Zack Snyder’s Superman Won’t Appear in ‘Justice League’ Movie

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justice league1 Zack Snyder’s Superman Won’t Appear in ‘Justice League’ Movie

After many a comic book, the Super Friends, and two (or is it one-and-a-half?) successful animated series on Cartoon Network, the Justice League is easily the most iconic superhero team in the history of superhero teams. Every major DCU superhero has, at one point or another, been a member.

With the announcement that Warner Bros. is planning a film adaptation of The Justice League to be released in 2013 (and the knowledge that the Christian Bale Batman will not be returning after The Dark Knight Rises), one wonders: will Zack Snyder’s Superman, played by Henry Cavill, be appearing in this new Justice League?

According to Snyder: Nope.

HeyUGuys spoke with Zack Snyder at the UK premiere of the critically-acclaimed (he said sarcastically) Sucker Punch and asked him how his version of Superman would fit into the upcoming Justice League film. Snyder said:

“It doesn’t. Like what Chris Nolan is doing and what I’m doing with Superman, what they’ll do with Justice League will be it’s own thing with it’s own Batman and […] Superman. We’ll be over here with our movie and they’ll kind of get to do it twice which is kind of cool.”

Check out the full video below:

I can’t help but be reminded of George Miller’s aborted Justice League film from way back in 2008. That film had absolutely no connection to the characters in Warner Bros.’ preexisting franchises – Christopher Nolan’s Batman and Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns. Frankly, I was rather disappointed when Miller’s JLA fell apart from the bottom up. Partly because George Miller of Mad Max fame was directing it, but mostly because Australian beauty Megan Gale was perfectly cast as Wonder Woman.

Ah, what could’ve been…

Some fans will no doubt be irritated that Warner Bros. isn’t taking the Marvel approach to their tentpole team-up by interlinking each of their superhero films before the big unveiling of the team film – a la The Avengers.

Now, I’m looking forward to Joss Whedon’s film almost more than any other upcoming superhero movie, but it’s not exactly a proven approach. On the one hand, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight were pretty universally appreciated and Superman Returns reactions were mixed at best. Three standalone films. Two successes out of three.

On the other hand, Iron Man was a surprise hit and incredibly enjoyable, while Iron Man 2 was bogged down by all the shared universe shenanigans (well, that and the fact that the most memorable thing about the villain was his love of birds). Thor and Captain America could be amazing for all we know – or they could be horrendous. Time will tell.

the justice league of america film Zack Snyder’s Superman Won’t Appear in ‘Justice League’ Movie

My point is, before we stomp off in anger that Christian Bale, Ryan Reynolds, and Henry Cavill won’t be appearing in The Justice League, let’s keep in mind that the most important thing is that we get a good film. As every comic book fan knows – and Kofi Outlaw wrote about in detail – sometimes comic book continuity can be more of a hindrance than a help.

What are your thoughts on The Justice League being a separate entity from Warner Bros.’ other superhero properties? Drop us a line in the comments.

Superman: Man of Steel hits theaters December 2012, while The Justice League will hit theaters – if all goes well – in 2013.

Source: HeyUGuys

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  1. Okay as long as they concentrate on making a good film and not an oversaturated cameo flick. It should be cool. Besides I think most of the characters are pretty well known enough to pull it off. Still, I do like the approach of making seperate films of each character that connects them to make a film that will feature them all in it.

  2. Good. Bring back Brandon Routh as Superman. He was poorly treated by Nolan/Snyder and he deserved another chance at Superman. This Justice League movie surely ought to be his. He should be given first right to reprise the character.

    • Exactly what I was thinking mate.

    • Routh is monotone and needs major acting lessons first. Even his poor acting in Dylan Dog trailers was unbelievable painful.

    • Why bring Routh back? You can onyl blame so much on the crappy script and the director. Routh did a poor job at being Superman and only a bit better at playing Clark. Plus he never had the look, Superman needs to be a lot beefier.

