‘Justice League’ Villain Revealed? Why It Could Conflict with ‘Avengers 2′

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Justice Leauge Movie Villain Revealed 1 Justice League Villain Revealed? Why It Could Conflict with Avengers 2

There are a lot of things riding on Warner Bros. and DC Comics’ upcoming Justice League movie – and a lot of pieces to that puzzle still need to be fit together in just the right way to work for both longtime fans of the property, and the wider audience of moviegoers who need proper introduction to the hall of justice.

Beyond questions like whether or not to reboot Batman, what characters should be included in the league and what story should be told, there is the big question of who these DC superheroes should battle. Well, today we may have an answer – one that many of you (assuming you are eagerly digesting these words) – probably already guessed, and have long wished for.

[Warning!!! Potential Justice League SPOILER Below!!!]

Latino Review is reporting that they have it from close sources that iconic DC Comics arch-villain Darkseid is who the Justice League will fight in the 2015 blockbuster film – which is still without a confirmed cast or director. Screenwriter Will  Beall (Gangster Squad) has been working on the Justice League script for some time (even before the release of Marvel’s The Avengers, supposedly), so it’ll be interesting to see how he incorporates so many superhero origins with arguably one of the most massive (and respected) villains in the DCU.

Darseid Justice League Movie Villain Justice League Villain Revealed? Why It Could Conflict with Avengers 2

For those who don’t know, Darkseid (one of the “New Gods”) has an almost Shakespearean background: born to the royal family of the hellish world of Apokolips, Darkseid attempted to slay his own older brother and seized the “Omega Force,” a power which transformed him into a stone-like man who mercilessly rules Apokolips and is one of the most powerful beings in the DCU. Darkseid is a schemer and conqueror on a cosmic scale, and throughout his 40-plus years in DC Comics, he has gone so far as to best Superman in combat (if only temporarily) and even seemingly killed Batman. Needless to say, when many fans think of a foe worthy enough to see Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and other DCU superheroes unite, Darkseid is at the top of the wish-list.

Of course, a lot of fans hold the villain in such high regard that they may not be satisfied with this rumor. By jumping into a superhero team-up film first, before launching each hero in solo films, DC/WB is already taking a risk: launching a shared universe without viewers already invested in each hero. Now they would in essence be doubling-down by also having to fit in a villain that many believe deserves a two-film buildup (at least!), and would best serve as the “big baddie” at the end of a trilogy.

Darkseid vs. Justice Leauge Justice League Villain Revealed? Why It Could Conflict with Avengers 2

Indeed, Darkseid is one of the richer DC villains, and it would be a monumental misstep if the Justice League movie didn’t give him proper room to develop. It’s hard to imagine one film being able to introduce several protagonists, develop a relationship dynamic between them, and still have time to delve into a fascinating villain – but it’s not impossible. The Avengers balanced its heroes well enough, and Tom Hiddleston’s Loki certainly got time to develop and stand out; but this inclusion of Darkseid in Justice League brings up another problem – one directly related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Avengers 2 and Justice League both arrive in 2015, and both films are now strongly rumored to feature villains who may be too similar for the average viewer to distinguish. On the Marvel side, their “Phase Two” initiative is reportedly set to culminate in Avengers 2 with the team facing the cosmic threat of Thanos, the smiling purple villain revealed in the Avengers mid-credits scene. As comic fans will tell you, Thanos (a.k.a., Thanos of Titan) was actually created by writer-artist Jim Starlin, based on “the inspiration” of DC’s New Gods. After coming up with something initially different, Starlin was advised to convert Thanos into more of a Darkseid-esque character, resulting in the stocky, muscled purple conqueror we know today. You see where this bit of history now leads to a bigger issue…

Thanos Avengers 2 Darkseid Justice League Movie Justice League Villain Revealed? Why It Could Conflict with Avengers 2

To the untrained moviegoer (read: non-comic geeks), Darkseid and Thanos could pretty much end up looking like the same bad guy; meaning these two major superhero team-up films could get accused of being “the same thing.” Will that stop millions upon millions of people (and billions of box office dollars) from getting funneled into the respective studios’ pockets? Certainly not. Will it spawn endless Internet chatter, arguments, “which one is better” debates, copycat accusations and the like? It’s already happening.

