Should Nolan do ‘Justice League’ Without Christian Bale?

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Chris Nolan Man of Steel Dark Knight Comparisons Should Nolan do Justice League Without Christian Bale?

The rumors surrounding the on-again, off-again development of a Justice League movie just won’t stop surfacing. If Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel (2013) is more of a success than a failure, we should all expect them to gain momentum, as well. Yet even then, the place of Batman in the assembled team-up remains in flux.

After recent rumors claimed that Christian Bale, Christopher Nolan, and Zack Snyder were all on board for Justice League, another unconfirmed report suggests that’s not the case. While Nolan may be willing to executive produce Justice League, Christian Bale may not be interested, and Warner Bros. could be going a different direction. What does this mean for the prospects of Justice League going toe-to-toe with The Avengers 2 in 2015?

Before we delve into the ‘Nolan-yes, Bale-no’ rumor coming from CBM‘s alleged (though unnamed) sources, it’s worth pointing out a few things – we love getting excited about possible casting, returning characters, and speculating over what might be, but getting hopes up is never our intention. It goes without saying that any and all rumors should be taken with a massive grain of salt, especially when plenty of ‘rumors’ on this subject are in essence just one of a handful of directions WB and DC Comics could take.

For starters, there is absolutely no reason to think that Warner Bros. wouldn’t approach Christopher Nolan to executive produce any DC superhero film, especially if Man of Steel lives up to the early reviews. As one of the most marketable and recognizable names in both casual and hardcore movie fan circles, Nolan being attached to a project leads many to believe that he’s ‘in charge’ of the movie’s story and style (a fact that Snyder, the director of fan-favorite films like 300 and Watchmen is no doubt thankful for).

Man of Steel Justice League movie Connections Should Nolan do Justice League Without Christian Bale?

If Nolan is willing to produce just about any Warner Bros. movie, it’s hard to think they’d turn him down. And given the origins of Man of Steel‘s story stemming from David S. Goyer and Nolan’s conversations on the set of their Batman films, it’s likely they’ve got a few ideas concerning the League to throw around by now. If Snyder’s work pays off, then attaching him to a Man of Steel sequel – with Goyer writing the script – is also a no-brainer. Which is why that’s also been rumored to be the case of late.

Given all that common sense, it’s safe to say we’d be surprised if Nolan isn’t part of the production team for a Justice League film, providing he’s not otherwise occupied. If Snyder earns his place as the steward of Superman, it also stands to reason he’d have a large part to play in any movie featuring him, as would Goyer. But it bears repeating: this is still early days for any future movie plans.

With all of this in mind, CBM‘s source at Warner Bros. reporting that Nolan will produce Justice League, along with Deb Snyder and Zack Snyder, who may also direct, shouldn’t knock anyone out of their chair. What may come as a surprise given recent fan enthusiasm is that according to the same source, “if Bale is coming back and Goyer is penning, it’s news to Warner Bros.”

Considering the scriptwriter is in question – with reports that a script from Will Beall (Gangster Squadmay have been scrapped – we’re not even sure there is a set plan in place. So if Goyer is possibly only consulting, or re-writing Beall’s script, it certainly makes Warner Bros.’ signing with Beall for a brand new deal seem like less of a contradiction. But the news concerning Christian Bale is certainly worth more attention.

 Should Nolan do Justice League Without Christian Bale?

According to the source, Bale has moved on and will not return, and Warner Bros. is going in a different direction with a new version of the character. How much this surprises you depends largely on how much you think Christian Bale’s past comments regarding a future as Batman were motivated by money, and and how much was driven by a genuine commitment to not playing the role again.

Nolan hasn’t minced words in the past, making it clear that his and David S. Goyer’s Batman story was built around Bruce Wayne’s mission, and was told in three parts – a beginning, a middle, and an end:

“To me, for that mission to succeed, it has to end, so this is the ending for me, and as I say, the open-ended elements are all to do with the thematic idea that Batman was not important as a man, he’s more than that. He’s a symbol, and the symbol lives on.”

Besides being a tacit admission that another actor in the role of Batman wouldn’t conflict with the themes, those sentiments were largely repeated by Bale, now an Oscar-winning actor with any number of roles to choose from. But again, he’s stated that he won’t be returning more times than we can count, so until he signs on, there’s no reason to think that the circumstances have changed his opinion.