  3. hmmmmmm

  4. I like the idea that WB/DC is showin all the heroes in one film instead of solo films first. I thought it would be better for members of the League. I do hope Brandon Routh gets another show to play Superman, or Tom Welling.

    • I can honestly tell you I won’t see the film if Welling is Superman.

      • Agreed, Welling is Smallville and nothing else.

      • My sister will see it 20 times in your stead. She and her girlfriends went to see “Alice in Wonderland” and Twilight every single weekend for months. Every. Single. Weekend. Not joking. Not exaggerating. Not because they liked the story or effects. Nope. They love Johnny Depp and R.Patz. And she loves Tom Welling. Unless you have little sisters, you really have no idea what their thought processes are.

    • I can’t see Welling in a Movie version of the role. I do think that Routh was a perfect casting choice, and while Snyder’s film may end up being good, I feel Routh’s portrayal of the character will be the more memorable and relatable to the comics especially in appearance.
      I can say in retrospect; I would have liked to see Routh with more bulk on his frame. I just picture Superman as bulkier overall. That’s something I feel has been lacking in all portrayals so far.

      • I understand skipping a movie because you don’t like the actor. I almost skipped Superman Returns, because I hated Routh in the trailers and posters. I’m a huge Superman fan so in the end saw it, but I was right. I hated Routh in the role. So, I don’t blame you for having an actor keeping you from seeing your favorite superhero. It almost happened to me, even if I saw it in the end. I like Cavill though.

  5. Megan Gale….dear lord I wish that Justice League was made.

    Eh, it makes sense with DC’s alternate universes that they use all the time but I dont think it is a good idea.

    • It should be Cavill. WB will kill all of their superhero movies by flooding the zone with too many Superman, Batman, Green Lantern actors running around. It smells of greedy cheapness, and is low class.

  6. hmmm am i happy about this film…meh, i don’t care too much. am i happy they are talking about rebooting batman already? UH NO! More than anything i’m just confused. If dc wants to tread where Marvel is by combining their characters then why do it so messy like? talks of reboots and current films not taking part in it..they should either drop it, or let Bale and Cavill reprise their roles since they ARE those characters now. The movie DOESN’T have to take place in Gotham or Metropolis it can have a wider scope so that we don’t get “mad” at them changing places we know so well. But furthermore there’s a chance for them to connect the new superman film with it. And why not? Thats what is pushing all these marvel films forward is the over all connection. The big build up since 2008!!! And now they wanna do a batman reboot (goodness we don’t need another batman origins story) and they are doing a wonderwoman show (they could have used that too) plus green lanter (though i’m not a fan of reynolds) still, all this dc stuff in the works and it could have all connected, but no.

    silliness just silliness. :)

    • You explained it perfectly when you said “messy.” DC/WB obviously really wants a Justice League Movie but why keep making movies that have nothing to do with a shared universe and than make a new reboot. Does anyone really think that the average movie goer will know what’s going on when they see 2 different batman movies and 2 different superman movies within a couple years of each other? When I talk to people I know (who don’t read Screenrant lol) about comic book movies coming out they are pretty confused a lot of the time. Especially when it comes to the new Spiderman. So imagine how confused they’ll be when all these DC movies come out with the same characters. And I know lots of you reading this are probably thinking, “who cares about the average movie goer” but without all of them we would be getting Iron Man movies with Tony Stark in a suit made out of aluminum foil.

      • Audiences have been seeing different versions of superheros for years, especially Batman. It’s not like they don’t see their kids watching the cartoons and dressing up on Halloween. They walk down the aisle of supermarkets and Walgreen’s too, and see all the promotional tie-ins. DC characters can do this more than Marvel can, and I’m saying that as a Marvel fan.

        Also, as I’m glad the author points out, Marvel doesn’t have a proven formula. I’ll grant that the buzz machine they’re building will guarantee money through the Avengers movie, and it’s a good business move to give their characters more recognition like DC characters have. But, I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t making my Spidey-senses tingle just a bit.

