fully saturated the non-geek market. Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man. You could also make an argument more recently that Wolverine is at their level. So, to compare those three to any other hero is ludicrous. Plus, you keep saying Wonder WOman, but I don’t think she has been particularly relevant since Linda Carter. Hell, David E. Kelly couldn’t even get her a new show off the ground. Hulk is easily (even pre-Avengers) more popular and well known than Wonder Woman or any other second-tier JLAer outside the geek community, and we know how well he has fared pre-Avengers.

            You also say that JLA is more popular, but my understanding is that Marvel has slaughtered DC generally in the geek field (via sales of comics) since the 90s, so I find it hard to believe that JLA is more popular than Avengers or even X Men within the Geek community. I know the new 52 has boosted things wildly from DC, but most of what I read about the new 52 and the JL reboot in particular is negative.

            Yes, there is no doubt that DC animation absolutely schools Marvel animation with Justice League, Batman TAS, Batman Begins, Teen Titans, etc. But, once again, you are looking at a very small sub-culture. As a 28-year old man, I can say I am in a SMALL minority of people who still watch cartoons at this age outside of the Pixar/Dreamworks/big-budget animation crop. I recently tried to show my wife an episode of Batman TAS and she could barely sit through it (she also fell asleep through the Batman Year One animated film). So, DC may have more success and a larger niche following, but devotion to animation will not translate over to big screen success. For that, you need to capture the general public who do not watch cartoon shows past puberty. Once again, kids do not buy movie tickets.

            Thus, why I think it will be harder if they launch into a JL movie with characters that people generally do not know outside of Supes and Batman.

            • Again, read what I wrote. I said popular in my community among the non-geek base i.e. those who do not buy comics.

              • Yes, and most of my points are for the non-geek quotient. Once again, I do think Marvel has the edge in the non-geek community. Do people perhaps know more DC characters? that is likely. Do they actually like more DC characters? I don’t think so.

                My impression is the non-geek crew generally mock capes on heroes and view Superman as stodgy and old-fashioned.

          • Captain America came out two years after Superman. He is every bit as well known as anyone on the justice league. I never read avengers I was mostly a DC guy growing up,except for Spider-man and X-Men, but I knew who Thor and Ironman were. The rest of the team yeah pretty much unknown, but those three are/were at least as well known as most of the Justice League.

            I’ll give you Supes and Bats, but the rest not so much. Even Wonderwoman hasn’t been all that well known in years. I bet most people think she still needs an invisible jet to fly.

          • Hi, I am pop culture at its finest. Im 18 years old. I’ve seen every marvel movie post 07 and all the dark knight movies. I watched justice league as a kid and tbh hadn’t heard of the avengers. I know who the avengers are because marvel did s*** right. I have no f****** clue about flash or wonder woman. I refuse to see green lantern. Literally, batman and superman are the only mainstream ones, and superman is stupid.

  3. WB/DC imo should really offer Bruce Timm & Co the job of being involved in the DCMU since they did such a great job with Justice League/JLU animated series. Loved their version of Cadmus story arc with Amanda Waller, Luthor faking his presidential bid to tick off Superman among other stuff revealed that dated back to Superman:TAS.

    • I definitely echo your sentiment WallyWest, he should be brought on board. Like Joss Whedon, Timm really understands universe-building, character development, the DC universe, and presentation of compelling stories.

      • @ Evan

        Thank you. Im glad im not the only one here who thinks the sameway. Timm & Co really do know that stuff & know what they’re doin in those aspects. Like in their version of the Cadmus story arc in JLU animated series, they felt they needed to have bad guys win one. In live-action i can see them do the same if they do a trilogy of Justice League films in a Star Wars kind of way, you know? I know Timm & Co. would do wonders in DCMU. Id bet all my DC comic-related thing i own on it.

    • Wally,

      I have been saying that (and even said it Timm himself) for YEARS now. They have their own Joss Whedon and they are just wasting him.

