‘Justice League’ Villain Revealed? Why It Could Conflict with ‘Avengers 2′

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Justice Leauge Movie Villain Revealed 1 Justice League Villain Revealed? Why It Could Conflict with Avengers 2

There are a lot of things riding on Warner Bros. and DC Comics’ upcoming Justice League movie – and a lot of pieces to that puzzle still need to be fit together in just the right way to work for both longtime fans of the property, and the wider audience of moviegoers who need proper introduction to the hall of justice.

Beyond questions like whether or not to reboot Batman, what characters should be included in the league and what story should be told, there is the big question of who these DC superheroes should battle. Well, today we may have an answer – one that many of you (assuming you are eagerly digesting these words) – probably already guessed, and have long wished for.

[Warning!!! Potential Justice League SPOILER Below!!!]

Latino Review is reporting that they have it from close sources that iconic DC Comics arch-villain Darkseid is who the Justice League will fight in the 2015 blockbuster film – which is still without a confirmed cast or director. Screenwriter Will  Beall (Gangster Squad) has been working on the Justice League script for some time (even before the release of Marvel’s The Avengers, supposedly), so it’ll be interesting to see how he incorporates so many superhero origins with arguably one of the most massive (and respected) villains in the DCU.

Darseid Justice League Movie Villain Justice League Villain Revealed? Why It Could Conflict with Avengers 2

For those who don’t know, Darkseid (one of the “New Gods”) has an almost Shakespearean background: born to the royal family of the hellish world of Apokolips, Darkseid attempted to slay his own older brother and seized the “Omega Force,” a power which transformed him into a stone-like man who mercilessly rules Apokolips and is one of the most powerful beings in the DCU. Darkseid is a schemer and conqueror on a cosmic scale, and throughout his 40-plus years in DC Comics, he has gone so far as to best Superman in combat (if only temporarily) and even seemingly killed Batman. Needless to say, when many fans think of a foe worthy enough to see Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and other DCU superheroes unite, Darkseid is at the top of the wish-list.

Of course, a lot of fans hold the villain in such high regard that they may not be satisfied with this rumor. By jumping into a superhero team-up film first, before launching each hero in solo films, DC/WB is already taking a risk: launching a shared universe without viewers already invested in each hero. Now they would in essence be doubling-down by also having to fit in a villain that many believe deserves a two-film buildup (at least!), and would best serve as the “big baddie” at the end of a trilogy.

Darkseid vs. Justice Leauge Justice League Villain Revealed? Why It Could Conflict with Avengers 2

Indeed, Darkseid is one of the richer DC villains, and it would be a monumental misstep if the Justice League movie didn’t give him proper room to develop. It’s hard to imagine one film being able to introduce several protagonists, develop a relationship dynamic between them, and still have time to delve into a fascinating villain – but it’s not impossible. The Avengers balanced its heroes well enough, and Tom Hiddleston’s Loki certainly got time to develop and stand out; but this inclusion of Darkseid in Justice League brings up another problem – one directly related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Avengers 2 and Justice League both arrive in 2015, and both films are now strongly rumored to feature villains who may be too similar for the average viewer to distinguish. On the Marvel side, their “Phase Two” initiative is reportedly set to culminate in Avengers 2 with the team facing the cosmic threat of Thanos, the smiling purple villain revealed in the Avengers mid-credits scene. As comic fans will tell you, Thanos (a.k.a., Thanos of Titan) was actually created by writer-artist Jim Starlin, based on “the inspiration” of DC’s New Gods. After coming up with something initially different, Starlin was advised to convert Thanos into more of a Darkseid-esque character, resulting in the stocky, muscled purple conqueror we know today. You see where this bit of history now leads to a bigger issue…

Thanos Avengers 2 Darkseid Justice League Movie Justice League Villain Revealed? Why It Could Conflict with Avengers 2

To the untrained moviegoer (read: non-comic geeks), Darkseid and Thanos could pretty much end up looking like the same bad guy; meaning these two major superhero team-up films could get accused of being “the same thing.” Will that stop millions upon millions of people (and billions of box office dollars) from getting funneled into the respective studios’ pockets? Certainly not. Will it spawn endless Internet chatter, arguments, “which one is better” debates, copycat accusations and the like? It’s already happening.

Finally, will spring of 2015 be filled with endless promotional featurettes and specials from both Marvel and DC, telling us why their villain (and film) is unique from the competition’s? We don’t have a crystal ball handy to confirm… but if rumors about each film’s villain turn out to be true… yes. Yes it will.

Do YOU want to see Darkseid in Justice League, or is introducing the villain now (while trying to introduce so many heroes at the same time) a waste of a good villain?

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Justice League will be in theaters in 2015.

Source: Latino Review

Artwork is property of DC Comics (Thanos Image property of Marvel Comics)

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  1. In hopes that the JL movie is coming 2015,
    I hope they stick to the core characters,
    as too many heroes might spoil the movie!

    I maintain it will be a good Idea if Darkseid features in MOS (maybe towards the end)

    Now theres still the possiblity of spliting the JL movie into three, these should create an arena for all the JL heroes to have their cameos.

    part1 and2 of this JL movie should focus on creating the suspense needed to introduce Darkseid in the final part,
    whats the best way to do this if not to feature him in cameos as he sends his top vilians against the JL

    finally shows up in part 3 to battle the JL,
    and funny enough after some punching and beatdowns JL wont get to defeat him because of how cunning he is, he’d always wriggle out of the battle and promise to be back,
    thus this event opens an avenue to create more movies .. Just saying
    Honestly dont think all of this could be packed into one movie,
    Well this is only but a cue, I’m not the professional!

