Justice League, Flash & Wonder Woman Movies Confirmed; Batman Being Rebooted?

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dccomics1 Justice League, Flash & Wonder Woman Movies Confirmed; Batman Being Rebooted?

Jeff Robinov, president of the Warner Bros. Motion Picture Group, is opening up and letting movie fans know that his company has some far-reaching plans for their DC superhero properties. Plans that include taking another shot at the long-stalled Justice League movie.

In addition to having a DC superhero team-up film to rival Marvel’s The Avengers, Robinov has also stated that the team-up film will launch other cinematic properties like The Flash and Wonder Woman.

Of course a Justice League movie wouldn’t be complete without Batman – but Chris Nolan has been very clear that his Batman trilogy (which ends next year with The Dark Knight Rises) is a self-contained universe. That’s OK, says Robinov: they can just create a new version of the character for the Justice League continuity.

Speaking with Hero Complex, Robinov dropped the following tidbits:

  • DC/WB wants to have a Justice League movie in theaters by 2013.
  • A Justice League script is already in the works.
  • Wonder Woman and Flash scripts are already in the works.
  • A Wonder Woman movie WON’T conflict with the TV show (see: Smallville and Superman Returns).
  • Batman will still be a franchise “centerpiece” after Nolan departs.
  • Batman will be “rebooted” or “reinvented” after The Dark Knight Rises, likely for the Justice League continuity.

For the full story head over to Hero Complex.

We’ve known for a while now that Wonder Woman and The Flash, were being developed as films (particularly The Flash); however, I think it was widely assumed that the Wonder Woman TV Show was coming at us in lieu of the movie. It’s interesting that the character will be breaking into not one but two lanes of media.

As for Justice League - it was always assumed that DC/WB would follow close on the heels of Marvel Studios and release a superhero team-up flick – but will it be George Miller’s stalled Justice League movie from a few years ago that goes into development, or that new vision from the Nolan brothers that was rumored a while back? Maybe something else entirely?

batman 3 the dark knight rises 3d Justice League, Flash & Wonder Woman Movies Confirmed; Batman Being Rebooted?

Finally, we all knew that the Batman franchise wouldn’t be allowed to lapse after Dark Knight Rises ended Nolan’s run, but there has always been this question of how WB/DC would fit a shared continuity universe for Justice League around Nolan’s self-contained universe. Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man has already crossed the line of rebooting a character’s continuity so soon after their latest cinematic outing, and from what Robinov says, Nolan could even have a hand in reinventing the Dark Knight for this new continuity. We’ll see about that…

That’s a brief but important slew of announcements from the DC/WB camp – what do you make of all this?

We’ll keep you updated on the development of Justice League, the Wonder Woman and Flash movies as more info surfaces. We’ll also keep you updated on any future Batman news.

Source: Hero Complex

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  1. Just want to say they have to reboot Batman. Nolan wants him to exist in A world alone without other superhearos. And Cristan Bale said if Robin was in this movie he wouldn’t be. Also I realy wish DC and WB woulget on the ball and get the movies made. The Flash,Hawkman and Wonder Woman deserve A fair chance. By the way with how their now doing Hawkman maybe they should hire Hugh Jackman to play the part. If Ryan Renolds can go from Marvels Deadpool to DC’s Green Lantern why not.

  2. @ m s ostrom

    Ive notice people online aswell as my friends & i wish Bruce Timm & Co. made live-action films from Batman/Superman to other heroes from DC comics so there could be a great united universe.

    I can see Hugh Jackman be a great candidate for Hawkman. Id like to see ethier Brandon Routh have another shot as Superman/Clark Kent in a different way or Tom Welling.

    • Tom Welling would be awesome in the new justice league movie. afterall once your superman, look at the history.

      • THE PERFECT Cast+Crew 4 Justice League….
        John Hilcoat (LAWLESS, THE ROAD)

        Marc Forster, Jon Spaihts, Damon Lindolof

        Henry Cavill as Clarke Kent/Superman
        Viggo Mortonson as Bruce Wayne/Batman
        Ryan Gosling as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern
        Adrianne Paleckie as Wonder Women/Dianna Prince

        • Let’s be realistic here. The justice league is not going to have the same effect as avengers. The DC is too old school. The only thing the DC had going for them is the batman serious. Make Robin Night-wing and continue the dark night because this is the only attraction to the younger audience. Green Lateran failed, last couple of Superman movies, failed. Wonder Woman will fail and so will the Flash. It plain doesn’t fit or attract the younger audience like Marvel does. All X-men, success, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America (kind of lol), and the Avengers. At this point don’t try to copy off of avengers, make the movie justice league. Go right into it and well now since WB owns Mortal Kombat, and making the movie, use those two franchises into one like Freddie vs Jason.

