‘Justice League’ May Get ‘Batman V Superman’ Writer Chris Terrio

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justice league movie writer Justice League May Get Batman V Superman Writer Chris Terrio

Warner Bros. will have its San Diego Comic-Con 2014 panel tomorrow, where the studio is expected to reveal some big news about its DC movie universe – be it an official announcement concerning who Dwayne Johnson is playing, confirmation of the rumored DC film release slate for the new few years, and/or a teaser for the upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. There’s no guarantee that any such revelations will happen in Hall H on Saturday, admittedly, but at least we now know a little bit more about what studio heads have in mind for the Justice League film in development.

Justice League has proven to be a difficult nut to crack for the handful of screenwriters who have tried their hand at the task before. As such, it’s not so surprising to hear that WB’s top pick to handle that daunting job is Oscar-winning scribe Chris Terrio – the fellow recruited to rewrite the Batman V Superman script not that long after the role of the Caped Crusader went to Ben Affleck (who, by perhaps no coincidence, directed and starred in Argo, based on Terrio’s award-winning screenplay).

Deadline is reporting that Terrio is being eyed to write the Justice League movie for Man of Steel and Batman V Superman director Zack Snyder; THR, as it were, says that this studio/writer courtship has actually been ongoing for a couple months now. Clearly, the studio is impressed by how Terrio reworked the earlier Batman V Superman script draft (penned by Man of Steel writer David S. Goyer), and turned it into a screenplay that not only introduces multiple other superheroes, but blows the doors open for a much larger (and more unified) DC Cinematic Universe in general. At least, that’s what the popular rumor is, where it concerns what WB/DC is cooking up behind closed doors.

Justice League Movie Aquaman Matt Damon Justice League May Get Batman V Superman Writer Chris Terrio

According to THR‘s article on the subject, the main obstacle that could prevent Terrio from writing Justice League right now is his personal interest in getting into directing his own projects – as opposed, committing to penning another big-budget tentpole release for another filmmaker to mold as they see fit. Still, bringing Terrio back would help to ensure a stronger sense of continuity between Batman V Superman and Justice League, before (again, in theory) the DC universe gets even bigger with the barrage of superhero movies rumored to be arriving on through until 2018.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is scheduled to hit theaters on May 6th, 2016. Justice League will arrive sometime thereafter.

Source: Deadline, THR

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  1. As long as goyer has nothing to with the script or this movie has goyer on the same script position he had on The dark knight. My outlook for this movie got a whole lot brighter.

  2. Good, should have gotten rid of Goyer a long time ago.

  3. To me, David Goyer is the Frank Miller of comic book movies. He had a few really good hits, and suddenly people hail him as one of the best in the business, when in fact his track record is not only very spotty, but he has an open dislike for key characters so he doesn’t treat them with any respect.

    • Goyer doesn’t do a total 180 and destroy the characters he’s writing completely. That’s where he is, thankfully, nothing like Frank.

      • You know what? That’s fair. Good call on that one.

  4. Hummm, I wasn’t aware that they brought someone else in to rewrite the script but now that I do know that I’m a little less concerned about the movie.

    I think Goyer has his moments but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the best movies his name has been attached to are the ones co-written with or rewritten by someone else.

    He’s a great idea man but that’s about as much praise as I’m willing to give him.

  5. I think Goyer’s best as an ideas man, bringing some ideas to the table and their treatment, but he shouldn’t be finalizing any scripts.
    If they do seem to like what Terrio’s written, then it’s great news he’s getting JL aswell.

  6. i actually wanted to see what Goyer was going to come up with after MOS

  7. I just saw the new batman still & it got me thinking, I couldn’t see his eyes in both of the released images. Wouldn’t it be cool if Batman had black eyes instead of normal or white eyes. That, together with his angry brows, would look scary as f#*k.

    • If that is the case I can only hope they dark knight this whole thing and get a really good script writer to pick up goyers slack.

      • Unfortunately, JONAH NOLAN is too busy writing scripts that aren’t steeped in studio-politics.

