‘Justice League’ Rumor: David S. Goyer to Write and Direct?

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David S. Goyer Writing Directing Justice League Rumor Justice League Rumor: David S. Goyer to Write and Direct?

It’s important to remember that – despite years of speculation and rumoring – there is actually little to nothing actually confirmed for Warner Bros. and DC Comics’ Justice League movie. Even in the wake of this week’s Man of Steel marketing launch, the most we’ve learned is that the Superman reboot will establish a shared universe for other DC superheroes.

Of course, lack of fact has never been an impediment to the rumor mill – which is why today brings news about a new writer (possibly director) of the Justice League movie.

According to our Summer 2013 Movie PollMan of Steel is riding high on people’s “Most Anticipated” list. With a promising re-imagining of Superman’s origins and realistic take on the Batman saga both under his belt, it’s not really a surprise that we’re David S. Goyer’s name being floated as the person who could act as architect of Justice League.

The word came from our friend over at AMC, John Campea, who tweeted out the following messages to fans:

Naturally the latter tweet seems like the more believable one – and considering that writer Will Beall didn’t impress with Gangster Squad earlier this year, those rumors of Beall’s JL script being scrapped and rewritten could easily be interpreted as indicators of Goyer’s involvement with the project.

Although his resume includes impressive script work for projects like Dark CityBlade, Blade II, JumperThe Dark Knight Trilogy and Man of Steel, Goyer’s directorial resume is less impressive, sporting lackluster films like Blade: Trinity and The Unborn. In short: he’s not the caliber of director that one would assume DC/WB is seeking for arguably their biggest tentpole film, ever.

superman batman movie Justice League Rumor: David S. Goyer to Write and Direct?

On the other hand: Few people (even Serenity browncoats) felt that Joss Whedon had the level of skill necessary to craft a monumental event film like The Avengers - and how wrong did those doubters (myself included) turn out to be? The similarities between Goyer and Whedon run even deeper when you consider the following:

  • Both have extensive “geek” writing cred in TV, Film, and Comic Books.
  • Each one has crafted some of the most seminal and game-changing geek culture projects (Goyer - Blade, Dark Knight; Whedon - BuffyAvengers).
  • Each one endured a long, hard, never-quite-successful struggle to become a big-name director in charge of  tentpole franchises.
  • Each one has come to the position of “story shepherd” of their respective DC/Marvel cinematic universes.

As I said: the differences between the two are slim – which is why it wouldn’t be TOO shocking if both the rumors Campea heard turn out to be true.

For those who can pardon Whedon, but would damn the thought of Goyer taking on Justice League, just remember: Whedon was given a highly-skilled support staff to help him nail-down Avengers, because big-budget action/adventure wasn’t exactly his forte. We’ve already pointed out (multiple times) that DC/WB has one of the best support teams in the business (The Nolans, Bruce Timm, Zack Sndyer, Geoff Johns), so if put in charge of Justice League, Goyer wouldn’t exactly be flying solo.

Justice League New 52 Flash Justice League Rumor: David S. Goyer to Write and Direct?

And before you drag up Blade: Trinity as your “No Goyer” defense: Wesley Snipes had much more to do with that fiasco than Goyer did (read about that sordid history HERE).

In the end though, the real question is what the studio plans to do with Zack Snyder, should Man of Steel prove to be successful; directing the Superman sequel would likely tie up his time, making unavailable should they want to get a Justice League movie out the door in the next two or so years. In that scenario (and failing to land one or both of the Nolans), Goyer would be the next highest man on the company roster.


We’ll continue to watch this Justice League situation and keep you informed how it all goes.

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  1. Goyer has shown that he is a so-so writer who has enough comic book knowledge to get by, but he needs other people editing his work or it just turns into dreck. His directing of his own stories is just plain bad, which shows a lot.