On the other hand, we can completely understand Warner Bros.’ possible interest in looking for not just another actor, but a completely new version of Batman (since a rebooted Batman in JL has been the rumor for some time). If a new take on the Dark Knight is in the cards, we’ve already laid out our plan for a more fitting version, and even a few actors who could play it.

Batman Reboot 2017 Should Nolan do Justice League Without Christian Bale?

The bottom line: if Nolan wants to executive produce Justice League, he probably will. If he lands the job, then Goyer is likely to be brought in to write in some capacity. Snyder will likely have some input given his (potential) success with Man of Steel, and if his direction is one of the most complimented aspects, he’s as likely to helm Justice League as anyone else.

So until we hear differently – along with some compelling evidence to support it – we’re going to be awaiting official details (assuming a Man of Steel trilogy and Batman reboot doesn’t happen first). We would suggest you do the same, but excitement over possibilities is definitely fair game.

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Man of Steel will be in theaters on June 14, 2013.

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Source: CBM

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  1. At this point, the biggest thing for me is WB/DC getting SOMEONE to shepherd their superhero properties. Nolan would be best case scenario but if they go a different route for whatever reason that’d be fine too. Just get someone in charge who knows what they’re doing and get this show on the road. Nolan or no Nolan, Bale or no Bale, just get something in the works. New Man of Steel movies or a Justice League film, I don’t care. Just give me something that isn’t Marvel.

    • Amen.

      • I kind of agree on the whole getting something in the works thing. Have a person in there that can be different, has experience, and knows what they are doing to get this show on the road. If Warner Bros wants to get their fans excited, they have to give them teasers, something to look forward to. Have you seen Marvel’s line-up? They already have a plan for the next two years which I think is a good strategy. If DC wants to go head-to head with Marvel, they have to push harder. Much harder.

        Do you know what Marvel has that DC doesn’t? DISNEY. So Warner Bros is in more competition on what they are dealing with. Disney has more of the money and connections to run and help Marvel. I think if Warner Bros wants this DC cinematic universe to work, they need to either take their time, or make a deal with another (preferably larger) company, so that they can split the distribution rights, have better connections, MORE MONEY, a larger audience, and maybe a better production in total.

        Also, make the movie fun; comic book movies are suppost to be light and exciting (because look at the title!). “The Avengers” because of it’s tone is now the third highest grossing movie of all time. Kids can watch it too, set aside from some of the profanity (I saw a lot of kids go in to see “The Avengers”), they really enjoyed it. “The Dark Knight” isn’t really something that kids can see. So maybe DC should move in for a lighter version to spread to a wider audience. Most of the rest of the Marvel movies kids can probably see too. Maybe it’s DC or Warner Bros trying to find their perfect movie tone (I’ve seen the “Man of Steal” trailer, and it looks pretty dark for Superman; which I think is a bad idea.)

        Now it all comes down to “Who has the best franchise” type of thing. But some people might not want to go to to see “Iron Man” say it was awesome, then turn around and say “Batman will be better.” They just want to go to the movies to have fun no matter the franchise, competition, or whatever.

        I’m not saying that comic book movies are bad, I’m just saying that I really enjoy them and they are my favorite. And I just wish that sometimes the studios releasing the movies will take their time and develop a really good script, story line, and plot. I’m also kind of worried about “The Justice League” movie and DC in general. Can this be the redemption for the entire team and company itself?

        • See, I think this is where a lot of people disagree with me. I’m all for “fun” superhero movies but I’ve got Marvel and the X-Men movies for that. When it comes to DC properties I kind of like there more serious tone. Now, I wouldn’t want Man of Steel or any follow up films to pull a Dark Knight and go that bleak but making a more dramatic superhero universe works for me. Adds a bit of contrast to what we’ve already got from other studios. That’s just my two cents though, unless Nolan really is on board I get the feeling DC will lighten their tone considerably to match what Marvel has done.

          • @TheUncannyCranston: I think I’m with you on this one.

    • I agree!!

  2. I like Nolan, and the Dark Knight Trilogy, but I don’t know if the Nolan Bros/Goyer prism is the best one to look at the Justice League with. Their films are good – some great – but they’re not that “fun.” The Avengers, and the rest of the Marvel films are fun. Green Lantern could have been fun, had it not been really bad.

    I don’t really know who else could pull off a Justice League movie. I wish Michael Bay wasn’t so awful. I feel his eye for spectacle would be put to good use with the Justice League. He’s like Whedon, but without the heart.

