5 Tips For Building the DC Movie Universe

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5 Tips For BuildingThe DC Superhero Movie Universe

DC Comics Movie Universe Justice League DiscussionAfter the success of Marvel's The Avengers, we've seen DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. actively taking steps towards building a shared movie universe for their lineup of superheroes. While details on the exact nature of this endeavor are still taking shape, we do know that DCE/WB wants (needs) superheroes to replace Harry Potter as their fiscal centerpiece. The defunct Justice League movie has been dusted off, and while Chris Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises might not mark the beginning of the DC Movie Universe (DCMU), Zack Snyder's upcoming Superman reboot Man of Steel very well could.However, Marvel didn't just jump from the success of Iron Man to the Mega-success of The Avngers: there were missteps and growing pains along the way. While it can be intimidating to have to follow a successful act, we have five suggestions that could help the DCMU give the Marvel Movie Universe a (literal) run for its money.

Pick a Shepherd

After the success of The Dark Knight, it was rumored that Chris Nolan could "godfather" the DC Movie Universe, starting with his story and producing credits on Man of Steel, possibly leading to a directorial job on Justice League. With The Dark Knight Rises ending Nolan's take on Batman, it remains doubtful that the acclaimed filmmaker will hang around to manage the board for DC/WB in the same way that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige oversaw the construction of that universe.Of course, DC has other strong contenders for the job: Bruce Timm being one of them. If you don't recognize the name, Timm has been the prominent mind behind the DC Animated universe - starting with Batman: The Animated Series in 1992 and continuing through the current line of (often excellent) direct-to-DVD animated features. There is arguably nobody better than Timm when it comes to telling an authentic DC superhero story onscreen. While his work has largely been in animation, Timm is a well of knowledge and insight that could be tapped to build a DC movie universe.At the end of the day: Kevin Feige proved that having a shepherd is the best way to steer a shared cinematic universe. DC/WB just needs to tap the right guy (or gal) to lead the flock.

Form a Small Circle

Sure, movies are collaborative endeavors that involve hundreds of people, but sometimes a small cabal gets things done more efficiently than a big team. Once DC/WB has a shepherd leading the way, they should keep their creative circle small. Marvel had some serious shakeups with their directors and writing teams during their "Phase 1" Avengers rollout, and are learning that sometimes, fewer cooks are more effective in the kitchen.DC/WB has big names already in its stable: Chris Nolan, Man of Steel director Zack Snyder - other talents like Bruce Timm, longtime DCU director Lauren Montgomery (Wonder Woman), Writer/director Greg Berlanti (Green Lantern, The Flash), Jonathan Nolan, acclaimed comic writers like Grant Morrison and DCE Exec/comic book writer Geoff Johns (Green Lantern). Basically, the writing and directing talent for the DCMU is already in house - all that's missing is studio trust (example: Berlanti and J. Nolan have both been in line to direct some DC movie projects).Think about this: Marvel has parted ways with all of the "big-name" directors who helmed their lead-in films; so maybe utilizing a small circle of in-house talent would save DC/WB a lot of headache in the long run.

Tie the Branches Together

DC Comics Warner Bros Movies TV Shows Cartoon Animated SeriesDC Superheroes has been tearing up the competition when it comes to cartoons - especially when it comes to animated features on the home video market. Not only should DC/WB be tapping the minds behind that successful animation branch for their feature films (as we keep suggesting) - they should be tying all of these lanes together into one big shared universe.Marvel scrapped their acclaimed Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes cartoon - in order to reboot it as a more direct extension of the movie universe. See, DC? The competition is already learning this tactic. With DC having a vastly superior animation branch, this multi-platform extension should be a no-brainer (and let's not forget the success of Smallville and the buzz surrounding the upcoming Green Arrow TV show). Unfortunately, Nolan's Batman films are (currently) the only successes on the film front. That's all to say: A DC multi-platform shared universe is already there in loose form, and has been successful on all fronts. Just build bridges between the different properties and you're golden!TV Green Arrow in a Justice League movie? Movie characters guest-starring on the TV shows? Second-tier characters and side-storylines getting animated features? Heck, we could play in that sandbox all day long. But god help the men and women who have to tie it all together for Justice League...

Change the Formula

DC Superhero Movies Batman Supeman Wonder Woman Flash AquamanThe Marvel films have been great - but they have also unfolded according to a pretty strict formula (comedy/action, three-act/three-battle story arc). But the formula works, so why change it?Because any comic book fan will tell you: DC is not Marvel. Different heroes, different worlds, different styles and tones. The intrigue of The Justice League is just how different the respective characters truly are: a Wonder Woman film and a Batman film should be nothing alike, as each character and their mythos have a different tone and feel to them (dark/gritty vs. sword and sandals mythological epic).Take a page from the book of Nolan: don't be afraid to make bold creative choices; make art (not just entertainment) out of your superhero films; chase that next Oscar nomination, even. If Green Lantern demonstrated anything, it's that maybe the Marvel approach just isn't a fit for DC heroes.However, the game has changed. Things are different now. The Avengers upped the ante. Some would say DC/WB needs to at least entertain the possibility of switching things up and jumping into a Justice League movie sooner before later (possibly after a Batman/Superman movie) - launching the lesser-known characters in their own films after the fact.