  2. Goyer’s very hit-n-miss with his projects. If this is true, I just hope it won’t be a miss! At this point DC can’t afford a miss :(

  3. I would be heavily against him, just have snyder and nolan do them all together or someone else.

  4. I think he’s got loads of talent on writing. But he may be still a ill green to be directing a movie the scale of the justice league. I had complete faith in Joss Whedon when I heard he was helping the Avengers so I wasn’t worried about that one bit. And Gouer could prove me wrong. Like you said he has a lot of talent standing beside him for advice and other help. So who knows. He could blow us all away with this. Lets just hope it gets off the ground. I really love the justice league and I love the avengers. I’m not picking a favorite because they are both equally as interesting with characters and stories. But superman is by far my favorite super hero from DC and Spider-Man my marvel go to hero. So. Lets see how it all works out before we down the dude.

  5. @Kofi
    The link to the Wesley Snipes, Blade Trinity fiasco is not available.

    • Was just about to say the same thing, lol

      • Sorry, Link is fixed now.

  6. he can write as long as he writes with someone else to play off of. As for direct I think a more experience director should take on the task. I feel if man of steel is as good as it should be then Snyder will do justice league.

  7. I prefer he write over direct but if his time with Nolan, Snyder, and Pfister has sharpened his directorial skills then i’m all for it.

  8. Let’s have Goyer write and Bruce Timm direct.

    • Bruce Timm directing?? the man has never done anything live action. What he should do he co write with Goyer so we can get a real good story.

      • Neither did Brad Bird, and then he did Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol.

        • You don’t honestly believe Bruce Timm is in the same league as Brad Bird do you?? Bird did 3 of the best animated films of all time. Timm works on TV Shows, comics and TV animated movies. Say what you want but an animated straight to dvd batman film isn’t in the same league as The Incredible. Bird has been around the business while Timm is stuck in low budget work. You can’t trust someone like Timm with a 200+ million dollar project. Bird on the other hand would be a great choice. Timm should write that is all.

      • Brad Bird had only done animation before MI4. Bruce Timm knows these characters.

      • +1! I suspect this “time-off” recently announced from Twitter about Bruce Timm was in fact a meeting with Goyer to talk about writing this story together – or at least put in his opinion. That would be a blessing. With Abrahms (Star Wars) and Wheedon (Avengers) at the Mouse House, DC/WB needs all the talent it can get come 2015.

  9. In regards to Superman 2, if Man of Steel ends up being a huge winner I see two outcomes, either they go and make Superman two and include some possible cameos or mentions of the larger world in regards to superheroes since Superman’s emergence or they do the Justice League movie which would essentially serve as (not a direct sequel to supes) but a continuation of the man of ateel story but instead of small cameos from other supers, they interactions would naturally take center stage. Supes two could then follow Justice league and deal with the aftermath and intro a more classic superman villain (Lex fueled by his xenophobia etc).

    What this means is that for directing purposes, Snider would hopefully be the man moving forward and would in theory get to get playing and visually shepperding that universe which I’m really happy about (whether it means a followup supes 2 or him doing JL).

    • So hopefully snider does MoS -> JLA -> Supes 2. That to me would be the best outcome. Hopefully the scripts are solid, as Snider has proven that when following a great script his visual flair and skill are fantastic and from the MoS stuff so far, look the really allow the DC universe to stand on its own.

    • If MOS is a hit which I think it will be. I think they should go like this.

      Batman Reboot->Worlds Finest->Wonder Woman->Flash->Justice League

  10. WHAAAT???!!

    time to actually read the article…

    • For now, I agree that Goyer should only be writing. Of course, if he can prove his directing prowess in the near future by making a critically acclaimed movie, he may have this chance.


      In my opinion, JLA movie should not use the same approach used in The Avengers. Members of JLA are all mighty, idealistic-type heroes, unlike Avengers who are mostly anti-heroes creating their own conflicts. The scale must be grander, the conflict must be deeper and more complicated, and the visual must showcase every wonder from the deepest part of the ocean to the uppermost of the sky. In other words, JLA is one big monster that only the most credible people in cinematic industry may have a hand in nurturing it.

