Why The ‘Justice League’ Can Successfully Launch DC’s Movie Universe

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Justice League Superman Batman Wonder Woman Why The Justice League Can Successfully Launch DCs Movie Universe

It’s been the question on the minds of comic book fans ever since Marvel revealed their plan for The Avengers, and the launch of their larger movie universe: will DC Comics do the same? The public had already gotten more than a few (and perhaps more than necessary) looks at Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman in live-action form, most recently with the groundbreaking Dark Knight Trilogy from Christopher Nolan. Would the world need an introduction to DC’s heroes as they had with Marvel’s? Or could DC and Warner Bros. cut to the chase and bring the entire (or most of the) Justice League to the big screen?

Some of us believe that strategy won’t just be a different approach, but one that could work best for DC Comics’ lineup. The plan has worked before, and may better reflect the reality of WB’s situation. With Zack Snyder’s Man Of Steel once again showing potential for a new franchise due to its amount of talent and Nolan-esque sensibilities, rumors soon followed of a Justice League film coming summer 2015.

It may seem like  fundamentally flawed idea – but here’s why it makes sense for the studio and cast of characters, and why fans should be more excited by the proposition than disappointed.

First off, it’s important to recognize that DC and Warner Bros. aren’t making such a decision lightly in an effort to simply capitalize off of the success of The Avengers (no studio makes this big a decision based on a single factor). The company had plans for building an entire gallery of comic book movies at one point, and have since distanced themselves from most. Instead, they’re putting of all their eggs into one basket, and giving themselves almost three years to create one story with a single creative team.

The plan is risky, but could work. Marvel fans (and those who’ve never read many DC Comics), hear us out.


A Singular Vision

Justice League Comic Superheroes Why The Justice League Can Successfully Launch DCs Movie Universe

Rather than simply handing out every hero and super-team DC has ever created to a variety of directors and writers, the studio has the opportunity to bring DC’s best creative minds (and WB’s best studio talents) together for one great story. DC/WB creative talents like Geoff Johns, Mark Waid, Bruce Timm, Lauren Montgomery, or any combination thereof have proven their writing skills and knowledge of the characters time and again. That was the idea previously pointed to by our own Kofi Outlaw in his advice for building a DC movie universe, and it’s still the best route.

The assumption that more characters automatically means less story or development was proven dead wrong with Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class, and most comic writers know that undercooked ensemble stories are merely a result of poor writing. If DC is taking their time, the opportunity is theirs to tell a strong story, while setting a single tone and style for their universe going forward.

It’s exactly that sense of cohesion that Marvel seems to be seeking after hiring Joss Whedon to oversee their entire “Phase 2″, while not recycling any of the other directors from their ‘Phase One’ projects. Marvel is using an established style from a writing standpoint as well, with Whedon brought in to rewrite both Captain America and The Avengers.

Avengers Shawarma Why The Justice League Can Successfully Launch DCs Movie Universe

We know DC’s rogues gallery of writers can create a strong narrative utilizing all the heroes assembled, since Justice League stories, and events in particular, have proven to be among the best in the company’s history. Simply look to “Kingdom Come,” “Identity Crisis,” and the community aspects of “Green Lantern: Rebirth” and “Flash: Rebirth,” both written by DCU Chief Creative Officer, Geoff Johns.


Use a Team to Showcase Individual Heroes

Justice League DC Fan Art Why The Justice League Can Successfully Launch DCs Movie Universe

Rather than fast-tracking development on half a dozen origin films in the wake of Marvel’s success – for reference, take a quick glance at Fox’s ever-growing Marvel universe - Warner Bros. and DC are sticking to what they do best. Rather than trying to mimic Marvel, and convince the public that The Flash and Wonder Woman deserve attention (or promise they won’t repeat the mistakes of Green Lantern), they’re just going to prove it.