Learn from the Competition

Marvel Movies vs. DC MoviesWhile it's important to know where and when to do your own thing, it never hurts to study the competition, either. Marvel Studios had both great success and some serious missteps while learning how to build their cinematic universe; DC/WB would do well to note what worked and what didn't - where tactics should be imitated, and where to diverge and build their own brand, in their own way.Take the lessons that Marvel had to learn the hard way: maybe big-name directors aren't always the best way to go; guys with both comic and TV/Movie experience can be assets (Joss Whedon, Bruce Timm); standalone films need to be able to truly stand alone; a well-picked star can carry the franchise (and that star need not be a young guy). Go big, and you can go home happy (read: rich).I would still maintain that DC superhero films need to have their own distinct tones and styles - and at this point there's still question of how soon to do a team film - but regardless of those issues, there is still plenty to be learned from the path that Marvel blazed - and will continue to blaze, as they enter "Phase 2" of their own movie universe.

What Are Your Ideas?

Justice League movie scriptWe've laid out some ideas for how the DCMU could be built - but there are tons of DC superhero fans out there who have been sitting on their own ideas for how this movie universe should be built, which characters should be included, which stories should be told, and whether or not characters like Batman and Green Lantern need to be rebooted for the shared universe.So let's discuss:
  • Which characters should be in the DCMU?
  • What kind of ideas (or grand visions) do you have for a Justice League film? Your favorite solo character film?
  • Should Man of Steel be the launch pad for the DCMU?
  • Who should play some of the other DC superheroes?
  • Which writers/directors would you like to see involved?
  • Can the DCMU ever be greater than the MMU?
Check back with Screen Rant on the regular for the latest in DC movie (or Marvel Movie) news.
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  1. I also like olivia wilde as WW, if she gets into better shape slightly more muscular. The girl in john carter was pretty fit she would be a good WW also. Im still sold on patrick wilson as barry allen. Thats if they would recycle him from watchmen. I dont care to much for who plays supes ill see how cavill does. I also would like to see idris elba as john stewart (even tho he is marvels heimdall)

    • I agree with you on Olivia Wilde and Lynn Collins. They should definitely be considered. I’m keen on Hayley Atwell, and I think that she could get a shot at the WW role.

  2. Man, this article has inspired some mammoth posts, I must say.

    • We are nothing if not opinionated :)

      • Man, it’s even bigger now. I thought I was going to run out of computer.

      • the previous page, that is

        • Should have stuck with Prince!

  3. Here’s what i think:

    First thing’s first, we’re looking into the idea that DC shouldn’t follow Marvel’s way of sharing the universe and yet we still expect them to make a cinematic universe still. I do believe that Man of Steel should be a start off point for a shared universe. But i don’t think we should jump to a Justice League film. A Superman&Batman film could pave the way for JL. If done right, the chemistry between the two characters could outshine the assembled Avengers. World’s Finest as they say. Then, a solo film about Wonder Woman where we should have an origin story. After that, let’s have the World’s Finest Trinity (Superman, Batman, & Wonder Woman). This can gradually establish what will be Justice League. Then we can have the Flash & Green Lantern in their own solo films. The next film should then be the origins of the Justice League where they met because of a situation that they need to handle altogether. And yes, these five characters should form the first ever Justice League film. Not Many, but much. I don’t know if Manhunter needs to be there but it would be interesting; a solo film for him, not sure though.

    Casting choices? hmm. Superman is already given. With a Batman reboot, I think an older, more mature Bruce Wayne can make for a variety (an article suggested Jon Hamm; nice choice by the way…or maybe Eric Close?). Wonder Woman? I’m not sure, maybe an unknown. Let Ryan Reynolds have a go at a reboot perhaps. Several people can possibly be cast as the Flash, just as long as it’s a Barry Allen story because i think he can pull off a tighter plot for a film. How about Jim Caviezel as the Martian Manhunter? I think he looks the part.

    Aquaman has so much potential, but putting him in may cause for a pressurized assembly of the Justice League. I mean, the film could blow up because there’s too many characters. Maybe a “phase 2″ can open him up to join.

    This approach may be slow but I just have this Feeling that a Superman&Batman team-up is what DC needs to imply a shared universe rather than jumping into the wagon that Marvel created. Each film may not have plot devices that can be used in the other solo films. We don’t need to ahve that formula because sooner or later, it could grow into a problem. just make each film independent, focused on its own plot. Let the team-ups have their own conflict without trying too much to reference the solo films.

  4. i just hope the new batman doesnt have that raspy voice that sounds like hes rabid ..

    • i for one think heshould definately keep the BatVader voice.. itd be a great plot point to see GL go off on a tangent with “Southpark Ned” jokes only to be silenced by the BatGlare

  5. If you look at Marvel’s Avengers characters, they ALL have pretty straightforward back-stories. Iron Man – former arms manufacturer decides to do good with his creations. Captain America – soldier wannabe becomes test subject for super-soldier program. Hulk – Scientist irradiates himself with Gamma Rays and becomes dual personality. Black Widow – assassin becomes good guy. Thor – super-powered being from Asgard with magic hammer. Hawkeye – really good archer. Basically, you can do a 5-10 minute intro or flashback to explain their origins in a film.

    Let’s take a look at DC: Superman – being from doomed world raised by earth parents discovers he has super powers and uses them for good. Batman – tragic loss of his parents inspires him to use personal wealth for good. Auquaman – half human, half atlantean uses his ability to communicate with sea creatures for good. The Flash – police scientist struck by lighting while working with chemicals uses super speed for good. Once again, 5-10 minutes each for origin.


