Other Potential ‘Justice League’ Directors Reportedly Include Zack Snyder & McG

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Justice League Movie Writer Will Beall Other Potential Justice League Directors Reportedly Include Zack Snyder & McG

The search is on for a viable candidate to direct Warner Bros./DC Comics’ Justice League live-action movie, which accounts for the plethora of JL rumors circulating right now. Early consensus is Zack Snyder’s approaching Superman reboot, Man of Steel, won’t kick off a series of interconnected DC superhero films that build up to Justice League - like how Marvel’s Iron Man laid the foundation for The Avengers; rather, the DC teamup will arrive right after Man of Steel (potentially rebooting the Batman movie franchise in the process).

Some eight filmmakers are reportedly being eyed for the Justice League directing job right now – scroll down to learn who’s been identified as a contestant so far.

Ben Affleck was the first person singled out as a serious contender to tackle Justice League, but he shot down those rumors over the weekend. Shortly thereafter, new reports emerged that Andy and Lana Wachowski are in the running, thanks to Warner Bros.’ approval of their big-budget, star-studded, ensemble adaptation Cloud Atlas – not to mention, their proven adoration of the comic book medium (the Matrix trilogy, for example, was heavily influenced by Japanese manga).

Last night, reports that Brett Ratner could be in charge of Justice League began making the rounds, but were by and large dismissed as rumor (much to the relief of many a comic book fan). However, Peter Georgious of ThinkMcflyThink has lent further credibility to that assertion, while also revealing three more filmmakers who are (or, at the least, were) being considered for JL – namely, Zack Snyder, Ruben Fleischer, and McG.

Snyder is currently busy putting the finishing touches on his Superman reboot, but makes sense as someone who Warner Bros/DC would consider to direct Justice League. The studio has maintained a comfortable working relationship with Snyder through times both good (300, Watchmen) and bad (Sucker Punch); moreover, reactions to the Man of Steel footage released so far has been overall positive. It’s a situation that recalls when Marvel was said to be grooming Iron Man helmer Jon Favreau for the Avengers job – that is, before the mixed response to Iron Man 2 (and the subsequent hiring of Joss Whedon).

Fleischer, by comparison, is fresh off directing the Warner Bros. crime drama Gangster Squad. Preliminary buzz is that the studio heartily approves of the film – which partly accounts for why the movie is currently being recut and delayed, in order to avoid associations with the Colorado theater massacre last month. Gangster Squad screenwriter Will Beall is also penning the Justice League script, so that provides all the more reason to believe that Warner Bros./DC would be open to reuniting the writer-director pair for another high-profile, dark and mature ensemble piece.

The “problem-child” of the aforementioned trio is, of course, onetime music video helmer-turned-filmmaker, McG. He does have such lucrative hits as Charlie’s Angels and Terminator Salvation to his credit, along with a longtime role as co-showrunner on the successful CW television series Supernatural. However, McG is essentially a glorified director-for-hire who specializes in popcorn entertainment – rather than ambitious spectacle-driven projects and comic book adaptations that the Wachowskis and Snyder are known for. Even Ratner boasts X-Men: The Last Stand as qualification for Justice League (yes, we’re citing X-Men 3 experience as a good thing in this case… comparatively speaking).

In The Light of Justice League 570x286 Other Potential Justice League Directors Reportedly Include Zack Snyder & McG

Bear in mind, none of the aforementioned directors should be considered as locks for the Justice League job – assuming they are, in fact, still circling the project (or were actually in the running at any point in time). Moreover, by our count, there are still three people vying for the JL helmer’s chair that have yet to be announced in public, so the winner could be someone else (besides the names discussed here, that is).

None of the filmmakers mentioned so far have spotless track records, but many of them do have a project or two on their resume that suggests they could deliver a satisfying Justice League movie. We will keep our fingers crossed that one of the more promising candidates (or another option altogether) secures the job – and continue to keep you posted, as the story develops.

