Should Nolan do ‘Justice League’ Without Christian Bale?

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Chris Nolan Man of Steel Dark Knight Comparisons Should Nolan do Justice League Without Christian Bale?

The rumors surrounding the on-again, off-again development of a Justice League movie just won’t stop surfacing. If Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel (2013) is more of a success than a failure, we should all expect them to gain momentum, as well. Yet even then, the place of Batman in the assembled team-up remains in flux.

After recent rumors claimed that Christian Bale, Christopher Nolan, and Zack Snyder were all on board for Justice League, another unconfirmed report suggests that’s not the case. While Nolan may be willing to executive produce Justice League, Christian Bale may not be interested, and Warner Bros. could be going a different direction. What does this mean for the prospects of Justice League going toe-to-toe with The Avengers 2 in 2015?

Before we delve into the ‘Nolan-yes, Bale-no’ rumor coming from CBM‘s alleged (though unnamed) sources, it’s worth pointing out a few things – we love getting excited about possible casting, returning characters, and speculating over what might be, but getting hopes up is never our intention. It goes without saying that any and all rumors should be taken with a massive grain of salt, especially when plenty of ‘rumors’ on this subject are in essence just one of a handful of directions WB and DC Comics could take.

For starters, there is absolutely no reason to think that Warner Bros. wouldn’t approach Christopher Nolan to executive produce any DC superhero film, especially if Man of Steel lives up to the early reviews. As one of the most marketable and recognizable names in both casual and hardcore movie fan circles, Nolan being attached to a project leads many to believe that he’s ‘in charge’ of the movie’s story and style (a fact that Snyder, the director of fan-favorite films like 300 and Watchmen is no doubt thankful for).

Man of Steel Justice League movie Connections Should Nolan do Justice League Without Christian Bale?

If Nolan is willing to produce just about any Warner Bros. movie, it’s hard to think they’d turn him down. And given the origins of Man of Steel‘s story stemming from David S. Goyer and Nolan’s conversations on the set of their Batman films, it’s likely they’ve got a few ideas concerning the League to throw around by now. If Snyder’s work pays off, then attaching him to a Man of Steel sequel – with Goyer writing the script – is also a no-brainer. Which is why that’s also been rumored to be the case of late.

Given all that common sense, it’s safe to say we’d be surprised if Nolan isn’t part of the production team for a Justice League film, providing he’s not otherwise occupied. If Snyder earns his place as the steward of Superman, it also stands to reason he’d have a large part to play in any movie featuring him, as would Goyer. But it bears repeating: this is still early days for any future movie plans.

With all of this in mind, CBM‘s source at Warner Bros. reporting that Nolan will produce Justice League, along with Deb Snyder and Zack Snyder, who may also direct, shouldn’t knock anyone out of their chair. What may come as a surprise given recent fan enthusiasm is that according to the same source, “if Bale is coming back and Goyer is penning, it’s news to Warner Bros.”

Considering the scriptwriter is in question – with reports that a script from Will Beall (Gangster Squadmay have been scrapped - we’re not even sure there is a set plan in place. So if Goyer is possibly only consulting, or re-writing Beall’s script, it certainly makes Warner Bros.’ signing with Beall for a brand new deal seem like less of a contradiction. But the news concerning Christian Bale is certainly worth more attention.

 Should Nolan do Justice League Without Christian Bale?

According to the source, Bale has moved on and will not return, and Warner Bros. is going in a different direction with a new version of the character. How much this surprises you depends largely on how much you think Christian Bale’s past comments regarding a future as Batman were motivated by money, and and how much was driven by a genuine commitment to not playing the role again.

Nolan hasn’t minced words in the past, making it clear that his and David S. Goyer’s Batman story was built around Bruce Wayne’s mission, and was told in three parts – a beginning, a middle, and an end:

“To me, for that mission to succeed, it has to end, so this is the ending for me, and as I say, the open-ended elements are all to do with the thematic idea that Batman was not important as a man, he’s more than that. He’s a symbol, and the symbol lives on.”

Besides being a tacit admission that another actor in the role of Batman wouldn’t conflict with the themes, those sentiments were largely repeated by Bale, now an Oscar-winning actor with any number of roles to choose from. But again, he’s stated that he won’t be returning more times than we can count, so until he signs on, there’s no reason to think that the circumstances have changed his opinion.