    Now, here’s where we get into trouble. Wonder Woman – Amazonian woman made of clay is the perfect woman. What’s an Amazon? Well… you see in Greek mythology, they are a race of warriors who are all women and only use men as breeding stock. But Diana (That’s WW’s real name) is formed from clay and so is perfect. But wait! She may actually be Zeus’ daughter. Oh, we’re getting deeper into mythology? Eventually, she leaves to come live with regular people and she has this lasso of truth and….

    Green Lantern – Hal Jordan (or whoever) gets a ring that allows you to construct anything with will and your thoughts. Where did the ring come from? The guardians obviously. Who are the guardians? Well, they are these short blue telepathic guys who keep order in like 3000 sectors of space and… you know what, nevermind.

    Basically, two MAJOR characters in the Justice League have back stories too complex to really do justice to in one movie. I really do think that these two need their own TV series leading up to the films. I think that one season each of 12 or so episodes would do it. Then, once they are established you can just put them in a film with all the characters that are simple to introduce.

    • a waste of time if you do a series before a film. besides, a TV series needs its own audience following, and if it fails, then BOOM, no more tie-in film. you think too much on the big scale of origins. what sometimes is a paragraph can be translated to film for like 3 seconds. always think cinematic.

      Green Lantern & Wonder Woman are VERY doable in film. as a matter of fact, the GL film actually had potential ruined by too many elements of its story (not its origins). Wonder Woman is very much like Thor if you come to look at it. you don’t need to use that Zeus story for the film. again, think cinematic. what works for the film and what won’t. there are many interpretations that have gone each can be an inspiration for the film.

      there’s just so many things you can do when thinking cinematic.

      • The problem I had with Thor is that it was two halves of two origin stories basically running concurrently. It wasn’t a cohesive whole. It was like getting half an orange and half an apple. Sure, you’ve got one whole piece of fruit, but they don’t quite fit together.

  6. Ok, this is what I’ve been saying all along: leave Batman be. There is no reason at all to reboot it when Christopher Nolan did such a brilliant job with the trilogy. Let that be the starting point. DO NOT TOUCH BATMAN. Don’t make any sequels and don’t make any reboots. Let Christian Bale sign on to return as Batman in the Justice League movie. The Man of Steel should be fine. You have Henry Cavill added on. Reboot Green Lantern. I was one of the unfortunate ones that had to go see that movie in theaters. It was awful. Get rid of that whole team that worked on it. Everything was awful in that movie. Sign on a villain that we can actually take seriously and a cast that can actually act and a crew that knows what they are doing rather than trying to do a ripoff of Iron Man and Captain America. Sign on JJ Abrams to direct it and Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana, and Tim Roth to star in it. Don’t let Watchmen or Suicide Squad be attached to this universe. The Flash should be played by Shia LaBeouf. Wonder Woman should be played by Mila Kunis. There you have your ‘Phase 1′.

    • Mila Kunis as wonder woman and Shia LeBeouf as Flash? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. What do you want?…to have the movie appeal to teenagers? Dude, we need adults and people who actually look like adults playing both Flash and Wonder WOMAN, not Kid Flash and Wonder Girl. Are you serious? LOLOLOLOLOL

      • i would be ok with shia labeouf as jimmy olsen but not as the flash .. and you cant get big name actors with big $ to do these movies .. you got to sign cheap good up and comers like hemsworth and evans .. because the cost to make these movies are gonna be high enough as it is so you dont need a big chunk of it going to one actor .. bale is a big pay day actor now .. time to move on from that batman ..

        ideally cavill would reprise his role as supes in a justice league movie . i think you move on from ryan reynolds as green lantern , tje guy from true blood joe mags was almost supes i think he would make a great batman and you would lock him in at a fixed rate for a trilogy ..

        • I gotta say, Ryan Reynolds makes a good hal jordan, in terms of looks. The guy i would feel comfortable playing supes or even aquaman is Alan Ritchson. He has the chiseled face, the physique, and the height. For those who don’t know he played Aquaman in Smallville.

          • ryan was ok has hal jordan .. but again you dont need to put all your money in one actor in a big cast like justice league .. plus the movie itself is gonna allready be costly .. and i think you pretty much want to treat grean lantern like the hulk movies .. just go in a diffrent direction ..

            • “you dont need to put all your money in one actor in a big cast like justice league”

              I agree with you on that. I only say reynolds for lantern because he looks like hal, and he looks like the lantern under the mask. With those combos in tact, I would then further agree with him coming back as GL for the sake of continuity. If he didn’t look like hal or lantern then I would be in favor in choosing an unknown, so long as they meet the first 2 requirements and can act. I don’t want anyone playing any comic book superhero who can only act the part, but does not look the part.

              • that is true

        • Bales said he wouldnt work with anyone but Nolan because Nolans a genius &is dedicated to the craft.. noit just knocking out some halfassed drivel.. if he had a creative team/director that he knew would sail the ship right he’d sign on asap

      • I was thinking the same thing.,,,,,,,,lol. Once he said Shia Lebouf he lost all credibility with me!

      • I was thinking the same thing, lol. Once he said Shia Lebouf he lost all credibility with me!

    • You just disqualified your response when you said Shia Labeof(sp.?)as Flash. No. And Green Lantern is very underrated.

      • my wife actually liked green lantern .. i was okay with it .. BUT would of prefered a physical baddie not a gas cloud ..