          • se eh assim pq tanto a dc como a warner sao grrandes epresas assim como a marvel e a paramount???

        • What about Barry Allen/ Flash. and Aquaman and the teen titans should be involved in the movie, so robin and cyborg and beast boy and starfire and raven… you get the point

    • If Bruce Timm and Paul Dini were in on the script, I would go see it without knowing anything else about it. Everything else they’ve done for DC has been superb and a live action would be no exception.

  3. Had another thought,if they won’t let her play Wonder Woman. Maybe they should let Cristna Hendricks play Hawkgirl. As W.W. she would have to dye her hair or wear A wig. But Hawkgirl was A redhead (at least in most comics she was).

  4. Just saw the movie Haywire and I can say this about Gina Caraco. Get her some blue contacts,A costume that lookes like leather & bronze(instead of plastic). And A good script and she will KICK ASS as Wonder Woman. I mean this figuretivly and literaly. What I would like to see is her in A Justice League movie. Have her in A sparing match with Batman,have him do or say something stupid. She gives him A roundhouse kick to the head and in the next scene she’s putting an ice pack on his face.

    • YES!! that would be good a lot of people have been wanting to see batman/Wonder woman “thing” going on. That would be a perfect start.

  5. I was listening to another blog cast on the Justice League movie. This guy was saying Batman was useless to the league and should be left out. Now stop and think A minute all that equpiment they use,the orbiting H.Q.,the moonbase and all. Were did it all come from who paid for it. Bruce Wayne did through A slush fund his board of directors don’t know about. Plus Batman is there to keep everyone on point and following the rules. Plus he’s the resident dective wene needed. So he is needed if only to explain were all the money comes from.

  6. Hi me agin with A question. Why is there no new news out there on DC Comics movies. Most of the stuff out there is dated 2010 to 2011. Comeone gang it’s 2012 already. Oh well maybe ther’ll be more news after Batman & Superman hit the theaters

  7. I’ve been thinking about this for A wile. What was Cristina Hendrecks doing for A year wile her show Mad Men was off the air. I mean season 2 ended Oct. 2010 and the new epsoeds didn’t start till March 2012. I’d like to think she was playing Wonder Woman in the Justice League movie. Or she played Ginger in A movie version of Gilligan’s Island. But in all likelyhood she sat at home and collected unemployment checks waiting to go back to work. Anybody else got A thought on this.

  8. Christina Hendricks as Wonder Woman? I don’t think so. First off she doesn’t have the build for the character. The person playing Wonder Woman should have a athletic build. Not a bodybuilder. Think a swimmers physique. Toned. Also if possible, she should be Greek or Roman in appearance. Remember, she was created by Zeus! A good choice (several years back) would have been Melina Kanakaridis (CSI:NY).

  9. Christina Hendricks as Wonder Woman? I don’t think so. First off she doesn’t have the build for the character. The person playing Wonder Woman should have a athletic build. Not a bodybuilder. Think a swimmers physique. Toned. Also if possible, she should be Greek or Roman in appearance. Remember, she was created by Zeus! A good choice several years back, would have been Melina Kanakaridis from CSI:NY.

    • Melina Kanakaridis would be A good choice to play Queen Hypolita. If Linda Cater can’t do it.

  10. Ok forget Cristina Hendricks unless someone thinks she can play Wonder Womans man hateing friend Artimes. How about the actrees from the Fiat “Abrath” comceral. Don’t know her name but she looks like she’s seven feet tall.

  11. come on guys( dc comics) . why you did not included aquaman in it. aquaman would be the greatest live action heroes of them all. are you agree the dc fans? let aquaman do his movie. where is your mind guys?

  12. i dont care who will potray who? just made the dc comic heroes a movie. wb/dc you are left behind the marvels. whats happening to you guys? are you all dumb or what. do you want to earn billions of dollars? just make them a movie. i’ll be the 1st one who will line up the movie theather if you made. the flash, wonder woman, hawkman and most especially aquaman. i think aquaman would be a great movies with all these underwater scenes . it would be awesome! with this new technologies oh tnat would be fantastic. the aquaman movie will beat them all. if thats happen you will be thanking me. so wake up guys. where is your brain here. come on!!!

