5 Tips For Building the DC Movie Universe

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5 Tips For BuildingThe DC Superhero Movie Universe

DC Comics Movie Universe Justice League DiscussionAfter the success of Marvel's The Avengers, we've seen DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. actively taking steps towards building a shared movie universe for their lineup of superheroes. While details on the exact nature of this endeavor are still taking shape, we do know that DCE/WB wants (needs) superheroes to replace Harry Potter as their fiscal centerpiece. The defunct Justice League movie has been dusted off, and while Chris Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises might not mark the beginning of the DC Movie Universe (DCMU), Zack Snyder's upcoming Superman reboot Man of Steel very well could.However, Marvel didn't just jump from the success of Iron Man to the Mega-success of The Avngers: there were missteps and growing pains along the way. While it can be intimidating to have to follow a successful act, we have five suggestions that could help the DCMU give the Marvel Movie Universe a (literal) run for its money.

Pick a Shepherd

After the success of The Dark Knight, it was rumored that Chris Nolan could "godfather" the DC Movie Universe, starting with his story and producing credits on Man of Steel, possibly leading to a directorial job on Justice League. With The Dark Knight Rises ending Nolan's take on Batman, it remains doubtful that the acclaimed filmmaker will hang around to manage the board for DC/WB in the same way that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige oversaw the construction of that universe.Of course, DC has other strong contenders for the job: Bruce Timm being one of them. If you don't recognize the name, Timm has been the prominent mind behind the DC Animated universe - starting with Batman: The Animated Series in 1992 and continuing through the current line of (often excellent) direct-to-DVD animated features. There is arguably nobody better than Timm when it comes to telling an authentic DC superhero story onscreen. While his work has largely been in animation, Timm is a well of knowledge and insight that could be tapped to build a DC movie universe.At the end of the day: Kevin Feige proved that having a shepherd is the best way to steer a shared cinematic universe. DC/WB just needs to tap the right guy (or gal) to lead the flock.

Form a Small Circle

Sure, movies are collaborative endeavors that involve hundreds of people, but sometimes a small cabal gets things done more efficiently than a big team. Once DC/WB has a shepherd leading the way, they should keep their creative circle small. Marvel had some serious shakeups with their directors and writing teams during their "Phase 1" Avengers rollout, and are learning that sometimes, fewer cooks are more effective in the kitchen.DC/WB has big names already in its stable: Chris Nolan, Man of Steel director Zack Snyder - other talents like Bruce Timm, longtime DCU director Lauren Montgomery (Wonder Woman), Writer/director Greg Berlanti (Green Lantern, The Flash), Jonathan Nolan, acclaimed comic writers like Grant Morrison and DCE Exec/comic book writer Geoff Johns (Green Lantern). Basically, the writing and directing talent for the DCMU is already in house - all that's missing is studio trust (example: Berlanti and J. Nolan have both been in line to direct some DC movie projects).Think about this: Marvel has parted ways with all of the "big-name" directors who helmed their lead-in films; so maybe utilizing a small circle of in-house talent would save DC/WB a lot of headache in the long run.

Tie the Branches Together

DC Comics Warner Bros Movies TV Shows Cartoon Animated SeriesDC Superheroes has been tearing up the competition when it comes to cartoons - especially when it comes to animated features on the home video market. Not only should DC/WB be tapping the minds behind that successful animation branch for their feature films (as we keep suggesting) - they should be tying all of these lanes together into one big shared universe.Marvel scrapped their acclaimed Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes cartoon - in order to reboot it as a more direct extension of the movie universe. See, DC? The competition is already learning this tactic. With DC having a vastly superior animation branch, this multi-platform extension should be a no-brainer (and let's not forget the success of Smallville and the buzz surrounding the upcoming Green Arrow TV show). Unfortunately, Nolan's Batman films are (currently) the only successes on the film front. That's all to say: A DC multi-platform shared universe is already there in loose form, and has been successful on all fronts. Just build bridges between the different properties and you're golden!TV Green Arrow in a Justice League movie? Movie characters guest-starring on the TV shows? Second-tier characters and side-storylines getting animated features? Heck, we could play in that sandbox all day long. But god help the men and women who have to tie it all together for Justice League...

Change the Formula

DC Superhero Movies Batman Supeman Wonder Woman Flash AquamanThe Marvel films have been great - but they have also unfolded according to a pretty strict formula (comedy/action, three-act/three-battle story arc). But the formula works, so why change it?Because any comic book fan will tell you: DC is not Marvel. Different heroes, different worlds, different styles and tones. The intrigue of The Justice League is just how different the respective characters truly are: a Wonder Woman film and a Batman film should be nothing alike, as each character and their mythos have a different tone and feel to them (dark/gritty vs. sword and sandals mythological epic).Take a page from the book of Nolan: don't be afraid to make bold creative choices; make art (not just entertainment) out of your superhero films; chase that next Oscar nomination, even. If Green Lantern demonstrated anything, it's that maybe the Marvel approach just isn't a fit for DC heroes.However, the game has changed. Things are different now. The Avengers upped the ante. Some would say DC/WB needs to at least entertain the possibility of switching things up and jumping into a Justice League movie sooner before later (possibly after a Batman/Superman movie) - launching the lesser-known characters in their own films after the fact.

Learn from the Competition

Marvel Movies vs. DC MoviesWhile it's important to know where and when to do your own thing, it never hurts to study the competition, either. Marvel Studios had both great success and some serious missteps while learning how to build their cinematic universe; DC/WB would do well to note what worked and what didn't - where tactics should be imitated, and where to diverge and build their own brand, in their own way.Take the lessons that Marvel had to learn the hard way: maybe big-name directors aren't always the best way to go; guys with both comic and TV/Movie experience can be assets (Joss Whedon, Bruce Timm); standalone films need to be able to truly stand alone; a well-picked star can carry the franchise (and that star need not be a young guy). Go big, and you can go home happy (read: rich).I would still maintain that DC superhero films need to have their own distinct tones and styles - and at this point there's still question of how soon to do a team film - but regardless of those issues, there is still plenty to be learned from the path that Marvel blazed - and will continue to blaze, as they enter "Phase 2" of their own movie universe.

What Are Your Ideas?

Justice League movie scriptWe've laid out some ideas for how the DCMU could be built - but there are tons of DC superhero fans out there who have been sitting on their own ideas for how this movie universe should be built, which characters should be included, which stories should be told, and whether or not characters like Batman and Green Lantern need to be rebooted for the shared universe.So let's discuss:
  • Which characters should be in the DCMU?
  • What kind of ideas (or grand visions) do you have for a Justice League film? Your favorite solo character film?
  • Should Man of Steel be the launch pad for the DCMU?
  • Who should play some of the other DC superheroes?
  • Which writers/directors would you like to see involved?
  • Can the DCMU ever be greater than the MMU?
Check back with Screen Rant on the regular for the latest in DC movie (or Marvel Movie) news.
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  1. Here are my picks for the Justice League movie: Green Lantern I’m ok with Ryan Reynolds but they could make GL the Hulk of the DC and just reboot him plus with multiple human Green Lanterns it wouldn’t be that jarring seeing another actor in the role. Wonder Woman after seeing Gina Carrino in Haywire I could easily picture as WW, they even have a WW joke in the movie and she could be one of the smaller names for the movie like Chris Hemsworth was for Thor. Flash and this is a no brainer for me Bradley Cooper as we have seen with the Hangover he has great comedic timing, in the A-team he proved he has the chops for action and in Limitless he showed he can do drama so I am all for him as Flash. Batman if they Bruce Wayne dies at the end of TDKR, what I’m hoping happens is that Joseph Gordon Levitt’s character Jon Blake is not his real name and that he is really Terry Mcguiness from Batman Beyond but I know that is a longshot, so I’m not sure yet for ole Batsy. If they want one more for an even six I would choose Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, or if they really want to push new 52 put in Cyborg. Not sure on who I would cast for those characters though.

