‘Justice League’: Ben Affleck NOT Directing; Wachowskis Being Considered?

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 Justice League: Ben Affleck NOT Directing; Wachowskis Being Considered?

According to Moviehole, Warner Bros. (which owns the rights to DC Superhero movies) is “jazzed” with the work that Matrix trilogy directors Andy and Lana Wachowski have done with their upcoming film Cloud Atlas - so much so that the studio is considering them for Justice League.

For those who don’t know, Cloud Atlas is a sweeping look at the lives of over a dozen characters (some re-incarnated versions of one another), which intersect and influence each other over the course of centuries, via everything from written journals to music and dreams. Based on the bestselling novel by David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas was long thought to be one of those “unadaptable” tomes that could never work as a feature film; however, the Wachowskis (along with co-director Tom Tykwer) seem to not only preserve the story in full – they’ve apparently done so in spectacular blockbuster fashion. Check out the six-minute Cloud Atlas trailer to see what we mean:

Justice League is a movie that will require a complicated mix of epic drama and grandiose spectacle, while simultaneously balancing screen time between a large ensemble of characters. With The Matrix - and even Speed Racer to certain extent – the Wachowskis have proven themselves to be masterful builders of spectacle, and Cloud Atlas certainly seems to provide plenty of dramatic heart. But are they right for a film that collects arguably the most recognized and celebrated superhero icons in the world?

Despite obvious connections to The AvengersJustice League will need to be much more strategic in its approach to world building if it wants to be successful. Several key members of the superhero group have already attempted solo films, to mixed results (see: Green Lantern), with only Batman knocking it out of the park. Snyder’s reboot of Superman has potential – but even it has the bad taste of Brian Singer’s Superman Returns to wipe off, first.

Justice League Movie Discussion Justice League: Ben Affleck NOT Directing; Wachowskis Being Considered?

The solo film stumbles could give DC/WB pause about awarding Wonder Woman, The Flash, or Aquaman their own films, rather than kicking off a Justice League franchise first. Of course, leading with JL also carries the risk of audiences being unaware of specific characters – but if the studio is already talking about directors, it’s a strong possibility that we could be looking at a Justice League movie as the next DC Entertainment film on the dock.

How did you feel about Ben Affleck directing a Justice League movie? Are the Wachowskis a promising choice?


Source: 24 Hours Vancouver (via Coming Soon) & Moviehole 

Justice League Artwork by Alex Ross

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  1. @avenger Guy around my area who owns a comic shop told me awhile back that Lee and Johns were overseeing all of DC entertainment. Including the movies. You know how a lot of comic shop dudes say they stay on top of everything.

  2. The Wachowski’s to direct and/or helm JL and the Superheroes that are a part of JL would be awesome!

    • i read a rumor years ago that the WETA costume designers had made the suits for the then george miller film on th JLA and that they were amazing!!

  3. I rember A few years ago the Wachowski’s were going to do A Wonder Woman movie. That went nowere real fast,now people think they’re going to do the Justice League. It might be good or it could be A disaster by the way I liked Speed Racer but the critics didn’t.

    • I don’t recall anyone but Whedon working on Wonder Woman but I think there were more than a few candidates for that one…I do, however, recall the Wachowskis discussing a Plastic Man movie featuring Keanu Reeves :P

      • Intrepid.

      • I don’t care if it is Plastic man or Retch Armstrong, that would be a waste of time and money.

  4. At least with the Wachowskis directing you’d get a male and female perspective…

    • funny

    • Hilarious!

  5. Every1 keeps bragging about how good Marvel movies are, but apart from iron man part 1, the rest were pretty average. Iron man 2 really stunk actually IMO, Thor, the incredible hulk, and captain America were ok but nothing spectacular.
    Let the flaming begin

    • The first 2 Spiderman ones and the first two X-Men ones were pretty good, I thought (a few bumps in the road, but good overall).

    • I like the Marvel movies, Shaka. All of them. IM2 had its flaws but I can still watch it and enjoy it. But I am a huge Avengers fan. What may be average to you is quality to me. Im not going to hound you about it. We are all different. Only reason I commented was due to you questioning why we bragg on the Marvel movies. Because we love them!

  6. Warner Brothers should give Ben Affleck the first nod for Justice League. He would do a much better job than the Wachowskis.

  7. Wake up Warner Brothers, you want Ben Affleck for Justice League.

    • As a diehard Moorcock fan, I would also *love* to see an Elric film. When I watch Hellboy 2, I always think about it when Prince Nuada is onscreen (he looks soo much like Brom’s paintings of Elric). Moorcock has mentioned on his blog/forum site about the script being sent around and mostly sitting, sadly.

      • Yes, yes and YES. That actor is Luke Goss and I have thought that exact thing myself. He has the acting ability and the martial skills to pull off wielding Stormbringer. My other choice would have been Paul Bettany but Moorcock saw him is some film he hated a while back and doesn’t like him. :P

        And sadly yes, the process to get a film turned into a movie is not a cheap one for someone with modest means and Moorcock has run out of funds to actively pursue someone to produce.

