‘Justice League’ Villain Revealed? Why It Could Conflict with ‘Avengers 2′

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Justice Leauge Movie Villain Revealed 1 Justice League Villain Revealed? Why It Could Conflict with Avengers 2

There are a lot of things riding on Warner Bros. and DC Comics’ upcoming Justice League movie – and a lot of pieces to that puzzle still need to be fit together in just the right way to work for both longtime fans of the property, and the wider audience of moviegoers who need proper introduction to the hall of justice.

Beyond questions like whether or not to reboot Batman, what characters should be included in the league and what story should be told, there is the big question of who these DC superheroes should battle. Well, today we may have an answer – one that many of you (assuming you are eagerly digesting these words) – probably already guessed, and have long wished for.

[Warning!!! Potential Justice League SPOILER Below!!!]

Latino Review is reporting that they have it from close sources that iconic DC Comics arch-villain Darkseid is who the Justice League will fight in the 2015 blockbuster film – which is still without a confirmed cast or director. Screenwriter Will  Beall (Gangster Squad) has been working on the Justice League script for some time (even before the release of Marvel’s The Avengers, supposedly), so it’ll be interesting to see how he incorporates so many superhero origins with arguably one of the most massive (and respected) villains in the DCU.

Darseid Justice League Movie Villain Justice League Villain Revealed? Why It Could Conflict with Avengers 2

For those who don’t know, Darkseid (one of the “New Gods”) has an almost Shakespearean background: born to the royal family of the hellish world of Apokolips, Darkseid attempted to slay his own older brother and seized the “Omega Force,” a power which transformed him into a stone-like man who mercilessly rules Apokolips and is one of the most powerful beings in the DCU. Darkseid is a schemer and conqueror on a cosmic scale, and throughout his 40-plus years in DC Comics, he has gone so far as to best Superman in combat (if only temporarily) and even seemingly killed Batman. Needless to say, when many fans think of a foe worthy enough to see Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and other DCU superheroes unite, Darkseid is at the top of the wish-list.

Of course, a lot of fans hold the villain in such high regard that they may not be satisfied with this rumor. By jumping into a superhero team-up film first, before launching each hero in solo films, DC/WB is already taking a risk: launching a shared universe without viewers already invested in each hero. Now they would in essence be doubling-down by also having to fit in a villain that many believe deserves a two-film buildup (at least!), and would best serve as the “big baddie” at the end of a trilogy.

Darkseid vs. Justice Leauge Justice League Villain Revealed? Why It Could Conflict with Avengers 2

Indeed, Darkseid is one of the richer DC villains, and it would be a monumental misstep if the Justice League movie didn’t give him proper room to develop. It’s hard to imagine one film being able to introduce several protagonists, develop a relationship dynamic between them, and still have time to delve into a fascinating villain – but it’s not impossible. The Avengers balanced its heroes well enough, and Tom Hiddleston’s Loki certainly got time to develop and stand out; but this inclusion of Darkseid in Justice League brings up another problem – one directly related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Avengers 2 and Justice League both arrive in 2015, and both films are now strongly rumored to feature villains who may be too similar for the average viewer to distinguish. On the Marvel side, their “Phase Two” initiative is reportedly set to culminate in Avengers 2 with the team facing the cosmic threat of Thanos, the smiling purple villain revealed in the Avengers mid-credits scene. As comic fans will tell you, Thanos (a.k.a., Thanos of Titan) was actually created by writer-artist Jim Starlin, based on “the inspiration” of DC’s New Gods. After coming up with something initially different, Starlin was advised to convert Thanos into more of a Darkseid-esque character, resulting in the stocky, muscled purple conqueror we know today. You see where this bit of history now leads to a bigger issue…

Thanos Avengers 2 Darkseid Justice League Movie Justice League Villain Revealed? Why It Could Conflict with Avengers 2

To the untrained moviegoer (read: non-comic geeks), Darkseid and Thanos could pretty much end up looking like the same bad guy; meaning these two major superhero team-up films could get accused of being “the same thing.” Will that stop millions upon millions of people (and billions of box office dollars) from getting funneled into the respective studios’ pockets? Certainly not. Will it spawn endless Internet chatter, arguments, “which one is better” debates, copycat accusations and the like? It’s already happening.

