‘Justice League’ Movie Getting New Script; DC Shared Universe on the Way?

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Justice League Movie Writer Will Beall Justice League Movie Getting New Script; DC Shared Universe on the Way?

While it may seem like news to some, anybody who has been tracking the progress of Marvel’s The Avengers has already likely to deduced that new life would not-so-coincidentally get breathed into DC and Warner Bros. perennially-stalled Justice League movie. And that’s just what happened.

Not only does the Justice League movie have a new writer, he’s actually been at work on the script (in secret) for a little while. And, as has been speculated by superhero movie fans everywhere, there are growing signs that DC Comics’ movies will start to emulate Marvel’s shared universe approach.

Will Beall is the writer that DC/WB has currently at work on the Justice League script. Beall is a quickly-rising talent who has found a good nest over at Warner Bros: he is penning several big-budget films for the studio, including this fall’s Gangster Squad, the Logan’s Run remake (which Ryan Gosling is slated to star in) and the announced Lethal Weapon reboot. Those upcoming projects will mark Beall’s first feature-film credits; clearly WB knows something the rest of us have yet to discover.

Justice League Movie Logo Justice League Movie Getting New Script; DC Shared Universe on the Way?

The Variety report describes further example of clairvoyant vision from the studio: Beall was reportedly set to work on Justice League before Avengers became a billion-dollar box office smash. The money is clearly on the table when it comes to these next-level superhero team-up films – question is, how will DC/WB go about getting theirs?

The Dark Knight Rises is coming out in a few weeks – but don’t expect things to kick off there. Chris Nolan has long and famously maintained his trilogy’s autonomy, wishing it to be free from any sort of shared universe; ironically enough, he was later approached by the studio to “godfather” their cinematic universe, starting with the story for the Superman reboot, Man of Steel and possibly extending to directing the Justice League movie. After Batman is done, there is no telling at this point if Nolan will hang around or move on to other work… bet safe bet is on the latter.

Speaking of Man of Steel: Zack Snyder’s new vision of Superman arrives next summer – and with it, many savvy fans have expected to see the first few threads of the DC Movie Universe (DCMU) take shape. We here at Screen Rant have seconded that notion – and offered the further prediction that – should he prove successful at relaunching Superman – DC will likely position Zack Snyder as a DCMU architect.

First Image of Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel Justice League Movie Getting New Script; DC Shared Universe on the Way?

Of course, Man of Steel still has a lot of people to win over, and the DCMU already took a blow with the underperformance of Green Lantern in 2011. The question of whether Green Lantern 2 is still in the cards – or whether the property should get a fresh start – remains unanswered for now. The G.I. Joe franchise attempted to make a sequel that was also a reboot – so hey, pretty much anything goes, these days.

Director George Miller is finally set to get to work on his long-delayed Mad Max 4 film, but he also suffered many starts and stops when he was set to direct the Justice League movie in the late 2000s. We wouldn’t count on Miller coming back, necessarily – especially if DC/WB does form a small circle with guys like Nolan and Snyder. For what it’s worth, I think small circle is the best way to steer this kind of ship.

DC Comics and Warner Bros. formed DC Entertainment back in 2009, in order to help expand the stable of DC superheroes owned by WB into a brand that could be as lucrative as the Harry Potter franchise had been. This game plan resulted in the DC Comics “New 52″ reboot of their comic book properties, with changes to core characters in the Justice League presumably to make them more modern and multi-media friendly.

The Dark Knight Rises casting update Justice League Movie Getting New Script; DC Shared Universe on the Way?

Will Batman be Rebooted?

Man of Steel clearly has New 52 influences all over it, and it’s likely that after Nolan, Batman will also get a movie reboot (probably in the vein of his New 52 counterpart) to establish a shared movie universe version of the character. Just don’t hold your breath for Christian Bale to hang around.

As noted in the Variety piece, here are some currently in-development DC/WB films we’ve reported on, which could all conceivably be orchestrated to fit within a DC movie Universe:

We’ll keep you updated about the status of the Justice League movie as more news comes to light.