  7. This is just a stupid idea. You’ll have two actors portraying the same character in different franchises. The result is going to be confusion. Yes, Superman Returns was released when Smallville was airing, but there’s a difference between TV and movie.

    This just proves that Snyder’s film is only being made to keep the rights.

    • “Confusion” is s great word for what could potentially happen.

      • The fact is they saw what a logistical nightmare the X-Men movies have been and as it Batman and Superman will over shadow most other characters in a Justice League movie. The idea there going to do another Batman and Superman for a team film just seems like it will confuse the average movie-goer and turn them off and comic fans will be divided bitterly of course.

        And even though the “fanboy” is much maligned at times they are the ones who have been dragging non-fans to these movies and allot of these movies will live and die by the word of mouth of those considered to be fans of the genre.

    • Yea seeing diff actors would bug the hell out of me.

  8. I bet they go with the smalville cast and flesh it out from there, i have a problem mainly because it doesnt lend to a deep background of the team or how they where put together. When I say the Smallvile cast I dont mean everyone , I think they bring in three Supes, arrow, and Aquaman, By the way if you beleive any of this you have to be out of your mind, but I wouldnt put it past WB/DC. Im hoping this is some big early April Fools Day prank

    • I like smallville, but i don’t want to see that cast transformed into a justice league film, and i don’t think they would do that. but still this entire project is just confusing.

    • They would never do this….hopefully.

  9. So in three years time we will have 2 Supermen and Three Batmen,3 Wonder women, 2 flashs, and 2 GLs, hmm you think Dc and WB has lost their minds I do. If your not following me i’ll break it down, there will be a JLA version of each character, there will be another version of the characters in their own movies, and then their tv versions if they are still on by the time each movie breaks, hmmm Can you say OVERSATURATION

    • Yeah DC/WB are just trying to keep the DC characters out there in the public eye so the Avengers doesn’t eclipse them TOO much.

      Marvel did the smart thing by signing one person (ONE) to play a character, have them sign a multi-picture deal to lock them in and then have origin movies to lead them into a group movie.

      DC on the other hand, kept shooting themselves in the feet by continuing to focus on ONLY Batman & Superman (with both in their own little universes to boot) and just ignoring the bigger picture. They had PLENTY of time to do what Marvel is doing but just piddled it away.

      I guess DC was hoping Marvel was being too ambitious and fall flat on their faces? Well DC is now playing catch-up and it shows…….badly.

  10. I think it’s lame, it will confuse people, and it will fail. I can understand using a different actor in a remake, reboot or sequel that is made 10-20 years after the original (like Superman Returns), but to have a movie with Batman in it that comes out only 1 year after Dark Knight Rises and uses a different actor is going to upset and confuse mainstream audiences (since pretty much everyone likes the Bale/Nolan films). Just imagine that there were two different Batman movies that came out around the same time with 2 different actors playing Batman. That would be stupid. Well, this is practically the same thing, except it’s like having 2 Batman films, 2 Superman films, and 2 Green Lantern films each with different actors all coming out at around the same time. The Marvel approach is WAY better and will be more successful.

    • I agree…

  11. At least as far as Bats goes, this makes a huge amount of sense. The “realistic” world that Nolan crafted for Batman would not mesh well with the more outlandish, though entertaining, adventures of the Justice League. If people had trouble swallowing the “cell phones create sonar” technology in TDK, I have a hard time seeing them accepting a teleporter that takes the superheroes instantly to their satellite base. I also have a hard time seeing a believable JLA movie grounded in a similar “reality” to Nolan’s Bat films. They simply stand apart.

  12. The only good I see coming of this is that Nathan Fillion can have another chance to be Green Lantern.

    • You know when that fan made like trailer came out that featured Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan I thought that he would be a good cast as the character, even over Ryan Reynolds(and I am fan of his).

    • Actually they could save a shred of continuity by using the John Stewart storyline.

