Justice League, Flash & Wonder Woman Movies Confirmed; Batman Being Rebooted?

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dccomics1 Justice League, Flash & Wonder Woman Movies Confirmed; Batman Being Rebooted?

Jeff Robinov, president of the Warner Bros. Motion Picture Group, is opening up and letting movie fans know that his company has some far-reaching plans for their DC superhero properties. Plans that include taking another shot at the long-stalled Justice League movie.

In addition to having a DC superhero team-up film to rival Marvel’s The Avengers, Robinov has also stated that the team-up film will launch other cinematic properties like The Flash and Wonder Woman.

Of course a Justice League movie wouldn’t be complete without Batman – but Chris Nolan has been very clear that his Batman trilogy (which ends next year with The Dark Knight Rises) is a self-contained universe. That’s OK, says Robinov: they can just create a new version of the character for the Justice League continuity.

Speaking with Hero Complex, Robinov dropped the following tidbits:

  • DC/WB wants to have a Justice League movie in theaters by 2013.
  • A Justice League script is already in the works.
  • Wonder Woman and Flash scripts are already in the works.
  • A Wonder Woman movie WON’T conflict with the TV show (see: Smallville and Superman Returns).
  • Batman will still be a franchise “centerpiece” after Nolan departs.
  • Batman will be “rebooted” or “reinvented” after The Dark Knight Rises, likely for the Justice League continuity.

For the full story head over to Hero Complex.

We’ve known for a while now that Wonder Woman and The Flash, were being developed as films (particularly The Flash); however, I think it was widely assumed that the Wonder Woman TV Show was coming at us in lieu of the movie. It’s interesting that the character will be breaking into not one but two lanes of media.

As for Justice League – it was always assumed that DC/WB would follow close on the heels of Marvel Studios and release a superhero team-up flick – but will it be George Miller’s stalled Justice League movie from a few years ago that goes into development, or that new vision from the Nolan brothers that was rumored a while back? Maybe something else entirely?

batman 3 the dark knight rises 3d Justice League, Flash & Wonder Woman Movies Confirmed; Batman Being Rebooted?

Finally, we all knew that the Batman franchise wouldn’t be allowed to lapse after Dark Knight Rises ended Nolan’s run, but there has always been this question of how WB/DC would fit a shared continuity universe for Justice League around Nolan’s self-contained universe. Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man has already crossed the line of rebooting a character’s continuity so soon after their latest cinematic outing, and from what Robinov says, Nolan could even have a hand in reinventing the Dark Knight for this new continuity. We’ll see about that…

That’s a brief but important slew of announcements from the DC/WB camp – what do you make of all this?

We’ll keep you updated on the development of Justice League, the Wonder Woman and Flash movies as more info surfaces. We’ll also keep you updated on any future Batman news.

Source: Hero Complex

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  1. Don’t reboot Batman.

    • It must follow the laws of Hollywood physics.

      One of the primary laws stipulates: “If it exists, it must be rebooted.”

      • Only thing Hollywood is doing is prompting people to re-boot their computer and download these movies. I swear they are either re-making things that are five years old or butchering foreign films nowadays. Did that writers strike ever actually end ?

  2. I really don’t see why its such a big deal to just continue the story with an all new cast and new director. As long as the new cast and crew is good then why keep rebooting. I don’t need to see batman’s origin again. I’m a massive batman fan but I can really do without. You get a new cast and new director and just keep going

    • I agree with this. Just make a new cast and director and continue.

  3. Agreed.

  4. For those Screenranters that have a Facebook and are part of the Screentrant group page, I SOOOO SAW THIS COMING!!

      • I saw the fact that a JL movie was coming and the fact that if it was then they would reboot Batman.

        • There´s no reason to reboot Batman. After Nolan is out of the franchise they can do with the character whatever they want. They can come up with a story that plays 5 – 10 years after Nolans last movie, hire Thomas Jane as Batman and let him join the Justice League.

          • They could just remake the uber-realistic into something more akin to the comics and they could continue after TDKR. The events of it could have happened just make it fit better in a universe with Green Lantern and Superman.

  5. Good. Batman reboot is needed. Are they suggesting that this new Superman movie will share the same universe as Green Lantern?