    • Jacob, I want to response to your comments about the actors/actress(es) for Justice League Movie. Their are several actors that would be good for several of those roles. Gauis Charles(Smash Williams Friday Night Light tv show) would be a great Cyborg. Ryan Gosslin would be good Flash Ryan Reynolds should stay as GL. Liam Hemsworth( Hunger Games) can be AquaMan and as far as Wonder Woman Aashley Green(Twilight) ir Gina Carrino.

      • Ooh hadn’t thought of Gosling for Flash but good pick on that one. Ashley Greene hmmmm just curious but why pick her? Not saying she isn’t a good actress or anything like that just wondering she isn’t of the main ones I have heard people suggest.

      • liam hemsworth would be a good aquaman. Brad cooper would be a good flash for sure. keep supes or tom welling :). and i know im gonna get crap for this, but justin hartley would be a kick butt batman if he died his hair…

    • I really wish people would stop saying that Gina Carano (please note the spelling ;) ) is the perfect choice for Wonder Woman because she is NOT. She might have the fighting ability and maybe the physique but that is it. She also needs to have a stage presence and acting ability. I saw Haywire and was quite frankly unimpressed with her acting and all she could manage most of the time was to look pissed off. Casting someone who is a fighter 1st and an actor 3rd gets you a 3rd rate actor who can fight. Not the recipe we need for a movie of this caliber. You can fake fighting ability to a certain extent but you cannot fake the acting. And to be perfectly honest she doesn’t have the face of Wonder Woman either.

      I have always been a supporter of Jessica Biel or a more recent discovery of Bridget Regan. Both of these choices fit the needed criteria MUCH better (i.e. they are proven action actors) than an MMA cage fighter.

      • everyone has the right to say who they think who would be perfect .. i actually like biel but NOT as wonder woman … i think gina would be fine as wonder woman .. and i think she is really hott. i look at her in that role similar to how the rock was the scorpion king .. it would be fine and im sure she wouldnt demand too high a salary .. thas another thing dont be shocked if rdj keeps asking for the big bucks they just redo iron man without him .. similiar to tobey in spiderman ..

        • I don’t know if using a bad movie lie Scorpion King is a good basis for an argument for Carano being WW. If anything it proves that people from sports professions (like MMA, wrestling, etc) should not be acting. I’m not saying The Rock hasn’t found a place in acting since then but it has been a rough road and I STILL wouldn’t cast him in high profile movie like JL in a leading role.

          What you and others are doing is letting her “hott”ness and being an MMA fighter cloud your judgment about her being appropriate for the role. As I have said, they need to cast ALL of the JLA members carefully and choose actors who can really act. “fine” is not good enough for the role.

          In fact Carano doesn’t really have the correct physique either, if you REALLY want to find someone with the right body type you will have to turn to the fitness/bodybuilders. I’m sure if we found one with the right body they would be “fine”, right?

          • @ mongoose

            “What you and others are doing is letting her “hott”ness and being an MMA fighter cloud your judgment about her being appropriate for the role.”

            The same can be said about folks just spouting off the names of A-Listers to play these roles simply because they are A-Listers, yet they don’t look anything like the character. Someone in this same blog said justin timberlake should play flash. Another said mila kunis should play wonder woman. WONDER WOMAN! And someone said shia leBeouf should be flash. Another said to have tom welling (simply because he played supes on TV). All A-Listers (either on the big screen or the small screen), yet NONE OF THEM LOOK LIKE THESE CHARACTERS! There are only 2 prerequisites that need to be taken into account when choosing actors/actresses to play superheroes and villains…looking like the character(s) and acting skills. However, only being a good actor is looked at, and the only time an actors/actresses looks are taken into account is when he or she is just the next pretty face. Example: Jessica Alba playing Invisible Woman, Halle Berry playing Storm, Famke Jansen playing Jean Grey, Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine, etc. All good actors/actresses and good-looking, yet NONE of them look like the characters they have played.

            I have said this for years and I will say it again…you have actual people who look like comic characters (in face and body) and can actually act. You just have to find them. Nevertheless, I also said years ago that Gina Carano would make an excellent wonder woman, however, I was saying that because she looks like her. If she can’t act then find an actress who looks gina carano who can act. Also, if carano can’t act, but has the wonder woman look, and the director really wants her then, let her go to acting school, and put her with the best acting teachers so she can actually learn the craft. This is why choosing an actor/actress to play a these particular character(s) (comic characters) should be made years before the production of said movie starts.

            Again, if I work for Marvel and I know that I am going to make a movie about Luke Cage several years from now, yet I know that i want say…Terry Crews to play Cage, but am not sure if crews can act, I would contact him and his agent, inform them of my plans of wanting him to play Cage in an upcoming movie, and therefore have him in acting classes, doing movie shorts, etc., so long as he does what he needs to do to be able to act the part. I would also saddle him with tons of Luke Cage/Powerman comic books so he can become highly familiar with the character. That’s my responsibility as a casting director or as the movie studio gearing up to make such a movie. Details is highly important, but it is thrown out the window. Example: The Fantastic Four movies, the ghost rider movies, the x-men movies, the 2003 hulk movie by ang lee, the list goes on.

            To just say that… “people who are professional fighters and wrestlers can’t act” simply because they are professional fighters is ignorant, in my opinion. Some of these people may be a natural when it comes to the craft. Others may be quick studies/learners. In any event, we don’t really know because people don’t give them a chance as you are doing. “HEY, THESE GUYS WRESTLE OR BOX PROFESSIONALLY SO THEY CAN’T ACT.” It’s silly.

            You are discriminating against them because of their profession. Back in 2000, when the first x-men movie was about to come out, I disagreed with jackman as wolverine and wanted chris benoit to play him. But I remember reading that Jackman was chosen so the movie could attract the female movie goer. That’s a reason to cast someone to play a comic book character? So you could attract a particular group of people, yet the person you chose looks nothing like the character and is also physically wrong for the character? It’s silly. The response to benoit playing wolverine was…”he can’t act”. How do we know that? How do we know that he was not a natural or a quick learner in the craft? Wrestling itself is acting. Not just is the outcome of wrestling matches, but outside of the ring when they show the wrestlers interacting with one another. It’s not the best of acting, but at least they know something. He could have been helped to expand the little he knew.

            As for the Rock/Dwayne Johnson. I don’t think he is a terrible actor. he is a good actor, and has chosen roles that are total opposites of the roles he has played to avoid being type-casted. There is nothing wrong with that.

            The formula for choosing actors/actresses to play comic book roles is…first choose the actor who look like the character(s). If they can already act good. If they can’t they do what is necessary for them to hone the craft. If we only choose folks solely for their acting ability then Meryl Streep should to play wonder woman.

            • wow, I’ve been called a lot of things on this site (both good and bad) but I believe this is the first time ignorant was used. I think however your comment is a bit misplaced and you misread my previous post because I am a pretty well informed person who never blindly posts something.

              I never said, “people who are professional fighters and wrestlers can’t act”. I said, “I don’t know if using a bad movie like the Scorpion King is a good basis for an argument for Carano being WW. If anything it proves that people from sports professions (like MMA, wrestling, etc) should not be acting.”

              To simplify that…….I thought the Scorpion King was a bad example to try and prove that sports types can act in general. That’s it. I would never EVER use a blanket statement with the word “can’t” because it’s too final and bad diction. Sorry you read more into it than was intended.

              I also do think Rock has found his acting legs (finally) and is a decent actor but I would never put him up for a highly demanding dialog part. He is and always will be an action star, which is fine.

              I do agree with much of what you said but the one thing I don’t agree with is picking someone because of how they look and then sending them to acting school. You just can’t send someone to acting school for a few months and hope they will learn the craft. Conversely you CAN send someone to a fighting school and, in a few months, have them learn enough to fake fight (that and having them hit the weights and dieting). This point has been proven time and time again in Hollywood.

              There is a reason why A list actors make the money they do, because it is not an easy craft to just pick up. Sure there are a select few out there who are naturals (Brad Pitt comes to mind as one of those few) but, by and large, it takes years of training to be a believable actor and even then you have to have a certain talent for it. So to suggest otherwise is folly. I would bet you though that they did exactly as you suggest with Carano already with Haywire and you can see what the result was…..It is just not a recipe for success.

