‘Justice League’ Rumor: David S. Goyer to Write and Direct?

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David S. Goyer Writing Directing Justice League Rumor Justice League Rumor: David S. Goyer to Write and Direct?

It’s important to remember that – despite years of speculation and rumoring – there is actually little to nothing actually confirmed for Warner Bros. and DC Comics’ Justice League movie. Even in the wake of this week’s Man of Steel marketing launch, the most we’ve learned is that the Superman reboot will establish a shared universe for other DC superheroes.

Of course, lack of fact has never been an impediment to the rumor mill – which is why today brings news about a new writer (possibly director) of the Justice League movie.

According to our Summer 2013 Movie PollMan of Steel is riding high on people’s “Most Anticipated” list. With a promising re-imagining of Superman’s origins and realistic take on the Batman saga both under his belt, it’s not really a surprise that we’re David S. Goyer’s name being floated as the person who could act as architect of Justice League.

The word came from our friend over at AMC, John Campea, who tweeted out the following messages to fans:

Naturally the latter tweet seems like the more believable one – and considering that writer Will Beall didn’t impress with Gangster Squad earlier this year, those rumors of Beall’s JL script being scrapped and rewritten could easily be interpreted as indicators of Goyer’s involvement with the project.

Although his resume includes impressive script work for projects like Dark CityBlade, Blade II, JumperThe Dark Knight Trilogy and Man of Steel, Goyer’s directorial resume is less impressive, sporting lackluster films like Blade: Trinity and The Unborn. In short: he’s not the caliber of director that one would assume DC/WB is seeking for arguably their biggest tentpole film, ever.

superman batman movie Justice League Rumor: David S. Goyer to Write and Direct?

On the other hand: Few people (even Serenity browncoats) felt that Joss Whedon had the level of skill necessary to craft a monumental event film like The Avengers - and how wrong did those doubters (myself included) turn out to be? The similarities between Goyer and Whedon run even deeper when you consider the following:

  • Both have extensive “geek” writing cred in TV, Film, and Comic Books.
  • Each one has crafted some of the most seminal and game-changing geek culture projects (Goyer - Blade, Dark Knight; Whedon - BuffyAvengers).
  • Each one endured a long, hard, never-quite-successful struggle to become a big-name director in charge of  tentpole franchises.
  • Each one has come to the position of “story shepherd” of their respective DC/Marvel cinematic universes.

As I said: the differences between the two are slim – which is why it wouldn’t be TOO shocking if both the rumors Campea heard turn out to be true.

For those who can pardon Whedon, but would damn the thought of Goyer taking on Justice League, just remember: Whedon was given a highly-skilled support staff to help him nail-down Avengers, because big-budget action/adventure wasn’t exactly his forte. We’ve already pointed out (multiple times) that DC/WB has one of the best support teams in the business (The Nolans, Bruce Timm, Zack Sndyer, Geoff Johns), so if put in charge of Justice League, Goyer wouldn’t exactly be flying solo.

Justice League New 52 Flash Justice League Rumor: David S. Goyer to Write and Direct?

And before you drag up Blade: Trinity as your “No Goyer” defense: Wesley Snipes had much more to do with that fiasco than Goyer did (read about that sordid history HERE).

In the end though, the real question is what the studio plans to do with Zack Snyder, should Man of Steel prove to be successful; directing the Superman sequel would likely tie up his time, making unavailable should they want to get a Justice League movie out the door in the next two or so years. In that scenario (and failing to land one or both of the Nolans), Goyer would be the next highest man on the company roster.


We’ll continue to watch this Justice League situation and keep you informed how it all goes.

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  1. If I had A choice I would want A Hawkman movie. And I want his wife Hawkgirl in there with him. I don’t want one or the other I want both please. Okay I know Hawkwoman is more P.C. but it dosen’t roll off the tounge as well

    • Also if they do a JL movie, then Amanda Waller must be involved.

      • Project Cadmus would be incredible, but that should come after the initial JL movie, because Cadmus was a response to the strength of the Justice League. Cadmus wasn’t there established until well after the formation of the Justice League.

      • @ War Clown

        If she’s played by Pam Grier. Angela Basset sucked in the role imo.

  2. David S. Goyer has tremendous potential for the first serving of any of the solos DC/WB will eventually launch with JLA and after quite a seasoned experience with the gritty tone of The Dark Knight trilogy that will also embody the future DCU Projects, I am giving him the green signal as THE PRIMARY SCRIPTWRITER.