  13. What is the reason that Ryan Reynolds will not appear in the ‘Justice League’ movie as well? I mean, it’s not like the Nolan’s Batman and the Snyder’s Superman… it’s not a separate universe, is it?

  14. This is a good move for DC (sarcasm). They’re solidifying my trust in Marvel. I posted something in a different area on the site about the difference between Marvel and DC RIGHT NOW is that Marvel is keeping all of the actors that they are making into the super heroes for the big movie (Avnegers). While DC here is not.

    I would love to see Bale, Reynolds and Cavill as their appropriate super hero. I personally think they are all the perfect match (except I believe Reynolds should play The Flash – maybe that’s just me?).

    • The difference between Marvel and DC: Marvel has commitment to their movies and so do their actors. DC on the other hand… not so much!

      Long live Marvel!

      And yes, I am a fan.

      • Marvel had 2 Hulks: Eric Bana and Edward they’re switching Norton up with Mark Ruffalo for the Avengers. Also, Rhodey got switched from Terrence Howard to the boring Don Cheadle in Iron Man.

        Marvel’s commitment to their actors aren’t that much different than DC’s.

        • No, they are a LOT different. You are trying to say that because both have had cast changes that they are the same? Yeah, becasue I missed 2 questions on my test I should get the same grade as someone who missed 20 questions…..we both missed questions right?

          Two casting changes (One being a secondary character and the Hulk happened before Marvel got smart about multi-picture contracts) does not even begin to equal the sheer amount of changes DC will have after this mess is all said and done.

          Post 2000 and counting this new JL movie, revent TV and upcoming TV series we will have:

          4 Supermen (Routh, Cavill, Welling, JL movie)
          2 Batmen (Bale, JL movie)
          3 Wonder Women (Palicki, WW movie, JL movie)
          2 Green lanterns (Reynolds, JL movie)
          3 Flashes (Galner, Flash Movie, JL Movie)
          2 Aquamen (Ritchson, JL Movie)
          2 Martian Manhunters (Morris, JL Movie)

          Now they could cut this list down a bit by having spin off franchises like WW and Flash using the JL versions but regardless……H U G E difference.

          • thank you mongoose! you are correct.

            you can’t compare marvel and dc, not all cast changes weren’t because marvel wanted someone else, it was because of the actors, i.e. the guy who plays Rhodes, for which i am glad is gone because he was too wimpy. Its sad to not see Norton, however, there is a massive difference between the first hulk and Norton’s hulk. Norton’s is a reboot because of first one was like wet dog hair. But some of these things are just gonna happen, everyone bangs on about Rhodes changes, but not one mentions Rachel Dawes changing from Batman beings to The Dark Knight. Marvel has done a much better job at making their films than dc. With this JL DC isn’t even trying.

            • Rachel Dawes, a good catch there I didn’t even think of.

              And I agree that The Incredible Hulk was much better than it’s predecessor. I was so pulling for them to work things out with Norton because he was the spiritual successor to Bill Bixby :/

              Mr.Trask was also lucky I didn’t go back 10 more years because that would have added yet 3 more Batmen and another Flash ;)

    • No, you are not alone. He is a decent match for GL and a better one for Deadpool but imho he was best suited for The Flash.

  15. How is it even up to Zack Snyder? Couldn’t DC/WB just say, “Hey Cavill did a great job and we’re hiring him if he wants to do it.”?

  16. The girls dressed as Wonder Woman in the above photo looks as if she is about to throw up… or make a poo… or break out crying… or…

    SUCH a bad choice! Whoever casted HER in that role should die… NOW!

    Magan Gale… wow! Now there is someone I wanna see in that costume! (Just without all the make-up that makes the other one look like a prostitute.)