    • I think MCM, that you and and I are on the same wavelength. I agree with your vision of how the Justice League movie (hope the producers and suits read our rants and raves) for ideas.

      Warner Brothers should commit itself from the beginning to a three movie project to be released in 2015, 2016, and 2017. This means that a lot of the pre-production and production should be in place like in the Lord of the Rings trilogy (another WB production so the know-how is there).

      The first two acts of the movie should be a first round (perhaps a combination of Kalibak and another baddie) should launch an initial strike on Earth forcing an the alliance that formed the League. They beat this combination and just as you think that they’ve won, the second round of attack in the third act of the first is launched in a broad front leaving a cliff hanger. The second movie splits the JLA into task groups and could introduce a hero or two more to help out.

      All throughout the series, Darkseid’s role is in the background until the third movie. The third movie is a epic superhero battle perhaps bring in groups like the Green Lantern Corps into the mix.

      The idea is not an Avengers clone (and this is coming from a person who only buys Marvel comics but loves DC in animation) or else Darkseid will fall prey to the accusations that it’s (unfairly or not) a Thanos clone. Going epic, a big bang movie will be the trick.

      If Warner Brothers wants to work with the individual characters, perhaps between the second and third movies we can have a movie or two with Wonder Woman, Flash, or a rebooted Green Lantern in side adventures.


  2. DC is going to have a hard time any route they go with a Justice League movie. If they start with a JL movie it’s going be rushed for time. It’s going to be like “You’re a superhero. Let’s go save the world.” which could wind up being lame. Who hasn’t seen that before? If they go the Marvel route then here come the rioters crying ripoff. If they truly care about this project their vision is going to have to be well outside the box in terms of thinking originality to make this work and to continue to make movies. If they don’t care and just want the money that they know it will generate then JL is a one and done movie.

  3. Personally I think Darkseid could be a great element to drive this team-up. He’s a big enough power in the DCU to force a team-up and I don’t even need to see him in a showdown in this movie, maybe he’s orchestrating events through another villain (yeah I know sort of like Avengers but hear me out) but constantly in the film instead of a twenty second cameo at the end. That would leave it open for a sequel where we do get to see Darkseid in action.

    And as for this being the first movie in the series (well, second, but you know what I mean) I think it could work. For evidence look at the Justice League cartoon from a few years back. It started off showcasing the heroes everyone knew and loved Superman and Batman then by a call from Batman the others showed up. To be honest that cartoon was my introduction to the character of Martian Manhunter, I haven’t always been the DC super-fan I am now, and in the first few minutes of his introduction I had an, albeit very basic, understanding of his character. I think the same could be done with this movie then to delve deeper into the characters we get solo films before JL2.

    But yeah, this is just my view on how they could handle this there are hundreds of methods they could go with and I’m sure I’d love it no matter how they handle it.

    • @Kraig – You make some very valid and good points my friend. I know some people will say with “The Avengers” and the “Justice League” it can be too much in the same summer, but i don’t think so. It’s only crowded with films when the quality is poor to me. I’m pretty confident “The Avengers 2″ will be great(Possibly better than the first film), and i think the “JL” can be a great film as well in the right hands. If both films are great then it’s a win for all of us fans, right.

  4. True! @CasualComicBookFan
    you got the idea and vision,

    You see DC got more characters with more energy(from my point of view), that if channeled and directed into the right path, I just cant even start to Imagine the advantages!

    I’m not a die hard fan of any one of them but I love good stuff and enjoy all of their works (comics, games, cartoons) and will readily criticize em if they fall out of place,

    I’ve got the Encyclopedia of both Universes which i’ve studied carefully,
    and I think splitting this movie would be the best way for DC to stay true to their IDentity and at the same time systematically accommodate these heroes without pitfalls! or even get blamed for copying anyone.

    • “…I love good stuff and enjoy all of their works (comics, games, cartoons) and will readily criticize em if they fall out of place”


      “I’ve got the Encyclopedia of both Universes which i’ve studied carefully,
      and I think splitting this movie would be the best way for DC to stay true to their IDentity and at the same time systematically accommodate these heroes without pitfalls! or even get blamed for copying anyone.”


      • Tanx man, I appreciate!

  5. DC just needs to take it’s time. They already have MAN OF STEEL on the way, and if they do not use nolan’s batman universe, they could always put snippets from nolan’s batman universe into the JL film such as notable information that was in nolan’s batman films. I still say DC should introduce their characters first by giving each of them (bats, supes, wonder woman, flash, green latern, and maybe even aquaman) their own movies. With supes, bats, and green lantern (if DC decides to use ryan renold’s GL universe) in the books, flash IMO would be the easiest character to make a solo movie of. Using excellent CGI to show super speed is not that complicated and would not look cheesy. Also, flash’s villains are not that complicated either. Captain Cold is pretty much a simple character and would only require CGI regarding the power of his cold gun.

    I think what DC needs to do is really concentrate on having a film for wonder woman because her origin story is complicated enough. With flash being the easiest DC character to make a solo film of, DC then could have solo films for 2 of their main characters to come out the same year. Marvel did it with THE INCREDIBLE HULK and IRON MAN in 2008. Hulk was the easiest chararcter out of every member of the avengers to make a film of because his story is not complicated and only required CGI with regards to the HULK and the abomination (who only showed up in the last scene of the movie).

    If DC chose to, they could also leave out aquaman, and introduce him in JUSTICE LEAGUE 2 as a way of adding to the sequel’s story. However, if DC does this, they should give aquaman his solo flick after JL 1, but before JL 2. A FISH STORY from superman the animated series would be the perfect way to introduce aquaman. Also, I am hoping that Darkseid will have a cameo in MAN OF STEEL the same way thanos had his in the avengers. That’s a good way to make people ready for darkseid’s supposed appearance in a JL movie.