Finally, will spring of 2015 be filled with endless promotional featurettes and specials from both Marvel and DC, telling us why their villain (and film) is unique from the competition’s? We don’t have a crystal ball handy to confirm… but if rumors about each film’s villain turn out to be true… yes. Yes it will.

Do YOU want to see Darkseid in Justice League, or is introducing the villain now (while trying to introduce so many heroes at the same time) a waste of a good villain?

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Justice League will be in theaters in 2015.

Source: Latino Review

Artwork is property of DC Comics (Thanos Image property of Marvel Comics)

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  1. first movie should be about the team-up, “Tower of babel” for the second movie then a third movie that could end as the “Final Crisis” giving bats a chance to redeem himself by sacrificing his life to kill Darkseed . At least that’s what i would like to see

    • sounds good to me

  2. As a person who read the New 52 Justice League and has a somewhat good knowledge of comic books and their history, i have to say that i do not mind Darkseid as a villain but if they do use the New 52 origin story it would seem too close to the Avengers which is why i prefer a Lex Luthor/brainiac villain with Brainiac taking over the worlds technology and the league fighting against it.

  3. Everyone is wondering how the Justice League movie will be able to introduce everyone and still make a kick ass movie with a great storyline and action. Its simple. Just look at the first Issue of Justice League #1 of the new 52. That book started with Batman, still a known vigilante wanted by the police, doing hsi thing and then all of a sudden Greeen lantern showing up to help becasue her saw a disturbance, Then he sees Batman and goes, “Wow, you are real?” Those first five issues were actually set five years in the past when superheroes first started coming on the scene. Those issues introduced the players as meeting each other almsot by accident,and responding to threats together with the exception of Green Lantern and the Flash who already seemed to be friends.
    It woundn’t be that hard at all to make it work. Darkseid would of course have his hand in everything, controling other villians also as well as getting his own hands dirty which is something Thanos didnt do until he got a hold of the INfinity Gaunlet.

    • Yes, but those are issues of comics; more than one issue. This is one movie and for you to well establish all the characters, get them to link up w/ each other, get them to know each other and work together then try to establish a villian; not just a regular villain but a galactic villain and establsih the plot and everything else in one movie then the movie will have to be over three hours. I think a stand alone movie w/ what dc is trying to do is to much and will ultimatley fail and they’re goiong to do so because they are only rushing this to compete w/ marvel who actually took they’re time to build things up w/ more than one movie like more than one issue of a comic. I’m sorry but i think dc is in over their heads trying to compete w/ a company that established their characters through multiple movies. I’m not saying dc can’t do something decent but using just one movie to launch a universe is not going to work. I see it turnig out like one big green lantern movie…

      • @Nexus81 – I sure hope it does’nt play out that way man, but until a director and cast is signed and they start shooting, i can’t get any feel on how a “JL” movie might play out.

    • I personally don’t mind the new 52, but, DC lost a lot of fans when they rebooted. I think they should try to stay closer to the originals.

  4. as awesome as it would be to see Darkseid in a Justice League movie, Darkseid needs to be introduced in a Superman movie first. because if I remeber correctly thats where hes introduced first before taking on the Justice League. for a bad guy, use someone that is in the beginning comics of the Justice League and go from there. but thats my honest opinion.

    • “for a bad guy, use someone that is in the beginning comics of the Justice League and go from there.”

      In the newest incarnation of the Justice League, the first villain they face is Darkseid and his minions.

