‘Justice League’ Rumors: 2017 Release Date and Matt Damon as Aquaman

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Justice League Movie Aquaman Matt Damon Justice League Rumors: 2017 Release Date and Matt Damon as Aquaman

Now that Zack Snyder is confirmed to direct Justice League after his Man of Steel sequel (popularly known as Batman vs. Superman), it remains to be seen who else is recruited to complete the eponymous DC superhero squad. We have Henry Cavill as Superman, Ben Affleck as Batman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, and Ray Fisher as Cyborg; assuming Snyder’s movie follows DC’s New 52 comics (which it almost certainly will), that means there’s still Green Lantern, The Flash, and Aquman to be potentially cast.

Last night’s report that Justice League is a go mentioned that the live-action film is unlikely to reach theaters before 2018, but already that claim is being contested by other news outlets.

The popular rumor right now is that Snyder is gearing up to shoot Batman vs. Superman and Justice League back to back, in order to release them in theaters by 2016 and 2017, respectively; once Snyder finishes his Superman trilogy, it’s possible Warner Bros. and DC will then move forward with solo vehicle for such Justice Leaguers as Wonder Woman and Aquaman.

DC’s Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns has teased the possibility of an Aquaman movie in recent times, referring to the Atlantean as “a priority character for the company”; coupled with the fact that the superhero is already becoming a more pivotal figure in DC’s animated universe, this lends some credibility to the idea of a bigger-name actor being eyed for the role.

The Wrap reports that rumors continue to persist that Affleck’s BFF Matt Damon is “being sought” to portray Aquaman in the DC live-action film universe, though also cautions that the unrelenting claims that Jason Momoa will be in Batman vs. Superman (and maybe Justice League as well) make him just as much – if not more – of a viable Aquaman candidate that Damon.

Damon generally keeps his distance from movie franchises, with such exceptions as the Jason Bourne movies (which he’s also stopped working on); it’s possible he would make an exception with Justice League, given that his pal Affleck seems to be influencing the project on multiple levels – judging by the hiring of Argo writer Chris Terrio to revise the Batman vs. Superman script. Then again, a younger star like Momoa is arguably the more logical choice to build an Aquaman franchise around; that the Game of Thrones alum would also help the DC-verse cast a wider demographic net, should also be taken into consideration. (In short: the Matt Damon as Aquaman rumor might well be bull.)

Aquaman Movie Updated 2013 Geoff Johns Justice League Rumors: 2017 Release Date and Matt Damon as Aquaman

With regard to the release date rumors, both Latino Review and THR‘s Borys Kit are claiming that Justice League will arrive in 2017, in keeping with the long-standing rumor that JL and Batman vs. Superman will be filmed back-to-back. Kit also claims to have “confirmed” that the movies are shooting one right after the other; as far as WB issuing an official release date announcement goes, that might come during the studio’s panel at the 2014 International Comic-Con this summer.

That WB/DC won’t follow the same formula to universe-building as Marvel Studios has utilized was to be expected, based on recent comments made by filmmaker David S. Goyer – reported to be the “architect” of the DC movie-verse – where he praised Marvel for its success thus far, but also said “I’m not sure that everybody should try to emulate them.” Be sure and let us know how you feel about the WB/DC approach thus far, as well as you dream casting choices to fill out the remainder of the Justice League roster.


Batman vs. Superman is currently scheduled to hit theaters on May 6th, 2016, followed by Justice League some time thereafter.

Source: The Wrap, Latino Review, THR

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  1. So they’re ALLEGEDLY going to make a Justice League movie. Yeah, right, I’ll believe it when I see it.

    They’re final make this thing & they give to Snyder to direct? After the complete joke he made out of Superman in Man of Steel?? Man of Steel was THE worst superhero movie since Batman & Robin, barnone, even including Green Lantern.

    Could WB/DC be ANY dumber?? Seriously, could they be? They turn their entire movie universe over to Snyder & Goyer & they expect it to succeed? They’re going to film them back to back? Yeah because that always works well. What an absolute & complete joke & embarrassment WB/DC is.

    No lead up, no real solo outings, just boom, there it is. What a joke. As a LOOOONG suffering DC fan I’m saddened, frustrated & done with WB/DC.

    Marvel has got to be laughing their a$$es off at this. I know everybody except the ignorant DC fan boys are for sure because they are seeing this for what it really is a bad joke.