      So, for now, please get back to the writing board, Mr. Goyer.

    • I disagree (we just had a batman movie but a new one want have chis bale)…so they should do a flash, wonder woman then a justice league. leave green lanter,superman 2, and batman: year one for phase 2 right before a JL2 movie.

  11. I have no problem with him writing. He’s proven so far that he can write a good movie. I don’t have an opinion on his directing because I haven’t seen either of those movies. However, the difference between Whedon and Goyer’s directing efforts is that, while both were not commercially viable, Whedon’s lone effort (Serenity) was a critical success.

    That said, maybe he can be the right man for the director’s chair. After all, even the greats have been at the helm for some bad movies.

  12. This makes me nervous. His scripts are awesome but I do not enjoy the movies he directs. I think a better route is to have him write the script and snyder direct (MOS)

  13. This is good news if he writes. I’m not sold on his directing. So he would be the Joss W. for WB/DC? I think I could live with that. I’ll know more after I see MoS though.

    Just a question here: DC’s animation movies are second to none. Why not ask one of the animation writers to write at least a treatment for a JL movie?

    • +1
      WB/DC, take note!!!

  14. Get going on the JLA!

  15. And on Green Lantern #2!

  16. And on The Flash!

  17. And on a teamup between Dr. Fate and Hourman!

  18. And on a mini teamup between Hawkman, Martian Manhunter, and The Atom!

  19. There! Your appointment secretary has planned your day!

  20. Ummm… this rumor isn’t “new.” Rumors involving Goyer writing the next adaptations have been floating around for months.

    Either way, we should know what’s up come the ‘con.

  21. I don’t mind that he writes but I have more mixed feelings on him as a director. His films that he directed were mediocre at best.

  22. blah blah blah bullsh*t bullsh*t bullsh*t

    There isnt going to be any JL movie. We have been hearing about this for years now. If they really wanted one they wouldve incorporated it in the DK trilogy with cameos or at least references to other heroes. Only thing I could find was in DKR bruce had a bow and arrow and that was a reference to Green Arrow in my opinon but nothing else. WB has blown it on every front. MOS looks like it blows chunks.

    • Dearest Troll,

      You are really quite obnoxious
      This we know is true
      Did someone at DC hurt you?
      Because we all know the Avengers blew.

      I stink at poetry but my point remains. Don’t come here looking for enraged responses by trolling. We readers at Screen Rant are above such petty jargon.

      Except for me, I poke at trolls with crappy poetry. Because I honestly have nothing better to do with my time. :P

      • Wow lol corny poetry is worse than a rant. And also get a girlfriend dude lol

        • Learning to speak English properly should be more of a priority for you than “girlfriends” right now, Troll. Sticking acronyms in the middle of a sentence is just bad syntax and starting a sentence with ‘and’ is even worse. Before we even discuss your preoccupation with the fairer sex we have to work on your ability to speak in non-jumbled gibberish. Come on man, you’re in the big leagues now. Try to keep up.

  23. Bruce Timm to direct, Paul Dini to help write would be my choice.

    • bruce timm has never done live-action and this isnt gonna be animated its gonna be completely imaginary since its never gonna happen. Marvel owns wake up!

      • “Marvel owns wake up”

        They aren’t sports teams Troll, you don’t have to pick a side. The “my side is better than your side” mentality among comics belongs only to the bandwagoners who think that it’s fashionable to do so.

      • @ Troll

        Doesn’t matter, Timm knows the characters & would be helpful with designing sets. Goyer directed Ghost Rider 2 & that film was downright awful. Id take my chances with Timm over Goyer on a live-action Justice League film directing.

        • WallyWest

          Your facts are incorrect. Goyer wrote the story and first draft of Ghost Rider 2 (which actually has a decent story just horrribly executed) before it went through numerous script changes. It was the Crank series director’s that directed not Goyer.