  5. I’ve read a lot of the comments, they all have good ideas, If I had the chance to make my own Cinematic Universe, then I’ll make it look like these Films standalone, Maybe a few references here or there, but Make it look like they don’t take place in the same Universe, then surprise the viewers with the Super Hero Team-up Film. But I don’t know, Darkseid isn’t a well known villain, and really, neither is Thanos, both Characters aren’t as popular as The Joker or The Green Goblin. Both companies have the risk to alienate there audiences by either showing the Cosmic Side of the Marvel Films or Just throwing them in the action like in Justice League.

    Sometimes, a good story is better than the hype.

    • @Brian Cedillo – You’re right my friend, both are not as known as the ‘Joker’ & ‘Green Goblin’, and neither was ‘Loki’ and you see what “The Avengers” ended up making. While ‘Thanos’ & ‘Darkseid’ don’t bring the histosy and iconic status that the ‘Joker’ & ‘Green Goblin’ bring, they will be far more visually stunning and intimidating on the big screen. And both will certainly bring what ‘GB’ & ‘Joker’ can’t bring, a global and universal threat.

    • I think ur right, make theJL movie bassically a big stand alone for each of the 5 or so characters but just in this one movie! use references to the other characters but dont have them ALL get together until a 2nd movie or at the end but i think that as you do with a great stroy there does NOT NEED to be a huge battle! MIGHT be one way to connect all the character in one big movie just in shorter versions, smaller villians, but have them mostly already established as superheroes in the DCverse!
      it would be different than marvel and could be very a unique way to tell and intro all of them

  6. This really isn’t something overly shocking, you can do a laundry list of Marvel and DC characters that are similar. You could stick Apocalypse in with those two pictures, and depending on the fan they won’t know which one came first.

  7. Throwing Darkseid in like that in one movie will ruin him like Spiderman 3 ruined Venom and FF4 2 ruined Galactus. I’d say the Legion of Doom would make more sense and be a lot more fun. Each villain can be introduced as each of the heroes are introduced. Plus, who doesn’t want to see Lex and the Joker pissin each other off?

    • Lex and Joker? Win!

  8. id love to see a darkseid but save the best villain for last to soon for first jl

  9. only one way to settle this: Thanos and Darkseid must slug it out in a one-on-one battle to the death inside Thunderdome!

    • They already did, look up the Marvel vs. DC comic.

      • really? eh, i guess it was inevitable. Now i know why i use screen rant as my movie news site: because i end up learning things i didn’t know before. And knowing is half the battle *GI Joooooooe!*

  10. First off let me start off by saying not only am i dying to see both ‘Thanos’ & ‘Darkseid’ grace the big screen, but i expect to see them both. Both Marvel and DC can go similar routes, they can go with these characters and they also can go with ‘Masters Of Evil’ & ‘Legion Of Doom’ storylines as well, or even ‘Ultron’ & ‘Brainiac’ storylines. Both Marvel & DC have some fantastic characters and terrific storylines they can each explore, i think everyone will agree with me on that. This is a tricky scenario, ‘Darkseid’ has existed a few years longer but audiences already have been pretty much dailed into seeing ‘Thanos’ since he appeared in that now infamous credit closing scene. I think the ball is in Marvel’s court, if they indeed go with ‘Thanos’ next DC might be better off using the ‘Legion Of Doom’ first. Both either way i want to see both ‘Thanos’ & ‘Darkseid’ period, and if that means both in 2015 than bring it on.


  11. We need the Justice league to fight a League of Super-villains. Darkseid, for sure, but also Doomsday, Brainiac, Time Commander, Hyperthief, Dr. Zoom (the Reverse Flash), Sinestro, Psycho Pirate…I could think of several others. This woiuld be so epic, it could easily be stretched into about three movies, if need be, with heroes coming and going. Too powerful of a villain line-up? Well then, bring in Dr. Fate and Hourman from the Justice Society!

  12. The original 10 or 11 heroes in the JLA (not necessarily in order) were: Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), The Flash (Barry Allen), Martian Manhunter, The Atom, Hawkman (often with Hawkgirl), Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Green Arrow. These are the heroes that should be included in the movie(s). If as in my previous comment it were expanded to a trilogy with multiple heroes and villains, Dr. Fate and Hourman would figure in there, also. But definitely Green lantern (Hal Jordan) and Flash (Barry Allen) as the starting point, and go from there. If they had to leave any heroes out, I would start by eliminating Green Arrow and Aquaman first.

