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justice league ross Justice League Movie Update

I’ve read some rumors from trusted sources online that the JLA movie will be called Justice League instead of Justice League of America. I think Nikki Finke’s tongue-in-cheek reaction said it best:

“[N]o doubt its proper name Justice League Of America would be too jingoistic for the foreign market.”

Why do studios keep doing this? I have commented that a Captain America movie may end up being called Captain UN or Captain International to remain politically correct. And don’t forget, G.I. Joe won’t be a “real American hero” anymore, instead a real “international hero.” Sigh…

In related news, JLA, er, JL is rumored to only feature four superheroes, according to Finke. Why not all seven?!

My guess is budgetary issues; seven superheroes is just too many and can cost an arm and a leg (the Thor movie’s budget reportedly came in at $300 million). Since Flash will be made into a movie in the next couple of years, and the Wonder Woman and Green Lantern films (the latter which was to be a comedy starring Jack Black three years ago) have been shelved, I’m guessing that’s why Flash is reported to not to make a major appearance, but Wonder Woman and Green Lantern are.

Perhaps Martian Manhunter and Aquaman are too “obscure” to be featured in the movie? It’s being widely reported that Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern are major players in the film, but there really hasn’t been much talk of Flash, M.M. and Aquaman. At the very least, perhaps the three heroes make cameos in the film. Maybe one or two are taken prisoner, much like Cyclops was in X2. Good way to keep the film from becoming too much of an ensemble. (Heck, Professor X always seemed to be out of commission in the X-Men movies.)

Notably, Entertainment Weekly recently reported that all seven do make an appearance, so perhaps the cameo thing may be true, or it might be major appearances by all seven heroes. They also report the movie centers on a ruthless corporate type (aside from Tony Stark, why does it seem that all businessmen are villains?) named Maxwell Lord, whose robotics technology takes control of people, and havoc ensues. Superman fights Batman and Wonder Woman, respectively.

Also, if JL does well, you’ll definitely see a Wonder Woman movie, plus I wouldn’t be surprised if Green Lantern goes solo in his own film. No Hal Jordan for JL; instead, it’s John Stewart.

The film, being directed by George Miller (Mad Max, Happy Feet–ugh) and written by Kiernan and Michele Mulroney (no doubt having gone through some revisions, possibly by other writers), won’t be based on motion/performance capture and photorealistic CGI. Instead, it will be straight-up live action. Christian Bale still wants nothing to do with it, but Brandon Routh would like to return as Superman (no pun intended). Unfortunately, Warner Bros. won’t push to have Bale and Routh appear. Which is a real shame, because they’re great actors and I loved them as their respective super hero alter egos.

One last bit of news: The film begins shooting February 11, 2008 in Austrailia.

Sources: Deadline Hollywood Daily (read the last part of the story), Entertainment Weekly, Batman On Film (which makes a great argument against doing a JL movie now), & Superhero Hype!

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  1. I thought this movie was dead. Anyway the Flash and MM are my favorite heroes from DCU, and if the story does not concetrate on them much I stil would like to see them in action.

    I also think that Aquaman should be band from the movie.
    Unless they only use him in water secuences.

  2. Why am I not surprized? No JLA. See how PC everyone is? JLI is more like it. No Hal,THERE’S a BIG surprize. But no Flash? What? This movie is going downhill FAST!


  3. Kel,

    Keep in mind, no confirmation yet, but I keep hearing Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern (John Stewart) are in it, and Nikki Finke has been saying it’s only four heroes. But maybe we’ll get the rest.

    For years, Flash was my second favorite character. I still can’t explain why I quit reading, but I think it was just an overall disappointment with the quality of comics a few years back.


  4. Um… rather than jumping up on a soapbox… are we forgetting that the JLA animated series was simply called ‘Justice League’? I highly doubt it has much to do with being “politically correct” and a whole heap to do with the fact it’s simply a much tighter, cooler sounding name. Heck, aren’t we pleased to see a shorter title anyway, after the ‘Terminator’, ‘Rambo’ and ‘AvP’ titles coming up?

    In the case of ‘Captain America’, though… I completely agree but doubt they would seriously change his name. That’d be as dumb as renaming ‘Batman’ ‘Batperson’ and no studio – as retarded as they can be – would actually do that.

  5. Heath,I read in an article at Entertainment Weekly that there would be 7 heroes,invluding the Barry Allen Flash and Martian Manhunter. I also read that they’re using the John Stewart (arghh!) GL. Now,hopefully,the latter will turn up false,but the Barry Flash thing will be true. If I had to limit the JLA roster on the big screen,I would down size it to 5: Superman,Batman,Wonder Woman,Barry Flash,and Hal GL. 4 is too small.