On the other hand, we can completely understand Warner Bros.’ possible interest in looking for not just another actor, but a completely new version of Batman (since a rebooted Batman in JL has been the rumor for some time). If a new take on the Dark Knight is in the cards, we’ve already laid out our plan for a more fitting version, and even a few actors who could play it.

Batman Reboot 2017 Should Nolan do Justice League Without Christian Bale?

The bottom line: if Nolan wants to executive produce Justice League, he probably will. If he lands the job, then Goyer is likely to be brought in to write in some capacity. Snyder will likely have some input given his (potential) success with Man of Steel, and if his direction is one of the most complimented aspects, he’s as likely to helm Justice League as anyone else.

So until we hear differently – along with some compelling evidence to support it – we’re going to be awaiting official details (assuming a Man of Steel trilogy and Batman reboot doesn’t happen first). We would suggest you do the same, but excitement over possibilities is definitely fair game.

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Man of Steel will be in theaters on June 14, 2013.


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Source: CBM

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  1. People are a bit to focused on Batman and Superman. The Flash and W.W. and the Martian have the potential to make this movie what it needs to be.

    • +1

    • Elsewhere on Screen Rant, I’ve pointed two crucial elements to sustain the greenlight Warner Bros has given the JUSTICE LEAGUE film project:
      a credible steward, such as Christopher Nolan, and a intriguing logline for a serviceable screenplay. If there is a third element, it most certainly is one which involves steering the studio executives away from a MAN OF STEEL trilogy and a BATMAN reboot, funneling those dollars toward development of a JLA script (preferably with a director aboard to steer potential production).

      If these three elements are not grounded soon, the pre-packaged date of 2015 will become “what could’ve been.”

      • I love how all of us, all of us ranters, think all of our ravings will lead to something. I feel good that there are so many out there who agree with my sentiments about the direction our favorite stories should take because in the end, all we want is our heroes to be treated with respect and represented with faithfulness.
        But what also lies in the end is that we would all march one by one into those theater seats to see what they’ve done. That’s all they need. To cash in on our curiosity (and hopefully not on our disappointments).
        What I mean to say is that even if they decided to keep the Nolan Batman, I’m sure they’d come up with something to make it work in their logic and philosophy that they’ve established. And we’ll all go see it. I didn’t like the Dark Knight Rises and yet, I’ve seen it multiple times (only to see new things I disapprove of every time I do).
        It’s bleak, folks. But movies are strapped with movie constraints (budget, studio infighting, an unfair canonizing of anything printed on celluloid or produced digitally) and comics are more free (but less satisfying) because they can be endlessly rebooted.

  2. I bet if man of steel is a smash hit, they will announce a sequel immediately and 2 or 3 members of justice league will make their way into it. Then the third one will be a full blow justice league movie. It will be wb way of sneaking it up on everyone organically without cop
    ying marvel.

    • You are right, the flash needs a movie, Wonder woman, the martian also green larnten needs a movie (a good one) not only sups or bats

  3. Blast it, just all of you get it together and make things happen, and make them happen fast, and make them happen right. Good thunder, if you Warner/Dc people were kidneys, you would all tinkle down your legs before getting to a restroom!
    Look, all I know is we want Green Lantern in JLA to be Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, and we want a Barry Allen Flash. Let’s start with that.

    • lol hear hear

  4. this poll doesn’t allow me to express the opinion that Nolan shouldn’t executive produce Justice League with or without Bale

    • Or that both of them should be banned from any involvement.

    • Why cant Nolan be involved? he is a great filmmaker, him helping can only be a good thing.

      • Because of Nolan’s “gritty realism,” which was wonderful to tell the origin story of Batman and a trailblazer for future superhero movies, it’s left him completely at the mercy of real-life logic and physics. So we can’t have Mr. Freeze, the Penguin, the Riddler, Man-Bat, or any of the other fantastical characters from the gallery of rogues because of what he has proliferated with TDK and TDKR. Iron Man just barely escaped the same fate, thanks to Joss Whedon as well as the sensibilities of Jon Favreau and Kevin Feige. Nolan is a fine storyteller, but a terrible director (he could have stopped that horrid Batman voice and NOT let Katie Holmes do what she did) and worst of all, he seemed to care more to tell a taut psychological tale than to remain true to who Batman is in the comics. I reserve judgement about the Man of Steel until its release but so far, he’s left us with an aging and borderline asthmatic Batman who isn’t really the ninja/detective/multi-linguist/super-genius/master-tactician that he’s supposed to be. Nolan created a physically-tortured, parlor-tricking, boxer who happens to wear a cape and cowl. How is this rendition of the dark knight to stand toe to toe with Superman, with whom Batman from the comics does on a regular basis?

