‘Justice League': Ben Affleck NOT Directing; Wachowskis Being Considered?

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Justice League Alex Ross Justice League: Ben Affleck NOT Directing; Wachowskis Being Considered?

While the first phase of DC Entertainment’s Justice League plans don’t truly begin until after Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot The Man of Steel releases, fans are already chomping at the bit to know how the DC superhero team-up movie might play out. We’ve seen several different rumors pop up over the course of the month – including a discussion about whether or not Joseph Gordon-Levitt should assume the Batman role – but the most intriguing has been DC’s reported courting of Ben Affleck to direct Justice League.

Unfortunately, though, those rumors about Affleck directing weren’t true – he was never planning on the directing the film, and news of him doing so were purely rumor-filled gossip. That same rumor mill is now churning with word that several other high-profile directors are in the running for the Justice League director’s chair. Read on to find out who.

In an interview with 24 Hours Vancouver, Affleck confirmed he is not set to helm The Justice League, but says it sounds “really exciting”:

“I’m not working on the Justice League. One of the problems with entertainment web sites is that they need to fill pages, and that’s how rumours get started…Justice League sounds really exciting, but it’s not something I’m working on.”

Like Marvel’s Avengers, it appeared that DC was looking for a proven director to assume control over what should be a very prized property. Affleck’s connections to the role of Superman in the biopic Hollywoodland were only slight, but his skills as a director were nothing to scoff at, and his newest film, Argo, looks to be a serious awards season contender. That’s all to say: it’s something of shame that this rumor didn’t pan out.

Ben Affleck Not Directing Justice League Justice League: Ben Affleck NOT Directing; Wachowskis Being Considered?

Dreams of Christopher Nolan (who has numerous times said he is uninterested), Guillermo Del Toro, or Brad Bird directing the film have already begun to manafest, but for now we know as much as fans do, which is pretty little. During the Warner Bros. panel at Comic-Con, Man of Steel director Zack Snyder suggested that the success of his superhero film would determine the future of more DC Comics properties, saying that after they get Superman’s “house in order” anything is possible.

And as it stands with Justice League, some of those ‘possibilities’ for a director are apparently more likely than others…

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  1. Warner Brothers is the problem. Their bean-counting, money grubbing, demographic sniffing approach is going to doom the JL movie to failure.

    I don’t care how many focus groups you have……. these iconic superhero movies need a true visionary to take this on. Someone who is a big fan of the source material should have control.

    WB is hot for JL not because the lawyers and accountants that run WB are huge fans of the characters. They smell money to be made, like sharks nosing after blood in the water. The money men saw the success of The Avengers and are thinking they can reproduce that hit movie formula ……. just hire “creative” non-accountant type people, carefully set a budget for the film and voila! See what money can do? Don’t pay any attention to the man behind the curtain (who is responsible for Green Lantern.)

    My vote is for Bruce Timm. He’d do it right.

    • WB had a Justice League movie in production with a cast, director, script, budget and release date. It was stopped because they didnt want two different Batmen on screen.

      FYI Paul Dini was the writer and backbone. Bruce Timn was the animator and producer.

      • While I have no clue what they were planning as far as the script, if the actors they got to play the League member parts is any indication, it’s a damn good thing it was shelved.

    • Agree !

    • I agree about WB being part of the problem. I wished DC would seperate itself from WB to possibly make better movies.

      • Warner Brothers owns DC comics outright, the separation that could occur is Warner selling the company and it’s intellectual properties off. And if that happened DC might have trouble publishing comics let alone producing movies.

    • Yes, it truly is terrible how poorly Warner Bros handled the Batman series.

  2. I would’ve loved Affleck, but I guess there’s no chance there. Wachowskis would be an interesting choice. They definitely will construct visually beautiful scenes and settings, and they are great when it comes to scifi

  3. I would’ve loved Affleck, but I guess there’s no chance there. Wachowskis would be an interesting choice. They definitely will construct visually beautiful scenes and settings, and they are great when it comes to scifi and interconnected storylines (especially when looking at the Cloud Atlas trailer), and those are things which are essential for a JLA movie. But still, they don’t exactly seem like the most conventional choice, and the tones of their previous movies don’t seem very justice league-ey (at least not what I hope the movies like) but of course, the best directors are the ones that create diverse movies with different feels and tones (Ridley Scott, Spielberg, Cameron)

  4. I don’t want a Justice League movie at all honestly. Christopher Nolan is right. DC is different from Marvel and just because The Avengers was a success doesn’t mean they should go down the same road. TBH, I really don’t like the Marvel movieverse. DC should continue to do what they’re doing now, making good movies about each of the superheroes and not make 10 bad ones a year and then throw them all together in a JL film. Marvel may have done it, but DC is better than that

    • Except for the Nolan Batman films, when is the last time DC had a good movie about any of their other characters? 30 years ago with Superman 2?