    • I don’t want Justice League to be fun. I want something different from Marvel, not a pale imitation of it.

      • Wrong. JL needs to be fun…a cross between Donner’s superman and The Avengers. I really don’t want that realistic crap Nolan threw at us with his Dark Knight trilogy. Not saying they were bad…I just wanted something in the midde. A hybird of Tim Burton and Nolan. Look at the Arkuam Asylum game…that is the way batman should be. Let’s get away from the body armor ( although Nolan ‘s made sense ) but i would like to see the grey costume adam west wore…but updated for today. When batman gets slashed, I want to see that knife seering through fabric and skin. Sometimes it takes a new team.
        Nolan made the studio billions, but come on, let him move on to other stories, they are many other talented storytellers out there that aren’t being given the chance.

        • The Arkham Asylum suit was armored, too. In fact, I’d like to see hybrid of that suit and the Nolan suit – pretty much the Batman Begins suit, but black and grey and with the Dark Knight helmet-cowl. A fabric suit would be silly, IMO. Somewhere between The Avengers and the Nolan-verse would be fine with me.

          • +100

        • @ Al

          I agree. There needs to be a balance like between Donnor & Burton’s films/Nolan’s films. I too would like to seee a new kind of Batman costume that isn’t 100% bulletproof to the point where Batman could get cut or shot in the arm or leg. If he stugggle alittle more, the audience will with
          him. Besides, like the character the actor will be more agile & Batman uses the dark to his advantage. I too wouldn’t mind see Nolan pursue other projects like he said he would instead of being involved with every single DC film.

    • I think everyone needs to hold off judgement on the ‘seriousness’ or ‘fun’ of DC films until Man of Steel comes out. It sounds like the most action-packed yet, and with visitors from outer space and x-ray vision, it won’t be the same style as Dark Knight.

  3. I knew he wasn’t coming. I can’t believe people were expecting Christian Bale to come back.

  4. Keep Nolans Batman away. It just does not work with Justice League. Reboot Batman with a more comic bookish bent.

    • That is what killed “Superhero” movies.

      Case in point, Batman and Robin. That movie was a commercial failure, and it killed the taste of Superhero movies for almost a decade. Do you wan them to go down that route?

      Green Lantern, tried to take on some comedy with Ryan Reynolds, so we all know how that turned out.

  5. As much as I love DC comics, movie-wise they don’t hold a flicker to Marvels movies. That much is obvious. Everyones concerned about Batman, and in case you haven’t hear, the Justice League is MORE THAN JUST BATMAN. Lets also focus on finding a brilliant Wonderwoman, a different Green Lantern, Cyborg, Aquaman, etc. If the only character that DC is concerned with is Batman, this movie will flop HARD next to Avengers 2…im calling it

  6. In my not so humble opinion, Bale was the worst Batman/Bruce Wayne associated with the franchise. I’d sooner have Clooney resume the role than Bale. For that matter, Adam West would make me happier in the suit than C. Bale would.

    • Bale is Batman.

    • My thoughts exactly.

      Don’t need a lispy, non-intimidating Bats… or a non-charismatic, female-blinded Wayne.


      No…the worst Bruce wayne in my opinion and total miscast was Micheal keaton !!! As Batman, he was fine. But Micheal never had the charm, build, and look of Bruce Wayne. And everyone knows, Micheal only got that part because he was very good friends with Tim Burton. PERIOD. George Clooney in my opinion was the best Bruce Wayne/ Batman. He had the look and build…unfortunately due to a horrendous script, and making the movie camp, he is looked upon as the worst Batman. Bale would be 2nd in my opinion, Adam West and then Val Kilmer…eventhough Kilmer didn’t look right in the role period.
      If they can’t bring back Bale; they should go with that guy from Mad men…John Hamm …I think is his name. That is the problem with Hollywood, it’s as political as washington DC. Instead of casting an actor who looks like the character…believes in the character…instead…directors usually hire their buddies. The same crap goes for directors who get their college pals to pen screenplays. It’s crazy !!!

    • Well said, friend. Bale managed to stun me in each subsequent film with his vast “acting” abilities. Bale was the worst part of the Nolan films. Batman shouldn’t be the worst part of a batman film

      • Bale sucked as Batman- UGH! That VOICE! Ledger’s Joker was the only thing interesting about the trilogy. Batman and the other villains were lame. Alfred was a quitter and they killed off Harvey Dent/Two-Face far too early.

