‘Justice League’ Will Compete With ‘The Avengers 2′ in Summer 2015

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Avengers Justice League Solo Films Justice League Will Compete With The Avengers 2 in Summer 2015

Warner Bros/DC. is reported to have begun resurrecting plans for a Justice League movie before The Avengers hit theaters this past summer, but it was the overwhelming success of Joss Whedon’s Marvel comic book movie blockbuster that cemented the studios’ decision to move forward with their own superhero ensemble venture. Will Beall (writer of the much-buzzed-about Gangster Squad) is currently working on the script for the JL movie, while the search for a director is ongoing.

While it’s seemingly a given that Justice League will reboot the Batman franchise (in the aftermath of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy finale, The Dark Knight Rises), there has been some uncertainty about whether or not key new elements from the Superman mythos – featured in next summer’s Man of Steel – will be sustained in Beall’s script. Part of that can be attributed to Warner Bros.’ ongoing battle with co-creator Joe Shuster’s estates over the character rights (after their previous agreement runs out this year).

Following yesterday’s announcement that Warner Bros./DC has won its battle against the Shuster estate, the studios no longer have to be concerned about not being able to carryover unique elements from Man of Steel in future movies, TV shows, or even comic books. Hence, Justice League (which may have ties to Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot) is gearing up to begin production next year, in order to make a summer 2015 release date. That means the film will compete with Marvel’s The Avengers 2 for the superhero movie box office crown – though, it goes without saying that the two will be hitting the big screen at different times of the season (to allow one another room to breath).

The LA Times expects development on Justice League to meet that target date, as progress should accelerate in the aftermath of the court victory for Superman rights. It appears the studios’ plan is indeed to take the opposite route that Marvel took to shared universe constructionJL will therefore be the first in a new wave of DC movies to hit theaters after Man of Steel, with the subsequent films arriving in the forms of standalone vehicles for JL members such as Wonder Woman, The Flash, and possibly a rebooted Green Lantern arriving sometime thereafter (assuming JL proves to be a satisfactory success).

Justice League Alex Ross Justice League Will Compete With The Avengers 2 in Summer 2015

The ball is now in Warner Bros./DC’s court, in terms of the risks and daring moves the studios are willing to take with Justice League (in addition to forgoing five movies of buildup, like what The Avengers had). We’ve offered our own advice on such matters as how to go about assembling the DC shared universe, how to properly reboot Batman post-Nolan, and even how incorporating an unusual DC anti-hero like Lobo could be an important maneuver to help set apart JL from Avengers. It’s now up to Warner Bros./DC to find a candidate as qualified for the directing job as Joss Whedon proved to be for the task of bringing Earth’s Mightiest Heroes together on the big screen (free advice: people like McG and Brett Ratner really don’t seem to meet that criteria).

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More on Justice League as the story develops.


Source: LA Times

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  1. I’m really hoping that they are going the Lord of the Rings trilogy route that someone keeps on mentioning on here (sorry that I can’t remember who so I can give you proper credit). Since they are skipping out on the introduction movies, an extending trilogy of movies seems the way to go.

    • Totally agree!

    • I think they should follow some of the storylines from the animated tv show. not exactly what happened there, but take some notes. There is a reason many have fond memories of it.

      • Hopefully ending with a legion of doom battle with Luther, copperhead salomen Grundy and some other ones.

        • There are bigger and badder baddies I would like to see: a league of villains such as Doomsday, Darkseid, Time Commander, Professor Zoom (Reverse-Flash), Sinestro, Hyper-thief, and the Psycho Pirate, for instance.

    • It was Aye! And yes, The LotR formula would do Justice League much good. The JL film should be a two or three-part epic. It will allow for better characterization, a better villain and better storytelling.

      • I knew it was a regular who said that. I just couldn’t remember who. I agree with the idea of a 2 or 3 part movie. I’ve been saying they need to keep it separate from solo movies for a long while. Then, different actors can play these iconic characters and perhaps more movies can be released in a year. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a Man of Steel sequel and a JLA sequel in the same year and not worry about continuity errors since their universes are separate entities? I think that would be the most ideal situation.