Who do you want to direct Justice League? Sound off in the comments section.


Source: ThinkMcflyThink [via CBM]

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  1. I wonder if they’re really serious about making a Justice League film or if they want to do this for a cash grab. I feel like WB saw the Avengers and decided to rush this through the pipeline so they can capitalize on Marvel’s success. I hope I’m wrong and they take their time to do it the right way.

    • Its about making Cash…Money,there is no time to wait,or making it the right way !
      All that matters is a product that can bring in the Cash !

      This Movie will fail..reading McG already in that list..God !

  2. im still praying that Nolan comes out of know where and saves the day by directing the JL

    • Nolan will ruin Justice League, he needs to stick to his guns and stay away.

    • As much as you like Nolan I also feel the same way, but JL needs a new direction Nolans style of filming is different and I don’t think it will work for this project. Perhaps Nolan can give out ideas for whoever it is that’s directing

      • I agree with Mercy and il princerino (and with Chris Nolan himself). That ship has sailed.

    • nolan would ruin the justice league .. he would make the flash an olympic track runner who is really fast .. he would make superman a body builder with the heart of gold , he would make wonder woman an mma fighter ,

      • Really? So Superman would be body builder with a heart of gold in Man of Steel?

        • i didnt know nolan was directing it ???? oh wait thats right snyder is .. all nolan did was pitch an idea with goyer to wb and helped them settle on snyder .. nolan as nothing to do with mos he has said so many times they are putting his name on it as a producer so it may attract more people to watch it .. also so he can get some $ even though he is basically doing nothing …

  3. I do not know why they want to rush Justice League. They just saw what Marvel did and the money they made so they want to rush it. DC has the greatest and best superheroes of all time but they are associated with a crappy studio aka WB that just cares about making money instead of offering a good product to the die hard fans like myself. I wish DC would create their own studio like Marvel did. And Please no more REBOOT for God’s sake!!!

  4. As I said before I am worried that WB/DC is rushing this project to catch the hype rather than produce a great film and Cinematic Universe. And as I said before: a good film will always create its own hype, either beforehand or by word of mouth, and be more succesful if carefully created than a rushed cash-grab of a project.

    Of the directors listed here Snyder would make the more sense given his history with working with the studio, his past adaptation of comic books, and of course the Man of Steel. The other directors I don’t really prefer. Not to say they are all bad or worse than Snyder but they seem too hit-miss and not have the qualities to successfully deliver a great Justice League film.

    I would like to know less about possible director candidates and more of the direction WB/DC are wanting to go forth on. The list of director names that are being rumored for the most part are names associated with flashy-popcorn flicks rather than true character-driven stories. And this goes against the only information of tone that we got (supposedly) which is said to be serious and mature etc. I truly hope the project is not souless. I would rather have more serious talks behind the scene in which the script and direction is carefully constructed and wait to see how Man of Steel peforms.

    WB/DC should progress planning but not jump into any boat without evaluating Man of Steel first. Hopefully the film is successful and thus Wb/DC will know between MoS and the Dark Knight Trilogy what elements work and not work. Personally I like a grounded take on the characters which fully realize the essence and potential of the characters and their mythos. A grounded, character driven epic. This is why (maybe the only reason) I though Ben Affleck could do a good job.

    WB/DC should work with Legendary Pictures and hire a visionary storyteller to oversee the creation of the DC cinematic universe. Every other media DC is doing very well, there should be no reason why it can’t on film. I want to hear more of their plans and the direction they wish to take. They should learn what makes them successful and not copy the tone of Marvel( Green Lantern anyone?).

    On that note, what is the future of Man of Steel franchise if successful? Would Christopher Nolan return to oversee its sequel in terms of production and story? Would the cinematic universe take cue from the grounded(not realistic) take on the characters from Nolan’s Batman and Snyders Superman? Can writers from Young Justice or DCAU or direct to dvd films jump over to live action film? So many question, so many rumors, not enough answers

    • Bruce Timm should script the movie.