  6. Point is DC should not care about some folks saying they copied marvel. That’s not important. It doesn’t matter because people will still go and check out their (DC) movies. It’s not copying. It’s about doing a huge film like these (superhero flicks) right…and introducing the main characters by giving each one their own solo flick is the right way to do it. It’s just that marvel did it first. WHO CARES? However, DC can always throw in the fact that they were the first to have big screen movies based on their characters.

    Point number 2 is, marvel made some mistakes with regards to their avengers movie that DC can capitalize on. The major mistake that I heard from a lot of people was that the avengers was not serious enough, and that when it came to the epic battle, the characters did not take seriousness of what was happening serious enough. They were joking and being sarcastic at times. Therefore, the question is probably not what marvel did right, but what did marvel do wrong? If some folks are going to cry copycat because DC is doing something that marvel did first, WHO CARES? THAT’S NOT IMPORTANT NOR THE ISSUE! Just make your movie epic and excellent, and stay true to the source (the comic books) when it is sensible to do so, because at the end of the day those shouting “copycat” will still be in the theaters watching JL and will run back to watch JL 2.

    • To be fair Marvel heroes usually joke around and being sarcastic, that’s kind of their thing. The whole MCU is a lot less dark and serious than DCU.

      So I doubt that can be called a “mistake”. It’s a difference. I would expect DC to make his heroes more serious, but I don’t want the MCU heroes to suddenly stop with the laughing in the face of death, joking during explosions and give ‘em hell attitude. It’s what I like about most of the Marvel heroes in the first place. :)

      • I hear ya. But I have been collecting Marvel comics for a long time, and I will tell you that their characters are not mostly joking around and being sarcastic. It’s not about being dark either. There is huge difference with being dark and being serious. They are not the same thing. Most of marvel’s character’s are not like spiderman, who is shouting sarcastic phrases at his opponents while dogding laser blasts and pumpkin bombs (nevertheless, it is believed that spiderman/peter parker does this to help him cope with the seriousness of the situations he is in, and not because he doesn’t take the seriousness of what is happening seriously). The movie can still be a “fun ride” even when logical norms are properly placed within the right parameters. Also the opposite is true: DC characters have been more on the joking side, with the likes of characters like plastic man and booster gold just to name a few, while marvel had always attracted more adult fans because of the seriousness of their characters. However, with the new owner of marvel being disney it seems like marvel has become more kid friendly as of late.

      • @scyilaya – Right, Marvel’s charcters are a little more loose and free spirited than DC’s are, both are great in different ways. I would’nt want Marvel’s characters to stop having a sense of humor either, it’s a part of the charm. As long as Marvel do what they do and DC do what they do, it’s all good, with the exception of DC producing more films than they have be doing.

        • Super, I think you and scyilaya are looking at today’s cartoon versions of marvel heroes as your source. The comic books are the source material not the cartoons. The only cartoon that gave a proper rendition of marvel characters was the 1990′s x-men cartoon, and the earlier spiderman toons (the ones before the ulitmate spiderman cartoon). Black widow is not a wise cracking, sarcastic character as scar jo’s character was, neither is iron man. However, I have noticed Marvel soften up their characters after disney purchased the company. I like RDJ take on iron man, but iron man is not a sarcastic joking character in the books before the flicks. Tony Stark might be, but not when he is donning the iron man suit. The cartoon versions of the avengers that came out after the iron man and avenger movies were based on RDJ version of iron man but not the true iron man of the comics. Again, I like RDJ version of iron man, but most of marvel’s characters are not sarcastic, or brutally sarcastic, or jokers.

  7. Another mistake marvel made was with some of their casting decisions. DC, PICK THE RIGHT PEOPLE TO PLAY YOUR CHARACTERS. Cavell is probaly the only superman in a superman movie who I have seen who actually is a muscular person playing a muscular character. FINALLY. Now let’s just hope he fits the role well overall. Christopher Reeve, I still think, is the only actor who truely ever looked like superman in face and height. His role as superman with richard pryor was his best appearance (in looks) as superman. He looked like he worked out for the film, and his height was definitely noticeable whenever he stood next to lana lang (annette o’toole) in the scene when they are in her house and he begins to hit on her on the couch because he is changing.

    One thing I notice whenever it comes to DC characters is their height in relation to each other. I notice that DC intentionally has their characters at different heights and likes to show each character’s height differentials by usually having them all standing together. DC, Keep their height the same as it is in the comics. When it comes to the main characters (bats, supes, ww, GL, and Flash) flash is the shortest. Bats is 6’0, but is shorter than wonder woman by 2 to 3 inches. GL is about the same height as bats, with superman being taller than everyone. DC, Keep their height the same. Fox gave the role of a 5’3 character to an actor who is 6’3. Ridiculous. Little details, but very important when it comes to superhero flicks.

  8. @Mr. Day – As far as ‘Wolverine’s’ height from the films in comparrison to the comics you’re right, i’ll give you that. I don’t what else you’re talking about though on Marvel missing on size, because they’ve pretty much nailed everything else, especially since Marvel started making their own films exclusively.

    • @super70…I wasn’t really talking about MARVEL specifically in the post you commented on, but about the wrong things that happened to their characters in the movies. I know Fox made the hugh jackman movies, but wolverine is a marvel character who they wrongly cast entirely. I was pointing out mistakes made to marvel characters in film, hoping that DC does not make the same mistakes. Avengers characters were properly sized (height-wise) though.