Warner Bros. needs to prove that the shortcomings of Green Lantern are understood, highlighting the character in a better light (no pun); possibly with a new actor, and with powers and personality more in keeping with the source material. Fans will surely be fine with a smaller role for the hero if he’s treated properly, but there’s no point in making an entire film/reboot/sequel/do-over that nobody is demanding (outside of the most niche fan base).

Asking audiences to pay full price and risk being hoodwinked – again – isn’t fair to them, and isn’t a wise business move. However, a compelling, kinetic GL that fans can recognize, and newcomers can gravitate toward, speaks louder than studio promises.

Batman Superman Wonder Woman Trinity Why The Justice League Can Successfully Launch DCs Movie Universe

In a similar way, take the ensemble cast of the Justice League as a chance to prove that Wonder Woman can be a unique heroine, culturally relevant to modern women in a shared a world with Superman. Marvel’s movies have courted female audiences through their oft-shirtless leading men, but the films themselves have offered few women with whom to identify with.

Again, this is a character even Joss Whedon’s failed to launch, and David E. Kelly famously failed to bring to TV. The overwhelmingly vocal male comic book audience and Internet community would be all too ready to attack a Wonder Woman film, for reasons that continue to disappoint and frustrate us (costume, casting, concept, etc). So why fight an uphill battle from day one?

Instead, use a Justice League story to prove that The Flash can work in live-action, and how the his accelerated senses will function on-screen. Since super-speed remains largely unexplored to this point, DC would be wise to first demonstrate that they have a sound approach before going all-in. Even the biggest Flash fans may have trouble explaining exactly where the Speedster’s powers originate, since it’s his personality that defines him. Given that, it would be wise to show the payoff of Flash’s powers before asking moviegoers to grasp the intricacies of their creation.

Superman and The Flash Comic Why The Justice League Can Successfully Launch DCs Movie Universe

And finally, use a Justice League movie to introduce a new actor as Batman. He’s the superhero that everyone already knows, but take this chance to show a side of the character Nolan universe never touched. Honestly, it takes minutes for fans to ‘get’ how any director’s incarnation of Batman is different from those previous, and with the billions of dollars that Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy brought in, it’s clear that anyone who has yet to learn Batman’s origin story won’t be learning it in their lifetime.

Bundle Batman in with the League’s other greats and fans will cease debating if the property should be rebooted, why Christian Bale didn’t return, how the new actor compares to his predecessors, etc.. Find a new actor for the part, and let people see for themselves how he stands alongside the rest of the team. The differences between the Hulk, Thor and Captain America seen in Joss Whedon’s Avengers and their lead-up films ultimately added depth – they didn’t break continuity just because the writer and director had changed.

Batman Arkham Game Close Up Why The Justice League Can Successfully Launch DCs Movie Universe

If DC says Nolan’s version is canon, but being expanded upon with a new actor, so be it; the question won’t matter if fans like the new version. We’ve already explained how a new Batman could be more faithful to the comics than Nolan’s, and the points remain. Audiences don’t need to see Thomas and Martha Wayne gunned down yet again – it’s Batman: his origins always remain the same. Why not try something new with the League helping to soften the blow of change?

That’s four massive risks that DC would avoid by foregoing lead-in films and the attached skepticism guaranteed for each. Audiences enter the theater wanting to see Superman, Batman, or the Justice League working as a team, and if handled properly, they may wind up leaving with a new desire to see solo films following each new hero they’ve come to know and enjoy.

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  1. From what I’ve seen, a lot of people only saw Iron Man before seeing “The Avengers.” So with that understanding, the real draw is a bunch of costumed heroes, regardless of Marvel or DC, teaming up to face a big threat. I want to see franchises for Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, etc, but I also really want to see them all together beating up baddies.

    Let’s not forget, using Justice League as a jumping on point for solo series is something that WB/DC has done before (New 52 anyone?) with great success. It is a proven model that, while different from what Marvel is doing, can be done right.

    We haven’t even seen concept art for this movie and people are ready to hate on it. How about we get behind it and hope it is the best movie it can be – while different from Marvel? After all, more of the same old will eventually lead to disinterest by the mainstream.