Source: Variety

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  1. Good news. I cannot wait to see the threads of a DC universe start to take shape.

    • What has this got to do with dc?????????

    • Advertise somewhere else. Really!!!!!!!!

  2. DC needs to get their act together. Marvel universe started with iron man (which was clearly badass) and could not have pulled off the entire Avengers Initiative without a strong preliminary movie like that.

    Man of steel needs to be a game changer.

      • Terrible Idea!

        • i dont see that its a terrible idea at all. wonder women and the flash are pretty known superheroes. and in a 2 hr and 30 min justice league movie it could be easy to introduce a character that many people know about. If anyone has seen the justice league tv show that first couple episodes when the team was put together with an alien invasion that martian manhunter comes to earth to warn them about. That was a great way to introduce wonderwomen and martian manhunter and i think it could work.

          • One problem with that is if they are using the new 52 comics as a guideline there is no Martian Manhunter in the Justice League, he has been replaced with Cyborg. And do you think they will be able to introduce all 7 characters with out it dragging? That’s what Marvel did right, they gave the main characters their own movies to introduce and set them up for a united movie. That way the fanboys and newbies can understand the new direction the 52s are taking these heroes, without slowing the JL movie down with a bunch of back stories. And yes I have seen and own a copy of the JL tv show.

      • I agree

      • @longshanks – I somewhat agree. I think a different approach is needed, but I’d rather see the Justice League ensemble film be completely separate from the individual character films. Actors and all. Spread the jobs out.

        • @B-List: Couldn’t agree more.
          IMO, it’s too late for them to do a shared universe as well (at least, not they type that Marvel has done). It’ll take too much time (so by the time they have a cinematic universe firmly established, Marvel will already be even more ahead) and I’m sure so many people will just think DC is ripping off Marvel’s idea (you know, some of the more… unreasonable fanboys and general viewers)

          It would be so awesome if we could just get A Justice League movie and respective sequels (The characters are so popular, no introduction is needed so they could just jump right in), but keep the solo stories separate from the JL movies.

          • I agree with your agreement. To me, it makes sense to keep them separated. I think the studio executives would end up sitting on top of a giant pile of money ala The Dark Knight.

    • Agreed.

    • Agreed

    • DC had their act together before The Avengers did. A Justice League movie and start of the DC shared universe had been planned , casted and in pre-production. They only stopped when they decided to keep Nolan’s Batman seperate. And when they start the DC Universe, it can atart with the Juatice League movie and then move to single movies afterwards. Its not that complicated.

      • I think that could work. I also think they could have MOS II be a Superman vs. Batman, regardless of what happens in TDKR.

        Bottom line is that the majority of DC characters have plenty of recognition. Marvel HAD to do what they did. DC doesn’t.

        Nolan directing JLA? That would be an opposite approach to Avengers, for sure.

        • While I have enjoyed all of Nolan’s Batman films thus far, I don’t think he’d be the right guy for a Justice League film. His female characters have been pretty weak and Wonder Woman can NOT be done that way. Plus, I’d rather not have a dark JL film. Not campy like the old Superfriends show, but more of a fun comic book movie (like The Avengers). Not sure if that is something that Nolan can do, but I would not put it past him.

          • Nolan wouldn’t be my first choice, but I think “dark and gritty” isn’t a good description. What about “intricate and complex?” If a JLA movie provided an experience like Inception or Memento where I’m hanging on for dear life, paying attention to every detail in order to follow the story (willingly mind you), than that would be cool. It would be hard to do, but I would pick Nolan for something like that. I’m not sure what choice DC has. If they go the Avengers route with funny bickering and fights, it would look like they are imitating Marvel.

  3. I say it’ll come out in 2018

  4. I’m guessing since this movie will be out in 5-8 years that it’s going to follow the New 52.

  5. I guess “SuperMan” will kick it off like “IronMan” did then expect a Justice League Movie in 3-4 years. Can’t wait to see Wonder Woman use the bathroon on her invisible plane uhhh!

    • it may take 5 because the Justice League is bigger than the Avengers and would take an extra film or two

      • Actually they are around the same, avengers did not use all the avengers as JL will neither.