  17. Wasn’t the last JLA Movie (that didn’t happen) supposed to be in a motion capture animated style simular to Polar Express? I think a JLA Movie in that style may be easier for people to accept rather than two completely different variations of “live action” film characters running concurrenly in separate universe francises.
    For me it would be hard to accept Cavill as Superman in 2012, then someone else in 2013, then Cavill again in a sequel in 2014??

  18. Jeez, i love it when people bash a film before anything is revealed about it. (sarcasm)

  19. At the moment Marvel are making the best choices in terms of, well… everything. DC’s movie department is getting out of control.(The Dark Knight Rises hasn’t even been released and they are already thinking of rebooting it! THAT’S INSANE.) They aren’t making that many new games and their comics are getting a little repetitive (just a little).

    I love the Batman franchise… the comics, movies and games. But that is about the only character in the DC universe that makes sense to me.

    Iron Man 2 wasn’t that bad. Definitely not as good as the first one but that is because they focused too much on “the greater story afoot”.

    I think most people will agree: Marvel is doing a better job than DC (in terms of general entertainment and development).

  20. I’m not a huge fan of Motion-Capture Animation, but technically if they went that route; they COULD use the current versions of the characters, just without those particular actors. They could portray Nolan/Bale’s Batman and Snyder/Cavill’s Superman… only in animated form with different voice/motion-captured actors.

  21. “the Justice League is easily the most iconic superhero team in the history of superhero teams.”

    I’m sorry Ben but that honour belongs to the … Pet Avengers!!! ;)

    • Haha!

      Or, maybe, The Original Avengers: Iron Man, Ant-Man, Wasp, Thor, Hulk, and Captain America. With later members like Hawkeye, Black Widow, Wolverine, Spider-Man, etc.

      • Still not as iconic…

  22. I think what it really means is that perhaps Snyder’s take on it will fit more into Nolan’s “realistic” world than what we saw with Christopher Reeve. Superman may not even fly in Nolan’s world—only jump high like the original comics. “Able to leap tall buildings”.

    There will be a difference in the way Superman is presented in each project. Since it’s likely the Justice League will use the Superman we expect, Snyder’s will likely be different than what we expect: just an alien who’s muscles where designed for a planet with heavier gravity.

    • You do know that Superman draws his power from earth’s sun?

      It’s got nothing to do with gravity.

      • Not originally….

        From wiki: “The source of Superman’s powers has changed subtly over the course of his history. It was originally stated that Superman’s abilities derived from his Kryptonian heritage, which made him eons more evolved than humans. This was soon amended, with the source for the powers now based upon the establishment of Krypton’s gravity as having been stronger than that of the Earth.”

        • yeah cause wikipedia is such a reliable source

          • I think any long-term fan of Superman already knew this (those of us 40+). I used wiki to reference a source other than myself. One could just as easily pick up a repro of Action Comics No.1.

        • They changed his powers because they said it would be easier to do the maax fleischer cartoons with him flying instead of jumping every panel panel and cheaper.

  23. At least Green Lantern would have a good costume in the Justice League movie… Hopefully. I don’t think they would screw that up twice in a row…

    As for new actors, I just kinda feel bad for Cavil. He won’t have a chance to be THE Superman to this generation. Everyone who doesn’t follow Screen Rant and sites like this daily will be confused and not understand why there are so many Supermen. Same with GL, but that movie looks destined to fail (I hope I’m wrong and that it’s as awesome as I thought it would be before the trailer came out).

  24. woah….okay notonly is this a messy,sloppy way of making a what would be great superhero movie but casting different actors in different franchies wont only just cause confusion but fans are going to either respond to one or the other. for instance i believe that Bale is Batman…i think no one can portray the character as well as he has. not only does he make the character his own but he keeps it totally relatableto the comics. and i have high hopes for Snyders Superman and if Cavill bilks up and gives a honest performance as one of the greatest heroes ever created then no doubt will it be a trilogy. i think that a justice league would be incredible, almost to the par of the avengers (which is my mosty anticipated movie ofnext year.) but i think they should only do with continuity. we dont need cameos and little tie ins…maybe a nod here or there,but they can be seperate movies and bring the same actors back to potray them in a JLA movie.

    as far as the wonder woman tv show…iwill not watch…as far as i am aware wonder woman does not look like that.