    BUT he has a tendency to go flawed without proper guidance. The first two films of the Batman trilogy had Nolan in complete stringency over Goyer but TDKR had Nolan helming mostly as a consultant and bestowed complete freedom to Goyer, which gave rise to several roadblocks during the script’s initial stage, as Goyer himself admitted (during Nolan’s absence). Aside from the Blade failures, Goyer is also responsible for the debacle for scripting Ghost Rider 2. Nolan should therefore be included as the team’s HEAD CONSULTANT to lead Goyer on JLA’s script. Although I vouch for Nolan as the Producer, only time will tell.
    INCLUDE Jonathan Nolan in the Scriptwriters’ body to assist Goyer. Jonathan has delivered commendable input in screenplay for the Batman triilogy and has also volunteered as a consultant to some extent.

    I am starting to confide in Zack Snyder as Man of Steel’s direction is promising although he has a lot to traverse if he wants to attain the brilliance of the Nolan/Goyer combo.

  3. I’m not looking to “damn” Goyer as a director, I just think he’d be better suited to write only.
    Of course I should admit that I’m a bit bias because I’ve said from the start that Snyder should direct TJL and I’d like to have one of my predictions actually be correct for once. ;)

    • Since I’ve said the same, my friend, I’d say you are great at predictions_:)

  4. Can’t use Trinity to say no Goyer for JLA? Fine: Ghost Rider

  5. I’m sorry but I don’t think this will happen at all. WB/DC don’t trust this project because they know it will suck

    • That may be a fair point I feel they may not have the confidence in themselves and in the projects ahead to make it great. Still hope it is though even if I’m not a DC fan

  6. Warner’s should take their sweet time with any Justice League film.
    And only with a proven director whenever and if ever the film is made.

    The getting of Superman’s house in order first, as Zack once answered
    on the subject, is the priority and the structure and timing of Justice League
    will naturally flow from that foundation which means not moving too precipitously.

    • I agree, they need to be patient with it and follow Marvel’s lead. They need to get a plan together that will cover a few years.

      Although I really hope it doesn’t, the Marvel train of success might slow down slighty after Avengers 2, so that would be the perfect time to get Justice League out (a year or 2 after A2). That way they have time to plan other solo films/sequels/team up movies/etc and make some more good superhero movies like the Dark Knight (and I’m assuming Man Of Steel is going to be great by what I’ve heard).

      • You are right, Matt, I have sensed myself there
        is the likelihood of a bit of a lull for Marvel after A2.
        The timing would fall right in for the Justice League.

        • I think DC/WB don’t need to make so much solo movies as much marvel do before JL movie. If MOS do great work I don’t think They need any other movie.

          • Probably not as many solo films, yes. A few key ones though.
            I’d say the sequel to Man Of Steel and the reboot of Batman
            should be out first and their team up alone in Justice league
            would be a draw and two or three other superheroes could
            be added to the Justice League film without their solo first.

  7. Sometimes, a writer makes a good director *if* there is not fatal interference from the studio. I think of Nicholas Meyer with Star Trek II and VI. But I have not seen Goyer’s films, which apparently have been poor.

    If Zak Snyder gets broad approval and acclaim for Man of Steel…? I don’t know how important it is to have Superman 2 and Justice League produced during the same time frame.

  8. If Man of Steel is going to have the take of a “first contact” scenario, I think a great way to set up a connective them for other franchises would be to use Amanda Waller and Project Cadmus the way Nick Fury and Shield were used as a common connection in the MCU.
    The theme from the JLU cartoons was that Cadmus was mankind’s/government’s response to protect the little people from these emerging super powered individuals.
    I think Angela Basset as Amanda Waller was one of the positive things to come out of Green Lantern. They could even keep GL in continuity and just say that it happens after Man of Steel.
    Once you’ve set up Cadmus, you can more easily do Suicide Squad(or Taskforce X) which could be very cool if done right.

    I also think DC/WB should build up to a JLA movie like Marvel did. It seems less risky to do a jam movie with even moderately successful characters than a bunch of unknowns. I bet Bruce Timm could pull it off either way.

  9. I’m dragging up “Jumper” and “Nick Fury: Agent of Shield” with David Hasselhoff for my NO Goyer argument.

    Just watch Jumper and you’ll have to agree that Goyer has a tin ear for dialog.

    I wouldn’t recommend the Nick Fury movie to my worst enemy…….. It really SUCKS!