    • “It is a proven model” This is part of the problem. Something that works for a small and devout comics audience is not necessarily going to work for a mass theater audience.

      It really is apples and oranges.

      What people hate is the lack of management at the WB taking this as seriously as Marvel does and with people who love the characters.

      So far DC has picked people who didn’t grow up on the comics.. Martin Campbell didn’t grow up a GL fan and it shows.

      Honestly, unless MOS blows me away, much of my sadness comes from the lackluster Superman Returns and the awful Green Lantern.

      These movies are not things you build a franchise on. I hope MOS changes my mind.

      • Well to be fair, Marvel didn’t insist that their directors or writers needed to be comic book fans either. Christopher Nolan always maintained he wasn’t a comic book fan or taking stories from it, and that worked out pretty well.

        In some ways, a comic book superfan in charge carries its own risks.

        • @Andrew – I agree with that, you can be a big comic fan and still suck as a director. I do however believe that you have to gain a true understanding of the characters and their history before translating them to the big screen. ‘Whedon’ and ‘Nolan’ are two different directors who both happen to do excellent work on comic book films. I just believe WB drooped the ball big time in letting Whedon go and my mind will never change on that. Now that does’nt mean the director that WB chooses won’t be able to make ‘WW’ shine in the “JL” film, he might very well be able to accomplish that, so we’ll see.

        • well put and very well said.

      • DC is still trying to get their at together on this movie?

    • I will disagree with part of what you said, Dan. While I can’t say anything for where you live at but where I am there was actually a very big draw for the Iron Man and Iron Man 2 movies. But you are right. It was the over all draw that brought people too Avengers. Not the plot or story. The characters in it. Together. And that’s actually where JL will prevail, if done right.

      But you’re opinion is dead on on the fact that people will want to see heroes working together. People will want to see that big JL base. Whether it be a Hall of Justice court building or a monster space station. And in that place they will want to see heroes galore. Not Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. But a whole lineup of characters that are only there for the purpose of making a fans heart warm up. That’s the big thing that people didn’t get about one of my previous rants. It’s not that they have to have a big portion of the screen time. It’s about the respect that they would be there, visible to everyone, if only for a moment. So have heroes just standing the background while the big heroes are talking. They don’t have to be involved. But they have to be there to be acknowledged as being there. No one wants to watch a movie based around Shazam!, PlasticMan, or pretty much any members of the JL Europe. But, there is a large enough base for them to be considered for background filler. And let’s face it, if they do a JL movie and for even a few moments you have Constantine in it (standing on a roadside randomly)it’s gonna bring in moviegoers just to check it out for that.

      And to HeartSleeves I still hold that the problem with Green Lantern was merely that they tried to fill too much actual comic story into too short of a movie timeframe.

      • Bob, the Expendables was a horrible movie in my opinion and I’m not a fan of “if it sells well it must be of good quality” ideology. Nods and Ester Eggs are one thing. You really would respect a preoject where they even hd the idea to cram more eye candy in for ticket sales? and I know they are focused on sales as a business but this to me is why they have made some horrible movies, eye candy actors instead of strong scripts, one liners and taglines that are cheesey. The GL movie didnt fail because of too much comic book in it. It failed because of a shallow storyline and disrespect to the source material. and cmon, Reynolds was being Van Wilder, not Hal Jordan.

        • Well that would be an opinion, Darel. Unless you have charts that show further proof about the GL movie considering my opinion is actually based on a pretty wide consensus over a spanned period of time. And I could easily point out that Avengers was a success strictly because of everything you just said with the addition of the previous movie successes creating buildup and the character names engraving themselves in multiple generations and demographics. Since you’re a person who acknowledges that the money made doesn’t clarify quality of product only peoples ability to be bought by the product. Just because provides more than one requires doesn’t make it a bad movie just because of eye candy. To assume so is faulty logic. Fact is, if the JL movie only has BatMan, SuperMan, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern it will likely be a terrible movie of nothing but over flashy short lived action sequences, snappy one liners and no enjoyable plot.