      • I should modify that the Burton Batman films are great as well. So besides Batman and 30 year old Superman films, DC has failed miserably with their on-screen interpretations of their characters. Marvel, though, has been prolific and has created films that have been generally well received.

        • +1

        • Key word generally. Although I ofcourse agree that Marvel Studious and properties of other studious have been prolific over the years. Marvel Studios create better films overall but I feel some could have definitely been improved or handled differently.

          • I know I’m in the minority, but Watchmen is still my favorite superhero movie. I thought that was a great adaptation

            • I agree. Watchmen was exceptional and, as great as the Nolan Batman films were, still the best comic book adaptation ever made in my opinion.

              • V for Vendetta :)

        • +2

        • Your right ghost rider 2 was terrific.

          • Because Marvel did Ghost Rider 2 right, not Sony…

    • Have to disagree with that.

      Let me just start off by saying that Batman is my all-time favorite comic book character and at the moment, I’m enjoying DC comics much more than Marvel comics. I’m not on either side of the DC/Marvel war because I love both DC’s and Marvel’s characters. (The reason I’m saying this is because what I’m about to say, along with my username and avatar, might lead you to believe that I’m some Marvelite just out to troll… but I’m not)

      I adore Superman 2, really liked Burton’s Batman movies and I love Nolan’s Batman trilogy, but other than that, what has WB really done with their DC superheroes in the last few decades?
      Superman Returns wasn’t that good, Watchmen got mixed reactions, The Losers was pretty mediocre in most people’s eyes and Green Lantern was a mess.
      … so no, based on critical reactions and box office results, along with my personal opinion, DC isn’t “making good movies about each of the superheroes”, they’re only making good movies about Batman and occasionally Superman.

      The only successful DC movies for more than THREE DECADES (1990’s, 2000’s, 2010’s) have been Batman movies – hopefully MoS will change that status soon, but until then it’s a sad truth… and as much as I’m looking forward to seeing the Batman reboot that’s gonna happen in a few years, that’s really not all I want to see… as a fan since my childhood, I want more.

      WB needs to get their act together and PRIORITIZE. They need to get a team of people to start coming up with a plan to create a shared universe because let’s face it, even though you’re against the idea, most fans want that more than anything else. We want to see The JUSTICE LEAGUE. We want to see SUPERMAN and BATMAN fight together on screen against villains like Lex Luthor or Darkseid – those things will never happen at the rate WB is going now… and I sincerely hope they’ll start adjusting that “rate” damn soon.

      • Other than Watchmen, I totally agree with you. I do get that it got mixed responses, but Watchmen was a ‘love it or hate it’ sort of thing and I think that mixed response aside, it’s bold and visually impressive enough to at least be considered apart from the standard popcorn superhero movie fare.

        WB really does need a team. Over at Marvel they have Kevin Feige shepherding most of the projects, and I think it shows – the movies have been consistent and most of the time good people were picked to helm production. There hasn’t been any clear producer having such a big role in the DC movies, and if WB wants to catch up it really needs a core team – and that team must necessarily have people familiar with the comics and who are fans.

        However, I think their Batman franchise proved that you don’t need five superheroes in one film for it to get great reviews and make a lot of money – I think they should first build really strong sets of movies like they did with Batman, with an eye towards making a JL movie in the future but at the same time not holding anything back.

        As much as Batman’s a popular comic book character, it wasn’t the comics base that made the franchise so much money – it was simply because they made a damn good movie and worked the hype well among the people. If they could give us a Superman trilogy on par with Nolan’s Batman, then do the same for the Batman reboot and other superheroes first.