      • Yeah, even the Avengers is bigger than The Avengers movie. All they have to do is just not have everybody there and keep it small for now. Batman, Superman, WW. Green Lantern and/or Flash and that’s it. All far more well-known than Ironman was in the beginning.

  6. Of COURSE!
    Man of Steel will be the Iron Man of the DCMU
    Green Lantern 2 will have the reboot feel much like the incredible hulk
    Wonder Woman will be the Thor-type Movie
    and then Aqua man will be a “MEH” last movie leading up to the Justice League, in which we will be introduced to The Martian Manhunter because he will be an important part of the actual story. No Batman, at least for the first Justice League movie…i dont really know much about Justice League

    • Saying “no Batman” would kill the Justice League movie.

      • Eh, it could work either way..i feel.

        • I feel the same way

        • A JL movie without Batman would be like chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips. Still a cookie, but not nearly as good! Batman IS the face of DCU right now and to not have him in a JL film would severely hurt the film.

    • They don’t really need Aquaman in the beginning.

      • Oh he’ll be there. He’ll have as much of a significant presence in the movie as he will have in the comics. That is, we as the audience will be counted on to acknowledge him when, say, an ocean or lake appears in the background or, say, when someone orders swordfish for dinner or even passes by a fish tank. Integral part of the story line.

    • No Batman? No Batman?

      This guy…

      • Is it really that appalling? I mean i think it’d be more ridiculous to have to reboot the film RIGHT after the epic Nolan trilogy just for the sake of putting him in the Justice League.

        • He is a founding member and ppl would expect to see him

          • I thought Batman wasn’t a founding JLA member in post-crisis continuity,am I wrong?

            Although I very much prefer DC over Marvel any day, and Justice League animated movies are awesome (pretty much every DC animated film/TV show is awesome), I don’t think a live action Justice League movie would work.

            The only way I can see a Justice League movie to work is not having Superman show up until the very end of the movie.
            My way of doing that would be Superman dying in a prequel (against Doomsday) and heroes gather to fight off Darkseid because Kal-El is gone. Then in the final battle he comes back (like the death of Superman storyline) to help JL and the earth.

            • So pretty much exactly like that “Justice League Movie” with so many hits on youtube – the animated “trailer” for the game.

        • Epic trilogy? So far the first two where TERRIBLE. Nolan messed up the story line so horrifically I will never forgive him.

    • Sorry but I see Supes as the Captain America of the film the straight arrow who could get showed by batman (iron man)

    • “i dont really know much about Justice League”
      Well, that explains why you’d say “No Batman” ;)

      Seriously though, I disagree. Batman is an ICONIC JL member (and a founding member). Not to mention that he’s one of the most popular characters ever created – DC would be insane to NOT use him in a JL movie.

      • In many ways Batman is the “man with the plan” and the glue that holds the Justice League together. He also is the opposite side of the coin to Superman, the “tails” to Superman’s “heads” and willing to explore the darker places Superman (or the rest of the League) would dare not go to.

        He is also the original detective (and where the “D” is DC comes from) so not having him in the crowning jewel of DC’s shared universe would be turning their backs on their company’s own origin.

        • The aurgement stops with Avenger’s last (and glaringly obvious) point. Money talks (and I’m not referring to Wayne’s fictional billions).

          • And no disrespect meant by saying the point is obvious. It just is.
            It would be cool to hold out on Batman for a movie, but let’s be realistic. The studios wouldn’t have it.

            • uh, what? I’m AGREEING with Avenger and we both think it would be a huge mistake to leave the Bat out of the equation.

              So yeah I really don’t understand your comment(s)

              • I didn’t mean to be rude. I’m just saying that a further case needn’t be made. Batman is “money.” I apologize.

  7. Oh yes! Gangster Squad looks epic! Also read Wonder Woman’s script has a writer in Michael Goldenberg. Interesting.

    • No stupid humor or bedroom scenes in GL? Then he wouldn’t be GL. The only two comical people in JL are GL and flash.