    • No, Marvel is not laughing. They (or at least Feige himself) has spoken that Marvel don’t care what others are doing, they are focused on continue building their universe. I think it’s rather obvious that WB/DC is the one trying too hard to follow while at the same time bully Marvel now (by claiming their usual release dates). WB/DC as the aggressive one I would believe, but Marvel? Nope… Marvel seems like those who walk in his own pace, completely ignoring what others doing (towards them).

      • For a company that doesn’t seem to care about the other company, Marvel’s people seem to make sure to deride DC a lot in interviews.

        • I’ve never noticed Marvel people ”deride” DC. Examples?

      • 100% agree with you my friend. Man of Steel IMO, made me care for Superman in a whole new way. I always saw him as the absolute epitome of the superhero world and iconic envoy that was gifted to the world. I saw that frightened 8-year old boy who was misunderstood, that teen who was bullied because he moved to a different beat. I could relate, I felt compassion, understanding, and sense of hope. Because you want the character to triumph. Man of Steel had some of if not the best fighting scenes in any comic book movie to date. I have faith that writer Chris Terrio will refine the script for BvS, and make it superb.

    • Actually, I for one liked Green Lantern, and Man of Steel as well. Bought ‘em both on DVD, I liked them so well. Sure, they both had room for improvement, but neither was nearly so bad as some critics make out. Chalk me up as a defender of both movies.

    • Well while your at home whining I’ll be watching Supes and Batman on the screen together for the first time. Just because they are doing it different from Marvel doesn’t mean it won’t work.

      I personally don’t want to see a bunch of origin movies that are usually weak (Thor, IM2 Incredible hulk). They should do the Justice league and who ever the fans like get their own movie.

      If they did follow Marvels format we wont get a Justice league until 2025 who will even care by then.

    • I can name worse superhero movies than Man of Steel: Cpt. America 1, Iron Man 2-3, Thor 1-2, Hulk, Avengers and Green Lantern.

      • are you serious man ?capt iron man thor avengers ?? do you dare mentioning the avengers as a bad superhero movie ? it was the best superhero movie as of yet ( w8 for avengers 2) you sir really have to check this out … you really dont know what a good movie is ,

    • +timeknowsfilms Man of Steel was a bad movie? It made more money than any Superman flick including the four done with Christopher Reeve in the starring role. Taken on the whole, I & II were good. III and IV were bad. Superman Returns was so-so because they tried to tie back to the Reeve era. Some of the sequels were very good such as the rescue of the plane, but here we are again with Luthor obsessed with land.

      The three Batman films with Bale in the lead worked because the writers respected the character. We did not have the screwball, forced comedy as with the last three of Reeve’s films. In III, rather than get Brainiac, we get Pryor as a computer genius who builds a power-hungry super computer. Instead of Mr. Mxyzptlk, we get Pryor skiing off a skyscraper, wearing stupid hats and getting drunk and we have Superman turned into a mischievous imp, who eventually divides and has to STRANGLE himself to get normal.

      [Man of Steel SPOILERS AHEAD]

      And yet, the critics could not take, in Man of Steel, Superman snapping Zod’s head, though Zod refused to give up until every last person on earth was dead. Additionallly, in II, didn’t Superman kill Zod, Ursa and Non? But Reeve did it with a smile. I guess that made their deaths okkay. And don’t telll me about the added footage because if it wasn’t an official extended version, so the story stands as is. Superman killed 3 villains in II. But it was Reeve doing the killing, not Cavill which made it okay.

      Now there was a nasty villain. Not a Luthor who was played for laughs and surrounding himself with idiots or a Zod, who looked like he would quote Shakespeare and was a cardboard villain with no passion. The Zod of Man of Steel was not obsessed with his mission, but he was a man of passion.

      It comes down to this, do you want a Lester type comedy driven Superman via Guardians of the Galaxy, which was quite good, or a Superman, where the comedy comes from within the character and is not forced and with nasty, dangerous villain, who are believable and not determined to destroy the coffee crop of Colombia?

      The thing is people can not accept Superman killing Zod and the destruction of Metropolis due to their fight. Yet in Avengers, Loki’s allies tried to do the same thing to New York as they battled the Avengers, who did cause much destruction themselves and did not move the battle outside of New York either. It’s okay here, but not in Man Of Steel?

      Or is it that one can see not one other than Reeve in the role? The man is dead. Are the Superman films to die also??? Henry Cavill looks the part and with even better writing, will be the Superman of this generation. I would prefer a gritty, realistic approach to the character. Maybe Warners can develop a comedic super being with Shazam. Keep Superman on the present arc.