              As for a Wonder Woman match…….these are the qualifications I have looked for in no particular order:

              1 – They need to be 5’8″ or taller. I would prefer 6″ but the selection pool drops off significantly. 5’8″ can fake 6′ with high heels.

              2 – They cannot be models, i.e. skinny and waif like. They need to have some meat on their bones with real muscle tone and a natural athletic quality. While it would be nice if they were like 180 lbs (to match that 6′ frame I know this is an unreasonable criteria)

              A lot of people who make suggestions I don’t think realize how short some of their actress suggestions are or how scrawny they look. This is important because WW needs to hold her own in a room full of buff, 6′+ tall guys. Putting someone like Mila Kunis in a costume will make her look like a little girl along side the guys and not a strong, Amazonian princess.

              3 – They have to be able to act. Period. Looks only go so far and if I don’t believe their stage presence and they deliver their lines like a block of wood it won’t matter WHAT they look like.

              This also extends to being able to exude a confident stage presence.

              4 – They can fight. It can be fake fighting so this is much less of an issue.

              5 – The physically look like the character. She needs to also look a bit more “handsome” than model like. A quality I have a hard time putting into other words. Probably the most difficult point when coupled with the rest of the requirements so there have to be compromises.

              THIS is what we are trying to match: http://media.dcentertainment.com/sites/default/files/collectible-covers/3421_a_full.jpg

              As for Carano, She has the fighting, height and maybe the physique but not even Carano has the hips or correct body shape imho. Interestingly, Lynda Carter was a pretty damn good match (albeit a bit soft). If she was only 30 today and we could have her gain some real muscle tone and take a few fighting classes, she would be near perfect.

              Carano also has a perpetual look of always being ready to leap across the table and beat the crap out of you. Looking pissed off all the time is not a quality WW should have. She needs to look poised and stoic until it’s time for battle.

              If Hollywood can manage to find a relative unknown who fits those points, great! but Carano is not it imho. Now I’m not going to claim my choices are perfect either (and am always open to suggestions) but I do think they come a lot closer.

              • “I do agree with much of what you said but the one thing I don’t agree with is picking someone because of how they look and then sending them to acting school. You just can’t send someone to acting school for a few months and hope they will learn the craft.”

                First, I know it is not just about acting classes. Nevertheless, by them going to acting classes, it may be reveal that said actor/actress maybe a natural. You could have a possible diamond in the rough, but how would anyone know that if they are automatically excluded because of what they do professionally? It couldn’t hurt to send to acting classes.

                Of course it takes years to learn the craft. I don’t expect a person who can’t act to get it in a few months. This is why i used the terry crews-Luke Cage example as an example, and said /mentioned “YEARS,” when referring to making a future movie YEARS from now (re-read my post and you will see that i said that). Secondly, acting classes were not the only suggestions i mentioned.

                I also said they should do “movie shorts, etc., so long as ‘they’ do what ‘they’ need to do to be able to act the part.”
                The “etc.” is synonymous with the sentence following it. Which means ‘whatever it takes to help the person be believable for the superhero role.’

                Your remark of…”If anything it proves that people from sports professions (like MMA, wrestling, etc) should not be acting.”

                This statement is not discriminating or ignorant? Furthermore, you are labeling an entire group based on 2 people who are members of that group. That is not ignorant or discriminating? Maybe you were being sarcastic with that statement. If so, then there is nothing ignorant about it. However, you never said you were.

                Also, me choosing carano was me saying that she looks like wonder woman. If she can’t act and won’t even learn the craft then i would not want her playing wonder woman. Find an actress that looks like carano who can act. In other words, use Carano’s face as a reference for choosing the right actress (as it pertains to looks). Also use Jillian Michael’s face and body type for choosing the actress to play wonder woman. These 2 women are simply my facial picks for Wonder Woman, not my oscar picks. I don’t want someone who looks like the character, but can’t act. That’s stupid. It would undermine the movie and potential sequels if that ever happened. No one in here wants that. However, i don’t want someone who just simply knows how to act, but looks nothing like the character, either. Why can’t we have both formulas in the film (look the part, and act the part). I see it as laziness by the studios, or them doing a rush job on the production of said comic book films because of the profit they know they will rake in. I feel that is what fox did to the fantastic four.

                Also, my disdain toward your comment was against your comment, and not against you. I just dislike it when people say no to a person, refusing to even give them a test shot, just because of what they do.

                I agree your # 1, 2 and 3 qualifications when choosing an actress to play wonder woman. I understand what you are saying in your # 5 qualification. Wonder woman is an amazon and is physically seen as the “perfect” woman. However, I think you are reaching just a bit too far. Having wonder woman being a bit more “handsome” or beautiful than model-like is like picking an actor who is actually 5’3 to play wolverine. It does not have to be exactly, exactly, exactly that way. Just having an actor who physically looks like wolverine (and who can act) and is about 5’6-5’7 would be good enough, so long as it is noticeable ON SCREEN that he is shorter than cyke and jean, and storm, etc. With that said, the same could apply to wonder woman’s beauty; so long as the woman playing her looks like her and is beautiful. However, we must remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. A woman i may find attractive you may not, and vice versa.

                As for your # 4 qualification. Yes, people can learn how to fight. nevertheless, it is more believable with someone of a fighting profession, and wait for it…WHO CAN ALSO ACT.

                • First, yes I did read your entire post but, considering we are talking about Carano here, found some of your points irrelevant. She has already gone through some acting training and done a movie so we already know she is not a natural. And since this JL movie is supposedly close to getting off the ground, we can’t wait years for her to realistically get better.

                  Second, would you PLEASE stop harping on that sentence and taking it out of context? I thought I explained it but lemme try again….

                  I don’t know if using a bad movie like Scorpion King is a good basis for an argument for Carano being WW. If anything it proves that people from sports professions (like MMA, wrestling, etc) should not be acting.”

                  The fist sentence is important. The Scorpion King was undeniably a bad movie and I was simply saying that if that was the comparison they were using, then maybe they are proving the opposite is indeed true and sports and acting don’t mix. Now IF they had used a different example movie, it would have better proven their argument.

                  Again….I could have probably worded that better so it wasn’t misconstrued but I can’t do anything about it now so get over it.

                  • “First, yes I did read your entire post but, considering we are talking about Carano here, found some of your points irrelevant. She has already gone through some acting training and done a movie so we already know she is not a natural.”

                    No, you did not read all of my post, because if you did you would have seen that I said that if she can’t act or won’t even learn the craft then her face should simply be used as a reference when choosing an actress to play wonder woman, because if you read my post one of the 2 formulas that must be met when choosing actors/actresses to play comic book heroes is that they not only are able to act the part but also look the part. I also said that Carano is only my facial pick for wonder woman, and, again, that her face should only be used as a reference for chosing the actress to play her because Carano (in my opinion) looks like her.

                    “The Scorpion King was undeniably a bad movie and I was simply saying that if that was the comparison they were using, then maybe they are proving the opposite is indeed true and sports and acting don’t mix. Now IF they had used a different example movie, it would have better proven their argument.”

                    You are still not getting it. You can’t use one movie and one or two professional fighters to prove that professional fighters can or cannot act. It solely relies on the individual. No matter how much you try to “clean up” your remark, it (the remark) is still insensitive, discriminating, and ignorant, because ignorance is ignorance whether intentional or not.

                    Also, I will get over it when you stop making such remarks.

      • @Mongoose I’m with you. I saw Haywire and her acting was wooden and stilted. And to be honest, the fighting wasn’t all that either, it was very telegraphed and fake looking, more like what it would look like as they practiced the moves for the movie. Watch any of the Bourne movies and THOSE fighting scenes look much more fluid and dynamic. And although she wasn’t bad looking, she definitely was NOT Wonder Woman.

        • yeah thats cause damon was boss in the bourne films ..

      • I forgot about Bridget Regan she was in the Seeker tv series correct? She would definitely be one of my picks as well now that I think about it.

      • I like Jessica Biel as well, but I see her as Hawkgirl and not WW..