  5. I jus hope this movie duznt have crappy special effects like in green lantern

  6. Find a talented writer/director with actual knowledge and passion for the project, not some hacks that bring nothing but cheesiness to the table. I’d rather have Aronofsky, Fincher, Boyle, Jones, etc. Someone interesting, someone who is beholden to the source material and treats in seriously, but brings something fresh and new… Not a mad dash to meet an arbitrary release date.

  7. Its seems like they just have a list of directors from the yellow pages and they are ringing each one in turn until one of them caves. They need a script first surely, a decent script that is rushed by unrealistic deadlines.

  8. The script must be off the charts for the JL movie to work. Most of the directors listed could do the job well with a really good script….but honestly Ratner and McG need to be removed from that list.

  9. I can’t be the only one who thinks Terminator Salvation > X-Men 3.

    Salvation has its problems, obviously, but if you’re asking me to choose between McG and Ratner, then it’s McG any day of the week.

  10. WB, we’ve waited plenty, we can wait more, make this film have the best script and best script presentation possible. The rest comes after.

    Wachowskis reined in or Snyder, but not McG, please. McG had a chance to do some real good with Salvation, and it was just lazy. Even Kingdom of Heaven had some (bad) cheesier moments. Man of Steel has Christopher Nolan producing and Snyder directing. I can see that going well.

    I would imagine do the same thing: Christopher Nolan producing and Snyder directing, EXCEPT, throw in the Wachowskis in there somewhere, maybe as co-producers? I dunno. But they have to be reined in somehow. There are moments when the Matrix movies have appropriate spectacle, and there are times where it is just plain dumb.

    This should not feel like the standard superhero movie we are used to. The Dark Knight trilogy set a new precedent for CBM movies movies that are treated carefully like stories of fiction, almost like novels, NOT superhero movies. I don’t mean make it dark and gritty all the time. I mean make it feel real, palpable, etc. Make things make sense, even if only within the context of the movie. Even in Green Lantern, we see civilians being (SPOILER?) killed by Parallax. True, it’s not the best movie in the world, but it was about par with Iron Man and was basically DCs Iron Man.

    Bottom line, if this movie in any way, shape, or form, feels like a rip-off of The Avengers or like it’s in some way trying to capitalize on The Avengers, I will be sorely dissapointed. Sorry, fanboys, The Avengers was not the work of art you make it out to be. Pick any of the movies in the Dark Knight Trilogy, or even Iron Man. They are better movies, and even those are not “high works of art.”

  11. It’s not about rushing the JL to the big screen without alter preparation to introduce the characters one-by-one like Marvels did. It’s about preparation, it doesn’t matter they will release JL first before everyone have their individual shows, i think it’s a good idea. Marvel has its own unique way of strategic planning, don’t you think DC don’t know what they are doing by rushing JL to the big screen. Everything has a reason, I beleive DC has a plan better than Marvel, competing is vital role to everyone and making Money is number one, I don’t think so that DC will rush JL to the screen by wasting money..oh no..they don’t do that.. It’s better JL will produce first rather than introducing the heroes 1by1 by there individual shows. It’s better for us to know the heroes joined in JL movie then after JL they would have there own individual shows. I really like the idea to boost Superman first b4 JL it’s very look great since superman is the leader and founder of JL, not like Ironman whose the leader but not the founder of the Avengers it’s Nick Fury who brought them together. DC will rock and beat Marvels with there very own superheroes, JL will make our jaw drop…bet me, JL is far good than Avengers.

  12. I say Nolan stays away fromthe Justice League i can’t picture a JLA movie by him being all that good even though i love his movies to death. I would not want McG to direct because i just can’t get those horribly terribe Charlieze angels movies out of my head god they sucked, i was intrigued by the new tv show that was coming out because i wanted to see if they could do it better than McG (which probably isn’t that hard), but that got cancelled, bummer :(. Snyder i wouldn’t want in the Directors chair jsut because i’ve seen what he can do with Superman already and i’d want to see something different, like i wouldn’t want Favreau directing the avengers if he did it probably wouldnt’t have been as great as it wouldv’e been. I’d like to see some new Meat come on board for this movie one that loves the characters and wants to take a risk in making one of the better superhero movies, I think Rattner would be interesting to see.