      Fox also made the generic x-men movies, with storm being the shortest member and wolverine being the second tallest, behind the guy who played collosus. These parameters are all wrong. In the comics, Storm is 5’11. Yet wolverine was the tallest in x-men 1 and 3, when he is actually the shortest amongst all of the characters who were in the x movies, minus jubilee. They don’t need to exactly find a muscular 5’3 man to play wolverine. However, what they can do is cast the role to a shorter actor who 5’6 or 5’7, and film him standing next to other notable characters showing the proper height differentials with respect to the comics. It’s not difficult at all.

  9. I don’t know if i would go as far as call WB trash, but they have made some bad buisness decisions. One of those mistakes being letting Joss Whedon go, i don’t give a damn what none of these blind fools say, that was a mistake that WB is regretting big time. I want to see “JL” hit the big screen, but i can’t call no damn film EPIC without a damn director or cast yet, sorry but that’s a wait and see for me. When isee WB hopefully make these moves than i can start to get a fell for the potential of this film.

    • I meant get a ‘feel’ for the potential of the film, damnn lol.

    • Oh yes, same here. I want to know who directs and who’s in the cast. I just can’t get excited about it without those things.

      We know literally nothing, only that it will be JL and that now possibly it will have Darkseid.

      I’m a lot more confident in The Avengers 2 being good, because we know Joss and even without Phase 2 movies not yet out we have a pretty clear picture of who’s going to be in the cast.

      Plus yeah WB either makes something really good or something awful. There are examples for both.

  10. Honestly I’m glad that DC isn’t coming out with separate movies for all the characters. Marvel is going overboard. They are making a third iron man movie and sequels to both thor and captain america and coming out with at least 2 more avengers movies. I respect DC for not going this route

  11. Give it the Lord of the rings treatment…3 three hour long effects laden slugfests…enough time to introduce characaters not featured in their own film. Bring Darkseid in on the second film and end it with a cliffhanger. Film all three back to back… It would be interesting to see Bale and M. Caine return as batman and alfred… I wouldnt mind R. Reynolds showing up as Green Lantern…(too bad they didnt have some crossover cameos like the Avengers, Ironman, Hulk, Captain America, and Thor did) It will be interesting to see how they introduce Wonderwoman, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter(which is prolly the most unknown to the non-comic reading general public.) The avengers advantage was that the separate stories of each character had months and years of dvd exposure so those who were not comic readers were at least familiar with the characters.) I would error on the side of caution and at least make a Wonder Woman movie, a second Green Lantern, and introduce some of the other characters in the JLA in them…Perhaps they did such a thing with the Man of Steel at the end of the credits…

  12. I reckon they should give flash and Wonder Woman their own movies first (which I think they’re doing) and make the first movie about introducing the Martian manhunter. I’m thinking maybe brainiac as the main villain hinting at a much higher power than him. The second movie I’m not too sure about, maybe it could be the war between good and evil on earth with hundreds of the DC fanboys favourite heroes/villains, and at the end reveal darkseid preparing he’s army to attack earth while their heroes are weak. Then play out the third with an epic war where good and evil join forces to defeat darkseid however he escapes (as always) and superman threatens to kill him blah blah blah. The only problem is that the fanboys have seen all this before and may cry unoriginality, however most directors now try to keep true to the comics so this series does seen likely. Unfortunately batman will probably have to be rebooted unless they figured out a way to bring Bruce Wayne out of retirement besides the fact any realism would be lost since nolans batman isn’t quite the agile freak everyone loves, and the fact that TDKR takes place in like 2018

  13. Well if they decide not to revamp Batman for the movie then they already have 3 of the justice league members, Batsman, Superman, and Green Lantern. I think it might be to small of a window from now till 2015 to introduce another character (in-depth). As for the Villain? The Green Lantern was left open to introduce a pretty good earthly catastrophe that would call for a justice league team up… How ever this plays out I think DC got a late start so I’m interested to see how this plays out. One thing I’m worrying a lot is DC just making it a full on marketing campaign out of it and seeing it all over slurpy cups at 7-11 and happy meal toys at McDonald’s, just to distract from the s*** plot…

  14. Well if they decide not to revamp Batman for the movie then they already have 3 of the justice league members, Batsman, Superman, and Green Lantern. I think it might be to small of a window from now till 2015 to introduce another character (in-depth). As for the Villain? The Green Lantern was left open to introduce a pretty good earthly catastrophe that would call for a justice league team up… How ever this plays out I think DC got a late start so I’m interested to see how this plays out. One thing I’m worrying a lot is DC just making it a full on marketing campaign out of it and seeing it all over slurpy cups at 7-11 and happy meal toys at McDonald’s, just to distract from the lacking plot…

  15. Yeah, I definitely feel Darkseid is being introduced too soon. I hate to compare it to The Avengers, since I do feel this movie should fail or succeed on it’s own merits, but two things need to be noted about their villain.

    Number one, Loki was given backstory and screentime in Thor before appearing in The Avengers. That meant viewers not only had a connection to him already, but that the movie didn’t have to waste time on him or his backstory and fully focus on the team. Second, while it may seem odd to say this given the whole god thing, Loki is not a very major villain within the Marvel universe. He’s certainly a threat, but compared to things like Galactus, Thanos or Mephisto, he isn’t a big player. Which is exactly why he works for the movie. The first threat a team faces in a movie shouldn’t be the huge planet destroying menace. It just has to be something strong enough to force them to work together and maybe a hint at some larger force behind them pulling strings.

    They might be able to get around the first one by revealing things about Darkseid throughout the movies like what they did with S.H.I.E.L.D. The Justice League doesn’t exactly have any one person to credit with gathering them together, so if they want to link them together, doing it through the villain seems best. Still, Darkseid doesn’t seem like a good fit for this and villains like Braniac, who is a big enough threat but not “planet destroyer” level, or maybe Sinestro since he already has made appearances before hand and could be a big enough threat.