Finally, will spring of 2015 be filled with endless promotional featurettes and specials from both Marvel and DC, telling us why their villain (and film) is unique from the competition’s? We don’t have a crystal ball handy to confirm… but if rumors about each film’s villain turn out to be true… yes. Yes it will.

Do YOU want to see Darkseid in Justice League, or is introducing the villain now (while trying to introduce so many heroes at the same time) a waste of a good villain?

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Justice League will be in theaters in 2015.

Source: Latino Review

Artwork is property of DC Comics (Thanos Image property of Marvel Comics)

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  1. I think this is a mistake.

    By the time Avengers 2 comes out, Thanos would have have already appeared in several movies and will be known to the general public. If DC uses Darkseid in the JL movie the same year as Thanos is Avengers 2, then it will seem like a rip-off. It doesn’t matter which character was created first. Thanos will be know by then and Darkseid will be the new kid on the block.

    Movies make two-thirds of their money internationally and Marvel characters are much better know worldwide then DC. Other then Batman and Superman, people outside of NA don’t know any of the other DC characters. The Avengers made $900 million internationally. WB already has an uphill battle and with creative decisions like this, JL will never approach Avengers like success.

    • @jetgyro – I get what you’re saying, but obviously DC characters just like Marvel Characters are known around the globe. The REAL question is making money overseas, so far ‘Batman’ has been the only DC character who’s been succesful overseas, even ‘Superman’ has never been a big box office draw overseas yet, now maybe “Man of Steel” will be the first steps towards changing that. A key to “The Avengers” success was it went way beyond comic book limitations and appealed to different demographics, people who are not even into comic book films soaked it up. I don’t really think it’s realistic to look at that kind of success for “JL”, because those numbers are damn near unheard of. However those kind of numbers are not needed for the “JL” to be a success, 300-400 million domestic and 700 million-850 million worldwide would do the trick.

    • I think the same.

    • Sounds a bit like what has been done ONCE already… ppl do not want the same movie that just came out in 2012! just different heros, sound kinda dumb and without vision on DC’s part if that were to happen

  2. I may be one of the few that like DC’s approach to their movie universe. A lot of people are saying, they should follow MARVEL’s way. Solo fims…leading into a teamup movie. But as you can see, in the past few years, Superman Returns did not deliver the way the studio wanted, and Green Lantern flickered out apon arrival. Nolan’s Batman needs to be rebooted in order to fit in with the Justice league.
    I believe a Justice league movie is the way to go by introducing all characters to the wider audience. And darkseid can be the only villian to take on the league. Some disagree, but it’s logical. It has nothing to do with The Avengers introducing Thanos in the first film. Thanos is Marvel’s heavy weight as Darkseid is DCU

    • I totally agree with that. I think doing a team Justice League Movie is a great way to introduce characters that moisof the comic world has already known for years, probably longer than Marvel. If you remember, when the first Iron Man movies came out, the critics, yeah I know who cares about what they say, were calling Iron Man a B-listed character in the Marvel Universe, which he clearly was not. But They cant say that about Superman,Wonder Woman, The Flash or Bats. The only one on the “new 52″ team which is not really that mainstream is Cyborg. Not really a big deal.

      Once the team movie is done, then the individual movies wil comeout featuring each hero’s own famous villan and brief flashbacks of the hero’s origin while having aspects Of Darkseid’s influence in each movie culmmulating into the second Justice league movie. I beleive it can most definetely work.

      • Well um, actually IM WAS considered a B list character in comic circles. The movies however have turned him into an A lister.

        • @mongoose – You’re right about that, RDJ’s great portrayal of Tony Stark/Ironman has definantly help take him from a ‘B’ to ‘A’ list superhero. In fact i think ‘Iron Man’ is now in that top four circle of Superheroes along with ‘Spidey’, ‘Bats’ & ‘Supes’.


    • Lol

  4. Only way you could do Darkseid is if you stretch it out over AT LEAST two movies.

    P.S. I’m a little confused about something (and this may be a stupid question): is the Justice League movie gonna be a stand-alone film or are they gonna make sequels to it, like “The Avengers”? Cuz I just can’t see the Justice League being fully fleshed out with just one movie…wouldn’t it at BARE MINIMUM take two??

