‘Justice League’ Will Compete With ‘The Avengers 2′ in Summer 2015

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Avengers Justice League Solo Films Justice League Will Compete With The Avengers 2 in Summer 2015

Warner Bros/DC. is reported to have begun resurrecting plans for a Justice League movie before The Avengers hit theaters this past summer, but it was the overwhelming success of Joss Whedon’s Marvel comic book movie blockbuster that cemented the studios’ decision to move forward with their own superhero ensemble venture. Will Beall (writer of the much-buzzed-about Gangster Squad) is currently working on the script for the JL movie, while the search for a director is ongoing.

While it’s seemingly a given that Justice League will reboot the Batman franchise (in the aftermath of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy finale, The Dark Knight Rises), there has been some uncertainty about whether or not key new elements from the Superman mythos – featured in next summer’s Man of Steel – will be sustained in Beall’s script. Part of that can be attributed to Warner Bros.’ ongoing battle with co-creator Joe Shuster’s estates over the character rights (after their previous agreement runs out this year).

Following yesterday’s announcement that Warner Bros./DC has won its battle against the Shuster estate, the studios no longer have to be concerned about not being able to carryover unique elements from Man of Steel in future movies, TV shows, or even comic books. Hence, Justice League (which may have ties to Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot) is gearing up to begin production next year, in order to make a summer 2015 release date. That means the film will compete with Marvel’s The Avengers 2 for the superhero movie box office crown – though, it goes without saying that the two will be hitting the big screen at different times of the season (to allow one another room to breath).

The LA Times expects development on Justice League to meet that target date, as progress should accelerate in the aftermath of the court victory for Superman rights. It appears the studios’ plan is indeed to take the opposite route that Marvel took to shared universe constructionJL will therefore be the first in a new wave of DC movies to hit theaters after Man of Steel, with the subsequent films arriving in the forms of standalone vehicles for JL members such as Wonder Woman, The Flash, and possibly a rebooted Green Lantern arriving sometime thereafter (assuming JL proves to be a satisfactory success).

Justice League Alex Ross Justice League Will Compete With The Avengers 2 in Summer 2015

The ball is now in Warner Bros./DC’s court, in terms of the risks and daring moves the studios are willing to take with Justice League (in addition to forgoing five movies of buildup, like what The Avengers had). We’ve offered our own advice on such matters as how to go about assembling the DC shared universe, how to properly reboot Batman post-Nolan, and even how incorporating an unusual DC anti-hero like Lobo could be an important maneuver to help set apart JL from Avengers. It’s now up to Warner Bros./DC to find a candidate as qualified for the directing job as Joss Whedon proved to be for the task of bringing Earth’s Mightiest Heroes together on the big screen (free advice: people like McG and Brett Ratner really don’t seem to meet that criteria).

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More on Justice League as the story develops.


Source: LA Times

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  1. Warner Brothers, what are you doing? Aside from this comment I will keep my mouth shut until the movie comes out. I really want this movie to be good, I’m a big Justice League fan, but I am really skeptical about this decision.

  2. I’m ignoring previous comments so if i repeat something that’s why,

    Because of nolan this will probably suck

    • Hmm…What can I say to this?


  3. It said that the script was written by Will Beall. He is the writer of the hit show Castle. Castle is smart and witty show. And we all know that The Avengers was directed by Joss Whedon (who wrote for the shows Buffy, Firefly, Dollhouse, Angel, etc.) but he also co-wrote the story for Avengers. Do you see where I’m getting at? As long as the script was written by an exceptional writer, the movie will be a success regardless what kind of director helms the movie. So hope is not all loss for this JL film. Lets just hope for a good director. It will be a MIRACLE for Will Beall to pull off this movie without having individual movies for FL, WW, GL, Bats, and Supes building up to this JL movie.

    • He is a Writer on Castle and if memory serves me correctly. He is also a LAPD Homicide Detective.

    • Not true. Talent involved in a project does not guarantee success. And it helps to have a director on board that decides to stick with what the writer hands him if it serves the narrative.

    • Thats a nice thought but completely inaccurate, the writers are just that the writers, what they sumbit in is only the ground work of the movie, the studio and the director have final say and are able to change what the writers have done however they like. so even though the original script may be brilliant it is likely that only a small precentage of the actual script will make it into the film. Oh, and unless you are a really big name director and are able to get control over the film from the studios then the studio is likely to tell the director what will be in the movie and how the tempo should go. This has been the problem with WB/Dc movies forever. That is also the only reason the last Batman trilogy did not suck, Nolan had complete creative control, and very few directors are able to get that.

      • And we should also not forget that even if there is a brilliant script and a big enough good director, if the casting is not good, people won’t like the characters. And the casting is also up to the studio. These are iconic characters, the casting MUST be good, especially Batman and Superman

        What would the MCU be without Robert Downey Jr, right?

      • Very interesting and informative comment. Well, if the studio decides to change Will Beall’s script, i hope its for the better.

  4. Might as well make a Young Justice movie too ey

  5. I just want to say: for people who want to fight over which (JL or A2) will or should do better box office wise. If there are people who like and otherwise would have gone to see BOTH before it became a competition (most likely you will say you want one to win over the other and only see that one) Please, I urge you, if you like both DC and Marvel or like both movies please disregard any competition between the to and still go SEE BOTH movies when they come out. Let the competition be decided by people who only like one of the compainies or movies and not the other.

    If one of these movies end up being a flop because of some stupid competition movement between people who are either pro-Marvel or pro-DC then one of these compaines may decide to stop their movies respectively and many major fans of the company are going to be dissapointed (especially DC since we really haven’t had a fraction of the movies Marvel has). These movies are a great thing for people who like them, so please support both and don’t make ruin of a great thing.

