Stephen Amell Wants to Play Green Arrow in ‘Justice League’

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Stephen Amell as Green Arrow in Justice League Stephen Amell Wants to Play Green Arrow in Justice League

Arrow has fast become one of the more successful shows in The CW’s lineup, thanks in no small part to Stephen Amell’s cool, collected performance as “The Hood” (A.K.A. Green Arrow). So it makes sense that, with all the talk of a proposed Justice League film of late, people are wondering if the actor might have a spot on the team as the emerald archer.

Apparently, Stephen Amell is one of those people. In a recent interview, Amell talked about his desire to play the character in the inevitable Justice League film and compared the role to that of RDJ’s Iron Man.

Courtesy of SciFiNow, Amell talked about Green Arrow being like Iron Man:

“I think that Green Arrow has an opportunity to mature in much the same way Iron Man did in the Marvel universe. He wasn’t necessarily a top level character, but because they made an ‘Iron Man’ movie and it was successful, it vaulted him up and now he anchors the Avengers.”

It’s worth noting that Green Arrow and Iron Man are, as superheroes go, actually quite similar. They’re both notorious playboys. They’re both super rich. They both have legendary goatees.

But they’re also very different, especially when it comes to live-action presentation. This is not a slight against Green Arrow at all, but Iron Man is just far more “sellable” cinematically than a guy who runs around shooting arrows at bad guys as a means to take a bite out of crime. Which isn’t to say that Green Arrow isn‘t sellable or even capable of major success on the big screen – rather, he’s just not all that comparable to Iron Man aside from the aforementioned cosmetic and personality attributes.

Green Arrow in the Justice League Movie Stephen Amell Wants to Play Green Arrow in Justice League

According to SciFiNow, Amell is so into the idea of joining the Justice League cast that he’s even willing to sweep the floors every day after shooting is done. As to whether or not there’s much of a shot of Green Arrow joining the team, Amell said:

“It’s always up to what’s popular at the moment. Right now archery seems to be having a mini renaissance, so hopefully he can settle into a firm rotating member of the DC Justice League of America.”

If The Avengers can do Hawkeye with Jeremy Renner, who’s to say that Justice League can’t do Green Arrow with Amell? After all, Arrow has been consistently well-reviewed (The Huntress and Seth Gabel’s “Heath Ledger” imitation aside), the show is by and large considered thoroughly entertaining, and Stephen Amell is the glue that holds the whole thing together. The Justice League movie could do far, far worse.

The problem is, Stephen Amell’s “The Hood” is basically Batman for the small screen.

Steven Amell in Arrow The Undertaking Stephen Amell Wants to Play Green Arrow in Justice League

Whereas the comic book version of Green Arrow was a wisecracking activist and a ladies man (with a flair for Robin Hood-esque fashions and facial hair), the Arrow version of Green Arrow is a somber, brooding vigilante on a war-like crusade – inspired by the death of his father! – to take down the criminal element that has sullied his hometown of Starling City. He even “poses” as a party animal bachelor by day to throw off any suspicions that he might be “The Hood,” not unlike Bruce Wayne/Batman in Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

Of course, this isn’t really a problem within the show itself – Arrow is pretty unabashed about its Batman and Nolan influences, and the show works regardless. That said, if you put “The Hood” from Arrow in a Justice League movie next to THE Batman, mightn’t it come across as sort of redundant?

What do you think, Screen Ranters? Would you like to see Green Arrow in the forthcoming Justice League movie? And if so, would you like to see Stephen Amell in the role? Drop us a line in the comments.


Justice League does not have a release date or a production timeline as of yet. Arrow season 2 premieres Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 @9pm on The CW.

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Source: SciFiNow [via Comic Book Movie]

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  1. If they can get away with doing Hawkeye as pretty much having zero back story, zero personal screen time, and really no effort at all in even explaining why he’s there except that the breasts of the group like him around, then I don’t see why this Green Arrow couldn’t pull off a spot in the Justice League film. Who exactly is he up against? You have Batman, Superman, and… no other DC character has any traction in film or television. With The Avengers Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and Captain America all had successful prior films.