  7. Keep playing with fans WB/DC they can’t compete with Disney/Marvel, i’m sorry but JL will crash, crash, crash.

  8. @Eric Dixon So Bad Boys, The Rock & Pearl Harbor are awful movies? I think not and besides Michael Bay isn’t that bad of a director in my honest opinion, he may not be on the same level as Kubrick or Tarantino but the constant hate for Michael Bay is ridiculous. Brett Ratner & Uwe Boll are horrible directors.

    • @Norrin

      Tarantino? Really?? Stanley Kubrick just rolled over in his grave when you put him beside QT…

      • Hahaha

        • Pearl Harbor was a bad joke. A total insult to all who lost their lives there. Bay totally wiped his a** with a dark part of American history just to make a loud, obnoxious, factually inaccurate action flick.

  9. I still believe JL won’t be coming out in 2015, no matter how successful Man Of Steel is.

    • I’m not marking my calendar, either. And I’m totally fine with that.

  10. i just dont think he should do justice league… nolan direct it then we will end up with superman returns like film.

    • I dont think that makes sense at all cause nolan films are nothing like supermab returns

  11. I do dearly hope that they won’t meddle with the Dark Knight Trilogy. I loved the trilogy but that interpretation of Batman is not the Batman I enjoy from the comics and is certainly not the Batman I want in Justice League. I want a more high-flying brutal version of Batman from the comics. A more muscular Batman with a Judge Dredd like frown with a more greyish costume with a big defining bat logo on the chest. And have Batman be more of a detective and use more gadgets such as the batclaw and have him swing across rooftops. Lastly make Batman a more hardcore fighter like in the comics or the Arkham games where he can take on like dozens of guys armed to the teeth and not even break a sweat. I know Batman is not superhuman but if he’s going to stand beside Superman and Wonder Woman and fight Darkseid he needs to be.

    • Batman uses steroids. Seriously… total juicehead.

    • I’m down with that! Arkham style. Some kind of thick under-armor military/combat material, cowl with leather-like material covering it that goes down continuously into the cape. semi-combat gear touched up to the bat-symbol theme that Batman is. Paddings and pieces of armor here and there…all Arkham style. And get into fights the same way Wolverine does – full of rage.

  12. WB has NO IDEA what its doing. Gotta get a new batman. No dont go through the whole reboot of the origins just go with one already established and no im not talking about JGL (his character in TDKR wasnt even becoming batman it was becoming a nightwing type character). I had liked the idea of THe JL movie starting with the team already assembled and then doing single movies afterwards but now I just feel as if anything outside this MOS franchise is going to be a dud. Nolan’s gotta get tired of the whole superhero movie genre eventually.

    • Or the genre will get tired of Nolan…

      • @Pat: isn’t that what Warner Bros. is doing…?

  13. Nolan should stay out of it at all !
    He has done enough REALISTIC stuff for COMICS !
    I want some Comic action,not grounded reality ! Have that every day of my live !

    • You have grounded superheros dressing up, flying around, and battling villains every day of your life?

  14. Looking more and more like Justice League will be a Snyder Nolan tag team. Just don’t let Snyder write and we will be fine.

    • So you’re saying you wouldn’t want a Sucker Punch/Justice League crossover?

  15. Dc has had such bad luck with their live action movies that I almost don’t even want to see a justice league movie. If they can get a solid script and put it in the hands of someone who cares about the material then I think a Justice League movie would be phenomanol. Unfortunately I don’t see that hsppening. I see them trying hard to imitate the avengers and producing a load of crap. but hopefully they can get something rolling and make an excellent movie.

  16. If we had a new version of Batman, they could introduce another take on the Joker ( not that the last 2 weren’t brilliant of course )

    • I AGREE

    • I LOVED Heath Ledger’s Joker so much, can’t even begin to explain. It was a masterpiece. Also very unique though, and not exactly comic book material. So I WOULD like to see a new iteration of the Joker, more closer to the comic book type. Imagine Adrian Brody, or someone who looks like him. Overly giggly and over the top with the whole Mark Hamill-like laugh. Purely honest screen-version of the Joker.

  17. why would they ever reboot batman?? its ridiculous! Nolan just finished a beautiful batman series that marked this generation deeply.

    they should keep going but make the storyline about Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Robin as was hinted in Batman Rises.

    • Because Nolan’s Batman sucked. His Joker was memorable, but his Batman sucked donkey balls.