        Still, as a fan, I would like to see JL one day – but I’d much rather wait a little longer if that’s what it takes for them to get it right.

      • @theavenger
        Agree with you. :)

  5. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Let Snyder and Nolan work their magic with a nice Superman trilogy that’s not part of any shared universe.

    If they are serious about doing this, they should do the Marvel method and work on solo films to introduce the characters, but I guess that would take too long…

  6. DC’s biggest mistake would be an aquaman solo film…

    • Unless they take cue from the DC’s New 52 take on the character

      • Well they did that with Green Lantern(which I loved) but looked how that turned out.

        • ?
          The Green Lantern movie had nothing to do with the New 52 reboot.

          The new Superman movie seems to be loosely based on the New 52 version of the character, but as far as I know, GL was not.

          The Green Lantern movie was released in June or July (which means the script was completely in mid-2010 ’cause that’s when they started filming), and the New 52 reboot didn’t even happen till September 2011.

          • GL was a mix of Secret Origin and I think it was emerald dawn or emerald twilight can’t remember properly. They just jammed the two stories together resulting in it being messy. Should’ve just kept the original “Emerald” storyline inspiration instead of adding in Secret Origin or vice versa.

  7. Im down for this.

  8. I think a Justice League movie directed by the Wachowskis with close collaboration with Bruce Timm could work very well. I would love to have a JL movie but I don’t think it has to follow Marvel’s formula. The only other character I would like to see in a solo movie would be the Flash. Other than Wonder Woman and Green Lantern I don’t think the other characters are strong enough to have solo films.

  9. The more I thought about it, the more I got accustomed to the idea of Ben Affleck directing and was even welcoming it. Since this was pure rumors and Affleck stated that idea of a “Justice League” film as exciting maybe someone in DC would take notice and think of the possibility.

    I think WB/DC is keeping things close to the chest until the Man of Steel is released. If the film is a success then we can expect more information about the future of DC cinematic universe. If the film is a failure I can only imagine all other projects including solo films and a Justice League film to be put on the back burner.

    WB/DC should look at the elements that has made it successful. Grounded feel, not ultra realistic but grounded adaptation with a focus on drama and epicness in which the suspension of disbelief and emotional investment is a priority. They shouldn’t be afraid of to go into more mature serious tone while also keeping things exciting. Green Lantern didnt do this while The Dark Knight trilogy did. Man of Steel is following the latters route and will decide for the rest of the universe.

    I would actually want to hear more about the writing rather than directing plans. The script must be top notch for any film in order for it to succeed. The writing of the DC animated films and shows like Young Justice is impressive. Since WB has shut down Warner Premeir, the department that produces the DC animated films, we could definitely have those writers and creative teams on board now only if WB/DC realize this.

    But overall I want to know the direction that studios and writers want to go forth.

    • Couldn’t agree more.

      Exactly what I’ve been saying for a while now. Keep the grounded approach because it emphasizes just how powerful these characters are and the impact they have on the world.

  10. Prior to Avengers I’d hardly call Joss Weddon a “proven director”. He had made one film (Serenity) which wasn’t particularly good.

    • Says you. I happen to have thought Firefly and Serenity were excellent.

      • Agreed.

    • Uhh yeah, mate, speak for yourself. Serenity is my favorite scifi film. Both it at Firefly are fantastic. Whedon is good with working with large, quirky ensemble casts

    • Agreed. Didn’t like Serenity. :)

    • You speak as if before Serenity he was a just out of film school director looking to cut his teeth. Nothing could be further from the truth and he has been making successful film and TV shows for years. From Buffy to Angel and even the short lived Firefly (that has a rabidly loyal following), he has been directing for more than 20 years. Among his more notable MOVIE credits however would be things like helping write Toy Story and the recent Cabin in the Woods.

      So yeah, I would say Weddon has proven himself in the industry and earned the right he was given to direct The Avengers (and he didn’t disappoint).

  11. So, does this mean Warner Brothers is just charging on into the Justice League movie after Man Of Steel? -_- This requires a rant!!

    One of the the wonderful things about the Avengers that made it work so well was the fact that all the other films built up to it, so that in the end, all the heroes had already been introduced and were ready for action when the film opened. We already KNEW who they were.