  16. I personally wished it was going to be Starro :I he was one awesome starfish and I heard in a reboot of the story in the nineties that it was pretty cool. I feel darkseid is used too much. Cool villain, but overused in DC stories. They could have just done a movie with all their origins and in the end foreshadow a villain like Darkseid or Starro
    I never like to say DC is stealing Marvel’s ideas because DC was first. but, Marvel can make better movies than DC. DCs characters can never be acted by real people. While marvel can find perfect actors.
    DC is trying to become big again which is hard when they don’t have many children safe comics. Batman is dark which is fine,but hey sould make alternatives than just Tiny Titans and the failing young justice comics. Marvel has many alternatives for their younger readers and watchers. I remember when I was nine getting the comics and I had to read older comics because of how the omits said I h ad to be twelve year sold to read them. The women’s breast are basically spilling out their costumes which is disgustingly unrealistic (but this happens with all comics. DC or not)
    If they want to redeem themselves again, DC needs to pull the unexpected and I’m not saying New 52 unexpected, but utterly mind blowing that all ages, all genders, geek or not, marvel or DC will love. They cannot do the expected with a Darkseid typical story. They cannot focus on how they worked only one heroes villain. Maybe they could make a whole story based on Martain Manhunter and the white Martians. That would be ASDFGHJKL perfect.

  17. As stoked as I will be for a shared universe movie from DC about their ensemble cast for their iconic superheroes in 2015, I am, however, quiet cautious about the Warner leadership unconventionally introducing these gestating figures through one explosive plot. Trying to introduce each of the separate characters through one movie is a dauntingly risky move, not only from a fiscal point of view but from a thematic one. What concerns us more is the latter one. Clearly, trying to write a story that will properly be able to encompass all the different background story arch of Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Flash and reboot Batman will convolute the overall story, thereby making it difficult for audiences to encapsulate the overall picture. Generally speaking, good movies are attuned to niche storylines. It would make sense to follow the marvel path by giving a fair amount of attention to all of our superheroes separately and then bringing them together into one JLA movie, even if it will mean postponing the date for a JLA movie for another three years. Remember, stalling the movie would be an infinitely better option than doing a horrible job of it and single handedly making it a colossal embarrassment as well as ruining potential sequels. However, if done well, this unconventional method could perhaps turn out to be a novelty strategy. Such would only be possible if the Warner Bros. entourage could somehow focus on as little characters as possible, thereby developing more effectively on a more restricted story arch, while leaving the climactic buildup as being open to the calling out for the need for other superheroes for protection from even greater threats in future movies. This, then, could be a more subtle approach to introducing Flash and other heroes alike. This would be akin to Michael Bay’s first Transformers movie, where Optimus Prime, at the end of the movie, steps up on top of a hill calling out to other surviving protagonists, asking them to unite for even greater evils to come. As a huge DC fan, I will want Warner Bros. to get their eggs in one basket (or separate ones!) and consider approaching this sensitive situation cautiously regardless of how they approach the JLA team. After all, this movie in 2015, or the lack thereof, will determine the future of the other JLA cast members and whether they will be able to compete with their Marvel counterparts.

  18. I szent this to DC, tell me if you like it
    For the past few weeks I have had work that does not require my full concentration and so to make my work time pass faster I have been thinking how I would compose the DC origins stories so that they all link together for the Justice League movie without being similar to the Avengers movie lines or other movie plots. I do not expect these to be followed word for word, I’m merely offering them to your screen writers who may be stuck trying to create movies that relate to the comic character’s orgins while still drawing new fans and being linked together for the Justice League movie. For the benefit of DC and it’s fans, here is what I have come up with:

    First I would suggest that the origins stories be released in the following order:
    1) Superman (probably Superman 2, if changes must be enacted)
    2) Green Lantern 2 (Includes the introduction of J’onn J’onzz the Martian Manhunter)
    3) Flash
    4) Wonder Woman
    The other two movies could be released at any time without affecting the storyline of the JLA movie. These are:
    5) Aquaman
    6) The Batman Reboot (While the current Batman movies have been great, it seems that they are too realistic and dramatic to blend in with the rest of the Justice League origins. With Christopher Nolan ending his trilogy it would be the perfect time to produce a Batman movie that takes the drama and impact of a Nolan movie and blend it with the action and unbelievability of the 90’s Batman movies)
    After all these Origins are released, it would be time for:
    7) The Justice League (After contemplating many scenarios, I believe the most effective way to link all these stories is to have all the predecessors involve each JLA member fighting refugee aliens(explained later) and that they must band together to defend the Earth from a massive alien invasion led by Sinestro and Lex Luthor)

    As I said these are only potential plot twists and story lines, I leave most of the movie to be created by the DC experts.

    For Superman, I’m unsure of what the upcoming Man of Steel film will comprise of, so a sequel may be needed to provide the lead in for the other origin movies. If I were to make it all in one movie though, here is what I’d do. Begin the movie with Kal- El’s classic escape from the dying planet of Krypton caused by the planet’s “computer defense program” Brainiac. Briefly show his life in Smallville as he comes to understand his destiny to use his powers for the benefit of mankind and Earth’s greatest defendor through the guidance of Johnathen and Martha Kent. He then leaves home and travels to Metropolis where he gains his fame by thwarting terrorists and gang members, most of whom are business associates of Lex Luthor, thus beginning their relationship also.

    At this point in the movie, I would make a plot hint that Metropolis is hosting a “World’s Finest” competition where Superman will duel with numerous other Superheroes for the title of Earth’s Greatest Hero. This should only be briefly referenced and the competition will not be shown in this movie (It will be used in both the Flash and Wonder Woman movies and I would include other DC characters as competitors in the competition, namely Green Arrow).