      • Nolan’s Batman trilogy was great and I thought it ended in a terrific way. It was nice to see Bruce Wayne find some peace because we know in the comics he will never stop being Batman, there is no end. Therefore, I hope they use a different Batman.

        • @Thimmy: that’s my stance too.

  18. bats should be bruce wayne… it doesnt matter if its bale or not… just remove the ridiculous voice from the batman movie franchise.. for continuity wise they could just say the justice league were on The Dark Knight timeline

  19. No reboot please, and Justice League is not a competitor for Avengers, it will lose. Justice League is a whole different beast all together. It must be embraced on it’s own separately. I don’t want a Justice League movie. It’s not ready for prime time yet. Ease it in, do a Flash movie, Do a Wonder Woman movie, let’s see the new Man of Steel movie first before we go diving into the realm of a Justice League movie.

    Justice League can’t compete against Avengers. Avengers is more flashy, more action than the Justice League.

    • I agree with you, wish they’d just focus on actually bringing these heroes to the big screen let alone worrying about putting them all in the same movie. I’m sure after all those films are done, DC will be more than ready and ripe to launch their Justice League movie. By that time, Marvel will probably be done with their Avengers team up films for now so movie goers can then look up to Justice League to satisfy their comic book movie needs.

    • Warner Bros wants to compete with the audience with “The Avengers” and Marvel/Disney to make money, and prove they are better.

      “The Avengers” covered a wide audience with it’s action, super heroes, light comic tone, and timing (premiered before “The Dark Knight Rises” so that it can overshadow some of their success)

      But another question is, how is DC going to build up their universe?

      • Time, and learning. If we just jump into the Justice League, it’s just too big. You just gotta build it in. I understand Batman is one of the founders, but just give it time and show us the others. I may be one of the few who did enjoy the Green Lantern movie. I hope to see a second one… *ahem* done a little more better, but it was still good. Sinestro is a great start for the Justice League film. We could go from there.

  20. The same design and material used for the Man Of Steel, costume? Use the same for the new Batman instead of having him look like a bike rider.

  21. What about starting off Justice League as a batman movie and all the other Herod fall together as the movie goes on, that way there won’t have to be another batman reboot. Cuz they can’t top the last three.

    • The Burton Batman movies already topped Nolan’s.

    • @Mateo: I’m thinking more and more that’s the way to go, kick it off with a reboot that start strong, then bring in Supes, and the rest.

    • Superman is already on its way in 3 months.

  22. I hope they reboot Batman to be more like the comics/animated series where maticulous planning and cunning is how he beats the enemies, not just merely by facing them head-on. I want to see a Batman in JL that can take on Superman because he figures out his weakness… And same goes for any super villain or even any other superhero…

    Also, I really think Karl Urban should play Batman. He already has a better Batman voice than Bale. Just watch Dredd and imagine the helmet was Batman’s cowl…

    • To add to what I’ve said, I really hope they bring on Bruce Timm to overlook Batman’s rebooted character. He really got a great grasp of the character and the world he lives in…

      • Agreed. Was there a villain in the movies that Batman didn’t get beaten by at some point?

        • No, only Bane, he is the only villain that beat Batman in the trilogy, perhaps scarecrow in Batman Begins with his fear toxin in their first encounter, but Batman beat him pretty easy after that, later in the movie and again TDK.

          • @Manny

            He did say “at some point” meaning yes, even Scarecrow counts since he did have him beat at one point in the movie…

        • No, only Bane, he is the only villain that beat Batman in the trilogy, perhaps scarecrow in Batman Begins with his fear toxin in their first encounter, but Batman beat him pretty easy after that, later in the movie and again in TDK.

  23. @Ken J When the hell did i ask you for your opinion? I used Kubrick & Tarantino because I hope one day i can follow in their footsteps.

    • @Norrin

      Last time I checked, I don’t need your permission to express my opinion. I guess I didn’t get the memo of the change? 😉

  24. Batman: preferably Jim Caviezel if not, then Karl Urban. *Honourable Mentions: Jon Hamm, Gabriel Macht.

    Green Lantern: Ryan Reynolds(he was fine in GL, it was the movie and script that sucked), if not him I can see Nathan Fillion as Hal, or Idris Elba if it’s John Stewart.

    Superman: obviously presuming Henry Cavill.