  7. I would prefer John Stewart over hal jordan, though.

  8. For the actors, Olivia Wilde for WW most definitely! The girl from John Carter looks the part but i dont think she’s readt to handle a whole movie on her own. and frankly, if they can get ww right (since her film and tv reboots seem to always be falling short) the rest should fall into place. As for the flash, i would just love to see Michael Rosenbaum reprise his role for a live action movie. He is already familiar to the role and is a good actor in my opinion!
    I strongly feel Bruce Timm needs to have some serious creative control over all of the projects, i love Nolan so much but each film realy does need a unique tone for the individual characters and no one else is more familiar to that than Timm.
    I would hope to see Man of Steel being the launch pad for the universe being that its supes and all, not to mention the timing is perfect. and honestly if that means they need to change some things up, so be it.
    along with Superman, Wonder Woman and The Flash, i want to see Aquaman, Martian Man Hunter, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Green Arrow, Hawkman and lastly Batman. Not all of the characters need there own movie such as man hunter, black canary ect. It was smart that Marvel incorporated the lesser characters in with the larger ones. if DC/WB played around with that and slowly incorporated more and more of the heros into the movies as they came out and then at the end joined all of those together into the final Justice League movie i think that would be awesome and allow for greater cohesion, something Marvel’s movies lacked.

  9. This article should have been called “6 tips to building the DC Movie Universe.” Tip 6: STOP REBOOTING CHARACTERS!!!

    • Im fine with reboots as long as they improve on what was done previously. batman begins was a reboot, and we got an awesome trilogy out of it. incredible hulk was way better than ang lees version. and based on what ive seen amazing spiderman should improve on elemnts that were lacking in the originals (though they are classic). i do think there needs to be a certain amount of time in between films. green lantern flopped so you cant just do a reboot next year and pretend the last one never happened. you need at least a few years. so you can reboot, but time needs to pass, they cant do justice league with a rebooted gl, they need ryan reynolds now. otherwise they shouldnt use gl at all. basically get it right the fist time or be ready to wait a couple of years till demand comes back.

      • I agree with your view of reboots. If done right they actually make the genre a lot better.

        When they do reboot Green Lantern (and they better), I think they should use the Jon Stewart character. There are so many Lanterns to work with and we’ve already seen the Hal Jordan GL so why not try a new character? I understand people that are fans of Hal Jordan will argue that it wouldn’t be fair because his character was part of a big budget nightmare and Jon Stewart would be in the good film, but I just think they have more to work with than to go back to the same character AGAIN. And give us a practical GL suit… not that CGI crap. Make it look like a space uniform, not spandex.

        Batman needs to be rebooted. It wouldn’t make any sense if they used Bale. Nolan made it a point to make his Bat-Universe separate from everything so thanks to him they can’t add characters. Besides, IMO I really want all the JL characters to have practical suits/uniforms. I have yet to see this in a Batman film. They always use some type of rubber looking material for his suit. I really want the classic suit (black cowl and cape, dark grey suit with black bat insignia, yellow belt and black boots) instead of the rubber “armor” they keep trying to portray. And a Batman who speaks with a normal voice. Lastly, they should push the detective side of Batman. With the exception of Batman Forever they have yet to use the Caped Crusader’s ability to solve any problem with his mind. Nolan’s trilogy has spectacular fight scene’s but not a whole lot of detective work.

        Man of Steel looks promising the way it is. They should use that as the start of the universe.

        Flash needs to be done right. Barry Allen story. Practical suit that makes SENSE… meaning HE has to design it for himself after realizing that the tremendous amount of friction and static charge he creates when he uses his speed will melt the soles of normal shoes and cause regular clothes to spontaneously combust. Actually explore his array of powers (speed, gravitational manipulation, intangibility due to molecular vibration, etc.)

        I saw an idea somewhere on the threads where someone suggested Martian Manhunter be the “Nick Fury” of the DCMU. I think that’s a GREAT idea. He doesn’t really need a solo film. He’s a alien with alien powers… people should be able to grasp that pretty easily. But I really like the idea of him showing up at the end of ever solo movie, rounding up the heroes or at least warning them that an impending doom is coming upon the earth (Darkseid, perhaps?)

        WW is simple and could be done just like Thor. Explain the whole “Amazonian” thing and then show off her skills. Then have Martian Manhunter do the whole “warning thing” at the end of her movie and she would feel compassion for normal people and travel to civilization to fight.

        I don’t think they should touch Aquaman or anyone else until phase 2 (if that does happen). Supes, Bats, WW, GL, Flash and Martian Manhunter are more than enough. Those 6 characters already run the risk of being overwhelming on the big screen by themselves… then you throw in an alien force they have to overcome…. keep it simple.

        But… yea. That’s just my opinion.

  10. The problem I see with DC is that they have a very limited stable compared to Marvel.

    Sure, Marvel “Character” related movies haven’t done very well overall, but they’ve been done.
    Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman, Green Lantern, Flash and Aquaman.. maybe Hawkman.

    The Xmen alone have those numbers beat, plus their badguy pool hasn’t even been scratched.
    Throw in the FF, Daredevil, Spidey, Ghostrider, the Avengers, Blade.. possible Black Panther, Heroes for Hire, and Shang Shi movies.. wooo!

    DC has to really expand their base characters, but how do you make “Plastic Man” into something people want to see?

    If they do and JL flick how do they expand on the DC verse?
    Give me Shazam, but in the eyes of the money makers.. he’s Supes in a different costume.

    Jeez.. that was a ramble. I had a point but realized I’m late for a luncheon and the point got lost. I think..

    DC only has Batman and Superman as movies. Their Villains aren’t on the same par. After Bane, who’s really left that hasn’t been done since West had on the suit or the Sat morning cartoons.

