Stephen Amell Wants to Play Green Arrow in ‘Justice League’

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Stephen Amell as Green Arrow in Justice League Stephen Amell Wants to Play Green Arrow in Justice League

Arrow has fast become one of the more successful shows in The CW’s lineup, thanks in no small part to Stephen Amell’s cool, collected performance as “The Hood” (A.K.A. Green Arrow). So it makes sense that, with all the talk of a proposed Justice League film of late, people are wondering if the actor might have a spot on the team as the emerald archer.

Apparently, Stephen Amell is one of those people. In a recent interview, Amell talked about his desire to play the character in the inevitable Justice League film and compared the role to that of RDJ’s Iron Man.

Courtesy of SciFiNow, Amell talked about Green Arrow being like Iron Man:

“I think that Green Arrow has an opportunity to mature in much the same way Iron Man did in the Marvel universe. He wasn’t necessarily a top level character, but because they made an ‘Iron Man’ movie and it was successful, it vaulted him up and now he anchors the Avengers.”

It’s worth noting that Green Arrow and Iron Man are, as superheroes go, actually quite similar. They’re both notorious playboys. They’re both super rich. They both have legendary goatees.

But they’re also very different, especially when it comes to live-action presentation. This is not a slight against Green Arrow at all, but Iron Man is just far more “sellable” cinematically than a guy who runs around shooting arrows at bad guys as a means to take a bite out of crime. Which isn’t to say that Green Arrow isn‘t sellable or even capable of major success on the big screen – rather, he’s just not all that comparable to Iron Man aside from the aforementioned cosmetic and personality attributes.

Green Arrow in the Justice League Movie Stephen Amell Wants to Play Green Arrow in Justice League

According to SciFiNow, Amell is so into the idea of joining the Justice League cast that he’s even willing to sweep the floors every day after shooting is done. As to whether or not there’s much of a shot of Green Arrow joining the team, Amell said:

“It’s always up to what’s popular at the moment. Right now archery seems to be having a mini renaissance, so hopefully he can settle into a firm rotating member of the DC Justice League of America.”

If The Avengers can do Hawkeye with Jeremy Renner, who’s to say that Justice League can’t do Green Arrow with Amell? After all, Arrow has been consistently well-reviewed (The Huntress and Seth Gabel’s “Heath Ledger” imitation aside), the show is by and large considered thoroughly entertaining, and Stephen Amell is the glue that holds the whole thing together. The Justice League movie could do far, far worse.

The problem is, Stephen Amell’s “The Hood” is basically Batman for the small screen.

Steven Amell in Arrow The Undertaking Stephen Amell Wants to Play Green Arrow in Justice League

Whereas the comic book version of Green Arrow was a wisecracking activist and a ladies man (with a flair for Robin Hood-esque fashions and facial hair), the Arrow version of Green Arrow is a somber, brooding vigilante on a war-like crusade – inspired by the death of his father! – to take down the criminal element that has sullied his hometown of Starling City. He even “poses” as a party animal bachelor by day to throw off any suspicions that he might be “The Hood,” not unlike Bruce Wayne/Batman in Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

Of course, this isn’t really a problem within the show itself – Arrow is pretty unabashed about its Batman and Nolan influences, and the show works regardless. That said, if you put “The Hood” from Arrow in a Justice League movie next to THE Batman, mightn’t it come across as sort of redundant?

What do you think, Screen Ranters? Would you like to see Green Arrow in the forthcoming Justice League movie? And if so, would you like to see Stephen Amell in the role? Drop us a line in the comments.


Justice League does not have a release date or a production timeline as of yet. Arrow season 2 premieres Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 @9pm on The CW.

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Source: SciFiNow [via Comic Book Movie]

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  1. I was skeptical at first, but Arrow grew on me as the first season went on. Unfortunately I think they tried too hard to ground it in reality and left out too much of the supernatural elements that makes the JL universe what it is, unlike Smallville which strived on the supernatural. For example, Dinah, excuse me, I mean Laurel, who is supposed to become Black Canary, has no powers. I’m hoping she somehow develops them, but would it actually fit into this reality they’ve created? I like Stephen Amell’s portrayal of Green Arrow as much as I liked Justin Hartley’s, but I think Amell needs to be a little less brooding and little more sarcastic. As of right now, I don’t think he’d make a good movie version of Green Arrow.

    • I think they can slowly introduce the comedic side of Green Arrow throughout season 2, I may be being naive but it can’t be that hard can it? As for the supernatural, I think they can also slowly change that, they have a bit more than 24 episodes, more than enough time. The writing may need to go through some gymnastics but I think it’s doable.