  2. They will probably do more than 1 JL film, Paid for by MOS and the first JL film. Possibly could be a case of they HAVE to make 2 or 3 if the first one is sh*t (which is quite possible)

  3. Wow. Not surprising, but wow.

    Ideally, I’d like WB to take their time with this. I would like to see a series, of at least 3 stand-alone Superman movies, which are a darker, more serious take on the Man of Steel, focusing on his psychological and emotional issues/motivations, and what makes him who he really is. It seems MOS is going this route, which is great, but I’d love to see them build on it more, rather than bring in other characters which will probably bloat the story. Once the Superman series has been established with several excellent movies, then MAYBE I’d like for it to be incorporated into JL.

    Then, I think the solo movies leading up could go either way (whether they’re done before or after JL), but the essential is to get a fantastic director, fantastic cast, and fantastic script. And the key with all of this is to take their time, not rush it, make a superior quality product. Maybe make it darker and more serious than Avengers, to really set them apart. Maybe make a 2-3 part epic, like Avenger and some other users here suggest.

    But of course, this is all wishful thinking. This movie is being driven by the Hollywood mindset, which WB seems to very much support. MONEY. Artistic integrity is nice, but what really matters is the money. (Honestly, I don’t blame them. They do what they do to make money). So, they are going to rush this, rather than do a slow buildup, as the latter risks the superhero craze being over by the time JL comes around. They’re gonna try to get in on the superhero movie cash cow NOW. What comes out might not be bad, but it won’t be fantastic and different, which is what I want.

    So, unless WB/DC decides that what they really want is to create an epic, dark, serious, action-packed, quality movie which is faithful to the comic lore, rather than a movie that will do well at the box office (VERY unlikely, IMO), I will not be as happy. Of course I’ll see it, but I’ll know that it could’ve been so much better if they took their time. If they got someone like Whedon or Nolan who genuinely cares about producing a quality product.

    Of course, a lot of what I said is speculation, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m right.

    End rant.

    • Keep Nolan AWAY…In fact, as far as possible from a JL film…it doesnt fit his syle in any way. It would suck.

      • Yeah, you’re probably right.

        Also, I’d like to point out that I never said Nolan should be involved. I just brought him up as an example of someone who cares about the fans and making a quality movie, not just money.

  4. Justice League will compete with Avengers 2… and FAIL!

    Actually, I hope it’ll be worth seeing. But I highly doubt, with all the setup and universe development that Marvel is doing, that DC will be able to realistically compete with them.

  5. I would personally like to address the fact that if they give comic book fans room to breath and release the film in 2016, it will give them a possibly wider appeal in terms of audience interest. Consider just how much stock is put into the Marvel world as of now…with the exception of Man of Steel, DC has virtually no other means of preparing and building anticipation for this “multi-narrative” project. Give the fans a break so not as to make them choose between the two or suffer immediate box office comparisons as well as critical ones. I could be wrong and I understand that there’s a lot of room in a year. Just hoping the competition between the two studios isn’t so confronted and opting for release in the year following The Avengers 2 & Ant-Man would allow for Warner Bros to carve it’s own shared universe niche as far as the Justice League is concerned. This will also give DC a little bit more time to develop the task of re-introducing rebooted characters and introducing beloved long-awaited characters…Just a thought but hey to be honest I would go see both even if they came out on the same day and competition is good as long as its healthy

    • I don’t think it should be a big deal that they’re released the same summer, especially if TA2 is in May,/June and JL is in July/August. As long as there is at least a month-log gap between the releases, (preferably longer), they should both do fine at the box office.

  6. I prefer a stand alone superman universe i’m excited for man of steel and i was relieved when Snyder said it wouldn’t have anything to do with the justice league. I don’t care for flash, i like Batman as much as the next guy, wonder woman is literally just a female superman minus the x-ray and heat vision, Martian Manhunter is cool but again he’s the same thing as Superman, green lantern i don’t like whether its Hal, Stewart, Rayner or anybody i just don’t care for it at all half the time in his comics hes making shovels and arrow pointers when he has a ring that can do almost anything…like c’mon. Lobo i wouldn’t even call a character because he’s just terrible to me i told my friends they were making a movie then i told them his origin and they all laughed and said it’d be terrible. I don’t care for cyborg all that much, now aquaman i think is a cool idea but he’s never portrayed as being cool a bunch of my friends think he’s the weakest in the league and thats a fair argument to me, he’s so much tougher than they give him credit for.

