‘Justice League’ Will Compete With ‘The Avengers 2′ in Summer 2015

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Avengers Justice League Solo Films Justice League Will Compete With The Avengers 2 in Summer 2015

Warner Bros/DC. is reported to have begun resurrecting plans for a Justice League movie before The Avengers hit theaters this past summer, but it was the overwhelming success of Joss Whedon’s Marvel comic book movie blockbuster that cemented the studios’ decision to move forward with their own superhero ensemble venture. Will Beall (writer of the much-buzzed-about Gangster Squad) is currently working on the script for the JL movie, while the search for a director is ongoing.

While it’s seemingly a given that Justice League will reboot the Batman franchise (in the aftermath of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy finale, The Dark Knight Rises), there has been some uncertainty about whether or not key new elements from the Superman mythos – featured in next summer’s Man of Steel – will be sustained in Beall’s script. Part of that can be attributed to Warner Bros.’ ongoing battle with co-creator Joe Shuster’s estates over the character rights (after their previous agreement runs out this year).

Following yesterday’s announcement that Warner Bros./DC has won its battle against the Shuster estate, the studios no longer have to be concerned about not being able to carryover unique elements from Man of Steel in future movies, TV shows, or even comic books. Hence, Justice League (which may have ties to Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot) is gearing up to begin production next year, in order to make a summer 2015 release date. That means the film will compete with Marvel’s The Avengers 2 for the superhero movie box office crown – though, it goes without saying that the two will be hitting the big screen at different times of the season (to allow one another room to breath).

The LA Times expects development on Justice League to meet that target date, as progress should accelerate in the aftermath of the court victory for Superman rights. It appears the studios’ plan is indeed to take the opposite route that Marvel took to shared universe constructionJL will therefore be the first in a new wave of DC movies to hit theaters after Man of Steel, with the subsequent films arriving in the forms of standalone vehicles for JL members such as Wonder Woman, The Flash, and possibly a rebooted Green Lantern arriving sometime thereafter (assuming JL proves to be a satisfactory success).

Justice League Alex Ross Justice League Will Compete With The Avengers 2 in Summer 2015

The ball is now in Warner Bros./DC’s court, in terms of the risks and daring moves the studios are willing to take with Justice League (in addition to forgoing five movies of buildup, like what The Avengers had). We’ve offered our own advice on such matters as how to go about assembling the DC shared universe, how to properly reboot Batman post-Nolan, and even how incorporating an unusual DC anti-hero like Lobo could be an important maneuver to help set apart JL from Avengers. It’s now up to Warner Bros./DC to find a candidate as qualified for the directing job as Joss Whedon proved to be for the task of bringing Earth’s Mightiest Heroes together on the big screen (free advice: people like McG and Brett Ratner really don’t seem to meet that criteria).

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More on Justice League as the story develops.


Source: LA Times

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  1. They need to leave Batman alone. Nothing can beat Nolan’s reboot and to try and reboot is so close to the ending of his trilogy is just ridiculous. Viewers will only take so much repetition. The whole Spiderman reboot thing also irked me. People are saying that Nolan’s reboot is too dark, edgy, and realistic to feed into the Justice League. I disagree. It would be nice if the Justice League was equally dark, edgy, and realistic. And though the Green Lantern movie was absolutely awful, there’s no need to reboot that either. Just leave the old stuff alone and move on! I think I speak for everyone when I say that audiences are tired of being force fed the same characters in their own movies.

    • I totally disagree. I think they should make another batman movie, lets say with a cheap young cast and director, who will continue a legacy. Michael Fassbender would be a perfect candidate to be the new batman in my opinion. Also a new green lantern should be cast. I’m not saying Ryan Reynolds was bad, it was just a terrible film, and i don’t think we should be reminded of that again. I do think Warner Brothers should give some of the heroes there own movies. We might know the heroes backgrounds and history, but there are many who don’t. this is why they should hold the JL movie and give heroes like Wonderwoman, Flash, Aquaman and the Green Lantern there own films as to bring in the stories of these heroes and the temptation of a JL film. This time don’t rush it and beat marvel. DC is way better.

    • I disagree. The Batman franchise will always need to be continued, because it is one of the few franchises that you can just randomly generate stories for. And even though I do agree with you in the fact that Green Lantern was terrible, that is a better reason to try it again with people with some idea of how to make a good movie. If they could just take one of the comics, which ere excellent, and transferred it straight to the screen, that would be an awesome movie. The Spiderman reboot is also amazing, and I personally will be paying to go see any of these movies, be it Batman, Spiderman, or Green Lantern, whenever they come out.