    I think most audiences probably know who Superman and Batman are by now, and even Green Lantern has a little more recognition, but re-introducing Batman and Green Lantern, and introducing characters like; Wonder Woman, the Flash, Martian Manhunter or Aquaman, Cyborg, or basically any of the other characters in the Justice League movie will take up half of the movie! Even after they modify or adapt their origins , it will STILL take up precious story-telling time!!

    But it would be even WORSE if they tried to skim over origins and set up the characters as established heroes! How then do you explain the Flash and his powers? Or Wonder Woman and her origin? Do you even try to address these issues or just ignore them the whole movie or subtly hint at them?

    This movie might just work as it stands, without any build-up, but it’s got A LOT going against it. The Justice League movie deserves to succeed but only if it earns it. Warner Bros only jumped on this movie’s development because of the Avengers success. I just hope they at least try to make something as satisfying as the Avengers instead of just a shameless cash-grab of a movie…
    Please don’t mess this up W.B…

    • Although WB has had plans in the past for a Justice League film that never came into fruition for a number of reasons, I do believe that they maybe more focused on catching the hype than deliver a powerful moving epic storyline. I am not entirely sure whether DC should start with a Justice League film first and introduce it after some solo films but either way DC should focus on the story and the character than just an easy pay day cheap replication.

      Now DC has shown Justice League animated series and the direct dvd films without much backstory for the majority of the characters so maybe there is a chance it can work in a live-action adaptation. But there is the risk of different mediums. Now the Avengers was a success but whether it was completely due to the solo films I am not sure. Some of the solo films while decent were not overly groundbreaking.

      One of the strengths I felt the Avengers had was that the characters felt more fleshed out than their previous interaction. I knew more about Captain America, Bruce Banner, Tony Stark, Thor and especially Black Widow and Loki in the Avengers than in their initial appearances. They felt more three dimensional. Besides Iron Man (2008), I didnt feel that the other films porttrayed the other characters to their maximum capabilties and potential interms of personality, thoughts, etc.

      In a lot of ways, one can watch the Avengers knowing very minimal information from the films before it. The Avengers introduced each character and their respective natures to a greater extent than other films of its kind. Thats why I forgive the film for a relatively weak outlandish plot, because it put the emphasis a bit more on the character. My only complaint is that some scenes were cut short right before it can dig deeper into the subtle themes and character interaction in favor for comedy or action.

      Now I enjoyed the Avengers, one of my favorite comic book films, but I actually don’t think it was as groundbreaking gamechanging as much of a comic book readers wet dream. It was succesful in having these different characters together and is a much better team superflick than the X-men and the Fantastic Four films. But I think overall the entire mArvel universe could have been truly better/ Which is why I feel the phase two and the Avengers 2 would be more succesful because now we can dig deeper into the characters and raise the stakes and maybe introduce a more intricate plot.

      DC could easily do either approach with characters that are arguibly more iconic and well known as mentioned in the article. DC could find its strength in past successes and truly be a game changer if only it can have focus and patience.

      • Here’s a personal testimony: I watched the Avengers without watching any of the movies prior besides Iron Man 1. So I came in knowing practically nothing about the characters beyond what I’d seen advertised. And you know what? I enjoyed it a ton and was not really confused at all. And I’m betting that my experience is similar to what a large number of people have experience, since the Avengers made more money than almost all of the films before it combined (if you lose an Iron Man movie, then Avengers about equals the grosses of all MCU movies). More customers equals more money.

        Anyhow, all this is to say, a superhero movie doesn’t really need origins all spelled out in order to make sense. Origins are just interesting fodder to make more movies, but they’re not really necessary, however fun they are. I mean, if origins were necessary, The Dark Knight wouldn’t have made the killing that it did, since over half its audience hadn’t watched Batman Begins.

        Of course, general familiarity with characters could play a role in this. I’m starting to wonder: Has a superhero series been made where there was no origin story?

        The Justice League movie could probably make good money or even great money without tons of origin stories, but I think they’d be missing out on even more money by skipping them, since origin tales, like I said, is more interesting fodder. The only way for them to do this Justice League movie early while making money off the origins would be to make prequels (ick). People have a bad taste in their mouth for prequels, reboots, and such stuff, so I’m not sure how beneficial that would be.

