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dccomics1 Justice League Movie   What Might Have Been

Marvel is all set to do it with The Avengers, but Warner Brothers and DC Comics just couldn’t get a superhero team-up off the ground. They did try – very hard as a matter of fact, with Mad Max director George Miller set to helm the film in Australia. However, Warner Brothers decided to pull the plug on Justice League when the budget of the film spiraled to $300 million.

Sorcerer’s Apprentice star Jay Baruchel was set to play the villain of the piece; while out promoting Apprentice, the young actor talked to  Digital Spy about what the superhero team-up might have been.

The young canadian actor still seems very enthusiastic about the project, stating that it would have been unlike any other superhero featuring DC greats Batman and Superman. Baruchel said:

“I’ll just say this, if we had been able to make the movie that we had gone down [to Australia] to rehearse, if you had seen the production art I’d seen… it would’ve been the coolest thing ever. It would have been the neatest vision of Batman and the coolest vision of Superman you’ve ever seen. It would have been dark and fairly brutal and quite gory and just f**king epic.”

When the film was in pre-production there were a lot of comments on the casting of  the members of the Justice League, some of these comments were less than complimentary – and this seems to have annoyed Baruchel:

“It’s weird talking about it because the blogosphere was not very kind to us – they’re looking for anything to s**t on! The two of us (Baruchel & Teresa Palmer) were going to do that, it sounds really strange out of context, had you read the script it would have made perfect sense.”

In my opinion, I feel that fans were negative because the film would have broken with continuity of the current Batman and (then) Superman franchises, coupled with the fact that all the actors cast in the principal roles were just too young! If Christian Bale and Brandon Routh were cast in the film then it would have been a different matter.

Digital Spy also quizzed Baruchel on what elements of the production he got to see, again he was, very enthuastic:

Did you get as far as seeing the Justice League heroes in costume?

“I did. My friends, who were training to be Batman and Superman, they were down there for three months training and going to Weta in New Zealand to get their costumes. Weta, which is arguably the greatest special effects house on Earth, they had to cancel everything else. They were doing nothing but our movie. It was going to be f**king dope!”

He went on to elaborate:

“They had everything there; maquettes, pre-visualisation, absolutely everything and we had assembled this neat cast. The rehearsal process was so strange and so unconventional and, I know it sounds hard to believe, but I assure you it would have been something f**king awesome!”

It seems that the budget was just too rich for Warner Bros, especially with a cast of unknowns portraying comic book icons like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and The Flash.

“The problem was that, had it gone to production, it would have been the single most expensive movie in the history of movies. Sometimes people are reticent to spend upwards of $300 million. It was a fun two weeks in Sydney and I got to hang out with one of my idols, George Miller.”

superman justice league Justice League Movie   What Might Have Been

Would Justice League have been as “dope” as Baruchel would have us believe? Maybe, maybe not. It’s hard to say and truly we will never know. Miller is now busy making two new Mad Max films, and its very unlikely that he’ll return to helm Justice League in the future.

At least we’ll have Ryan Reynolds as The Green Lantern and Christopher Nolan is working on new Batman and Superman films – so we can’t really complain!

Source: Digital Spy

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  1. :o I think I know what the plot would have been about.

    Dr. Light? The rape of Sue Dibney?

  2. So, somewhere out there, sitting in an Indiana Jones style warehouse, are those cotumes, production stills, artwork. They had even started to construct sets!

    I would have liked to have seen how this might have turned out.

    • Dude. We’re totally going to go look for it! We gotta find it somehow!

      • oh how I would love to get my hands on some of this stuff!!!!

  3. Sounds like the only thing he really had to say about the movie was that it would’ve been f**king epic, dark, f**king dope, gory, and f**king awesome. I wonder what the actual story would’ve been and who he would’ve played…

    • He would have played someone awesome. Obviously. :)

      • LOL! My bad, I should’ve known…

        • Actually he would have played someone f**king awesome! Or… possibly someone who is f**king dope? I guess we’ll never know…

  4. @DrB

    I was thinking the same thing. However more on the lines that none of this stuff ever made it to Ebay….

  5. I wonder how this would of cost so much considering they where casting young up ans coming actors and some unkowns surely all the effects couldnt amount to it being a $300 movie? if so that must have been some pretty cool effects

  6. $300 million? That’s it? They would have made that back opening weekend worldwide. WB is full of pansies near-sighted morons. THose idiots OWN the DC character stable and they haven’t been able to do anything past Batman and Superman for 30 years.

    So don’t give me the whole “Oh, it’s spiraling out of control!” Bullstuff. Superman Returns was crap on a cracker and still raked in $400 million worldwide (wait for it… waaaaiiiiit for it….) ON A $270 MILLION BUDGET!!

    So Superman alone is worth $270M and Batman alone is worth $150M (Begins; $370M+ worldwide) or $185M with a Joker ($1 Billion worldwide) but Batman and Supes together don’t qualify for $300M??? In what alternate universe are the bean counters adding numbers? Because when you throw in Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman or any combination thereof, YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE YOUR #*@%ing MONEY BACK you moronic, simpering fools and blithering idiots!

    Dang. Sorry about that. I don’t even read DC. nuff said!

    • The budget for Superman Returns was $204M

  7. I dont understand how budgets are that big I mean really how does it cost a quarter of a billion dollars to make a movie when most of it it special effects??? heres a thought why dosent the WB just make its own special effects studio?? wouldnt it cut cost down by like 90%. Is that crazy bc it makes sense all the money they would be paying they would control if u have 100people on payroll on a set amount of money how can cost’s balloon so much??