  10. You need to get more classically trained British theater actors playing the roles of the other superheros. There are many very good actors.

  11. I`d say Goyer to co-write and leave directing position to Snyder which I think thats whats gonna happen

  12. I cannot wait to see THE JUSTICE LEAGUE when it comes out on the big screen ? Here is the Casting Call to the JUSTICE LEAGUE

    Henry Cavill as Superman/Kal-El/Clark Kent
    Christian Bale as Batman/Bruce Wayne
    Olivia Wilde as Wonder Woman/Princess Diana/Diana Prince
    Garret Hedlund as Flash/Barry Allen
    Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern/Hal Jordan
    Sam Worthington as Aquaman/Arthur Curry

    Michael Chikilis as Darkseid
    Chris Isaaks as Desaad
    Billy Zane as Lex Luther
    Robert Patrick as Brainiac
    Mark Strong as Sinestro
    Will Arnett as Professor Zoom/Dr. Eobard Thawne
    Rupert Everett as Captain Cold/Leonard Snart
    Gary Oldman as Commissionar Jim Gordon
    Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth

    • I like most of them accept Olivia Wilde she doesn’t look the part for WW

      • Controversial but I really want Rosario Dawson for WW. Paula Patton in a perfect world.

        • both gorgeous and I have a crush on R. Dawson but as far as I`m concerned …mmm ! maybe that can work

    • @DannyLovesMovies

      Kate Beckinsale as Wonder Woman and Bradley Cooper as Flash would be awesome.

      Although rumors say WB is eying Charlie Hunman for the Flash role

      • Good idea, also I casted Robert Patrick to play Brainiac for MAN OF STEEL (Part 2) and The JUSTICE LEAGUE.

        Other Casting suggestions:
        Cate Blanchett as Queen Hippolyte (JLA/WONDER WOMAN)
        Amy Adams as Lois Lane (MOS 2/JLA)
        John Slattery as Perry White (MOS 2/JLA; Laurence may change his mind)
        Daniel Radcliffe as Jimmy Olsen (MOS 2/JLA)
        Josh Hartnett as Bizarro (MOS 3/JLA)
        Amanda Seyfried as Princess Mera (JLA/AQUAMAN)
        Kirsten Dunst as Iris West (FLASH/JLA)

        • @DannyLovesMovies
          Great suggestions, but we still have to confirm whether Jenny Olsen completely replaces Jimmy.

          Remember months back when a guy whose brother was working on the MOS team released spoilers about Brainiac and Metallo in MOS here on ScreenRant?? He said a wounder USAF pilot will volunteer for the Metallo project in MOS (possibly under LexCorp) as an Easter Egg and that Brainiac will be referenced on the Krypton storylines. He’s been true about the Lex Luthor scoops so far, but only time will tell.

  13. How is jumper impressive script work? Is it because of that scene where the 2 jumpers teleport a car around a city for no reason? Maybe the terrible dialog? I could go on.

    Im sorry to say, but Goyer has proved numerous times how bad he is when not supervised. How can he write a terrible movie like ghost rider if he was the principal genius behind the batman trilogy? Even though the production was problematic on blade 3, I dont believe a guillermo del toro would have produced such a terrible movie, had he been in control.

    Goyer vs Whedon … The difference is raw talent and an academy award nomination for a screenplay.

    Unless they get a Nolan or someone else to help out, I will dread for a justice league movie.

    • Get your facts straight dude. Goyer write an early draft of Jumper before it went through numerous re-writes.

      And the production of Blade 3 was hell. Snipes wouldn’t come out his trailer. Numerous script re-writes on set because of it. Snipes’ stunt double was forced to step and shoot more scenes b/c Snipes was so difficult. As much as zi love Wesley Snipes, Blade 3 was his fault.

    • Jumper was successful in the eyes of its studio (Fox). Whedon had Atlantis and Titan A.E. on his roster, so everyone has their bad movies. Can’t we blame the director of those films as well? We’re talking about the WRITER. Did you know that films change a script between 10% and 60% in the course of the principal and post production process after the “writing” was supposedly “done”?

      Did anyone see Goyer’s Flash Forward? Another in a long line of premature cancellations on ABC’s part…

  14. Couldn’t ask for a better writer, this guy just GETS it! He’s gold…

  15. Do JLA all the way, but also Green Lantern #2, The Flash, a team-up between Dr. Fate & Hourman, and another teamup consisting of Hawkman, The Atom, and Martian Manhunter.