    Overall i’m super excited for Avengers 2, why because JOSS IS BOSS!!!!!!!!! i look forward to the next telling in as series that will most likely be remembered as a classic from our generation. Not really pumped for the JLA i mean the movie only got greenlit after the Avengers at least i think it did. I just feel like DC always had the weaker characters (not including Lobo because he isn’t a character to me) and they can make all these characters interesting but never find a way or just flat out don’t want to. I loved Smallville its my favorite show and the Dark Knight Trilogy loved it same with the first two Christopher Reeve superman films,and i look forward to seeing Arrow but what i’ve noticed is that most of their stuff for tv and movies is good if it has nothing to do with any of the comics. hopefully it wont be all that bad my prediction is that it will receive mixed reviews

  7. Really hoping JL will be good, but I’m realistic/pessimistic enough, given WB’s previous decision-making, to think this will likely suck balls. I hope I’m wrong.

    I mean, c’mon. These are the guys who passed on Joss Whedon for WW? They do not understand storytelling with these kinds of characters.

  8. I go out on a 4 hour patrol and I come back to this?

    I do not like Justice Leagues chances. Not going up against the Avengers..I just dont like this.

  9. I think a lot of people are forgetting the difference between the heroes that appeared in the Avengers movie and the heroes that will appear in the Justice League movie. Ironman, Thor and Captain America in particular NEEDED movies to lead into Avengers as the average, casual movie-goer had no connection with these characters. Remember, folks, there was no Thor TV series, no Ironman movies from the 70s, no Captain America blockbuster a couple of decades ago. With the exception of the Hulk (the TV show), the Marvel characters appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe were being introduced to the general public for the very first time.
    Now look at the Justice League heroes. You know the movie will center on Superman and Batman. Is there anyone in the civilized world that isn’t already familiar with almost every aspect of these two characters? Multi-billion dollar movie franchises, TV shows, etc. These guys do not need lead in, shared universe movies to be established. The DC stable of heroes that would appear in a Justice League movies are defining, iconic characters that need no prior introduction. If done right, any movie that puts Superman and Batman on the screen together at the same time should make ridiculous amounts of money.

      • I’ll vote for Barry Allen Flash and Hal Jordan Green Lantern. They are best-known, personify the characters best of all, are considered by many as the “original” or “official” characters (despite earlier ones in the Justice Society), and were the ones to REALLY establish the characters back in the comics when comics were GOOD (the 60s and early 70s). No other substitute will do in the bigger scheme of things.

        • I prefer Kyle Rayner and Wally West. But only because I grew up with those characters.

    • Lead in movies is more about just introducing the characters, throughout the movies different aspects of the Marvel universe were introduced:
      -Iron Man: the various conflicts throughout the world and society’s disposition towards it.
      -Hulk: the conflicts of power; superpowered beings vs. authorities.
      -Thor: greater forces existing beyond our planet and the threats they present.
      -Captain America: the ideals that the world and those who uphold and threaten them.

      The reason why Avengers was a success wasn’t just because it was a crossover the made lots of money, it’s greatest lies in that all these aspects culminated in the Avengers, which not only gave us a great crossover, but recreated the Marvel Universe on the big screen which has only opened the doors for more great stories to be told with many more characters including Ant Man, Doctor Strange & Guardians of the Galaxy.

      Jumping into a Justice League movie won’t feel special nor will it really have any long term benefits for DC in the long run. It’s like oh cool Superman & Batman are on the same screen together, then what?

  10. Im glad this is confirmed, but WAY to soon. Although I didn’t like it very much, I didn’t HATE Green Lantern. Since it ended with a cliffhanger, I hope it gets AT LEAST a sequal, then DON’T have him in Justice League, then reboot him after that.

    And I do agree that they should take notes from the cartoon series. In terms of script, I just don’t want this to be ANOTHER alien invasion film. It worked for Avengers, and it worked for the cartoon pilot, but again would just be too much, I want something new for a villain (or villains).