        • The Dark Knight is not a good example. Heath Ledger had everything to do with that movie doing as well as it did, if you don’t think so explain how TDKR has made only HALF of the money The Dark Knight made. The shooting did not take away that much business to explain a drop in revenue of that degree.

          • TDKR is very close to breaking one billion dollars and will, likely, do so over the next week or so (at least two more markets opening up soon). Now, what is your criticism again?!?

            Remember, THIS will be without being rereleased,,,and without Heath Ledger.

            • Thanks Archaeon! The Dark Knight Rises made more money than Batman Begins entire run in a short amount of time and the film is on its way to a billion just like it immediate predessesor. While domestically TDKR may not rise quite to number of TDK its pretty damn close and helluva lot more than BB.

              Its also I believe it had big opening for a 2D movie and had one of the highest grossing midnight premeirs of the year, surpassing the previous installment. Number of tickets were sold pior to the release and the film is actually doing an impressive run still facing much competition from subsequent films and the olympics.

              I am not trying to bash your opinion on the films or sound like some sort of fan boy, but to say The Dark Knight owed “everything” to Heath Ledger is strecthing it a bit. Heath Ledger RIP did a great job and made “his” scenes enjoyable but the nature of the story and characters is what got people liking these film especially TDK.

              Again you have your opinion and a free to disagree but the numbers are out there.

          • TDKR only made half as much because it was not that great of a film that people are determined to make it out to be, imo. someone above mentioned the avengers having a silly plot or something like that, but i think TDKR had a lot more silliness in it’s overall story. i do agree that Ledgers death was certainly a major factor in TDK’s box office returns.
            I think a JL film could work without solo films 1st, maybe have a 3-5 minute flashback for each character’s backstory, and then make solo movies prequels. we will just have to wait and see, as it’s all speculation at this point

            • Actually, it’s more than half as much, and it will soon pass one billion dollars. In your opinion, it wasn’t a good movie; in my opinion, it was an excellent film, the best of an excellent trilogy. We also seem to differ in our opinions of how silly the two biggest superhero films were compared to each other. To me, TA was MUCH sillier, both as a whole and in specific elements. I enjoyed both films and will be getting both when they’re released in stores, but I found TDKR worthy of multiple repeat viewings. TA was satisfying as a one-time theater viewing.

              I DO agree with you about the uncertainty of the approach to the DC Cinmatic Universe.

    • @Salas Studios:

      And even more importantly, one of the reasons The Avengers was so successful was because the movies leading up to it had not only introduced us to the characters, but they made us care about them and feel for them. Which made The Avengers all the more powerful, seeing all these characters we know AND love fighting together.

      If WB/DC goes straight into a JLA film, it would just be costumed characters that we (general audiences) don’t really care about. Part of the magic that made the Avengers so popular would be lost.

      • Did people not care about the characters in the Star Wars trilogy or the Lord of the Rings trilogy?
        Did those movies have solo flicks that established each character beforehand?

        … lawyer’d 😉

        • Boom! 😀

        • @Avenger:

          Touche, sir. But I don’t know, I still feel that the movie could be better served with build-up movies first.

          And btw, LOTR did not have solo flicks, but it did have a massive reader fanbase for decades to care about the characters.

          • Personally, I don’t really think the major DC characters require any explanation, in fact, I am rather bored of having them reintroduced again and again in all the various media types.

            Side movies would be fine for some but I don’t feel they are necessary for a JL movie. A well written script,good acting and direction would, however, be a huge boost for the JL.

            Having less known characters like Cyborg, for example, might actually entice enough of a reaction for viewers to want more.

            • When you say “reintroduced again and again” I’m not really sure who you’re talking about. The only characters that have been introduced to the general public through live-action movies are Batman and Superman.

              I agree that Batman being reintroduced would be somewhat unnecessary for JLA, seeing as pretty much everybody and his grandmother/dog/pet rock (take your pick) knows Batman and his origin.

              Superman is already being reintroduced through Man of Steel, which may lead into JLA, and anyways, it’s been over 30 years since we had Superman’s origins told, so it’s pretty necessary. And if Man of Steel decides to be a stand-alone series and they STILL decide to make a JLA movie, again, I agree that it would be unnecessary to reintroduce him.

