‘Justice League’ Will Compete With ‘The Avengers 2′ in Summer 2015

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Avengers Justice League Solo Films Justice League Will Compete With The Avengers 2 in Summer 2015

Warner Bros/DC. is reported to have begun resurrecting plans for a Justice League movie before The Avengers hit theaters this past summer, but it was the overwhelming success of Joss Whedon’s Marvel comic book movie blockbuster that cemented the studios’ decision to move forward with their own superhero ensemble venture. Will Beall (writer of the much-buzzed-about Gangster Squad) is currently working on the script for the JL movie, while the search for a director is ongoing.

While it’s seemingly a given that Justice League will reboot the Batman franchise (in the aftermath of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy finale, The Dark Knight Rises), there has been some uncertainty about whether or not key new elements from the Superman mythos – featured in next summer’s Man of Steel – will be sustained in Beall’s script. Part of that can be attributed to Warner Bros.’ ongoing battle with co-creator Joe Shuster’s estates over the character rights (after their previous agreement runs out this year).

Following yesterday’s announcement that Warner Bros./DC has won its battle against the Shuster estate, the studios no longer have to be concerned about not being able to carryover unique elements from Man of Steel in future movies, TV shows, or even comic books. Hence, Justice League (which may have ties to Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot) is gearing up to begin production next year, in order to make a summer 2015 release date. That means the film will compete with Marvel’s The Avengers 2 for the superhero movie box office crown – though, it goes without saying that the two will be hitting the big screen at different times of the season (to allow one another room to breath).

The LA Times expects development on Justice League to meet that target date, as progress should accelerate in the aftermath of the court victory for Superman rights. It appears the studios’ plan is indeed to take the opposite route that Marvel took to shared universe constructionJL will therefore be the first in a new wave of DC movies to hit theaters after Man of Steel, with the subsequent films arriving in the forms of standalone vehicles for JL members such as Wonder Woman, The Flash, and possibly a rebooted Green Lantern arriving sometime thereafter (assuming JL proves to be a satisfactory success).

Justice League Alex Ross Justice League Will Compete With The Avengers 2 in Summer 2015

The ball is now in Warner Bros./DC’s court, in terms of the risks and daring moves the studios are willing to take with Justice League (in addition to forgoing five movies of buildup, like what The Avengers had). We’ve offered our own advice on such matters as how to go about assembling the DC shared universe, how to properly reboot Batman post-Nolan, and even how incorporating an unusual DC anti-hero like Lobo could be an important maneuver to help set apart JL from Avengers. It’s now up to Warner Bros./DC to find a candidate as qualified for the directing job as Joss Whedon proved to be for the task of bringing Earth’s Mightiest Heroes together on the big screen (free advice: people like McG and Brett Ratner really don’t seem to meet that criteria).

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More on Justice League as the story develops.

Source: LA Times

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  1. Im down with that.

  2. what will really be interesting is if the JL ends up fighting darkseid while the avengers fight thanos. people will be walking out of Justice League saying “What was Thanos doing in Justice League?”

    • really… thy look nothing alike. it wont be darkseid anyway, it would either be lex luthor or brainiac. darkseid is too big for them. they cant start too big. Luthor is probably the easiest choice for me right now.

      but if i were to pick, i want (because honestly, luthor is last on my list. i dont want him at all) brainiac or darkseid or doomsday. darkseid is too big now though. we need to know the characters (non comic-book readers), get emotionally attached and then someone will probably die. its usually how things work XD.

      • i hope they use either brainiac or lex luthor along with one of the vilians from batman

        • I still say they should use starro the conqueror.

          • Thats probably the best bet.

      • Justice League, just for Luthor…He is evil and all..But an entire team against one human?

        Kind of like calling in the Marines to break up a street fight between two teenagers

      • Darksied should be the villain. It should be a problem so big the ENTIRE world, not just NYC, is effected. Darksied should be reminiscent of Sauron, watching the vents conspire slowly revealing himself.