  13. I am somewhat one of the people Kofi was concerned about the decision of choosing Darkseid as the Justice League’s antagonist. I am not a comic book geek, but I like super hero stories enough to want to watch them on screen. I was so oblivious about Thanos at the end of Avengers that I thought it was a Skrull until a wiser, more knowledgeable comic book fan schooled me in the basic facts of comic books life.

    I personally believe that jumping into the JLA movie without the stories of the individual members is not as risky as posted. The perfect example is the decade-old Justice League animated series. It is considered one of the best animated renditions of the DC Universe by Warner Brothers. The only characters that had established mythos were Superman and Batman, while the others were introduced in the JL premiere.

    While I didn’t know Thanos from Adam, Darkseid has an established mythos for those of us who are casual followers of superheroes. We have the 1970s series, Superman the Animated Series, and the Justice League series with rendition of Darkseid outside the comic book page.

    Having said the above, there is one fact that all the DC fans here seem to have missed from Kofi’s article, Marvel has had a multi-year lead on Marvel. There is a serious risk that while DC goes for broke with Darkseid, it might backfire as Marvel’s clone (yes it is a clone), Thanos will be on the screen once or twice by the time 2015 comes around. A younger viewer or one who is not aware of Darkseid, even my own passing level, may come to the conclusion that DC ripped off Marvel

    Darkseid however has one great advantage if done correctly: a villain powerful enough to JLA powerhouses Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern. A JLA movie that starts with Superman getting his red, white, and blue derriere handed to him by Darkseid, forcing him to seek help. Done right it would work.

    Marvel, whether you like it or not, has taken DC to task and has had to have a mainline cinematic story arch that has been mostly successful. DC, on the other hand, has been a dud except for the Dark Knight trilogy. Their decision not to go for a well-made Justice League movie somewhere after Iron Man showed that Superhero movies were a good bet has come to roost. Letting Marvel control the superhero cinematic ground requires them to go for broke, and to be honest, better to fail spectacularly than go half-baked with a lesser villain like the ones proposed or even the Royal Flush gang as another post proposed. Does Warner Brothers have the gumption for this gamble? Only time will tell.

    • @CasualComicBookFan – You make some very good points, and you seem to approach it well from both sides. There we’re indeed a lot of people like you who did’nt know about “Thanos”, now by the time he stars on the big screen people will know him and be highly anticipating him. Hopefully WB/DC does decide to go all out. As far as ‘Supes’ goes, some people seem to think he’s too powerful of a character which is B.S. He just has’nt had enough worthy foes on the big screen, put ‘Darkseid’ on the big screen and all that too powerful B.S will go right out the window, i guarantee you that.

      • Yeah, they could just go for broke. Maybe have the intro just be Superman doing his thing and Darkseid show up out of nowhere through a boom box and just proceed to beat Superman to a pulp. Just have him completely mop the floor with superman for a good while, just have him dominate him. Then he leaves after saying to Superman I will be back for your planet. No long game or anything like Marvel is doing (well I might add), just very blunt to differentiate from Marvel.

        Then Superman could take his lesson of humility and go around seeking the help of other heroes, recruiting them for the storm to come. Go through all the introductions of all the characters then and just give them all a chance to shine. Then just have them all get ready to face the storm and figure out how to work as a team and take down some other villains that tests them, Braniac and such. And have them all prepare for the storm and just end the film there to leave room for a sequel.

      • @supes70 Thank you for your comment. I agree, Superman has been cursed by having two opponents, Lex Luthor and General Zod et al rendered on the big screen. You could make the argument (and please, before you grab your pitchforks and torches, remember that I am viewing this from the point of someone with a casual interest in comic books) that the baddie in Superman III was a cinematic clone of Luthor amd yes General Zod had Ursa and Non, but they count as one in my book.