              The rest of the characters, however, haven’t had any live-action movies, period. You can’t just bring them up and expect the audience to have seen the animated tv show, animated movies, read the comics, etc. True, that doesn’t mean you can’t introduce these characters in JLA, and through good writing and casting, make it succeed. That could definitely work. What I’m saying is that you seem to think that we’ve had these characters’ origins told again and again, but it’s really only a small minority that are actually that familiar with Flash, WW, Aquaman, etc.

          • i may be an exception, but i tried reading the books several times, and could never seem to make it more than half way through the 1st book, but i loved the films, and will be getting the extended blu-rays sometime soon (it kills me that i spent all that $$$ on the extended DVD’s)my point is that i’m sure there is a large percentage of people who saw the LOTR and never read the books.

            fyi, i tried reading them again after i saw the movies, and the books just bore me.

      • Excellent point! I doubt the movie would bomb or even fail because of that, but we just wouldn’t feel the same way for the main characters like we did in the Avengers.
        (I probably would have included that in my rant too, but it seemed like a long enough comment already. 😛 )

        • @ ezra
          Sorry I didn’t specify, that last comment was for you.

  12. i just hope that they dont rush jl

  13. Last thing i heared was that therer are no plans for the movie. now there is already a director who denies his role as director for the movie.

    Is it now official that there will be a JL Movie or not?

  14. if snyder and nolan are in involved and then maybe not sure who should direct, they need to get green lantern right first and the flash and wonder woman , im not sure on aquaman , i like to see shazaam/captain marvel a lot more than aquaman, just my two cents and man steel sounds awesome so far and there are rumors of it be and open world with a hint of wonder woman in it, it just works for sup, maybe the could open some of that in chris nolans world just a bit, i would to see christain bale and jgl in a justice league movie.

  15. Justice League movie would never work. first of WB/DC need to make a solid Wonder Woman, The Flash and Green Lantern reboot movie first then they can think about Justice League movie

    • I am sorry but some said the shared universe would never work. Not because it was difficult to do but only because it was very to screw up in a number of ways. The Avengers avoided that and established their characters much better than the solo films beside the first Iron Man. The only arguement I will say is that the plot was weake in places but easily forgivable due to knowing more about the characters and seeing them interact.

      • sorry but im talking about WB/DC need to focus on just doing solo movies who aint just Batman and Superman.

    • I disagree. Why does DC/WB need to follow Marvel’s formula?

      They need to pave their own way and there are multiple ways to do it.

      IMO they should start off with an epic 2 or 3 part Justice league movie, and then they can branch out into solo flicks or team up movies.

      • I think if anything, making a JL movie first would prove DC isn’t out to simply copy the template Marvel has laid out. It would be a good way for them to establish they have what it takes to compete with Marvel on every level and still do it their own way.

  16. Rather it be Ben Affleck! By the way I enjoy watching Green Lantern on repeat viewing and hope the bring back Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan for the Justice League Movie. Also keep Henry Caville as Clark Kent! Bring in Bradley Cooper as the Flash and then you have most the characters already cast! And by the way I also enjoyed the 1990’s The Flash TV show I have it on DVD!

    • The Wachowskis visual effects ??? ….Oh Yeah !

    • i LOVED the flash show from the 90’s. it got a little cheesy here and there, but no more than a comic book. i was upset when it got cancelled.

      • Considering the time it was done, it was THE best superhero TV show that had ever been made up to that point. I had always wished they had gotten someone a bit leaner to play the part because Shipp looked like a body builder.

  17. J.J. Abrams with Bruce Timm and Paul Dini on script.

  18. although i would prefer them to do the solo movies first, here are the actors i want to play each character 😀
    joseph gordon-levitt -batman
    Henry Cavill -superman
    Idris Elba -green lanturn
    Neil Patrick Harris – flash (because hes awesome!lol)
    olivia wilde- wonder woman(couldnt thing of anyone else..)
    and ben affleck -Martian Manhunter
    the downside is that i would cost to much to keep all these actors togehter for more than one movie :/

    • your choices are boring and predictable due to the hype from a terrible ending to a great trilogy. Ben Affleck would be an interesting choice for The Flash, but saying he could be the martian manhunter is uninspired to say the least. Here is my short List

      Superman- Henry Cavill
      Batman- Jim Caviezel (think of Persons of Interest and you will get it). An older take on the character would fit well with a reboot…
      Aquaman- (Relative Unknown)
      The Flash- Ben Affleck
      The Green Lantern- Ryan Renolds (Just because I think it is not too important to have to reboot GL, just do better on the sequel.)
      Wonder Woman- Gina Carano (Haywire, just because she is physically amazing and not a terrible actress)
      Martian Manhunter- (I will steal one more of your pics for rearrangement) Idris Elba.