  2. why can’t they stop being against each other! i love the avengers and the justice league. i think batman should be with the avengers but its too late,batman is with dc

  3. I am a marvel fan but I think that the avengers movie was like toast with no butter and the sequal guaranteed suck eggs. But the justice league film will be something new and fresh and entertaining but its also missing something (GREEN ARROW!!!!!)

    • yes it is definitely missing green arrow. just take Justin Hartley he played a fantastic role as green arrow in Smallville!

  4. I think that the Avengers movie was good but the Justice League movie will be mine blowing

  5. Instead of Hawkman they should Shayera Hol Hawkgirl in this movie instead and have John Stewart as the Green Lantern instead of Kyle. What do you guys think? As for a team up. How about the Fantastic 4 and the Justice League teamup how about that for an idea?

  6. Avengers 2 could be the winner as people are already familiar with the franchise and the success of the previous Joss Wheedon Directed movie. So, even though a lot of the Justice League characters are well known to comic book fans, The justice league movie is up against some extremely strong competition. However, having said that if the Justice League storyline is good and it turns out to be a well directed, acted, produced and enjoyable movie then it to could become a strong movie franchise. I tmay not beat Avengers 2 in the first instance but given a good storyline etc future competions between marvel superhero based and Dc superhero based movies could be a lot closer with no clear cut winners at the onset. I enjoy the marvel superhero movies but I also enjoyed some of the DC superheroes, (IE: the Batman trilogy, the man of steel – these were somewhat darker than the marvel movies but that does not mean that some of their future superhero movies should neglect a sense of fun (part of what makes the marvel comic book based movies so enjoyable. One of my favourite superhero teams whilst growing up was The Justice League Of America so I hope the Justice league movie is a good one with some truly good villains – sometimes it’s worth a look back at some of the more older Justice League comic book villains and stories and incorporating them into a modern day setting for the movie – I also think that killing of one of the Justice league characters in the first movie and replacing him/her with a new character version of themselves may make for a big surprise. One thing though – use Lex Luthor – yes – but not in every movie – Although I suspect (hopefully) they won’t use him in the Justice League movie. (a mention perhaps – but no more). There can also be moments of comedy between The more serious approach of The Batman and the wisecracking of some of the other characters – However turn it around a little by having the Batman play a joke or getting the better of somebody with a few wisecracks of his own (another surprising moment). Eclipso and Lobo could make interesting villains and I would love to see the Creeper (not as well known a character probably as some of the other superheroes in the Justice League) get a look in – also Metamorpho (if not already thought about).

  7. I just think anyone that has something bad to sayabout the creators of dc films should start gaining some respect and the guys from dc should realy stop making superman a sidekick he was the first superhero no one will ever be able to compete with him he is the best super hero on the planet if it wasn’t for him other superheroes would never have excisted and green lantern wasan awesome movie look at its rating so those of you who think it was terrible your opinion sucks cuz the rest of the world loved it dc u guys are going to rule just keep supermans name high he was the first hero to be heard of on the planet keep all the best heroes high like flash and green lantern and a tip for u from my perspective is make doomsday the big rival of the justice league he was supermans most powerful enimy dc and marvel you guys rock keep it up

    • Green Lantern was a horrible movie! Have you even looked at the ratings, 5.7/10 by IMDB and thats generous, 26% by Rooten tomatoes and 39% by metacritic. Those scores are horrible the rest of the world clearly didn’t like the GL movie.

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  9. Honestly, in order for DC to even try to compete with Marvel now, they need to up their game. I mean besides Nolan’s Batman (which honestly, the Dark Knight was the only one anyone really acclaimed as good, while the other two were meh at best), DC need’s to get a hold of themselves and actually create GOOD movies instead of just release movies in hopes of beating Marvel…. I mean hell, Marvel doesn’t seem to care, they’re at such a good point now that they’re releasing Guardians of the Galaxy (which looks awesome by the way) because they just don’t care what DC does. DC on the other hand, refuses to release a Wonder Woman movie, Martian Man-hunter movie (because it’s to weird, and yet again, Guardian’s of the Galaxy is coming out, and that has a raccoon that steals vehicles for fun, and yet again looks to be awesome) and for some reason isn’t even releasing a Flash movie…. I mean honestly, if DC want’s to do Justice League, they should stick to doing it as a TV series, because that’s where thy achieve such critical acclaim (Smallville, Arrow, Gotham, and Flash are all on/were/going to be on tv, and all seem to do really well). So that’s just my view on the matter.

  10. I I would go the see both of them avengers and justice leage I think are both are amazing