  6. I’m hoping that the JL movie will have a much darker and more serious tone akin to Nolan’s Batman and what we’ve seen thus far of “Man of Steel”. I think that if DC can make its films much more of serious tone rather than simply trying to copy Marvel’s “funner” attitude, it will be able to carve out a sizable niche on its own right.

    I for one am very excited about this. I’ve always looked forward to the year 2015 (Back to the Future!), and now I’m looking forward to it even more.

  7. I’m hoping that the JL movie will have a much darker and more serious tone akin to Nolan’s Batman and what we’ve seen thus far of “Man of Steel”. I think that if DC can make its films much more of serious tone rather than simply trying to copy Marvel’s “funner” attitude, it will be able to carve out a sizable niche on its own right.

    I for one am very excited about this. I’ve always looked forward to the year 2015 (Back to the Future!), and now I’m looking forward to it even more.

  8. It has batman in it. It will make a billion dollars. End of story.

    • Lmao. That is so funny and if Christian bale style I agree

    • I got Three words for you Batman and Robin

  9. It seems everyone always forgets that a Justice League movie was in full production with a cast and director but was halted because of the awesomness that was the TDK.

    My only hope is that this movie is a two or three part movie, that allows for plenty of character development, a menacing antagonist and a well thought out plot that brings a sense of gravity to the situation. Basically everything The Avenger’s was missing.

    • You didn’t think the Avengers had enough character development? Where did you feel it was lacking? I just want to know your thoughts so when I watch it again on Blu ray I can try and see what you mean. I totaly agree that Loki didn’t have that truly menacing feel to him. The alien army was just a punching bag for the Avengers and in no way felt like a global threat. Im only going to nit pick your comment about the plot. I felt it was well thought out for what the movie delivered. Was it fairly symplistic? I would say it was. But was it sufficent to deliver a satisfying movie experience? I would say yes to that too.

      • If we look at Loki in The Avengers only, yes he could’ve been better, but I kinda can’t look at The Avengers characters in the context of that one movie.

        When I see Loki I remember all that happened in Thor and how he was and what he did there and we can see quite a big shift in him, which is character development. He’s not a 2D menacing black and white villain, because I really don’t like those. I liked him with all his rabid dog/emotional outbursts etc. MCU Loki never will be completely dark and menacing (not like comic!Loki), he’s just not that kind of villain. (because really, he’s more of an anti-villain)

        This was the thing that made Avengers so good for me, because we have all the previous movies and their events to keep in mind. :)

        I look at the whole Phase One like one story and like that, there’s not much that’s missing. Just the Avengers alone is like judging a whole book by its last chapter. IMHO.

        • +100

          • +200

            • many many pluses

              • Standing ovation!

        • If we look at just Phase 1, I would be even more disappointed. IM goes through the same character arc in 3 movies. Tries to do it by himself and then realizes I should ask for help. No character growth.

          Banner learned in TIH that the Hulk can be used for good and the Hulk himself was maturing as well. Yet in The Avenger’s all that character growth is absent.

          Thor had an excellent Loki characterization but Thor’s was terrible. Loki was shown to be a well thought and troubled individual who could come up with a meticulously executed plan several steps ahead. Thor whole journey was about becoming humble but he didn’t learn anything. He only changed when he thought his father died and he couldn’t return hime. He resided to his fate, he didn’t actively change. Jane should have been a nurse/doctor that ran a free clinic for illegal immigrants and citizens that taught Thor saving all lives (illegal immigrants and Frost Giants included) is better than fighting villains.

          CA: TFA had a great Steve Rogers but completely missed the characterization of Captain America. Cap fights on the front lines as an inspiration to other soldiers not some secret private war against non-menacing Red Skull. Bucky’s death was glossed over which is his BIGGEST motivator. Bucky’s death is the reason he is who he is. Cap would rather fight an army lone than lose one soldier. It would have made Tony Stark sacrifice even more meaningful to him b/c he would have had a Bucky flashback.

          When we get to the Avenger’s you have half realized characters and some that have lost character growth from previous movies. Loki acts completely in-competent and completely sane despite what the interviews saying he was “crazy.” He shows no forward thinking when he doesn’t heart control Fury, then brings the Avenger’s together and uses ZERO battle strategy when the Chitauri invade. All they do is go around shooting people for no reason, when I thought they wanted to conquer and rule. SMH.

          • Valid point, and well put. However I must point out one thing.

            When we grew up, or atleast I grew up with comic books and the cartoon of those heroes. We were protected against the human element with our heroes.

            We know Superman lost his planet, and came to earth to live among humans, not as an equal, but as their savior, we all knew Superman was going to save the Day. We know that Batman lost his parents, and his fear of Bats is what drove him to become Batman. We know that Tony Stark became Ironman, not to be a hero, but to save his life. Becoming a hero for Ironman was an act of fate. Yet, in the 90s we saw that Stark’s greatest enemy was himself all along, with his alcoholism. A Demon he conquered, but at a price.

            We know Steve Rogers is Captain America, we know He stood up for injustice to all, even when his own Government failed him. He still did what any Hero would, he gave his life to save another.

            See that is what I like about the new current batch of Hero Movies, they allow a sense of connection with the audience, and with that they are heroes that like us, have problems to overcome and problems that need to be defeated.

            We have to believe in Heroes in comic books will save the day, but we also have to know they cannot save everyone everywhere at once.

            Perfection is for the abnormal.

            As for The Incredible Hulk, I agree with you, but even The Incredible Hulk was not the Hulk that was needed in The Avengers, we needed a Hulk that was primal beast, a rampaging juggernaut with no regards for the safety of others, but only intent to destroy the enemy. Only at the end did we know the Hulk, was both a beast and a hero, when he saved Ironman.

            But once again Ignu rant, your post was well thought out. Kudos.

          • I’m not saying the characterization was perfect, but it was well established.

            What you said is well put, but I do not agree with all of it.