  13. Jennifer Lawrence would be awesome for wonder woman. Great looking girl with a built in fan base already. If they could put together a good movie with her it would be box office dynamite!

  14. Just saw the Avengers it was great now why can’t they do this for the Justice League. I mean the JLA predates the Avengers but they don’t seem to get as much love from the fans. I am hoping and praying for a JLA movie as soon as possible

  15. Gerard Butler as the next Batman. Just throwing that out there.

  16. Just read that Joel Silver and his company Silver Pictures has given up on A Wonder Woman movie. He’s doing LOBO instead,talk about A niche charter few peaple know about. If this is ture can another production co. pick up the option on Wonder Woman. Also how long did he have this option without making A movie. Didn’t WB have A compleation clause in the contract.

  17. I like the gerard Butler batman comment but they are no way going any older then that , with 3 movies expect roughly 2 years each they want a younger aidience and DC is gonna screw up JL movie cause they want to get the publicity from avengers so instead of doing what marvel did and have well made movies over 5 years to get to avengers they will slap together a bunch of crap , which really is a shame

  18. I just hope they do Wonder Woman right!
    AKE ACTION NOW: http://salsa3.salsalabs.com/o/1881/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=7969

  19. DC is behind – they had the idea and opportunity to succeed at marketing their franchise before Marvel beat them to it. They need to get on the ball.
    If they don’t do Wonder Woman right – it will be a flop.
    There’s a petition out there now asking them to do just that: http://www.change.org/petitions/warner-brothers-and-michael-goldenberg-restore-wonder-woman-as-a-feminist-icon-in-new-film

  20. If TOM WELLING is not in Justice Movie i won”t see it period ! What have Warner Brothers done to this great actor who kept Supie alive for 10 years ans now a new comic book version of him as Superman. What are they waiting for ? Wake up and smell the coffee ! ! !From Steven Dunetz.

  21. Steven is right folks. Tom Welling only as Superman. The comics books think he’s good and 10 years on Smallville.

    • Steven is NOT right…by a long shot. I loved watching “Smallville” but the new film will definitely benefit from having a different actor in the role of Clark/Superman. If you two do not want to see MOS, that’s fine; ideally, there will be more than enough fans seeing the film next year to make it a success.

      • NO I am right! D.C. thinks i’m right too! They have a comic book new in TOM WELLING’S image and FACE BOOK is loaded with video’s of WELLING as SUPERMAN with YOU TUBE plus commits on THE INTERNET! Your opioin is welcome but most people see and view things different! NO MORE ROTH OR NOLAN PLEASE. THEY SUCK. Thanks for your views but NO MORE SUPERMAN FLOPS! Steven Dunetz.

        • No, Steven…You REALLY are NOT right. I loved “Smallville” and watched it almost straight through for all ten seasons; I enjoyed Welling as Clark and as his alter ego(s). The Superman film next year and the JLA film (if and when it does come out) will be part of a differently interpreted DC onscreen universe…just like Nolan’s and Burton’s and Donner’s/Singer’s were. Cavill is the Superman/Clark in THIS version.

          You’ll simply have to learn to to deal with it. If you cannot, don’t see it; sit at home each night while it’s in theaters, and twiddle your thumbs…or just sit there crying while repeatedly watching your dvds of the show. That’s your choice. For MY part, I’ll be seeing what’s so far looking like a great production of the Superman mythos next year IN A THEATER and thoroughly enjoying the big-screen experience.

          Good luck.

        • BTW…That comic you are reading now that has Welling’s likeness IS the Welling Superman…in Season 11 of the show. It is the only Way you ever again see Welling in the suit.


  22. they should use the smallville characters in the justice league movie. i think that would be awesome.

  23. I think this is getting ridiculous, they should leave The Batman alone for at least a few years, or they will do another mistake like they did with Joel Schumacher’s films and kill the franchise. And people will get tired of Batman if they have too much to see of it, we had three good movies with Nolan’s trilogy, so now let’s move on to something else for a change and maybe come back in, say, 8 to 10 years to the Bat… Then it would be interesting to see what they will come up with, but not so soon like the Spiderman reboot, people can only compare to the other Spidey movies instead of concentrating on the new movie and seeing it for what it is. because it came out to soon after the Spiderman trilogy.

    But like I said, these movies are Franchise so they represent a lot of $$$ and who doesn’t need $$$ these days ?