      • @ Kofi Outlaw

        I been sayin it myself & thinkin these guys should be first in line if WB/DC ever think about bringing a live-action Justice League film. Besides their work from Batman:TAS thru JLU animated series, they made great Feature animation movies such as Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm, Batman:Subzero which should of been what Batman & Robin was. Not to mention Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker & of-course there some of the good straight to dvd movies they had i enjoyed.

        Like you said they have their own Joss Whedon but won’t use them & it’s sad. Let’s not forget that Joss Whedon might of handed them a great WonderWoman script & they refused his script more than once. Their loss, obviously Marvel’s gain.

    • That is a dream I’ve been having for ages.

  4. People sure do seem to like Bale as Batman. I’m not saying he’s the worst but his Bruce/Batman was a miss for me. Not to mention,for me anyway, he never fit the role visually. I say all that to say, I look forward to a new interpretation.

    • I totally agree. The movies were good, names, places and gadgets the same but it’s not THE Batman. I felt its more Jame Bond in a costume. I hope to see a more comic book interpretation of Batman.

      • I also agree, Bale’s Batman interpretation, the voice especially, is not optimal. I would be more than happy to see someone else take up the cape and cowl.

        • @ Evan


      • @ KK223

        You’re not alone,trust me. Even Kevin Conroy voiced his opinion on Bale’s Batman voice. Imo, Kevin Conroy’s voice is the voice of Batman that i could imagine Batman speaking as in any comic. I agree with Rizzle & George’s comments. Bale’s performance isn’t the worst but is only good for Nolan’s take on film of the character. I couldn’t believe he used his Batman voice partly in Terminator Salvation even.

        • What I find annoying is that every non-comic book reading Batman fan I know who talks about Batman always uses that marble-garbling voice that Bale uses…
          i.e. Bale’s Batman voice has become the norm/a fad among some of the so called Batman “fans” (they think Batman is supposed to sound like that! :()
          I agree: Kevin Conroy is THE voice of Batman. No one has yet to do a better interpretation IMO.

          As for Bale himself: I think he’s a perfect Bruce Wayne and a terrific actor – just not a very good Batman if you know what I mean.

          • I agree Conroy had it down. His Bruce Wayne and Batman sounded different enoughto work, but you could still understand what Batman was saying.

    • That could all change if MOS is as huge as we think its gonna be. Once he has his powers intact so too does the whole comicbook aspect of it stay.

    • I gotta say, dark and mature isn’t exactly what I was hoping for from a JL movie.
      Still, I’m taking Millar’s comment with a grain of salt (is that the expression?). In my “life experience”, when you hear someone say “I have a friend who is friends with _____ and he says ______”, you can usually be pretty sure that that “someone” doesn’t know WTF he’s talking about ;)

      • same with the grain of salt but again dark and mature could be a good thing. He also mentioned real world. First thing I thought of when hearing this is cities burning with dead ppl. Plus it would also mean they’re not copying Marvel.

        With comic-con right around the corner we’ll find out soon enough.

        • It can work. Or not. Just like Avengers could have worked or not. Anything can work. Or not work.

          • I suppose

          • Hahaha!
            You got a point there Nostelg-O ;)

      • @ The Avenger

        No Kidding. Why would i wanna see every other DC hero dramatically dark & mature as Nolan’s Batman & Snyder’s Superman? Ive heard people say how they thought Superman Returns was a soap opera to them. From what i know about MOS, things within the movie been doen already pretty much on Superman television shows. And Snyder wants to start by makin lookin like Batman Begins. If WB/DC were smart, they’d keep Nolan’s & Snyder’s films seperately from their planned DCMU.

  5. Batman vs. Superman! Didn’t we see a poster of this in I Am Legend….. Not going to happen but I can still dream on.

  6. Man this would be so awesome when it comes out

  7. I think a Trinity (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman) movie should start the series, then move into a JLA movie where they introduce more characters. Unfortunately Whedon kinda ruined a Darkseid invasion storyline. The New 52 JLA storyline could easily be interchanged with the Avengers movie, minus S.H.I.E.L.D…alien invasion, orchestrated by Darkseid/Thanos, brings a group of hero’s together to save the world. WB/DC is going to have a tough time coming up with an original story line.