            I think Tony going over the same arc with his “tries alone than realizes he can’t” comes from the fact that he’s a stubborn idiot, who always believes that he’s on his own. It’s a character flaw, and even if he makes the same mistakes over and over again, he still tries to fix things all by himself first.

            I also didn’t like Thor’s and Jane’s characterization in the first movie all that much, so we agree on that one.

            Back to Loki in Avengers though. The fact that he’s not having great plans, no strategic whatsoever is because he’s being irrational and emotional. Don’t forget that Loki ended up in Thanos’ and The Other’s clutches AFTER the emotional breakdown and the suicide attempt in ‘Thor’. His mind went from bad to worst!
            He’s not the practical, calculating Loki from Thor… he’s a beaten rabid dog Thanos put on a leash and then sent to Earth to wreak havoc and pick up the cube… it would be a mistake to make his role anything more.

            Loki was not the mastermind behind the attack, so I found his behavior fitting. His emotional instability is what makes these inconsistencies in his character. That’s what Tom Hiddleston is always about, how everything with Loki comes from an emotional place. He had a psychotic breakdown, no plotting here, just lashing out. Maybe later, when he calms down and gets himself in order he can become the mastermind-type villain again. That’s how I see it.

            I don’t know about the Cap comics all that much, neither about how his relationship with Bucky was like. I never read the comics. I really wouldn’t have minded more about them though, so I do agree with you there.

            But I also thing that since MCU has been labelled Earth-199999, thus making it a “parallel universe” of Earth-616 (the main comic verse) it is not surprising that they might change big things, even in the characters.

            Some might be unhappy about some of these changes, especially when it’s a change in the character, or when something is missing they feel is important, but I still feel like Phase One did a good job in establishing all these characters. Especially to people who don’t know the comics. And that the main “character faults” that you pointed out are indeed faults, because they are not perfect characters. They make mistakes, they go with instinct instead of thinking, forget about important things in anger, and making it look like the character development in previous movies was for nothing.

            It’s not true, they’re just flawed and imperfect. Tony repeats his same old mistakes, Thor lets his princely arrogance get the better of him once in a while, Bruce can’t control his anger etc… it happens. And I think these will keep happening.

            That’s how I see it, that’s why I think Phase One did awesome, because we connected with the characters, we care about them, we are interested enough to discuss their every detail in awful long rants like this. If they really made it that bad we wouldn’t be talking right now, because we wouldn’t care.

            Oh dear, that was such an awful long rant… I’m sorry everyone!

            • ++++++1

            • scyllaya

              Good rant. I agree with some things in there. At the end of the day i feel that the character development is the weakest part if the MCU, especially in terms of sequels and building on the ideas you laid out in the previous film. This Phase 2 has a lot to prove for these second round of films.

              Say what you will about his crazed mental state that was completely absent in the film and only mentioned in interviews, it only makes Loki looked more pathetic and idiotic. Traits never associated with the character. He still had the rationale to plan ahead, which means he isn’t stupid. As seen in ‘Thor’, he can pull off a solid scheme. So the complete lack of forward thinking in The Avenger’s is just unacceptable. From almost destroying a planet, to can’t even conquer a city with the greatest army in the universe, is really sad.

              Whatever lol, will the real Loki please stand up?

          • i think you just dislike these movies so much you are not really paying attention. i don’t know why you waste your time watching them in the 1st place, and i have to say i disagree with nearly every point, save for thor’s. his character development did seem somewhat rushed. i blame that on editing. the story was there, just not enough of it.

            how you can say Iron man did the same story 3 times is the most puzzling of your rant. in IM, he becomes IM. thats the story. he had help from yinsen. the man saved his life, then sacrificed himself to help tony finish getting the suit ready. then tony developed iron man, beat the 10 rings, then had to beat iron monger. no one offered to help, therefore he wasn’t refusing any help. he did have pepper blow the power, so that was more help.
            in IM2, rhodey stole the armor then regretted it, became war-machine, and helped him with whiplash. i think tony’s charatcet devlopment is heading in the wrong direction at this point as it looks like his drinking is causing him some issues, and he’s becoming a bit more arrogant, hence why fury said he would just be a consultant, he was not trying to do anything on his own and refusing help. in the avengers, his arrogance is really in full force, and this starts the “i can do it all, myself” attitude you refer to.

            on to the hulk. how exactly did bruce lose all that character growth? yes he did show he could control the “other guy” at the end of TIH, and he seems to have even more of that control in the avengers, “…i’m always angry”. if you mean his relunctance to turn, i think that he has always been that way. he doesnt like changing, but will do so when he is needed, as evident in TIH and the avengers

            as for Captain America, i havre to say you are wrong all the way around, as frar as i can tell. in the original comics, cap and bucky are on a plane with a bomb, and it explodes while bucky is trying to disarm it, then the plane crashes in the artic, turning him into a “cap-sicle”, so your whole “Bucky’s death was glossed over which is his BIGGEST motivator. Bucky’s death is the reason he is who he is” argument is false, he was CA for a long time before he got frozen, as far as the comics go. in the film, his biggest motivation was explained in his speech to bucky at the stark expo, and to dr erskine “i don’t want to kill anyone, i just don’t like bullies, no matter where they’re from” as for the movie, i don’t feel like bucky’s death was glossed over. he was visibly upset when he fell. he was still upset ;later when trying to get drunk and was talking it out with peggy. then col phillips tells dr zola that he just killed cap’s best friend as sort of a threatening device i guess. what were they to do in the movie, show him cry and scream for bucky for 15 minutes? i just think you made some pretty weak arguments, but feel free to prove me wrong.

            • As i have told you before IM and TIH are two of my favorite superhero movies. In IronMan Rhodey, Pepper and Obidiah to a point all offer him help he refuses it. It was subtle in the first film. In the second and third outing it was the same exact character arc. Refuse help, realize you need it, accept help. The fact that he takes nothing from the previous lesson is just bad writing.