        • I don’t agree at all. And that Batwing was realistic? The Tumbler Batmobile was realistic? The motorcycle that was the remains of the Tumbler? The electrified cape? How about the technology used 2nd movie, when he had to get that Asian financier guy? Joker was also over the top. In reality, the gang bangers would have shot the Joker just for being completely insane. And then there is Bane in the last movie. I don’t see how any of that could prevent a Riddler, Mr. Freeze, Penguin, Poison Ivy or any other of Batman’s enemies. Also, he was ninja…did you not see his training in the first movie? Did you not see how the origins ran parallel to the comics? Sure, they added stuff to keep it believable and changed the trainers. Batman remained out of the cops eyes clear until the Joker and Two Face died…and then he took the blame as Batman because the city couldn’t handle the death of its former DA, Harvey. And how about the end of the last movie, when Bruce Wayne/Batman took the Nuclear Bomb blast at about point blank range for all the audience could tell, and then lived (or did he) for the final scene? I saw this Nolan’s version of Batman closer to the comics than any iteration of Batman so far. I can see this Batman being friends with Superman, yet having arguments over right and wrong and methods of getting the bad guys. I can see this Batman as part of the JL very easily. Not only that, but the “death” of Bruce Wayne actually frees the Bat up to go to Metropolis or some other city for the JL movie if they ever make it.

  5. I think we can all agree that Bale’s Batman is in it’s own Batman universe and has nothing to do with anything else DC. I mean, after al the liberties Nolan took, the Dark Knight films are their own entity.

    DC needs to reboot Batman within JL, or just do DC comics films and forget about JL

  6. Sorry for the long post, it concernes my thoughts regarding the whole JL Universe, not just Batman. To start off, I must state Nolan`s vision of the Batman was superbe, raw and grounded, and that is why I liked it. Despite the dark realism of the Dark Knight, I belive the Batman portrayed by Bale stands as a symbol of hope for humanity, in the fact that ideals and symbols can change the world for the better, because symbols are incorruptible and such.

    I think that Nolan`s Batman was very grounded to earth not because he made it plausible for a Batman to “really” exist physically (a JL Batman could be just that), but because he gave him a purpose in our specific flesh and blood reality, because him as a character was a result of this reality.

    For this reason I can`t possibly see this Batman standing next to Aquaman or Wonderwoman, I just can`t. If they had to do a Justice League, I think the best thing would be to make a more Marvel-ish Batman, even if it was a reboot (sorry for fanboys, I like both Marvel and DC characters, I don`t see why you should hate one or the other). Justice League just can`t work like that, they have to relate to The Avengers style and hope the characters as individuals stand out.

    I strongly belive that Justice League will most likely fail, because I don`t belive the balance between the abilities of the characters would work on film it hey would stay true to the comics. There is too much discrepancy between them, I just belive them fighting a common foe would render half of the team useless either because some would be too weak, or because Superman would be too OP and would make no sense for the movie not to end in 5 minutes. It would take a very cleaver interpretation of some characters, a variety of good villains and a very good script to make it work, and I hope they don`t rush it until they have just that.

    Call me crazy, but based on the information known so far about Superman and the fact that they call the movie “Man of Steel”, it just seems a Superman that would work more with Nolan`s Batman and less with a Justice League that had Aquaman in it. Just the fact that they call it Man of Steel and not Superman (a name that, with all respect for the character, I always found a bit funny: Super – Man) is a tell for me.

    So my final thoughts are that I don`t belive Bale should be involved in Justice League or in any future Batman movies (it would defeat the purpose of Nolan`s trilogy), and I think the future of the JL depends very much on Man of Steel. Frankly, I think making JL work would be so hard to pull off(maybe impossible) that I kind of wish for a Nolan style Superman trilogy to stand on its own. But as most of you guys want and expect a Justice League, let`s hope Superman will be something else.