          • still waiting for a teen titans movie in the meantime.

      • @Bob – Now i would love to see ‘Shazam’ in a “Justice League” sequel. A stand alone film for ‘Shazam’ right now might indeed be a pretty hard sell to make, though it could have some really cool dynamics.

      • what’s interesting is that DC has been waiting up until now to make a movie like this just to get fans excited. But they still can’t get themselves organized enough to make movies about the characters that will be in the justice league movie and get their backstories straight. DC really needs to open their eyes and try to take approaches similar to the marvel franchise if they want to have any chance of being more successful and popular than they are now.

      • DC is caught in marvel’s slipstream.

    • CASE IN POINT:DC needs to focus more on its super hero groups and its other not well known characters.

  2. The New 52 is generally very good for the most part. One thing that would help is if WB actually came out and stated some commitment. They seem totally cut off from what people want and I cant tell if their working on some master plan…or just being a bunch of giant corporate arseholes.

    • Well, 52 certainly sells well, but personally, it has helped pushed me finally away from modern mainstream comics..

      I think the only DCs I read are Shade (which just ended) Hellblazer, and after swampthing #0 I quit that one..

      Marvel is not better, I read DareDevil and.. I think I’m stopping Thor. I quit every other DC or Marvel comic in the past year because they are headed for another 90′s phase of really poorly written garbage with plots to make you buy every comic just to know what is going on.

      What am I reading?

      Hellboy and BPRD
      Invincible (which frankly is a more fun and well crafted superhero universe than either DC or Marvel)
      Fatale, Criminal and anything Ed Brubaker writes
      Adventure Time and anything connected to it (which I then give to my nephew)

      Just bought a run of the first 6 of “Frankenstein Agent of Shade” which I will check out, I have heard it is one of the few 52 books that’s fun.

      Oh I do read some mainstreams I forgot:
      Batman Beyond Unlimited, which takes off after the Batman Beyond TV show and is way better than the new 52 combined..
      Ultimate Spider-man, the only Spidey book I still read, which says a lot since I am a diehard Spidey fan since I was 5.

      Wish there was a Batman comic I could get into.. but I just can’t buy into this crappy plotting and soap opera drama. Burbaker could do a hell of a Batman.


    • True, a lot of fan concern stems from WB and DC having only announced the release date, not given a glimpse into their thinking. That will come soon, but until then I think a little apprehension is fair, especially after GL.

      • the constructs could have been better in the green lantern movie. They could actually make the constructs look a little cartoon and less realistic but I’m sure fans would have liked that better than the effects they used in the movie.

  3. I couldnt give a monkeys how many Avenger films they make or how much money it brings in, I prefer DC and thats it, im in no way at all bitter about it, if somebody is bitter over this then they need to get a life, but the Avengers bored me to death anyway, the only thing I like from Marvel is Xmen, Xmen first class was a far better film than the Avengers, and it shows that with a good script, you can introduce many charactors without lead in origin films, so Justice League CAN work, if done right..

    • what if they were super purple monkeys?

      Also someone who knows you said you secretly loved Avengers and made them swear not to tell anyone..

      I promise I won’t tell anyone..

    • Tell that to the box office

    • People do need to get a life if they’re bitter over that, hell you’re entitled to your opinion. I happen to think “Avengers’ is superior to ‘First Class’, but that’s just my opinion. I said the same thing about the “JL”, if done right it can indeed work.

  4. Wow! Disney just bought Lucas films. Disney is going to become the biggest media company in the world.

  5. 1) Disney now owns all Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and ILM (the company that once owned Pixar), as well as the trademark for “Android” or “Droid”. Disney will now own all intellectual property rights with some distribution and licensing exceptions based on existing deals, much like how Universal still has the Marvel theme park license for a while yet.