              The ENTIRE point of TIH was the Bruce would stop running and face his problems. At the of the Avenger’s he was still hiding and terrified of the Hulk. In TIH, he learned that the Hulk can be used for good and by the end of the film his relationship was completely changed with the Hulk. He was willing to let loose the Hulk in a city, something he was terrified to do earlier. Yet in the Avenger’s he is completely different. Which is cool b/c they wanted the savage hulk for the group dynamic but you completely void all the great characterization of the first.

              They were trying to stop a missile and Bucky pushes Cap of because “the world will always need Captain America” were his exact words if i remember correctly. Most people agree that his death was glossed over and does not hold the significance that it does in the comics. Which is important to the forming and understanding of Cap as a character. Missing that is like skipping the death of Thomas & Martha Wayne or skipping the Great Power, Great Responsibility speech.

        • I think you nailed it. A big key to the success and acceptance of The Avengers was because the backstory for each main character was already detailed.

  10. So the studio that brought you Catwoman, Green Lantern, and Jonah Hex wants to pick a fight with the biggest kid in Hollywood right now….? Good luck with that one, Warner Bros.

    • Haha, good point.

    • I give you some reasons why JL can be a better movie than Avengers (or any other Marvel movie):
      Iron Man(1,2), Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Thor – all these movie are good, but that’s all I guess. They didn’t do much except for introducing the characters just so that people knew who is who in the Avengers. But they didn’t offer anything else, what makes them mediocre movies.

      Avengers – a great blockbuster, probably the best of the year. Good performances, funny dialogues, great battle scenes. However, this movie is only bigger IM movie with bigger budget, better characters and more actions scenes. I love that movie, but it didn’t touch me as much as TDK or Spider-man 2. Avengers worked well because each character got enough screen time. However that doesn’t have to be the case in JL, I don’t think people will get upset if SM and Batman get more screen time than the others. And they are the greatest superheroes of DC universe. There will be enough screen time for the others in their own spin-offs.

      Another reason why JL can be better, Avengers were too nice, too cartoonish if you will. And even though the death of Coulson was unexpected, it wasn’t as tragic ergo less emotional, imo.

    • Dont forget constantine……….yuck

    • Yeah, that same studio brought Harry Potter very successfully to the masses. I give Warner Bros. an excellent chance to succeed.

      You were saying…? ;)

      • @ Archaeon
        Just because one movie studio bought forth a good series of Movies, was that based on the Movie Studio or the source material. Harry Potter is different from DC, as in the following

        Warner Bros did not own nor create Harry Potter, and thus had run the risk of losing Harry Potter to another company if they did not meet the criteria of J.K.Rowling.

        Movie adaptation of popular books, often lead to the studio giving into the demand of the author or publishing company as not to ruin source material.

        Warner did not in anyway want to screw up one of the most popular series of all time, had they done that. No future series of book, should they have had proved as popular would not want Warner Bros to do their book, as if they butchered Harry Potter.

        Now as with DC…They Own it, they can do with it as they please, they control all aspects of it, they can add or reduce cost, they can choose who they want to direct, write, produce. No one can tell them no. They can do whatever they want, they can give you what they think is popular to them, remember this is the same company that since they Own DC Comics, decided to Reboot every popular Hero they have and fit it to their own image….So they can give you Justice League based on the New 52.

        Now I ask you, do you want Justice League based on the Original Origins, or do you want Justice League based on The New 52?

        Now do you hear what I am saying? :)

        • Jeff W….

          Yes, I get what you’re saying; I don’t think you caught MY point, however.

          [X]masevebaby made the point this studio messed up with genre/literature-based films, so why should we believe in their chances for success now…I countered with the fact that they’ve also had MASSIVE success, so they’ve got an excellent chance of repeating that success. I wasn’t comparing anything. ;)

        • Oh, and since I (with, apparently, MANY others) am enjoying the “New 52″ reboot, a film/series based on it would be absolutely viable and worthwhile. As long as the characterizations, the “essences”, the stories, and the effects/FX-story ratios are done thoughtfully, ANY period of JL history (or any mash-ups of such) will play out wonderfully on screen.

  11. I’m pretty sure that Justice League will make a huge boom because it will be so unprecedented. Also, following Man of Steel, and should they integrate the Nolanesque Batman into it (same armour, style, etc.) and Nolanites will certainly flock to it as well.

    Make sure Green Lantern returns respectably. I don’t care much as long as they keep the costume style – CGI = LIGHT! It fits. The costume wasn’t bad at all – just the plot and elemental style – and the costume actually fits with Man of Steel & The Dark Knight perfectly.

    Finally, GET. WONDER WOMAN. PERFECT. That’s all you have to do. Get her perfect (I’m guessing Troy-like red leather, old-world feel, and actual gold/bronze plates), let Man of Steel & The Dark Knight follow, and change the tone for Green Lantern appropriately.

    Flash? Idk, put him in a legitimate, Nike-developed track suit. idc

  12. I plan on seeing both, so it really doesn’t matter 2 me.but let me say this if JL turns out 2 be a flop then everyone grab your torches and pitchforks and storm the WB lot.

  13. Well, I certainly think that Marvel’s approach with the stand-alone movies first is the better one. I know not all watched every previous movies before The Avengers, but many people watched at least one or two.

    With LJ Batman and Superman are well-known so they don’t have to be established, but considering how the Green Lantern movie was and how most casual movie-goers might not know Wonder Woman or The Flash all that much… idk. The question is whether Batman and Superman can pull-in the audience without any previous movies (or with only Man of Steel as one).

    It has to be really-really awesome to be able to keep up with The Avengers 2 in 2015, because LJ will only have Man of Steel to lean on, while Marvel is doing Iron Man 3, Cap 2, Thor 2, and Guardians of the Galaxy before Avengers 2.