        The first film should intro our heroes, show them come together to fight and fail to stop the invasion from happening. The second film shows them splitting into groups of two for more characterization, attacking guerrilla warfare style while inspiring the people of Earth to revolt against Darksied’s control and an epic showdown with Darksied.

        • Only problem with that is that they got Thanos lined up as the big bad in the Marvel films.

          One could make the point that Thanos was at least partially inspired by Darkseid originally, but movie audiences won’t know that. To them, Darkseid will seem like the derivative figure …

  3. It’s sad that they are releasing “JL” the same year as Avengers 2. I can almost guarantee less success competing with A2 simply because there isn’t any build up to it with previous movies. I feel that A2 has so much success mainly because they did that. It almost seems like DC is fighting a losing battle with Marvel. That’s not to say DC characters aren’t awesome, but Marvel already planted the flag, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

    • I agree somewhat but you do have to remember that with the avengers they absolutely had to have a buildup because besides iron man most non super hero fans didn’t know much about any of the other heroes. With justice league you already have superman and batman who pretty much every one knows about. I’m not saying having more of a buildup wouldn’t hurt in fact it would probably make it a better movie but it’s not going to make it a flop. Plus just because they are both coming out in 2015 doesn’t mean they are coming out at the exact same time as each other so they’re not really competing with one another head to head.

    • Superhero movies are successful. As long as it’s not released within a month of The Avengers, it should do more than fine at the box office.

  4. I’ll be looking forward to this coming together. Marvel has done some really cool movies, but Green Lantern, Batman, Superman, and the Flash were the superheroes I loved when I was a kid, so this will definitely be the movie I’m anticipating far more.

  5. DC have to either have an incredible and surprising script or pay off a lot of people for promoting the movie because I can’t see it getting as much buzz as Avengers 2 at this point in time.

    • Just consider this an informal announcement.

  6. The Avengers 2 should easily outgross Justice League. I have little doubt in that. With Whedon on board again as screenwriter/director, and Marvel already kicking into Phase 2 with all cylinders blazing, the sequel to the successful Avengers has more going for it.

    Justice League is going to have a tougher time, considering that they are now 2nd in getting out movies based on their DC Comic IP’s outside Batman, and it has more to prove, but I am curious about what kind of film to expect.

  7. Could this be their new strategy though? Letting the movie have a lot of production time pre and post? Hmm, happened with MOS didn’t it.

  8. One take-away from this announcement is Warner Bros/DC
    is very confidement from what they are seeing of Man Of Steel
    and they expect it to be a successful strong foundation for the JL.

    • *confident

      • Don’t be too sure about that…

        Not saying, but just saying…

        • Kofi- love the podcast and site. I’m curious, have you heard any pre-buzz about it? I’ll be there whatever happens but it’d be nice if it wasn’t another green lantern

    • @ Mr. Palmer
      I was just about to say sort of the same thing.
      This announcement makes me think that WB/DC really believes they have a gem with MoS and it will obviously include moments that will carry over into TJL. I know that seems obvious but before now we were just guessing.
      So I hope MoS really is as great as we are hoping because if it’s a dud WB/DC are in a complete mess…

    • Agreed on all that you said.

  9. Its a risky tacktic. If they pull it off just right it will be a huge sucess. But being there is no lead up to the film like the avengers did, not sure the box office will be as good as the avengers.

    • I agree. Though I think it helps that they have very recognisable characters and WB appear to be confident about MOS.

  10. The only way this can work is if WB/DC are willing to put EVERYTHING into this. They cant afford to have anything second rate. Money, Script, Director, Promotion, Characters and the long term plan have to be SO good that it seems to me like a monumental risk.

    If they get any of this even slightly wrong then they will get screwed at the box office. Its that risky. I love DC so I am desperate for this to kick the Avengers ass, I hope they make it more adult…thats the only way I can see them having an edge, it will allow them to be more adventurous with the dialogue and action scenes, as well as the overall feel of the Universe.

    Please WB/DC dont f*ck this up! Commit and deliver!

    • They can’t make it more adult if they want it to make bank. 20 and 30 something comic book fans might want it more adult, but no one is going to take their kids to see an adult JL movie. Look how badly Watchmen flopped. It was basically just comic book fans watching it. I’m not saying they have to go Batman and Robin, but they can’t make this any more than PG if they want it to make a gazillion dollars.