    • all about the hardware, u want the best you better pay up.

    • Well…we visual effects artists refuse to work for minimum wage. Depending on the number of 3d models required for the production, and I imagine there were thousands for this production, the costs add up quickly. The sets, if not mostly green screened, could be costly.
      That being said, I have a suspicion that the main costs associated with this production would be the licensing.
      Overall its disappointing that the project collapsed.

  8. wow that’s dope. So, he would’ve been the villain, huh? And his friends…I’m guessing around his age…were going to be Batman and Superman. And the blogosphere didn’t like the casting. And it was supposed to be effin’ gory, right, bra? Tell ya what, eff this stupid article. Maybe not the article, but that kid IS dope.

  9. ‘The Avengers’ could easily suck. I’m worried. I think the smart move for DC is to wait and see how turns out for Marvel before they think about a ‘Justice League.’

  10. He speaks like a moron.

    I’m glad we didn’t get Twilight League

  11. Am I the only person who can’t stand Jay Baruchel? He has a painfully annoying screen presence and voice delivery. And picturing his high-pitched, nerdy, irritating voice as a villain makes me cringe. Thank god this didn’t happen. Oh, and I hope you’re reading this, Jay. Stop acting in movies.

    • Tell me about it! His voice is soooo annoying I have to watch How to Train Your Dragon on mute. I wish he would just go away and stop ruining great movies :-(

  12. Baruchel was probably Amazo. Or Doomsday. Those are the only villians I think he could have pulled off.

    • He was going to be Maxwell Lord

  13. ‘At least we’ll have Ryan Reynolds as The Green Lantern and Christopher Nolan is working on new Batman and Superman films – so we can’t really complain!’

    …Superman and Batman will not be in the Justice League thanks to Nolan

    • How come? Does he have exclusive rights or something?

    • …Superman and Batman will not be in the Justice League thanks to Nolan

      Citations? Evidence? Proof? I would imagine that this decision is up to WB (owner of the characters), not Nolan.

  14. I suspect it’s because the universes that his Batman and Superman are in have no common reference either with each other, or with the DC universe as a whole. Nonetheless, because they’re the definitive Batman and Superman at the moment, DC don’t want to present anything that’ll distract from their franchises.

    That’s my guess at least.

  15. He was going to play Maxwell Lord (I kid you not). I like Bruchel but not as a superhero and this movie was doomed from the onset. Why did Warner Bros think that George Happy Feet Miller could’ve directed this film. Okay, I know Miller did Mad Max and (yes I’ve seen all of them) and I’m sure he is a very capable director but the way he chose his cast, a bunch of prepubescent gossip girl/one tree hill/friday night lights (choose your teen themed show, I’m sure I’ve missed a few).
    Teresa Palmer was going to be Talia al Ghul (don’t see it). Common was going to be JOhn Stewart (don’t see it) Army/Arnie/Arny Hammer (who is this guy) was going to play Batman (don’t see it) and some dude by the name of DJ Caltrona (never heard of him) was going to play Supes. Oh it was all going to be in motion capture.

  16. I think Warners were crazy not to go ahead with that film it would have been massive and easily made it money back, I think it would have been much better to have pspun off indvidual characters solo films from that aswell.

  17. how did that guy get into films!??! christ lol

  18. Ya know I don’t beleive this is the last time we hear of a Justice League film. Remember we still have the Green Lanturn coming, The Flash, and eventually Wonder Woman. Pluse Johnathan Nolan’s Man of Steel! So I really don’t think this is the end of things. And when this film rolls back around I hope we see the Leagon of Doom as the villan(s) of the movie. Remeber also, “The faithful will be rewarded.”

  19. Yeah Ford, but you might be talking no sooner than 2017, maybe 2015…

    If you think about it Warner has a lot on its plate and plenty of risk to go around. All MOCAP! Yeah I could imagine that being expensive even if they could’ve done it in-house. If they’ve considered doing a film that high profile, with the legacy and all 100% mocap, then they will most likely do one of their high profile character premiere superhero movies in mocap. Somebody probably asked the questions, why are we using these actors if it’s all mocap, and shouldn’t we milk the trend longer by delaying this until better 3-D comes to town? That 300MM probably didn’t cover advertising and distribution either. So maybe they were really talking 4-500MM and “Watchmen” did what now? Yeah that would’ve made me nervous too. If “Watchmen” had done 3x or 4x payback, we wouldn’t be talking about this…

  20. Damn this sounds very interesting, I would love to read this script!!

  21. i am against Christian Bale as Batman in the Justice League Movie

    having the Justice League in the same universe as the Dark Knight is just stupid because there are no paranormal events in the Dark Knight like superpowers.

    i’m all for Routh playing Superman, he was the only good part of the new superman movie.

    lets wait til after Man o’ Steel and either a Flash or Wonder Woman movie, then we could start planing to combine all the recent DC films.

    (except of course Dark Knight. Batman should be in the Justice League movie but a different one than christian bale.)

  22. Can we have the Hawkman in Smallville as opposed to the one in that picture?

  23. Why the heck is there no good kissing scenes in it?
    It would be good if their leader J’onn J’onzz has his first kiss in an episode or two.
    By Sophie.H