      • I always saw Hal Jordan as pretty professional acting and straight-laced (at least as far back as my Green Lantern/Green Arrow collection). Guy Gardner was reinvented in the ’80′s as a macho goofball, so maybe he could be “funny,” but I think, more than anything the Hal Jordan we saw in the movie was Ryan Reynolds leaking his typically viewed “sarcastic jokester” personality that we’ve seen in most of his roles (Van Wilder, Hannibal King, Wade Wilson, et al). The bedroom stuff was just for the female demographic (or others interested in similar eye candy)…

        • And as an offering to a second “comical” character, Elongated man would fit that bill, although the Adam Hughes era of Blue Beetle was humorous, esp with Booster Gold.

  8. I bet Snyder was filming an “additional” scene for Man of Steel the second weekend Avengers was out.

    Yoda says, “Reactionary, this news is.”

    • in my opinion i feel like your cast is lacking just an opinion tho. Jessica Beil? she doesnt look anything like wonder women. i do like your martian manhunter cast but i dont want ryan gosling to be the flash… he needs to stick to his stuff no mainstream for now. Patrick Wilson for the flash (if they allow it since he was that dude from watchman) idris elba for john stewart.

      • Jessica beil doesnt look like wonder woman at all. maybe gina carano from haywire, the mma fighter. shes fit, hot and can already kick butt. Tyrese cant act but idris elba would be perfect. i cant stand ryan gosling. he is no flash. hes my favorite dc character so ill need more time to pick his actor. and i think djimon would make a good manhunter on his own. just shovel out the cash and get bale and nolan back i PROMISE it will pay off. and the villan should be black adam, yhe rock. possibly hinting at a future film for shazam.

        • Why does everyone want to cast black people as the aliens? lol geez

        • I finally saw Haywire. Liked it a lot and Gina Carano is convincing. Problem is she’s sort of normal sized. She really made Michael Fassbender and Ewin McGregar look like the toothpicks they probably are in real life. She’s not much of an actress either. But I liked the movie.

      • excuse me? Jessica Biel looks more like WW than the horrible choice in Adrianne Palicki. And casting an MMA fighter in the role is setting yourself up for fail. The actor has to be able to ACT first and foremost.

        I do agree she is no Lynda Carter but she wouldn’t work now either. Today’s WW needs to be more athletic and believably physical which is something Carter couldn’t do. Biel at least has a proven track record of physicality and can actually act.

        • Gina Carano (however you spell it) is not a bad actor for the experience she has. I agree palicki was a terrible choice, she didnt look athletic at all. Gina is extremely fit, and just looks like she can handle herself. The new wonder woman fits her well. plus the whole gritty thing they are going for would work with her. And no b

          • See but you said it yourself, “not bad”. That also means not great which is the caliber of actors this film NEEDS. Casting someone who might look the part but then can’t hold their own when it comes to delivering the dialog believably is a recipe for fail and something DC cannot afford to do at this point.

            For DC to survive against the Marvel-verse onslaught, the Justice League movie HAS to be good and as compelling as the Avengers. That bar has been set very high by Marvel so DC can’t take risks on C grade actors for lead roles.

            • No i agree with you she isnt great, but i just think that Wonder Woman cant hold up her own film. I think she should be used like. marvel is using the hulk.

              • I wish they could genetically engineer a cross between gina, Kate Beckinsale, and give it Anthony Hopkins acting ability lol

                • I totally get where you are coming from. We have had a number of excellent analogs for comicbook characters: Hugh Jackman = Wolverine, Reeve = Superman, RDJ = Stark/IM. But still none of them are exact matches. We are never going to find someone with the comicbook physique of Superman with his barrel chest and square chin that can actually act.

                  Don’t despair though because I predict one day (sooner than later) we will have the tech to pull off a completely believable rendition of the human form. So we will be able to bring back actors like Humphrey Bogart or recreate completely believable younger versions of actors.

                  In the future most movies will be made by mocap, animators and CGI. Then voice acting will be king.

                  • “We are never going to find someone with the comicbook physique of Superman with his barrel chest and square chin that can actually act”

                    Hey mongoose, ever see a show called Mad Men, there’s this guy…

                  • Blasphemy!!! ;)
                    Robert Downey Jr is the perfect Tony Stark… in every single way.