  8. Ick. The Wachowskis are too hit and miss for me. I’d pass.

    Del Toro, I could get behind (he did Hellboy after all). Brad Bird (the Incredibles, MI:GP) isn’t bad either.

    Warner’s really only has one shot at this, so they better take their time picking a good director. Once they do, they better listen to him/her, and not bloody interfere.

  9. Uggghh… that killed any last hope I had for a decent JL movie. The Wachowski freaks are really not the team for this movie. JL is a tough sell as it is. It’s hard enough to capture the dynamic of the this comic in a real life setting and keep it plausible. The characters are so disparate as it is, add to the the fact they are in a “super friends” club and it all kind of falls apart. Now with the Wachowski brothers, it’s just going to be a serious attempt the will end up looking campy.

    If that’s the case, I will wait for video.

    • I’m not really happy about the Wachowskis doing LJ either, but luckely nothing’s confirmed yet.
      It’s only speculation at this point…

  10. That is great idea that wachowskis is diecting the justice league movies and it is best choice and also it will be serious dc superhero movies and it will realese in summer of 2014 or 2015 .

  11. There could not have been better news. Unless of course it was ben affleck quits altogether.

  12. I must be the only human being alive who finds Ben Affeckless to be completely pretentious behind and in front of the camera, which is no easy feat. It requires that you to be a complete narcissist.

  13. Please No. These 2 are pretty much 1 hit wonders. Matrix 1 was amazing. The rest of the Matrix movies were horrendous; but guess that was due to the writing (which was the 2 of them anyway?)
    Speed Racer was a nightmare. Cloud Atlas isn’t out yet so, we shall see.

    • Why was Speed Racer a nightmare? Can you elaborate on your blanket statement, or do you just like making blanket statements because nobody in your life calls your bluff?

    • just because green lantern failed at the box office does not mean automatic failure for the rest of DC’s heroes. that’s just ridiculous

      • Well, said, Jeffro.

    • I think Green Lantern was a good first attempt, despite the fact there are several things that need fixing for Green lantern #2. I also think a Flash movie would do well. And I think if you are about to criticize my comments, a battle royale between all of you and me would go pretty well for my side, also!

  14. I don’t think you would need too much origin stuff. Superman Batman and Wonder Woman are all well known. Add Flash and Green Lantern and you have the team.

    Special effects with this team in an all out battle though would be a nightmare with three flying characters and a speedster to do. Also coming up with a villain that could stand against that much power would be difficult.

    • Green lantern and Flash are my favorites. As for villains, we would need several to give the JLA (full or reduced team) a run for their money, you are quite correct in that. Perhaps (just throwing a couple names out here) Darkseid, Apocalypse, Time Commander, Professor Zoom (Reverse Flash) and to add one smaller who could mess with the JLA’s minds, Psycho Pirate? (Just a few ideas there).

  15. Ah, how to proceed? It’s kind of like a chess-game when you use a strategy that may be skill or may be luck, and hope you win out in the end. Perhaps a couple team-up movies, say a 3-hero flick with Hawkman, The Atom and Martian Manhunter together; that along with a team-up movie of Green Lantern together with The Flash (after another solo GL movie and a solo Flash movie first, in their cases), might be in order? And although they are actually Justice Society members, not Justice League, I personally would love a team-up Dr. Fate (Kent Nelson) and Hourman (Rex Tyler) movie. These team-up movies should come out a couple per year, so we don’t have to wait too long (although I know we don’t want to rush things; still, things have been pretty stationary and stagnant recently as such). I am personally tired of Batman and Superman, although I am hoping the new Superman movie will be watchable. Then go ahead with a Justice League movie, and I must say, it needs to be a long one. Due to the number of characters on the JLA side, and the fact you will need several villains to give them a run for their money (or else an awful powerful single one), in order for everyone to get their screen-time, this needs to be about a three-hour movie. Unheard of? Ten Commandments was at least 4 hours, I believe, and I sat through that. Give us good special effects, good plot, good acting, directing, script, etc., and the fans will sit through it, love it, and at worst just get a little fatter munching an extra bucket of popcorn!

  16. I’m glad that some people want Affleck to direct the JL flim. I was really looking forward to it. Argo already looks damn interesting. What more if he directs the biggest project of them all? The Wachowskis will just make a mockery of this film. Much like Speed Racer, an absolute horror! I don’t think this film will ever be done in the right hands. They better put the directors of the DC cartoons to helm this live action version. Otherwise, you can expect another Green Lantern failure of a film.

  17. I`m so happy is all just rumors…woah !

  18. Anything Nolan did when it comes to Batman and DC shoulf be untouched. If Joseph Gordon Levitt helms the batsuit for The Justice League than it’ll do nothing but cheapen Nolan’s trilogy and everything that it stands for. Even more especially now after tragedy has accompanied the last two films, with Ledger’s death and the death of close to a dozen people. Out of respect for them if anything, just leave Nolan’s project alone and move on. On that note, I feel like it’s going to be impossible to reboot Batman. Who is going to want to follow Nolan’s footsteps after his close to perfect trilogy. Any Batman reboot would have to be put on hold for at least a decade. If not it’ll be cheap, forced, and completely inferior.