    I have a feeling that if Barry is used for Flash that he’ll be a hybrid of Wally West and Barry. For instance,they probably will go with the name,likeness,ocupation,and supporting cast of Barry Allen,but they’ll go with the quirky,rookie-like,somewhat immature attitude and personality of Wally West. That’s not an entirely bad idea,IMO. At least their not going for the whole character of Wally then,right?

    I’m STILL gonna be ticked if they don’t use Hal. It’s the first time GL EVER gets on the big screen,and he gets portrayed by a supporting character. It’s just not right,no matter how little screen time he gets. Don’t get me wrong,I love John,Kyle,and even Guy,but GL’s first outing needs to be made by Hal.

    Well,if the Flash and MM ain’t in it,and they don’t use Hal,at least I can still look forward to Superman and Batman being together on the big screen,right? So the film won’t be a total loss.

    Heath,which Flash did you like best? If it was Barry,then I can see why you stopped reading the books. To me,all the Wally stories read like they’re temporary,like he’s just filling in until Barry comes back. I guess I’ve just never been able to accept him as Flash because he’s always living in Barry’s shadow,know what I’m sayin’? He’s not his own man (no offence,Wally). He’ll always be Kid Flash to me. I mean no disrespect to the guy,I love ‘im,I’m just sayin’ that Barry’ll always be Flash to me. FYI,I still read the Flash titles anyway.

    Still….give me the Wally Flash in JL movie over somebody who’s NOT the Hal GL anyday.

    Oh,and for the love of God use a Watchtower instead of the Hal of Justice! If not,than use both,like the current JLA comix.

  6. Hey, Kel…

    Not sure if you read my post/s regarding John Stewart. From all reports, IS the one they’re using – so don’t get you’re hopes up that this’ll change – but you might be able to make peace with it the way I did.

    That is… whichever GL they use will almost definitely be a supporting character to the ‘big three’ in this film. They’re also rush-casting this film, so wouldn’t you rather a random GL that can make reference to the GL Corps (and perhaps Jordan himself) and give audiences a sneak-peek (so to speak) of a bigger franchise for later down the track? If Hal Jordan appeared in this film, I’d bet money that he’d be a watered down supporting character that could well ruin his chances at a stand-alone flick.

    With Stewart, they can experiment a little with some kick-ass visuals and GL lore… but leave us wanting more for the ‘real deal’.

  7. Hmmm…you’ve made some excellent points there,Kane. If what you say about the film is true,then by all means,keep Hal out of it! I love that idea of John referencing the GL corps,especially the GL himself,Hal Jordan! I’d be completely cool with John being GL as long as they make a brief reference to Hal in the film.

    Just thinking….the FX for GL in JLA and especially his own film will be tough to create,perhaps the hardest special FX to make to date. Think about it,they shoot a lot of those scenes in green screen,and GL is well,green,not to mention he has a constant green glow around him. If people thought they had trouble shooting the Green Goblin scenes in Spider-Man,they ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

    On a side note here,did you read the JLA wedding special comic? There’s a scene in the book where Hal is chatting with John about him (John) filling in for him (Hal) in the JLA so he (Hal) can catch up on his GL biz,where Hal says something to John like “Are you sure you’re all right with this? I,mean,I know you always have to take a lot of crap about this…..the backup,the “black” lantern,I just don’t want you carrying more than your fair load.” Or something like that. It made me laugh. But at the same time it was kinda scary,like Hal was looking at me and saying “Hey,he’s fillin’ in for me,so don’t give him any $%^@. It doesn’t bother me,so it shouldn’t bother you. Accept it and move on.” Ever since I read that,I kinda look at John and the other “fill ins” a little different now. So….yeah,I have to concur with you on the subject on the JLA movie’s GL. Even though I’ll miss Hal in the back of my mind,I’ll just remember your points and not complain cuz things could be a lot worse.

    But,what are your thoughts on which Flash to use,assuming they’ll have him,or do you not particularly care?

  8. Honestly… I’m not the most comics-literate person around and don’t know my Barry Allens from my Wally Wests, so I guess you could say I don’t really care. Whoever the wisecracking Flash is in the animated series, I guess that’s the one I’d prefer.

    I’m a fan of comic films and animated series, rather than comics themselves… so my opinions are only ever what I think would work on film. When it comes to GL, though, I do read the comics – same with Iron Man – so I’ve been known to get a little “passionate” about his big screen debut. Having said that, I’m beginning to look at ‘Justice League’ as a big dumb fun film rather than something that’s going to be taken too seriously.