    • Yeah, the first arc of the new 52 Justice League was pretty much the avengers.

    • @George,

      Excellent point! Marvel getting the jump with Thanos pretty much eliminates Darkseid from being a JLA villain (too bad since Darkseid is great). The Avengers film would also appear to preclude the “Starro”-type alien invasion brings heroes together as occurred in the real JLA origin or the evil martians from the Justice League TV Show.

      I am curious who they could go with to threaten JLA. I would assume that Green Lantern being a heinous film destroys Parrallax as being the villain. Perhaps they jump right in with a Legion of Doom (that only seems likely if they do the solo films first though). Perhaps they go with Vandal Savage like the recent Doom animated film? Perhaps Brainiac can finally make his official movie appearance?

      • @Evan I thought LOD also, if done right, that could turn into a 3-4 hour movie. Audiences will sit thru a 3 hour movie, Lord of the Rings and King Kong are perfect examples. Those movies share something else in common besides run length, they are incredibly well done movies. So far only one character has taken on the DCU and defeated everyone, Doomsday…but Doomsday “smash” could get old, quick.

  8. After the discussion over on the Black Panther thread, I really think they should go the JLU animated series route and just kind of completely sidestep the whole Hal Jordan thing and go with a John Stewart incarnation of GL instead. That way they COULD finally cast either Idris Elba or Michael Jai White in the role.

    The only problem is the “New 52″ uses Hal (and also replaces the awesome MMM with an ultra lame Cyborg).

    • Why do people keep bringing up Michael Jai White, the guy is an awful actor.

      It’s like me saying I want to see Casper Van Dien as Flash…let’s be serious guys.

      • @Dante

        Michael Jai White was great in Spawn, Black Dynamite, and that Mortal Kombat viral video. Why do you think he is a bad actor?

    • “…and obviously [Wonder Woman] can’t just be the stereotype of an angry man-hating lesbian Amazon,” laugh out loud! I had to stop reading your post, I can’t stop grinning.

    • Well that was informative. Don’t ever let it be said you don’t know what you want.

  9. DC shouldn’t try to build a shared universe just because Marvel did it. I think they should concentrate on making better solo movies instead. That will give them flexibility w.r.t. the story, style and timing of each movie (something that Marvel could’ve used). Also, Batman and Superman each have more star-power than all the Avengers put together. They can pull off an Avengers-scale epic all by themselves. Batman will probably do just that for the second time next month. :D

    • Yes, and I think the shared universe with the Avengers made me dislike Iron Man 2.

      I think the best way is to let them have a team up like World’s Finest and have stand alone stories that won’t need them to have their origins explained.

      • But Iron Man 2 had way more to dislike than its’ Avengers links.

        I chose the lack of a coherent or engaging story as my reason to dislike it.

  10. They really should start the JLU project with the Trinity, then have them take on Darkseid or Brainiac for the JLU movie. They should include Aquaman, the JL cartoon version.

    It would be cool if Superman would be the one to recruit the members, or Batman.

  11. I say they should begin the “shared movie universe” scheme with next years Superman movie, because it won’t be happening in TDKR.

  12. I nominate Lynn Collins. She looked awesome in ‘John Carter’.

  13. Ideally, the best way for them to this is to copy Marvel. Start building it up now, and have a JL movie within 4-5 of the release of Man of Steel, just like Avengers came out 4 years after Iron Man. So:

    2013 – Kicked off with Man of Steel – possible scene at end tying in other characters
    2014 – Wonder Woman, Green Lantern 2 (reboot-sequel kinda like GI Joe 2 is supposed to be. Keep Reynolds)
    2015 – Flash, Man of Steel 2
    2016 – Aquaman (or maybe Martian Manhunter/Cyborg, whatever they decide), Batman – (I think they should NOT reboot Batman, as that would be a disservice to what Chris Nolan has done and general audiences don’t wanna see Batman’s origin again. Rather, they should continue with the same Bruce Wayne, just with a different director and actor, just like Batman Forever did.)
    2017 – JUSTICE LEAGUE!!!