    • I dunno about that…throw in some emotional drama for Supes to disable him (think along the lines of Smalleville…or maybe he killed a guy accidentally, or couldn’t save someone and is feeling useless…basically typical Supes drama), stick Batman behind the Watch Tower’s computer (like he usually is in the comics), and then have Lex Luthor team up with other villains (Lex using the law to keep supes and other capes from interfering while not showing how he’s aligned to other villains, maybe attacking Superman through legal means) and you could have an interesting movie. Although, I doubt anybody would really want to see the emo Superman, but that is the only way to get him down without Kryptonite.

    • @ john

      I understand what you are saying but I still disagree with you. I am a DC fan and I don’t really like the Marvel characters and its not that I won’t see their movies because I have I just don’t like them. Anyways, skipping to the point I would have to say you are right that Nolan’s Batman couldn’t stand next to an Aquaman. However you are referring to an Aquaman from the comics not from a re imagined Nolan version.

      Besides if the Justice League is done like you want it to be and it is done with the Avengers style than we will be seeing the same movie with different heroes. Nolan had his own distinct style which is what separated him from the average Marvel movie. If done his way the Justice League will have a “realistic” feel to it and it won’t be a copy of the Avengers. Don’t get me wrong because Avengers was good but a Nolan JL could be better if done with his “realistic” touch to the characters.

      • I would like to see that taking shape, and as I have stated in my post, it would be possible with some cleaver interpretation of some comic book characters/abilities. My feeling is that, in order to make it work, some characters could deviate so much from the original that it would not be well received by the public. But well, few movie viewers actually know the comic background, and Nolan is smarter than me and can pull it off.

        Returning to the subject of the story, I stil can`t see Bale in Justice League, I don`t see how they can pull it off and keep the previous Batman trilogy true to its ideals and strenghts. If Nolan (or anyone) can pull this off, my hat off to that man/woman. And I hope it can be done.

    • I sorta feel that Thor was the superman character for Marvel, and that worked. Everybody still had a job. But yes finding a villain that Superman, Batman, The Flash, etc. could all participate in beating, is a hard job. Possibly they could have a ridiculously strong villain that Superman has to handle, but also have key side villains that Batman and such deal with. No matter what it’s a crazy task to accomplish. I can barely even picture a scene of all these people together and it feeling right. Same could be said for Marvel though before they started. Just need some ridiculously charismatic leads like Downey.

      • And yeah Nolan Batman has noooo place in JL. Can you imagine a flying ring-bearing Green Lantern popping into a scene? Just suck it up and start over. No jamming a square peg in a round hole.

      • Exactly, and take into consideration that Nolan`s Batman is weaker than any of the avengers (except Natasha Romanov and Hawkeye, who were nothing like the comics), and Superman is arguably stronger than any of the avengers. So the discrepancy is even stronger

  7. Does anyone else think that having Christian Bales Batman in the Justice League movie could clear up all kinds of plot wholes from The Dark Knight?? How did Bruce Wayne get back to Gotham so quick?? Superman gave him a lift that’s how. How did Batman get clear of the nuclear blast?? Duh, Superman swooped in and saved him. What happened to all the radiation from the blast?? Superman sucked it up that’s what!!

    • Bales Batman would just look like a rich crazy dude in a rubber suit and cape speaking in an irritating voice, next to heroes with ACTUAL super powers. JL is hokey and lame.

      • @ Cave-ish Man

        Batman didn’t have powers in the comics either yet he is still accepted as one of the most important members of League. His intelligence and money is what separates him from the rest. Because not only does he analyze the other members of the league he also creates plans on how to immobilize them should the need arise.

        • And do you think Batman played by Bale would be smart enough? I`m not saying he is not, but I didn`t see it in the trilogy. If you throw him in JL without further development, it could backfire.

          He has the potential to become a tactician and a leader,maybe even an ultimate fighter, and I say this in spite of that scene in The Dark Knight when Lucius explains that monitoring system that uses mobile phones and he sais “like a submarine”, proud because he could understand a simple concept by analogy to something he knows(like a schoolboy).

          It certainly can be done, but I for one would wish for another movie revolved around Batman before doing JL (see my comment below regarding this idea).