        Seriously, as a fan of the JLA I am extremely happy that we’re getting a live-action DC Universe.. it’s just that I really dislike the lack of coherence that universe has had so far. Seriously? THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY is NOT part of your new DC Universe? The fan-favourite Arrow/Flash shows are independent? The new John Constantine, and Dark Justice productions are not going to be a part of your system? Great, y’know what? If you’re going to do all that, might as well NOT CREATE MULTIPLE CONTINUITIES OF THE SAME DAMN CHARACTER.

        This ain’t comics kids.

    • I’m pretty sure they’re not obligated to use him for all three if they don’t want to.

  8. I really hope Chris writes the script. I also hope he puts in J’onn J’onzz the Martian Manhunter. He has one of the most interesting stories and I would like to see that story told on film. I know the character of Victor Stone was cast. But I see no reason you can’t just make the Justice League an eight member team instead of seven. Because who wouldn’t want to see the Martian Manhunter working with Cyborg. Plus I prefer J’onn over Victor. I also know a lot of people prefer the Martian Manhunter over Cyborg.

    • I actually think the Justice League cast is already eight people as is: Cavill’s Superman, Affleck’s Batman, Godot’s Wonder Woman, and Fisher’s Cyborg; Momoa is all but confirmed to be Aquaman and I’m placing my money on The Rock as Shazam; and obviously The Flash and Green Lantern will be on the team. Though I agree– The Martian Manhunter would be a welcome addition. I know his name gets thrown around for every role, but I think Benedict Cumberbatch would make an epic MM. He’s already played intelligent characters with a magnetic presence, and there’s a fan made image of him in the role that looks spot-on.

      • See how much Vision fares among fans, and you’ll probably get pencil pushers at DC Entertainment aiming for a Martian Manhunter actor. Cumberbatch would be amazing, he’s already proven his ability to deliver very cerebral performances, so why the hell not?

        The Manhunter from Mars was definitely one of the greatest stories to appear at the dawn of the silver age of comics. Shazam and Cyborg, I’m sorry, belong to Teen Titans.

        • My only problem with that is that I’ve always pictured Manhunter being played by a black dude, I’m so used to the JL animated Martian Manhunter.

  9. I’m good with that. Let Goyer come up with ideas and the vision and let Chris Terrio write the script. I think his ideas are better than his script writing skills.

  10. Lol Justice League movie? Lol

  11. Hey when does WB/DC do their panel this weekend? They are there right? I cannot find anything on the schedule. I know the Marvel Studios panel is at 5:30 Pacific Time on Saturday.

  12. Remember when they brought Will Beall on board? XD

  13. Not a tough cookie at all, I am assuming that Batman v Superman will be about how a greater DC universe has always existed but was always hiding and under wraps — like the Watchmen — and the existence of Batman and Superman ushers in this era of superheroes in a politically-complex world that demands justice as it is being threatened by forces beyond the control of ordinary folks.

    Of course, with Superman and Batman each being on opposite side of the spectrum and newer heroes following somewhere in between… kind of alike how it went down in the history of comics. If Batman v Superman chronicles the way governments reacted to Batman as a rebel and Superman as their go-to-guy agent, then this is again a perfect climate from which a DC Universe can flourish, with Superman’s ties in the governments eventually supplying permission for the JLA to function officially, and Bruce Wayne’s vast wealth supplying the tower in the JLA movie.

    What bothers me most is the inclusion of Wonder Woman, she needs to be established first in her own stand-alone movie.

    I’m glad that the same writer who was involved in Batman v Superman is present in JLA, you need continuity like that. I just hope they bring back Christopher Nolan as a producer of some capacity. Snyder needs more than consultation. He needs guidance.

  14. And now presenting the ending scene to bvs:
    Batman: Superman, the way you kicked Lex’s ass was awesome!
    ( WW and the rest of the league jump out of nowhere)
    WW: Hi! I’m Wonder Woman and these are my friends. Let’s form a superhero team!
    Superman: Lady, I can fight crime just fine by my self so you should..
    ( WW takes her top off and performs an epic lap dance.)
    Superman: HELL YEAH LETS DO THIS!!!
    ( cut to title card)
    Justice League : Justice will be served coming may 2018.
    Roll credits

  15. Ever seen Chris Terrio is the … flesh?

    5’4″ and a forhead like a disused railway lot.

    Good for him.