      • I didnt mean make it 15 to 18 lol. Juast 12A or something at most. Have some sort of maturity to it. DC characters naturally go more towards that anyway

      • but it was so good. /sigh

  11. “…like what The Avengers had.”

    Who the hell wrote this?

    Go back to school!!

    • Could you explain what the error is here? I’m honestly confused.

    • “in addition to forgoing five movies of buildup, like what The Avengers had”

      I am afraid you are wrong and that is indeed good English.
      You are the one who has to go back to school.

    • regardless, so WHAT?! There is nothing wrong in being helpful if a grammatical or spelling mistake was made but attacking the writer (and being wrong no less) is in very poor taste.

    • You forgot to put commas in the proper place: “Who, the hell, wrote this?”. Also, the name of the author is clearly noted under the picture for the article. I suppose you need to go back to school.


      Sandy, your article is fine.

  12. I’ve said this before but even though I’m very excited for a Justice League movie and it may make a killing at the box office, but its just not going to be a good quality movie. Its going to be riddled with plot holes and overstuffed with characters that the general audience knows but not know their personalities. The Avengers worked because of the films leading to it. Imagine Avengers without the other films, it would’nt have been nearly as epic. WB should have went with solo films to build the hype and anticipation. Now they have to worry about all these new characters and how to flesh them out within a 2 hour or so movie while still maintaining the story.

    • avengers had 5 build up moves and it still had its fair share of plot holes

      • They could do it very well if they kinda mimic what they did in the animated movie Justice League: The New Frontier, the movie excelled in introducing each of the Superheroes, and giving them all a reason to join together, which is exactly what they need to do. I’d say however that they should definitely pick a more interesting and unique villain instead of The Centre…. Darksied, while it would be awesome, lay people would think that they just ripped off Marvel (Even though Thanos’s creator even admitted that he stole the idea for the character from Darkseid) but I feel it should still be extraterrestrial or something BIG not just Lex Luthor it has to be big for them all to need to unite.

        • I agree about Justice League: The New Frontier. That has been the only one of those animated films I’ve seen yet that has really impressed me, and actually felt like a true movie. However, yeah, the Center was the one part that did not do it for me. The villain is a tough call. Even in the Avengers, the villain element was the weakest part to me.

          • Exactly! I’ve seen all the movies and absolutely loved the TV Show, and it pains me as a Die -Hard DC fan to see them have THE BEST Animated movies (The Dark Knight Returns, JLA:TNF, All-Star Superman, in my opinion Superman/Batman wasn’t even that bad) But it pains me that they can’t take those awesome stories or their best stories (Dark Knight Returns) and put something like that in Live Action
            For a villain though, I think The Hyperclan would be cool from like JLA #! or maybe The New Gods, something epic that doesn’t make non-comic book nerds think they ripped off Marvel.

  13. They can make it, but can they make it not feel rushed? Can they make it good?
    The New 52 has barely taken root. It’s been a while since Superfriends.
    Even when a movie will obviously be full of surprises, there are things I look forward to: I wonder how they’ll handle certain things; if they’ll address others; but in this case I’m drawing a blank.
    At least I’ll get to see animated Batman beat up Superman. I’m familiar with those guys.
    When something is being made obviously for the sole reason of competing with another company, it’s hard to believe it will be a vehicle for radical, new, amazing concepts.

    • Thats one of my main worries…Do WB actually care about this or are they just assuming it will work because Avengers did.

    • Well said

  14. Maybe DC could have some type of build up thru a viral marketing campaign…giving glimpses into each hero’s life…even the villain’s plot.

    • Thats not a bad idea at all. That would save all the hassle of origins and they could easily establish a lot of things that way. Good stuff.

      • There’s the other edge of this sword: how many people would bother visiting these viral databases? The average movie-goer isn’t going to bother with viral material, it’s tedious.

