Rumor: ‘Justice League’ Movie Script Scrapped; May Need New Writers

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Batman Scared Face Expression Rumor: Justice League Movie Script Scrapped; May Need New Writers

After the failure of Green Lantern, The Dark Knight trilogy (along with star Christian Bale and director Christopher Nolan) bidding farewell and Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel representing a big question mark – especially after a no-show during the Super Bowl – there are understandably many questions about the still-unconfirmed Justice League adaptation.

Outside of knowing Will Beall was brought in to develop a Justice League script last summer, nothing official has been revealed about Justice League. Rumors had it set to compete against The Avengers 2 come 2015 but now, the film may have regressed back to step one and may need an entirely new script.

Just two days after Mark Millar, creative consultant for Fox on their Marvel movies, called out Justice League as” an excellent way of losing $200 million,” describing their characters as “too out of date,” Badass Digest has the scoop from multiple sources that the current screenplay for the big-budget Justice League team-up has been scrapped. And we’re not talking about Warner Bros. looking for revisions – we’re talking about totally giving up on the story they had in mind.

Justice League Movie Character List Rumor: Justice League Movie Script Scrapped; May Need New Writers

According to their sources, all indications are that the script simply wasn’t good, and it was made worse by studio exec meddling (recall: Warner Bros. power struggle) that’s resulted in characters being pulled, re-added, and pulled again throughout the process. They also reaffirmed the notion that Warner Bros. is simply waiting on the reception of Man of Steel before making any big decisions as Henry Cavill’s performance as Clark Kent AKA Kal-El AKA Superman may be the driving force behind launching a unified DC cinematic universe much like Marvel’s.

After the poor reception of Gangster Squad for which Beall wrote for Warner Bros., the news shouldn’t come as a major surprise. Furthermore, if the rumors reported by Latino-Review about Justice League involving Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Superman and Wonder Woman battling Darkseid in their first outing together were true, there was concern they were jumping into something too big and not fit for the beginning of such a franchise. WB was already taking a risk at throwing heroes together who didn’t have their origin tales told first, but by also tossing in one of their greatest cosmic villains, one that’s comparable to Marvel’s Thanos in many ways, there’s simply not enough time to develop the characters.

As it stands, Justice League does not have a director and is likely looking for new writers, and it sounds like they need a script before they’ll get the former. A few things are clear: Warner Bros. is uncertain about the future of their DC Entertainment properties and they do not have a plan in place. Maybe it’s time to bring in some legitimate comic book aficionados from DC into the mix.

Warner Bros Power Struggle Justice League Rumor: Justice League Movie Script Scrapped; May Need New Writers

For years, the Screen Rant staff has been championing Bruce Timm, a man who’s been involved on the DC Animation side of things for two decades, as a go-to figurehead for their live-action universe. Let’s get him and other folks from the comic book side in place to piece together a long-term gameplan for the story and structure of the DC cinematic universe, since it’s looking less and less likely that Justice League will meet any 2015 release date. See: Screen Rant’s five tips for building a DC movie universe, courtesy of Kofi Outlaw.

As for casting, our man Andrew Dyce has you covered:

I can just picture Ludacris telling fans not to worry, that Justice League is coming this summer, and that it’s called Fast & Furious 6.


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Source: Badass Digest

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  1. they should use Marvels model as a launching pad for Justice League. I would rather wait for a good JLA movie than some trash they throw together .

  2. DC characters are ‘so out of date’ that Marvel are following suite and re-booting all their own characters in the comics just like The New 52… Hmmm ;)

    • Smh… What Marvel is doing isn’t a “reboot” deffinatly not in the same sense. Whats the difference? Marvel hasn’t had to throw out 50-70 years of back story to make their characters seem relevant again. Poor DC must have felt like they hit a dead end. All Marvel had to do was change the status quo for a few characters and carry on like always.

      • DC was not required to throw out 75 years of back history either… They chose to do so… An frankly it was a terrible idea from day 1, one that has proven to have no staying power.