    As Superman rises to fame, he learns that a large number of aliens are migrating to Earth after billions were left homeless when their planets were destroyed by Parallax (Green Lantern). Of course many of these aliens aren’t so peaceloving and Superman must fight them in order to protect the people of Earth. As the movie ends, Superman has brought peace to Metropolis (while possibly stopping one of Lex Luthor’s diabolical plans, maybe involving Metallo). At this point, depending on the director’s choice in plot, Superman could either learn from a destructing Brainiac (Better villain for the movie, since he later uses the Kryptonian library he finds in Brainiac’s ship) or a surprise meeting from a mysterious Darkseid (not the villain, just an appearance), that the migration has only begun and that the next flock of refugees will be led by a threat more powerful than anything Superman has dealt with. As the movie ends, Superman meets with the President who asks him to assemble an International League of Heroes who will help him promote justice across the planet as more aliens threaten it’s citizens.

    Green Lantern 2-
    This movie begins 5 years after the events of the first Green Lantern film. After Parallax destroyed their planets, billions of surviving aliens have been left homeless and many have attempted to make new homes by forcing out the previous inhabitants of a planet. As a result the Green Lantern Corps has been busy attempting to protect the planets in their jurisdiction from these alien invaders and Hal Jordan has been under the apprenticeship of Sinestro. At the start of the movie, we see Hal, Sinestro, and a few other lanterns investigating a planet that they believe to have been overthrown by refugees. As they investigate they are forced to split apart and fight the refugees. As Sinestro fights, he is overwhelmed by the refugees and uses his “fear ring” to overcome his attackers. After viciously slaying the refugees, he either kills civilians or another lantern in his onslaught and pins the death on the refugees. Hal begins to suspect that Sinestro is changing, but decides to wait till the current crises is over before he addresses the other Lanterns.

    As they continue policing the galaxy, Hal is attacked by the Martian Manhunter. When Hal finally restrains him, he asks who he is and why he was trying to kill him. The Martian then tells Hal how his name is J’onn J’onzz and he is the last survivor of the planet Mars. He tells Hal how his planet was invaded and they turned to the Green Lanterns for help. Sinestro was sent to the planet and he used his “fear ring” to kill the invader’s but was then overcome by the ring and continued to slay all the Martians including J’onn’s wife and children whom he was forced to watch die. J’onn barely survived the attack and spent the last 2 years tracking the Lantern responsible for the death of his people.

    Hal takes J’onn before the Lantern council, tells them that he has witnessed Sinestro becoming more zealous and vicious, and asks what happened to the “fear ring” that was forged in the last movie. Sinestro escapes the trial using the “fear ring” and the Lanterns’s realize that he has been corrupted by fear and must be stopped before he causes further death.

    Skip to the end of the movie where Hal and J’onn fight Sinestro. Sinestro seemingly defeats J’onn leaving Hal to fight him alone. Hal flies into space with Sinestro closing behind him. After further fighting, Hal realizes he is not powerful enough to stop Sinestro alone. He then gets the idea to fly into the gravitational pull of a black hole to level the playing field, where after more fighting, Sinestro is pulled into the hole and Hal must attempt to fly out, though he is wounded. Just before he is sucked in, J’onn flies into the hole and uses his phasing powers to phase Hal and himself out of the Hole’s pull. Hal and J’onn part ways and we see that for his act of sacrifice and bravery, Hal is made the new leader of the Green Lantern Corps. After the credits we see Sinestro’s seemingly lifeless body flung out of a Black Hole, just outside of Earth’s atmosphere. We then see a Lex Lab’s scientist inform Lex Luthor that an alien being, whom they at first thought to be Superman, has appeared on their radars. Lex smiles and tells them to bring the alien to Lex Labs for further examination. Before the scene ends we see Sinestro open his mouth to breath.

    I do not know a lot about the Flash’s origin story but here is what I’ve thought up for a couple plot ideas. A few years after Wally’s accident that causes his molecules to move at an accelerated pace, he thinks he has mastered his abilities enough to enter the “World’s Finest Competition” in Metropolis where he hopes to impress his childhood hero Superman. In the competition we only see his fights, which end in the semi-finals where he is defeated by Superman who tells him that he has the potential to be great, but he must first learn to master his powers and gain more experience.

    After the competition, he should probably fight some alien in his hometown and that would be his main bad guy. Wally’s final battle in the movie should show that he has learned to put the safety of others before his own.

    Wonder Woman-
    I know virtually nothing about Wonder Woman, only that she is a feminist icon and I believe she lives in an Amazonian society on a remote island on Earth. Being that I know hardly anything about her, I only have one plot point for her movie. At some point in her Super Heroine career, she should here about the “World’s Finest” Competition and attempt to enter to show that a woman can earn the title of Earth’s Greatest Hero. After defeating all her competitors, Wonder Woman procedes to fight Superman in the Final Round. After an exhausting fight where they are both left standing, a crises (Some hazard at the stadium or a nearby explosion) forces them to end the fight and work together to protect the people and avert a crises. After the incident, they fly back to the stadium and agree that enough fighting has occurred and there is no need to continue the competition. Wonder Woman leaves and returns to her home where she finishes her origin story.

    Aquaman’s origin movie is a little more complicated than the others. Over the years, Aquaman has come to be thought of as a wimp and most people don’t think of him as a real Superhero. This movie should show that he had a grueling and strenuous youth and that he had to undergo numerous challenges to become the King and Defendor of Atlantis. That being said, here are my ideas.