        Comparing WB/DC apples to WB/DC apples, Batman has had, for good or ill, had multiple villains portrayed on the screen. The Joker (twice), Scarecrow, Catwoman (twice), the Penguin, Harvey Two-Face (twice), Bane (twice), the Riddler, Ra’s al Gul, Poison Ivy, Carmine Falcone and Mr. Freeze. Batman, for good or ill has dug deeper into its own gallery of rogues. The Superman reboot, instead of considering adding a new villain to the mix, brought back Lex Luthor as the bad guy.

        Supes, you have a point, there is a rich bench to pair against Superman, problem is that contrary to Batman, no one has tried. Yes. there are a lot of duds in the Batman continuity, but at least the various directors have tried bringing new antagonists onto the screen.

    • I’m quite ashamed to say I thought it was a skrull too. Even went as far as to tell other people (quite confidently as well) that’s who it was. The internets set me straight though.

    • @Movie/Comic-Maverick(MCM) – You have a pretty good grip on things, the only thing i disagree with is introducing ‘Darkseid’ in a ‘Bats’ film, it just would’nt fit. ‘Darkseid’ is a super powerful alien and just would not fit in ‘Batman’s’ grounded realistic world. Now ‘Darkseid’ appearing in “MOS” or something would be far more realistic.

      • Agreed. Batman & Darkseid…it just wouldn’t work unless an alien technology is introduced into the wayne company which cripples it. There was an episode of Superman the animated series called KnightTime, when Bruce Wayne went missing, and Robin was left fighting crime in Gotham. Superman interveens, and actually poses as Batman, besides Robin.

        It turned out,That Brainac actually was the one who took control of Bruce by using microscopic nanites. It brought Superman and Batman together in a very clever way without Bruce Wayne actually donning his costume.

      • Tanx for d compliments,
        Well its not like I was gona Direct the movie or something,
        these are just ideas I wrote in a split second’ subject for reformation,
        Its good you pointed out these corrections, I guess thats why we are here!

    • @Movie/Comic-Maverick …Is Brainiac even in Man of Steel? As far as we know, It’s 2 kryptonians vs Superman. But it would be great if he made a cameo. 2) I enjoyed reading your postings. You know your stuff; but I think the producers of the upcoming DCU line of movies have learned from their past failures.
      I like the route DC is taking by releasing a JL movie. Everyone knows, Superman and Batman’s origin by now. To a lesser extent…they know Green Lantern’s. That leaves Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, and Green Arrow.

      On Green Arrow…they can use the character from the television show ( Which is damned good actually, and improving with every episode) So a lot of people now know who Arrow is thanks to the show.

      Many are familiar with Wonder Woman from lyndia Carter’s protrayal of the Amazon. The only three viewers will have to be brought up to speed on is, Martain Manhunter, Hawkman, and to a lesser extent, The Flash.

      But then again we had the awesome JL animated series, and the fantastic Young Justice as well. I seriously don’t think many people are not in the know…when it comes to these superheros.

      The execution of The Justice League movie is what is going to either make it or break it. Wheather there is a sandalone movie first or solo films of the various heros, each film will stand on it’s own to a degree.

      • Hmm .. .m,
        Lets keep our fingaz crossed for DCU.
        Tanx tho!

  14. DC came first into the scene,
    but marvel has always been one step ahead,
    DC needs to up their game,
    we hope for a difference!

    • Agree. DC was first on the scene, but unfortunately or fortunately, Marvel and delivered on a gamble that paid off in spades.

  15. time for a collaboration.. Thanos vs. Darkseid.. really though who gives a crap if they are similar, 2 different universes.. 2 different stories

  16. Having the Justice League the same year as Avengers is a mistake on DCs part. Avengers are already established, and Thanos will have a biggers build up than Darkseid. No matter what, the plot of Justice League will be the same as Avengers, a group of heroes vs alien invasion. Darkseid is a great villain, but DC should try something different, i.e. Legion of doom.