    I am more of a marvel fan than a DC fan (I don’t even know half as much about DC characters and JL), but if the JL trailers etc. look good I might go and watch that in cinema too. But I am absolutely sure I will go and watch every Phase Two marvel movie.

    • *JL not LJ… typos ugh…

      • Thank god, I thought we were on the lipstick jungle reboot thread

    • Actually, Man of Steel isn’t gonna have any relevance to the JL movie, it’s just another superman movie. And the actor isn’t even gonna be superman in the JL.

  14. Another pointless article where nothing is confirmed but the OP just has to say it like it is in the title.

    • I would argue it’s the opposite of pointless.

      • And your argument would be right. We geeks have been salivating about this for a long time, and now it looks like DC/Warner is finally getting off their duffs to do something about it. It’s a great time to be a comic book fan.

  15. I love comic book movies but by 2015 the market might be flooded, the general public might be feed up with CBM’s.

    That being said, for the love of Zod, pleas don’t make the JLA film an alien invasion movie.

  16. *fed **please (is there a way to edit our posts)

  17. Lex Luther starts to assemble the “Legion of Doom” in an attempt to kill Superman. Lex and the Legion almost succeed, if not for the intervention of Batman. (Batman saves Superman, this is how they meet.)

    (Meanwhile back at the Bat cave.) A beat to hell, Superman and Batman assessing the threat of the Legion, realise that they are both lucky to be alive. Superman suggests he can get his long time friend, Wounder Women to help. Batman then revels his secret file of “singular individuals” to Superman.

    The Justice League assembles, an epic battle ensues. Boom, movie, done.

    Oh, one more thing. Post credits, Brainiac or Darkside having observed the whole thing, finds it very interesting.

    • this is a great idea man. That may be the best fan idea I’ve heard so far. I’ll keep that in mind

  18. I can’t help but feel it’s not a coincidence that WB chose to release JL the same summer as avengers 2. This just smells of arrogance and bitterness. I think WB just wants to cash in on some of the success of an ensemble superhero film from Marvel. They could’ve easily pick out any other year instead.

    • I think it’s a good/fun move by WB. It will be like the cola wars of the 1980′s.

  19. Well color me shocked… JL coming out in the same year as Avengers 2 was not something I’d have thought would happen – I was sure we’d see JL in 2016. I guess I’ll believe it once they have a cast and start shooting lol.

    Still, how could this not be amazing news!!
    We’ll be getting the two biggest superhero teams in history (sorry X-men) in the same year!! The only downside is the mass amounts of DC-fanboys and Marvelites who’ll be trolling the internet predicting which one will be amazing and which one will be terrible – which is kinda why I’m upset about the poll because I’ll only vote if there’s an option saying “They’ll both be great”

    • I think both films can be great, but like I said above, by 2015 the market will be saturated with comic book movies. I don’t think the film industry will ever see money like they saw in 2012.

      • Actually, I think 2012′s BoxOffice results can be beaten pretty easily.
        Last year’s “summer” movies made almost just as much as this year’s, and we have no idea what the economy will be like in 2015.
        I will say that I think next year will be a low point for movies in terms of the money they make, but 2015 is still a long while away…

        Yes, people might be tired of CBMs by 2015, but if the movies have good trailers, good marketing, good word of mouth and good critic-reactions, I can’t see why people wouldn’t go to watch ‘em.
        …unless the world ends this December of course ;)

        You have a point though, over-saturation is becoming an issue, but in my view, the genre can keep going strong for a long time still.

        • I agree Avenger. I think there is room for Comic Book movies to evolve into many various genres even, Ant Man = Spy Movie is a good example, but even beyond that, the different tact taken by Nolan/Ang Lee, prove that regardless of opinions, these properties can be re-imagined in a myriad of ways, and made compelling for different target audiences.

          Not to mention the more obscure, and less action packed CBM’s that exist such as Archie, Charlie Brown etc, then moving into Japanese Anime, we see the surface has merely been scratched.

          I think CBM’s shall have their ‘so hot right now’ run for a few years longer, with the eventual inevitable back lash (like the disaster movie trend), but they will be here to stay for the future, albeit in a more measured capacity within the pantheon of green-lit productions. But the CBM trend will last much longer than the disaster movie trend imo, because there are so many many more superheroes with stories to draw from than there are natural disasters to keep reheating.

          Either way, CBM properties being viewed as potential money making goliaths is something that has now been changed forever.

          • People will never get tired of good and unique Comic Book Movies. A lot of movies are adaoted from comic books and people don’t even know.

            • Yeah, when I tell people that Red, The Losers, V for Vendetta (which I haven’t seen myself yet), The Walking Dead, etc. are CB adaptions, no one ever believes me!

              Unfortunately there’s still this misconception in main stream views that all things CB means cape or cowl.

              • You haven’t seen “V” yet? Shame on you.

                • I know, I know :(
                  My TV service will be airing the movie next month though so it won’t be for much longer.

              • Um, The Avenger, dont you just loathe those things.

                People are like, Say what?

        • Ya, my bad what I meant to say was “the comic book film industry,” not the film industry as a whole. But maybe the gimmicky happenstance of DC and Marvel going head to head might generate enough buzz to bring in a lot of $$$.

          But like a lot of people on here, I’m sure yourself included, I would be happy watching CBM’s for the rest of my life.

          • Yes please!

          • Stabber, Marvel is the one saturating the film industry with CBM’s. DC has been taking the proper route and spacing things out. Hopefully Marvel’s over-saturation of their material won’t affect DC’s earnings, or maybe Marvel’s approach will get old and thus people will be looking for a different type of CBM (like Nolan and Snyder’s styles). Gritty and more realistic as opposed to more shallow and comic book-y. That could be DC’s plan all along :P

            • Hold on, before you blame marvel for over-saturating the CBM market, you have to realize/consider something: the marvel movie rights are spread over three totally different/independent compaines (marvel itself, FOX, and SONY) and each of thoes compaines produces their movies completely seperatly of each other. Thus, it may seem like there are over 25 movies from the marvel comics banner while there are only (counting things from after Batman and Robin) about er…(scratches head) Six(?) movies under the DC comics banner.