  11. If people really think they can’t make a solid movie in 2 and a half years, I think their crazy. that is a long time to make a good movie and I think they Will. idc about the competition I’d just love 2 great and DIFFRENT forms of superhero movies.

  12. I’m most interested in the lineup because I just have a feeling that the lineup they choose will make some people angry.

  13. Not sure why everyone is so worried about starting with a Justice League movie… The thing is EVERYONE knows who the Justice League is… They don’t need to buildup movie by movie… Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman – Everyone knows who they are already… With Avengers (aside from Hulk), single movies were needed to introduce these characters… Anyone born 1970′s and beyond has grown up with the Justice League in some fashion…

    • The thing is though, is that everyone knows them but do the average movie goers know about them? How many non comic book fans are going to know the dynamic between Batman and Superman or that Flash and Green Lantern are the funny buddy cop guys or the personalities of the characters. When 2015 hits, most non comic fans will go to Avengers 2 because they already have connections to those characters. Whereas Justice League, the only connections they’ll have to will be Batman and Superman. And negative connections to Green Lantern. The rest have never been on film so they would not care when they can see Avengers instead.

      • Deadpool, you just proved a point. You said Flash and Green Lantern are The Funny Buddy Cop guys, I am assuming you mean Wally West and John Stewart.

        Which is in stark contrast between Barry Allen Flash, who was not accepted because he wore red, and red was most associated with Russia, and a cold war hold over, or Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern who was an arrogant fighter pilot who was not really into being a hero. Either of those two, were not funny buddy cop material.

        See, I prefer a Barry Allen Flash, the flash I grew up with, than Wally West Kid Flash/The Flash type.

        • But see, we as comic fans know this but does the general audience know, or even care?

          • You never know Deadpool. Usally its a Girlfriend with her boyfriend at comic book movies. My wife, goes to comic book stores with me to buy HER COMICS.

            General Audience, they annoy me…Maybe everyone on screen rant should just go to movies together…GROUP OUTTING!

            Real fans who know movies!

            • I hear yah man. Group outting does sound fun.

    • “EVERYONE knows who the Justice League is” Oh god yeah right. Yeah a lot of non-comic fans know OF them. Seriously ask a random person off the street to tell you Wonder Woman’s of Flash’s origin. You’ll get a lot of blank stares. Hell there are people who (somehow) don’t know Superman is an alien!

      • @deadpool87 & @Captain America:

        THANK YOU. To those who say, “JLA doesn’t need solo movies because everyone knows who they are,” you are very much mistaken.

        True, it’s safe to assume that the majority of the population (at least, the majority of the people in the world who have access to tv, internet) know Batman and Superman very well, their powers (or lack thereof) and origins.

        But besides that there isn’t much. You’ve got some people who watched the JLA animated tv show in the 90′s. You’ve got some people who watched the old live action Lynda Carter Wonder Woman tv show. You’ve got some people who read the comics as kids, and/or as adults. There is definitely much familiarity with the characters, but by no means does everyone know about their origins and powers. And there are some people who haven’t heard of some of these characters at all.

        With the general populace, assume nothing.

        • You don’t need an entire movie to tell an origin story. Look at the Lord of the Rings. Elves, dwarves, knights, hobbits and a wizard all given plenty of backstory.

          • Justice League, who are they going to appeal too? Anyone under 25 is going to think Wally West and John Stewart are the Original Flash and Green Lantern.

            Some who are over 30 will say, Barry Allen and Hal Jordan are those heroes.

            And for the serious fan…Jay Garrick and Alan Scott…Though that is JSA

            Just too many fans for different versions. Now logic would dictate Wally West and John Stewart, with older fans (Like I and others on here) Prefer Hal Jordan and Barry Allen.

            Which would take us back to the Late 60s and 70s Superfriends cartoons. Now this movie is without a doubt going to be written by people under 40, and well take research for granted and give us a hodge podge of Heros.

            And with the New 52, Do you think DC/WB Would actually want to go back to the original version of those Heroes? Would it be cost effective to say “Hey we blew up all the heroes you grew up with and re told their stories.”

            So, we will have a Justice League Movie, based on the New 52…I think I shall pass on that. Just saying.