      • Green Lantern was ment to be the share universe and look what happen lol

  5. Well I would say they could get away without using a big time villian at this point by not necessarily focusing on the villian but the event! Similiar to Loki in the Avengers, he’s by not the most menacing villian in the Marvel Universe but it wasn’t about the protagonist but what he stumbled upon to create a cataclysmic event! So you could get away with maybe a 2nd tier villain but what his powers or what his potential culmulative effect has done to threaten human existence! Yet, no to Luther or Lex by himself. Combine him with a more maniacal force!!!

  6. My main concern on starting a DC universe with the Justice League is how it will affect the individual DC superhero movies afterwards. After defeating Darkseid, will we care who Flash, Batman or Superman fight next on Earth? They can’t be ordinary villains.

    The Avengers had special people fight an extraordinary battle. Now, the Justice League will present what… overpowered heroes fighting the biggest intergalactic apocalypse force ever? After that, there isn’t much story to tell…

    And the Batman Nolan reitroduced us to is pretty much useless in a Justice League universe. He’s just a small time rich boy battling against mobsters with a few toys, and has no real detective skills and nothing to really offer to the Justice League. He’ll need to be rebooted, and all the work needed in a 2-hour movie reminded me of how pathetic superhero movies are when more than one or two characters are being introduced during a single movie (Spider-Man 3, Batman Forever, Batman and Robin, etc.).

    • If the film was a huge intergalactic war with Darkseid being eventually overpowered by the League, I think perhaps the films afterwards could show a kind of “Dealing with the consequences…burying the dead” kind of thing. It would be interesting to see the League broken, rebuilding itself from the ashes. It probably wouldn’t be THAT successful with the mainstream audience, however.
      OR, there could be a character building Justice League film with minor villains to keep it interesting, followed by the solo films which THEN lead onto a big finale film with Darkseid.
      I would personally prefer the latter. I suppose it could go multiple ways.

    • “He’s just a small time rich boy battling against mobsters with a few toys” – sounds like Batman to me, but I don’t think he’s “small time”.

    • Thats the thing. What makes you think that the League WILL defeat Darkseid at all. They might make him vanish only becasue Darkseid is a Player and becasue he decided it was time and he had done what he set out to do anyways. he’s liek the devil, teh devil has a hand in things, then he takes off only becasue it suits him to leave the battle. Darkseid is DC’s lucifer.

    • Nolan’s batman is not designed to live in a fantasy world, in fact the director despise the shared universe…so your comparison is quite pointless, of course they are bringing in a different batman, you might have heard of a thing called “ending the trilogy?”

  7. OK let’s get 2 the question has 2 who will play the part of darkseid.I nominate Dennis haysbert the Guy from the Allstate commercials. He’s at a good, height I believe 6’3 or 6’4 and he definitely has the perfect voice for the lord of apocalypse.

    • EVERYONE would think of insurance and cooking a turkey last year or driving thru grandma garage or whatever the hell it is, AS SOON AS WE HEARD HIS VOICE… not what I want to think of when I SEE A UNIVERSE KILLING VILLIAN!!!!

  8. I think they should have Amazo be the villain. A government super android gone bad! It can replicate powers against its opponents and essentially threatens just earth not the universe. Also it was created by Star Labs which is very much a technological shadow organization that would really play out well throughout a series of movies, kinda use it to tie end other characters solo films. Maybe star labs is building a space bridge that allows darksied to enter in the final movie and wreak havoc on earth!!!! Wishful thinking but it could play out well.

    • Isn’t Amazo basically a freakin’ God? He could take down the League pretty easily, which I guess would make for a good film, but we’ve still got the kind of ‘Darkseid’ problem going on. Amazo is a hugely overpowered villain if he’s used in the correct way, any films that come afterwards would be a sort of let-down I guess.
      Although I would really like to see him in film form, regardless.

    • I like this. This is good. Amazo or Starro would have been how I started things out.

  9. Marvel > DC

    • Oh no. Please don’t start a sh*tstorm on here.