    • I think WB should introduce the Batman in the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie. Then depending how that goes start a new solo series with him. Don’t reboot. Just start telling stories. Everyone already knows the origin story. They already know Bruce Wayne is Batman. Just build a good story (maybe adapt Arkham Asylum into a film series) Introduce some of the ensemble cast in the Batman Universe (Robin, Barbara, etc.)

      • I totally agree with you john and I think I saw some where that they want to release a new Batman by 2016 and that they want to release the Justice League Movie by 2015 so that may be the way they are going but I do think they should wait until 2018 or 2019 instead of 2016 but whatever they are going to do what they want to do

  24. All the way to the JLA.

  25. I know how to retcon Batman for the role in the Justic League…
    Have the beggining of the movie show Batman training Robin John Blake to become Robin (Batman with red spraypaint on the bat symbol, I guess…) then, when that’s ready, have him hear about an attack on Superman, leaving the Kryptonian wounded. Have Batman rescue him from (let’s not say Luthor’s) minions, and back to the Gotham Pier base he used in TDK. Have Batman try and take out the Metropolis-based villain (again, not NECESSARILY Luthor) but be beaten back. Cut to Batman tracking down the Flash, Wonder Woman, the Green Lantern (Ryan Reynolds… shudder.) and perhaps the Martian Manhunter. But stick to the well known superheros. Then, have Superman recover his strength just in time to save the world.

    Alternative to wounded Superman is hostage Superman, Batman trying to get him back. This could also lead to Batman teaching Superman to overcome Kryptonite, by forcing him to workout under its influence.

  26. You want a script. Base the film around Green Lantern and John Stewart.In his past he has suffered an injury. But John has been revealed as having no fear which makes the yellow ring just another ring battling him. John does have one fear and Sinestro and Lex has figured it out. Age. The film begins with the Justice League based one Earth, engaged in battle. Lex sends his big guns out to engage Superman, Giganata and Cheeta on Wonder Woman, Manta stands along side Lex and his magical witch. Batman is snuffed by Manta and the Riddler in short the Legion overcomes the league. Lex finally realized Take out Green Lantern, while Superman is the strongest, Lantern is the most powerful. Sinestro engaged in a battle that could have turned the tides if only the Lantern had listen to his ring an taken the shot, but he would not risk hitting Hawkgirl.

    the moment of hesitation cost the league, Batman knew this moment would come. The league is beaten. Prior to the battle the Legion found a planet far away and implanted a red shield, thus casting red rays o the planets below, the red rays were of no harm other than the fact the aging process has stopped on the natives. This is where he banishes Superman to knowing the red rays would advance his age.

    Flash many may object to his action, but there is no way he could take on the Legion by himself. Batman tells him make the jump to the speed force and learn all you can about your powers. Flash cries but makes the jump, during his exile, he learns about some of his powers but is consumed with saving the league to the point h e comes back and sees every member except Hawkgirl, and Aquaman. While only a few months have passed, Batman and Green Lantern were aged. Wonder Woman is allowed to go back to her home land.

    Flash visits Aquaman and is told he fears Lex will grow tired of ruling the lands, and will turn his site on the underwater world. Flash pledges him services and his life to Aquaman. Flash with his new understanding of his powers if only Green Lantern or Superman was available he would have enough to battle the Legion right now. Aquaman tells Him Wonder woman has been banished, Batman and Green Lantern have aged by Sinestro’s ring. The Martian Manhunter lives with Doctor Fate ,his wife, Amazo, and Hawkgirl.

    Flash visits Bats, and John. While Bats speaks. John is in another place. John fears age, but he fears NEVER SEEING Shayera the most. At some point a blue and indigo ring is planted into John’s DNA, which gives him the power of hope and compassion. While This allows John to make a carbon copy of himself and slip out to find the one thing he feared never seeing Shayera. Fate and Amazo tells John and the Martian tells him he is not welcomed here. John battles them but is quickly dispatched as the Martian reasons with John to end this search for Hawkgirl. John leaves and re enters his bode Green. Sinestro is the keeper of the Green ring and John’s battery. The Guardians have found a way attack the ring to lanterns DNA.

    Flash makes an attempt to meet with Superman, but he is turned back by The Legions Goons. Flash quickly discovers Brainic is back inside Lex’s body. A body that is fused with the android clone.