      • It would be pretty strange to see this completely humorless character suddenly become hilarious.

        • Well maybe not hilarious but sort of sarcastic at some points.

  2. i say you bring him in JLA2. like more and more heroes poping up after the world gets messed up by whatever villain in JLA

  3. I think he’s done well in that show; I wouldn’t mind seeing him in something like Justice League. Since his Green Arrow is so much like Batman anyway, he should just audition as Batman. Since Christian Bale won’t, Stephen Amell wouldn’t be a bad choice.

  4. it would totally work if they did the new 52 justice leauge green arrow is dying to join their ranks and they’re like um… no, but he keeps on trying. The material is all set to go NEW 52 FOR THE WIN!

  5. As much as I like the character of Green Arrow, I very much doubt that he’ll be included in the Justice League movie. The character has never been a very strong one in the League titles. He did well with Green Lantern in the 70′s, but this is 2013. Times change.

  6. YES! Longer blonde hair, a small beard and funnier and hes good to go! That’s all I have to say.

  7. Love Arrow, but suffice to say I have about as much chance of playing Green Arrow in a JL movie as Amell does, and I have none of his qualities (biceps).

  8. I think it is a good idea. There doesn’t eve need to be a movie. By the time a Justice League movie is being made, Arrow will be on a third or fourth season. They can add “The Hood” character into the Justice League movie without a movie of his own. It gives DC a chance to do something different from Marvel and something potentially better. Using a mix of television and film properties would allow for a quicker build up of individual origins and ultimately a better built Justice League movie. The reality is that some characters that will add to a Justice League movie probably cant support their own movie. Seems like a good idea.

    • “It gives DC a chance to do something different from Marvel and something potentially better.”

      Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

      • I agree. Marvel is doing it by actually planning these worlds to combine and DC seems to be ignoring this great possibility. They could have the supernatural beings in the DC universe show in Arrow and it is too much for him to handle. Trickle in the JL characters and you have a masterpiece. Well, at least a crowd pleaser.

  9. It’s an interesting idea, but the answer would be no. I don’t even want another TV version of JLA led by Queen (as seen in Smallville a number of years ago, but it wouldn’t surprise me if a new version of Suicide Squad happened) Like many, overall, I like/ love the series even if some eps get on my nerves, (but have Manu Bennett as Slade show up and I’ll wear a smile)

    TV’s Arrow is in the same boat as Batman. Surrounded by super/meta powered beings. And yes, Iron Man is a nice comparison I suppose, but there’s a difference with two hit movies going into The Avengers and another hit film to follow that there is one full season on the CW.

    But y’know what? It would kill if Arnell teamed up with MoS Cavill on an unrelated film!

  10. Each episode in Arrow has so far, taken place during the same time that it aired, therefore it wouldn’t be too hard to have the event of MoS take place in between seasons. This would allow for the fleshing out of that universe and also let us see what the little guy thinks of Superman.

    As far a Arrow joining the JL, it could be like in the new 52 where he tries to join and they turn him down. I would kind of make sense because Arrow right now could not last toe-to-toe with Superman (from Mos) for even a second.

    Having him try to join the team would at least allow him to be in the movie and also cement him in that movie universe. I also like someone else idea that the JL event takes place in many different cities allowing for the different heroes to team up that way.

  11. Probably quite unlikely in reality, but hey, I wouldn’t complain. It certainly wouldn’t hurt the promotional prospects of a JL film to have the established lead character of a popular TV show on board, even just in a small cameo role. The Arrow aesthetic seems generally compatible with Man of Steel.

    My main question, not having watched much Arrow since the early episodes, is whether the show’s version of Black Canary is or can become compatible with a JL film? That seems crucial, because if she is not useable in the big screen universe, including Green Arrow there encounters a serious continuity problem.

  12. I like the Green Arrow in the JL idea, especially if it’s Amell. Arrow is a first class show, IMO, and WB would do well to have Amell as a part of it.

    The Hawkeye comparrison is a good one, and fits. As for the wisecracking Green Arrow vs Amell’s Arrow/Hood, well isn’t that the way WB/DC is going anyway. Any wisecracking, snarky, humorous character isn’t going to make it in the darker WB/DC universe, so Amell’s Hood, should fit right in.

    The Iron Man comparrison is fair as far as them both being background characters, but Iron Man is an easier sell overall I think. The funnier Oliver Queen from the comics would be an easier sell on the big screen however, than Amell’s perhaps, if only from a charismatic stand point.

    Any appearance by the Hood in JL, doesn’t necessary mean Arrow would have to change, it could just by a stand alone thing.