    • Shazam is no where near Superman in a different costume. Captain Marvel, on the other hand, I can see.

      • Captain Marvel is Shazam now, he no longer goes by Captain Marvel.

  11. JL should be more serious and darker than AV (but not as dark as kickass or watchman or sin city). No need to have so many hero! Just a good story. If the story is good, no need for batman/superman.

    • IMO you have to have batman and superman in justice league …

      • I agree with you, victor. The thought of having neither bats or supes in a JL movies seems ridiculous. Those 2 are 2 of the founding members, and to me are the leaders of the leaders when it comes to the Justice League.

  12. I think the biggest problem with a JLA movie is how to tie in Batman. All the others have superpowers. Batman is more of a realistic character. So the first JLA movie should be mostly about Batman. Have Superman, Green Lantern (the Hal Jordan version), Wonder Woman, Flash, and maybe even Aquaman meet in the soon to come movies. I think Batman should be last to join the team in the first movie. The villians need to be batman related. Bane would be a good match for batman and the JLA. Also use this movie to get some Batman villians that we haven’t seen yet. I think you bring in Clayface, Human Bat, and maybe even Solmon Grundy (how cool would it be to see the JLA go against him.)

    • Another Batman villain that would be great on screen would be Prometheus. In the comics, he almost beat the JL by himself. Or they could go a completely different route and use the Injustice League, Lex Luthor’s second version, and still bring him. All the while Mageddon is pulling the strings, kinda like Thanos did in the Avengers. That would also setup World War III as a prequel to said movie.

    • Why not Ra’s Al Ghul, the Lazarus pits will be talked about in TDKR.

  13. If you’re gonna make a JLA film, it can’t be all about one hero like Batman. Has to be about all of them,especially if there will be no solo films before the JLA film. Imo for a JLA to work better, they’re gonna need to tone down how realistic Batman & his villains were from Nolan’s trilogy of films as Batman is gonna be part of the same universe of different heroes who would not live up to that same tone. Long story short they’re universe is gonna have to look & feel like Marvel’s universe or close to it because why bother having a unified DCMU with unrealistic heroes/villains you wouldn’t expect to see in Nolan’s vision. It’s why i feel Snyder’s MOS should be isolated aswell & be it’s own thing since that’s what they intended it to be.

    I haven’t seen much of her work but kelly Overton imo has look/body & attitude of WW. All she needs to do probly is dye her hair black.

  14. I love how the next Batman movie hasn’t even been released yet and already there are Batman reboot talks.

    • WB/DC has already stated they are rebooting after TDKR.

  15. The characters in the Justice League movie should be the ones shown in the picture…Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Flash, Martian Manhunter and Wonder Woman. Since Alan Ritchson played the role of Aquaman in Smallville series pretty well, he could star in the movie as well. I think they should star Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) to continue with his movie storyline, instead of John Stewart.

  16. Ok, let’s just start with this. Does anyone realize these two things:
    -Cinema isn’t like comic books. Why reboot things just for the heck of rebooting them? Why reboot Batman when Christopher Nolan just made 3 very commercially successful films? I just don’t see the point of it. Just to make it fit in with Justice League? All of you care about being true to the comic books. How about just making a great, memorable, entertaining film that Marvel has given us with The Avengers.
    -DC does not have the same tone as Marvel. DC is much darker than Marvel. However, that doesn’t mean there can be at least some comic relief, which is what I saw in the character of the Flash. Off the top of my head I thought of a young actor that would be able to portray that sort of comic relief character and it was LaBeouf. Also, I don’t see how you could call such people as LaBeouf, Kunis, Timberlake, and Welling A-Listers. Honestly, LaBeouf was a child actor that really came onto the scene in Transformers, which is overrated and was good at the box office, earning LaBeouf a big payday. Kunis came onto the scene in 2010 with The Black Swan, and since then you can’t really call her a proven star yet. Timberlake is overrated. I keep on hearing his name since The Social Network. He isn’t an A-Lister when he just came to Hollywood 2 or so years ago. Welling is a TV star on Smallville. And when I think A-Lister on TV I think Jerry Seinfeld or James Gandolfini, who were in the 2 best TV shows ever Seinfeld and The Sopranos. But then again, what is a TV A-Lister to a movie A-Lister? When I think movie A-Lister I think of their acting, not their paycheck. I think of Denzel Washington, Matt Damon, Natalie Portman, Russell Crowe, Christian Bale, or Will Smith, who have earned their respective paychecks and have shown that they can carry the films they have been in, much unlike Leonardo DiCaprio or Tom Cruise, who get their paychecks for who knows why (maybe it’s their overacting, which never should have passed any sort of inspection).
    Cinema should not be handed to people like this for throwaway movies. Rebooting Batman is like Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises never happened and that is despicable. No, I’m not saying Nolan’s Batman trilogy can even hold the shoes of any of the top 50 movies of all time, or maybe even the top 100. But they are great in their own right, 10 times better than Tim Burton and Joel Schumaker’s Batman movies. They changed the game for action films (not only comic book movies) before Marvel even thought of The Avengers. Why reboot something that has no need to be rebooted? Hollywood has a crazy obsession with this sort of thing, this rebooting and remaking and sequeling unnecessarily. How else would you explain all those sequels to Rocky, the planned sequels to Taxi Driver and Raging Bull, The Godfather Part III, the sequels to Raiders of the Lost Ark, all those Disney sequels that came out direct to DVD and are absolutely worthless, the prequels to Star Wars, the sequels and remake of Psycho, the list goes on and on and on. When does it end? Cinema has to pull itself out of the ditch it got itself into ever since 1980. Yes, I know there have been phenomenal films in the interim (Raiders, GoodFellas, Silence of the Lambs, Schindler’s List, The Lion King, Saving Private Ryan, Return of the King, The Departed, The Dark Knight, Inception, etc.) but there has been, per year, no more than, at best, 2 films to look out for per year. Something has to change.
    “Change, change is good.”
    “Yeah, but it’s not easy. I’ll have to face my past.”
    “Yes, the past can hurt but the way I see it is you can either run from it-or learn from it.”
    In case you guys didn’t know, that’s an exchange between Rafiki and Simba in The Lion King.