              But when you compare all the DC movies (since their all made by the same company) and the MCU movies (the ones that are made directly by marvel itself) because thats the two groups we are comparing here (the sony and fox movies wouldn’t count) untill the time when IM3 comes out the score is evenly matched: 6 movies to 6 movies.

              Now if your counting all the movies Marvel plans to have between now and Avengers 2, then yeah their gonna have more than DC and thats an understandable argument, but I wouldn’t count just the movies between the MCU and DC comics together as market over-saturation.

              • Yes, I was addressing future comic book movies as well. Phase 2 is going to have 4 build-up movies and 1 team up movie with Antman coming not long after in the same year. That combined with the new x-men movies, the new F4 movie, and the spider man sequel will most likely saturate the market.

                I agree that Disney/Marvel isn’t completely to blame for the current saturation. They spaced their movies out a bit and Fox and Sony have been making their movies as well.

                Simply put, you never know how the market will react to all of these movies. People might get sick of them. People might not. People could recognize the inherent differences between Marvel and DC and go to DC films simply on the basis they’re deeper, more thorough storylines. The Dark Knight Trilogy was unprecedented in its use of a superhero – especially one as iconic as Batman – making it a story full of character development and adult themes, among other things. Man of Steel seems to be going a similar route, and that excites me. If DC is going to maintain a similar style of movies – no no these are more like FILMS – then that seriously separates them from Marvel. They seem to want to go deeper into their characters. They aren’t going to alienate their teenage fan base by making their films TOO adult, but they are going to give movies that have themes that even adults can learn from. Yeah, Marvel has some of that, but they don’t concentrate too much on it. Marvel has a very light-hearted approach to the CBM. That’s alright. I want to see something different out of DC, though, and I believe that’s what they’re planning.

                That could be a big difference in CBM industry when it comes to saturation. If DC can succeed in providing strong films about their characters that differ from the style that Marvel has, people might not get sick of either :D

  20. No No NO that’s not the way to do it Warner Bro’s The Avengers was successful because of the individuality superhero films we got to know each hero and see them come together the Justice League will be action packed but filled with characters we don’t know (apart from Superman next year). I think they should wait and bring out 2 individual films starting next year staring each hero who will star and then lead into the justice league film.

    • Exactly my concern. I have no doubt that Comic Fans will be able to enjoy a JL movie without lead in films, but the wider audience is likely to find the characters too ‘silly’ if they aren’t given some set up.

      For example The Avengers was too hectic for us to have time to see Thor’s home, so are we to expect a JL movie will have time to feature Themyscira/Atlantis? If that is the case I wonder how it will effect the wider audiences ability to believe in the ‘world’ of the film.

      • Exactly. That is why the solo films are important.

        • DC heroes don’t necessarily need stand alone movies to stand out, they would end up as a Marvel rip off. I believe they could pull this off by starting from the very big threat, then give them their stand alone movies. Bruce Timm and Paul Dini could tip the scales in DC’s favor.

          • All my worries would be over if Bruce Timm and Paul Dini directed this movie.

            • Despite my reservations I am actually really looking forward to them casting this now, it shall be some interesting times ahead and hopefully we can get some idea as to how they intend on tackling this thing, and who we might expect to see.

      • Most of the people who I would put in the category of the “general audience” for The Avengers that I know never say all of the previous movies. They saw one or at most a few. They heard The Avengers was good, so they saw it. It’s all about hype. Yes, many people saw all of the first films, but don’t just assume that the general audience saw all of them as well, because that is plain wrong.

        You don’t have to include everyone’s backstory. Aquaman, for example, could be brought in in one of 2 ways:
        1. Superman flies into the ocean and they show Atlantis and Aquaman for a short time. The conversation between them could give insight into who Aquaman is as a hero, where his loyalties, ideas, and interests lie.
        2. Batman has a method of contacting Aquaman and does so, bringing him to the surface for a character revealing conversation.
        #1 would be more likely and better altogether. All they need is some short CGI or artwork to show the whole of Atlantis, then they only need a few areas of Atlantis for a couple of scenes.

        This would be a movie without origins. Instead, in order to garner character development, conversations between Superman/Batman/(possibly)Martian Manhunter and those being recruited for whatever threat is coming/has come would do just that.

        Each character could be introduced in different ways. Some could be introduced in the act of taking down a villain (I imagine that’s how they’ll introduce Flash) or simply being among the people of their region (i.e. Aquaman, Wonder Woman). Superman and Batman are likely to bring them together. I said Martian Manhunter as well above because I’ve heard a convincing fan idea of the story revolving around him. He would be the man to bring everyone together, which would provide a lot of character development for himself, seeing as he is the character that probably needs the most development.

        Don’t count DC and WB out yet. A lot can be done in one movie. A lot of the characters could have character development jointly. Literature has no bounds, my friend, and that includes movie scripts.

    • Lord of the Rings didn’t need lead-in movies.

      • Lord of the Ring and DC Comics not the same thing.

        • Are they both not fanatsy epics with out of this world characters grounded with relatable character arcs and emmotions?

          • I think a better comparison would be one where Tolkien first had separate books about Legolas, the Dwarves, one about Aragorn, and another about Hobbits, maybe one with a Wizard. THEN they combined them all after years of stories to form THE FELLOWSHIP, and then there was a series of books based on that ;)

            • But the LotR Movie did not have tie in films and did just fine. I was unaware of LotR books and not a huge fan of Midevial type fantasy when i watched the first Fellowship and it quickly became a tradition to watch those films on opening weekend.