          • @ john

            You are right Bruce Wayne wasn’t shown as being really smart in the trilogy. However he was being shown as more of a detective and a man who could calculate multiple outcomes pretty fast. For example he knew that Selina Kyle was dusting for his prints and he knew what she used to do it.

            The monitoring system was also anticipated because not only did Bruce make a bigger and better monitoring system that he knew he would eventually have to use but he also had a password that would destroy it. Bruce already knew Lucius wouldn’t like the power the monitoring system would have so he had already planned and knew that it should be destroyed.

            As for your school boy example, I don’t think Lucius used “submarine” because Bruce couldn’t grasp the concept. If you notice when watching the movie Bruce begins to say “like a Bat.” and Lucius quickly fills in “like a submarine.” I thought they did not want to speak about bats in public because it could cause suspicion.

            • Sorry, didn`t want to insinuate he was stupid, your points are valid. Just wanted to say that he, as a character, should be developed more in order to be viable in JL

              • @ john

                I didn’t think you meant he was stupid at all. I just thought you left out or over looked a couple of details is all. Yeah, I get what you are saying but maybe they could make it to where he learns allot of “smart” stuff after being with Selina Kyle or something?

                • Oh, and by “smart” I really did mean smart not something nasty or anything… Sorry I didn’t realize how wrong that sounded till I posted it.

    • Which raises the plot hole of “Why didn’t Superman, Flash, and Green Lantern go to Gotham and take down Bane the second he started his revolution?”

      • Boom. Exactly. This is the problem with these expanded universes. Where’s the backup? Actually, this is the problem with Superman, historically. Why even have any other superheroes because of this near omnipotent force? That’s the real question that should be addressed in a JL movie. Answer? Darkseid. Still… that’s a one-trick pony. Thanks for the gritty realism, Nolan. Now it’s all effed. The Man of Steel movie should give us a lot of clues as to the future of Batman, reboot or continuation. Any nods to the Nolan trilogy will obviously mean that will continue. Just a few more weeks for some solid answers.

  8. @WB, since you guys don’t really -SEEM- to have any type of plan going on, here’s some tips: Reboot Batman for JL. Don’t bring back Bale or JGL and keep TDK trilogy separate. If MoS does well, keep Supes (Henry Cavill) in. Bring in Bruce Timm and Paul Dini as producers and creative consultants.
    It would be great if Nolan and Snyder produced as well, but I don’t really see Nolan being that involved because of his other project (Interstellar).

  9. I would really like Bale to be Batman again. But that defeats the whole point of the trilogy. The fact that anyone could be batman. Maybe the could have JGL play Batman but I don’t know how well he fits that Batman image and also I doubt he can do a crackly batman voice.

    • No stupid Bale-Batman voice!

      • Overdub Kevin Conroy, James Earl Jones style, to do the Batman voice

  10. Well, Bale has become to Batman what Reeve’s is to Superman. It will be really hard to find an actor that can nail Bruce Wayne better. The Batman side is pretty easy, but the Bruce Wayne part is probably the most messed up part. 4 other actors really could not nail down the Bruce Wayne persona in a believable manner. Bale is the only one who pulled it off. I really wouldn’t want to see another actor as Bruce Wayne/Batman, but as WB is so intent on rebooting the series again, I won’t have much of a choice. The real catch is, for a Justice League movie to compete with Avengers, WB will have to pay the actors in the current movie iterations of their characters to work together, much like Marvel did for its Avengers movie. I’ve heard rumors about a Wonder Woman TV movie…this seems really sad, as she is a heroine that deserves some big screen time as well.

  11. The truth is……

    I am IRONMAN!

    • @ Enormous Green Rage Monster

      Are you sure your not a Power Ranger with rocket boots?

  12. Should Nolan do ‘Justice League’ Without Christian Bale?
    Yes! Reboot Batman and keep the Dark Knight Trilogy separate!
    No! Bale is Batman!
    Yes! But bring back Joseph Gordon-Levitt!
    No! Bale could still be a mentor to the new Batman!
    Should have a 5th catagory!
    *I don’t care. Just move on and make the movie!

  13. I for one love the idea of pretending like TDKR never happened and we can have Bale’s Batman from Begins and TDK next to Cavill’s Superman. That sounds good to me… actually it sounds too good… which is exactly why it won’t happen.