    I would ask you who besides Batman, Superman, and the Green Arrow is even up for consideration, and if you’re going to have Green Arrow, why not pick the one that’s already proven successful and popular?

    • Totally agree! He obviously isn’t going to be in the same spotlight as supes or bats, or hell any other character in the JL, but that helps get around the whole comparing him to batman thing. And this batman is going to be a lot more older, wiser and experienced. So people having an issue of GA sharing the same screen is unfounded I think. And comparing it to smallville is ridiculous. You can’t have a TV superman play him on the big screen. But arrow? hell yea. And the justice league comics were always a lot more fun and light hearted than the individual comics of each character were, so he doesn’t have to be all dark and brooding,and he won’t be the focus of the story. Just like Hawkeye

  2. Honestly I feel that Amill would do a good job as The Green Arrow. However I also have to honestly say the CW show Arrow did butcher the original idea and story in both actual storyline and in physical appearance. The aforementioned goatee mentioned is one example, and the idea he is basically using a beginners bow throughout the entire season 1, and his arsenal of different arrows is not near as broad as it is in the comics. I think if they use Amill for the Green Arrow they should slightly “reinvent” the character, not in a way that hurts the show, but kind of a smooth 5 or more years into the future of the seasons of Arrow releasing on CW, that way it wouldn’t be a stretch to believe he’s gotten more fluid within the persona of the Green Arrow, drop “the hood” connotation and become more physical similar to what the comics look. I would say then, we would have a perfect on silver screen Green Arrow. Also it should be noted people compare the two universes Marvel and DC’s archers and I cannot stress enough how much more the Green Arrow (emerald archer)is so much better than Hawkeye.

    • I’m sure you’ve been keeping up, but season two has really had a lot of character development for him that has him slowly becoming more the Oliver Queen we know. He has actually said he wants to bee called something else to Laurel’s dad, I can’t remember if it was explicitly Green Arrow though. They’re trying to make him less edgy, he doesn’t kill anymore and he got a mask now. I believe the mask Barry made him replacing the paint is a metaphor for the beginning of his transformation from a jungle mercenary to a city crime fighter. And he’s been getting a few new arrows here and there, but they can’t go super campy. I’d rather keep it at gas, grapnel and, tracker arrows with a more serious tone than like nets and boxing gloves with Speedy at his side saying things like, “Gee wiz Green Arrow, that was a great shot” (60′s Batman reference). With Justice League not coming around until a couple years after MoS2 I think his transformation will be complete without a gap. The one problem I can really see is that CW is very teen soapy drama and that doesn’t really work outside the shows, but if they tweak the character I’m fine with it. Now if only they would give us a bad-ass Aquaman too.

  3. I have no objection to the Green Arrow in the Justice League movie, as I rather liked Hawkeye in the Avengers. However, I really don’t think you could do any better than Steve Amell playing the part, since anyone else would feel like an imposter to me.

  4. Let’s face it Christian bale is only willing to come back for a Christopher Nolan movie and if Christopher Nolan doesn’t want to direct the JLA then maybe they can use the green arrow as a back up
    I mean they could say that batman dies and that a good fit to keep them in order is “The Hood”

  5. Personally, I think Stephen Ammell playing the Green Arrow in a Justice League movie would be a great step forward for the DC universe. If Marvel can have Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as their side stories to the Avengers Universe, why not have Arrow as the side stories to the DC one? If people worry about Batman and him both having similar back stories, by the time the Justice League movie comes out, I firmly believe the character of Green Arrow will be more sarcastic and funny like we know him to be and Batman can be the brooding one we know. Lets not forget, we haven’t heard much about a JL movie besides Batman/Superman coming out in 2015. So say 3, 4, or even 5 years from now, absolutely Stephen Ammell could fit into their world.