      • Ack, would people PLEASE stop trying to get Carano for WW. Your statement tells the whole story…..do you REALLY want WW played by “not a terrible actress?” I have said this many times in the past but fighting can be faked, good acting can’t be. The actual fighting will make up a relatively small percentage of the role so I would rather have someone in there who can ACT first. Plus Carano always looks perpetually pissed off, not exactly the demeanor an Amazonian Princess should project.

        Oh and Jensen Ackles for Batman.

        • I concure DC need to grab Jensen Ackles for a role. He has the subtle acting chops for a role and has already a working relationship with Dc on both smallville and batman under the red hood

          • Also, remember that “Supernatural” is a WB show, so THEY clearly like him a lot, too…

      • idk im not really a fan of the idea of flash being played by Affleck it just doesn’t seem like his type of character so I’m gona go ahead and still one from cody down below and say Chris Pine should be flash. That would be pretty bad ass. Also I’d personally love to see Ryan Renolds be replaced by Idris Elba because I can’t stand Ryan and the black green lanturn was bad ass in the justice league cartoon!

    • Bruce Wayne/Batman- John Hamm
      WonderWoman- Kelly Overton
      Aquaman- Jensen Ackles
      Barry Allen/Flash- Chris Pine
      John Stewart/Green Lantern- Nick Jones Jr.
      Martian Manhunter- Doug Jones

      levitt, harris-NO
      elba is taken.
      affleck is busy

      • NO AQUAMAN!
        Besides, Ackles should be Batman
        rest of this list could probably work, but i feel like they should save MM for the sequel

      • Nick Jones Jr is not even a Hollywood actor he is just a extra so no he should not be John Stewart/Green Lantern

  19. Id rather have Bruce Timm & Paul Dini direct & write. They know the characters well & have done well with Justice League & JLU animated series of putting stories together. Especially a story of their version of Cadmus & Luthor running for President. I agree that J.J Abrams could join the two of them since he has experience in live-action field.

    J.J Abrams, Bruce Timm & Paul Dini, there’s WB’s team to make a Justice League film.

    • I’m not so sure about Dini and Timm directing…. but they should definitely produce the movies and oversee the DC cinematic universe.
      IMO, DC/WB really needs a Kevin Feige -type to lead the movies and since Timm and Dini did such an awesome job with the DCAU, I think they’d be ideal.

  20. It just really seems 2 me that the success of the avengers film has put a lot of pressure on DC /WB.its kinda like they’re scrambling for a director almost. Like I said before they dropped the ball not hiring joss whedon for the wonder woman film. Who knows,things probably would have been different and we all maybe would have had a different discussion.

    I think affleck could still be involved, but if not I don’t know who would be a good director for the JL film because Spielberg isn’t going 2 direct a super hero movie. I don’t think that’s his cup of tea. Forget James Cameron cause he only wants 2 work on his own characters and jj Abrams has his hands full with the star trek franchise. Definitely can’t see Sam raimi directing this either,though that would be funny if he did.

  21. The Wachowskis …..NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooo……

  22. Would’ve loved to see Affleck work on this — I think he’s certainly found his true calling in directing and contiuing to write.

  23. Warner Bros and Dc comics are like two headless chickens.Warner Bros is suppose to be the smart one when it comes to making these films happen.What was the point of buying Dc comics if you’re not going to make films of their most iconic and even the lesser known characters? Meanwhile Dc comics is losing writers and artists left and right.And when I say losing writers, I’m talking about the best of the best here as well as one of their artistic talents but I digress.

    The bottom line here is the two of these companies are like the two characters in Dumb and Dumber.Dc comics could easily if they had the balls, actually make the move to hire directors themselves and throw out some awesome ideas here and there but they won’t.Marvel comics is the only one company of the big two who does have the balls to make something happen and that’s why the House Of Mouse is smiling from ear to ear after acquiring Marvel.The success of the Avengers is proof in the pudding and it doesn’t hurt having the guy who made Buffy The Vampire Slayer relevant on TV after the forgettable movie.