    Chris Nolan should be a producer on every single one of these movies, and Zack Snyder, too, and try to have similar tones throughout these movies that can work well together in a teamup.

    The only problem is the fact that we wouldn’t be getting Justice League until 5 summers from now. And that is the best case scenario, assuming that all of these projects can be made so quickly after one another and no problems will arise. Even though this would probably lead to the best possible quality Justice League movie, I seriously doubt WB would go for that, seeing that they want to get in on the superhero-teamup money NOW. And for good reason. The hype is at an all time high, and for all we know, everyone could be tired of it in 5 years. So, several movies leading up into a JL movie would work well ideally, but I feel like it would take too long.

    (Sidenote: to all those who say that DC shouldn’t be trying to copy Marvel but do something completely different, I honestly don’t think the WB executives care whether they’re copying Marvel. They just care whether the fans will care enough to not see the movie. And if DC does follow in the footsteps of Marvel, they can still do it with a different, darker tone.)

    So, maybe, as some people here posted, they should just release a Justice League movie with little to no movies leading up into it. This might work, seeing that the DC superheros are more well-known than their Marvel counterparts, so they might not necessarily need the backstory that Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and Cap needed. But even so, the movie will need to bring some backstory for each character, and if you introduce 5-7 new characters in one movie, it could get very busy and jumbled and then just turn out to be a big mess.

    So, I think I’ve done a pretty good job of stating the issue at hand, and in conclusion: I HAVE NO SOLUTION!! All I know is that I’m very happy that I’m not a WB executive right now. They have a lot of tough decisions to make now, namely, whether to release a Justice League movie now, and risk it being confusing/bad/rushed, OR build it up slowly, but risk the hype dying down. There’s billions of dollars on the line. Oh, and the hearts and souls of fanboys everywhere. Don’t screw it up, Warners!

  14. Well I still think introducing characters in their separate movies first is the right way to go. I understand that this could take time – possibly 5-7 years, but the Justice League film should be just as big an event as the Avengers and deserves a big anticipation and build up. It would also make sense financially.

    I commend Nolan for wanting to keep his Batman creation standalone, but when considering how many will turnout for TDKR – even a slight hint towards the Justice League would just help to get the ball rolling. Maybe , if Bale’s Batman does die at the end – they will announce a new Batman ready for the reboot.

    And speaking of reboots – Lethal Weapon?? please say it isn’t so.

  15. I really don’t care what they do with the other movies, but Batman is their big draw. Next time he should be in a movie is when they put out this JL movie. That alone with get people back (only if it’s Bale though.)

  16. Imo i wouldn’t flat out release a Justice League film. We know it will have to be a long movie with a great story, each character gets their share of screen time,etc. I thought it was wise on Marvel’s part to do solo films first before bringing the heroes together instead of the otherway around. I believe DC should be wise to do the same but they could do it alittle different. They could use World’s Finest as a example bring Batman/Superman into the first movie to get things started. They been who they are for years already so no origin telling. They cross paths & of-course don’t eye to eye on each other’s methods with upholding justice. But when learn they need to work together as one of each of their villains are doin if they’re gonna bring them down. Of-course at the end i would suggest Superman(Clark) be the one to suggest to Bruce(Batman) if theres others like them, they’d made a pretty a good team like the two them did. Of-course have Bruce say somthing like, Maybe. Then they can get into The Flash, Wonderwoman,Green Lantern(John Stewart) which i prefer, Hawkman, Aquaman solo films. But maybe have Superman make a cameo but not ask about starting up a team but kinda let on theres other heroes out there sorta thing. Bruce Wayne maybe appear as himself to someone like Carter Hall in a museum. But another good idea would be Martian Manhunter in disguise watchin over everyone.

    One thing i disagree on is Chris Nolan or Zack Snyder’s being involved. Afterall they wanted their franchises to be standalone ones. I have to say with Nolan’s style of his Batman films, there’s limitations that wouldn’t be right in DCMU. Because this isn’t just about Batman & Superman, we’re talkin about other heroes & who knows how big WB/DC wants to expand their universe. Alot of heroes don’t have a great rogues gallery as great as Batman or Superman’s. People need to keep that in mind.