    Flash: Bradley Cooper or Chris Pine as WW, Nathan Fillion or Patrick Wilson as B. Allen. *Honourable Mentions: Jensen Ackles, Armie Hammer.

    I really don’t have a clue about who Wonder Woman should be, only name that comes to mind is Gemma Arterton but, meh, not sure. Just as long as it isn’t Jennifer Lawrence.

    Aquaman: again, Jensen Ackles if he gets neither of the previous roles, or Josh Holloway.

    JJ/Martian Manhunter: Lance Reddick or Idris Elba(if GL is JS). *Honourable Mentions: Terry Crews, Shemar Moore, Tyrese Gibson.

    • @Cal

      I think Jim Caviezel is a hell of an actor, but I think he reminds me too much, physically, of Christian Bale…

      • True, I just feel he’s basicly playing Batman on POI at the moment, and he could pull off both the physical and mental side of Bats.

        • @Cal

          He has the height, but I don’t think he can have that commanding presence. And honestly, Bale couldn’t pull it off either. While I liked the Nolan trilogy, I always saw Bale as the “skinny” batman. I think maybe their shoulders are not broad enough or something… Karl Urban would look bad-ass as batman though… With Tom Selleck as Commissioner Gordon… lol

          • As I said Karl Urban would be my 2nd choice, Jon Hamm could also do it in terms of looking the part but i’m not reall a Hamm fan. And Selleck would make a great Gordon haha!

          • Armmie hammer is 6’6 230 without trying to be built for a role… he has the frame of a big kevin conroy esc batman

          • Christian Bale was very muscular in Batman Begins, he looked perfect in that movie.

    • So, you have half the Justice League in their 40s?

      • @Jeff

        Only the smart ones. The rest could be young and cool instead…

  25. This is never gonna work without Christian. Watch! Everyone…This generation already has him in their brains, and if and when they do replace him, no one is gonna even want to watch the other movies Reboot or Justice League, unless it’s the next generation. To me this is like taking Iron Man from Robert Downy Jr.
    So go on with this plan of taking yet another superhero from us, just like Spiderman! Yeah I said it! Toby McGuire was the best Spiderman, and Andrew Garfield (a great actor) wasn’t!
    Don’t take Christian Bale from us (ME)! And everyone who adores him as Batman. Look I know everyone wants something/or wants to see something new, so go ahead. But I’m warning you sooner or later, even if everyone accepts the new Batman. If Nolan, or the Directors, or even the Actor presents this character wrong in anyway. All I can say to that is “I TOLD YOU SO”.

    • I agree with you to an extent, I think the new movies will have a large amount of backlash due to changing the actor so soon, which was seen with The Amazing Spider-man. I find Tobey McGuire and Andrew Garfield portray Spider-man in two very different ways, both being excellent.

    • @Cerita

      The same can be said about Spiderman and Macguire, but I think people are pretty used to the idea of reboots now…

      • @Ken J: beat me to it.

        • @Andrew


    • And a shout out to the writer’s! If you write the Reboot to Batman wrong, just like the writer’s did for Brandon Routh when he played Superman. People are gonna be really angry… like me! I think Brandon Routh could’ve been an amazing Superman, and he was with what he was given…which wasn’t much. Don’t make the same mistake! And to Brian Singer! You were one of my favorite directors, but after that you really made it hard for me to appreciate any of your movies.
      So Nolan! I say to you…Don’t make the same mistake that Brian did, and when you change Christian Bale (and I know y’all will) make it at least pleasurable for all viewers. In love or out of love with Christian Bale! Now I Love you I do and I watch every single one of your movies, but please just do right by all viewers.

    • Yeah and that’s the problem, as it shouldn’t be the same Batman from Nolan’s trilogy, which means however good Bale was as Batman, this generation associate him with TDK Trilogy, which isn’t/shouldn’t be a part of JL.

    • Just read your post and totally agree! In fact I posted a bit ago without reading yours and we’re in total agreement! Finally someone that has good taste and common sense. Nolan/Bale is the only way to success for everyone!

  26. Don’t want Nolan simply because I want more original films, like that interstellar thing

  27. Having Christian Bale and Henry Cavill in The Justice League would guarantee they would crack the billion dollar threshold.

  28. I think a new take on the character is warranted given the ending of TDKR. It was very much the end of that particular incarnation of batman and should stay that way. Wouldn’t hurt to have some new blood take on the role. With nolan producing, goyer writing and snyder directing (assuming rumors pan out) I have confidence in a fresh start.