    Personally i don’t care for JLA all that much i’m more of a Batman/Superman guy but if i was ever gonna design my own justice league i would make some team arrangements, really the only DC characters i care for all that much are Superman, Batman (obviously lol), and Wonder Woman i was never really all that into Flash (for the record i don’t understand why they can’t make a movie on him because he’s the farthests thing from a complicated origin superhero) always thought Aquaman was cool but never done in that cool a way, i like Martian Man Hunter but whenever i see him in a picture with the league i always feel like he’s out of place, Cyborg i never even knew was part of the Justice League until i saw the picture at the topof the screen, Green Lantern i loved as a kid but hated the movie (i know i’m not alone) and now i just don’t find him that interesting i think his comics are too dark but maybe i’m being unfair because i haven’t read any of the New 52 but i really want to. Overall i think that the line up is just boring because these guys never had interesting chemistry to me if i was doing the lineup i’d defineatly keep Supes, Bats, and Amazon those guys i like but i’d make it interesting at the same time.

  13. I’d love to see a huge director like Peter Jackson come on board to direct but thats just a fantasy we all know that because of the new Hobbit tirlogy that will not be happening. Just a fun thought though.

  14. I can’t believe the gripe is that they’re rushing it! are you effin serious?? this movie should be in theaters yesterday, i can’t wait!

  15. And Why haven’t those dummys at warner bros. made an aquaman movie yet? it would probably be the coolest 3d movie of all time.

  16. I only want to beg of you please please please NO JGL as batman and no ryan reynolds as green lantern. gl was just as bad as the ff movies. sorry

  17. I only hope whom ever directs this movie doesn’t drop the ball on the character looks and casting as they did with X-Men. What I am referring to is Storm character although I understand the transformation between between each movie. None of them actual captured her essence… Her hair nor custom was up to pair..How hard would it had to put Storm in some High Heels to make her seem taller or even put two wigs together to give her that full body hair look!!! I am just saying please don’t miss that opportunity with Wonder Woman she is an Amazon not a midget!! She is to have that full body hair 2 wigs put together please and most important the actress should be exotic beautiful!!!!!!

    If they gonna hire somebody, just stick with Snyder, and get David S. Goyer to write the god damn script instead of Will Beall. As long as Snyder isn’t writing the script, it hopefully wouldn’t suck. I don’t hate Snyder, I love his work and his style, trust me. I just don’t wanna have the risk of JLA gonna be like Sucker Punch lol. But Snyder is talented at directing because of his visual work. It’s BEAUTIFUL AND PACKED WITH ACTION!

    I think it’s great that Man of Steel (Gonna be EPIC) is a gonna launch or open the gate for other DC characters to join the universe. But I don’t quite understand why Warner Bros. are so slow to get DC characters on the big screen! I mean come on WB! Marvel Studios have like 2 Marvel movies coming out this year (Ironman 3 & Thor: The Dark World) and next year (Captain America: The Winther Soldier & Guardians of the Galaxy) JUST COME ON WB.

    Try to get like 2 movies out or something main. But perhaps they soon gonna announce The Flash and whats so ever. But I kind of got the feeling of The Flash gonna suck ass like Green Lantern. Its the same crew, thats gonna make The Flash. Berlanti and Guggenheim etc. I REALLY hope they gonna do The Flash right. I want the Flash to be great on film. It’s all about the script.

    I am not a fanboy or something. I love Ironman, The Avengers etc. But I personally think DC characters are fare more cooler. They need to get on the big screen! COME ON WB, GET YOUR LAZY ASS UP AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.