  6. Stehpen Amell is Green Arrow. He is part of the DC television/movie world so either they dont put Amell in it or do it but he is part of the Justice League of America. As of this moment this is only season 2 and the character as lightened up a little he will eventually become the Oliver “Green Arrow” Queen from the comics eventually but it will take a few seasons.

    • It would be a great disappointment if they allow anyone else to play the part, love him

  7. OH yeah. C’mon, Green Arrow is IN the League, right? And he rocks. And the show rocks. I mean, maybe drag the character just a leetle closer to the comics, but… definitely Arrow, definitely Amell.

  8. It’s like saying RDJ is Ironman. Thus, Stephen Amell is Green Arrow. He has lived to the expectation of a perfect superhero. Why not be part of JLA well in fact he is part of it. To tell the truth I liked watching Arrow because of Amell, and ratings for the show are high, so i dont think adding him to the cast of the movie is such a bad idea. Plus Batman and Green Arrow are good friends.
    As for the TV series, I actually like the progression of the story starting with him as a “murdering vigilante” to a non murdering one. As for his arsenal its better that he starts with simple arrows and gradually improves his weapons. The signature mustache was not in the series maybe because its hard to take someone with that mustache seriously esp if the character was portrayed as a brooding, vengeful vigilante.

  9. GREEN ARROW MUST BE THERE!!! Green Arrow was a part of the Justice League and has been showing up a lot lately like in The Dark Knight Returns. I think the character is absolutely needed. Superman and Batman are quite serious and Green Arrow can break it with a quick witted joke. Its a grand formula.

    All that being said I don’t wanna see “The Hood” in my justice league, but if Ben Affleck is batman then they can have Chris Rock, Justin Beiber, or Katy Perry as Green Arrow. It won’t impact me, because I won’t see a Justice League movie with Ben Affleck. Killing Daredevil was bad, but don’t fook with the bat. If Stepphen Amell is gonna play Green Arrow more like the comic book character and distance himself from the character he plays in the show then I’m totally on board… I actually would see that despite having Ben Affleck.

    On an unrelated note I think Josh Hartnett would be an excellent Batman.

    • Katty perry would be a good wonder woman

  10. BTW before anybody gets any Ideas I thought I should make something crystal clear. I absolutely love Arrow. Its a fantastic show and Stephen Amell is doing an awesome job. I would be very excited to see him playing Ollie on the big screen, but I think it would showcase his talent better if he was able to play 2 different Green Arrows.

    Like if you notice a ton of Jokers all aimed for the same voice that Mark Hamill did. I think its cool if people are able to do 2 different things. A real actor can do more than one role… Yes we are looking at you, Keanu Reeves.

  11. He’s ideal for the role but not in a Justice League movie. It would be cool to have more spinoffs from this show with influences/appearances from the DC universe.

  12. I could picture seeing him on the big screen, in a small part.
    Would certainly not kill the movie. Besides he can take care of the sneaky stuff along with Bat’s!.

    What im not looking forward to is Ben Affleck as Batman.
    Dont know why just really really dont like him in that part…
    Its like Clooney being Batman all over again.
    Ben is a nice actor, director, writer. I just dont see him in this part.

    Soz for off-topic

  13. Well, they’re already introducing several superhero elements into the show. If they bring some of Oliver Queen’s “playboy” personality into his Arrow character, I could see him standing alongside Batman. With the way the show is evolving, I’m interested to see how this works out. It’s too early to tell exactly where this is going at this point, but I think merging the show and movies together could work if done right. Who knows, maybe Warner Bros. already has a plan.

  14. I don’t really like the DC universe at all. I don’t know why, but I hate the DC comics. I started watching “Arrow” in its second season before I knew it was based on the DC universe; but by the time I found out, the show was so gripping I didn’t care. This also means I would like “Arrow” to stay its own TV show and nothing else. I will watch “The Flash” spinoff, but that’s about all. I would hate if “Arrow” crossed over with the rest of the DC universe.