    2) Much was made of Disney’s global licensed product and distribution reach making better use of LucasFilm licenses, with all emphasis on the $4.05 billion paid being relative to the value of the Star Wars franchise. For example, this would imply that any Star Wars (and Indiana Jones?) licensed comic books will now go under Marvel once the current Star Wars/Dark Horse contract ends, and video games would go through Disney Interactive.

    UPDATE 1:: Bob Iger: “We’re likely to focus more on social and mobile than we are on console. We’ll look opportunistically at console, most likely in licensing rather than publishing, but we think that given the nature of these characters and how well known they are, and the storytelling, that they lend themselves quite nicely, as they’ve already demonstrated to the other platforms”

    3) Disney plans to release a new Star Wars movie every 2-3 years starting in 2015. All of them will be in 3D.

    4) Star Wars Episodes 7, 8, and 9 will be a trilogy. The treatment is done, is in “early stage development”, and the movies are to be released every other year.

    5) ILM will remain a studio-agnostic gun for hire. Disney does not want to change anything about how they operate.

    6) Fox retains ownership and distribution of all existing Star Wars movies (until that contract expires…?). All future films will be distributed solely by Disney, unlike Paramount retaining partial distribution rights when Marvel was acquired. No mention was made of who now owns the Star Wars Holiday Special.

    I’m continuing to update that post and will be tweeting as I go through my recording of the call. Here’s The Beard and Kathleen Kennedy talking about the future of Star Wars, a video just released today:

  6. i think JL could work as a starting point and you could work in some flashback scenes for origins for the lesser known heroes. spend 7 or 8 minutes on all of them, less on supes/bats, say, when they are being recruited or whatever. while that makes about 45-50 minutes of film, if the story’s good and give it at least 2.5 hours, seems like could be a killer movie. throw in some mysteries in some of the origins that can be explored in solo films later on. i think DC could pull it off if given the right script/director(s).

  7. I’m a pretty big comic book fan and I like Marvel and DC pretty equally (Marvel just edges it), so the idea of a Justice League movie seems pretty good to me.

    But I think something which doesn’t seem to get talked about very often is that the vast majority of the people who went to the cinema to watch the Avengers and bought it on DVD are not comic book fans. Especially here in the UK. Most of them had never heard of Iron Man, Thor etc (even Captain America) before the movie versions were released. DC at least has the advantage of Batman and Supes being well known outside comics but even this will not be enough to stop a lot of people seeing this as a cynical, cash-grabbing carbon-copy of the Avengers movie.

    I honestly think those people (like my wife for instance who is a huge Avengers fan) are just gonna take one look at the Justice League movie and cry “Avengers rip-off”! The fact that the JL has been around in comic book form for decades means nothing to the 90% of cinema-goers who have never even picked up a comic book.

    The importance Marvel being first out of the blocks with their Cinematic Universe can not be understated.

    • This is an excellent point. Most of the people on this post are taking for granted that everyone knows DC heroes. But your point is valid.. The regular movie going public has a 5 year experience with the Marvel heroes and with Nolan’s Batman.. but a lot of this will come off as DC trying to copy marvel even though it isn’t. Especially with Darkseid… who Thanos is a ripoff of.

      I think Marvel is being pretty smart!

    • and that is exactly why a JL movie is such a huge gamble. WB/DC will be laying all their cards on the table and H A V E to have a concrete script, excellent acting talent and a director who knows and has a passion for the material.

      The killer thing is, Marvel used the best and easiest premise, “alien invasion” leaving WB/DC with the more difficult task of coming up with an adversary(s) that feel original so people don’t think ripoff. Being first (AND successful) gave Marvel a huge upperhand.