        But really the reboot was another in a long line of Didio screw-ups: along with Countdown, Trinity, Final Crisis, bringing back Barry, trying to remove Nightwing & finally the reboot.

        An frankly Marvel NOW is just as empty of legitimate change… Every darn book involved was incredibly insipid & without any measure of quality story-telling.

        Unfortunately both DC & Marvel are trying to feed at the slop troph of the Hollywood movie industry… An just like all other mediums & genres that have done so in the past Hollywood will chew them up & spit them out. But until that happens Marvel & DC have just become lame duck content generation companies backing up the movie franchises.

        Me personally, i’ve dropped both companies & will be sticking with trades of older stuff i missed the first time round, until Hollywood has spat both companies out.

        • Stiles and Morningstar…

          Clearly, you and others do not like the “New 52″. That’s fine…to each, his own. I and others, however, DO appreciate the new stories and fresh takes on those 50-75 year-old characters and worlds. I find the the connections, characterizations, redesigns, and modernizations to be (overall) well done and intriguing, and many comic readers seem to agree, as DC Comics are selling quite well, from every indication.

          By the way, BOTH DC and Marvel (this is directed mainly at Stiles, since Morningstar already indicated his displeasure with both companies anyway) have rebooted, reformatted, redesigned, restarted, re__________ their lines countless times over the decades. Some changes have been minor tweaks; some have been major universe/multiverse-altering epics. People have loved or hated them for a wide variety of reasons, and the changes have had varying degrees of permanence in their respective storylines/worlds. The comics that exist are NOT the same comics that began or the comics that evolved.

          Change has always occurred…and will always do so, no matter who does or does not like the particular changes.

          • That seemed a bit preachy to an already very well informed/understanding chior. Just saying.

            • That’s an odd thing to say. There was no preaching involved…just stated facts and opinions.

              • Metaphor

                • Nope, not a metaphor either…The “choir” of those people who supposedly understand (WHAT do they understand? Your viewpoint or mine? They’ll not comprehend one or the other according to which one of us they’re opposing…Also, are they actually well-informed, OR are they only if they share the views of the given speaker?) is not the issue. The “preachiness” was not metaphorical; you were commenting that I was raising myself up somehow. I was not…I merely did EXACTLY the same thing you and Morningstar did: state MY opinion.

                  Try again.

  3. It’s kind of funny when someone said ” Wonder Woman is basically an immigrant (maybe “illegal” without all those “magic” tropes and trappings) considering Superman himself is in fact an illegal alien with possibly a forged birth certificate… Clark was not born in the US my friend.

  4. WOW! Finally Rob Keyes and his cronies admit that WB has no plan. I’ve been saying that for years. This is the most inept and pathetic studio that I have ever seen.


    Pathetic, just pathetic. It makes me physically ill.

  5. I really hope that if they take the Marvel route and introduce solo films before Justice League, the solo films will still be able to hold a candle with the Avengers movie, similar to Nolan’s Batman movies. While I did enjoy all the Marvel films so far, it felt as if the solo films wouldn’t be able to hold their own and it’s just a way of filling in the gaps between Avengers films.

    • Probably not, but that’s been Marvel’s model. It’s unlikely there would have been a Thor and Captain America without the certainty of Avengers. And yes they were pretty average, but Marvel was being careful. Now they can take more risks. We’ll see what they do.

  6. They need to hire Rob Liefeld to write the story :)

    • …it was then that lightning struck JD multiple times and all over. It seemed to witnesses as if the very heavens were angry at the demonic possibility of Liefield touching the DC film properties.

      …and then, all was silence.


  7. Why cant they get Bruce Timm & Paul Dini, the masterminds behind Batman TAS & The Justice League Cartoons?
    Sit them at a table and have them put out quality work as they almost always do. I mean there Movies are some of the most entertaining ones made. Please someone tell DC/Warner to get there heads out of there asses

  8. I think this movie would be really difficult to pull off. That said I reckon it could be utterly amazing if done right, coming from a guy who is much more a DC fan than Marvel.
    The big problem is the Nolan influence. I love the Dark Knight trilogy, but that approach doesn’t fit the Justice League. Superman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter… these are characters that cannot be too dark and gritty. If Snyder’s ‘realistic’ approach works then that would be a fantastic starting block, but I could see it going to far toward Nolan’s Batman.
    Something I was thinking was could they not scrap Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan but simply feature him as a cameo role in contact with John Stewart being the Green Lantern in the Justice League?