  2. People might boo Damon, but I actually would very much prefer him as Aquaman rather than Momoa. Momoa is too brute to become a regal King of Atlantis, Arthur Curry shouldn’t look like that.

    Someone like Josh Holloway, or Nikolaj Coster-Waldau would look better as a royalty, who can look strong yet at the same time gave of this elegancy, charm, and regal persona befitting for a King, instead of say, Conan the barbarian. Sorry to say, for me Momoa just doesn’t fit as Aquaman, no matter how badass he looks (because once again, that’s NOT the point for Aquaman). Again, if they do cast Momoa for the role, then I won’t watch it (and this is just for me personal, not threatening WB or something). Cast Momoa as Vandal Savage or someone from the villain side, THAT would be more believable

    As for The Rock… my wild guess, he’s playing Shazam or Black Adam, but probably not in the Justice League movie.

    • Call me a trifling little pool-pee-r-inner, but Aquaman is blond (nothing against damon personally or as an actor, however).

      • Well, in Invictus, he is

  3. We need Hal Jordan as Green lantern for at least three or four more films, before we even talk of John Stewart “taking over”. Personally, I want to see Hal Jordan as the main Green Lantern in perpetuality, but I could probably tolerate a John Stewart appearance somewhere later down the line.

    • I totally agree. Hal Jordan needs to be in these movies before John Stewart. He’s always been one of the original 7. Except in the animated series

  4. I hope it comes out in 2017 because I don’t want to wait any longer. I know it will be epic.

    Now I wonder what are they going to do after The Justice League movie. I hope team up movies with the lesser known heroes.

  5. Matt Damon will not be Aquaman. This rumor came up because he and Ben Affleck are in so many movies together. I’d rather see Liam McIntyre as Aquaman. He has the look and the acting style for it.

  6. I really hope another Justice League woman is cast, I’m really sick of just one female in the team-ups. (yeah I know Scarlet Witch will be in the next avengers thanks for telling me future commenters) I personally hope it’s Hawkgirl.

    • I love Hawkgirl. She’s pretty BAMF. I’m sort of doubtful that they’ll add another female hero though. They’re probably just going to want to focus on WW.

    • I guess it could happen, definitely in the future since they already established Thanagarians exist in the Krypton scenes in the first Man of Steel movie.

      • Was that a reference in the movie or the comic book prequel?

    • Not saygin she’s a bad character or that I wouldn’t want to see her, but there’s a lot more guys I’d rather see 1st. Maybe in a 2nd JL film her and Hawkman could be cool. Maybe Gemma Arteton and Jensen Ackles as them?

    • I really hope so too, before Gadot was cast I was hoping Gemma Arterton gets to be Wonder Woman, I wont mind if she is Hawkgirl (of whom I’m also a huge fan cuz of DCAU), but if its based on the new 52, its highly unlikely.

  7. There is only one person who can play Aquaman: Vinny Chase!

    • liam mcintyre.

  8. I’ve said before that I think Marvel is seriously beating WB/DC in developing some major character and villains.

    Scarlet Witch/Zantana

    I know there are all kinds of differences that comic fans can appreciate, but for the General Audiences these characters could end up seeming redundant. The villains might be the biggest problem for WB/DC unless they can come up with new angles.

    • I’m not disagreeing on a whole, but you could say that just by existing, DC got there first with Flash. Practically everyone knows who the Flash is even outside of comics, whereas with Quicksilver I wouldn’t be surprised if the major non comic consensus was he was something to do with the clothing brand. And while I don’t know a lot about Quicksilver, I don’t believe his origins are similar to Flash’s, only their power, which as I said Flash is already much more well known for(existence in pop culture, the 80s/90s tv show, the character on Smallville, and the upcoming CW show).

      • Yes, Flash, of all of them, is maybe the only character that people will know existed before Quicksilver. Also Brainiac is sort of well-known because people make jokes about him.

        Mostly, what I’m getting at is simply Marvel will do their characters in a big budget movie first. So they’ll have a big budget live-action interpretation of someone who runs super-fast (actually two with X-men DOFP). Not that DC can’t do something different, but I’m just saying, what is DC going to do to make their material not seem redundant. Even if everyone knows who came first (which they don’t), a lot of people will have gone to Avengers and Marvel movies. So how will DC make it fresh?

        The characters are different. I appreciate that. But Ultron will probably be super smart in a way and control robot armies or something. Will Brainiac be much different? What about the rest?