        • There is that, I agree. Its a hard one to call how to promote it to get peoples attention away from Avengers…they could plan some massive launch at Comic-Con I guess….maybe even a short film as opposed to a Trailer….to explain the villain? Just a thought.

          There going to have to do something different, plenty of viral for TDK about before its release, WB do seem to like that route.

  15. Honestly I think they will both do well. Im going to see both on opening night

  16. WB will consider it a success if it makes money. Here’s the sequence:

    1. They’ll keep the costs down and promote the hell out of it.

    2. Justice League will have a huge opening weekend.

    3. The unbribed critics and fanboys will not like the movie.

    4. WB will laugh all the way to the bank.

    5. Repeat.

    • Isn’t that every movie executive’s five point plan for any movie from any genre?

      • The difference is passion.

        Let’s take Green Lantern for instance. I don’t believe there was a single legitimate Green Lantern fan involved in the making of that movie.

        I wasn’t in there during the planning stages of GL, or on the the set. I only know what I saw in the theater.

        WB saw a profit to be made because of what Marvel was doing.

        “Oh look, here is a popular comic book character that we own…. and we could make it into a new franchise!”

        I could feel the difference in the end result.

        Now let’s look at the up and coming JLA movie. How many people at WB really, truly, geek out over the Justice League?

        • +1 (To each of your posts)

        • Oh you are so right. And now I think about all the geeks/fans involved in MCU movies. You can see it on comic-con panels how giddy and excited they are about their projects, that kind of enthusiasm is not just marketing.

          WB has many projects, many different genre as well, but Marvel Studios only focuses on their own comic book movies. That makes a big difference IMHO.

  17. It’s the very first time that I make a comment in this webpage.

    Ok, Yes. Bravo for THE AVENGERS for their success that wasn’t even planned before IRON MAN (2008) to realese. The deal is that before THE AVENGERS, the JLA movie was being planned for years to be done, that’s a plus for Warner.

    I’m not defending Warner, but I’m saying that I’ve been expecting this movie for soooo long, and want to see it defeat the AVENGERS movie, mainly because of the superheros, and second, because I’ve always consider the DC Heroes more intense, darker and interesting than Marvel’s. I don´t have much to say but that I want to see this movie already.

    • The problem is, you want it to beat The Avengers, instead of just wanting a great movie. Before the Avengers came out, all I wanted was The Avengers to be a great film, not for it to beat The Dark Knight. Being the highest grossing comic book movie was just icing on the cake. I want an epic Justice League film; if it beats The Avengers, that would just be icing on the cake.

  18. I have to say i voted that Avengers 2 would be the best of the summer but DAMN do i want Justice League to Rock everyones world…..Its not that im even a JL fan im a BATMAN fan…..yea i know whatever whatever…but seriously with the foundation of the Avengers and the progress and foothold they have…until seeing this superman movie i just dont think they can survive in JL land especially with wonderful works of art such as the Green Lantern….stick to the TV boyz or blow my mind on the big screen….your choice.

    • wow, 84 people said both will suck (4% of 2115 = 84 for the mathematically deficient) i think someone’s been double voting.

  19. I just hope they have a concrete plan. It worries me that they have a release date but no concrete strategy. Is anybody shepherding these movies or are they actively seeking a joss whedon/mark millar to shape the universe?

  20. Justice League should be a 2014 release, WB has nothing schedule for that year, Flash and Wonder Woman Should be a release for that year.

    • They are giving all of their movies a ton of pre and post production time. They will probably be in heavy pre-production until they start to shoot the movie early or mid 2014. Post produce it for a year. Release a masterpiece in 2015. WB/DC’s style is to take their time making movies to make them just right. I wouldn’t want them to rush 2 movies into production if they haven’t given it sufficient time to be produced… I mean look at Green Lantern? They surely won’t do that again… If they have any hope of creating a universe where they will make boatloads of cash… They gotta do this right. They know that, and so they’re taking their time and doing it the right way.

      • I agree but what i was trying to say is that they should at least try to have something for 2014, a Flash or Wonder Woman shouldn’t be that hard to make with the team behind them.