    • I don’t understand why you have to compare EVERYTHING to the Avengers movie. This is a whole new thing. I don’t get the need ofr you to do all your basis with that movie. This is a whole new thing. A whole new universe. Geez, Avengers movie fans. Until now, I still have to endure all the stupid Avengers jokes on my Facebook home page. Gad, make it stop.

      • Calm down man… he only made like two (legitimate) comparisons.
        It’s inevitable that comparisons between Avengers and Justice League will occur (and keep occurring… for MANY years to come) so if you don’t want to hear about it, stay off the internet.

  2. I wonder if we’ll see some simple team-up movies of two or three characters from either Marvel or DC.

  3. I think a primary factor to establishing this DCMU will be how long Superman has been ‘known’ to the general public in Metropolis and around the world.

    Depending how things play out with Man Of Steel, I think a cool tact could be to have Superman’s awesome displays of power serving to make other DC heroes nervous and in response they begin to emerge from their separate corners of existence, coming together to confront him. Each hero seeing a potential threat in the other, (pots calling the kettles black, if you will), before realizing that despite their differences, they all share similar codes of heroism.

    So I guess my suggestion is, make the first JLA movie about whether or not any of these DC characters have any right to take the law into their own hands as they invariably do. And feature no main villain (well, maybe just Lex, manipulating the situation and stirring the pot) just JLA members struggling to have faith in each other, as the public struggles to have faith in them, to trust in their unwavering moral codes.

    Would be good to see most of the JLA try to take down a manipulated Supes and get their asses handed to them. Then maybe Supes goes off world, the public’s faith in him lost, while the defeated JLA members scrape themselves off the pavement and vow to solidify the league, in case Superman decides to come back. Roll credits.

    JLA2 could see his heroic return just in time to turn the tides of an overwhelming threat (Doomsday? or Darkseid maybe?), and we see that the JLA forms up behind him very well indeed?

    Just some thoughts…

  4. Good article, Kofi. I do agree with you that DC is better when it comes to TV shows and animation, but they are also better than Marvel when it comes to video games. Secondly, DC should follow the path that marvel blazed. Since Nolan’s batman is (in my opinion) the best thing DC has right now, they should tie the other potential DC films around him (Batman) only for the sake of continuity/as a way to help introduce other DC heroes. Thirdly, if you want the actors who are playing DC heroes on TV, to show up in actual DC big screen films, they need to choose the actors who look like the characters/have features that reflect actual DC heroes. I say this because TV shows about superheroes tend to pick actors to please the tween/teen crowd. Smallville is a good example as hey never really showed clark kent physically grow from a young high school student into a man. Even during the later years of Smallville, Welling still looked like a high schooler; and their were people who were actually saying that he should play Bryan Singer’s superMAN before Brandon Routh got the roll. Can you imagine seeing welling as Superman standing next to Christian Bale’s Batman in a future Justice League movie? I think not.

    • Better to start a fresh Batman imo, so we can eventually have new iterations of The Joker, Catwoman, Scarecrow etc. Also, the thing with Nolan’s Batman is that he is ready to give up the mantle when Harvey Dent starts showing promise, so what you think he’s gonna do when Superman shows up to protect the Earth.

      Nolan’s Wayne would be in the Bahamas before the ink had a chance to dry.

      • Agreed.

    • DC hasn’t really made a lot of superhero movies so for one to say they don’t know how to make movies is a bit unfair. Isn’t it?
      Marvel has a lot of underrated movies compared to DC.

      • ..and lets start the counting from Blade was released, if you want to….

      • exactly, their other heroes simply weren’t the main focus until after HP. Thats all really.

      • I agree, it’s unfair to say DC cant make a good movie cuz theyve only made a few and that marvel makes better movies because they just keep spitting them out. i mean if you realy step back and look at it, before the xmen, marvel couldnt make a GOOD movie to save there life!
        at least that my opinion ;)

  5. This is a nice article. Lately I have been in a DC mood rewatching DCAU shows and Young Justice in which even secondary characters and villians get a chance to truly shine. After the success of the Avengers I will defintely like to see what DC does in response. In tackling this article:

    DC should have someone given the chance to ochestrate the cinematic universe and Bruce Timm has already done just that in animated form and him and his team have been bringing out good-great animated features as well. The knowledge of the essence of these characters and how to build and tie-in different characters and set up large story arcs is needed. Bruce Timm will be perfect but if not someone is defintely needed to shape the universe and combine distinct heroes together.

    Now ofcourse some can argue that animation is not the same as live-action adaptaion and this is true but as Brad Bird showed last year, someone with animation experience can cross over and create a grounded yet exciting film that is not only solid in itself but help reinvigorate interest in an uncertain film franchise and put a certain star back on the map after some time. Hell I wouldn’t Brad Bird tackling some DC comics adaptation after watching Mission Impossible: Ghost Protical and the Incredibles.

    As stated Bruce Timm is there and can help create the universe. But he or anyone else can’t do it themselves. As number four stated a group of filmmakers, writers and directors, with passion for a project and able to cooperate with one another. And while there should be much communication between filmmakers writers and a middle man
    or woman, each director and writer shouldn’t be afraid of branching out and making bold, ballsy creative choices. DC should stay away from the formula and the tone of Marvel Studio films (as Green Lantern did- BTW I didnt mind it that much) and be unafraid of going the extra mile like the Nolan’s Batman films. Filmmakers should be encouraged the make their films stand-out on its own merits (chase the oscar even) and leave the consultant, Sheppard or Godfather (or w.e you will like to refer to it) to bridging the characters and shape the story to set up the universe. Wonder Woman and Batman stories should be different on their own tonally and structure but there would be an overseer who can see and come up with ways of tieing the characters together without sacrificing their own potential.

    A leader consultant and a team of cooperative filmmakers who can work together (along with the consultant)without being afraid of making bold creative choices is what DC/WB need to set up a cinematic universe that can farther than what Marvel was able to do. Changing tones and structure will be different from the safe-formaliac structure of Marvel Cinema and be a challenge without neccessarily ripping off their films.

    • * I wouldn’t “mind” seeing Brad Bird…..

    • Sorry for the grammer mistakes and all by the way. Kind of busy at the moment but wanted to comment. I hope the point gets across.

    • @ NightWing

      I prefer Young Justice over the current Ultimate Spiderman that is being shown on television. Young Justice is very witty, yet very serious, whereas Ultimate Spiderman is too childsish

      • Mr. Day

        For months I kept hearing that Young Justice and Legends of Korra are two of the best shows on television, animated or not. I caught up with Young Justice just in time to watch the last three episodes of season 1 and have currently watched all of season 2.

        Young Justice is one of the shows that provides the child entertainment on Saturday Morning neccessary but is not afraid of being witty or serious as you say. It doesn’t dumb itself for audience but rather shows some darker and mature storytelling while still remembering its not Saturday morning. I like that it is not a direct adaptation of comic stories (although elements do make their way) rather the plot has twists and mystery while keeping audience entertained. Every episode builds up from a previous episode and even the smallest detail can be brought back up in a future episode as important/useful- Red Tornado’s human disguise sub plot.

        I also like that I can relate to the characters. They were never too childish but now that some are closer to my age and attening college like me its cool.

        I think the world of Young Justice is a nice blend of grounded yet semi-comic booky that can be used in the live action films with just a little tweaks. And it also goes to show that distancing a little from the book’s storyline history can go a long way in creating nice original story archs. Plus I like how the revamp characters like Sportsmaster to be threatening lol :)

        • @ NightWing

          “It doesn’t dumb itself for audience but rather shows some darker and mature storytelling while still remembering its not Saturday morning.”

          I agree with you there. The only problem I have is actually catching it at times, because I do forget to DVR it when I am out. I also have to say that one of my favorite toons was Justice League Unlimited. That show had some serious story telling. I am hoping they bring the show back, but with a different artist.

          • what if the young justice team and Bruce Timm teamed up for this JL movie!?! Irealy feel that YJ jit the nail on the head and the seriousness and real life issues of the show should be more pressent in DC’s film rather than the “were just gonna fight the random evil monters the us government cant” like Avengers did. DC should be move heavy and gritty with real world issues on a global and international scope

            • And that is why Bale’s second batman, grossed OVER ONE BILLION dollars.