    • I already am pretending like Nolan’s sh***y Batman movies didn’t happen.

      • Fortunately for so many of us in the real world, they DID happen…and they were spectacular.

  14. Mord WB/DC hype, rumor and nonsense. Unfortunately, Justice League is just another Ghostbusters 3, “it’s coming, we have a plan, just wait, it’s coming!!” only to never materialize.

    I love the DC characters, stories and animated movies, but until they either get away from WB, or get somebody in there that knows what they are doing, JL is just going to flounder.

    I would love a summer with both JL & Avengers 2, what could be better? WB really needs to either get their act together, or sell DC to a studio that cares about CBM and knows what they are doing.

      • Um WB makes the movies not DC. They haven’t really focused on making DC movies and haven’t made alot. That wouldn’t be cool at all I like D where they are at because when they make a good movie its the best and memorable. I have a feeling these next movies by DC will be great if this rumor is true. Disney is too kiddish for me and they might make good movies but DC makes amazing Video Games, TV shows, Animated movies. It would be foolish just to change to Disney because a few bad movies when Marvel has made bad ones too.

      • Um WB makes the movies not DC. They haven’t really focused on making DC movies and haven’t made alot. That wouldn’t be cool at all I like D where they are at because when they make a good movie its the best and memorable. I have a feeling these next movies by DC will be great if this rumor is true. Disney is too kiddish for me and they might make good movies but DC makes amazing Video Games, TV shows, Animated movies.

  15. i think that upcomming batman reboot will not be as good as the dark knight trilogy and if the movie is a fail there is a chanse that than the justice wil be also a fail but if they use bale as batman then we know the actor and the actor knows the character

  16. I don’t know about you guys, but in a few years superheroes will be outdated.


    • I can only hope spy/secret agent movies follow.

      • I was kidding, for one. Why the heck would anyone want HATPC as a movie?

        So yeah, just trying to lighten the mood because everyone acts like they know what should and shouldn’t be done.

  17. Christopher Plummer can make an acting role playing Alfred Pennyworth

    • Ian McKellen.

  18. …Who cares.

  19. Again it happens! WE MUST GIVE PROPS TO THAT COMPLETELY IGNORANT LATINO REVIEW for being the ones to “BREAK THE SCOOP” on JL AND BALE BEING ON BOARD (POSSIBLY) FOR THE MOVIE…. I have said it before UNLIKE Screen Rant, LR Just opens their mouth about any FAKE news they hear in hopes of “breaking a scoop” that they dont wait to make sure their ALWAYS FALSE rumors may be true! WTF is Latino Reviews deal with giving false scoops instead of investigting to get some concrete evidence so they will not be givig fans false hope! I AM NEVER GOING TO LISTEN TO THATSITE EVER AGAIN!!!

    • You do realize that Latino Review has broken a lot of movie rumors before, such as Nolan and Goyer writing Man of Steel and Heath Ledger playing the Joker, right?

  20. Just give us a good movie, and before another decade goes by!!! I think that having Nolan involved is a good idea, based on his past work, and the fact that I think WB/DC needs to go more gritty/dark than what Marvel has done. As far as Bale, I am okay either way. Continuity frankly is not as important as quality in this case. Making a genuinely good JL film is going to be a much more difficult prospect than the Avengers was, and I just hope that whomever is in the writing/directing/producing chairs has the vision and artistic discretion to get it right.

  21. It really is a sticky wicket for WB, because if you reboot Batman too soon, you will have alot of negative feedback due to fans allegiance to Nolan. Also, creatively, what direction do you go? Do you keep the same feel and tone as Nolan? Do you have JGL play Batman? Do you go another direction? If so, how? You cant redo a Burton type Batman, so what is left?

    I think they should go on and focus on Superman and a trilogy of MOS films, then reboot Batman, then bring it all together for JL… it will take a while, but it seems like a disaster waiting to happen if they rush things…

  22. i think nolan should produce the wonder woman movie, than finally i can get to see a very cool wonder woman (amazoness) movie.