          • Exactly Ignur!!
            I really don’t understand why every character would need a solo movie (especially the JL: most people already know who they are). There are so many large ensemble-cast movies where each character got their back-story fleshed out and had more than enough time to shine on their own.

            Like you’ve been saying all this time, just do the movie LotR-style: a two- or three part epic.

            • It’s always cool when we can agree on something. Like those days before The Avenger’s trailer was released and I was huge MCU fan.

    • Everyone knows Batman and Superman in the world, but JL and the other heroes in it? Only US! They never had any international success, trust me here in Europe most people (non comic book fans) have no idea who Wonder Woman is or what the Justice League is supposed to be. Here, they would need introduction, just like the marvel heroes did.

      And yes Batman and Superman are well-known, but we don’t even know who’s going to play them in JL. The cast is vital, for the other heroes too.

      We know all about MCU, the cast, the directors, the writers, etc. We know nothing about JL and we don’t even know yet whether Man of Steel and the actor who will play Superman will go over well with the audience or not.

      That’s what makes me so unsure about JL, sure WB can make a good movie in two years, but can they compete with Avengers 2 and the way it’s established internationally? Not so sure.

      So yeah, I’m sure JL will have good numbers in US, that’s a given, but we’ll see how it’s gonna go worldwide. For example Thor was a bigger success in Europe than it was in the US, for example. And The Avengers was an international success, because it was established for non comic book fans and non-US people who never saw any iconic comic book TV shows or cartoons.

  14. I laugh at the thought of someone saying it needs a build up like The Avengers! Smallville just concluded and most of the more known super heroes showed up in some form. Green Arrow has his own show now. Green Lantern had his own movie. Man of Steel will be out next year and Christopher Nolans Batman Trilogy just concluded. Most the main Justice League characters have been out there.

    • and as far as The Flash goes I would release a blu ray version of the live action tv show from the early 90s!

    • “Green Lantern had his own movie.”

      Which bombed at the box office and gave audiences a negative outlook on the character and mythos.

  15. Get Frank Darabont to write the script and get David Fincher as the director. Best JLA movie ever !

    • That would be cool. I just wished DC and WB would bring guys like Bruce Timm and Paul Dini out of the depths of animation and onto the film front. Those two would make the Avengers look like the fantastic four movies. Or get Geoff Johns to oversee it. He’s killing it on Aquaman, Green Lantern and Justice League now.

  16. What there is no choice for they both will be awesome??? why leave that choice out of the poll???

    • I completely agree. I wanted to vote for both, but it wasn’t an option.

      If you’re not going to have a “middle ground” option, then why is there the option “they’ll both suck” ? Just looking for some consistency here…

      • I’m with ‘ya.
        I won’t be voting till they edit the poll with another option.

  17. I am so happy that their are finally making justice league movies and other marvel movies ,other super hero movies and the avengers 2,ant-man, 2 more marvel movies and master of the universe movies will be realese in 2015 and also other dc movies the flash movies,wonder woman movies, green lanter reboot movies green arrow movies,hawkman movies in the furure dc movies .

  18. Here’s the problem that I think WB has with JL more so than A2. A2 is already working with a 1.2B nest egg. With JL you have a lot of money to spend on Superman, WW, GL, Flash. Bats might be your cheapest to put on the screen here. If they add Aquaman and Cyborg, this production price tag is getting HUGE.

  19. Part of me is still seriously hoping that there’s a standalone Superman film universe with Man of Steel as its own trilogy like it was rumored. I don’t know why, but I’d rather have that as opposed to this.

    • @Master Extractor:

      I feel the same way. One one hand, I’d certainly love to see a JLA film. But there is also something about having a new, updated, character-driven, and story-driven stand-alone Superman series that is very tempting.

  20. I’m excited, but I’m worried or skeptical as well…

    I personally think this is a very un-wise (if not bad) decision from Warner Bros. Avengers 2 already has a director plus writer who is already working from 2012… and he’s even the one who finished the 1st movie. Simply saying, he’s fully committed to the movie. WB is still looking for a director… and I hope they won’t end up: “Hey, let’s do it with the one who did X-Men 3? That would be nice… and he doesn’t need lots of time to prepare right? Oh and let’s do it the gritty dark way”. I feel WB is rushing too much on the JLA movie. I think there’s a good reason why Nolan stepped out from it: it’s too risky and un-planned enough, and it seems like WB is really pushing it only for fame and money, rather than puting their heart on it.