                    • its funny because, in many ways, RDJ is nothing like the Tony Stark of the comics lol but I still love’em

                    • I’m not saying he isn’t close (probably THE closest of all of them) but still not an exact match.

                      I agree with IR though and think he’s a great Stark regardless.

  9. As great as his Batman movies have been, Nolan really doesn’t need to take his approach with the rest of the roster. The dark, grounded, realistic angle doesn’t really fit many other superhero type characters. Batman is a “real” guy, as in no powers, no superpowered adversaries( except Clayface and to a lesser extent Killer Croc), but that approach would not work with more fantastical characters.

    • I agree. His film making style was so fitting for Batman, but it won’t work for Green Lantern, Flash or even Wonder Woman IMO (unless he drastically changes his approach – but I don’t think he should do that – he’s great at what he does)
      Still, isn’t it kinda irrelevant anyway? — I remember Nolan saying he doesn’t even want to do a JL movie…

    • Too many people think Dark, grounded and realistic is Nolan’s Style – its not FYI. Its one approach he used for a particular film. What Nolan style really is, are films heavy with themes, misdirections, and plot twist. Nolan’s styleis actually much needed in the cbm genre. Its a breathe of fresh air from the simplistic good vs evil formula most superheromovies follow.

      Marc Webb’s spiderman looks lik its gonna be the dawn of a new cbm era. A CBM that keep the fantastical element from the source yet it is able to pushout a great complex story. Which is funny because many people are comparing ASM to Batman Begins.

      • “Too many people think Dark, grounded and realistic is Nolan’s Style – its not FYI.”
        Isn’t it? Because when I watch ‘Batman Begins’, ‘The Dark Knight’, ‘Inception’, ‘Momento’ and ‘The Following’ “dark, grounded and realistic” is pretty much what comes to mind every time… obviously I’m not saying that’s a bad thing (he’s great at those types of films), but I certainly don’t want that style of film making in say, a Justice League or Green Lantern movie.

        • As Nostalg-O said above, “intricate and complex” is a better defintion of Nolan’s style. Inception and Prestige both had wild and unexplainable fantastical elements. I think all comicbook movies benefit from intricacy and complexity, since the characters are themselves.

          • Intricate and complex for sure,but still very dark in tone. I watched Memento just last night, and it seemed pretty dark to me.

          • Yeah, most of his movies are intricate and complex, no doubt about that, but tonally they are also dark, grounded and realistic… I don’t mean to be rude, but it’s kinda obvious to see when watching a Nolan film.

            • And debating on what his “style” is isn’t really the issue (that being the producers who aren’t typically comic fans to begin with see it literally in black and white and think a “dark” film is what is hot right now – hence, our wonderful “dark” and gloomy new upcoming Spider-Man movie).

              It’s all about what they believe is going to make them the most money.

  10. of course their going to re boot batman its supposed to be a “realistic” view on batman so how could a guy wearing blue and red from another planet exist in nolans universe

    • I just spent a couple hours starting from a comment on here to a whole 3-page ‘treatment’ (if you will) about how a Batman-Superman would work in Nolan’s world, because I would really see it working. It just has to have the right elements – like the public disbelief, “documentary”-level style. Refraining from following Superman around in the fancy special effects – i.e. when he shoots off, he seriously disappears out of sight. Things buckle and strain when he lifts things, etc., and largely from natural or nuclear disasters. No hand-to-hand combat for Supes for the most part. Like that new superhero movie with the kids in it, or how WE would capture it if it really happened, but not full-blown documentary style. News reports, sightings, etc., kind of like a real alien (Signs). I just think it could really be possible within Nolan’s universe if they just go about it the right way.

      • Its def can work now that TDKR has come. It was important that Nolan’s Batman be the only “superhero” because Bruce (and Gotham) neededto create this hero without any influences. When you add other superheroes it subtly changes the perception of Batman when the citizens can conpare him to Superman.