  6. Everyone has an opinion on who could play the better known DC heroes but personally i think peter mensah (oenomaus)would be a fantastic martian manhunter i really do

  7. Wonder twin powers… ACTIVATE!
    “I’ll be a golden eagle!”
    “I’ll be an ice cage!”

    Seriously… maybe they don’t need to do this. They’ll oversaturate the market and screw up the Marvel phase 2/3. It can happen.

    But they’d need the Wonder Woman movie to knock it out of the park for this to work. I say get the clash of the titans directors to team with the writers of Rome or deadwood. Put in a credits button scene with Diana arriving in Metropolis and introducing herself to Supes, then we see that the both of them are being watched by Batman… pure awesomeness.

    and just for the heck of it… Screenrant rocks!

    • boooooo,

      “SHAPE of an eagle”
      “FORM of an ice cage”

      -1 for you.

  8. Long shot for flash…… Justin Timberlake.

    • huh?

    • NO.

    • No just no

  9. Give Barry Allen Flash a trilogy, introducing all other Flashes. For JL, Allen sacrifices himself to the Speed Force in order to defeat Darkseid, Superman finishes him off of course.
    Jeffrey Donovan as Barry Allen

  10. Here are my thoughts:
    Bruce Timm is the Shepard. Justice League gets made after man of Steel. Wonder Woman should be played by Oilvia Wilde. She LOVES WW. Batman by a different actor since Bale goes with Nolan. Maybe Jim Cavizel. Green Lantern should be played by the Jon Stewart character, maybe Luke Fisher. Flash by Bradley Cooper. And that’s all we need. Cyborg would be an iron Man wannabe, so no. Green arrow same problem. Martian manhunter is too much alien. After JL movie then they can make spin-off movies.

    • Jim Cavizel while awesome would be too busy working on his hit series Person of Interest and Olivia Wilde for WW hell yeah dude that’s a great pick I had never thought of. The guy you suggested for GL what has he been in?

    • Cyborg would definitely NOT be an IM analog. Cyborg is a student (brilliant, yes, but athletic and not in need of an attitude adjustment like Stark was). Cyborg would have a unique element on the team in that he gained his powers literally to put his life back together. He is closer to Hulk than IM, if anyone…but he is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT character from Bruce Banner as well.

      This is, of course, not to say that I would mind seeing MM or others on the team. I’m simply pointing out that Victor Stone would not confuse or bore anyone…if done well and right.

      Also, Green Arrow and Hawkeye are totally different characters, so GA could still function quite well on the team. Actually, GA is closer to IM than Hawkeye in terms of character origin but still different (certainly more than enough to be a featured hero).

      As for Martian Manhunter…too much alien? Really? He is a shapeshifting alien and can even more easily fit into the DCU than most of the other heroes (and villains), because he’s been around for awhile and is smart and observant. I firmly believe he would fit into the film beautifully as another unique element…ESPECIALLY in contrast to Superman (and GL as a member of an alien police force and Hawkman/Hawkgirl if the alien warrior version is used or referenced).

      • Always liked MMH. I can’t really explain why but I was a bit miffed that the “new 52″ replaced him with Cyborg as a founding member. MMH is one of the more unique characters with shapeshifting and desolidification. So to replace him with a character that is part Superman (being tough), part GL (energy projector), and Batman (tech guy), made little sense to me.

        The only reason why I believe they did it was to give the founding team some ethnic diversity. I guess a green alien from Mars is not good enough. :P

        • its funny that you say that because i always felt MMH was the one who brought that ethnic diversity to the league, i guess thats because in the animated series he was voiced by a black dude…which is how i also think he should be casted if they put him in the movie

        • My understanding of his placement in the New 52 is that (according to a brief allusion in his current series “Stormwatch”) he WAS with the JLA in some capacity–or at least worked with those various heroes–before leaving and joining Stormwatch. I don’t think we know yet WHY he’s with one instead of the other…that momentary revelation by MMH himself seemed purposely vague and mysterious, as if something caused him to leave. He may, in fact, be later revealed to have helped bring the JLA together and might even rejoin himself at some point.

          As it stands, he does seem to have a felt presence on THIS team, so maybe the DC people wished to give him a bit more exposure, apart from being the OTHER invulnerable, flying alien on a superteam.

          Just a consideration…

          BTW, I too love his character and hope to see him used more, BUT I think Cyborg is definitely an interesting enough character to be in the JLA at the present time.

    • i vote for you! only thing is i realy would love to see green arrow, maybe bump up his importance or something! also bradley cooper seems perfect but i just cant picture it…i feel like he maybe to old and not capture the fun and energetic barry we need

  11. As an avid comic reader and die hard marvel fan, this is all wrong. We need to stop pitting the two companies against each other and just deem this as an overall win for superheroes.
    Namely because neither will ever be good enough until:
    HULK v. SUPERMAN and
    BRUCE WAYNE v. STEVE ROGERS…until this is filmed or animated, neither company is bold enough. Period. You really wanna see who’s better? It’s not about the box office intakes, it’s about WHICH CHARECTERS ARE MORE POWERFUL.

  12. I don’t know if she can act or not… but Katy Perry pretty much resembles Wonder Woman quite perfectly if you ask me. Dark hair, light eyes, long legs..

    If she can act well, I would pick her.

    • huh what?

      • Jillian Michaels makes an excellent wonder woman. She has the body, and the dark features, and the face. The only dilemma is that she is too short (5′ 2.5). If we could get someone who looks just like her, but is about 8 to 9 inches taller, that would be great.

    • WOW This is the dumbest, crazies comment I’ve read beside reading about Justin Timberlake playing the Flash. Where do you people come from? F!@##$king fools

      • Not sure if you are referring to me, but if you are I think you should know that i am not a teenager, much much older. second. I only said Michaels because she looks like wonder woman, and has the body for her. The only issue is, as i stated, is that she is too short. Of course i want someone who can act the part, and I don’t think she can, however, my choice of her wasn’t for her acting skills or lack thereof, but because she looks like her. Thirdly, it is highly ignorant to call a person’s comment dumb when you have not made any casting suggestions yourself, or even explain why you disagree with the choice a ranter made. Now that’s dumb. I think some in here would refer to you as a troll.

    • Uuuuummmmmm no.

    • :o

  13. Shepard absolutely should be Bruce Timm
    Batman: John Hamm Justice League and his own franchise

    Super man: Henry Cavill that is if Man of Steel doesnt blow, continue franchise

    Wonder Woman: Bridget Regan, No Solo Movie, be happy the Animated Movie was as good as it was and leave it at that.

    Green Lantern: Ryan Reynolds, change up the costume a bit darker green solid color, less humor, continue the franchise, Oh and stay in space for most parts Galactic space cop remember oh and they should introduce John Stewart in the next movie, so he can show up in JL

    The Flash: Bradly Cooper, personally I think Ryan Reynold s would have been better for this role and Cooper would have been a better GL but whats done is done, oh Yeah and the Flash should get a solo movie

    Hawk Man: Joe Manganiello no solo Movie

    Green arrow: Alexander Skarsgård Maybe use the guy from the Tv show but I reserve judgement till I see a episode or two, I already dont like certain changes to the characters back story , but i loved the death stroke teaser

    Martian Manhunter: Billy Crudup no solo movie

    • I see why you picked regan for wonder woman. She has the long black hair, and may have the face, but i would want regan hitting gym. Wonder Woman, as I have seen her has a lean, strong, muscular feminine body. I am not talking about Ms. Olympia, but a lean enough body to where her muscles are noticeable. A few years ago, people were saying that China from the WWE should play her, but China is too muscular.

      My pick would be jillian michaels, but she is too short. She is 5’2.5. Someone who looks like Michaels, but is much taller would be excellent. Michaels has the body, which I think is perfect for Wonder Woman. Her muscles are noticeable and she doesn’t look like a man, all the while still feminine. Again, excellent call on regan.

      • And yes, though I said Michaels, we would need someone who can really act. Just thought I throw that out there before folks start complaining about the “being able to act the part” stuff.