    Will people see this when it comes out on 2015? They will… the same way many average moviegoers who doesn’t know about comic book characters went to TDKR after watching The Avengers. Even when you deny it, one must admit, that The Avengers gave public’s trust to superhero movies again, giving positive advantage for Spidey and TDKR. The Avengers 2 is already set for the summer opening, and I’m sure WB will be able to -at least- get some chance to use this to their own advantage to attract people to their JLA movie. Hey, an assemble movie after one that just pops out? Who would’ve miss it right?

    In the end though, people will definitely make comparison (dejavu everyone?). In the case of Batman though, it’s the end of a trilogy, and people knew Nolan, so they are already familiar with it… but JLA? What is a JLA? Who are they… there are many questions hovering over people’s head right now, and if WB rushes the production, I don’t think the proper answer will be given to audience. Hmmm…. If they really want to make good impression for the JLA, then they’d better do it good, VERY GOOD even… otherwise it will probably end up in the mock-box just like Green Lantern (and no, I actually like that movie, but most people didn’t anyway), which also gave comic book movie a bad impression to the general audience… and that’s NOT a good sign for the future of JLA movies (including their solo heroes’).

    Please I don’t want that to happen… let’s just hope JLA won’t be heading downhill.

    • @MovieGoers:

      Well said. I couldn’t have put it better myself.

  21. See this is where Avengers has a slight edge over Justice League.

    We have on this board, a wide range of ages. All good and Well. But where as the Avengers have Ironman, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye. We know who they are they do not change who they are.

    Justice League, ok we know Superman,Batman, Wonder Woman, Martian Man Hunter. Ok, now give me your Flash Barry Allen or Wally West, Give me your Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Kyle Raynor, Guy Gardner?

    You will have Justice League who know Hal Jordan and Barry Allen and grew up and never paid attention to John Stewart and Wally West, and would not know the dynamic between them.

    A Lot of us know Batman secretly harbors resentment of Superman, but they have an uneasy friendship at best, as Proven with Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller.

    How many of us know that Wonder Woman, was made of clay, yet changed in the New 52?

    How many of us know that Superman power was truly at one point limited in it scope, he was weaker at night due to lack of Sun, and his strength and ability have greatly changed over the years.

    Who knows that Aquaman, is still among the strongest of heroes even on land although for short periods

    Barry Allen flash is far faster than Wally West, because he is capable of moving faster than the speed force, where as Wally Can only match the speed force.

    So much to work out with Justice League.

  22. NO NOOOOOO This means they’ll remake Batman!!!

    • As agent smith once said, “It is ineviable.”

  23. Wow, ya know im not a DC guy and i dont have anything against it whatsoever. I love batman. But this has got to be the stupidest thing ever. Marvel did it and it worked well for them so now theyll do it. Thats the only reason this is happening. Superman will barely b intoduced, greenlantern sucked, where is wonder woman, flash, hawkman, marshian man hunter, the list goes on. And another excuse to reboot batman only 3 years after this great trilogy is over. Can you say “snore”. Over saturated and tasteless.

  24. All I can say is……Good Luck DC/WB, you’re gonna need it.

  25. Avengers was a well thought out and executed film that started with origin films for it’s main characters. The build up of anticipation over time made it a huge event and Whedon didn’t disappoint. Clearly DC is just trying to cash in on the cinematic super hero craze. A new Batman which will pale in comparison to Bale’s, a Superman that is in yet another reboot and is yet to be proven, a failed cinema character in GL, a Wonder Woman that is anyone’s guess who will play her and a handful of other heroes that anyone outside of comics will scratch their head at and say: “Who ?”. They should follow Marvel’s proven formula. I know a lot of people who didn’t know who Iron Man or Thor were and now they can’t wait for their sequels. DC is the home of legends, they deserve better treatment!!

  26. Yippee, let the hype war being! DC and Warner better get a team together before talking about playing against an established crew.