    The story begins with a brief history of Atlantis (The sinking of the city, because the King defied ancient laws and wed a non-atlantean woman) and the birth of a child whom is next in line for the throne. As the child begins to grow hair, the King finds out that he is blonde which is thought by the Atlantean’s to be a curse known as “the Mark of Kordax”. Despite great protest from his mother, the King orders Orin to be abandoned on Mercy Reef, where at low tide he would be exposed to air and most Atlanteans would die. Miraculously, he survives for two days, before his mother finds him and leaves him on the shores of a lighthouse where an old man (Arthur Curry) lives alone. The lighthouse keeper finds the boy and raises him as Arthur Curry Jr. (Possibly allude that the queen knew about the old man because they had “been together” when he was younger and that is why Aquaman can breathe air)

    When Aquaman is fifteen, his father calls him to his deathbed to tell him a secret. His father tells Arthur Jr. that the reason he feels out of place in the world and that he is different from others (his Atlantean strength and ability to breath underwater) is because he came from the sea. Arthur Sr. then tells the boy that when he found him, there was a note and a pendant around his neck. The note said that the boy was the son of the ruler of a lost underwater city and that his birth name is Orin, son of Poseidus and Atlanna. Just before his father dies, he gives Arthur the pendant and tells him that the note said it will lead any Atlantean to the sunken city.

    After Arthur Sr. dies, Arthur Jr. journies to Atlantis, with his father’s harpoon to defend himself from the creatures of the deep, where he is taken before the Atlantean council led by King Poseidus (his birth father). After hearing his story, Atlanna tells her husband what she did and says that he is their son. The King says that they cannot be sure and that his son Orm (Aquaman’s brother) is the true heir to his throne. The King then states that the boy is too weak and un-cultured from his time on the surface to become the King of Atlantis. After further argument the Queen begs the King to test the boy by forcing him to endure the ancient Spartan Trial, where he is cast out of Atlantis for three years to survive alone in the sea to test his abilities as a man. The King agrees to this, after considering that the gods have spared Orin’s life twice now, and states that he will also send Orm on this trial and at the end of the three years, they will decide who is more deserving of the crown.

    Both sons are cast out into the sea (Aquaman takes his father’s harpoon and possibly the classic green and orange suit which his mother gives him and his father makes a joke about it. If included the top should be shredded in his first battle to give him the shirtless Justice League appearance) where Aquaman nearly dies (some kind of shark attack or maybe a killer whale?) He is saved by an outcast of Atlantis (who was born to an Atlantean mother and some sea creature?). The man takes Aquaman and teaches him to survive in the sea (Teaches him to talk to fish, helps him train his body, and teaches him about the different creatures who live under the sea). At the end of his 3 years, Aquaman returns to Atlantis with a hardened body and a vast knowledge of undersea life. Orm also returns, but he is scarred and it is apparent that he has been negatively changed through his trial. The King is amazed by Aquaman’s transformation (he did not think he would survive) and embraces him as his son and rightful heir to the throne. Orm is outraged by this decision and challenges Aquaman for the role of King. In a public fight Orm cheats to attempt to defeat Aquaman (who is clearly the superior fighter), but is still defeated by Aquaman. Poseidus tells Aquaman to finish Orm for his treacherous act, but Aquaman yields and asks that Orm be banished from Atlantis instead. The King respects his wish and Aquaman is declared a prince of Atlantis.

    As the years pass, Aquaman marries and has a son. He is also sent out to defend Atlantis from aliens who have begun invading Earth’s waters (namely the Black Manta). Meanwhile Orm has gathered the group of outlaws whom he lived with during his Spartan Trial and sent them to Atlantis to incite a rebellion against the royal family, because he continually defies the gods(His marriage to Atlanna, who is not of Atlantean blood and his acceptance of Orin as heir to the throne despite his Mark) and because they refuse to take the proper action against these alien invaders (they are not killed). While Aquaman is out defending the kingdom, Orm and his rebel army storm Atlantis, kill the King and hold the queen and Aquaman’s son and wife hostage. When Aquaman returns, he is forced to surrender to Orm’s forces. Orm orders Aquaman and his son to be chained to the inside of an underwater volcano. To save himself and his son, Aquaman cuts off his own hand with a rock and returns to the kingdom where he replaces his hand with Arthur Sr.’s harpoon. He then leads the citizens of Atlantis to overthrow Orm and his army. Orm and his forces are defeated and Aquaman has Orm locked in the palace dungeon for the rest of his days. The movie ends with Aquaman being declared King. After the credits, I would include a scene where the Black Manta is shown to have snuck into the dungeon where he meets with Orm and simply says, “We have much to talk about”.

    Batman Reboot-
    I have many ideas for numerous Batman movies, but I leave it to the DC screen writers. The only thing I would recommend is that Batman be adapted from the believable Nolan Batman, to a more superhero role that he had in the 90’s Batman films. I believe it will help ease him into the Justice League Movie where he would have to fight aliens.

    The Justice League-
    The movie should begin with Sinestro being examined in Lex Lab’s. Suddenly he wakes up and kills the scientists. As more guards arrive, Lex enters the lab and tells them to stand down. He then converses with Sinestro and draws a pact that if he aids Lex in taking over the world by helping him recruit the refugee aliens, Lex will supply him with a fully armed alien army. Forward to a few years later, where Batman is breaking into Luthor Corps to view Lex’s business transactions. As he is investigating Lex’s office, Superman sees him and smashes in believing him to be a burglar. After a very brief conflict, Batman tells him to stop and explains who he is and that he has been hired by Bruce Wayne who believes Lex is constructing super weapons using technology from Wayne Enterprises. Superman allows him to continue and tells him to hurry as the guards have been alerted by Superman’s entrance. They learn that Lex is creating weapons using alien technology (with information provided by Sinestro) and that he is planning to arm an army of alien invaders. After fighting some guards, they exit the building and Superman tells Batman that he must go and ask for the help of an intergalactic peacekeeping order known as the Green Lanterns. Batman gives him a communicator so that he may call him if he needs help.