    …but a movie however would be great and my vote is jenna fischer as wonderwoman…..bradley coooper as the flash…liam hemsworth as aquaman….and of course reynolds as the green lantern…bale as the batman..and cavill as asuperman( i have faith in snyder)

    what do u guys think?

    • Pam from “The Office” as Wonder Woman? Really? Give me Bridgette Regan, she looks the part, is about 10 years younger, and we already know she can kick ass.

      • heck yeah Pam from the office. i think she has the look and the notability and i believe she is a great enough actor to carry a franchises as iconic as wonder woman. as far as age goes she is only 35 and apparently age doesnt matter too much in these studios with casting Adams as Lane, which dont get me wrong im thrilled about, but i think if they look young enough then they are in the running but jenna fischer would be great, she is one of my all time favorite actresses and wish she would do more mainstream but put her in wonder woman and i guarentee she would be excellent.

  25. something is seriously wrong in the WB office(s)

  26. Despite the fact I think they’re rushing Avengers, Marvel’s way of leading in with each character’s own movie is by far the most sensible and profitable approach.

    Provided that both Thor and Captain America are hits, then all main characters will be established mainstream, by the time Avengers comes around. Screentime can be divided equally giving the film a much better balance as an ensemble piece.

    For some reason though, I’ve always preferred Justice League as a superhero team. I just feel they compliment each other better, Batman aside everyone compares very evenly, in terms of their abilities. There’s more of a common bond in that most of them are orphans or outcasts from another place. I think Marvel’s heroes work better individually.

    Some will argue that the DC continuity is rising fast, with movies for Superman & Green Lantern as well as the Wonder Woman series, but you don’t get that same sense of excitement, whereas were all gearing up for the massive event come May 2012.

    For any Justice League movie to flourish, Green Lanter will defnitely need to be a hit and hopefully the Wonder Woman series will last longer than a season – which isn’t likely on the current showing – to spawn a successful movie. I also think we should see a Flash movie released first.

    A Justice League movie shouldn’t happen for at least the next 2 -3 years. Bring back the animated show first I’d say.

    • WB is pushing for a 2013 release. That’s over 2 years from now.

      • Thank You! Lets not forget that these plans are prone to change multiple times, no matter what in 2 years.( which is an estimate anyway… it can be muchhhh longer than that)

  27. So if the stars of the mainstream Superman, Batman and Green Lantern movies aren’t starring in the Justice League film, where is the star power going to come from?

    Maybe John Hamm would consider playing Superman in the Justice League… I’d say go for it.

    Perhaps the reason why there are no actors we know attached to the Justice League is because there were never any multiple-picture signings like Marvel Studios orchestrated. Add to that how much the Justice League project is in shambles. We’ll find out.

  28. Im glad they are handling it this way. The individual films won’t suffer from having to worry about setting up the JLA movie. Bravo DC!

  29. It’s going to cause confusion. Not only will Justice League fail, but it will bring down all the individual movies with it. Average Joes get excited about Avengers because they get to see Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans in the same movie. Wow! Cool! Those same average joes will be confused and pissed at a Justice League movie WITHOUT Bale or Cavill or Reynolds, but instead a lot of cheap, no-name, soap opera rejects (like Miller’s JLA was cast). But imagine for a moment that the average joes fall in love with the JLA cast and like them BETTER than reboot Batman, Cavill, and Reynolds. Now your individual franchises are screwed. It is lose-lose either way.

    • Not really bring Brandon Routh in as Superman, recast Ryan Reynolds as the Flash, Bradley Cooper as Green Lantern, and get a Aquaman and Wonder Woman.

      • So now loser soap opera reject Routh can kill two franchises? No thanks. The only line he can deliver believably is “Do you want frys with that?”