    • What makes you think Nolan’s Batman needs a reboot? *SMFH* his movies was and will continue to be the best that was ever made. I though you only reboot a movie if it wasn’t good at all or it failed at the box office?! They need to keep Nolan’s Batman just the way they are and create and new universe ’cause his Batman movies is what gave fans something special to hold on too….i take it you loved those Batman that was made before Nolan’s version.

      • Yeah and Tim Burton gave fans something special in 89 as well. Some people prefer his take on Batman. Nolan’s Batman, good as it may be, is extremely limited in the stories it can tell.

        • Exactly, things are rebooted so we can see a new take on it. Nothing is ever “replaced”.

        • @ Jack

          I agree.

      • Nolans batman goes into like 2018 and the story said batman was crippled the whole time. It wouldn’t make any sense to someone with half a brain cell

  6. Don’t reboot Batman… Spider-Man was rebooted because Spider-Man 3 was horrible and Sony Pictures are money-grubbing corporate a$$holes. None of the Batman movies have sucked (I’m going to say now that The Dark Knight Rises won’t suck lol) so there is NO reason for Batman to be rebooted. Just leave it how it is and see if Christian Bale can do Justice League?

    This is the difference between DC and Marvel. Marvel chooses their actors for the superhero and sticks with them. Obviously with the amount of people who has played Batman is ridiculous. Bale is good as Batman. Leave that be.

    • But Bale isnt going to do another movie unless Nolan does and I think he is finished with Batman after TDKR. How is the ammount of people who played Batman ridiculous? Lots of people have played Superman. Or James Bond. Or Jack Ryan.
      You can’t get attached to any actor in a role forever. Eventually someone else has to take over the part. Bale obviously doesnt want to play the same character for the rest of his life.

    • REALLY?!?

      I have five words for you in response: The Hulk and War Machine.

      • Lol wow. Two for Marvel and “War Machine” in the first Iron Man doesn’t count because he wasn’t “War Machine” until the second. So technically they have 1.

        Superman and Batman are two of the Justice League heroes in the DC universe and each have had many, many actors portray them.

        • They’ve been around, cinematically, for a VERY long time, and I, for one, am glad they did not dig up George Reeves’ corpse to stick him in any recent Superman shows or films (tastelessness, of course, not intended).

          As for your other point…okay, JAMES RHODES. Better?

          Good grief.

            • DC is NOT made up of idiots. They make some stupid mistakes, but so do Marvel, Dark Horse, and Image. I am very excited by the projects being discussed and look forward to seeing what they do with them. I’m not sure for the reason behind not using Cavill (and Reynolds?) in the JLA…other than scheduling conflicts, but Batman HAS to be different, because Nolan’s established universe is a seperate, isolated entity.

              • Archaeon,

                And you please watch your tone as well. Look how well your point is still made with your opening and closing statements removed. 8)


                • Vic…Hopefully you got my apology from regular e-mail. I will be more careful with my responses from now on. :)

                  • Sin, Archaeon,

                    No worries, we all get out of hand from time to time.



              • I understand the points towards Nolan’s Batman movies. It’s just seems foolish to put all of this time and money into introducing these characters and the people portraying them and then going and re-casting for the ensemble film. Nolan’s Batman universe can be established into a very well made Justice League movie. I would love to see The Dark Knights realistic tone being placed into the Justice League movie and I am sure that they are going to use the same gritty/realistic approach for Superman which is why Snyder’s Superman won’t be featured in the Justice League.

                Why don’t they just make the Justice League more realistic as they did with The Dark Knight/Batman Begins? It worked well for those movies. But, I have a feeling we’re going to get the type of movie that Batman & Robin was. Them trying to stick too close to the comics and cartoons.

                Of course we won’t know for awhile exactly what their intentions are with the Justice League.