  15. Stephen Amell should be given the Green Arrow role. Real superhero fans complained when spiderman missed avengers. It is not wise to leave out a hero that a group of people love. Amell has real fans even mature adults even, no offense, those who think superman and batman are childish. My opinion, Amell should be part of cast.

    • I agree. I’m one of those who would love to see Green Arrow make cast. Maybe to others he doesn’t make a huge impression in the comic world but I definitely favor GA over a lot of other “superheroes.” Mainly because he lacks superpowers and mortally can hold his own. That and he’s always brought the humor. After seeing Arrow I hope Amell takes the spot.

  16. Green Arrow wasnt exactly the most awesome of characters. A guy running around in a Robin Hood outfit (that stupid hat) with a stupid goatee. The Smallville take on GA was ok, putting a modern spin on the character but Smallville was a terrible interpretation of the DCU. I had little interest in the show when I heard it came out but after I saw the first eposode I was hooked. They obviously borrowed heavily from Lost and Batman but its more than forgivable. Instead of just hinting at things, this show really delivers. The League of Assaisans, Deathstroke (Manu Bennett is badass), the origin of the Flash…awesome. Amell as “The Arrow” is great, nothing corny about it. When he pulls out that bow its not going to be some stupid boxing glove arrow, its armor piercing. This is only season 2…this show can go places.

  17. he definatley could be part of the justice league movie, he already knows flash and they both know each others identity, he knows several dcu characters it would just be stupid not to have him in the movie. and no he should not be using stupid net arrows or such, and definatley no goatee,his new 52 appearance doesnt have it so amells appearnace is close to the comics.

  18. I don’t think anyone would be better than Stephen Amell. He’s great on the show and anyone else wouldn’t seem right. I think he’s earned the role

  19. I’ve actually been waiting for a Green Arrow film adaption. After seeing Amell in Arrow I think he’s perfect for the role. Just hope he sports a goatee!

  20. Amell is the Green Arrow….besides Batman will be a very different take then Nolans…older, more weary and and burnt out a bit from waging a 1 man war on crime for so long….thats from WB themselves….

  21. Well, they might not even get around to doing a good justice league movie, so they could just creat like 5 or 6 dc shows and pull together a high quality TV movie with Green Arrow, Flash, Wonder Woman, Black Canary, green lantern, and Martian man hunter.
    It’s kind of obvious that they can’t do super man, and if they want green arrow, batman from’Gotham’ can’t be in it. The other two are some of my favorite heroes.

  22. a huge man and a good gue

  23. Of course I want. Actually Stephan is saying right. I think Green arrow is as cool as Iron Man :D maybe little more cool :D whatever I think All Arrow fans want Green Arrow movie.

  24. absolutely i would like to see the arrow in the justice league movie, perhaps it may seem redundant having to powerless billionaire playboys on the team. but i could see the dialogue flowing between those characters, not to mention having a fair rivalry unlike batman and superman.

  25. Heck yeah I want to see Stephen Amell in the Justice League movie

  26. I think having arrow would be a nice tie in from the cartoon series of justice league. Plus for anyone who enjoys the show, it would be a treat to see their familiar hero on the big screen. It’s like seeing your favorite college athlete make it to te big leagues

  27. I think having arrow would be a nice tie in from the cartoon series of justice league. Plus for anyone who enjoys the show, it would be a treat to see their familiar hero on the big screen. It’s like seeing your favorite college athlete make it to the big league.

  28. Actually, The Arrow tv program shows the Oliver Queen character more like the Mike Grell version from the Longbow Hunters era. I like it much more than the “robin Hood” look that previously and was later done. Mike Grell’s Arrow was a vigilante and alot more edgy and dark as Green Arrow should be. I hope, if they do finally put Green Arrow on the big screen, they follow this version of the character…it would make a much more interesting movie.

  29. Hell yea! we would love to see amell in the justice league movie