    • here is why you reboot the Batman series. If they are as good as you say they are, wouldn’t it be defiling a sacred relic by shoving more money and more movies into it? It was only ever intended to be three movies, and there is a good possibility that Bruce will die in this film making a reboot necessary. The Nolan Universe doesn’t have any room in its small box to fit Green Lantern, Superman, Flash, AquaMan, Martian Man Hunter, Wonder Women. The series is meant to be three, and to shove any of these heroes(or any DC hero) into it would be like lifting you middle finger to Nolan and the great universe he has spent years creating. THAT, my good sir, is why we reboot Batman

      • First of all, here me out. I never said that Nolan’s Batman films were sacred. The only movies that are completely sacred are those such as Casablanca, The Godfather, Gone with the Wind, Citizen Kane, The Wizard of Oz, etc. Nolan’s Batman films can’t even comprehend of stacking up to movies like those aforementioned. In the past 10-15 years, there have been really no film that has outside of maybe The Departed or Return of the King or Saving Private Ryan.
        I just don’t see the point of making another Batman movie.
        Plus, just to give you an idea of where I’m coming from, how could Thor fit so perfectly into a world of Iron Man, Captain America, and the Hulk, who are much more realistic than he is? With a mind like Nolan’s, I’m sure he’d be able to configure a way even if he said that’s it for him, he could possibly go back on his word. Yes, The Man of Steel would be a great launching pad but let’s quit it out with all those retellings of Batman’s origin.
        I know I and a bunch of others will not pay to go see another Batman movie (outside of JLA) without Nolan or Bale.

  17. I think Man of Steel is the logical starting point. Superman and Batman have both been the basis of the DCU, it would make sense for Man of Steel to be the cornerstone. Especially since a Batman reboot is still several years away.

    On a side note, I will not go and see any of the DCU movies if Nolan’s Batman universe is tied in. It is a stand alone. Matter of face, I don’t want to see any more Batman film’s in the Nolan BU, after TDKR. That is the end. That is that.

  18. I think if DC try to follow Marvel’s Movie Avengers, from a standalone superhero movie then join as a team, it would be difficult & would create a stereotype that DC is just a Marvel follower.
    I think, it would be better if DC make it from the opposite direction. Create a team-up superheroes movie (JLA) first and then break it down to a stand alone super hero movie. And when it succeed in someway, make the 2nd team-up movie of that, which could lead to another team-up movies (such as Teen Titans, etc).
    Just my thought :)

    • dont you think 19 batman movies and 16 teen titans are WAY TOO MUCH!!!!!

      • no. these things always get rebooted and they never get to tell the whole story behind these characters. sure, through the years, different actors will need to be replaced, but as long as they do as good as the last person, or even better, in the role, then it’s all worth it.

    • I get where you’re coming from, but there’s no way that WB/DC will release all of these movies, unless some are animated or direct-to-DVD. Having all of these movies released on the big-screen is just insane. The general movie-watching populace, who is not familiar with the comics, will not want to sit through 19 movies of Batman, or 16 movies of Teen titans. After a few movies, it will no longer stay fresh or original, and the general public will get tired of this.

      In order for this to work, WB/DC would need these movies to make a ton of money, as superhero movies, especially the ones you describe cost a lot of money, so the return needs to outweigh the budget. And it’s highly unlikely that after a few movies in a series, the later movies will still succeed financially, (even if they are fine critically.) So, I don’t think this can work on the big screen. It can probably work as animated movies, or low-budget direct-to-DVD movies.

      And I personally believe that using the plot from comic books, tv shows, and video games is just lazy and probably won’t translate well to the big screen.

  19. why are you focusing on the justice league? the justice society is much more interesting and has a much more interesting back stories. while keeping all the core heroes in play we sidestep the abysmal movies that we all hate (green lantern). also with the society the stylization of a more cel shaded is possible whereas with the league you are more or less forced into hyper reality mode. but what do i know.

  20. I jus want kevin conroy doin the voice over for batman in a live action adaptation gives me chills thinkin bout it

  21. That guy that played luther in resident evil extinction shuld b john stewart jus sayin

  22. Highly anticipating the comback of DC. I only hope it will be as good as/better than the new Marvel movies. DC needs to get out in the movies and do well, or risk getting bested by Marvel. Its a competitive bissness no doubt.

  23. CORRECT! Justice league does NOT need to follow the Avengers mold. It is different. Each Superhero shouldn’t get their own movie. After Batman and Superman movie, each hero to appear in the Justice League movie should have a team-up movie. A.K.A. Womder Woman and Flash… then Green Arrow and Aquaman etc… Be different. Be exciting. Offer something different and you will succeed. Period.