  24. This is very good news, I think he’s an excellent writer. I know that a lot of Marvel fans like to talk sh*t about DC, but hey they gotta start from somewhere just like Marvel did.

  25. If I wanted I could single handedly get this movie going but I am busy with TF4 and alien TMNT. Thank though.

  26. I’m totally down with Goyer having a headmaster role with DC’s superhero properties if only because of the supporting players he could potentially bring in. I’ve given up hope on Nolan having any serious direct input for a while now but if he could be convinced to produce and therefore have a small role that’d satisfy me. If Goyer ends up having a leading role in working with the JL I think that’d be a better possibility. DC has plenty of workable pieces they just need to find a way to get them all to fit. No rush, just get it right.

    • Agreed. If Goyer can get Warner Bros. to launch JUSTICE LEAGUE, he will have served his purpose, even if he doesn’t helm the project and if the studio need to bring in others to doctor the script.

  27. wanna read about w snipes and blade trinity but t he link doesnt work

  28. Here goes Warner Bros putting all their eggs in one basket again, didn’t they learn from Will Beall and Gangster Squad thing.

  29. A comment about this “universe” so often referred to when speaking of DC/Marvel comic-to-film superheroes….

    The average ticket-buyer will not give two damns, one way or the other, if Batman joins Superman in a film; neither will they care if Spider-Man hooks up with The Avengers. The majority of popcorn-eaters don’t really know squat about what superhero is aware of some other superhero; they just want a good movie — period.

    All this concern about what “different universe” these characters occupy or share begins and ends with fans of the comic books…and what Christopher Nolan has perceived for Batman.

    (Ironically, a portion of MAN OF STEEL with a bearded Superman hitch-hiking to find himself recalls Bruce Wayne in an early sequence of BATMAN BEGINS, also bearded and wandering in search of himself. Nolan stewarded both projects.)

    Should Warner Bros. realize in the future how teaming Man of Steel and the Dark Knight would bring in a box office north of $1Billion, you can bet the farm those two caped crusaders will not only share the same universe but also be oozing its dark matter.

    As evidenced by his “eight-hour movie” DA VINCI’S DEMONS, Goyer is a talented writer but apparently requires (an editor and…) being partnered with a strong collaborator and shepherded by a creative director like Nolan/Snyder. The question isn’t could he direct JUSTICE LEAGUE but should he?

    By the way, writer/director Shane Black helms IRON MAN 3 with nothing in his film canon to prepare him for such a CGI-heavy, big-budget project. That support team at The WB will aid any skilled filmmaker, but he has to be skilled.

    • “The average ticket-buyer will not give two damns, one way or the other, if Batman joins Superman in a film”

      I don’t think many here are going to agree :P

      • @ Andrew Dyce Right? I got a laugh out of that too.

        Let’s be real folks- a Batman/Superman movie will be comparable to and possibly exceed Avenger ticket sales based on name alone.

        • Showing the two onscreen together for even a second would spark mania.

          • @ Kofi

            That could be, but I’m not convinced of that. I think it depends on the timing of the film and the actors involved. Two bad actors in the respective suits just wouldn’t do it. I’d love to see two quality actors meet up as Bats & Supes, now there is mania!

            • Agreed, Iron Man’s popularity has as much to do with RDJ as the general public’s knowledge or interest in Iron Man. If doing a movie with Batman and Superman in it was such a surefire hit, then why haven’t Warner done it yet in the twenty years they have owned the properties?

              • There was a planned Batman vs Superman in 2007 that was in production but stopped because WB went with TDK instead. A Batman/Superman film would be a huge hit.

                • Apparently Warner Brothers does not share your conviction about how well it would do to bankroll the project, so it will always be speculation until something happens.

            • For example Val Kilmer & Brandon Routh would NOT light up the screen, or the box office.