  21. Justice League is just going to lack hype. In 2015 when these movies come out, people(non comic fans) will line up for Avengers 2 because they saw the first one, loved it and want to see more. Plus the solo films in between keep people hooked. Whereas Justice League, most non comic fans are going to laugh in revolt if Aquaman is in it, squrim at the thought of Green Lantern back and have no personal connections to Wonder Woman or Flash because they’ve never been on film. It would have paid off massively in the long run if they just started solo.

  22. Here’s hoping BOTH movies are awesome!!

    • Word!

  23. I think the best thing that could happen for the fans is for The Justice League to be better than The Avengers 2. This would force Marvel to up the ante even further, which would cause DC to do the same. Imagine if every time one studio released a movie, it was better than the last one the other released. Who wouldn’t love that?

    • Yes! I love the idea, especially since I love both DC Superheros (specifically Batman, Flash, & GL) and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

  24. Just a thought – *if* the Man of Steel film next year is really good (which looks like a possibility, thankfully) *and* they manage to include in it even a small but well done hook (such as a Wonder Woman cameo), Justice League may not be as much of a cold start as we are all worried that it will be. Plus, even if Batman is rebooted, he is the single most popular of all these superhero characters, DC or Marvel, so he alone will help draw in viewers and hype.

  25. In regards to the pole Avengers 2 is going to be better as of now. We know the cast, some of the possible plot and that the movie is in good hands. JL is a mystery product. The production team has no one other than the writer, there is no cast (Cavill may or may not be in it), and there are an almost infinite amount of story points that could be used. So like I said Avengers 2 has a leg up.

    • Cavill HAS to be in it…otherwise they may as well give up before they start

    • Snyder said once Superman’s business is in order anythings possible. Could this be part of what he meant though?

  26. 1. Very excited for this, I wonder how they are going to Batman work, he’s going to have to be closer to a comic fantasy version; jetplane, super gadgets, extreme fighting skills… they are going to have to dial down the realism just a bit, so I don’t expect it to be even close to Nolan’s Version.

    2. If JL is the starting point, will the spin off movies follow the same timeline? The solo movies really can’t be “origin” movies in a sense. It would be cool if they were all just continuations, with each solo movie just focuses on the respective league’rs lives and adventures and they join back up for JL2.

    3. I feel like this is a safer bet for DC/WB than releasing solo films first, I feel like they can gauge from audience and reviews what character they want to focus on next.

    4. Watch Tower or Hall of Justice?

  27. I had not thought of this before now, but, when it comes to universe building, DC has much more experience than Marvel. They had a Justice League TV series that ran for five seasons. Yes, it was a cartoon, but it was a very mature cartoon. It was better than most of the comics they pump out these days.
    They also had Smallville, which was silly most of the time, but lasted for TEN years. I can’t think of many shows with that accomplishment.
    Their problem is pulling out a script that could rival JL plotlines such as Shayera’s betrayal in “Starcrossed” and the re-occuring ideas of a “dark/evil” League that first debuted in “A Better World”, WITHOUT the silliness that constantly plagued Smallville.

  28. I agree on 2014 release. Unless they are releasing JL in year 2017 or something(to introduce other characters like Marvel did), what is the point of not releasing on year 2014?

    Say Man of steel does well. What is the point of waiting till year 2015? Superman and Batman is really all you need(and you can sorta bring up other characters in background in initial JL movie).

    Bad guys? wow.. why not cross between Lex Luther and Joker?(or is this WAyyyyy too early for joker reboot?)

    • They are giving all of their movies a ton of pre and post production time. They will probably be in heavy pre-production until they start to shoot the movie early or mid 2014. Post produce it for a year. Release a masterpiece in 2015. WB/DC’s style is to take their time making movies to make them just right. I wouldn’t want them to rush 2 movies into production if they haven’t given it sufficient time to be produced… I mean look at Green Lantern? They surely won’t do that again… If they have any hope of creating a universe where they will make boatloads of cash… They gotta do this right. They know that, and so they’re taking their time and doing it the right way.

  29. And please.. no Kryptonite to bring down superman.. that’s just Boring s***.

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