  24. I think that first and foremost, DC needs to be DC. Not Marvel. Don’t do the exact same thing as Marvel, using one superhero as a starting point, slowly introducing other heroes in later movies, having one character bringing them all together in post-credits scenes, and then having them team up to fight nameless, brainless aliens that the US government cannot fight.

    Don’t get me wrong, I loved the Avengers, and most of the Marvel movies leading up to it. I just don’t want to see a copy of it. I want to see something completely original.

    I think DC should focus most importantly on having great storylines, well-developed characters, and very deep and thought-provoking ideas, similar to what Chris Nolan has done with Batman. Focus on the moral issues at hand, with these superhumans (or human vigilantes) taking the law into their own hands, and deciding that it is their god-given responsibility to protect the people. Focus on how the populace itself, the government, the media, etc. respond to these “heroes” (hopefully in a somewhat negative light.) Focus on whether these heroes even want to protect the Earth, and why they want to fight for the protection of mere mortals.

    Also, they should try to make these movies more realistic. Now, I’ve been saying this for a while. The characters themselves can’t be realistic, obviously. If we wanted a completely realistic movie, there wouldn’t be an invincible alien, amazonian princess, and member of an intergalactic space police squad with magic rings. Heck, even Batman isn’t so realistic. If tomorrow, a billionaire decided to go fight crime and dress as a bat, he’d either get stabbed pretty quickly or admitted into an insane asylum. (Of course, most modern billionaires don’t have the extensive training and/or gadgets that Bruce Wayne does, so maybe if a character like Bruce Wayne existed it is realistic. But I digress.) So, the characters themselves can’t be realistic, BUT THE STORY, THEMES, AND ISSUES DEALT WITH MUST BE REAL-WORLD ISSUES. I think that maybe the US government, or a coalition of international governments can be the “villain” in a JL movie. And not even corrupt governments, like is commonly portrayed in these movies, but regular, morally upstanding governments, who are trying to rid the world of these vigilantes/aliens/superhumans who are threatening the very fabric of moral integrity.

    So the issues must be real, realistic, and relatable. The movie should be deep and thought-provoking. Having a “dark and gritty” tone can be nice, but is not necessary. I realize that it doesn’t fit with many DC characters.

    Regarding the order of films/casting choices:

    Superman – No problem there. Henry Cavill and Man of Steel. Just continue whatever storyline is introduced.

    Batman – More of a problem here. I personally think it would be absolutely ridiculous to reboot Batman. WB/DC has quite possibly the most profitable trilogy of all time at hand (assuming TDKR lives up to it’s box-office expectations) as well as one of the most critically acclaimed trilogies of all time (again, assuming TDKR lives up to its critical expectations.) To start from scratch will not only confuse people, it just doesn’t make sense. You have the resources right there, right in front of you. No more reboots, just continue the same Batman. Chris Nolan and Christian Bale are finished, and assuming neither returns, just get a different star and different director, and hopefully keep some of the supporting cast. The tone doesn’t have to be exactly the same, and neither does the storyline. Just release a Batman movie with a different star and director, don’t address the previous movies, don’t do an origin, and it’s assumed it’s continuing with the same Bruce Wayne/Batman. It’s as simple as that. Just like what Schumacher and Kilmer did with Batman Forever. (Of course, if Bruce Wayne dies in TDKR, I guess WB/DC has no choice but to reboot.)

    Oh, and I heard people say Jim Caviziel, Eric Bana, or Jon Hamm. I think any of those can be fine.

    Wonder Woman – There absolutely needs to be a Wonder Woman movie, as she is one of the 3 pillars of JL. This movie might be a tough sell, as it’s a female superhero, and correct me if I’m wrong, but there has NEVER been a successful solo superhero movie where the main character is female. This might just be because movies like Catwoman, Elektra, etc. have been absolutely awful, but it might also have to do with the fact that the majority (not the vast majority, but the majority) of the superhero movie audience is male. (Although maybe I’m wrong.) Anyways, I think this movie is a huge wild card, and it will determine whether or not the DC movie universe will overall be a success or just a meh.

    And regarding casting, people said Olivia Wilde, Lynn Collins, and Bridget Regan who I think will all be great. I also think Jennifer Connelly might be good as well. Jessica Biel, I like her, but not for WW. And for whoever said Mila Kunis, NO.

    Green Lantern – Just like what I said with Batman, keep the continuity. Sure Green Lantern sucked, but you can still do a sequel. Just maybe change up the tone a bit, kick out Blake Lively, and actually get a good story going. Keep Ryan Reynolds, he looks just like Hal Jordan and he did a great job as well. Another solo movie is not necessary, just reintroduce him in Justice League.

    Flash – Flash movie would be great as well, but WB/DC is pressed for time, so they need to get started quickly. I think Bradley Cooper or Chris Pine would be fine. No Shia Labeouf. A no-name actor would be nice too, but let’s keep in mind that this is hollywood, and they need to have some sort of star drawing attention.

    Aquaman – Not necessary, maybe introduce him in JL, or not at all. Same with Martian Manhunter.

    This would be my ideal schedule:

    Summer 2013: Man of Steel (obviously)
    Summer 2014: Wonder Woman (They’d need to get it quickly though. Otherwise, Christmas 2014 is fine.)
    March 2015: The Flash
    Summer 2015: Justice League (with Batman and Green Lantern being reintroduced there, with same basic continuity as before. Maybe also reintroduced in WW/Flash as well.)