  8. Ok my own personal opinion is the JL film will fail massively. Dont get me wrong it will make a ton of money, but this is my opinion as just a movie fan im not a comic book fan and the majority of moviegoers will be the same. First i cant help thinking DC/WB will be victims of their own success, i mean the Dark Knight trilogy electrified audiences everywhere and one of the main reasons was the ”grounded in reality theme”, now take Batman and stick him in an ensemble with a character called Martian Manhunter and even Green Lantern and its easy to see how it will turn off a lot of fans. Also i get that JL has been around for a long time but the majority of film goers wont be that familiar with them, what they will be familiar with is 20 -30 years of batman and superman films, where they dont work with other ensemble super heroes in a team, but have only been known to audiences as solo heroes battling with not only enemies but the underlying theme that they are alone and have to combat the pressure of being lone heroes. Putting them in a team goes against everything many of us have ever known for the characters, i mean look at the outrage when Robin and Batgirl were introduced. I just think that for non comic book fans The Avengers worked as their characters lend themselves to being part of a team, DC/WB characters are more the loner tortured soul types. Anyway i could be totally wrong, its just my personal opinion as a non comic book fan but a big super hero film fan.

    • @butter:

      That’s exactly what I thought before The Avengers. There’s no way Iron Man, with his realistic, science & technology based powers could coexist with someone like Thor, who is an alien god. But, as Joss Whedon proved, nearly any obstacle can be overcome with good writing.

    • Yeah. I pretty much, agree with that.

    • I think it’ll open an opportunity to immediately acknowledge and show respect to a larger group of heroes than the Avengers movie without having to give them unneeded solo films, remove need to explain the lesser cared about characters origins, and skip right over that ‘Everyone’s New Here’ moment completely. Apparently no ones willing to go see an AquaMan movie. And no matter how you portray Green Lantern he still comes out just being an interstellar cop. So if you start with the JL movie you can skip the need of it and just include them in the JL and future DC group films. And just by them being in the group movies even without a lot of direct participation eliminates the whole situation with the Avengers films not explaining the absence of the New York regulars.

      (Figure start with SuperMan, Green Lantern, one if not more of the actual corp.s Earth members, Green Arrow, Aquaman, HawkMan, Animal Man, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, then throw in BatMan along with Batgirl and Robin or Nightwing or both. Then have the story revolve around just Super, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and one other depending on the story or more as needed to maintain a plausible plot. They’re gonna make changes to the storyline from the comics, anyways.)

      Of course, you’re completely right about the situation with the characters stand out differences but that’s what DC gets for coming up with some of those names and characters. If they do go through with it for comedies sake I hope they hire Adrian Grenier for the role of Aquaman.

  9. It’s as if DC doesn’t really want to copy Marvel so they are making up reasons to launch the film first. I really don’t mind which way they do it just as long as the movie’s actually GOOD.

  10. Two words, Kingdom Come. If they do this and it becomes a trilogy, that would be the only way to end it. With an ending like that already written, I see only Michael Bay types coming in and wanting to create ‘their vision’ of a character messing it up. (Tim Burton, Batman. Bryan Singer, X-Men.) I see no reason why this wouldn’t work. The Marvel movies have a pretty good handle on the feel of the Marvel Universe. DC pre-’New 52′ had a lot of history and a very distinctive feel. I recommend ‘Justice’ a 12 part book, just to show you what can be done in a DC comic movie that would make Marvel’s line up seem like a disowned mutt.

  11. @Andrew Dyce – Dude, Josh Whedon did’nt fail to launch “Wonder Woman”, WB just did’nt allow this guy to bring his vision of her to the big screen, plain and simple. Stop lying and trying to mix up the facts, their kicking themselves in the asses for letting this guy go now and you know it, so don’t come on this site trying to front like it was no deal losing this guy.

    • Well he tried to get the project, and didn’t. I’m not “lying’ or “mixing up facts,” or implying that it was no big deal. Even a writer with his skills couldn’t convince WB that it could work.

      That wasn’t really even a minor point of the overall article either.