      • Funny you should mention Chyna. She actually does star as a superhero in some “films”. She recently played She-Hulk in The Avengers XXX Porn Parody, and I think she’s also getting a solo She-Hulk porn movie. No joke, this woman is now doing straight-up porn.

        So yeah, I seriously doubt that parents will take their kids to see a Wonder Woman movie with a pornstar as the leading lady. Not great PR.

  14. Why is it whenever I see a JLA picture I no longer see Green Arrow? Has he been killed off or been phased out?

  15. Can DCMU ever be as big as the MMU? Puh-lease.

    One of the Justice League members has made almost as much as their whole team!


  16. I’d much rather have a trained fighter portraying a fighting character than a pretty face with no muscle tone. We’d be left with quick cut, shoulder head close ups where you can’t see anything. It’s not like anyone playing wonder woman is going to have to sprout lines from Shakespeare.
    The only other way around it would be for an actress to go through the Matrix or 300 type training so she’d develop real looking skills.
    Who’d have thought Kenau Reeves would be able to do real Kung Fu? His acting (or lack of) didn’t hurt the Matrix series one bit, not to mention he had a pretty good cast surrounding him so he didn’t have to carry the movie solo.

    I’ve liked the Batman movies, but not the Batman character in the movies. No one has been athletic enough in my humble opinion to really breath life into him.

    • You pretty much killed your own argument with the Reeves Matrix comment. That right there proves that you don’t need a “trained fighter” to pull off a fighting role.

      You can fake being able to fight, you CANNOT fake being able to act.

      • Mongoose, it is a given that we all want people who can really act. No one in here wants bad acting for any superhero movie. My 2 cents comments is highly sensible. A real fighter to portray say… wonder woman would be more believable and even easier on the director when it comes to takes.

        Several people chose Michael White to play Black Panther for obvious reasons. 1…the guy can really fight (as does the Black Panther), and 2…he has the body to play him. The only dilemma I have is that I am no sure if he can pull off a real African accent. I believe Djimon Hounsou would be better, as he also has the body to play Black Panther. However, I am not sure if he knows any fighting skills.

        • @ My 2 Cents

          A few years ago Gina Carano was my pick for Wonder Woman. I still think she is a good choice, as well.

          And yes people someone who can act.

      • Actually Mongoose I didn’t kill anything. “Trained” is the key word.

        The entire main cast of Matrix went through intensive training in Kung-Fu. 4 months Each cast member had their own style. Reeves and Fisbourne trained their asses off not to LOOK authentic, but to be authentic.

        You can have your actors all you want but in a movie that REQUIRES people to put hands on someone then it better look real. Sorry, but give me Scott Adkins as Batman over Bale anyday. Bale might be a better Bruce Wayne, but not Bats.

        I don’t need my superhero waxing poetically. I can rent the Notebook or sleep through “Drive” again.

        Jason Stahan can’t “act” his way out a paper bag, but who frigg’n needs him to? Throw a costume on him and I’m pretty sure people will be talking about how much A.. he kicked instead of “wow, I got all misty eyed at the way he delivered his lines!”

        • Well 4 months is “looking” authentic. To suggest otherwise is insulting to all those real kung-fu masters out there who have spent decades training. But Reeves in a room with a real master and you will see what authentic really means.

          I stand by my statement that they need to be able to act first and foremost. I’m not asking for them to be able to deliver a Shakespearean prose, but if they can’t deliver their lines believably then it doesn’t matter how well they can fight. The reason why I say this is because dialog, not action, takes up the majority of the screen time. If you added up all the dialog in say The Avengers for IM or Cap compared with the amount of time they were actually fighting, I think you would be surprised.

          Acting ability >>>>>>> fighting ability.

          One can be easily trained and “faked” in a few months while the other takes years to learn. You can’t fake acting.

          I also think Stahan is a good actor. Maybe not Oscar caliber but I have never has a problem with him. Did you mention him because I said somewhere he would make a great Guy Gardner?

          • *at the Oscars* Ladies and Gentlemen.. Best Actress goes to…… as Wonder Woman!

            *wild applause and lots of crying*

        • It takes a hell of a lot longer than 4 months to learn ANY martial art. I have been in taekwondo for years, I know what I’m talking about. In 4 months you’re still learning how to punch and kick straight. They spent 4 months learning choreography, that’s why it looks good. Saying they learned kung fu in 4 months is ignorant and insulting to true martial arts practitioners.

          • You guys sure have your Under roos in a bunch.
            The key word again is “Training”

            actually spending 6 hours a day for 4 plus months equals a good amount of “Training” with actual practioners accounts for a lot.

            R.I.F… R.I.F.. R.I.F if you’re too young to know what that stands for.. “Reading is Fundamental”

            I’m glad you’ve spent 4 years learning Tai kwan whatis and you’re an expertly “Trained” martial artist now.

            To scoff at training shows you cats don’t really understand it.

            Aircrews go through S.E.R.E training. Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape. 2 weeks of intense “Training”.
            “Just” 2 weeks to learn skills to save your life if you go down behind enemy lines. That sure is funny huh. Just 2 weeks of training.
            Lord.. I’m in trouble because I didn’t spend 2 years “Learning” it.

            There’s a huge difference training how to throw a punch and the basics of a form than going through the steps for a sequence and having that edited.


            • I didn’t say 4 years, I said “for years”, 12 in fact. Learning martial arts doesn’t stop when class is over, I train daily, for several hours. And I repeat, YOU CANNOT LEARN $#!+ in 4 months.

    • “I’d much rather have a trained fighter portraying a fighting character than a pretty face with no muscle tone.”


      “We’d be left with quick cut, shoulder head close ups where you can’t see anything. It’s not like anyone playing wonder woman is going to have to sprout lines from Shakespeare.”


      • @ My 2 cents

        MY all caps post of “YEEEEEEES” and “THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU,” was me agreeing with you.

        • @ Mr. Day,

          Yah, I got that man. No need to coddle me like some folk hear. I wear man sized shoes. ROFL.

          Thanks for having my 6 aka my back.

          I was just thinking, Hollywood needs to find a spot for Russel Wong on one of these flicks.

          • LOLOLOL.

            • aackkk..
              I wrote Hear.. instead of here. Sheesh!
              So glad the SRGP (Screen Rant Grammar Police) didn’t lock me up.

    • dude, there has been no one in real life able to accurately portray batman on film because no one in real life is as awesome as The Batman because they’re not BATMAN!!!! BATMAN!!!!

      • also…u guys are try to debate weather or not we pick acting, looks or fighting for the #1 criteria…but its a big world out there and there are a lot of actors to choose from. so i think finding like six-eight (or however many leaguers they want)who are the top of there game on all of the criteria isn’t impossible

  17. Brave and the Bold.
    Worlds Finest

    Do team ups. It’s new and gives each hero someone to play off.

  18. First – those ’claiming’ to be Marvel fans – knock it off with the negativity! As a TRUE fan of both Marvel & DC I find it hard to believe you wouldn’t want a superhero movie to succeed no matter the company. It actually makes me wonder how true a fan you really are. I tend to have read more DC in my life but have read my share of Marvel too. Probably a lot more Marvel than those bashing DC and wishing their movies failure. Did you wish failure on Hellboy too because he isn’t Marvel? Grow up!

    Trust me; the general public doesn’t know who belongs to what group. All they care about is a good movie. Maybe you can learn something from that. You are very sad & pathetic people to post such deep hatred towards these upcoming movies.

    This list is not bad and suggests some good points. Especially the ones about the producers of the DC animated movies. They are awesome! I know there is a big difference between directing an animated film vs. a live film but I still think at minimum these directors can play an important piece in the success of DC live movies. They know these characters inside & out and can probably provide input for every single scene in a live movie.

    • VERY well put.

  19. Honestly, it would take too long to establish a lot of the justice league in their own films before a group venture, and many of the heroes, while popular, dont have the drawing power of batman or superman. I would say do a batman superman movie, that will bring people in for sure and if that does well with a few cameos to test their popularity have batman and superman create the JLA.