    • @Metal Artois,

      The Nolan trilogy is VERY relevant to a discussion about Justice League, IMO. Until WB releases a press release saying that they will reboot Batman, there is still a chance (slim, yes, but a chance) that Bale and/or Nolan could return. And even if they do release that press release, I’m not sure if I’ll be convinced, seeing how they change their mind every week.

        • Metal Artois,

          I agree with you that it’s pretty unlikely that Nolan and Bale’s Batman trilogy will be connected to Justice League, but it should at least be part of the discussion. To say that an already established franchise about Batman is 100% irrelevant to the Justice League is a bit ridiculous. Even if it’s unlikely to happen, it should still be part of the discussion.

  9. If the folks at Warner Bros were smart they would steer clear of trying to copy Marvel’s blueprint. In fact, they would be wise to do the complete opposite of what Marvel did. They should start with a Justice League movie. They could start with these guys already knowing of each other which would speed things up and put you right into the action. Then they can branch off to solo films or team up movies like “Flash and Green Lantern Do This” or “Superman and Wonder Woman do that”. If they’re going to do a Batman reboot it better #1 NOT BE AN ORIGIN STORY and #2 HAVE AT LEAST 2 OTHER DC HEROES IN IT. Warner Bros needs to get it together.

  10. Makes me wonder if Man of Steel will fall prey to this whole thing as well. There’s no confirmation Warner is nervous about it, but they didn’t say anything about Green Lantern other than the cost of reshooting a lot of stuff and look how it ended up. GI Joe Retaliation reshot a lot of stuff and will end up like Green Lantern in the end with the last minute bandages not holding

  11. Warner Bros. just wants to compete with Marvel on “who has the better franchise” situation. They greenlited a Justice League movie after the success of “The Avengers”. That says to me that Warner Bros. is only in for the money.

    “The Justice League” should just take their time in creatting a movie that will have good quality, instead of making an official deadline of 2015, the year “Avengers 2″ releases.

    • @Seven – I always thought a 2015 date was overly hopeful thinking on WB part. For one why would you release an unproven CB franchise against a now established monsterous CB framchise like “The Avengers”, and two you still don’t have a director, writer or cast signed and now you need a whole new script. These kind of films take a while to get together, especially a superhero team up film. Marvel took their time bringing ‘Avengers’ to the big screen and it really paid off, i’m not saying WB needs to do exactly that, but it’s obvious to me even if they start to get everything together this year that 2016 or 2017 would seem more realistic for “JL” to be released in theaters.

        • @Frederick Louis Richardson – Very good points which i totally agree with. I’m sure some fans will look at this saying “JL” has to have “Avengers” level of success to succeed, no it does’nt. And like you said those are’nt really realistic numbers to look at, being that only two other films have made more money than “The Avengers” in box office history. A good script, director and cast can make the “JL” take off and be a potential big hit at the box office. I’ve always said if WB/DC can truly bring a good “JL’ film to the big screen, they could possibly have a 300-350 million domestic grossing film right off the bat. But they must be in tune with each other, make the right choices and take the right steps.

        • The first Iron Man and two of the Spider-Man movies were origin stories…I’m sorry but that kinda oversight just makes me a little peeved. And technically Watchmen did show a decent amount of the story’s “origin” but I’ll give you that one.

  12. I loathe Mark Millar

  13. Just saying that Henry Cavill should stay as Superman, Christian Bale as Batman, Kate Beckinsale as Wonder Woman, Charlie Hunnam as Green Arrow, Armie Hammer as Green Lantern, and Liam Hemsworth as The Flash.

    Bruce Willis as Lex Luther, Peter Mensah as Darkseid!