      • @Andrew Dyce – True enough man, i just still have a hard time figuring out how it did’nt work out with Josh, eventhough i understand buisness is buisness. You would just think a director like Whedon, who has a strong pulse and understanding on directing female characters in action sequences would have been a great fit to bring “Wonder Woman” to the big screen. Obviously that’s now the past and both sides have moved on. I’ll say this much, both Whedon and WB/DC seemed to part ways on a respectful manner, i never heard either side say anything bad or negative about the other. It worked out great obviously for Whedon with the smashing success of “The Avengers” and i’m sure it will work out for WB/DC as well. I don’t know if you read another post of mine where i said WB should step back a little and let DC handle their characters for the big screen more, because they understand theose characters and their inner workings much more than WB ever will. DC needs to have more say and personal control over their characters like Marvel does in my honest opinion.

  12. @buster105e – Yeh your right about one thing, you really dont have a clue at all, so it will fail massivly yet still bring in a tonne of money?? FYI Justice League charactors work better as a team and have better chemistry between them than the Avengers, and this ”grounded in reality theme” that you talk about wont probably happen again, these are superhero films remember, this isnt reality, Nolan did a good job with Batman but its by no means unbeatable, Nolan was way off the mark with alot of things in that trilogy and “Rises” was a mess..

  13. @Andrew Dyce – DC indeed does not need to follow Marvel’s path, in fact they should’nt. As long as they put the right people behind the project they can make it happen. Once they hire who they decide to hire WB needs to back off and allow the writers to write and the director to direct. If WB is truly confident in who they hire than they should give that director and writer the same space and freedom they gave the Nolan’s, just my opinion on that. Now what Marvel did obviously was risky and it’s never been attempted before, and so far it has truly paid off of course. And you’re right, there’s no absolute guarantee that ‘Phase 2′ will be as successful, though as of right now the chances look good. Another good point you made is having good writing, and if Marvel continues to have that and DC has it with “Man Of Steel” and “JL”, than the comic book film industry should continnue to flourish for years to come.

  14. I agree with this article entirely. I think the biggest appeal the Marvel and DC comic-verse has had, was always the understanding “we are similar but oh so different.” Which is something they have always taken straight to the bank. I think DC needs to do things differently than following Marvel’s model.

    Now if you get into the logistics of business and “bottomline talk” I’m sure one’s argument can be suaded. But this isn’t bottomline talk, this is about doing something that if done right, takes care of the fans, which in turn will take care of everything else. Just from a fan perspective and how I would want to be marketed to…I think it’s important DC/WB respects the intellect and patience of their audience and build the ‘Justice League’ franchise in a reverse ‘Avengers’ kind of way.

    This way audiences, critics, and studios alike are given different models to choose from and judge the successes. Which, of course in my opinion, not only reestablishes the tone once set between the two comic companies but also the differences that made them great and viable in the first place.

    Variety is always good. Look at the X-Men franchise as an example. The people spoke and Wolverine, who was always a fan favorite, became notably the story fans wanted more of. But I’m sure with all the creative minds in Hollywood, they would have be equally and eagerly ready to launch a sub franchise had fans taken more to Cyclops, Storm, Jean etc.

    I eagerly await the attempts DC/WB make with this project. Being a fan of ‘The Flash’ myself, I’ve never thought justice was done with a live action version of the character. But if made appealing and compelling enough in a ‘Justice League’ movie…I’m sure it wouldn’t take long before he “takes off.” (pun intended)

    • @John – I was saying the same thing, DC does need to approach this a little differently then Marvel did with “The Avnegers”. Following the same path a rival company has arleady taken could be a recipe for disaster. This approach is the only way for DC to go in my opinion, like i said in a previous post they just need the right people behind the film. And when they do find the director, writers and producer WB needs to step back and allow them people the freedom to do their jobs. Even with “The Avengers” being such a massive hit, there’s still more than enough room for “The Justice League” to succeed and become a big hit in it’s own right.