  20. I say give it all to Bruce Timm and let him make live action versions of all his animated movies

  21. I agree with much things that you said.

    Man of Steel can defintely be the start up of a new cinematic universe and I like the idea of introducing a world which is cynical to old-fashion heroism. One- Man of Steel’s many alteration of the Superman mythos is an attempt to modernize the hero for a real-world context. What better theme to bring to the film than an actual theme existing behind-the-camera? Two- This characterization of cynical world not only relates to real-life viewpoints on heroisms (Superman v. Elite + What’s So Funny About Truth Justice and the American Way) and allow for better characterization of Superman but also traces back to the 1930s when Superman was created to give America and the World a Hero that was needed.

    This theme of Superman facing a world cynical to heroes will also affect other heroes in later films and can set up the beginning of Amanda Waller and Cadmus/Checkmate program- which can lead to the proposed “Suicide Squad” film. Now I am not sure if there would be scenes/dialouge references other heroes but I suppose last minute addition to the film is possible. Not much but possible.

    Flash and Wonderwoman should be made priority. Since we haven’t heard any significant news in those fronts while hearing about Justice League film, I pray that these films be finalized before and let DC work more on the script for JLA movie. Flash can easily continue the idea of a new hero facing public opinion as he has been in other adaptation (JL: New Fronteir + Justice League TV series). Stories of government action can be introduced here, continuing from MoS. Flash can be a new hero whose film introdues larger science yet still grounded as the MoS film seems to be (relatively) and who has much admiration of Superman.Wonderwoman introduces supernatural themes into this realistic world, isolated but intimately grounded such as Games of Thrones first two seasons, sort of. Wonder Woman’s weapons can attribute to higher science presented in Flash as well. The events in her film and MoS leaves Diana to leave for Man’s primitive gritty world and tries to bring some “truth” to us.

    Now as stated before by other commentators, of which I agree, is the ability to tie these characters together if DC decides to reniforce the different tones of the character, such as the example of Batman and Wonder Woman as presented in the article. But if they balance creation of a complete (read: unrestrained) world of the character and the creation of a world in which all these characters can come together yet remain grounded and plausible (almost as if we wake up tomorrow in which we slowly realize of these Supermen and Wonder women in our world with each passing day). Think of a cross of a Thor movie that felt to restrained in order to fit in the world of Iron Man and the rest and the unrestrained wild Green Lantern which loses resonance with the audience and isolates itself from plausible movie match ups. It would tricky with such a diverse cast of characters and origins that DC bring in a team. Which is why I understnd that some want solo films and a JLA film seperate from each other so both will be free to reach potential without handicaps but I believe the challenge is worth a shot and this is where a strong creative consultant is needed, either in the form of Bruce Timm or someone else. Original creative choices can totally be used to tweak the characters where needed yet make tribute and reach the potential the character has to offer on screen and make it work (Nolan’s Batman Trilogy). Besides this will be a nice way to challenge the formulaic structure of Marvel’s Phase 1 films.

    Now Green Lantern needs another shot on the big screen as a solo feature. As many have stated it is totally possible in making the new reboot being part of the DCU on its own like the Incredible Hulk did without bringing in the first film. The first film will be seperate but function as the origin story/introduction of the characters, while the second film retcons major the plot points and tone of the first film making any changes known through flashback and/or dialogue. The Incredible Hulk did not need the first Hulk movie plot mentioned and recreated much of the facts of how/why Bruce became hulk, but did not retread old waters and put itself in the middle of the story in which some can think is a continuation of the first movie but is not neccessary. GI JOE is doing something similar and GL could totally do it. Hal Jordan has the ring but only a few know of his secret (not Carol Ferris) and he continues training with Sinestro. Hammond and Parallax are not mentioned but an alien attack did happen but was quickly covered up as a terrorist attack to the public- flashback can be used to show a different obscure attack in which only a bright green light was remembered by the general public. While no one knows anything of the green lantern- only seen his light- The Corps see Jordan as a hero and becomes an official Lantern at the beginning of the film. So it fits the ending of GL but does away with some of the more controversial elements of the film. As a pilot in the Air Force he can have ties to Steve Trevor (which directly references WW) and is friends with Barry Allen (Flash), a confidant. A new tone, less CGI and grounded storyline will be present. Ryan Reynolds can defintely return after seeing him give a good peformance inSafe House opposite Denzel Washington. John Stewart can be a supporting character who is hinted at becoming a gl. A great way to tie into the cinematic universe also is having him away on training or a mission during MoS and have him say he needs to investigate. Or maybe Martian Manhunter. Or maybe alien life (invaders) on earth. Amanda Waller can also tie up beautifully as she can be rewritten reconned character from the first GL movie.

    Batman is one of my favorite heroes but a reboot to soon might kill it for fans (Amazing Spiderman looking at you) and can be risk after two successful (three?) Batman films. So I rather Batman next show up in the JLA movie. The character should be slightly redesigned character from the Nolan films. Think Batman who was redesigned visually and in tone for the new Batman adventures and JL after the original Batman: The Animated Series. The new Batman appears in the JLA movie as character who has been working as crimefighter for years (Nolan’s film) and we see the film through his eyes like Captain America in the Avengers. The character of course is dealing with the huge scale of change happening in the world and its affect in humans ( he is the only truly human character besides GL but grounded). Change in character and motive is now writing itself as Batman has come from gritty realism (Dark Knight Trilogy events mentioned) and over the years has seen stranger events. He is older, less trusting but his strong morality and humanity such as in the Nolan films still there. Its his role and POV that can drive the film as it would relate to the cynical world aspect of before and wondering what he can do. His legacy as the first hero is taken by the first superhero Superman.

    Other hero movies I am not sure of as of yet. Martian Manhunter should be a key character introduced in the JL film similar as he was in the animated series and I don’t know whether to have aquaman or someone else but that I am tackling later. I think the flash film will be a great way to introduce the world as MoS was written without the DCMU in mind. In terms of bridging Nolan’s film style for Batman and Man of Steel. Batman Begins defintely showed the comic book roots visually and the Dark Knight Rises show a mixture of that and the hyperrealism of The Dark Knight. The Flash, as he is a cop and down-to-earth(not in space or mythical islands) can bridge the realism with the more fantasical. But in the end it will be a creative effort of the filmmakers and the “godfather” to bridge all the characters together. I am just saying it could start there.

  22. here are my ideas for the dc cinematic universe:

    a flash movie that begins with showing the original flash(jay garrick), while the plot of the movie deals with the new flash(barry allen).

    a wonder woman movie.

    a green arrow movie.

    rather than remaking batman all over again, continue with a 4th movie that introduces the 8-year-old dick grayson(aka robin). the villains should be joker(who has been comatose since batman retired but has returned due to hearing that he’s returned) and penguin. also, show that harvey dent/twoface was never really dead. the film ends with joker and penguin in arkham asylum and joker’s first session with dr. harleen quinzell.

    in the justice league movie, the team should consist of superman, batman and robin, the green lantern(hal jordan), the flash(barry allen), wonder woman, hawkman and hawkgirl, and the martian manhunter(looking like he did in the dcau).

    in the 5th batman movie, the villains are twoface, the riddler, killer croc(looking like he did on the batman), and the mad hatter. at the film’s end, harleen quinzell(now insane and under her new persona of harley quinn) breaks joker out of arkham, which leads into the 6th film.

    in the 2nd superman movie, the villains are lex luthor, parasite, and livewire.

    in the 2nd flash movie, barry allen’s nephew, wally west, becomes kid flash.

    an aquaman movie.

    in the 2nd green arrow movie, speedy is introduced.

    in the 2nd justice league film, all the previous members are present, as well as aquaman, kid flash, speedy, and aqualad.

    in the 2nd wonder woman movie, wonder girl is introduced.

    in the third green lantern movie, the 2nd human green lantern, john stewart is introduced.

    in the third justice league movie, green lantern 2(john stewart) and wonder girl are introduced.

    in the young justice movie, the 2nd aqualad(kaldur’ahm), superboy, artemis, and miss martian are introduced.

    plots for “the teen titans” live-action movie series:

    first off, cyborg, beast boy, raven, starfire, slade, and terra should look
    and sound like they did in the tv series, and each film should be 120-128
    minutes in length(preferrably 128). titans tower should also look the same.