    • @Anthony – I agree, that’s what i’ve been saying. I definantly want to see ‘Darkseid’ on the big screen, but i wish DC would do a ‘Legion Of Doom’ storyline first as well. “The Avengers” is now a monster and it is a gamble for DC releasing in the same year. Now i’m seeing both films no matter what, but from a buisness and PR perspective WB/DC has to be careful and make smart moves.

    • @Anthony…I agree with you here. We all are anticipating these movies. But 2015 is going to be an assult on everyone’s senses. Avengers 2, JL, and don’t forget about Star Wars episode VII. And who knows what else they have in store for us come 2015?
      I really think they should space these films out more…especially with Marvel & DC

  17. Why not do superman and batman movie first? With multitude of cameos by other JL ?
    Ain’t crossing superman and batman enough to bring mad money ? And then studio can gamble w/ actual JL movie in 2017..

    I don’t btw agree that bringing Darkseid for first JL is the right thing to do.. Why bring ultimate baddie in JL 1 ? when you can milk him for final installment ?

    • I think it’s interesting to see Batman already established, similar to how Tim Burton approached it. Makes him more mysterious to newcomers and, of course, the image of a new Batman

  18. How about this,after thr credits of MOS roll there is A cut scene. Darkseids major domo Desad comes into his throneroom. He says”All is ready master”then show Darksied on his throne. He is looking at A chessboard with heros on one side and villans on the other. He picks up the chesspiece of Superman and says”Soon Kal-El,soon” then laughs as he crushes it.

    • you mean rip off avengers…

    • Good one!

  19. Am I the only one that thinks the most logical JLA member to introduce first would be green lantern, in Man of Steel.

    C’mon, he would fit in perfectly with type of setting (universal based rather than realistic).

    • I don’t think so. Suppose us fans are blown away by MoS (fingers crossed), our entire experience might be tarnished if we are reminded of that ryan reynolds abomination from a few years ago. Actually, I don’t know why i’m saying ‘we’, I didn’t mind green lantern.

  20. DC still has time to film two more movies before 2015,I wouldn’t be surprised if they come out with something for summer and winter of 2014.

    • I suppose one of those could be the batman reboot but would the viewing public be ready for batman again just 2 years after the end of nolans trilogy? And with so much to live up to, it could be a disaster.

      • No reboot for batman for MINIMUM 5 years. For me, amazing spiderman wasn’t even consideration.

        I don’t know any GREAT trilogy which had reboot fast(if at all).
        But then how many truly great triology’s are out there?

        • 3. LOTR franchise and Toy Story, and Nolan Knight Trilogy. Star Wars and The Godfather suffered the Threequel problem.

  21. I don’t like the idea of a Justice League movie coming out so soon, it’s clearly being done to compete with The Avengers 2 when it needs more time to prepare and get audiences excited to see all these characters in the same film. Also you have to imagine that eventually people are going to get bored of these films.

    As for who copied who, well Thanos is based on Darkseid but seeing as Marvel planned to have Thanos in Avengers 2 way before Justice League was even planned you can’t really say Avengers 2 is copying Justice League.

  22. I wouldn’t mind Darkseid as the villain for the Justice League movie but he seems like a Justice League 2 or 3 villain. Maybe start off small with a villain like Vandal Savage.

  23. Once again, I hope I can bring the point of view from someone who wishes that the JLA movie succeeds. Full disclosure: the few comics I purchase electronically are Marvel, but have watched all the DC animated films and series. A small aside, which someone already mentioned in this thread, why the hell don’t they put Andrea Romano, who has done a stellar job in developing DC animated films, in charge of Warner Brothers/DC movie productions?

    Remember ladies and gentlemen, what made the Avengers work and become a mega box office hit was its appeal outside its core base of fans. Marvel developed through a long-range plan a way to make its movies appeal to the greater public. DC’s greatest strength is that their Big Three (Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern) are iconic. Even DC’s second tier heroes have a bigger appeal than even most of Marvel’s headliners. Come on, Aquaman, the butt of jokes, is widely known!