    • That’s interesting because the most common knock on Nolan is perceived inability to write strong female characters (which I do not agree with)…

  23. Okay. We have established Bale as THEE BATMAN we are very much familiar with. He is know for his iconic suit, persona, and gravelly voice. Despite that, he fits in with Superman of Man Of Steel. Disagree? Superman could say “he is just human” in a jokingly way because he is capable of making mistakes as well. Bale as Batman is that same way, and the grounded realism of Nolan’s universe really shouldn’t contradict the way that the Justice League comes into play, because Superman is in a grounded realistic universe as well. It’s like Marvel’s Thor. He’s not from this world. To redo Batman and make him much like the comics seems very comical and the same approach to Marvel (i.e Ironman). I’m excited to know that people are just talking about Bale reprising his role as Batman or not. I respect the way that Nolan has approached Batman and told his story in 3 parts. But if Nolan has a say on the Justice League, it’s his Batman, and the story about Bruce Wayne can be an even bigger one. He can leave and make peace, then acknowledge that no other being is capable to stand next to Superman when he is in need of help. Bale should be kept Batman. On WB side, it’s just a financial move that will certainly have benefits as well.

    • I`m not the man to wish for a reboot for Batman, because I think Nolan`s interpretation was a masterpiece. But if you take that Batman and put him in a Justice League, he is simply too weak (not to mention inappropriate for reasons I have stated in a previous post) . He would have to be better equiped, with better gadgets (not tanks and helicopter prototypes, even though I really liked that touch), and a lot smarter than the Batman portrayed by Christian Bale.

      I think the best way would be to make another Batman movie in which, in some crazy but Nolan-ish real way, to develop this character as a tactician, not just a fighter (and he would have to become a better fighter, more agile,more powerful). My rule of thought is the following: if Ip Man could beat Batman senseless (and he could it if were Bale), then he isn`t good enough for a JL universe. :)

      I see 3 things that could be done with a new Batman movie and would help JL:

      1)develop the Batman character portrayed by Bale, in order to make it viable in a JL universe (brains, tech, physical)
      2)introduce the “supernatural” to the Nolan take on Batman, maybe explore the interaction between Batman and Superman
      3)briefly introduce or hint a new JL character, maybe Aquaman or Wonderwoman.

      This way,the viewers would have some info about most of the main characters before JL would be out (Green Lantern they could just throw in there and keep Reynolds, but don`t make a joke of his character).

      Lastly, I must emphasise that they must cast very good actors for the rest of the JL characters (look at Marvel, casting Robert Downey as Iron Man was genius, without that man I don`t think they would have engaged in making an Avengers movie).

      • I agree with everything you said… except for that nod to RDJ. SOOOO OVERRATED. Why can’t anybody give credit to the directors and to the VFX departments? Yes, he’s charming. Yes, he played Stark to a perfect T. Are we so blinded by that that we can’t conceive another actor doing that? Hemsworth did it, thanks to Kenneth Branagh. Evans did it, thanks to Johnston. Actors like Downey Jr. are the reason ticket prices continue to go up and up. Because he costs $50 million a picture. Two movies with RDJ in it is the equivalent cost of an Iron Fist or another much deserved film, not to mention paying people who actually deserve it. I’m not railing against RDJ. I’m railing against everybody who worships this man like he’s the second coming.

        • I know what you are saying, I also think RDJ is too expensive and I don`t like the way he throws the “I love playing this character” on camera, but behind the curtains he negotiates hard for a bigger check. I`m not saying he was the only possible choice, or that there couldn`t be another actor who could have made a good Iron Man, I am just stating that RDJ is for sure one of the best, if not the perfect man to play this character the way it was imagined to be played.

          All due respect to Hemsworth, Evans and Rufallo, great actors. One of the best scenes from The Avengers (for me) was that scene where they (avengers) were all arguing each other while Hawkeye was helping Loki escape from his glass prison. The interaction between those guys was so real and intense, it made sense for every character to exist (hard to pull off in a movie about superheroes).

          And regarding the paycheck, if they can afford paying RDJ an insane amount of money and stil hire actors like Evans, Hemsworth or Samuel L Jackson, and after all of this make profit, that`s their buisiness. I don`t think it is fair by any means, but in my country the prices for tickets haven`t grown much in the last couple of years, so I can`t say I`m affected by this. Maybe I`m lucky.

          You could argue that if they paid RDJ 10milion and not 50, then the 40milion could go into production value and make the movie overall better, and I`m fine with that. Sadly, that`s not how business is conducted, and moviemaking is a business.