  16. Just get Goyer on board at this point i just want my justice league movie dont care who directs it

  17. WB/DC just need to give up on the whole Justice League thing once and for all. As far as moviescreen-able superheroes goes DC has only two – Supes and Batman. Fortunately for them, they are the two biggest comic book heroes of all time.

    WB/DC just need to get Snyder (directing) and Nolan (producing) to complete a unbelievably AWESOME Superman trilogy for fans (a la Nolan Dark Knight trilogy) and then after that, oh I don’t know… COME UP WITH AN ORIGINAL F-ING IDEA FOR A CHANGE!!!

  18. I am all for Goyer on Justice League. He gets it!

  19. Please let this rumor be just rumor

  20. My suggestion for director of a Justice League movie (or even just one of the lead up solo films, Batman perhaps) – Neil Blomkamp. He has a great, raw, realistic view of sci-fi and I think he’d bring a new take to the JLA. Another suggestion would be Guy Ritchie, simply because I love his Sherlock Holmes films and his movies like ‘Snatch’ that have many characters and intermingled moving pieces.

  21. i Still think WB/DC should do Solo films first before doin the Justice League film. Who cares if they do solo films first like Marvel did, it give them more time to a good Justice League film thought up instead of rushed through. They can do things differently in their solo films Marvel doesnt. Like instead of after-credit scenes, during the film a hero’s name, or city could be mentioned just like in Schumacher’s films. And say Bruce wayne introduces himself to Diana in public while Flash hints he wouldn’t mind working with Superman ,if Superman beats him in a race. Examples like those.

    • Flash wouldn’t help unless Supe beats him in a race? I dont like that idea at all. Terrible to be honest.

      • @ Ignur Rant

        Flash would Superman & the others in Justice League is what i was refering to when i said (Flash hints he wouldn’t mind working with Superman). The race would be for fun to see the two have one of their famous races. I think it would be a great idea because i could see Flash challege Superman at somthing. Flash is only one outta the League who would just for kicks.

    • @ wallywest

      They do solo movies only if they have great script. They don’t need to do bad or ok movies before JL , like marvel do with Inc. Hulk , Iron man 2 , Thor and CA.

      They don’t need to use 7 character for first JL.

      My list for first movie is

      Green Lantern
      Wonder Woman

      Unlike marvel, people already know about Supermam, Green Lantern and Batman. If they want to make other solo movie, then try to fix GL by GL 2.

      • @ Grewal

        Imo, i thought The Inc. Hulk,Thor,TFA: Captain America were great solo films while Ironman 2 was decent.

        I agree about JL film might should have 5 heroes to start with those you mentioned. Still solo films wouldn’t hurt if WB/DC can’t get a JL film up & goin as planned again & again. Gives them time to think of what they really wanna do for their shared universe they’re starting.

        I remember Bruce Timm & Co. weren’t sure if they were ready to make a animated Justice League show. That’s why they did a two-parter future Justice League in Batman Beyond to see how well it would be recieved by fans. They didn’t rush into it.

        If they have RR back for GL2, i hope there’s no comedy crap like in GL.

  22. As Long As John Jones Is In The Justice League MoviE Im Good

    • +1

  23. As far as I’m concerned why not just make a stand alone Justice League Movie with Bale’s Batman in it, Cavill’s superman without the continuity? Is it really that necessary to have some sense of continuity. JUST CAST BALE, and make a stand alone Justice league movie! it’ll work!

  24. Hey guys since I’m just curious who would get to play a new Joker I was thinking Hugh Luarie what about you guys?

    • Someone unexpected. Much like Jack Nicholson in ’89 or Heath Ledger in 2008 I think the Joker needs to be played by someone you wouldn’t normally expect. It’d be tough to find someone to nail the character for the fourth consecutive time (I’m counting Cesar Romero) but not impossible.

      • How about Hugo Weaving, this guy can pull off any character

      • Tom hiddleston would have my vote as Joker. The way he grins & gets mad, i can see be towards Harleyquinn. I just wonder if he has any good laughs.

  25. I think DC/WB don’t need to make so much solo movies as much marvel do before JL movie. If MOS do great work I don’t think They need any other movie.

    • I just know if they go the 7 member Justice League route. I already know people who don’t know squat about Martian Manhunter,Aquaman,WonderWoman’s origins. Some barely know Flash’s. So when the solo film’s come after Justice League, my question would be, do the events of those films take place before Justice League or afterwards?

      Because everyone knows Batman & Superman’s origins as they’re no brainers really.