                • @ Sin

                  After TDKR, Nolan’s films had their run. I don’t see the big deal if they toned it down alittle by having Batman in Justice League without Nolan’s take & Bale’s performance. Can’t predict ever DC related film to be a success whether you make it realistic or not even if you use TDK as a example. I think Snyder’s Superman film without a doubt was rushed to keep the rights from slipping away. Im sure WB was desperate enough to the point where they first offered the project to Nolan. Im glad neither Bale’s or Cavill’s Superman will be in Justice League. I doubt very much Justice league will be anything like Batman & Robin which i don’t why people dwell on that still. I wouldn’t be surprised if it be closer to how Marvel Studio’s films are. Depending on the comic, i wouldn’t mind if the film could be based off it. Doubtful it would be any of the comics i like anyways. Im more concerned who they cast. Hope they’re not too young or short.

            • Sin,

              Please, restrain yourself would you? You’re pushing it.


              • Sorry Vic. I was just expressing my opinion. I wasn’t calling Archaeon himself an fool.

          • sir, check your facts *christopher* reeve

            • kimiko…

              If you were talking to me, I know exactly about whom I was talking and what facts I was mentioning.

              Christopher Reeve played Superman in four theatrical release films. George Reeves portrayed Superman decades before that in the popular television series.

              My facts and my points stand.

  7. Damn. I have a whole new trilogy planned out, with rebooted villains, titles and themes.

    All I need is money and a fleshed out script.

    How the friff do I become a director???

    • You could get kill the original Chris Nolan, and have plastic surgery, then take his place. Think outside the box!

      • Either that, or raid his dreams and plant the suggetion that you’re what he’s looking for…

        • No because he has his own plans and I’d like to see his story mplay out.

          All I mean is I reeealy don’t want Batman to be “rebooted” until I at least get to pitch for the studio. Bet you anty money the new director will steal my villains/story and I’ll jave nothing again:(

          But thanks for the suggestions!

  8. Uggghhhh, quit rebooting stuff!

  9. The Avengers has been in the work for 5 years now, with little hints from Iron Man, Hulk, now Thor and Cap America. to make a movie like The Justice league and say it will be in theathers by 2013 without a final script is an AWEFUL idea. Sounds like they are rushing to compete with Avengers. and it will KILL what Nolan has done with Batman. Bad Bad Idea.

    • I doubt it will ‘kill’ Nolan’s Batman. If it’s truly awful, it might have a Schumacher effect in which the franchise has to go underground for awhile.

      That said, if Nolan pulls off the perfect trilogy, then it just begs the question: “Why?” I mean,I know why from a financial perspective. The franchise is one of the few comic book properties that has instant and established recognition outside of the comic book fandom, but still. Give it a rest, at least. They could burn out on Batman fatigue at the very least, the law of diminishing returns taking effect.

  10. Wonder Woman has been in development hell for, what, 15 yrs or more. So why all of a sudden it is easy to get it out before a Justice League movie. Why not use the JL movie as a jumping point? Just have the heroes then spin them off to their origin stories, which no one really cares about anyhow, except us, of course.

  11. I think this is all good news. Keep the Nolan universe separate and just have a new batman to add to the justice league movie. Think about it, how would batman work in the Nolan universe knowing that superman and the flash are out there, it just makes the whole continuity and point mute. My only issue Is 2013, don’t rush the movie, take your time, make sure it’s done right. I’d put the movies on a timeline that goes up to a 2015-2016 justice league release. It builds time for anticipation and the films don’t compete with each other

    • That’s right Nowhereman, 2015 is more feasible. It seems they want to introduce flash and WW in the justice league. At first they were waiting to see how Marvel’s plan was going, doing the solo films then the team-up. Now to rush into JL? bad move.

      It seems like TDKR in 2012 is outside of the big plan, and so it should be. the logical choice is Green lantern – 2011, man of steel – 2012, The Flash & wonder woman – 2013, rebooted Batman & lantern 2 – 2014, Justice League – 2015.

      but it is the WB after all.

  12. As long as the new Batman has it’s fantastical side brought back but keeps it’s dark tone (ala Arkham Asylum) then I’d say a new Batman is welcomed to me.

  13. Hmm don’t reboot Batman,we’ve already seen his origins. Just continue but let the general audience know it is a more “comic book” approach.

  14. “In addition two having a DC superhero team-up film to rival Marvel’s…”

    Should be in addition to…

    Does this mean we get a Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash and whomever else movie before Justice League in 2013? Or are they going to do JL and the solo films after it?