    film 1: robin, speedy, aqualad(garth, not kaldur’ahm), and kid flash meet cyborg, raven, beast
    boy, and starfire, and the plot of the teen titans tv series episode “go”
    is used, taking place within the first 24 minutes of the film, with the
    rest of the film revolving around slade(played by ron perlman), and robin
    temporarily becoming his apprentice.

    film 2: terra is introduced and slade tries to make her his apprentice,
    with events similar to the tv series taking place, and terra killing slade
    and becoming a permenant member of the team.

    film 3: the plot revolves around the hive academy and brother blood. also,
    the film begins with the titans fighting control freak, mumbo, and puppet
    king, and some backstory info on terra is given.

    film 4: slade is brought back by trigon and the events of the tv show’s
    fourth season’s story arc take place.

    film 5: the events of the tv show’s 2-parter “titans east” take place.
    also, the film begins with robin and johnny rancid having a motorcycle
    chase similar to the beginning of tv series episode “fractured”, only
    robin’s arm isn’t broken.

    film 6: several “teen titans” villains(ones seen and unseen in the films,
    except slade and brother blood) team up to destroy the titans. at the
    beginning of the film, the titans fight against johnny rancid and his giant
    robot dog.

    film 7: the plots of the tv show’s episodes “forces of nature” and
    “sisters” take place. the film starts with the titans fighting killer moth
    and beast boy and starfire secretly adopting “silkie”.

    film 8: slade returns and plans to defeat the titans once-and-for-all. the
    film starts with the titans fighting dr. light. also, backstory info is
    given about slade.

    film 9: the events of “teen titans: trouble in tokyo” take place. the film
    begins with the titans fighting brother blood and the joker.

    film 10: the titans and the doom patrol team up to fight the brotherhood of
    evil. the film starts with beast boy and terra fighting slade and
    cinderblock and plasmus, who are being controlled by slade.

    film 11: the events of the tv show’s episode “winner take all” take place.
    the film begins with the titans fighting the clock king and gorilla
    grodd(looking and sounding like they did on the “batman: the brave and
    the bold” tv series).

    film 12: the events of the tv show’s episodes “Masks” and “X” take place.
    the film begins with robin fighting slade.

    film 13: the events of the tv show’s episodes “Calling All Titans” and
    “Titans Together” take place. the film begins with events from the tv
    show’s episode “hide and seek”.

    film 14: the titans face slade for the “last” time. the film begins with
    robin dreaming about the death of his parents and fighting tony zucco, only
    to realize that it’s actually slade and not zucco, and slade then revealing
    that he has killed everyone he cares about, including the other titans and
    batman, and then robin screams “no”! and wakes to the other titans coming
    to his aid. also, speedy starts to call himself “red arrow”.

    film 15: the events of the “teen titans tv show home-console video game”
    take place. the film starts with the titans and the “titans east” having a
    football game and being interrupted by cosmo krank, mumbo, clayface, and
    toyman, who they have to fight.

    film 16(the finale): the titans once again face slade. the film begins with
    batman aiding beast boy and cyborg in defeating the riddler and mumbo.

    • holly movie (budget) madness batman!!!

  23. I keep saying it, but dc has already laid the ground work for an interesting JLA movie through Smallville. And they should continue along those lines.

  24. Only Bruce Timm and THE GREAT Dwayne McDuffie were capable of turning Aquaman into a badass during their legendary Justice League run. The man cut off his own hand to save the life of his infant son. Can’t get more gangsta that that.


  25. The original JLA members were Green Lantern, Flash, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Atom, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, Green Arrow, and Hawkman (& occasionally Hawkgirl). It would be great to get all of these in one movie, but I’m not sure if it could be done with grace and poise, because you also have to get a villain or villains in there, probably several so the baddies could give the JLA a run for their money. And I mean real tough baddies, not just wimpy human ones with screwed up personalities, which you can see any night of the week hanging around the local street-corners and 7-11 stores; or ones with just a namby-pamby power and a grudge. There is alot of hero power here in such a movie, so roll out your big bad-guy guns, DC, and let’s see some slobber-knocker fights! The movie would have to be about 3 hours long, which is OK if it is done well. My favorite characters from the above list would definitely have to include Green Lantern and Flash. Actually, I would love to see Justice Society members Dr. Fate and Hourman together, but maybe the two of them could be in their own solo movie (Kent Nelson as Dr. Fate, Rex Tyler as Hourman….original characters’ names). Digressing a little further, I am hopeful for Green Lantern 2 and a Flash movie, with perhaps Green Lantern 3 co-starring a team-up with The Flash. Perfectly do-able with the right writers. use the Hal Jordan GL and the Barry Allen Flash…and yes, Ryan Reynolds is fine as GL, just knock off most of the cornball humor.

    • Well actually the founding members are; Bats, Supes, WW, Flash, MMH, GL, and Aquaman. The roster was then slowly expanded in the 60′s with Atom, Hawkman, Green Arrow, and Black Canary.

      Considering what it took to get the Avengers movie working, I would say that just the original 7 would be a small feat in and of itself for a JL movie. If they tried to do a Legion of Doom story that cast then doubles because you can’t have some of the JL nemeses and not others. So that is a HUGE and ambitious list w/o throwing anything else into the mix.

      • Superman was not in the original Justice League. Original founders were MM, GL, Aquaman, Flash and Black Canary. Superman did not show up until the second JL outing and did not OFFICIALLY join until much later, when he and Batman joined formally.

  26. Well, for one, I’m still on the bandwagon for Nathan Fillion playing Hal Jordan, and it’s not just because he voiced the animated version. Based on his other roles, he could fit the character well. Also, the first name that came to me for the Flash was Neil Patrick Harris, and though I’m trying to think of more, I can’t shake that one off. Actually, Chris Pine might not be a bad choice. Batman should definitely be rebooted, but because he’s such an established character, the reboot wouldn’t have to come until after the Justice League movie. As far as who would play him, I’m still unsure on it. There seems to be a mutual hatred for Aquaman, but if his story is done like it was in the Justice League and JL Unlimited series, he could be turned into a rather likable character. Unfortunately, the best actor for the part (Chris Hemsworth) is already playing his sky-dwelling Marvel parallel. Recycling Tom Hardy as a hero might not be a bad move, he could pull off either Aquaman or Martian Manhunter. There also seems to be a major want among fanboys for Christina Hendricks to play Wonder Woman. I’m sorry, but apart from her being well endowed, she just doesn’t say Wonder Woman to me. English actress Lara Pulver could be a good fit there.

  27. DC should totally not try to beat Marvel at their own game. I agree with the article that each DC character needs to be handled uniquely. I think that a JL film should be something more dramatic, impressionistic, as opposed to the action-snappiness of the Avengers. If Bale is done, I think James Van Der Beek might work for Batman. But my biggest concern is Ryan Reynolds – I simply could not buy him as a convincing GL. And for Martian Manhunter, get him a better costume. If he is trying to “blend in” (i.e. not freak people out by being an alien), then why still have green skin and wear primary color suspenders?

    • You want DAWSON to play BATMAN?!?!????

  28. The one thing that I have to say about some of the DC animated films (I have not seen them all) is that they sometimes really struggle to feel cinematic. I am not sure why. Bruce Timm does have great credentials, but I am not so sure that I would have him helm this. Batman: TAS was great, but I have not seen anything since that has impressed me as much, though Justice League: New Frontier was very good.

  29. I think they should start with a World’s Finest (Batman/Superman) team up after Man of Steel. They also need Flash and Wonder Woman solo movies before the Justice League. Ryan Reynolds is good as the Green Lanters, but they don’t necessarily need to be big name actors or “young” actors. These heros need to be seasoned. Look at what Mark Ruffalo did for the Hulk.
    I still think Michael Weatherly is a good choice for Barry Allen/the Flash. (Wally West comes later)’t go with too many. Aquaman and Green Arrow can probably wait. Maybe the Martian Manhunter would be a good choice.
    Above all, a good script, similar to those in the animated movies would bring it all together.