    • oh please. This post stinks of fanboyism. Batman has been rebooted and reimagined on screen more than any other superhero. JGL donning the Batsuit cannot possibly be any worse than the abomination that was TDKR. I don’t understand the pedestal that Nolan has been placed upon by his fans

      • Well, I’m not 100% certain, but it seems as if Pete was simply making the point that Nolan’s version of Batman shouldn’t be expanded upon…it’s done. In a way, he’s kind of saying the same thing as you…at least the first part of your tirade. As for the whole “the abomination that was TDKR”…Well, you ARE entitled to your opinion. For MY part, I happen to think that Nolan’s Batman trilogy was excellent and has gotten better with the release of each film. In other words, YES, I found TDKR to be the best of the three.

        Oh, and about the “pedestal”, I find that particular observation to be consistently grating and silly. ALL directors of ANY consequence have their ridiculous superfans/fanboys/virtual stalkers. There are people who think Steven Spielberg is akin to God…but then, what about “1941″? George Lucas practically WAS God in many people’s eyes…before the SW Prequels. James Cameron is considered one of the truly great…but many of his biggest fanboys quietly vomit in their mouths a little bit every time “Titanic” and “Avatar” are mentioned.

        I could go on all day, but the point is that EVERY great director has taken a stumble (usually, a major fall down a set of critiquing stairs, for most of them), but most have recovered well enough, if not ouright beautifully. Nolan has not been around as long as may others, but he HAS been seen, fairly consistently, as good and likable and effective…and with each new film release, as a memorable director, potentially one of the greats. Will he have his one (or maybe even just first) stumble? It’s pretty much a guarantee. HAS he already had it? You obviously scream out YES, but the viewing population, at large, says a much quieter, more hopeful NOPE.

        That’s not “fanboyism”…that’s common sense.

        • what is wrong with 1941? i like that film, and can still watch it today. titanic is a good film, and avatar, while i wasnt impressed with the story so much, it did hold my attention and was visually stunning. i really can’t believe you found TDKR the best of the 3. If you watch it several times when the BD comes out, i’m sure you will see how contrived the story is. but if not, that is your right to like that film. i’m just not going to play “emperor’s new clothes” with this film and call it brilliant when i think it was a huge letdown after the 1st 2. agree to disagree :)

          • and before someone cry’s “nolan-hater” or “marvel fan-boy”, BB is my 2nd fave Batman flick, after 1989′s, and The Avengers was certainly not with out it’s flaws

  19. Why are they using a picture with Green Lantern in the middle / center? It should be taken from a comic that has Superman in the middle / center.

  20. isn’t the whole huge group of superheroes in one film thing going to seem a little jaded following Avengers 2 and the next X men 1st class film in the enxt few years? DC won’t get there act together until then from the sounds of it but by that point will it actually be worth it? I’d rather see a decent film concentrating on one character than a mediocre film concentrating on several…

  21. “Unfortunately, though, those rumors about Affleck directing weren’t true”

    I think you mean “Fortunately”.
    Affleck ‘may’ be a great actor, but he’s really only directed 2 movies, both of which were not ‘fantasy’ based at all. I’d rather take a chance on someone with some real directing chops to jump on something with as much potential as a “Justice League” movie.

    Also, how can you do a “Justice League” movie with no Wonder Woman movie first??? She’s like part of the triumverate of the DC universe!!
    Wonder Woman


  22. I was thinking about the history of DC comics and I recalled something. The old Superman cartoons from the 30′s and the TV show from the 50′s were produced by Paramount. Batman in the 60′s was produced by 20th Century Fox. Back then DC was an indpendent publisher and could lease it’s comics to anyone. Now they are part of the Time/Warner complex and nothing can get done.

  23. It’s not a rumor when IMDB posts it.

  24. please, lord, don’t let them let the Wachowski’s anywhere near a JLA movie…or as they’d title it “Social Justice Revolutionary Army”

  25. Doing a JL movie really isnt that complicated.

    For a start, as Superman will be the only character introduced…so build it around him. For Superman to need help, your going to need either Brainiac,Darksied or Imperiex as the villain.

    Something will have to happen that affects the whole DC universe, bringing in the rest of the characters in whatever way…probably need Batman + Superman to get them together. Simple.

    Something will have to happen that means they can leave a sequel open but give the characters enough breathing room so that the solo films that follow seem plausible. Then when the characters are done properly, go all out on Justice League 2. Of course this all assumes on DC making Superman successful.

    Obviously this is very basic…but it im not paid millions to write stories for Hollywood! But surely even using those simple principles allows a talented writer to have a field day? Then get a decent director…the Wachowski’s is damn risky…your basically hiring them on the premise that they will make a JL film as good as the first Matrix, which is a daft risk when this HAS to be an amazing film. They could ruin it.

    I have no idea who could direct this, its a tough one.

  26. what REALLY matters is who WRITES it.
    as for director, i’d choose Irvin Kirshner. unfortunately he’s dead.
    we need a director that can do adult/dark content, not silly, campy garbage like the director of green lantern.