  9. Well….it’s hard to say which Flash wisecracks the most. All of them are smart asses to a degree,but the one seen on the JL toons that you’re familiar with is a hybrid of Wally West and Barry Allen. His name,likeness,and rookie personality are those of Wally West,yet his job is that of Barry Allen’s. He is also the only person to bare the name and abilities of the Flash in the animated DCU. He’s more Kid Flash than Flash,in attitude at times,but all of the Flash’s are funny. So whichever Flash you use,you’re gonna get funny.

    Have you ever seen the Flash TV show from the early 90′s? It’s a very dark version of the Flash,much different from the Flash in the comics in terms of personality,but it’s pretty entertaining if you like the character. The show was ahead of it’s time in terms of special FX. The Flash used on this show was also a Barry/Wally hybrid,except this version used the name Barry Allen.

    Are you reading the Sinestro Corps War,Kane? I am. It’s on awesome GL story,if you haven’t picked it up you really should. It focuses on a lot of GLs,not just Hal.

  10. Why do we need Superman fighting Batman and Wonder Woman? Neither has a chance against him. And the corporate menace angle has been beaten to death! Apparently, American capitalism is the real threat of the world today and not radical Islam or the resurgence of communism. Another thing: If this is an origins film, give me Hal Jordan! Why can’t GL get respect? I’d much rather see GL in a prominent storyline going up against Superman. And Flash not having a prominet role in hopes of making a movie about him later? If JL is a failure, then WB will just go back into their shell and only crank out Batman movies. Why not? For all these years it has seemed as if DC only had two characters (as far as movies go) anyway. Put Flash in; put Hal Jordan in; scrap the lexcorp rip off angle and have these characters face off against a new, awesome threat worthy of the Justice League of America’s attention. And that’s right; they are the Justice League of America, not just the Justice League!

  11. I read the Entertainment Weekly article, too, but my speculation is based on Nikki Finke’s reporting. She’s very much spot-on, but if she’s wrong, then we’re in for a bigger treat. I have a feeling, still, that to save money, they’ll go the cameo route with at least one or two.

    Kane, I completely forgot about the cartoon, thanks for reminding me! I haven’t watched enough of it to really remember that. Sad, huh?

    I read the Mark Waid Flash in 1996, then his editor Brian Augustyn took over co-writing duties, and it became “wink at the reader,” ie, it was a bit tongue-in-cheek. I loved what they did in 1999 with the Wally-from-the-future, but it doesn’t read a well today. Geoff Johns did incredible work, but I actually got a little bored with it by 2002 or 2003.


  12. I guess another reason why I wanted to see Hal as GL is because I’m not as patient as you guys. It could be decades before a GL film sees the light (no pun intended)of day. I have to concur with Kane though,I don’t want this movie to jeopordaize GL’s future movie,so it probably would be better for them to use someone other than Hal,crazy as that sounds.

  13. And T.,I don’t really wanna see the team fighting throughout the course of the film either. I prefer to see them on a team fighting something/someone(s) together.

  14. fighting with themselves,I meant to say.

  15. George Miller as director reminds me of Wolfgang Peterson directing Batman vs. Superman, once-upon-a-time. It’s almost a safe choice, but not a “safe bet studio man” like Ratner.


  16. New details on potential actors and actresses reading for the parts. Looks like Flash is among them. I’m wondering if all seven will play a prominent role, after all.



    ps-Routh and Bale HAVE to be in it.

  17. OMG… seriously… if you’ve not let go of the Routh/Bale thing by now, you’re destined to suffer major disappointment. It just ain’t gonna happen!

    I’m all for continuity and actors returning but when that’s totally outta the question, you’re much better off thinking of this as a whole new franchise. Just as Superman and Batman comics are drawn and written by different artists and writers at the same time, so too different takes can exist on screen.

    This is why I find the Tom Welling thing such a crack-up – everyone’s looking for some existing continuity to fit ‘Justice League’ in. Just let it be it’s own thing and maybe it’ll work. Heck, maybe they’ll even give Batman his grey duds and make one particular viewer a happy little camper. ;o)

  18. I think they’re bound to fail with new Supermans and Batmans, just as The Dark Knight moves into post-production, and The Man of Steel may start production next summer if there’s no strike.


  19. Kane…..you dog! I’m that viewer who’ll be a happy little camper if bats shows up in his grey gear you’re talkin’ about! LOL!

  20. They have to have routh and bale playing batman and superman there great actors.Routh played a great superman and bale has been the best actor to play batman since keaton. looking forward to hearing more

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  22. Wow good thing I’m a Marvel fan and not a D.C. fan. D.C. just screwed themselves over. Marvel has Iron Man and the Avengers going for them. Sorry if I’m a little bias but I’m just a big Marvelite.