  15. I will believe it when I see it.

    They might very well have put aside their differences over the different franchises but they have thus far lacked the vision needed to bring it all together. It seems as if Batman and Superman’s movie egos are so huge that they can’t share the screen time.

    So why should I start believing they can do it now?

  16. Nolan’s batmans, grounded in reality were great and by all accounts, TDKR is in the same style. Fitting, seeing as Bruce is the superhero with no real powers, other than strength, training and will that is.

    But if Batman is in JL, then he’ll have no choice but to be dealing with superpowered villains, aliens and magic, etc. I hope they stay true to the comics, he was always the leader, even over Supes, he was the strategist, the man with the plan, the brains of the opeartion.

    But if they could approach it without the campiness, like we saw in batman forever and batman & robin.

    Is it just me, or is there NO martian manhunter in the image above?

    • That is all I am saying. If Batman is involved with JL then he will have to be altered, unless you just go on with Nolan’s story without Nolan and Bale.

    • Pitt Man…

      It’s not just you, but if you look at the left side of the pic, there seems to be someone else there, cut off. Maybe that’s MM, or maybe MM is on that person’s other side, off-page in this (cropped?) image.

      • maybe that’s his arm.

  17. They have to take Batman somewhere else if he is to be included in the Justice League. I might be mistaken but didn’t Nolan say that his universe doesn’t invovle other’s like Superman and such. Beside Nolan and Bale is moving on. It is possibly time that I move on as well(dang).

    I totally agree though, please do not give us a whole new origin story. Even though the story has some what been manipulated from director to director, the core backstory remains. Batman’s parent were murdered in front of him and this drives him to fight corruption and evil.

    Just give me some descent films and we are all good.

  18. watt reboot nolans batman??

    • I do not want it to be rebooted. But it is looking that way.

    • Nope. You’re just hearing things.

    • Is that because they realised their characters aren’t as good as DC?

      • right, how many successful movies and franchises does DC have in the movies

        • Well they have only tried 2 over the years, and both have been hugely successful.
          Marvel have only been making films over 10-12 years? DC characters have been in films since the 70s.
          How many successful franchises do Marvel have out of all the ones they’ve tried? Xmen, Spiderman, Iron Man. The other habe hardly set the world on fire.
          So DC have 2 out of 2.
          And Marvel have… Oh Im not quite sure 3 out 8-10 movie franchises.

          • Green Lantern will be a test for other DC characters. Since other pretty well-known Marvel characters have not done well it’s not a slam-dunk that DC characters outside of Superman or Batman would do much better. Hopefully Warner and DC will learn from the mistakes of the other movies.

            Fact is thought with both companies once you get past a handful of characters it becomes a mixed bag as far a general audience goes. Obscure comics seem to do better since people don’t relate them to anything allot of time and just go based on it looking interesting, like the first Blade movie.

  19. Batman reboot?! It’s a f_cking bad joke or something?

  20. Is this also going to include Snyder’s Man of Steel? Or is that in its own separate universe like Nolan’s Batman?

    Because if it isn’t, then what are they gonna do? Wait until Snyder & Nolan do a Superman trilogy and then reboot that just to fit into this continuity???

    And there’s no way in hell anybody could come close to what Nolan’s done with Batman, especially so soon. Why WB? Why???? Just leave it alone! I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they decided to reboot Harry Potter and split all seven books into three-film adaptations in glorious 4-D so they can make an extra $5.67 for every ticket sold.

    • I can picture Snyder’s Superman: “This… is… Krypton!”

    • Wouldn’t be surprised either. I think they’ll include Snyder’s Superman if WB is pushing a Justice League movie so quickly.

      • @ Mike E. That was the first thing that popped into my head when I heard Snyder was directing. Then some slow-mo shot of him kicking Luthor off a cliff.

        I’m reading a similar article on Cinema Blend and they raise an interesting point. By the time 2013 rolls around, only Batman, Superman, and Green Lantern will have their solo movies and the Justice League is made of more than just those guys. There’s no way DC has this ready by 2013. Unless they rush everything into development and make it a mess.