      • Anyone who responds to that bait is a complete tard and no one with brains will pay attention to the bait or anyone who falls for it. It’s a litmus test. If someone starts arguing with him, you know they’re stupid and you can disregard their input on this site in the future.

        BTW my personal opinion is that Marvel and DC both have advantages and disadvantages, and people who try to put them into an “us vs. them” contest are stupid, and are looking at it wrong.

        • I like heros from both…. so what!!!!

        • @Ken – I agree, let’s not start that Marvel vs DC b.s, because that’s not what this is about. When both companies are successful, it’s good for us all, when they’re not not it’s bad, lol.

        • I’m just more concerned about the last three letters of his name…purposely picked or ill-chosen?


  10. I’m very wary of them just doing a Justice League movie without any kind of lead-up, but I also don’t want them to try to copy the Marvel formula (which was a bunch of lead-ups and then the team film). As for using Darkseid, yes he’s the baddest badass in the DC universe, yes it seems like blowing your load by using him up front, but a lot of the other villians that are also hugely badass are unknowns (even more so than he is) to the general populace, and also have stupid names. Amazo? Starro? Doesn’t work for me. Not in terms of their presentation.

  11. Let’s be honest here, DC/Warner Bros, and any other affiliates they bring into the mix have the tools within the comics to make amazing stories. What they need is a true direction, and a path that involves more than “let’s compete with Marvel.” Marvel made their own way, and it was a success. DC needs to simply do their own thing, and let the magic happen.

    That said, thinking in a movie-dominant era’s context, they need to look at the brass tacks. You cannot make a solo movie as large as the Justice League, and try to fill it within a 2hr time slot. It just isn’t going to work. IF they want this to work, they need to make it a trilogy, plain and simple. They aren’t doing solo movies first, so they need to make up the difference with multiple movies. Best way to do this? Think Lord of the Rings. Film one nine hour movie and separate it into three. This idea has been tried and tested, and it works.

    If they go with the Darkseid path, this would give them the time required to tell the mini-stories that develop before Darkseid’s coming. Let’s face it, they’re a requirement. The ruler of an entire planet and many surrounding areas does not generally decide “I’ll jump down and attack Earth today!” He will have plotted this, made the planet ready for his arrival, and come only when he’s assured victory. That’s always been the guy’s path. Changing that just to dumb it down into a quick 2 hour movie would ruin how (and I use this word in its true context) epic his coming should be.

    The viewers, comic fans and general audience alike, need to feel his final arrival as truly omnipotent. We need to have seen these heroes succeed against smaller trials while still somehow failing to grasp the enormity of the situation. Only when all the members of the League are truly united, both as a team and in their awareness of how screwed the planet is, will DC have the proper stage ready for Darkseid to come down and attack.

    Just my two cents.

    • I’m a Marvel fan, and I completely agree with you. For heroes this know (well, Batman & Superman), and especially a villain this Powerful, if DC isn’t going to do solos (other than Man of Steel), the LOTR treatment is in order, for THAT would truly be the greatest superhero movie of all time.

    • You forgot the most important thing….a REASON for Darkseid to come to Earth. From what I recall it has never been about the conquest of Earth but taking that which Superman holds most dear. There HAS to be a deep seeded grudge built up against Supes first for Darkseid to come. That type of thing will be difficult to establish credibly in a single movie.

      • Actually, Darkseid’s primary motivation tends to be power…His desire to subjugate Superman is a direct consequence of that lust for total control.

        • I think we are talking about the same thing. What ticks Dark boy off so much is Supes continual refusal to kowtow and kiss his feet like everyone else. The only being he has not been able to dominate like an ant. Not something he is used to and what motivates him to pursue such a personal vendetta. Conquest of the Earth is merely a means to an end; Forcing Superman into subjugation.

          • Yes. Exactly.

    • I think we have ALL SEEN where it goes when they “let the magic happen” Green Lantern anyone? the last superman? CMON that is their problem (DC/WB) TOO MUCH caring about the KIDDIES IMO!!! look at how stupid the green lantern was and looked!! THEY NEED SOMEONE TO HEAD THE MOVIES (that has VISION) and good story telling in them, and I love your trilogy IDEA that would BE EPIC!!! THEY JUST NEED TO MAKE SURE THEY HAVE A GREAT STORY

  12. I personally prefer them to start with Lex Luthor as a billionaire mad scientist who envy’s the Justice League and eventually introduces DarkSeid.
    This is just rumors I believe they will turn around the story to another direction.