  24. Batman needs a re-boot either as a stand alone before (and leading into JL) or as part of JL.

    Nolan’s trilogy needs to be left as is. Yes TDKR left it open for Robin to assume the mantel either as a new Bats, as Robin or even go straight to Nightwing but lets leave that alone.

    The thing I’ve noticed (only recently I must admit) is that all the Batman films have focused on “The Dark Knight” aspect of the character, Burton’s Bat killed, Nolan’s Bat allowed Ras to die.

    Been playing Arkham City for the past couple of days and one aspect of that game which I feel is relavent to a reboot is that apart from all the a$$ kicking it also focuses heavily on Batman’s of nomenclature, ironically almost constantly used by Ras, Detective.

    Bruce/Batman is a hideously intelligent individual with awesome logic and deductive reasoning skills and a brilliant tactician. We did not see this with Bale.

    This type of Batman is the one who would establish the Justice League, has the resources for the Watchtower (duh!) and could provide the tactical direction of such a disparity of power.

    The big question with a JL Movie is do you do a Marvel and establish the League members in individual movies and bring them together in a set peice bonaza or do you go straight into JL and hope your direct has cast well and has a good script to work from and count on the MASSIVE appetite for this film to allow you to introduce the league members straight of the bat (sic!) without worrying about origins or back story and use JL to launch the standalone movies of the league members.

    Chicken and Egg, Horse and Cart, which way do you do it, both have risks, both have rewards.

    Tough decision which is why it keeps stalling.

      • Metal, you still don’t get it! People reading comics are of an age gone by. I think I had 4 or 5 comics ever but loved super heroes. It’s not about what works or doesn’t work in the comic world it’s about what works in the silver screen world. I didn’t say the only reason the avengers were successful because of iron man I said we (the audience) became vested in this whole marvel deal because of RDJ as iron man. If his portrayal is not good, if the script is not good the rest of the process does not work. Marvel and the avengers went the rout of more fluffy, fun action which worked for them. DC cannot do that! It would look like a copycat. DC needs its own identity and they already have us vested in the mind set of Nolan’s realism and Bale as Batman!! Why mess with what. Works?!?! Just maintain and expand what has worked!! Do anything different would be ripping the fans of and asking a lot of us to now switch complete gears and get vested into something else just so DC can finally put out JL. Dumb.

        Sure if DC goes another direction and does not bring Nolan and/or Bale back will people still see JL? Sure but it won’t be very good or credible and ultimately it will be a complete failure compared to The Avengers. That is NOT what WB wants. Why do you think these rumors are flying.

    • I think there’s a 50/50 chance of Bale batman returning. Fear will decide that for WB and Nolan.

  25. Again, you are not understanding what I’m saying. I never said Nolan and Bale are the only ones that can do a JL movie. I said they are the only ones that can do a JL movie and make it really credible and work! Hence WB really going after them and hence all these rumors!!!

    Look, another post brought up something that goes with my point- for this generation we already have Nolan’s Batman with Bale. It works, billions of dollars later! So why would you want to screw with your audience/fans buy having us buy into something new when the game has already started?!?!? They already tried with Spider-Man and that didn’t work out so well.

    I agree it has to do with great writing/script as well as acting you’re already half way home concerning those factors with Nolan and Bale! Yes the DKT is a stand alone trilogy but that doesn’t mean Bale can’t be Batman in JL in Nolan’s universe. They’re did the same thing at Marvel with Iron-Man, just with 1 movie shy of a trilogy, before The Avengers came out. What’s really the difference? It can be done.

    • Nolan’s batman eliminated all the fantasy elements of the DC universe, Iron man did not. So to push Nolan’s batman into a science fiction universe would spit on the dark knight trilogy. i.e. Martian man hunter could have disabled Bane’s nuclear bomb, ass-whop bane and sleep with miranda.

      And there’s hundreds of other DC heroes who could have done just the same.

      If warner brother’s wants to make money they should make a 4th dark knight film with a different director and forget about using batman for justice league. (Avengers did not have a spiderman!)

  26. To be honest, Christian Bale is terrible to work with on set – many people have stated this. They would also need a younger actor given the younger appearance of Superman and Green Lantern (Both of whom would be in the Justice league film as the current actors)