  21. I think it’ too soon to have a new solo batman movie
    Give flash and wonder woman their solo movie and sneak peak the new batman character in each film ( like nick fury) and then get him as full main character in the JL film !
    It would be easier to separate the nolan universe with this new DC universe

    • True. They can skip making a solo Batman movie for now and bring him in the JL movie instead.

  22. Batman reboot – no surprise.
    JL movie in 2013 – I’ll believe it when I see it

  23. I find it funny that everyone is assuming any reboot (which IS necessary if Batman is to participate in the Justice League) will HAVE to include an origin. Burton’s film started with Batman three years into his career with just a five-minute flashback of his origin (and THAT was shown as much to reveal the Joker’s connection to Bruce as to bring Batman’s history to light again). Nolan only introduced the origin story because it directly impacted what happened when Bruce confronted Ras years later.

    A Justice League-connected Batman would not need all that backstory; simply show (or blatantly hint at) his brilliance and shadowy reputation, and he’s set for the film. Logistically, a 2013 release for a JL film doesn’t seem possible, so I’m betting Warner Brothers will wait at least a year longer. “Flash” and “Wonder Woman” can easily be released in the same year, a la “Thor” and “Captain America”.

    Those who are feeling extreme frustration and/or panic are, of course, allowed to feel that way, but I think you’re just setting yourselves up for ulcers and migraines by allowing so much stress to overtake you so early in the development of these projects…

  24. Batman is cool, But Really we have seen as much of him as Superman.. Wonder Woman needs her moment. How many Batman and Superman movies can you make? Bored now always the same re hashed story every time. WONDER WOMAN should have her day.. even Flash. Batman and Superman have had there moment. Every year for the past 10 yrs we have seen the same 2 superheros We are BORED already HOLLYWOOD. Take a chance. Batman? Superman? BEEN DONE …

    • I agree Kelly, but why is it so difficult to get WW on the big screen. She may be a little dated but any decent screenwriter could fix that.

      I still dig linda carter’s WW, remember when Dianna would do the “spin” and change into the costume. Man how did her or the stunt double run in those high heel boots?

      WW is 3rd in command in the league afterall. and she gets a seecond rate tv show? what gives?

      • You realize Superman has only been in the theatres once in like the last 20 years, right?

      • “WW is 3rd in command in the league afterall. and she gets a seecond rate tv show? what gives?”

        Uh…. because it’s WONDER WOMAN. Who is lame. And I’m speaking in terms of the non-comic book fan public. Any time they try a feamle lead (Catwoman) it fails horribly. I’m sure they consider this when deliberating a “WW” movie.

    • Yeah we are all so bored with Batman that the last movie made over a billion dollars at the box office. So so bored.

    • Ever heard of someone called the “Green Lanturn”?

  25. If the batman franchise gets a reboot so soon fans will go nuts and the movie will be boycotted by many (myself included). Keep the story going or switch it up if you ask me. Have another batman, maybe like in Batman Beyon the cartoon how they had an old Bruce Wayne guiding a young Batman, that would definately be very interesting.

    Bruce Wayne does not have to be the only Batman…

    • Talk about boycott, I’ll boycott any movie that has someone else other than Bruce Wayne as Batman. Batman Beyond cartoon isn’t all that great to me, so wouldn’t find that the last bit interesting.

      I do agree it’s to quick of a re-boot. Way to quick.

      • Totally agree. Batman is Bruce Wayne. Any movie with Batman without Bruce Wayne wouldn’t be a Batman movie.

  26. It’s way to early to tell if this justice league movie will be any good, but if Ryan Reynolds is still the green lantern and Wonder woman is hot I will probably still check it out regardless 😛

  27. damn reboots… i hurts the brain even thinking about it but alas hopefully nolan’s batman doesnt end in him dying or something then at the very least they could weave a story that since superman makea himself known to the world in his movie it xhanges everything. the qorld is forced to acknowledge the freaks which have been up to know a fringe element or ignored/covered up. this new reality forced bruce wayne back into the suit to create the JL as he realises that escalation will never cease between heroes/villains as alluded in batman begins.

    • I think this would all be easier if Joseph Gordon-Levitt becomes Batman.

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