  13. I’ve always held that part of the reason Green Lantern turned out so poorly is that they took it for granted that they would get a sequel, and decided to save all the good stuff for #2 (ie, Sinestro).

    Don’t make the same mistake with Justice League – don’t just assume there will be a sequel. Come out the door with a big bang.

  14. I think it absolutely will be confusing for general movie-goers if DC decides to use Darkseid in the JL movie. The thing people seem to be forgetting is that Thanos is going to be the villain in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. We don’t even know for sure if he’s going to be in Avengers 2, but it seems likely that Marvel will do something similar to how they had Loki as the villain in two movies.

    I already had people asking me why Superman or Batman weren’t in the Avengers. Can you imagine if Thanos is in 2 movies, and then Darkseid shows up in Justice League? Mainstream audiences (ie. non-nerds) will be like “Why is he here again? Wasn’t he already beaten? Where were Superman and Batman before? Where are the Avengers now? etc. etc.”

    Then again, I don’t think WB probably care if the movie makes sense to people as long as it makes $$$.

  15. I think Marvel and DC are going about these movies in the wrong way. They are creating movies to be standalone entities, when they should be making a series, as they do with there comic books. Each movie should be a chapter in an ongoing series, stretching the story and characters over many movies. That way there can be multiple heroes and villains and stories going on at once. Movie goers would be compelled to see all the movies, purchase all the dvds, etc… You can tell a much more epic story in 10-16 hours than in 2.

    • Isn’t that kinda what Marvel is doing though?
      Making all these movies inter-connected and having each of them share an over-arching story/idea (in the case of Phase 1: the cube and it’s origin and the way it ties all these heroes together).

      That said, a movie still needs to be able to stand on its own two feet though…

      • Yes, that’s exactly what Marvel’s doing. Each film was both an episode in a series leading up to Avengers, and a film on its own. I’m not sure what Keltari is griping about…marvel did exactly what he’s describing.

  16. If they start off with a Justice League movie, I wonder if they will acknowledge all the supernatural elements of the DC universe right away? For the past few years with Nolan’s Batman and even Iron Man, Hulk and Captain America, everything took place in a plausible world. With Thor, Loki and now Thanos, they are slowly stretching this reality and we still buy it.

    But you have to present things in a completely different angle if you plan to put bigger than life superheroes like Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, all battling an intergalactic God. Therefore, I wonder if the mainstream audience will be as much into it as it was with the Avengers.

    I don’t mind ackowledging right away the fantasy world of DC, but so far it doesn’t look like The Man of Steel has a tone that different from Nolan’s Batman. And to be honest, the Green Lantern movie didn’t convince anyone it’s the right way to go.

  17. Darkseid does make the most sense, but really it would cause a problem for JL, not Avengers 2, because Thanos was already introduced, so the casual fan would just think JL was ripping off Marvel (which some are probably going to already think, despite most of the DC guys being older). I think it’s really not a great time to do this big push to get out another super team movie, I’d work on developing the JL people in their own films first (like Marvel). Does anyone else feel like this whole this is getting forced through at this point since the success of Avengers? That is never a good way to make movies.

  18. Although Darkseid is a huge threat, and the most logically one to bring the superheroes together, I believe he can wait.

    Sure Thanos is a rip off from Darkseid, but the fact that Marvel beat DC into the cinematic shared universe, it would look like DC is ripping off Marvel on this one.

    I believe Brainiac could be worthy enemy, as well as Randal Savage or Gorilla Grod. Also a super villan team up could also happen.

    It be so cool that whoever the villain turns out to be, Metron has a cameo in the movie, as an observer….

    At the end of the day, this rival between DC and Marvel, the fans are the winners!!!

    • Randal Savage is really cool villian, but unknown to most people who dont follow comics/animated series.

      Gorilla Grodd is just… to out there. People wont like a talking gorilla trying to take over the world.

      • Yea, your right on both Savage and Grod, due to their lack of public awareness.