  11. Dc has had all the time to make a start at a Justice League film, and I’ve loved DC a bit more than Marvel because they’re more recognizable. But Now since Marvel got their act moving and DC is still rebooting and rehashing Batman and Superman, and not giving a hoot about much other of their heroes. I’m converted to be a Marvel fan more. It seems like the Avengers movie has finally given DC the kick that it needed to get in the game but really? Marvel has made a variety of different hero films while DC just focuses on Supes and Bat? I think they play and rely too much on the popularity of those two that the others like WW and Flash get shelved. A shame really. When A JL film is finally done the fact still remains that Marvel did it first and if it weren’t for them DC would still be rebooting Supes and Batman. They’re great but not the only bankable heroes DC has. Come on now!

  12. Sorry just not interested anymore fact Tom welling was not cast as superman fine I get the reason why and now talk of rebooting batman before the best version last film is even out sorry dc they have had enough time to a justice league movie plus marvel have better stories and richer characters than dc

  13. There are more characters in Marvel that people know than DC… Other than the main 5 or 6 characters the villains are not even close to being on par with Marvel… Superman is the biggest comic hero ever, but other than Batman, Flash, Wonder woman, and Green Lantern there isnt many others people would know. Marvel has the X-Men which their team alone has as many recognizable characters, Fantastic Four, Thor, IronMan, Hulk, Capt., Deadpool even though suppose to be ripped off from Deathstroke is more recognizable than his counterpart. Then ghost-rider, punisher, and blade which are different kind of comics to a point and they are bigger than GLantern to an extent

    • The average movie goer would not recognize deadpool… and ghost rider was a terrible movie along with the punisher movies. Besides the core avangers marvel has had pretty weak movies (and yes i know they are all owned by marvel just marvel characters) Superman and Batman are the most well known superheroes. instead of a justice league movie they should start with a batman and superman teamup to start it all off.

      • *arent all owned by marvel

      • I disagree, Spider-Man & Wolverine are bigger than Superman for sure right now.

        Batman is probably the reigning comic book king but Spidey ain’t too far behind him.

    • What does this comment have to do with the topic (of a JL movie) though?
      I hope you aren’t trying to start some sort of ‘DC vs Marvel’ thing here…

      • DC vs. Marvel – there was a crossover in the 90s called Amalgam, I think. It was awful but the idea is sound.

        How cool to see Supes vs. Hulk, Spidey vs. the Bat or better yet Wolvie vs. the Bat!

        • I meant that this ‘AvengerManiac1′ guy is trying to start a ‘Marvel vs DC’ ARGUMENT – not a movie or something like that

    • General audiences may know more DC characters than Marvel, but they don’t know the difference. I don’t mean to be condescending, but most people don’t know which character belongs to which publishing company, something that is second nature to many people on this site.

    • Nope, not at all.

        • I see a turtle.

        • Looks like a rock to me.

        • I see what you’re talking about. I remember when people were talking about that when this poster was first released. If it actually is the superman symbol, it’s probably just a little fun the artist(s) were having with the fans. I doubt it’s hinting that The Dark Knight Rises will feature superman or anything.

    • A rock vaguely in the shape of the “s” shield.

    • I see it !

  14. If they’re going to build this up with several movies over a space of 4 or5 years, I just don’t think I can stand the wait.

  15. Honestly if chris nolans series is not connected with the justice league and they will reboot batman? NOOO i will not see or support this film it will be like giving the finger to wb! Nolan wake up and develop it into justice league all these years would be a waste! and Bale is willing to play batman in a justice league film and he is the key to batman! Now green lantern is different too much cgi and didnt do too hot at the box office it could easily fit within the universe but eh too light! Im praying nolan will come to his senses!

    • WILL NOT HAPPEN and if it does won’t be worth a cent for one reason and one reason only WB cannot make a decent comic book movie to save it’s self the closest they got was batman begins but stuffed with dark knight people only rave about that movie cause the joker was portrayed properly as a psyco instead of a ceaser romeo esk clown . if dc are serious about launching a movieverse then firstly they must dump WB .

      • Except WB owns DC… that makes that difficult.