  17. I think in the credits of MOS Bale as Batman should make an appearance. Like Bat figures out who Superman is and confronts him about his identity, and something else, like a threat. That would be so epic I would prob jizz right in the theater.

  18. Here is the line-up I would want to see:

    2013 – Man of Steel
    2014 – Wonder Woman, Flash
    2015 – Green Lantern, Aquaman
    2016 – Batman
    2017 – JLA
    2018 – Green Lantern/Flash Team up, Wonder Woman 2
    2019 – Batman/Superman Team up, Aquaman 2
    2020 – JLA 2

    I would love to see the Tower of Babel story line in live action, but that would probably be better for the second JLA movie, once the characters have more of a history, and the betrayal is more PERSONAL.

    Team up movies a MUST. And with most characters getting their own film, you could use the JLA film to introduce MMM, or Cyborg if you wanted to.

    I wouldn’t mind keeping Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, but could also see Ryan Gosling (as either Hal or Flash really). Or perhaps Reynolds as GL and Gosling as Flash… that would be pretty sweet. Keep Cavill as Superman. Christina Hendricks as Wonder Woman. No idea about batman or Aquaman.

    Obviously the dream would be to have Nolan mastermind the whole thing, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. But I do think consistency is important. Someone needs to be involved across the board, making sure that the level of each film is on par, and that the story lines mesh appropriately without feeling forced (like IM2).

    Anyway, I hope this happens the right way, but after GL my faith in WB/DC is shaken. I hope I’m wrong and that this is awesome.

    • Flash doesn’t need his own movie nor dos AQ Team them up instead.

  19. I don’t want to see a FLASH movie. He should be saved for JLA Then Assassinated within the first ten minutes.

  20. DC is late to the game again (as always?). I am really puzzled by this announcement as, unlike Marvel, they don’t yet have any films to really lead in to JLA (they pretty much have to reboot Green Lantern, and it seems apparent that the Nolan Batman wouldn’t link to JLA without at least one bridge film). I agree you don’t need to solo every character, but you at least need an Iron Man that sets up the universe. I also can’t see how letting the guy who contributed to one of the worst super hero films of all time (Green Lantern) take the reins of another major property (Wonder Woman) is a good idea at all.

  21. I had a much more involved comment which managed to run away into the ether…sigh, sometimes, I really despise technology.

    Anyway…my point was that DC could easily do the slow buildup and still be successful in the coming years with a JLA film…If they are CAREFUL.

    They, however, might consider jumping into to JLA sooner than later BUT starting the film with a ten to twelve minute epic-inspired narrated prologue with the briefest, effectively choreographed introductory flashes of origin for each of the MAJOR heroes (momentary/overlapping for Batman and Superman…longer for WW, Flash, GL, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter/Cyborg, depending on the members present)…ten to twelve minutes TOTAL, fading into the start of the film.

    MOS looks like it could be great, and TA’s extreme success has hopefully greatly reduced the WB higher-ups’ longstanding squeamishness, so I feel confident in the possibilities and am excited by this news… :)

    • I agree if they do just dive into a JL movie it can’t be completely cold. They will have to spend at least a few minutes introducing the lead characters and their origins. This could be handled any number of ways but it needs to be done right, like the entire movie. DC/WB can’t afford to gamble on anything.

    • Yea Im already envisioning a 3 hr epic. No need for the same kind of lead in’s Marvel did maybe a little hint about other heroes at the end of the new DC movies and then let the JL movie bring them together. Once there is enough character development it will work.

    • Hmm, interesting. That might work.

  22. If Bale isn’t Batman I’ll pass

  23. Actually, the perfect villain for this would be Doomsday!

  24. I would be thrilled if Bale wasn’t batman, Since Batman Begins I have NOT liked his Batman voice. AND HE’S STILL DOING IT IN DARK KNIGHT RISES!!! Would someone please get that guy a cough drop!! So, I would welcome a different actor for Batman. Totally!!