  13. I’ve been watch the show since the beginning. I think Amell has real potential for thie big leagues. To finally bring a character from a show to movie would be awesome and would allow the movie to have a big fan base from the start. Maybe not for the first movie, but what tends to happen in the JL is Batman (or someone in the league) sees the need for more members. If at the end of the JLA movie this becomes clear, it be awesome to see a secret scene in which a crook is running and suddenly arrows fly. “You have failed this city” then someone from the JLA shows up and fades out.

  14. I stopped watching arrow when the plots all seemed to be resolved rather easily. Shoot aarow/bully villain into a confession. Maybe I should give it another try.

    • @ ER

      You should, a lot has changed. It progressed as the season went on.:)

      • Did it really? Cause I watched the first 6 episodes when it aired but it got kinda old for me and repetitive. I loved some parts of each episode but then there’s the other parts that really annoyed me, mostly Laurel to be honest (I think that’s her name). I’d definitely tune back in if the rest of the season is better. It had a lot going for it when it started off.

        • It did, the rest of the season gets much better, the whole ‘villain of the week’ gives way slightly to a larger overarching storyline, the island flashbacks get so much better, they gradually realise how to best utilise many of the side characters
          But honestly without going into to much detail I would say that if you’ve already managed to get through the first quarter of the show, give it till the end of this season

          • Alright cool, than I’m definitely catching up. I was worried it wasn’t going to build up to anything and they were just including several DC characters just for the sake of it and the cool factor. But glad to know there’s something behind all of it.

  15. yes, I would very much like to see him in a Justice League movie, get Joseph Gordon Levitt to play as Batman, Henry Cavill is Superman, Nathan Fillion as the Flash, and Bridget Regan as Wonder Woman

    • You really want a FAT, train wreck as the Flash??
      Ya know these Nathan Fillion fans just don’t GO AWAY!! the guy is a TURD and he is NOT EVEN a decent actor! I have seen far better actors fail, THIS CLOWN (Fillion) Does NOT deserve to be considered for ANY ROLE IN ANY CBM…. but then again DC has only made 1 good CBM decision (Cavill) so Yeah DC give Fillion a try and watch your hopes of a DCU FALL very far and very fast!!

      • Apparently suggesting that Nathan Fillion be cast as a superhero is what tunrs Bruce into Hulk

        Sorry that’s an awful joke
        I agree that Fillion wouldn’t be a good Flash and the sheer number of superhero roles that he gets suggested for by fans can get somewhat tiresome

        but I reckon you’re being a little hard on the guy, I liked his role as Mal in Firefly and Serenity, and his voice work in some of the DC animated films is good (he doesn’t sound to bad as Hal Jordan)

        • I too actually liked him as Mal, BUT ALL these ppl suggesting him for EVERY role possible in any CB universe has made me COMPLETELY HATE HIM AS AN ACTOR and I never want to see him in another role as long as I live… He may be a great guy, and I hold NO ILL WILL with him personally but I HATE HIM AS AN ACTOR!

        • Naw that was funny! I had to look him up to see who he was (guy from castle ) Yea Flash he’s not. Maybe Steve Trevor or something. He looks more Vandal Savage than Flash

  16. They should focus on Arrows’ progression, before worrying about trying to get him into justice league, let the show settle a bit and Amells’ star rise with the character, while making the character more like green arrow (in terms of the wise cracking), when DC start looking for actors for the JL characters, in a year or two, then see where Oliver queen is at (after more seasons) and whether he fits the bill, if he does then bring him in
    They should also hold off bringing in too many hero characters from DC as recurring characters as they will risk taking the focus away from Arrow

    They could open the door for meta humans (good and/or bad), or at least mention them over the next 2/3 seasons, since MOS happened during mid season break and they have so far kept in relative real time (after mid-season break they suggested that the hood took a break of the same length), an easy way might be to have felicity mention some of the metropolis destruction/fallout during the first few episodes, wouldn’t need to be more than a news website on her computer and a line or 2 of dialogue then back to the problems in Starling City
    if they start to bring in metas it also could open the door for Black Canary to get her powers, as well as a proper Count Vertigo

    Another option may be, during the year of JL cinema release have cavil cameo in one episode as Clark Kent (he could be checking on the hood to see if he needs a talking to from superman following up on a source, decides to leave well enough alone) that way they will allow the potential for JL movie crossover with Amell as Arrow
    Although that sounds more like something Bruce Wayne might do rather than Clark Kent

    From DCs perspective it would allow them to see how things develop for Green Arrow before deciding if they use him, and for the show that would be one hell of a cameo to have the movie version of Clark Kent (nice ratings boost) and given that they would be into the 3rd or 4th season by then, could be a nice to have something slightly different for an episode