    • Maybe Bane snaps Batman’s spine at the end of the movie and is replaced by Azrael, who, in turn, takes over in the JLA movie.

      Yeah, I’m totally BSing lol.

  16. It might be just me but didn’t Marvel kind of steal DC’s thunder by going the alien invasion route? When I think of the Avengers it seems like they fight a variety of villains (time travel, space, superhumans, etc.). When I think of the Justice League it always seems to be alien invasion stories. I read mostly Marvel (been collecting the new 52 but haven’t started reading yet) and all the DC animated movies always seem to be the alien invasion angle. General movie goers might look at it as a ripoff of the Avengers. Am I totally off base about this?

    • No not at all, this is a actual scenario in avengers comics.

    • I was very surprised at how much the New 52′s JL origin story reminded me of The Avengers’s plot from the movie… There were SO many similarities.

      But nah, you’re not off base, the comics have always had a few similar story lines. But the good thing is, there are so many stories that can be told, that we’ll most likely never see a JL movie with a similar plot to an Avengers movie, and vica versa.

  17. Did the Superman legal matter of a little thing called “ownership” get resolved???

    • Yes, sort of. The families have copyright ownership of the early stuff. Like the origin, Lex Luther, etc. Expect plenty of changes to the origin in the movies.

    • Yes, that’s why they had to ditch the red trunks. The “s” shield is significantly different from the original so it did not have to be radically modified.

  18. i will look on with great interest and will be GREATLY swayed by the director. Good luck to mr. beall, he’s gonna need it.

  19. It should be the characters from smallville and add Batman green lantern and wonder woman too it to make justice league

  20. Given the general pace that WB/DC usually runs – I’m sure we’ll have solid information on this movie by some point next decade.

  21. I’d like to see a Justice League movie but I’m not sure that DC would be able to pull off the shared movie universe because I read somewhere that it took years of planning to get it right but it seems like DC just wants to hop right onto the money train. I hope I’m wrong though because I’ve been waiting to see other DC heroes besides Supes and Batman, especially Flash and Martian Manhunter

  22. If only Christian Bale can play Batman one more time I think that can amped up the Justice League film for success just saying

  23. Batman is the only dude people care from DC. DC sucks and is boring.


    • Your wrong cause what I say is LAW, see what I did there?

    • I respect your opinion but have to disagree with you there, TrillaDude. Some of the new 52 stuff is really good. My favorites are Frankenstein, Agent of Shade and Animal Man. And according to Previews comics magazine, six out of the top ten comics sold for April are DC, including Green Lantern and Action Comics. Aquaman even made the top twenty. (DC has been dominating the top ten each month since their 52 releases began.) If the DC comics are boring, why are they continuously big sellers?

      Also, don’t count out Marvel. Their Avengers vs. X-Men comic is a top-seller, and others are breaking into the market as top sellers.

      There are numerous characters from both houses that I love, so I hope both Marvel and DC continue to sell lots of comics!

      • I’m just surprised anyone is still buying comics…kids these days :P

        • :D

  24. I imagine there will be lots of changes to Wonder Woman, her powers and weaknesses are dopey. A Batman reboot is gonna feel so tired after Nolan’s version.

    • Her powers are actually pretty sweet, if utilized properly, which they haven’t been. She’s somewhere above Batman and probably right below Superman as far as pure melee. She just needs to be portrayed as a f*ckin bada$$ who already knows what she’s doing, instead of one of those “girl power” figurines. For a while I’ve wanted Zoe Saldana cast because she’s the best female action star these days. She could pull off the role.

      • Yeah, she is pretty much only physically weaker than Superman (she’s been noted as stronger than a mature Martian like Martian Manhunter, stronger than Hercules, which puts her over Captain Marvel, and has fought Superman to a stand still more than once). She also can summon the Godwave, which, though requiring time, is pretty much the end-all power blast).

        Of course, I haven’t read anything new for her, so who knows anymore? :P

  25. i dont want to see 7 movies before i get fully formed justice league, and dc doesent have shield to recruit these heroes they are self asembeld organizaton, best way woud be do it all in one movie kind off like new frontier that was awsome…