    The Green ring is placed inside Johns body and nwo the Lantern has the power, but still the most important thing to him is Hawkgirl. Now he can reach her mentally. He explains everything to her and she accepts it and tells him where she is. John again makes a carbon copy shifts out and reverse the power Sinestro has cast over him, leaving the carbon copy old, while making himself young again. Now John is 31 years old, but Sinestro made him an frail old 31 years advancing him 3 times his real age. So leaving the copy behind, he takes off to Doc. Fate’s place to see Shayera. Fate, Amazo, J’onn J’onn, try to stop him but is quickly and I mean quickly dispatched. Fate, and J’onn J’onn know that the power of love is why John beat them so quick, and to further test John could mean death to all three really quick. Hawkgirl and john talk and spend the night in each others arms. As he is leaving, she asks about reforming the league.

    Flash visits GL Flash tells GL about Aquamans fears, Bat’s aging process, Superman and Wonder Woman’s banishment. GL mentally tells Hawkgirl he is GOING TO make thing right but first he must send her to OA. On Oa she is soon joined by Other League members for Batman and Wonder Woman for upgrades. GL is fused by three power rings of which the Blue ring doubles the power of the Green ring if a Lantern can survive them. The fear of Losing Hawkgirl mixed in with the power of LOVE in this case made the BLUE and GREEN RING a PERFECTION, mix in the indigo ring which makes it impossible to be tracked. Also, Because the Guardians know how important Superman is to the safety of the universe they and the yellow purities to GL’s power. The Yellow is solely to advance Superman’s healing process.

  27. The upgrades in bats given Infared vision, super strength, flight, advance brain power, brain waves to move objects, and unlimited items needed in his utility belt. And a default Oa special Survival mod.

    Wonder woman has a full body shield. She is able to project beams through the star in her Tiara. Also, like J’onn J’onn when you punch her she can seal herself around your fist and toss you around. Also the default Oa special Survival mode.

    AquaMan is given his hand back, along Water properties to be used along with his mental power over water creatures on any planet. Along with the Oa Default special.

    Shayera Hol given the royal treatment. She is a Green Lantern as long s she draws breath. She is fitted with her mace giving her skin metal property in battle. She is fitted inside her body with the White ring of power. Giving her amazing power also, her mace much like thor however it can be used by people she selects, for others it is almost impossible to lift, her mace can project beams.

    NINE MONTHS HAVE PASSED, IT IS TIME TO RETRIEVE SUPERMAN. This battle is short and sweet in favor of the league. The shield is destroyed the leagues finds superman while his age is reversing it is extremely slow batman comments at this rate Superman will be back to full strength in three years, J’onn concurs, so GL unloads a full dose of Yellow Kryptonite into Super’s body. Two full days and nights pass. The league goes back to Earth and plans their attack with or without Superman. it was stated 72 hours Superman would be back to full strength, it only took 60 hours. Lantern explains he had the shot but refuse to risk killing the one he loves. As it stands now all the vunerable league members are no longer vunerable. GL explains this battle has to be quick and decisive. Batman draws up the plans, and it is over quickly.

    Lex and Brainic leaves and evcounters darkseid on the way out, leading to part two…

  28. Forget justice league, make a teen titans movie attracting all younger viewers out there and blowing away the avengers out the box office..Teen Titans rule make it happen !!!

  29. Just like GM, DC has made way to many Superheros. You see Marvel went back to The Hulk, not some red Hulk, Grey Hulk, Planet Hulk. Just the Incredible Hulk. Too many different heros, makes it hard to identify with.

    get ride of Night wing, new batman, Supergirl, who now is to becoem wonder Woman and Superman’s daughter. No need for that. Wonder Woman has a secret love fest with Batman keep it at that. John Stewart and shayera Hol the hottest Super Hero love fest going, and it is open and refreshing. It is refreshing because it is a story that is not a story., But better than that is the story of the original members.

    No Teen titans, ion fact get rid of that story or at least put it on the shelf. No more DNA Superboy, no cousin Martian girl, now Kid Flash. Give us Grown man never taking life serious Wally West.

    To many characters to follow, lets get back to the comic book heros kids know and grew up with…If you want a successful movie it starts with characters people can identify with. This is why it is so hard to follow the Transformers, because you can’t identify with characters. I mean you know Megatron, and Prime, and it is hard to follow the rest because there aren’t anyway to identify with the characters.

    • Ummm, DC does not have too many superheroes, any more than Marvel does. They simply need to figure out how to present their (shared) universe onscreen.

    • i agree with the “love fests” that RJ said because with the JLAU series that happened at the start of the 2000′s made batman/wonder woman and green lantern/hawk girl famous and it would attract a lot of viewers that have seen that series. oh and Clark and Lois were huge in the past too.