        So it just leaves with Brainiac…

        But if DC is decided with Darkseid, then I sure hope they manage to pull it off. I enjoy both DC and Marvel, but DC is my first choice always.

      • Its *Vandal Savage. Sorry, small mistake but it still innately annoys me.

    • CMON are you serious????? MY kids 18, 13, 11 knew about DC WAYY before mMarvel, just because of the ORIGINAL superman! and they all like it but marvel just KICKED THEIRS INTO REAL GOOD MOVIES visually and storywise in this new age with all the CGI and great effects QUICKEST NOT FIRST!!! I ALWAYS KNEW ABOUT DC MORE THAN MARVEL EXCEPT foe the HULK… DC just sucks at telling stories and making a good movie, but as far as I know DC WILL ALWAYS be the first with a great superhero movie

  19. Oh god they’re going to “do a Bane” with Darkseid. I can feel it in my gut. As much as everyone seems to hate Lex Luthor he should ALWAYS be present in a DC shared universe.

    I think they should make a new villain for the Justice League to face. Shouldn’t be too hard.

  20. Darkseid is the obvious choice for the team up but maybe a little too obvious. Darkseid in the comics and TV shows has brought some awesome action and stories however he is an alien invader fighting a team of super heroes, just like Avengers and the rumored plot of Avengers 2. And Thanos and Darkseid are just too similar to have the very different teams fighting them. I wasn’t familiar with Thanos before The Avengers and when I saw the scene in the credits I thought it wad Darkseid at first, but remembered that Darkseid was DC. The Legion of Doom would be the better where to go so they can differentiate the two films

    • @darthstich – I’m with you there, personally i would like to see the ‘Legion Of Doom’ first followed by ‘Darkseid’, but whoever DC decides to goes with i’ll be in the theater to see it, that’s for sure.

  21. I have a bad feeling about this Justice League movie. To big of a bite in one movie. Don’t blow it DC/WB.

  22. Who cares what villian Avengers use! Marvel is crap and the Avengers bored the Hell out of me, most overated film ever! Thanos is a complete rip off of Darkseid anyway, I dont care who they use really I just want a Justice League movie, Doomsday would be cool tho..

    • @ Scott Chase…..
      Delusuonal you are.

    • Who cares? I guess that would be the rest of us who want ALL the superhero movies to succeed. Drawing a line in the sand is folly.

  23. I can’t believe this. I love Darkseid and everything but this has got to be intentional. I can’t wait for all of the fan wars that will spring up because of this. I know Darkseid came first and everything but come on Warner Brothers! I guess it makes sense seeing as how DC’s movies will be based on the New 52. So I’m guessing they will base it off the first arc of Justice League. Which is’nt a bad idea because that read felt like a movie to me. But what comes after Darkseid though. Theres not many other big bad villains like Darkseid in the DC universe.

  24. Given Batman’s, Superman’s and even Green Lantern’s origins are already established in the DC Cinematic Universe, they should bring on origins movies for Wonder Woman, Flash and Aquaman. Even if the first 3 wind up being recast, they can be used introduced as background characters in these last three origins movies attempting to “Recruit” them for something greater into this Justice League. Personally, I’d like them to continue the older more broken Batman that Christian Bale left behind, and take Batman into his Detective role, as principle organizer and primary financier of the team. Bruce Wayne recruiting Wonder Woman as he making delivery on a special plane from Wayne Industries, Clark Kent (Superman) recruiting Flash (imagine Flash being followed throughout the movie by someone as fast as him and finally running into Superman in the end), and Green Lantern recruiting Aquaman. Villian wise, these three should be on the trail of one of Darksied’s minions that are already on Earth scouting ahead for the conquering before the Justice League is fully formed and they take on Darkseid.

  25. Really wish they would use Brainiac. He’s a huge villain in the DC Universe and they could really do a lot with him (we’re talking world-wide destruction) which in my opinion is about the only thing that could even stand a chance against the Justice League.

  26. This is a joke, this will look like a COPY-CAT at best. EVERYBODY “EVERYBODY” already knows THANOS is coming. This is underhanded copy-catting and an EPIC FAIL on every shameful level. Jumping the gun, jumping the shark, nuking the fridge, you name it. FAIL D.C. comics, shame on you. FAIL.