    Personally I seriously doubt that JL in 2015 is going to happen or that Arrow will be in the first one, to many characters are in the wrong place in the movies (superman is not ready yet, batman is in between actors and coming off the back of a memorable trilogy that would be jarring if they switched him after 3 years, green lantern in box office deadweight at the moment after his first film, Wonder Woman and flash are nowhere)

    • You made a very good point JLAvenger

  17. would love to see him play green arrow in jl. He already has his own show so it only makes sense to have him in jl

  18. Yeah I think if they were to introduce him put him in JLA 2 if they can even get JLA 1 to take off :P. I really do not have a lot of faith in them in making a good JLA. It just doesnt look like they have any plan of what they want to do other than ” HEY LETS MAKE A JLA MOVIE!! “

  19. I think to say Batman and Green Arrow are interchangeable is unfair to both characters. They kind of mix and match as far as their styles. Green Arrow is more liberal than Batman, because Batman is the strong silent type. Whereas Green Arrow doesn’t quite use the overkill that Batman does. Plus, Green Arrow also represents the average person on the street that Batman doesn’t. Green Arrow gives the Justice League its humanity in a way Batman can’t.

    • I agree, Green Arrow is more less one of the people from what I gather. While I feel Bruce Wayne is the one looking in from the outside.

  20. If Warner Bros does not consider Amell as an addition to the Justice League, then it is sad to say that the assholic buzzheads in WB does not know what the hell they are doing with a franchise that has such potential to overpower the Avengers. Give as a GL Sequel where Hal Jordan dies and have John Stewart stumble upon the ring and become the new GL. Give us a TDKR Sequel that introduces Robin as the cape crusader and kicks ass, gets kidnapped by Joker which forces Bruce to come out of retirement once again. A MoS sequel that features Braniac as the main antagonist. And finally, a World’s Finest film that has an Empire Strikes Back kind of ending which leads Batman and Supes to recruit more members to take on the big baddy in the next film being the Justice League.

  21. I still think the guy who played Caesar in Spartacus: War Of The Damned when he had the longish hair and goatee looked like the perfect Oliver Queen.

  22. Green Arrow is one of my favorite comic book characters ever but I don’t think his character should be in the Justice League movie because he is still evolving. Why do you think he doesn’t have the goatee yet? Why do you think he’s not called Green Arrow yet?

    • Perhaps by the time WB finally makes a JL film, the TV Arrow will have developed enough to be included. Who knows.

  23. I dont like the original costume for the Green Arrow with the robin hood look. I think the new look really goes with it and gives it some mysteriousness. Yes there may be a lot of chris nolans batman in it but why is that bad? it seems more realistic now and more mature. brings new elements to the table and just makes an all around good GA. He should most certainly play him in the JL movie because he is the only one who has played GA and does a great job and maybe that can open up doors to a movie with him or whatever. plus people will recognize him and it will bring people who loved Arrow as a show to the JL universe and maybe spark some new fans. it couldnt hurt having him in it.

  24. i think it would be a great idea to bring the GREEN ARROW in from the CW SHOW,,,,to begin with thx to the 1st season the GREEN ARROW doesn’t need his own movie,,fans already know his origines so he can just be contiuned from this point on,,,

  25. Not a green arrow fan but i wouldnt mind him being in Justice league. No solo film. I dont think they can uses Arrow’s green Arrow because of his no super powers rule or they would have to change the rule because it would get too confusing for people. who watch the movie and the show.

  26. If anyone has seen the Justice League Unlimited cartoon from a few years ago there is definitely a way of integrating Batman and Green Arrow (from Arrow) in the same team without necessarily filling the same niche.

  27. The character is at least established and cuts down on creating back story through a movie because it is already there. The main focus is going to be on the big three anyways; Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman. Wouldn’t be surprised if they do a Flash series again, or cameo other characters in other movies like they did with Barton and Widow in Thor and Iron Man II. This will round out everything nicely and should a JLA/JLI (we can’t just assume here)movie be made you could create a situation where you have enough cameos where you are not sure what other characters will be supporting the movie.

  28. Iron man was a founding member of the avengers! His comics were second tier, but the character is bedrock. Green lantern has much more DC status than arrow (in spite of MG’s efforts) so if you have to cut folks out the movie, arrow is in the first wave.

  29. Make a Green Lantern movie and include GA, Flash, Martian Manhunter, and maybe another lesser known character or two. Alternate them with a Hawkman, Wonder Woman, Atom, and Aquaman movie and leave Superman and Batman out until movie 5 or 6. Everyone would be familiar with all the characters by then and you would have time for a Batman reboot and Superman trilogy by then.