    • marvel just copy dc materials and modify then introduce! huh! that is why marvel characters are not iconic like dc characters. they don’t have the status what dc have. huh!

      • I’m beginning to think that EVERY one of your posts is going to have a marvel related insult! Just because you SAY marvel copies DC, doesn’t make it TRUE! Now please quit posting the same thing over and over again! Marvel has plenty of iconic characters! Quit speaking as if your words are facts! Because those claims of yours are so off base. The base isn’t even anywhere in site! Now enough with all the marvel slams! Why can’t you just like both?! Huh…Huh!!

  9. Don’t forget: Catwoman/Black Cat, Manbat/The Lizard, Green Arrow/Hawkeye, Black Canary/Black Widow, The Joker/Green Goblin, The Riddler/Mysterio, Lex Luther/King Pin, Wonder Woman/Captain America, Archie/Spiderman, Reggie/Venom, Moose/Flash, Gwen Stacy/Betty, Mary Jane/Veronica, Bruce Wayne/Tony Stark and Slade Wilson (The Terminator)/Wade Wilson (Dead Pool)! However, back to the subject at hand. Afflect and Damon togeher in the same francise is going to make this endevor one of the most successful of all time. I hope the rumor turns out to be true. Also, Chloe Moretz as Black Canary!!!

    • J. Jonah Jameson/Scrooge McDuck
      Ghost Rider/Casper the friendly ghost
      Mephisto/Hot Stuff, the little Devil

      What a bunch of plagiarists!

      • I believe Stan Lee’s J. Jonah Jameson was actually ripped off from Superman’s Perry White.

      • As if! I’m sick of marvel haters coming on here and making stupid claims like THIS! Marvel didn’t copy DC! They may or may not have been inspired by SOME of their heroes, but they definitely didn’t copy them! So enough of these hair brained rants about marvel copying dc!

        • Oh come on. We’re talking about Aquaman (Dirk Arthur) who proceeded The Submariner (Namor) by 20 years. Both are the prince of Atlantis, both have superpowers, both talk to fish. What a coincidence! For the record I don’t hate marvel. Frank Castle is one of my all time favorite charaters. Along with Wolverine, Mystic, and Dr. Doom. I’m just saying it’s a fine line between inspiration and plagerism!

        • Hulk Fan1, are you Stan Lee? If you are let someone else develop some characters for a change and stop posting on DC sites!

          • Easy their buddy! My comment was for everyone who feels marvel is copying dc. Not specifically at you. And even if I were Stan Lee, THIS is NOT a dc website. I first discovered it for its marvel articles. It is a movie ranting website! FYI, other people would jack up marvel. Stan Lee is the best at creating marvel characters.

            • Meant to say there no “their.”

              • Oops again. I forgot to put a t at the end of “not.”

  10. Matt Damon as Aquaman ? Affleck as Batman

    so we’ll get 2 superheroes with Boston accents ?

  11. I don’t think Matt Damon would really want to be Aquaman. Though Battfleck & Aquamatt would be one hell of a team-up ;)

  12. Matt Damon would be alright. He’s got the acting chops, the physique and I can see him in a blond wig. Make it happen and make it nice.

  13. Being a fan of superheroes but not the companies they are published under I’m left scratching my head at what many here seem to believe – that these two camps don’t like each other. Whatever the hero, lets root for good stories, good execution and good acting. And keep the discussion positive and relevant to the movies.

  14. Jason momoa is clearly not going to play aqua-man, like come on people really? He looks more like a villain than hero and neither is Matt Damon going to play him as well. The guy is not blonde first of all and plus there are some many more good blonde actors out there that would be perfect for the role. Personally I think Kellan Lutz would be a good aqua-man , let’s be honest he looks exactly like him and although his acting skills isn’t great, he can always improve and be great for the role.

  15. Marvel’s doing amazingly, but people are too quick to dismiss DC. DC’s been around a long time, even longer than Marvel. Just because Marvel’s had a sudden upsurge in success the past few years, people feel the need to jump down DC’s throat. 20 years ago Marvel was bankrupt and selling off rights so it’s waaaay to soon to be judging.

    Just because Marvel’s doing great in their own way doesn’t mean DC should follow their formula. The reason Green Lantern was such a bust is because the makers were trying too hard in the wake of Marvel’s success. They didn’t do their own thing and that’s what failed them.
    DC is the other side of the coin to Marvel and by no means needs to emulate all of Marvel’s awesomeness in order to be successful. It just wouldn’t work.