              If JL is well written and hopefully a 2or3 part film, it will do just fine. You don’t need tie in films.

              • I think the difference with LotR is that it was always one story, as a book too, one story of all these characters, they were created for the same story.
                While when it comes to JL or The Avengers we are talking about characters that all were written, created in their own story and only later put together in the same one.

                So these characters were not created to share the same story, so it’s harder to fit them together and their backstories.

                I don’t know if that makes sense or if I’m explaining myself correctly.

                • LotR was a collection of characters from separate Tolkien’s novels that he put together to create the Fellowship of the Ring. The comics of the Avenger’s & JL followed the same formula. Much like the League of the Extraordinary Gentlemen.

                  And if anybody has seen Justice League: The New Frontier you would know these characters dont need introductory movies for the film to be successful.

                  • Alright, I stand corrected. I did not know that. Thank you for telling me. :)

                    Here’s this then. There’s a reason why comic books, book series (like Harry Potter or LotR) and TV shows (Buffy, Star Trek etc.) most of the time have more devoted and bigger fandoms than movies (in my experience). Because usually two hours is not enough to get invested in a character. It can happen, but it’s less likely.

                    When it’s a series (comic, book, TV) you have a lot of time to get to know the characters and their story etc., you have an emotional connection, you start to care about the characters and what happens to them.

                    So if you start with the JL and only add solo movies later, you have to make the movie very very good for people to feel interested enough and get involved enough to want the sequels. While with the Avengers, even if the solo films were not perfect they gave time for people to be invested in the characters.

                    The only ones who are invested are the comic book fans, but WB wants to get more people in, and just because they know Batman or Superman, it doesn’t mean they will be interested enough to go see JL.

                    So the risk is bigger for the WB, the stakes are higher, they have to make JL really-really good, not just good or the follow-up movies will never be made.

                    • Welcome to the film industry man. That’s the problem movies often have – Is there enough time to get people invested in the characters in the movie? That’s called character development, my friend, and it happens in every ensemble movie. Ensemble movies are difficult because you need to build the character of not one or two main characters, but several. Yes, The Avengers’ use of its solo movies did help me get more invested in the characters prior to the movie itself, but that doesn’t mean that other movies can’t do without it. The point is to get people invested in the characters, and you don’t need a movie to each introduce Aquaman, Flash, Wonder Woman, and Martian Manhunter. You don’t need that. It’s all about the point of view. It’s all about the villain. I’ve heard two compelling stories that could easily work:

                      1. Lex Luthor creates the Legion of Doom. They fight Superman, nearly defeating him until Batman saves him. This is how they meet. They realize they need more help and Batman has a plan: he has a list of heroes that may be able to help them. Maybe he has a file on each of them, each with footage of them or some intel on what they were capable of doing. Maybe he has information on sacrifices and moralities. There are many possibilities. They go recruiting each member. Each character has their own introduction with their recruitment. You get to know some of these characters a bit. Then the story can go on from there.

                      2. The story is told from Martian Manhunter’s POV. He is shown coming to Earth, living among its people, etc as a small intro or origin for him. He then comes across a threat of some kind and decides to bring all of these heroes together. A similar scenario to #1 unfolds. There are possibilities again. Maybe John Johnson knows Batman as he does in the comics. He works with Batman (who again may have files on different heroes). Similar situation unfolds.

                      There are plenty of ways to develop characters in cinema. It’s much like literature in that even the smallest details or ideas can drastically improve the story telling.

                      Will Beal seems like a very capable writer. Yes, it probably won’t be the final draft, but as long as a capable director is in charge and the studio doesn’t try to overpower either of them, I’m very confident that the movie will be able to deliver a more than satisfying movie.

  21. I think WB is risking it all on the popularity of Superman and Batman, and probably give a glimpse of introduction on the other superheroes, (WW, Flash, GL, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman), on the course of the movie, It think it’s a good move, but extremely risky, considering what Marvel did. I think in the long run, DC would make movies that are like World’s finest with a tag team of heroes, but using the Justice League as the foundation (the opposite of Marvel’ execution), I think they’ll bring the team together first, before giving them their own stand alone stories.

    I kinda think only Superman, Batman and Wonder woman deserve individual films, considering the weak rogues of villains the other heroes have.

    I believe part of the storytelling that the TV show JL did could be used on the big screen, like the first episodes with the White Martians.

    If that were the case, then Man of Steel would have a pretty big job of jumpstarting the JL franchise, and maybe a part of Man of Steel would be a preview of the JL plot, Like what Iron Man 2, Thor, And Captain America did with the Alien Tessaract plot.

  22. I have to say good luck WB/DC on the route you’re taken. I could only wish they think of hiring the likes of Paul Dini, Bruce Timm & Co. to oversee their shared DC movie universe. I just wonder if they’re gonna reboot both Green Lantern & Superman as they are with Batman. If they were, i hope Superman’s costume would be closer to the design of Christopher Reeve’s Superman costume but made out of the same material as Routh’s or Cavill’s. To the least make it like Justice League’s Superman costume except not have it armor. Batman’s costume could be different aswell to make him more agile & let me say it, not have a bullet proof costume. I mean why not see Batman get shot in the arm on film. To see him be more vulnerable compared to the heroes. Have the Batman costume be made out of the same material as Routh’s Superman costume or cavill’s you know? It would make the actor more agile. I can’t imagine Flash’s costume being like Batman’s from Burton/Schumacher or Nolan’s Batfilms by example.

    Anyways i stated my opinion on WB/DC route to their shared universe asi i see they can kinda follow Marvel’s lead but not exactly copy as theres ways i thought to myself. Right now, my moneys on The Avengers 2.

    • Wally, the armor for Batman is needed. See in Cartoons and in early comic books, Batman did not get shot.

      In this day and age, an unprotected Batman would get shot and killed quite easily. So the Armor is needed.