  29. Batman Reboot is fine, but I hope they won’t retell the origin story all over again. Just have Bruce Wayne already becoming Batman and kicking asses. And I want to see Dr. Hugo Strange as the villain, with Hush as the secondary antagonist. And have Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon too.

    As for the other JL members… I really can’t say anything. I’ll just wait.

    • Thank you for mentioning Barbara Gordon. I’d love to see her and Harleen Quinzel make their live action debut sometime before I’m dead.

      • @cranston

        Ah, now to start a “Who is sexy enough to play Harley Quinn” discussion…

        • Depends what Harley, I think it might be easier to cast her as comic Harley, but if it’s Arkham Asylum/City Harley it might be more difficult.

          • @Cal

            I was going to say like the animated series Harley, you know, THE ORIGINAL Harley. 😉

            For once the comics got her from the cartoon, not the other way around, lol.

            But you know, this goes back to my earlier point about bringing Bruce Timm in to oversee the whole Batman reboot. His animated series was so well-made, the “source material” being the comics actually made changes to match the animated series. Harley Quinn is the obvious example to point out, she actually didn’t exist at all in the comics until the animated series invented her. But more importantly, Mr. Freeze. Prior to the animated series, Mr. Freeze was like Arnold in that terrible movie. A dumb villain that only knows how to freeze things followed by cheesy one-liner jokes. He had a pretty stupid backstory as well originally. Bruce Timm didn’t feel that would make for a proper villain to someone like Batman, so they reinvented Mr. Freeze in the animated series. Now his backstory is that his wife had an incurable illness, so he put her in cryogenic sleep. He is then thrown into one of the tanks when his corrupt employer finds out he’s been using their equipment and time for his wife and not for their profit, and that’s how he turns into Mr. Freeze. So now he’s not really a “villain” because most of us could relate to his situation, and not only that, now he’s this super-intelligent person, not some dodo with stupid one-liners like originally in the comics. From what I’ve heard and read, the comics actually changed Mr. Freeze to be more like the one they made for the animated series.

            I kind of want to see that in a new Batman movie. A villain like Mr. Freeze that is definitely a bad guy, but Batman hesitates to outright defeat him because he understands his motives and knows that deep inside he’s actually a good guy with good intentions. There were many moments like that in the animated series and in the animated movie Sub Zero where they have real conversations and Batman tries to reason with him, sometimes ALMOST working… I think that would be great in a film. Have someone well-versed and respected play Mr. Freeze…

            • Man I loved that show, I grew up on re-runs of it, I was just saying that the Arkham games really made Harley really sexy, but I agree wholeheartedly that people like Bruce Timm, and Paul Dini should be involved in the Batman Reboot, and I would love it if they were able to do Mr Freeze(the right way).

                • I’m down with “sexy Harley” but I always preferred the more innocent and naive Harley from the animated series. Made her seem more like a victim of the Joker’s psychosis therefore more interesting. That’s just me though, in live action that type of Harley might be a bit creepier than her animated incarnation.

                  As for who could play Harley, Juno Temple or Imogen Poots. Hands down.

                  • @Cranston

                    I love the original Harley Quinn, the one from the Animated Series. I would be fine with either. I just think that picture of Arkham City’s Harley Quinn is just awesome, lol.

                    One of my favorite episodes was when Quinn was released from the Arkham Asylum and she tries to follow the laws, but of course, things don’t go well, lol. But at the end of the episode, even though she’s back in the Asylum, she kisses Batman when he buys her the dress, lol. I really did hope to see her get better and become good permanently, and we actually kind of do if you watched the episode of Batman Beyond, Return of the Joker…

                  • @Cranston

                    Oh, and about your picks, Imogen Poots definitely has the right look, but I’m unsure of her acting ability. Not that I think she’s a bad actress, I just don’t really remember any of her roles so I honestly cannot judge. Remember, Harley Quinn is an intelligent psychology that’s also criminally insane. Might be a little tough to pull off successfully…

                    A BIG no for Juno Temple in terms of her looks though… I cannot see her as Harley Quinn at all.

                    What do you think about Blake Lively? Not too sure of her acting either, but I think she has a great look for her…

                  • Hm, posted another reply regarding your picks for who to play her, but it’s “awaiting moderation.” Had a typo in it, for whenever it shows, lol. Should have wrote psychologist instead of pyschology…