    If the JLA movie pits the “original seven^ (Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, and Wonder Woman) against The Legion of Doom, my fear is that the producers of this movie (except if WB wises up and puts Andrea Romano in charge of DC movie productions), they might pull a Joel Schumacher and decide to go camp a la Batman and Robin. I know the day after the movie plays, millions of angry comic book nerds (and a few us not-so nerds) and will be marching towards the Warner Brothers studios looking to skin alive any director, producer, or company executive we can get their hands upon.

    The way Green Lantern was a disaster and the other DC comics properties are stuck in development hell, two years is not enough time to do a third DC comics property justice. Once again, let’s look at the other guys, Marvel. Iron Man was in serious production since 200. A first attempt was a disaster and it took three more years to film and release the movie that ended up in the can in 2008. No, ladies and gentlemen, the only way forward left for Warner Brothers/DC is to go big and try to emulate what they did in animation with the Justice League animated series, use a Superman riding from a successful Man of Steel and Batman from the Nolan series and bring the others into the movie with a an existential crisis. Personally, the best option is Darkseid.

    Perhaps a “lesser” opponent a la Braniac is the menace in Act I/II of the movie with Darkseid looming in the shadows. When the JLA thinks they’ve won,Darkseid launches his first moves, he hands their rears leaving the movie in a cliffhanger. WB needs to think Lords of the Rings, not Avengers. Don’t build the story from the various characters, think of a multi-movie story arch, and despite the similarities to Thanos, the only one I can think of is Darkseid. He has his own army and a built in gallery of minions. This is probably the way to go, serve as the anti-Marvel and provide an alternative. Done well, all of us will blown away. Done terribly, we’re looking at Green Lantern with more characters.

    Warner Brothers, the ball is in your court.

  24. I would like the Justice Leauge movie to feature only Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern and Batman. Keep it simple. More screen time and character development with these core characters. If they use Man of Steel as a starting point, we will already know the leader Superman. Use Dr. Fate as a recruitment officer from the old JSA. He brings the heroes togeather to save the world, and creates the Justice League.

  25. Darkseid should be there but be in the back ground. they could use granny goodness and the furies to battle the jla while darkseid toys with lex and gets him in on the action. might even be cool to see them bring in bizarro just for kicks.

  26. I will like to see Darkseid in the JLA Movie. It makes alot sense to get this arch nemesis enemy off the ground.

    Michael Chikilis who played “The Thing” from Fantastic 4 Part 1 & 2 he can make a great villain, like he did played the hero. Chris Isaaks can also make a great villain as Desaad, as Darkseid’s Mentor.

  27. Here are the villains casting to JLA:

    (a) Michael Chikilis *My casting pick*

    Other choices

    (b) Lou Ferrigno
    (c) Arnold Schwarznegger
    (d) Dolph Lundgren


    (a) Chris Isaaks *My casting pick*

    Other choices
    (b) Tim Curry
    (c) Terry O’Quinn
    (c) Ben Kingsley
    (d) Alan Rickman

    (a)Sam Witwer
    (b)John Cena

  28. In hopes that the JL movie is coming 2015,
    I hope they stick to the core characters,
    as too many heroes might spoil the movie!

    I maintain it will be a good Idea if Darkseid features in MOS (maybe towards the end)

    Now theres still the possiblity of spliting the JL movie into three, these should create an arena for all the JL heroes to have their cameos.

    part1 and2 of this JL movie should focus on creating the suspense needed to introduce Darkseid in the final part,
    whats the best way to do this if not to feature him in cameos as he sends his top vilians against the JL
    and finally showing up in part 3 to battle the JL,
    and funny enough after some punching and beatdowns JL wont get to defeat him because of how cunning he is, he’d always wriggle out of the battle and promise to be back,
    thus this event opens an avenue to create more movies .. Just saying
    Honestly dont think all of this could be packed into one movie,
    Well this is only but a cue, I’m not the professional!