      Now if you want, I like the Batsuit from Arkham City, it protects him, but also gets damaged.

      Or we could pull out the 70s style Batsuit.

      • I don’t like the look of the armor is all.
        Batman has had armor in every single movie and it makes all the fights looks forced, robotic/stiff and slow IMO.

        If DC’s going to do a Justice League movie (where we have all these amazingly fantastical characters and stories), then I can’t see why they can’t have the Batsuit be material, but have the material be high tech (like in the comic books).

        In Nolan’s movies the costume had to be armor because that’s what a real world vigilante with lost of money would wear (I’m guessing), but if we have aliens and stuff running around, I think it would be nice to see a Batsuit like in the Arkham Asylum/Arkham City games for instance.

        • @ The Avenger

          I agree heartly with you on the first two paragraphs. I agree with ya.

          • The armor is needed. Spandex/clothed Batman is not the way to go.

            • @ Ignur

              The armor doesn’t need to be needed. Change wouldn’t hurt for the shared universe. Im sure they could design a good spandex costume for Batman or have the costume be made similiar to the X-Men costumes. The Avenger had a point if they explain it in solo films after Justice League how Batman makes the Batsuit. I heard people say the samething about every actor from Keaton to Bale wearing the rubber suit, it still makes the fight scenes not all that great as they could be. That’s why i think they should lose the rubber suit so Batman not only take a shot in the arm or leg but also have the actor playing Batman be more agile as the character would be. It’s gotton boring to me to have bullets bounce off Batman’s chest over the years when they could just as easy shoot him in the mouth.

      • @ Jeff W

        Sorry for the late reply as i just got a laptop & only reply whenever i can at work now because my computer s now crap.

        Anyways,imo the Batsuit does not need to be armor for once. In Batman:TAS, Batman did get shot more than once or somthing ripped thru his costume & even got injured to where he would limp & even built a device to help him see when he was temporily blinded. Same with some of the comics. I seen him get more injured in Batman:TAS than in the films probly. Imo id say Batman really got injured/came close to death in two live-action films. Batman Forever & TDKR. Other than that he got cuts & bruised up alittle.

        Captain America wasn’t given a bulletproof suit to go along with his shield but yet we seen him still fight & be as agile as Batman would even if Captain America was seen bleeding. Though he took a serum, he still only human & Of-course he’s not known to wear bullet proof costumes like Batman now. Again Batman is agile as he’s great to using the dark to his advantage & surrounding areas whereever he is. There’s been times Batman’s been shot during a shoot but used the darkness to escape or still subdue the men. It depends how well you make the story.

        I could go for Arkham Asylam costume aslong it’s not bullet proof. If most people are willing to live change to Superman in Snyder’s film, why not Batman by having him more vulnerable on film as to getting shot for once? After all he’s the only one outta core members of the Justice League that doesn’t have super powers. I think a padded or whatever Batman would look akward compared to the rest of the league unless their costumes like Flash in particular are bullet proof too.

        I was only think of material to be made for Batman’s costume similiar to Henry Cavill’s Superman costume or somthing along those lines. I don’t recall Cavill’s Superman costume being tights like the 60′s Batman show.

  23. Another thing that helped The Avengers was not only did it have lead in films, it had well received lead in films. How are those members of the wider audience who hated GL going to react if Ryan Reynolds suddenly shows up in the JL film ‘Thor’ style.

    “Oh, is Green Lantern part of the Justice League? Noooooo!”.

    And if MOS tanks? What then.

    Personally I thought GL wasn’t that bad, just for the record, but like many I had hoped to be more emotionally invested in the story than I was.

  24. Ok so maybe I missed something but in reading some of the other posts, Im confused, where did they say that they are going to carry over from Man of Steel, they recently said that there was hope that they would be using it as a starting point but recently they said it will be a seperate franchise that is not connected to any other film. The new Batman will have to be a departure from Nolans, for many reasons, but mainly due to how the Character was treated in Nolans trilogy. I have been a JLA fan from the very begining however, DC/WB has done very little to reassure me that they will not make this a major cluster duck. Lets face it, the Negatives far out weigh the positives, and I attribute the positive

    • The carry over is as yet unknown, I believe.

      Though if Man Of Steel, god forbid, turns out like Returns, will the wider audience be prepared to give yet another Supes a shot? Or I guess they could just leave him out of the promotional art if it comes to that… (over my dead body).

  25. I really want a Justice League movie so I am glad this is happening. But to put it close to Avengers 2 is a bad move imo. It shows desperation.

    • @ Alpine, it is ok, many of us feel the same.

  26. Justice League, Avengers 2, Avatar 2, Prometheus 2, Tintin 2 and maybe a World of Warcraft movie, all in 2015? Would be nice :)

  27. While I am looking forward to both movies, as far as JL, I would be just as happy with a few more seasons of the animated Justice League Unlimited. Incredible, incredible cartoon.

  28. This is kind of a bad idea because fans already know what to expect in The Avengers since they combined all the previous movies and let the actors stay in their roles. The Justice League is too new for something like this and it would be different if they allowed people like a Christian Bale to reprise his role as Batman because we know what to expect. this Justice League vs. The Avengers equals bad idea.

  29. The biggest problem I have with this is the fact that they feel the need to go head to head with Avengers. Let’s say DC and WB put together a great producer, writer, director and cast and pull off the kind of movie these legendary characters deserve. Why risk being overshadowed by an established franchise and not making the box office numbers to move forward ? They should release this in a different year. I really think it will be a repeat of how Avengers outperformed TDKR.

    • They want the hype that comes with it. They want more people to come see their movie to see which one is better! That’s the ENTIRE point of it! They won’t get overshadowed. In fact, the movie will most likely have a different tone. DC will only benefit from the competition, as long as the movie doesn’t completely suck and kill all word of mouth advertising.