    Regarding the godfather/small group of collaborators, here are same names that come to mind: Bruce Timm, Chris Nolan (he probably won’t direct, but they NEED him on as a producer), Jonah Nolan, David Goyer, Zack Snyder, Wally Pfister (who’s moving to directing), Grant Morrison. Maybe they can also get JJ Abrams.

    But I still believe that above all, no matter if they do the JL movie first, solo movies first, whatever. THEY NEED TO BE DC AND NEED TO BE DIFFERENT. Movies must have great characters, plot, and real-world issues, as well as deep and thought-provoking themes.

    • You, sir, just posted my exact idea about how to make this movie work. A Wonder Woman film is a must and a Flash film is ideal. Use Man of Steel as the launching point. Reintroduce Batman in Wonder Woman and have Green Lantern help Flash defeat his villain, which would bring up the idea of these heroes joining together. Batman can play a smaller part in the Justice League movie since his primary focus is protecting Gotham, but have him “run” the team when he is there. Introduce Martian Manhunter in JL. Have the villian be a Cadmus-like government group who isn’t necessarily evil, just misunderstands these super-humans and is threatened by them and have a Lex Luthor type character who has a vendetta against the heroes help them.
      Your timeline is great, a little rushed, but the order is spot on.
      In regards to actors/actresses I like Olivia Wilde or Megan Gale for WW. Chris Pine or Adam Brody for Barry Allen. You can keep Reynolds as GL. Manhunter would have to be CG, unfortunately, but I kinda like Laurence Fishburne for the voice. Joe Manganiello could be a good choice for Batman, assuming Bruce Wayne isn’t killed off in TDKR.
      I agree completely with the group of collaborators, except for J.J. Abrams. I just don’t see the merit the guy brings to these projects.
      There’s my two cents regarding this project. Love the Justice League, I just hope Warner Bros. can do them justice (no pun intended)

  25. What all of you don’t understand is that this is cinema-not comicbooks or whatever. As long as you make it a great film, no one will bother you. The new Star Trek movie from 2009 had plenty of great feedback, yet some diehards were upset because of the alternate timeline. Take a break you guys, the quality of a movie comes first. That’s why they Hollywoodize it. Yes, studios may be looking to impress some diehards but the general public needs to also view these movies. And yes, I do think it’s stupid to reboot Batman, even after all you guys have said. 19 movies? Are you kidding?
    Yes, now I think Chris Pine is the best choice for the Flash. Some people, however, are so blind they can see the reasons you have to reboot Batman, yes you have to if he dies but if he doesn’t…, but they can’t see why you have to reboot Green Lantern. I saw that movie in theaters with a few friends and it was terrible. I never want to go through that again (there are some movies like that). I also have another bone to pick with some of you ‘cinema purists’. True, Michael Fassbender and Benedict Cumberacth (or however you spell his name, but I know that since I didn’t spell it right some of you are going to swarm this post) are good actors, however some of you out there act like they’re the next comings of Spencer Tracy, Humphrey Bogart, or James Cagney. I bet most of you don’t even know who those 3 are and if so you better turn in your badge of being a self-proclaimed ‘movie purist’.
    Yes, I too was one of the fortunate ones to see The Avengers in theaters (who isn’t?) and yes, I’ve seen Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Some of you act like all 3 of them are the best things since Casablanca or The Godfather. And then there’s some of you that think it’s the equivalent to dirt just because you are as cynical as Rick Blaine. You know what? I don’t agree either way. I believe all 3 are great movies and are a tad bit off of the top 100 movies of all time. See, they’re not one of the very top, they’re just on the barrier (some might be confused with what I’m saying here so let’s move on). The point is, yes, people are excited for this movie. But there’s some that don’t even know of a potential Scorsese-De Niro-Pacino-Pesci teamup because most of you don’t know who they are!

  26. Why can’t people see that they HAVE to reboot Batman? For one, Nolan wanted this to be a SEPERATE universe. With the success that Nolan brought Batman, WB should condone his wishes & LEAVE IT ALONE. Also, another reason is because Batman is too old. TDKR takes place 8 years after TDK. 8 years of fighting crime. That takes a toll. Say he doesn’t die, how about Bane? Don’t you think after Bane, he wants to quit? BB, TDK, TDKR should be its own trilogy. Leave Batman alone reboot it by just putting him in JL. He doesn’t need his own movie.

  27. In my opinion, this whole competition thing is a little redundant.
    DC has had one good string of movies so far, Batman. And now they are giving us Ollis in his own TV series.

    Smallville was reported successful.

    So, when Nolan is done, lets do what DC has already done. Something akin to The New 52. i don’t mean to use N52’s story or whatnot, but lets drop the movies. Lets go with television.

    “Reboot” Adam West’s tv series, give us a new Batman series. (Though id like to see another batman movie as “The Robin Trilogy” -leave steph as spoiler-)

    “Reboot” John Shipp’s The flash.

    “Reboot” Lynda Carter’s Wonderwoman.

    For a character that needs a big budget like Hal and J’ohnn, give them movies.

    THEN tie it all together, with the TV characters.
    In my opinion, i cannot see how using TV/Movie crosses as bad. The cast of Star Gate SG-1 did movies post series, same with Star Trek.
    Besides, if they went the route of TV series, they can manage to find a better likeness to each character, rather than all of these conversations on who the best bigstar actor would be best for what hero!! (Again, i am anti Bale)

    • Wont it be cool if Batman contacts them and simply looks at footage of the other heroes on the Bat- computer and a compilation of evidence of the coming evil,ending with Alfred and Bruce having some banter about him actually asking others for help.