    Superman uses information from the Kryptonian library in his fortress of solitude to summon his planet’s Lantern guardian. Hal Jordan arrives and after hearing his story he goes and meets with the Lantern Council. After a debate, the Lanterns decide that they cannot leave their own planets defenseless to go and defend the Earth. Hal returns to Earth and gives this information to Superman, but offers J’onn J’onzz (who has been living on Earth since the events of Green Lantern 2) and himself to help Superman defend the Earth. Superman then journies to see Wonder Woman and convinces her to help him protect the planet. As they return to Metropolis, they see news footage of an electoral rally where Aquaman comes ashore and incites a large fight after accusing the candidate of polluting his waters. Aquaman is sedated by police and brought to a hospital where Superman and Wonder Woman meet him as he starts his escape. They tell him how his realm is also threatened by the incoming invasion and knows from past alien threats that they are right. To protect his oceans, Aquaman agrees to join the League. The team assembles (without Flash) and during their first encounter with the aliens, Flash arrives (not knowing about the league) and helps them fend off the first wave of invaders. Impressed by Flash’s improvement, Superman offers him initiation into the Justice League. DC can take it from here.

    • @C Smith – You’ve definantly done your homework and you’ve brung it to the plate full my friend, haha. Maybe DC should hire you as at least an consultant if not a writer, you have a lot of creative ideas there. As long as WB/DC put the right people behind the project and fit the right pieces to the puzzle, they should be fine. Hell if they can just show half the imagination you’ve just demostrated they should have a hit on their hands, lol.

  19. What is going to happen to smallville, we had 10 series build up to see tom welling wearing the suit ! For 20 seconds, come on play the game , he deserves to play the man! In many more episodes of whatever series you put together

  20. I think since the 2006 release of Superman Returns,the Recent Dark Knight trilogy, and the 2011 release of Green Lantern they already have 3 actors to cast as Superman and Batman. To prevent having to do a build up of Characters like Marvel did they should stick with Christian Bale as Batman,Brandon Routh as Superman,and Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern. As far as worying about a conflict with Avengers 2 they should look to Brainiac being the Main villian instead of Darkseid. Braniac makes more sense since they already have DC Universe the MMO telling a story for Brainiac they could run a similar storyline for a movie. Although I do agree that if they went the route of Trillogy Darkseid would be better it doesn’t make sense for the conflict of intreset. If they use Brainiac instead of doing a true Trilogy they could take cues from the comic world. Have crossovers in each charcters own movies then a JLA movie. If they go this route then they only need crossovers with Wonder Woman, Flash, and Martian Man Hunter. As the 6 major Players in the JLA they would have to all be in the movie for true comic fans to enjoy it.

  21. Try the Legion of Doom like Lex Luther, Brainiac, Metallo, Joker, Scarecrow, Two-Face, Captain Cold, Sinestro, Solomon Grundy

    • @DannyLovesMovies – Either ‘Darkseid’ or the ‘Legion Of Doom’ would work for me in a “JL” film, as long as WB/DC get off their asses and truly dedicate themselves to bringing it to the big screen. They don’t need to follow Marvel step for step, but at least be ambitious with their films like them.

  22. they should get Dennis Haysbert to plays as Darkseid

  23. I agree that Darkseid deserves some buildup before they use him in Justice League.

    Actually, I think that Justice League should be held off until they introduce the heroes in other films. Let’s face it: Avengers wouldn’t have worked nearly as well as it did if the audience wasn’t already invested in the heroes.

    As for Darkseid, I think he should be given a post-credits cameo in Man of Steel, get a New Gods movie with him as the villain, and then get the spotlight in Justice League.

    But hey, that’s just my opinion.

    • @Al – You’re right about building up the characters, and yes had Marvel not intoduced the heroes seprately and allowed the public to get to know them, the general audience would not have been as invested or immeresed into the characters. Yes these characters are popular and iconic, but that does’nt guarantee they will hit it off with general audiences. People knowing who are is one thing, but getting them to spend 10, 15 dollars in theater to watch you is another thing. General audiences gravitated to “The Avengers” not because of their long comic book history, but due to the fact that they got to know and love seeing these charcters on the big screen over the last several years.

  24. i think the best possibility for the first justice league movie where the heroes join forces would be martian invasion. the earth verses mars concept gives a good reason for earthlings to put aside any differences to defend the planet. then second movie has all of the villians of earth join together, and possibly bring in the crime sindicate from the parallel universe… ultra man vs super man needs to happen. this gives you two movies to slowly foreshadow and prepare for darkseids coming… which doesn’t necessarily mean that he has to be defeated at the end of the movie, he can come on the scene, and put the entire world in an impossible situation, and then in the next movie they can finally beat him… this idea also leaves the option of my “villians of this world and the parallel team up” to be scrapped if only a trilogy were to happen…

  25. Doomsday should be first or they should use a team like the joker deathstroke and Solomon Grundy or other teams they could make

  26. Doomsday should be first or they should use a team like the joker black Adam and Solomon Grundy or other teams they could make

  27. They should drop JL 1, 2 ,then make a new gods movie then but him in the last one.

  28. No, the JL movie will come out in 2017, Batman v Superman: Dawn of justice will come out 2016, Wonder Woman, Aquaman (maybe), Shazzam, Sandman, Man of Steel 2, GL and Flash team up and more DC movies will come out later