  15. i personally grew with dc comics marvel was introduced to me when i started reading comic books about the hulk and ironman. dc comics i believe are older than marvel and superman will always be my fisrt super hero,in regards to what you said about movies the avengers movie was good both of them grew a very good crowd . in my opinion dc should introduce all heros of the justice league not just superman,batman,wonder woman and flash ,green lantern, green arrow,atom,captian marval as well and also it would be kinda cool if dc and marvel would come together and make a movie with the five main characters in both dc and marvel for dc superman,batman,wonder woman,green lantern and flash, and for marvel hulk,captian america,ironman,black widow and hawkeye, also dc has to make a comeback to movies its only batman and superman. if a movie about the justice league comes out im there

  16. in this movie they should just have the Flash, Batman , Wonder woman and superman. Adding green lantern and aquaman wouldnt really work that well since green lantern was a flop.

    • @captainiron – I’m in agreement with you there my friend, i think too many DC heroes would flood the film with too many characters. A big part of what made “The Avengers” so successful is because they kept the line up at 6 basic core heroes, and it just looked and felt so natural on the big screen. Yes DC should’nt follow every step Marvel takes, but this is one of those times they should. I say keep the line-up at Bats, Supes, WW, Flash and GL or Martian Manhunter. Than like Marvel is planning, you add additional heroes with each subsequent sequel, which will make the progress in the series of films feel natural and translate smoothly. That’s just my take on it.

  17. I’m not a big comics fan, but damn it, I want to see Aquaman in Justice League, and I want to see him become useful. He and Auqalad are awesome in all the cartoons (except Super Friends), so I’d like to see him on the big screen.

  18. As stoked as I will be for a shared universe movie from DC about their ensemble cast for their iconic superheroes in 2015, I am, however, quiet cautious about the Warner leadership unconventionally introducing these gestating figures through one explosive plot. Trying to introduce each of the separate characters through one movie is a dauntingly risky move, not only from a fiscal point of view but from a thematic one. What concerns us more is the latter one. Clearly, trying to write a story that will properly be able to encompass all the different background story arch of Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Flash and reboot Batman will convolute the overall story, thereby making it difficult for audiences to encapsulate the overall picture. Generally speaking, good movies are attuned to niche storylines. It would make sense to follow the marvel path by giving a fair amount of attention to all of our superheroes separately and then bringing them together into one JLA movie, even if it will mean postponing the date for a JLA movie for another three years. Remember, stalling the movie would be an infinitely better option than doing a horrible job of it and single handedly making it a colossal embarrassment as well as ruining potential sequels. However, if done well, this unconventional method could perhaps turn out to be a novelty strategy. Such would only be possible if the Warner Bros. entourage could somehow focus on as little characters as possible, thereby developing more effectively on a more restricted story arch, while leaving the climactic buildup as being open to the calling out for the need for other superheroes for protection from even greater threats in future movies. This, then, could be a more subtle approach to introducing Flash and other heroes alike. This would be akin to Michael Bay’s first Transformers movie, where Optimus Prime, at the end of the movie, steps up on top of a hill calling out to other surviving protagonists, asking them to unite for even greater evils to come. As a huge DC fan, I will want Warner Bros. to get their eggs in one basket (or separate ones!) and consider approaching this sensitive situation cautiously regardless of how they approach the JLA team. After all, this movie in 2015, or the lack thereof, will determine the future of the other JLA cast members and whether they will be able to compete with their Marvel counterparts.


    • @Acein210 – Well it’s certainly hot going to do ‘Avengers’ numbers, i think matching 600 million domestic is asking way too much, and trust me i know box office numbers. Now that being said, a “JL” film does’nt need insane numbers like that to succeed, i think 350-400 million domestic would be great numbers and do the trick.

  20. this could be of interest.

  21. I like to see The Justice League on Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman joined forces with The Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and Hawkman.

  22. Will someone tell them to use the same actors for any movies after the first justice league film that was one of the most comforting things about Avengers. Changing actors ruins the reality of the characters we build visuals up in our heads. Please pick an actor and stick with them……….