    • If you consider losing Rob Liefeld the best of the best that is simply not true. Who are the best writers and artist DC comics have lost lately?

      • Rob Liefeld…thanks for the early morning laugh.

    • DC should lose WB imo. Be their own studio.

  24. It has been my feeling for years now that Time/Warner just never really felt that strongly about most the characters/intellectual properties in the DC catalog past Batman and Superman. They have owned DC for almost twenty years now and they are still on the treadmill about what they want to do as far as films go.

    They have utilized Superman and Batman almost exclusively, and added some versions of other characters in the Smallville format. After what happened with Green Lantern Warner isn’t going to invest money in a film unless they think it’s going too make blockbuster level money. The problem seems to be they don’t know how to create the product they need to draw that kind of money at this point.


    • Steven…

      Ummm, NO.

    • Why are you yelling

      • Caps lock is cruise control for COOL, silly lol

  26. Excuse my ignorance, but who is overseeing DC’s movie franchises?

    Marvel has Kevin Feige and Joss Whedon, with Disney supposedly giving them carte blanche.

    Who is the mastermind behind DC?

    • I heard it’s Jim Lee and Geoff Johns running the show.

      • Jim Lee and Geoff Johns are in charge of the DC MOVIE Universe?

        I knew they were part of DC comics……. the books. I wasn’t aware of them overseeing the DCMU.

        • As far as I know, they’re not.
          With all due respect to ‘rome’, I don’t know where he came up with that.
          At the moment, there isn’t really anybody acting as the “mastermind” of the DCMU because, well there isn’t a DCMU.

          David S. Goyer and the Nolan brothers are involved with the Dark Knight trilogy and the upcoming Man of Steel movie, but that’s about the only concrete connection between DC movies that there is…
          And that specific connection isn’t even that important since Nolan has out-right said that his TDK trilogy/world is a stand-alone “universe” and doesn’t have superheroes in capes as a part of it. I.e. his Dark Knight trilogy won’t have anything to do with the Man Of Steel world.

          However, I suspect that if Man Of Steel is a success, that that’ll be the starting point for DC’s movie universe.

          • Nolan brothers ok.

            But Goyer’s track record is suspect. He’s responsible for both Ghost Rider movies…… Yech!

            • And Blade Trinity was written and directed by Goyer. He is better as a general idea guy, left to his own devices he does not always get good results.

              • I think they are waiting on man of steel in hopes synder Will be the “godfather” of the projects. Nolan has nothing to do with it. dc as of now doesn’t have people with the quality fiege and whedon offer.

          • um, batman has a cape

            • You know what I meant…

        • Lee is also something akin to creative director (or art director) for the DC Universe Online game. I haven’t heard anything about involvement with movies.

  27. The more I hear and read about it,the more I realize that a Justice League movie is either never going to happen,or doomed to failure.

    There are just way too many moving parts to get this project working good.From the director,to the script,to the cast,to whether or not to have set up films,it’s just way too much to handle with these characters.

    The reason why the Marvel movies worked is because even though the characters all had establishing movies,imo,only Thor was the only one that really needed it for the non comic book reader to really understand his back story.Maybe Iron Man too,to a certain extent,but his back story is easy to figure out even if you have never read any of his comics.

    Basically,I put all of this to the “Grandma Test”.If my 80 year old grandmother has heard of the character and knows at least a little of their origin,or can pretty much figure it out,they there’s no need for a back story,and that’s the problem with a JL movie.Too many people don’t know the origin of the characters outside of Supes and Bats,so they will all need to be established.

    Like I said before,too many moving parts for this to work or turn out good.Affleck would’ve been a interesting choice to say the least,and of course he’s right in his comment above.

  28. I say start with a superman batman teamup. and go from there

  29. Awful news, but early enough that it doesn’t mean anything. I suspect Affleck is still in the mix. Would much rather see his version than a homo-erotic Wachowskis’ version. I think the Wachowskis would be among the worst choices possible. They live off their own hype and nearly everything they have done, minus the first Matrix, is absolute trash. They’re among the most overrated in Hollywood.